‘Big Brother Spoilers’ The Diversity Alliance 2 country boys and a homosexual

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

6:20pm Chess board Janelle and Britney
They’re talking about how much it sucks that the house is in so much turmoil. Britney says that the game is not how she wanted to play it, it’s gotten really shady and shifty.
Britney: “I don’t know janelle… whatever is going to happen is going to happen”
Janelle: “I know Britney we’re still voting Kara out”
Britney: “I don’t have anybody in this game.. more of a feeling … I just know things are going on’
Janelle: “You and Willie are getting so paranoid”
Britney: “I’m not getting paranoid c’mon Janelle”
Britney: “Willie told me he’s making a deal with you
Britney: “I get it janelle I do you have to protect your players and i have to protect mine”
Janelle: “umm ya I’m not working with Dan I hate boogie.. we’re still voting out Kara”
Britney: “I don’t care either way.. I’m more upset because of how I feel in the house”
Britney wants to know why everyone thinks it’s her fault about the meeting he called earlier today.

6:47pm Feeds come back to them. They are talking about how they like Kara but it’s done she’s going home. Janelle thinks that Boogie is laughing in the Diary Room.
Janelle: “The house meeting kinda fucked us”..

6:27pm Hot tub Frank and Boogie
Frank is positive that he has the votes to stay counts Jenn, Ian and all of Janelle’s team. Frank has talked to Joe and Joe is wanting to put willie up if he wins HOH this week.
Boogie: “That would be great take the blood of our hands”
Frank mentions that Willie has been talking dirt about Joe, Frank thinks Willie has a 1 week deal with everyone in the house.
Boogie: “He’s trying too hard” (Willie)
Frank is positive that Willie is lying to him, he’s sure Willie has been lying to almost everyone in the house for the past 3 days. Boogie tells him that Willie is Imploding and to be doing it week one is crazy
Frank talks about his alliance with Joe and Wil, Joe is calling it diversity alliance , “Me and him country boys and a homosexual”
Jenn joins them
Jenn wonders why Willie would do what he did..
Frank: “he’s lying to my face.. he’s lost control”
Boogie:he’s trying to live up to some family name” Frank and Jenn agree
Frank tells them that Willie hasn’t been making much sense lately he’s talking about these alliances and side deals that don’t work.
Boogie: “He speaks in more riddles than Jim Carrey as the riddler”
Boogie: “Our group out of the three are the tightest in the house.. the more of Willie’s craziness and paranoia causes fracturing in the other groups GREAT”
Frank and Jenn Agree.. Frank leaves.
Boogie tells Jenn to keep playing Chill.. talk to people and shoot shit build relationships with everyone but keep the game talk in the down low.
Boogie: “you know who I would like to get in their heads and firgure out what their thinking… is shane.. they (Shane and Willie) use to be super close… Doubt that is the case now”
boogie: “If he (Willie) just chilled and got rid of Kara… he would of went into the HOH only haveing to worry about 2 people but now it’s more like 4 or 5”
Jenn: “He acted like the big dog in the house and it blew up on him”

6:40pm Joe and Frank talking about what is going on in the HOH room. (The HOH room is locked) Frank thinks that Willie grandson was born and it has something to do with that. They mention that their alliance is still solid

6:41pm have Nots Room Joe and Shane Joe asks him if their alliance is up? every-time he sees Willie he looks at him like he’s pissed.
Shane doesn’t want Kara to leave, and neither does Joe (Or so he says) Shane: “Frank if he stays he’s going to win the HOH next week” Joe knows he also can’t wrap his head around why Willie wants to keep the strongest player in the house.

Ian comes in and Talk shifts to the house meeting earlier today. Ian thought that it was a uncomfortable experience.
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6:55pm Kitchen Most the houseguests milling around wondering what is going on with willie. Willie comes out of HOH caring his big Brother Bag everyone asking him questions all he says is, “I’m scared to” Willie walks into the Diary room carrying. Britney thinks it might be a pandora’s box and Jodi is coming back for a day.. everyone laughs.
Willie comes back.. everyone asking him questions again there is a bit of a smile on his face.. he heads upstairs to the HOH room says, “Changes all the time”.

Everyone repeating “Changes all the time” trying to figure out what he means. Wil jokes: “There a baby in the bag”

7:05pm Backyard Couch Willie and Britney Britney asking him what is going on with him. Willie tells her that he got the HOH camera and he was told to write his HOH blog.
Britney tells him they are in exile, “I don’t know how strong you think the team is but I’m starting to hear things” Britney points out that Willie seems like he’s in a good mood (He is). Willie asks him what is going on in the house. Britney warns him that it’s not looking good, “I’m glad you’re confident.. but I’m hearing things.
Willie: “I need to know because I might be able to make something happen” feeds cut

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sooooooooooo nothing special happened with willie?


Willie is solo cocky I hate him gahhh


I think Willie is a touched in the head maybe he forgot his meds or something. Can’t wait to see you “make something happen” Hantz.
I LOVE IT when Brit is in panic mode, shes gonna be picking her face and biting on her fingers all night long.
We should have a BBAD tonight people.


*good BBAD*


Willie doesn’t look old enough to have a grandson.


One night everyone was sitting around retelling a story that Willie had told before feeds went live. He got a girl pregnant when he was 15 (I think that is what they said), they got married and had a baby girl. That girl is now 17 (again, I think that is correct) and she is now having a baby. It seems they mentioned that Willie had another kid before he and his wife divorced, all before the age of 21.


Ok I wonder what Willie means by “I need to know cause I may be able to do something about it”. Has Production told him something? What do you think?


It means he’s insane.


There are so many overlapping alliances. I cannot keep up. -_-

Beyonce fan

I fucking hate willie ughh I love joe he is playing this game. And Brit need to get out Janelle ass she don’t want to work with your team no more bitch!!!

Big Brother's Big Brother

– Danielle’s avatar(If you do that this year) should be Meg from Family Guy. Shut up Meg.


Make Frank Carrot Top and Ian should be that guy from MAD Magazine!
Glad I got my grade 10.

Red Lampshade

Ian finally showed up! Where the hell has he been?


Joe seems to be taking this personally with willie u need a guy like willie to create as much chaos in the house as possible so that u van see everyones true colors


Has anyone figured out how to work Flashback? Whenever I put in the time for an event that Simon has corresponding to it, it never shows up as the same thing. I can’t use it to look up the house meeting or anything for that matter. Last season it worked fine for me.


You need to use your own time zone to view the flashback right time


Thanks! That’s different from last season.


i am on the east coast and i have to add 3 hrs. to whatever time you list here. I don’t know why that is but that what is happening.


YES so happy they have a alliance to get willie out.

hopefully it stays….


Ian, Jenn, and Danielle haven’t really been mentioned around the house that much. I feel like Shane or JoJo would also be in that group if they weren’t in Willies group.


GO WILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Simon, any avatar of Ian as Carl, Joe as Roger Clemens, and Shane as Tom Cruise? I want to know!


I don’t see Ian (Carl) win the HoH nor PoV. Danielle (Jordan 2.0) maybe will win HoH. I would love to see Shane (Tom Cruise), JoJo (Jwow), or maybe Joe (Tom Cruise) or Wil (Fabio)!

The Rose

Greeeeat 1st week