Big Brother 14: Wil says Janelle is so fake. Ashley “OMG I thought it was just with me!”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


10:50am Joe, Wil and Jenn are in the storage room. They talk about how they are voting for Frank to stay and how they can’t trust Janelle anymore. Kara comes into the storage room. Joe asks her if she is with Willie. Joe says that he is 100% against Willie and I am open about it. Joe asks her if she has a deal with him. Kara says that she doesn’t have a deal with anyone. Wil tells Kara that Willie put you up because he wanted you out, and last night he proved that by saying he wanted you to stay. Kara says that she doesn’t have an alliance or deal with anyone. Joe asks her if she has a one week deal. Kara says yeah but he doesn’t have a vote and he has that deal with everyone. Ashley joins them. Kara leaves. Joe asks Ashley if she is 100% voting to keep Frank. She says yeah. Joe says good because we need your vote. Jenn goes to get Ian. Ian comes in and Joe tells them that their alliance name is Diversity. (Joe, Jenn, Wil, Ian, Ashley) I say diversity because we are all diverse people from different walks of life. Joe reaffirms that they are all voting out Kara this week. He tells them that they all need to stick together till the final 6. He tells them that he wants them all to meet everyday for 5 minutes or less. Our diverse group needs to stick together. He repeats that Kara has to go home this week. We can ride this alliance to the final 6. They end the meeting and leave the storage room.
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11:10am Ashley and Wil continue to talk in the storage room about how they can’t trust Janelle anymore to look out for their best interst at heart. Wil comments on how fake Janelle is to him. Ashley says OMG I thought it was just with me! They comment on how Janelle made a cake for Boogie even though she says how much she hates him. Kara joins them. She asks them how they are voting. Wil and Ashley say that they are so confused. Wil says that Janelle was bullying him last night. Kara tells them that she needs them to vote for her so bad. Jojo joins them. Ashley and WIl leave. Jojo and Kara talk about the votes. Jojo asks isn’t Wil your friend. Kara says yeah I thought he was my friend but he won’t even give me a straight answer. JoJo says we need to talk to him. Kara says that she tried but he wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Jojo tells her to tell people that you will probably be on slop next week so you will be weak …just say whatever you got to say. Ya know. They break up the conversation and leave the room.


Joe is talking to Kara in the arcade room. Joe says that he wants her coach Dan to say that he is united against Willie. Joe reminds Kara how Willie told every one the he was fighting for Frank for a week to stay. Kara says she knows, I have the biggest vendetta against Willie. Joe says that he wants Willie gone and that they just need to work together to get him out. I am not going to let him come after me.

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11:30am – 11:40am Kara tells Dan that she talked to Wil and Joe separately. She says that Wil won’t give her a straight answer. She says that Wil told her she was being bullied by Janelle to vote out Frank. Dan says good. Kara tells Dan that Joe wants to talk to him. Dan says okay I will wait for him to come to me. Dan tells her to lay off talking to people until later tonight. Kara says that she will. Kara explains that Joe told her that they are waiting to see where the majority of the votes are going. Dan tells her to not bring it up to people right now. You want people to think that you are fine and happy. Kara says it’s just hard because I thought Wil was my friend and he can’t give me a straight answer. Dan says that Joe has such a big mouth. Kara says he does he is such a pot stir’er. Dan says that he will just let Joe drive the conversation and let him come to him. Kara said that if I have 3 votes and get a fourth Joe doesn’t want Willie to break the tie. Dan tells her to lay low and just chill. Dan asks her what she is going to go do now so that she doesn’t get trapped. Kara says she’ll go do the eliptical and have a shower. They end the conversation and leave the room.

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11:50am – 12:20pm Britney and Wil are laying out on the hammock talking. Wil talks about Willie’s actions. Britney tells him that she wishes she could have stopped him. She says that anything he tells her will stay between them. Wil then heads to the kicks room and talks to Joe. Wil tells Joe that they really need to start laying low. He says that Willie becoming a target wouldn’t have happened if he had just layed low. Joe agrees. Wil talks about how fake Janelle is and how she tells him that she loves him. Wil says you don’t know me how can you love me?! Frank joins them and Joe tells him to lay low. Wil brings up again that he thinks the coaches will be in the game asking why else would they have key holes by their faces on the memory wall.


Out in the backyard, Mike Ian and Frank talk about the food choices that different airport terminals. Willie and Ashley join them. Shane and Dan are cleaning up in the kitchen. Shane asks Dan what he thought of last night. Dan says for Kara’s sake it was good.

12:35pm – 12:45pm Wil is stretching with Kara in the backyard. Wil continues to talk about how weird it is for Janelle to tell him that she loves him. Wil continues to bash Janelle. Wil wonders if they let the coaches play then maybe they will let us bring someone back. Wil says that Britney is giving it away more than anyone, she keeps saying how she is just here to coach and is trying to be so nice. Kara says that you know Britney is talking sh*t about us behind our backs, you’ve seen her season. Kara says that she isn’t even that close to Dan. She says that she is even older than him. She wonders why Mike is even here, he is a multi-millionaire. Wil tells Kara the less information we tell the coaches the better. Kara says yeah we need to stick together. Meanwhile in the kitchen Dan and Britney are talking about Willie. Britney says that he believes he is the target now next week. Dan says that one thing about this game is that he believes you can always come back from something like that.


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I read in the comments that joe is the new Shelly… but Ashley flip flops more than pancakes at IHOP.. I’d love to see her win hoh.. Then she’d have to pick a side.


damn i thought asley was with willie, man watching this house is like trying catch chickens with your bare hands, every hour there is a new alliance and some one is backstabing someone. Joe needs to go man i cant stand that guy, how lame is that name for a group “diversity” lol


Yeah, it’s not a great name. Still better than one of the most despised alliances ever, the Friendship alliance.


Yeah, Joe needs to go. He keeps stirring the pot, which from one aspect is good because it makes things exciting and we get fights like last night. But this is the biggest collection of weak-minded people I’ve ever seen. Danielle, Ian and Jenn are the only ones that haven’t flipped thier vote a dozen times in the last three days. And Britney is all over the place as well, which feeds the paranoia. The constant flip flopping is getting annoying.


Is it just me or does Joe appear to have that “I’m running this shit” kind of attitude just like Willie did?


you’re right he does, Joe is going to get in a fight next.. There is so much game going on in the house this year it seems like almost everyone is playing at a full sprint. I just hope the HOH goes to someone that will cause some major chaos in the house.


Sure there’s gonna be game when you have Brit, Janelle and Boogie all in the same boat! This season is the best! Have no clue what’s gonna happen next.


So true M.C.

Do ya’ll remember in Dan’s season when he had to get Jessie to hug him for 10 seconds? Hilarious! I hated Jessie.


I think during the winter when I start to jones for BB, I will go back and watch S10 again. Dan played an amazing game. And it had it’s share of drama.


I’d forgotten about the 10 sec hug – that was funny! Thanks for the reminder!


Me too Simon. I love the drama. I don’t get BBAD or the feeds, so you’re my go-to guy. Thanks for all you and Dawg do. This southern belle certainly appreciates all of your hard work!


You’re very welcome glad you enjoy the site and appreciate the time we put into it.


Not quite everyone, Danielle and Jen are flying below the radar, and to a lesser degree so is Ian.


Flying beneath the radar maybe, but as said above, they’re not flip-flopping or creating drama either. Down side, up side. Their votes will become more important, I think, if they can stay non flip-floppy (trustable). On the other hand, their passivity (?) may get them bullied; they already are to some degree. They need to recognize their power some more but I think will struggle with the higher-octane, more aggressive players.


Big Brother Sucks!


you’re one of the first people to say that this season. Why don’t you like it?


Diversity alliance. Another worst alliance ever than the regulators. My top 3 best & worst alliance:
Best alliance
1.Chilltown alliance
2.The brigade alliance
3.The four horsemen alliance
Worst alliance
1.The diversity alliance
2.The regulators alliance
3.The DKP alliance
What you guys think?


you forgot the “friendship alliance”


Which one best or worst


not sure they would be best or worst. most likely another category, the most hated.


I would have put Renegades in that list, as a two person alliance, they both made it to the end. Dan and Memphis finished 1, 2. Can’t really ask more from an alliance than that. also, if Frank stays, the Diversity alliance might be stronger than you are giving them credit for. Then again, with this season, it could be broken up by tomorrow.


Which one. I’ll make this best honorable mention.


Under the best category, of course.


best alliance ever : Donatos 🙂


I disagree about the Renegades. It really was Dan and a random. Memphis didn’t do anything till the very end. He was just there for the ride. Dan made all the big moves and decisions. Memphis just rode his coattails. Dan knew that by picking the dude who won a car wk1 and didn’t win any other comps till the very end was great strategy. Heck, half the time Dan was in the DR telling us what he wasn’t saying to Memphis.


@The ChosenOne. I’ve always been a Dan fan,but after reading your comment about his alliance,The Renegades.It reminded me just how great a player Dan is.Dan was really working on his own.I like how every move that he made was well thought out.He’s one of the best strategic and social players ever.The reason why I said he was really working on his own,has to do with the fact that every move that Dan made was only to benefit his game.Your completely right,about the situation with Memphis.


My 3 best would be…
1. Chilltown S2 and S7
2. Donatos S8
3. Renegades S10
Worst 3
1. Regulators (voted out 1,2,3,4) S13
2. Sov 6 (loved the HG’s in it, but they blew it that year) S6
3. Late Night Crew (Amber, Jameeka, and Dustin) S8


Regulators were terrible. Not one of them made it to jury house.


I agreed. The regulator alliance is really a worst alliance. Here are status of Regulator alliance
Keith:He really a tool and nobody does like him
Cassi:Rachel & Jordan is jealous of her steal Brendon & Jeff because she is a model
Dominic:He beg Rachel and Brendon to work with them and Jeff caught him for throwing Jeff & Brendon under the bus. Also a Kiss off.
Lawon: Jeff quote “what an idiot?” He wants to be evicted and suddenly he want a special power. What power? Brendon just smoke your ass.


Kara should be happy she has coach, because that chick is lost without Dan.
Shane is another one who is clueless to the game and Wil has new bff everyday I’m sick of his bs cant
forget about the voice…


i dont get what ashley is doing? is she with willie now? this will make her a BIG target. if frank stays she is a big target for willie and shane. if kara stays wil and joe will be gunning for her. i dont get what she is doing right now! she was fine in the background…


she better stay with janelles team


willies alliance is a sinking ship


kinda scary everyone is starting to not like Janelle.



I think the diversity alliance could be a little smart. I mean they could work on this feud between Frank and Willie to take each other out, and keep themselves off the radar. That would buy them a couple of weeks.


knowing this house Willie and Frank will be in a final 2 deal before I go to bed tonight.

Aqua Bernie

So true Simon, For all we know that was a fake fight between them , just to look like they’re after each other! Crazier things have happened!


LOL..No doubt!! It’s cray cray how these people switch sides so fast. Thanks for the great site Simon and Dawg..I use it to catch up when I am away from the feeds!


That could be the case. I guess if that were true, I’d would be two big alliances against each other.

I’m still not sure where Ashley alines herself though. It seems like she’s playing both sides. But we’ll see how she votes tomorrow and find out.


They’ll make a F2 deal before dinner and have another argument by BBAD.


and I’ll be posting about a fight at 1am..

Raymond j

I find myself constantly checking for updates! I havent loved a season as much in a long time. I read somewhere that maybe some of the other people that were on the cbs website back when you could vote who you think are the 4 returning houseguests will be released into the house when the 4 current coaches get let into the game.. Like maybe will to help boogie or kaysar for janelle or ragan for britney? That could be fun…. I wonder if there will be a pandoras box too? Great great season and this website ROCKS! Fantastic….


Thanks Raymond, this has been a great season so far hope it keeps this pace up.


Has Kara been campaigning at all today? It seems like she’s not cut out for this game.


They are going to regret keeping Frank. He mindfucked the whole house last night and stayed calm while Willie went at him. He dosen’t get rattled, plus he’s going to be good in physical comps, but as a viewer I want him to stay, cos this season may end up being my favorite.


Who thinks they are right about the coachs going into the game? I thought about it when the 1st night they sent home a player. But, then forgot about it till today!


I think Brigade was the best alliance ever. Had Matt not flipped, it woulda been 1, 2, 3, 4 at the end, IMO. Chilltown only had one in the final two I believe. None had three original members make it to the very end. Brigade had numbers the entire season and they knew it and planned it that way.

They dominated the house ALL season. No question, Brigade was the best alliance ever. And I didn’t even mention the fact that NO ONE ever really knew about the alliance until they DECIDED to tell Brit. By far, Brigade will go down as the best alliance ever. Chilltown a very cose second.

I will say this: The fact that Chilltown made a second appearance in All-Stars, and succeeded, does add validity to the Chilltown “best ever” argument.

BUT, for a one season, newb alliance, IMO, Brigade was the best ever. In the end they had the numbers from the very start, and there was little doubt that one of them was going to win it ALL from day one. And that’s exactly what happened. Enzo’s social game is still one of the all-time best I’ve ever witnessed. His physical game was terrible, but his social game was off the chain.

Brigade, number one. GRENADES!!!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me? Chilltown is best alliance ever. Mike Boogie S7 and Dr. Will S2! Brigade came in second! The four horsemen finish third.


I agree that the brigade was a great alliance but definitely second best, chilltown is by far the best alliance in BB history. The brigade was great because noone had a clue about them, however, everyone knew about chilltown, there was never a secret that will and boogie where a team and that they weren’t trust worthy. Yet they still managed to get their way and have one of their members win in both seasons of chilltown.


I can’t remember the details now, but it’s hard to believe the Renegades were able to stay under wraps even though they each had their side/fake alliances; those guys were always together…or maybe it just seemed that way because they had so much air time. I dunno, can’t figure out why it wasn’t more obvious to others.


Sorry, I meant the Brigade, not the Renegades. Cheers,


In my opinion it wasn’t a good idea for Kara to tell Joe that she has a vendetta against Wille.Hasn’t she noticed how Joe tells the other house guests what other players say.When you are given the opportunity to have one of the best strategic and social players to play and win this game.It is extremely important to take heed to what Dan tells you.It’s not like Dan doesn’t have her best interest in mind.It benefits Dan,if he can get either Kara or Danielle to the end.If I was in the house and had the chance to have Dan as someone that will advise me as to how to make it the furthest in this game.I would listen to him.This season with the coaches twist,the mentors have invested interest to have a player that’s on their team succeed.With that in mind,I would feel comfortable taking Dan’s advice over the other mentors,because as I said, I think Dan is one of the best strategic and social players to play this game.Danielle and Kara need to go to Dan before they say anything that can come back to bite them.By Kara already saying something that Joe can use against her,proves my point as to why Kara needs to listen to Dan.And basically,for now she should play this game the way Dan would.I’m probably the only person that actually want the coaches to come in the game.I just watched Big Brother tonight,and Boogie said something about Dan winning his season because he was competeting against a bunch of amateurs,he said this in the DR.So,now I really want them to compete against each other.I think Dan is a way better player than Boogie.Sometimes I think Boogie gets himself confused with Dr.Will.Lol.