Big Brother 14 AUDIO LEAK What Big Brother Doesn’t Want You to Hear!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


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7:45am Mike is out on the backyard couch drinking an iced coffee. Willie comes out to join him. Mike asks him if he was up late. Willie says yeah. Mike asks with who? Willie says a few people here and there. Willie says that something ain’t right in this house. Mike says like what did something crazy happen last night? Willie says no, just things I see don’t make sense. Mike you don’t mean us do you? Willie says no, we’re good. Mike says he sees Britney and Janelle spend more time up there. Mike tells Willie to try and break up the foursome because they are going to be your strongest competition. Willie asks Mike what he should do if he were him. Mike says to have a few alliances, one main one and then a few extra ones just in case to get their votes. I think you’ve set yourself up pretty nicely to get out of the first week unscathed.


Willie says that it just doesn’t make sense to me, something is going on. Mike asks can you say who? Willie says the coaches just don’t make sense to me. Willie then tells Mike how he doesn’t understand how there will be 9 people soon with 2 weeks missing in the game. Mike tells him that he thinks he is smarter than the average newbie. You are pretty worried about someone coming back? Willie says that he just doesn’t know, he gets that Dan is scrambling but there are two weeks missing. Willie says that he wants to look long term, the numbers don’t add up … more than two people are coming back. Willie says that they’ve had 14 people before and only one double eviction.. and we had one leave day one and only have 11. Mike says that Willie might know the game a little better than most; some people here have never watched the show before. Willie wonders why Janelle is playing so hard, she doesn’t have a player on the block. Mike says that even if one of her people put you up on the block I can keep you safe. Willie says he doesn’t understand why Janelle is trying so hard for Kara. Mike says well maybe she is working with Dan. Willie asks why he only has one player? It benefits her nothing to do what she is doing. It makes no sense for Janelle to get so upset about Kara going home. Mike says Janelle wasn’t known for being the best strategist; don’t give her too much credit. Mike says there is no way her to get so upset about Kara without working with Dan. Willie asks why would you dump 3 people to work with one person? What the fu*k that doesn’t make no sense. I see it, she just hasn’t come out and said it. Willie says I am in the game; she isn’t even in the game.


Mike says that Dan and Janelle can be freewheeling with their strategy, if they lose one person what does it matter to them. Mike says that Dan is good, he’s desperate but he’s good … he’s a trouble maker. Willie says that he is going to find out what’s going on. Mike tells him that he thinks Willie is good next week. Willie says it just don’t make no sense for Janelle to rock the boat when she doesn’t even need to so early. Willie says that he is not telling anyone that he is in a relationship with Mike. Willie asks who would Mike put up next week. Mike says Wil and Danielle. Mike asks Willie if Danielle is in tight with people up there. Willie says it’s not as tight as you may think it is. Mike says good. Willie says the way Janelle is freaking out so much I am fixing to hit her in the jaw the way she is acting. Mike asks so what is your take on Joe? Willie says Joes good, but he’s a wild card. Mike says well maybe we nominate Joe and Wil. Wilie says if you do that Wil has to go because you can’t trust him. Willie says no matter what happens I have the best interest of Frank in mind. Willie gets called to the diary room.

8:25am Mike is sitting out on the backyard couch alone. Mike says alright, Willie and Boogie rolling together, who would have thunk it? My birthday must still be going on and Christmas is right around the corner. He says what’s next Willie doesn’t like Britney anymore? I love it, I love it, I love it. Thursday can’t come soon enough.


8:30am Mike and Frank are on the backyard couch talking. Mike tells Frank the entire conversation that he had with Willie. Frank says that Willie gets super paranoid about Dan and Janelle talking. Mike says that’s good for us. We just need to sit back and do nothing. Frank wonders if he should tell Willie that he heard Mike and him had a talk. Mike says no, I’m not supposed to be telling you anything. Frank says I just thought it might make him see that he can trust me. Mike says no, I see where you’re going with that and I like it but no, not right now. Frank says that Joe came up to him and talked to him outside yesterday…  (Big Brother cuts the feeds to wake up the house guests.)

Wil, Britney, Joe and Frank are sitting on the backyard couch. Jojo joins them. Willie asks her why she didn’t sleep in the bed last night? I was going to take advantage of you. JOjo says that she will sleep in it tonight.


9am Britney, Willie and Shane are in the kitchen. Willie says that this house ain’t right. Britney says we can’t jump off the deep end. Britney says that if I say something I am going to be excommunicated, and no one will talk to me. Willie says that he will protect her. Britney then asks Shane to come into the arcade room. Willie, Britney and Shane go into the arcade room to talk. Britney says this is stupid. Willie tells Shane that there is something going on and that is why Britney is upset. Shane wonders if it has something to do with Willie’s brother being Russell. Willie says no it ain’t got nothing to do with that. Britney says that several of the coaches already know, and I am not certain it is going to happen but we think the coaches are going to be entering the game. And that is why the coaches are already setting the pace of the game. (Big Brother cuts the feeds.) When the feeds come back, they are still explaining it to Shane. They tell him that they think it will happen in the next couple of weeks. Britney tells Shane that she doesn’t know for sure. Shane wonders if the $100,000 was just an incentive to get the coaches into the house. Willie asks Shane to be honest with him, has anyone come to talk to you about anything? Shane says no …um let me think… Um yeah Frank and Boogie came to me about trying to get me to be in an alliance with you and me and Frank. They said they talked to you about it. Willie says they never came to me. Shane says they said it would be like the brigade. They continue to talk about the coaches coming into the game and wonder if they should spread a rumor. Shane says that Dan came to him to about being with Kara too. Shane says that Janelle came up to me and told me what happened between you and Frank. They then talk about bringing Mike in to asks him what he thinks about letting this out.


***** The following conversation Big Brother didn’t want you to hear, the video feed was switched but the audio was still on this room. *****

9:10am – 9:30am Britney then goes to get Mike and asks Willie and Shane to leave the room. Britney tells him that a lot of sneaking around is going on and a lot of scheming. Britney says that she think Mike Boogie played it right by sleeping the first few days. Britney asks Mike what he thinks about the coaches entering the house. Mike says that he thinks the twist is so complicated as it is. Britney says that the contract doesn’t specifically say anything about them coming back in the game but that the last line suggests it could happen.

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Britney says that “the last byline in the contract says that they can change anything at any moment.”

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Mike says that the more we talk about it, the less it is going to happen. Britney says yeah that’s true. Mike wonders if it comes out do you think it affects you negatively. Britney says yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk to you about it. Mike says that he is playing as a coach if I play hard they my players become a risk of leaving ..and that affects me. Mike says I can’t wait for Thursday to come soon enough. Britney says OHHHH… okay. Mike says Frank and I didn’t have that conversation with him. I would like it to happen though. But I don’t think all four of us would come back. I think one of us would leave and a few more people would be evicted. Britney mentions that the time line doesn’t add up that after next week there will be 9 people left and that is usually when Jury starts. Mike suggests that if they just have a regular game without double evictions it should all play out fine. He says maybe I did my math wrong though. Mike asks if she was up gaming last night. Britney says yeah. Britney says that maybe I should just tell him to calm the fu*k down. Mike says why would he think we would know anything, we were locked up a week before coming in here just so we wouldn’t see a commercial. Britney says that she needs to take a day off from it all because its really getting to her. Mike says yeah you should do that. Britney and Mike leave the arcade room.

9:40am – 9:50am Britney tells Willie that he needs to chill the fu*k out! Willie freaks out and said that he hasn’t done nothing. He then storms out into the backyard. Britney and the others keep talking about diary room sessions and Big Brother keeps telling them to not talk about production. Britney is getting really annoyed at production and says they better watch out we’re giving away trade secrets. Britney then tells Shane in private not to talk to anyone or say anything about what they told him. She tells him that Mike didn’t think it was going to happen anyways. Shane says that he wont say a word, he doesn’t want to get her in trouble.


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Red Lampshade

I really hope it doesn’t happen. And wouldn’t that be unfair to the newbies? Giving the vets a few weeks of complete safety before putting them in the game? I like the mentor twist, so can they please just leave it at that.


It’s not fair at all if they let the vets play in a couple of weeks, its like a free pass to like final 9 or 8. It does seems like theyre just paranoid because why would they even bring in the mentor twist of eventually it would basically be last year, vets vs. Newbies for the half a mil


100% agree. BB came up with a great twist bringing the vets back would completely ruin the season


I want them to come in, but that’d for sure be totally unfair after being given a free ride for a while


I agree! I suspect they will be released into the game once they are down to one team member, or none, but it will be unfair and annoying. I’d rather have some players return, rather than the mentors entering the comp.


After watching the little rigs here and there to not only brought a vet back into the game after they were evicted, but protected the vets , that clearly led to one of them winning, when otherwise they would’ve been taken out one by one leaving only the noobs in the finals, I honestly wouldn’t put unleashing the coaches into the game for 500k, past production…


Why so surprised by last byline of contract? Of course they can change game at anytime! All shows are like that (biggest loser Players this past season gave us a look at behind the scenes). That’s why I am so surprised when people get mad & say it is rigged, of course it is! They ALWAYS have been…


I remember this being said in interviews by BB11 players. They didn’t say the game was outright rigged, but that the producers manipulate the game. In diary room sessions they are told some things that are being said or done that they weren’t aware of or they are given pretty broad hints or if you’re smart you can more or less tell what they’re implying. According to a couple of them, they would not have done or said some of the things they did if not for what was said or told to them in the DR. I think the producers get involved b/c they need the ratings. If they let the game be, there wouldn’t be all the fights and drama they need to make the episodes interesting. I think there would still be drama if they didn’t interfere, based on normal interactions of 13+ strangers living together in a very small space for 3 months, but it’s not enough for them. Still it would be interesting to have a season where maybe they didn’t have the DR or if they did it was only for venting and not for interviewing?


And this is what ruins the show for me. CBS can’t just let a season go by without manipulating the game their way. What makes more sense is the coaches eventually stay after their team is evicted and compete for themselves. Still, even a twist like that creates an unfair advantage for the coaches. I’m hoping this is just normal paranoia and CBS is laughing their asses off at Britney and Co.


The producers couldn’t care less who wins the game it’s all about viewership, advertising and profit, which I have absolutely no problem with. TV is business, that’s what it is. They have to do whatever it takes to keep people tuned in, hence the ‘rigging’ and manipulation every now and then. I hear you though, but if my alliance is sinking week by week I wouldn’t mind a ‘coup de etait’ to balance things out. If the unpopular houseguests are running the show of course the producers will screw them over in favor of the popular ones. So I kinda understand why they have to rig the game sometimes, even though at times MY players are the ones that get screwed.

Matt T.

I honestly think that Britney trying to take Dan out is a mistake. Remember the jury voting last year? All the vets voted for Rachel, and Shelly was the only non-vet to vote for Porsche. A vet/mentor/coach will only win this if they’re up against another vet in the Finals or if they have the other three vet’s votes plus one swing vote.


Wait I don’t remember Daniele voting for Rachel to win


he has it backwards, shelly voted for rachel.


week one and these people are freeking out


Where the heck is Jen? Does she do anything interesting??


I cant figure out if Willie playing every angle or just completely insane, any thoughts?


I think he is playing every angle to cover himself, but past has shown it is a dumb move because they will all talk to each other and he will have a big willie target on his back.


they gave her about six minutes of shine on bbad last night
beside that she is laying chillin in the cut and staying on the dl


Big Brother did say this season was supersized with the most houseguest to play the game which didnt happen yet.


This game is 30% strategy and 70% about luck. You have to be lucky enough to have production switch things up in your favor. The fact that the coaches could enter the game is lame, the had vets vs newbies last year, it would be the same thing in the end. They could wait until 4 are evicted and have a coaches comp where the winner gets to pick who they want back on their team. I dunno, I think the coach w/the first team out will enter the game first. And how is Janelle playing hard so fast, Willie? I think Willie is playing the hardest. If Shelly and Adam had a baby it would be Willie. I hope if Frank stays he takes Willie out. And I hope Brit is first coach evicted!


Willie and Mike in a relationship? Who woulda thought…

This Guy

I still think that Britney should have read her contract before she signed it.


Ha! That’s exactly what I thought.


From what I read, they are suggesting that the Coaches “could” be put into the “game” so to speak? That would definitely make it a game changer and a big twist. We’ll have to see what happens. I’m cautious though, I don’t want to get over excited and then be disappointed by the lack of entertainment.

Alexander the Great

I wouldn’t respect if they let the vets in after a couple of weeks and they win, first of all competitors are always taken out early, so many would be gone already, and second they had a free ride for the first couple of months.

Dark Horse

I dont get it. Why would Britney be so scared for the housequests to find out about the coaches entering the game? Boogie does not seem concerned, Brit’s acting like it will only effect her as a coach.


It would be interesting if coaches will be entering this game. It will be sucked for the newbies. In fact, Janelle will reclaim Rachel’s HoH record and increase her PoV record as well. So, the only solution is to let the viewers decide on cbs big brother poll. Like e.g. What will 4 former Houseguests as Coaches suppose to do? A)Compete as players, B)Trade or add one player from other teams or C) Coaches decide to choose evicted HG’s back in the game. Let the viewer decide by the poll their fate!


Ive had a feeling that they might unleash the vets. But I think it will happen if when one of the vets loose all of their people. So down the road. Or the vets could possibly win something that will give them the option to be in the game. We will see.


I like THis house meeting who’s watching it?


Oh yeah it was good! Of course Joe runs to Janelle to tell her the details haha


I think Brit is going to self destruct if she enters the games…


What up with Shane (Tom Cruise)? Is he shomance with Danielle or what? Does Willie have girlfriend? Because I don’t know if Willie and Ashley have shomance!


Willie has a girlfriend, but said he will do what he has to to stay in the game. Even if it means a showmance.

longtime fan

LOVE this site!! Hands down the best around for BB live feed updates.

Dawg and Simon you guys are amazing


I think it will happen. but it will only last for a couple weeks. like a Pandoras box sort of thing.


They already said that coaches are playing for $100,000 not $500,000, so I don’t buy into this conspiracy that coaches will become full players. There may be some twist, but not at the level that paranoid Willie is thinking. I thought Russell was a really good player on Survivor, but Willie is like the dumb version of Russell. Same need to control every aspect, though.

Britney (whom I don’t find as annoying as I did before.. go figure) is doing same thing as she did with her 3 guys. She’s supposed to be coaching Willie, not be his lap puppy. I felt that Janelle and Britney’s original plan was excellent, but then Willie started freaking out about things and doing his own thing. So now Janelle had to look to Dan for help, and Britney is following Willie.

Willie was my favorite player when it started. I now think he’s somewhere between Russell and that weird nephew that also was on Survivor in the crazy department.

I’m now hearing that Britney is blaming Janelle for breaking their original alliance. No. It was Willie and Britney who broke it.


This may be far-fetched but what if the coaches were entered into the game when all their people are voted out. Like after all of Dan’s girls are evicted Julie would announce that he will be entering the game. That makes it a dilemma for everyone because the coaches can have two motives; 1) To get farther in the game without the threat of eviction with their newbies OR 2) sabotage their newbies by making other alliances for chance at $500,000 if they enter the game. It just makes sense that their are more players in the game eventually and it is likely the coaches.


@Sarah.I agree with your comment about Big Brother being more about luck,aka production interfering with the game to help a certain player go the furthest.Which they can achieve this goal by hinting to other house guests about what another player is planning to do.Or taking the blatant route,like last season and add a pandora’s box that will help a player that’s in danger of being evicted.I’m clearly referring to,production saving Rachel and Jordan from eviction. That’s why I said,as long as production doesn’t try to screw Dan.Then Dan can win this game for the 2nd time.Dan has enough strategic and social skills to pull this off.And he doesn’t need any special twist to help him in getting this done.But production shouldn’t help the other players either.But sadly I doubt that production won’t interfere and let everyone find things out on their own,and come up with strategies on their own,without production giving them hints on what to do.


Lol. At Mike Boogie saying,”What’s next Willie doesn’t like Britney anymore?I love it,I love it,I love it.” Boogie told Willie that Dan’s a trouble maker.Well he’s one to talk.I don’t think if Big Brother allow the coaches to play the game,that it will be vets against the newbies.I say this because,who said that the coaches can’t work with the newbies?I doubt that in the vets contracts ,it said that if they are allowed to play the game ,then they MUST work with the other vets.Therefore, they can’t have any real alliance with the newbies.I guess a argument can be made that it’s not fair to the newbies because the vets wasn’t in danger of being evicted,during the time they wasn’t actually in the game.


It would be extremely unfair to the newbs if even one coach entered the game. Not only do they have experience, but they know the secrets of their team. They forced them to play differently than they would have without this twist. But it is true that there aren’t enough people for a normal season with double eviction and fast forward. And Jodi went home the first night, so there must be something brewing. Maybe there are more people in sequester that will enter the game? If the coaches enter the game it would ruin what has so far been the best season since the first part of Season 11.


I was thinking the same thing the last time it’s been this crazy it was bb11 and ronnie/russell were running crazy