‘Big Brother 14’ Willie is Worried about Shane: “He’s so focused on pu$$y right now his mind is off the game”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

7:30pm havenots Ian, Willie, Jenn, Boogie and Frank Willie is wants to make sure that they are all going to vote to keep Frank because if Frank leaves this week than he’ll leave next week followed by Jenn and Ian. Boogie tells him that all he needs to get is 2 votes. Joe opens the door and Willie asks him for a couple minutes free.

7:34pm Willie and Frank bedroom Willie telling him he doesn’t know if he has Shane and JOJO. Frank you need to get those 2 votes cause I can get Ian and Jenn. Willie adds that they’ll meet with everyone especially Shane.

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7:37pm Aracde Room Jojo and Frank She’ll give Frank her vote but she needs to know that things are good between her and him she doesn’t want any sneaky shit going on with Boogie.
Frank: “I’ve been trying to get on this show for 3 years i’m not going to play someone elses game.. This is my game i’m playing it my way”
jojo tells him that he’s got her vote.
Willie joins them
Willie doesn’t think they have the votes, Frank asks if it’s Shane. Willie isn’t worried about Shane. Frank doesn’t get it if he’s not worried about Shane who is he worried about. Frank: “I don’t know” JOJO: “You better not be worried about me”
Frank: “Do you feel good about Shane”
Willie: “I don’t know dude”
Frank: “I trust Jojo, Jenn and Ian”
Willie: “I trust JoJO with my kids life”
Willie: “This is what makes me nervous about Shane.. I told him that no one better switch up their vote this week.. Shane looked back at me and said How would you know who did it though” Jojo says she heard it to.
Willie: “everyone is saying I Mad dogged joe but I’m not mad dogging joe.. He’s the one that started all that shit up in the HOH today”
Willie points out that the coaches have been talking about the joining the game since day one and now they act like it’s something horrible and ridiculous to discuss but it wasn’t horrible when Britney, Janelle and Dan talked about it in the backyard. Willie mentions that Britney and Janelle talked about getting dropped back into the game for a hour while he was pretending to sleep.
JOJO and Frank both think that Shane will be the next target they need to remind him that and pull them in.
Willie: “He’s so focused on pu$$y right now his mind is off the game”
Willie: “we gotta talk to him tonight.. I’m sorry people but if we don’t do this we’re all going home.. we gotta ”
Jojo tells him she’s down since day one with willie and if Frank is in with them she’s down with Frank. Jojo: “I just don’t want you guys to fuck me over”
Willie promises her she is
Jojo leaves
Shane Joins them

Willie tells them if they can get to the next week together than all this craziness will fall away and a new week begins. Willie reminds Shane that if Frank goes this week then Willie goes the following week and who does he think will go the 3rd week? Shane: “Me”
Willie adds that coaches have been deflecting the rumor about their return to the game all day and it’s because they are scared they didn’t want us to know. Willie: “imagine the advantage they would have if they drop into the game week 4”. Shane points out that Janelle has been doing the most deflecting by far. Frank agrees he also has noticed that Janelle has the biggest problem with the rumor. Willie tells them that Britney has been crying all day when she found out there is the possibility she could play the game, “Britney told me she’s 90% sure they are going to be dropped into the game”
Shane: “You got my vote If i can trust you than you have my vote”
Willie tells them both he’s being straight to them.
Frank: “I’m guilty by association becuase Boogie is such a conniver and a sneaky guys.
Shane says he’s cool with them, he knows that the 3 guys can run the house in comps. Frank adds that Wil is physical but he lacks the competitive edge.. Shane: “Look at the POV it was use three”
Shane: “Wil has a direct relationship with Kara and Joe is with Wil”
Willie: “Shane.. if Frank and I are gone you are the main target your the last strong male” Shane understands completely .
Willie wants to know if they can trust Shane he tells them they can go far but have to stick with each other.
Shane: “I’m all for it Willie i’m with you guys”
Willie jokes that he’s worried about him falling in love with Danielle.. Shane laughs tells him not a chance.
Frank leaves and Willie has some one on one time with him. Willie explains that the “romance” with Danielle is good they can use that. Shane agrees but doesn’t want to take it too far.

8:00pm Joe, Wil and Janelle storage room They are talking about getting Willie out. Ashley comes in and they tell her that Willie has been making fun of Wil for being gay. Ashley is shocked tells them her stomach is sore now.
Janelle: “You guys his HOH is over now”
They agree that they can flip Shane but JoJo is a lost cause. Joe tells Ashley to not even look at Willie anymore if he bothers her just tell him to stop. They’re plan if they can’t flip shane will be Willie, Shane followed by JoJO. They all shake on it.

8:19pm Bedroom Jojo and Ashley jojo asking her if she can trust that Ashley is with them. Ashley says yes. Jojo says that they need to attach to the strong guys to take out the house then they can roll through. Jojo wants to make sure that kara thinks she’s safe.

8:15pm Wil is crying because of Wil. Kara and Jenn are comforting him. Wil thinks Willie is a evil man and hates that Willie is in a position of power.

8:29pm have nots Ashley and Kara
Ashley is voting Frank out
Ashley complains that JoJO has been up her ass all day.
Kara thinks that Jojo is voting to keep her, she counts the votes 1)Wil 2)Joe 3)Danielle and Ashley
Kara: “All I need is Jojo”
Ashley: “She told me she’s voting to keep you”
Danielle walks in she’s having trouble breathing has her inhaler in her hand and is puffing.
Danielle tells them that she just saw Frank, Willie and Shane talking in the arcade room she thinks something is up, that they are starting a guys alliance.
Ashley and Kara agree that the girls need to stick together they will talk to JoJO about this.

9:00pm HOH Room Willie and JoJo They are talking about votes. Willie is still worried about everything. He tells her “I swear to GOD that I want you in the end.. I Swear on my kids”

(The two of them just start stewing… crazy paranoia… DEFCON 4 paranoia)

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He’s super sneaky! As soon as something happens, he runs to Janelle.


It seems like everyone has an alliance with everyone.


Except Danielle. She has an alliance with no one. Haha. The least she could do is buddy up with Wil, Ian, Joe and Frank.


Willie is a freakin nutt bar


Finally talk turns to evicting Frank and with Thursday getting closer and closer. If they are smart, Frank will get evicted. simple as that. And I strongly believe that Jojo will vote with Ashley, Joe, Danielle, and Wil.




The HG’s are turning it up this summer, but they have yet to have an argument!? All of them have been talking so much crap, but no ones called anyone out. They need to give us something to watch.

And it looks like Frank is going home again. Not sure what’s going on, but sounds like he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. Frank keeps confiding in Joe, and Joe is going around spreading lies to shake up the house. Joe is like a crazy deranged Shelly. But at least Shelly was smart enough to go unscathed until jury. Joe is making himself a target.


Does anyone agree that as a whole this quite possibly could be the dumbest cast ever?


looks like Ash and JoJo are hitched to a sinking ship named Willie

Alexander the Great

Is Ashley invisible, the way Willie and Britney are slandering Janelle. What’s with Shane?


I completely agree Simon he’s got great game first he was thinking get rid of frank which is the best plan and then when he knew he couldn’t he tricked frank to thinking he saved him not Willie it’s genius I just hope all this early game play doesnt hurt him later


Ok. Wait a f*cking minute! Are my ears playing tricks with me or did Willie just say the n word? If he did, I’m suddenly disgusted with him.

yo, sup

The was boogie he said, “N***** I got my tv time, I’m not the one here for the first time.” or something along those lines

yo, sup

**that was Boogie**


Willie also said the N word when he was up in the HOH room talking to Brit

Beyonce fan

Did this bitch willie say he will knock a nigga out? Omggggg.


So Willie is a racist AND a homophobic dumbass?
Glad I got my grade 10


aaaaaaaaah poor Willie cant get his way now he wants fight.


“This game is mixture of Twister,Chess and Freshman dorm.”


Hey, Simon! Okay, I am getting into this season late. So, Simon, who are we pulling for right now? Who is the devil and who is the angel? Who is smart and who is dumb as a bunch of rocks? I see Brittney is one of the coaches. Has she started talking sh?! about everyone, yet? I did always find her funny. Fill me in, Simon. I’ve miss you!


Hey BBGrandma!! Great to see you again. What a great start to the season!! Who are you liking? I was liking Willie but after today I think he’s toast and it’s his own fault. I like Frank and I love to see Joe stirring the pot and nobody suspects him.


Britney was talking smack almost immediately. I keep waiting for her funny DR sessions, but they aren’t up to what they were last time she was on, but her cattiness is working overtime. I would say after today, Willie is the devil. Angels, not sure, maybe Danielle. She’s laying low. Ashley comes off as perpetually stoned. It’s shaping up to be an outstanding season. how couldn’t it be, Janelle and Dan are apart of it.

Beyonce fan

Shittttt its fucking on.


I’m surprised it took this long for this to happen.


Wow, all hell just broke loose! I usually have the first week or two to ease into BB, but this season my head is already spinning. It sure started with a BANG!! Good job, Simon and Dawg!!!


I thought earlier today Frank, Joe, Ashley, and Wil formed a six person alliance (forget who the two others were) and that they were going to pretend to be with Willie this week and then try to get him out next week.


Geez, the twist this season is that Willie is really Russell, and it only took a week in power for him to transform. What a dummy!! But it sure makes for fun on the feeds. I missed today, so I’m not sure how everything went down and why Willie and Frank are going at it in the BY. Can anyone who watched fill me in? Did Willie really slur against Wil? Please fill me in cuz I’m confused!





Yooooooooo, Ian is pisssed!

Man, Frank had it made too. But he couldn’t just lay low.

And fuck Willie. I’m pretty sure he said the f*cking n word. F*CK his b*tch ass! I hope he’s out the door next week. The coaches were right. Very classic case of playing too hard too early.

Aqua Bernie

Oooh, this is getting good!!


heated fight and Ian wants split a pie
too funny


Bbad is poppin. Willie caught in his lies. Lmao. Get ur fruit loops and tune in


Britney’s wandering eye scares me.


I was going to sleep, but then Willie started yelling at Frank, so I got some cereal and am staying up for the time being. This is pretty fun.

They need to update the BB Lite player so we could rewind things. Last year’s version doesn’t seem to be working. Dawg/Simon – have you heard anything in regard to that?


Damn, Willie hit the self destruct button today.

Aqua Bernie

I have to say everyone in this house are great liars! Ashley? JoJo? who’s side are they on? and Shane where is his head?


Wicked fight. I’m on Team Frank. I was kinda hoping for a wrestling promo…


Id say the game has just changed after the dumb move by Willy…


Willy saying he just needs his feet back next week….Dude u wont even have your knees left next week…lol


Ain’t it funny how Brit is all buddy buddy with Dan now. Yesterday and before she couldn’t stand him.

And “yo, sup” is saying that Boogie dropped the n word. Is this true? I didn’t hear him say it.


I just rewatched the scene and I didn’t here Boogie say the N word at all


i think it was Willie who used the N word. im staying away from the live feed n after dark, so im pretty much lost for now, hoping the eye candy stays even tho this Frank n Willie blowup sounds intresting. Simon it’s great to have u guys back dominating my browser history. Go Gators n go Boogie.