Britney says she is about to crap her pants ..the coaches are about to enter the game!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


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12:40am – 12:50am Up in the HOH room, Willie and Ashley are talking. Willie reassures Ashley of their final 3 deal with her and Jojo. Willie tells Ashley to trust him that it will be a little different than we expected but we will get there. Willie says Kara just needs to go this week. Brit joins them. Willie says Kara is for sure going home this week. Willie keeps saying were good and that they are going to make it far. Ashley says Wil and Kara have something going on. They talk about how this is too much drama and it’s sad that they can’t trust anybody. Willie says if Kara stays in Ashley is fu*ked, I am fu*ked, we are all fu*ked. Willie says that Ashley is quiet and tells Britney that they can trust her.  Ashley says that she can’t talk to Janelle. Britney says that she understands that Janelle is trying to protect Wil. They talk about how Joe needs to calm down.  Britney disagrees and says they need to listen to all what Joe tells them about the other house guest. Ashley says she sees the flip flopping personality of Janelle. Britney says that she just wants to go down stair and yell that she knows what’s going on, this isn’t my past season I don’t have blinders on any more. Willie says that they have about two more weeks of this group staying together and then it’s going to fall apart. Britney says that she thinks it could be earlier if they win HOH.  Willie says that we just need to win HOH and take out Danielle otherwise it was pointless to vote out Kara. Ashley says that Janelle is paranoid that I will find out that she has been talking to Wil, but I already know I’ve seen it. Britney says she tries to be so nice Janelle, she asks her about her baby, about her trip to Greece etc. Britney says that $100,000 means a lot to her, Janelle doesn’t need the money, and she’ll just spend the money on clothes. Britney says that she’ll roll with Willie and Ashley that’s plenty. Britney says if Willie has a deal with Frank why would you put him on the block?! It doesn’t make sense. Willie says MmmHmm. Britney says why can’t people just stay loyal for 11 day, I don’t get it.


1:25am Willie says that he doesn’t think he will go next week and after that I think I will get HOH next week and I’ll start sh*t. Willie says that Ashley is girl and he will protect her, he will stand in front of someone to protect her. Willie tells her that if he goes to jury, she has his vote. Willie says Kara is going home and I don’t give a fuck if Janelle doesn’t like it. Britney come back in to join them. Ashley is worried about what to tell Janelle if she asks what I was doing up here. Willie and Britney tell her to just say you fell asleep on the couch. Ashley says that she wishes she could go to Janelle but she can’t. Britney says that you need someone in this game to go to, to be able to talk to someone. Britney says that Dan, Boogie and Janelle have something that I don’t have.


1:55pm Janelle and Danielle are talking in the bathroom. Janelle tells her that she thinks Kara is going home. Danielle says so Frank is going to stay. Janelle says yeah. Danielle says that sucks, now I think I am a target too. Danielle says if Frank stays I feel bad for all the guys in the house. Janelle says that she is but just because Dan is down to one player. Danielle says that she won’t tell Kara because she’ll be paranoid. Danielle says that if Frank stays… I know what kind of game he is playing. Janelle says she knows, they are stupid. Danielle says that there is a line and it’s been crossed. She says that no one will listen to me. Janelle says that no one will listen to me either and I’ve played this game twice. Danielle asks what do you mean. Janelle says my team does, but not Britney and Willie. Janelle says that even if we wanted to keep Kara we don’t have the votes, we only have 3. They conversation changes to Danielle talking about he relationship with her dad.


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2:10am Willie says that the house is going to explode when she has to do what she has to do. Britney says it is already happening Janelle is already spreading sh*t about Willie that he has a deal with Frank. She is planting the seed to bring it up again later. Britney gets called to the diary room. Willie tells Ashley that he wants her at the end with him. Ashley says that Janelle sucks. Britney comes back and asks guess who is downstairs in the bathroom whispering with Janelle? Willie says Kara. Britney says no, Danielle. (Big Brother cuts the feeds.) Britney says that she trusts Jojo and Willie. Britney explains to Ashley that it doesn’t make sense to say Willie and Frank have an alliance because Willie has always said he wants Frank out, if it’s not this week its next week or the next. Janelle then joins them up in the HOH room. They talk about Johnny Fair Play, the have-nots getting to eat and past competitions from previous seasons.


2:30am Janelle and Dan are in the arcade room talking. Dan says that he is going to get that vote just so you know. Janelle asks how? Dan says that it’ll take 36 hours but I’ll get the vote to save Kara. Janelle says she believes Wil & Joe have a great shot at HOH this week. Dan says that he is going to get all of Janelle’s teammates together and tell them that they don’t have a say but if they come with him they will. Janelle says she doesn’t want to rock the boat this early. She doesn’t think that her team is going to want to show their cards this early and it’s better for them to just stick with the plan and vote with Britney’s team. Janelle says that it’s just too risky of a move and that she doesn’t want to be any part of a meeting.  Janelle says that even if Dan can get another vote for Kara it is not in her team’s best interest to save Kara this week.  Janelle tells Dan that even if he loses a player this week they could still work together next week. Janelle says that she wants to work with Dan later, but doesn’t want to flip week 1. Janelle tells Dan that Jojo thinks she has a final 3 deal with Willie and Shane. Dan tells Janelle that he thinks he can get Jojo’s vote. Janelle says that she thinks Jojo could lie about the vote and put Janelle’s team in danger. Dan says he won’t bring Janelle’s team into it until he locks Jojo’s vote. Janelle tells Dan that she caught Willie in a lie today. Dan says that JoJo is wide open, trust me I’ll be able to get her vote. Janelle says she could be lying to you then Janie’s whole team would be in jeopardy. She doesn’t want to put her team in danger just to get Frank out this week.  Dan heads to bed.

2:50am Back up in the HOH room, Willie and Britney are talking. Willie tells Britney that we have JoJo, Ashley, Ian and Jenn votes to keep Frank. Britney says that they need to talk to Shane tomorrow.  Willie says even if it is 4 to 4 he gets to cast the final vote and send Kara home. Britney says that the reason Janelle wants Frank out so badly is because she thinks he’ll go after Wil if he stays and she’s out to protect Wil. They decide to head out into the backyard.

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3am Janelle, Willie and Britney are in the backyard talking about past seasons and past competitions. Willie heads to bed. Willie heads up stairs, gets in bed, then get up and goes out to the balcony and says oh sh*t. Willie then goes downstairs and tell Britney from the sliding door that he needs to talk to her. Willie is sitting waiting for Britney at the kitchen table. He then goes up stairs and waits for her at the chess set. Britney and Janelle finish up talking and head inside.
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3:30am Britney tells Willie that she is really angry because she was told she was only coming back to be a coach and not play the game again. Willie says he has to reshuffle the whole deck now that the coaches are going to enter the game to play with everyone else. He says they wouldn’t have put key holes next to the coaches’ faces on the memory wall if they weren’t going to play. Willie is really pushing for Britney to tell everyone that the coaches are going to be entering the game to play for the $500,000. Britney really doesn’t want to do that yet. Britney tells Willie that if she does that, Big Brother is always listening and maybe they wouldn’t play out that twist if everyone already knew about it… (Big Brother then cuts the feeds.) Willie says that he thinks Britney needs to be the one to expose the truth about the coaches. He says that everyone need to see that the coaches are out for themselves and they are playing hard because they know they’ll be in the game eventually. They decide to go back outside so that Janelle doesn’t hear them.  Willie brings up wanting to get rid of Frank because of the coach twist. Willie tells Britney that she is at the bottom of the barrel. Britney says that she knows that the other coaches are gunning for her. Britney says that Janelle’s angle this whole time has been to try and convince her that the only way she could win is to take her (Janelle) to the finals. Britney says listen Willie if I go into the game I’m not going to win it, if I don’t win it I want you to win it. Willie tells Britney that she’s got to tell everyone. These coaches are fixing to be in the game. Britney wonders what if it doesn’t happen though. Willie laughs and says then it doesn’t fu*king happen but you’ve put a kink in their game!


3:30am – 4am Britney says that she thinks the first HOH comp after they announce the coaches are entering the game will be an endurance competition and that Janelle told her that she isn’t any good at endurance competitions. Willie says that he thinks the smoking gun regarding the coaches entering the game is that they all have keyholes next to their pictures and after this vote there will only be 10 people left so there must be more players. (Big Brother cuts the feeds) Willie says that he has been told a few times in the diary room to play his own game, this is your game not your coach’s game. They head back inside. Willie keeps telling Britney to have a meeting with the house guests tomorrow and tell everyone that the coaches are coming into the game. Britney says that she is scared to do it! Willie tells her she has to, if she doesn’t he’ll have to and he’ll probably get sent home for it. It will take the pressure off of me if everyone knows it, because the coaches will be the targets.

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Britney explains that there are two missing weeks. Britney says that there are 11 people now, 10 next week and 9 the week after ..and after only 3 weeks. When there are 9 people are left that’s when they normally start jury and they aren’t going to start jury then. Willie tells her that if she tells them she’ll be a hero. Britney says that Janelle turned her back on her today to try and make an alliance with Dan because she thinks he’s a stronger player.  Britney says that she is still really worried about being the one to expose the coaches twist and that she thinks once the coaches enter the game they’ll come after her. Willie says that he thinks the house guests will abandon their coaches after they find out the truth. Britney isn’t sure the coaches will enter the game. Willie tells her that the twist is coming. Willie tells her that her and him will stick together. He says that he has her back. Britney is worried that the others will stay with their coaches to team up with them.   Willie tells Britney that they are going to send us all outside and we come back there’s going to be keys in the coaches slots. Britney says that she is about to crap her pants. Willie keeps coaching her on what to say and how to tell the other house guests. (Big Brother cuts the feeds) Britney and Willie decide to go to sleep.

7:20am Shane is up and sitting on the living room couch. Mike is up and in the kitchen. Willie gets up and goes downstairs to the diary room.
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That was the crazyest tv I have seen in forever, can’t wait for this meeting. ITS GOING TO BE EPIC.


dawg do you think they will let it happen?


I would love to see Willie in Final 3. That way, He much better competitor than Russell!


What do you mean better than Russell? He is playing Russell’s game: bully, intimidate, lie, and pick the strongest male to do your dirty work but have a final 3 with the biggest bimbos in the game. I see him out by week 4. This isn’t Survivor, most are onto his game already. He is going out like Jessie and Ronnie in Season 11. He is being to paranoid, conniving, and demanding things his way. The HG will revolt.


You must not remember that Russel Hantz made it to the final 2….lol


These idiots are hilarious, there aren’t missing weeks, and definitely not four missing weeks for them to come back, oh Britney you have Shane and JoJo yet youput all your faith into Willie. They are literally going crazy right now with paranoia and fear.


because there has never ever been a double eviction or fast foward in the history of Big Brother


No, Willie, you can’t break a 4-4 tie if there are 9 votes… smh


There’s only 8 votes, so yes, Willie can break a 4-4 tie.
1. Joe
2. Wil
3. Ashley
4. Jojo
5. Shane
6. Danielle
7. Ian
8. Jenn

Big Brother's Big Brother

That’s great, tell us that when there are 9 votes bud, cause there is 8 this week.

Big Brother's Big Brother



However, there are 8 votes, so… Nvm. (I counted Jodi for some reason)




Britney needs to cut Russell go, he’s bad for her game and image.


Really? I think what most people find bad for her image is her own attitude. She can find something negative to say about everyone. I am sure if the pope or santa claus was brought up, she’d find something bad to say about them as well.

Red Lampshade

How the hell is CBS going to edit all of this action down to two episodes!?!?


yes brit u do have blinders on but its for willie. this dumb chick is going to
get duped by another guy just like S.12. BB has f’n nerve to say she is one of the best and master mind in the
game but yet she is the only who cant see W&F are together in the game lol. All she does whine.
Ash has been surprising me the last couple of days, kudos to her gameplay.


Yeah, BB is full of it if they think for a second that Britney was one of the all time best players. This is the second time on here, and all she does is talk shit about people. I recall her being funnier then than she is now. Now she’s just a raging bitch with blinders on, yet again.


Maybe coaches only come in once their team has been eliminated. This would really affect the players trust with their coaches.


Then watch how quickly Boogie moves to get Frank out.


Correction:Does Joe looks like Roger Clemens (The Pitcher not picture)?


And there you have it folks, Britney has left the building.


Even a blind person could figure out the coaches were coming back into the game and it has zero to do with keyholes lol. BB liked the idea of favorite vets coming back into the game to spike the ratings, but the 6 they brought in last season was too many to handle for the noobs plus they were an unstoppable automatic alliance of 6.

So to fix that problem they cut the vets down to 4 this season AND they FORCE the vets not to align with each other but work with noobs by setting up this temporary coach BS. Now that relationships and alliances with vet and noob have been established BB can unleash them into the player pool and it will be a much more fair game for the noobs.


I’m still just waiting on this season to heat up… looks like it will:) Then again, maybe I’m being so optimistic because I’m still giddy over the fact that Rachel isn’t one of the coaches.


Boogie and Willie forming an alliance working together…..Who woulda thunk it? He still thinks it’s his birthday with Christmas right around the corner….Willie appears to be talking WAY TO MUCH… will be his dimise….

Jedi Jani

Boogie and Willie forming an alliance…..Boogie still thinks it’s his birthday with Christmas right around the corner…..WOW….Willie clearly talks WAY TOO MUCH…….Let the backstabbing begin ……


Ok normally I am on this site immediately and watching BB After Dark. I am not crazy about this season and the coaching aspect of the show. What I look forward to every season is the new players and the new personalities and the alliance switching and back stabbing….I hope it steps up a bit.


And I don’t understand why they don’t see that Willie being so paranoid about other people making other alliances doesn’t make them realize it’s because he’s afraid his secret alliances will be found out. He has one with Ashley and JoJo, and one with Frank and Boogie. He talks too much. At first I liked him, but he’s playing this game too hard too fast (exactly what he’s accusing Janelle of doing…)


Prediction Votes for eviction:
-Kara:Ian, Jojo,Joe,Wil,Ashley,Shane
Vote for Kara favor 5-2! If it happen, Dan will be pissed!


If the coaches do get to enter the game, I would like to see Janelle and Dan work together. Grab a few of the new HG’s and they could do some damage in this house. With his strategies and her ability to win comps, they would make a formidible alliance.


I’m surprised it’s taken Brittney this long to figure out the coaches will be in the game. Or is she that good of an actress???

It’s pretty clear Dan had this figured out from day 1. He specifically picked a team of “weaker” competitors. This way he can try to protect his team, without keeping someone in the game who will be difficult to beat later. He knows he can crush those girls in competition later on, if they survive that long.

Dark Horse

Willie is reminding me so much of his brother…

I wonder if he admitted to Boogie just yet?

It appears right when a good conversation starts…BB cuts the feeds!! Ugh!


Hey Simon and Dawg, Can I ask you a question? Does Joe look like Roger Clemens (The pitcher)? Please tell me or google it!


i think dan and jannelle would be an awesome alliance. or dan and boogie. lol, as long as he doesn’t align with britney