Big Brother 14 – Coaches Discuss Willie’s Game Play “Classic over play.. too hard too fast”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

This really is getting to be a great Season! There has been more twists and turns on the feeds in the past 24 hours than I saw in the first 3 weeks last year. What do all of you think?

3:27pm Backyard Dan, Jojo, Janelle and Boogie They’re talking about the seasons of Big Brother they had been on. Janelle explains that when she came back to host a competition during Big Brother 8 and Eric Stein said something nasty about her

Dan: “I predict in the next 20 hours someone is going to snap”
janelle: “Some of thes people are not too bright”
Boogie: “no no it’s good I would love a good throw down”
Boogie: “I want to hear a take from Jojo she’s the least fitlered”
Boogie: “I love how there is an allaince to get us out of the game.. what are you talking about”
Dan: “Apparently i’m the smoothest talker in the house”
Janelle: “The good news is when our players leave we get to go home no jury house”
Dan: “Does the jury house suck?” … Feeds cut
They are having a laugh about Willie’s revolt against the coaches.
Janelle laughs: “All the coaches have to leave the house.. don’t they understand that they’ll need to go as well”
Boogie: “This is crazy paranoia .. Defcon 10 level paranoia.. ”
Janelle: “You ever think you’ll get married again”
Boogie: “I dunno having a kid is pretty darn fulfilling.. I like my freedom”
Boogie starts telling them about bow he doesn’t go out to clubs or the night life to pick up women. He’s not really into that. Boogie says he really misses his kid
Boogie mentions when Willie and Frank were talking about Pandora’s Box and Willie said that they might fill the box with Boogie and Janelle’s kid
Boogie: “it’s really like babysitting these guys” (Talking about Ian)
Dan: “he’s a good ear to have around though”
boogie agrees that it’s good to have a player running around for him but the thing with Ian is when you can get him to calm down and talk “it comes to you in weird fragments, limericks strange stories”
Janelle: “I can’t believe it’s only week one”
They all laugh about how the new players all think that this coming HOH competition is going to be some massive physical competition that will take hours, Boogie: “Look it’s a live show people it’s Q&A they (Production) do not want too many variables they want to keep it simple”
Boogie jokes about the new players spending all day on Thursday getting ready for the live show, he wants to have a bet going to see who starts getting ready the soonest.
Janelle leaves Boogie asks Dan if he started this whole thing (With Willie and the craziness)
Dan: “No you’re boy did… Frank”
Boogie: “Willie definitely put a huge target on his back now.. we’ll it’s good for us the more shake up the better in the short term”
Dan agrees, can’t Believe all this is happening week one
Boogie: “Classic over play.. too hard too fast.. I thought he was better than that.. He’s just so panic to lose the power”
Dan: “I thought he has proven to be not like his brother early in the game..”
Boogie agree says that at first he wishes he had picked Willie but now he’s not sure.
Dan: “I don’t think we’re going in”
Boogie: “I don’t think so either… even if we are Willie should of kept that information to himself because it’s not going to happen till later in the game”
The talk drifts to Dan’s real estate business Boogie asks him questions about how much research he puts into homes. Dan explains that he buys houses does some minor fixing then sells them, if they are in a good neighborhood he rents them out for awhile.

Dan: “If frank ends up staying whats your next move”
Boogie: “if we get the HOH.. maybe Wil.. Wil and Jojo.. I dunno maybe even Willie and Wil.. gotta go after Britney and Janelle though.. I fucking pray Ian wins just for the comedy alone.. I just don’t know if he can handle his nerves.. Those Thursday’s the energy is so intense you can taste it”

Boogie asks what will Dan do if Frank stays
Dan: “hold on for dear life… whatever the house wants becuase we’re hanging on for dear life”
Boogie: ” I assume we’ll reset again.. if the house tells you to put up frank will you put up frank?”
Dan laughs says it depends on how much he threw him under the bus
jojo joins Them

3:30pm HOH Britney and Willie Willie saying that Jojo is a for sure vote but he doesn’t know about the other players.. Willie: “they’re working Jenn… It’s pointless I’ll just talk to them again tomorrow i don’t want to seem too pushy”.
Willie: “if Shane turns than he’ll be blindsided”
Britney is worried she thinks it was a bad idea takeing Kara out but now it’s a ll set.
Willie says that all he’s been trying to do
Britney says that nobody agree with him
Willie: “Joe”
Brintey: “Joe”
Britney leaves..

3:55pm Arcade Room

General talk about how crazy the first week is.. britney is crying says she feels bad becuase janelle should be the one upset. janelle jokes: “I’m a robot.. I’m a fembot” Janelle points out that Boogie is loving it right now with all this chaos this is how he likes to play. Britney goes back to saying sh’e sad, She really misses her husband and dog. She adds that the last time she played it was the same thing early on she got very sad and missed her family. She hates it because she doesn’t want people to see her cry.

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4:10pm Storage room Caught this on the feeds while the houseguests are in Lock Down

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4:43pm Feeds are cut something is happening in the house it might have something to so with the hamburglar

5:40pm Feeds still on fish..

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I would hate to see Kara go! Honestly it’s an individual game. I don’t see Kara winning any HoH competitions nor do I see her as a social threat. Now Frank is a social and physical threat as he is likable and does well in challenges (according to some of the HGs). Therefore, Frank would be the obvious choice to go but for some weird reason everybody wants Frank to stay. smh these people are bonkers.


You know it’s funny how the game works, Kara’s probably gone but you never know she could have been another Janelle or Rachel…. In this game you never write anyone off i mean look last season Kalia and Porsche became forces to be reckoned with when it came to competitions even though people made fun of them early on. Imagine if Frank turns out to be just a guy that cannot win a comp to save his life….What if this is Willie’s peak and after this he’s done? It would be nice to see the ‘non threats’ like Ian win something and scare the houseguests a bit. Right now I can’t really say who’s good and who isn’t, coz people will always surprise you. What if Danielle wins HOH, that will be interesting.


Did I hear Ashley say that her and Ian were going to take a bubble bath in the willies HOH room tonight? very fitting. Thats one lucky nerd


Hide the burgers, it’s Allision Grodburgler


Is it Big McBrother? If it is, then I would love to have Cheeseburger with Fries and some cooooookkkkkkkkeee! You forgot the cooookkkkkkkeee! Where my cooooookkkkkkkeee!

Beyonce fan

If I was in the bb house I will miss my Dog like everyday lol willie need to go so fucking dumb.


is that you Chicken George in the storage room
maybe thats the first twist for S.14

Alexander the Great

Shane and JoJo are getting guiltied by association with the all-powerful crazy one Willie. And where the hell is Ashley actually at?


yeah it seems like Ashley is making deals with everybody and hasn’t exactly confirmed whether she is voting Kara or Frank.


I think both of her alliances want Kara out now, so it works for her. She is doing well but better be careful or she’ll get caught. I don’t know where her true loyalties are. She probably doesn’t yet either lol.


How long do the fish tanks ussualy last? lol

Eric CA

The house guests should think logically when choosing who to evict.
Unfortunately, something about being locked up takes away your common sense

VOTE OUT FRANK, while you can and there is no blood on your hands. It is all on Willie.
Who is going to avenge him… Ian?

Take Shane or Willie out next week. Play smart now, so you do not have to whine later. .

Tyler G.

Kara is ending up like Cassi last season. A sweet girl who could have gone far in the game, but, due to other people and drama not involving her (Rachel last season and her jealousy), she is the model that is getting the second boot out the door. It is a shame.

Tyler G.

Also, I am not sure if a lot of people have noticed, but from BB11-BB13 (and quite possibly for this season as well), the second person evicted has been a female model. Laura in BB11, Monet in BB12, Cassi BB13, and now Kara BB14. I think that should be noted as a warning to all female models out there…


Did Willy leave the house???


NM, he was just blogging.


Whats shakin? Did they shut the game down? lol…Anything happening?


idk i tabbed out for liek 5 mins than came back and he was eating dinner with all of them now? so confused


So Willy apparently got a laptop and webcam in his room…. He’s not revealing why… I suspect his granddaughter was born? I don’t know though.


Also, the feeds are avoiding a certain part of the HOH room…. Something is weird… Anytime the cam should be on the part of the HOH room the cams want to avoid, it says “We’ll be right back” but leaves the audio on.


JoJo is so jealous of Danielle. You guys think there will be a cat fight between them over Shane?


The casting is way better this season. Last season was just a bunch of helpless newbs kissing the vets asses and pretty much screwing themselves over and over again from the very beginning.


Boogie: I fucking pray Ian wins just for the comedy alone.

That is absolutely hilarious. I hope Boogie gets his prayers answered. It would be priceless.


i want to see Kara all summer ina bathing suit