Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Jojo says that Joe stares at her like he is picturing her naked in his head.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22


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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – 3 Day Trial!

1am Joe, Frank, Wil, and Janelle are in the kitchen talking about Willie. Frank says that Willie is just too much of a wannabe manipulator. Joe asks who figured that one out? Janelle says he did (pointing at Wil). Wil says that he is normally a good judge of people, and was so shocked when he started being so nice to him. When I’d go in a room he would go HEHEHE! He was doing that to mock me. He had me fooled for a second. And then I was blood honest. Frank says you got to be with the people you work with. Frank says that’s what I told him out side, and he said don’t talk to me! Willie comes down from the HOH room and heads outside. Joe comments on this being so awkward. I hate it. Frank says the last thing I want is a fu*king tie. Wil asks a what? Joe says a tie, because then Willie gets to send him out. Frank says that he would pull his fu*king hair out. Janelle asks Frank what he would do? Frank says I would be like, alright, eat your fu*king fruit loops! Joe says that he wants to send him home to run someone elses life, stop trying to run 12 of our lives. They comment on how Britney and Willie flirt with each other and its weird. The conversation changes to talking about Mike. Frank says that Mike wanted to be up talking game tonight but that he’s been in bed for an hour. Janelle says that he’s been in bed this whole game so far. Janelle laughs about how Willie is so egotistical and said that he was the biggest threat in this game.


1:20am – 1:35am Joe asks Janelle if doing the show opened a lot of doors for her after? Janelle said that she didn’t know, I just did it to win. Frank says that Dan said he would be in here for a year if he could. Frank says he would to for a million. They start asking Janelle about her season 6 and how it worked. Joe and Janelle start talking about possible twists. Joe thinks that maybe the coach and the player team up and split the $500,000 plus the $100,000. So that each get $300,000. That way it still keeps the coach concept. Janelle talks about how some coaches like Mike don’t even give a sh*t about their team though. That’s why Jenn won’t work with him and why he is just sleeping right now. They both point to Dan and say that he cares. Just as Dan walks up. Joe comments on why Dan cares, because he is in the game and he is a coach. It’s a little more incentive because you want to be a good coach. Dan says that he loves to be able to positively impact someones life. Janelle tells Dan that Mike isn’t playing the game like himself. Dan asks really? Janelle says he’s slept for the last 2 weeks. Dan says that he was surprised that Mike got in the middle of the argument today. Janelle says that’s who he is, he loves that sh*t. Janelle and Dan talk about how they both though that Willie wouldn’t be a person that would listen. Dan says that she got a good player Joe. Janelle says yeah she was happy. Janelle and Dan continue to point at the memory wall and talk about their team choices. Dan wonders why Boogie is here, he doesn’t need the money. Janelle says for street cred… that and he needs a break from his job.


Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: 3 Day Trial!

1:40am Joe and Ashley are in the storage room talking. Joe tells her that they are voting out Kara. Ashley says okay what I thought we weren’t keeping Frank. I am glad I came to talk to you. Joe says no we are absolutely keeping Frank. Frank is a part of our alliance. Ashley says okay, okay, then that is how I am voting! Joe says that he likes Kara, but there’s nothing I can do. Ashley asks so Wil is on board? Joe says Wil is on board. Ashley says alright! Joe says I just re-talked to him again, he hates it but we have to. Joe says that Frank outted, he did a very good think, he basically assured that Willie is going. Ashley says okay. Joe says it will be our alliance, we all have to vote Frank in. He is turning to be a much better dude than I ever thought. Ashley asks so you trust him. Joe says that he talks a lot and it makes sense what he’s telling us. Ashley brings up how Janelle doesn’t talk to her. Joe explains that this is an alliance guaranteed till the final 6, then we go our own way. Ashley says okay. Joe says me, you, Wil, Jenn, Frank and Ian. Ashley says okay, lets do this. Shoot, so happy I talked to you. Joe says 100%. They break up the conversation and leave the room.


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!2am – 2:40am Up in the HOH room, Jojo is in bed with Willie with the lights off. Willie is talking about how he is going to start talking to Kara and building a relationship with her tomorrow. And Danielle just to let them know that this game changes. Willie says that if we can get past this week, it can all change. I want to get rid of Boogies team because I want Boogie out of here. Because Boogie is going to be where the drama is. Jojo says that part of her strategy was to be friend with everyone, even if it was fake, and the truth is I really can’t stand Danielle. Jojo says that if I have to pretend to like someone then that’s what I got to do. Jojo says that Joe stares at her like he is picturing me naked in his head. Willie says he is stupid, if he thinks he is going to end up in the final two he is retarded. I got a better chance at ending up in the final two than Joe and I am probably in the worst spot now. He just doesn’t, that running around telling people shit doesn’t work. Willie says that he told Joe out there that he wanted to work with him and that said I hope you stay Kara because I want his punka$$ to go home. Willie says everyone wants to throw me under the bus for some reason, except my own people. I am a beast in competitions too. Jojo starts talking about how good Willie did in the last competition. Willie tells Jojo that she needs to win this next challenge. Jojo says that she knows Danielle wont put her up because I would flip out and make her life hell. Willie says that he thinks Danielle would put up Ian and Jenn, but I could go and talk to Dan and get them to put up Joe because he is going back and forth. Jojo and Willie are getting ready to go to sleep and talking about making out with each other. They are laughing. Willie tells her that they’ll make out on day 60. Jojo says no, day 40 …no, day 30. Willie laughs and says ok, we’ll make out on day 30, now they’re going to sleep. They both go to sleep.

Watch what happens AS it happens: Big Brother Live Feeds!


6am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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JoJo and Willie making out? Hopefully they have the decency to cover themselves with a sheet, ’cause no one wants to see that sh*t.


Dawg, Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to report these. You enhance every season!


How is Willie saying he’s a beast at comps and they only played one and that was a team win and Britney gave him hohg cuuz she knew everyone was targeting him. He’s talking like he go Janelle and Rachel resume in comps. Willie needs to calm down. I want him and frank to stay a while for the good tv. I would love to see frank win hoh and make Willie beg. I guess jojo has to cozy up to Willie for attention since she’s nit getting any from Shane. Lol.


This has been the wildest past 24hrs……the paranoia is like cheap cologne (you can almost smell it…lol)!! The flip-flopping back and forth is like a fish outta water! Poor Willie…he has spent so much time before entering the house convincing himself that he is a master manipulator that its so comical now to watch his head explode! I’m betting he doesn’t last after another week… and I’m sure he will be nominated after the next HOH. Sure hasn’t been dull!!

bbfan14 g

Wow……. they are all bloody morons, they need to get Franks lying ass out now while they can. They are all so spineless, Frank is a threat that they have the option to eliminate and they are sending out Kara?Instead of waiting for Frank to take you out along with Willie, get him out and go after Willie yourself next week. Joe is an idiot,”Frank is in our alliance”, Joe is the biggest fool ever, he’s been trash talking Frank from the beginning trying to get rid him. Frank is trying to save his own ass and that means saying what everyone else wants to hear including “I’m gonna take out Willie if I stay.” He’s probably gonna come for Joe when the times right because he knows he cant be trusted. So Frank…….Needs to go and Willie………Needs to go next week, and not because hes a strong competitor but because he is so gassed, he needs to fall off his high horse. Is anyone thinking game play at all??? Willie doesn’t even get to compete in next weeks HOH and giving Frank power is a huge mistake. Floaters………ahem….ahem….cough……cough……Joe, Ashley, Ian, Jenn, and Danielle……cough…..cough….. They need to make decisions that will benefit them and not what will benefit the others in the house. Plus Joe needs to shut the fuck up, his straight shooter ass is heading straight for eviction if team Britney have it their way.

Red Lampshade

Jojo and Danielle will evict Frank, but it really comes down to Ashley and Shane. Those two control the vote this week.


Can’t stand Joe – he is like Shelly on crack. Feeling bad for Willie – he may be crazy, but he’s not paranoid… Joe is definitely messing with him big time, and Janelle is running around the house screwing him and Brit over. Also, Joe telling Wil that WIllie was making fun of him for being gay is majorly crossing a line- that goes beyond game play, completely unnecessary (….if he thinks Shelly had it bad when she was on the show (with death threats, etc), he better start to watch himself… this is only the first week/HOH, and he is shaping up to be one of the shadiest players yet – minus the likablity factor that most of the other “bad guys” had… at least Shelly was funny).


Willie did it all to himself. He was my favorite player to begin with, but the dude is overly-emotional and quiet delusional. He will talk and talk and talk and try to turn a person’s brain into mush, overpowering weaker players. Then, whatever he does wrong, he tries to justify with his own logic. He has not played a smart game. He put the target on his own back now with trying to play too many people. He even made a deal with Mike Boogie a few days ago. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when the two talked.

The thing with Frank… it all got back to Frank that Willie tried to split the vote to keep his hands clean, but risk Frank going home, so I am not surprised that Frank was upset. Willie did lie about not putting him on the block as well. It’s all Willie and he got found out.. much quicker than I thought.


Jojo can’t stand Danielle because she’s a lot better looking. Jojo has a nice little build, but her face is something out of a zombie flick.

btw, that’s a great picture above – the one with Janelle looking all bored and Wil flipping out with the eyes.


Can Jojo shutup about Danielle for 1 day? She’s obviously jealous. Also, I wanna see more of Dan, Jenn, and Danielle! Where the hell are they and what do they do all day? Sick of the feeds revolving around Willie.


It’s interesting to see how all of this will play out Thursday. At the moment, it seems like there are at least 4 votes to evict Kara: Wil, Joe,Ian, and Jenn. But Jojo, Shane, and Danielle will evict Frank, most likely. Ashley’s vote is the most critical at this point, but it’s hard to tell where her head is at. She promised to “protect Willie forever”, which would probably entail evicting Willie’s worst enemy (Frank). But she claims she’s alligned with Joe and the others. It’s hard to tell where she stands, but Dan and Kara definitely need to work Ashley for her vote.

Simon, do you know if Ashley ever made a deal with Jojo?


Wil isn’t voting to keep Frank over Kara.


My trivial and tasteless ‘assessment’ of the houseguests so far. I completely understand if you disagree with me, completely understand if you realllllllllllyyyyy disagree with me. It’s tradition for me every year since I found this wonderful site to list my initial, though tacky, thoughts.

JoJo- Despite the initial ‘Jersey Shore’ish’ vibe I got from her (and yes, I realize she’s not from Jersey), was expecting one kind of game play from her, I’m surprised at the play I’m actually seeing. I literally was expecting her by now to have gotten sloshed and started rave-dancing in the backyard with glow sticks, stopping only to drunkenly pee over by the hammock just before flipping it and starting a fight with one of the other girls. Haven’t seen anything like that, I’m kinda happy and sad to say;)

Danielle- Well, kiss my grits, I’m so grateful BBAD rarely has her on camera. So far, she’s the most boring Danielle I’ve ever seen on Big Brother or reality t.v. in general. Someone get her an IV… stat!

Ashley- I guarantee you this girl’s house is filled with crystals, incense, roughly six or seven cats, possibly a mummified dead lover she keeps in her ‘special room’, and lots of headbands, but I think she’s playing this game better than anyone right now.

Frank- Ugh, do I have to? The guy’s a bad moustache short of being a 70’s porn star, and one cackle and narcisstic comment away from making me never want to watched Dazed and Confused ever again. I give him credit for being the catalyst behind day 11’s great viewing, but if this man wins the game, I’ll eat my own head.

Willie- Oh, man, Willie, what in the hell are you doing? I like this guy, I have to admit. Loved his brother, too. You have to admit that day 11 would never have been the absolutely kick-ass viewing experience it was if it weren’t for him. We all know he’s not going to win this. He’s not going to get nearly as far in this game as his brother did in Survivor. I think we also all suspect that he’s really a shape-shifter from Bon Temps who turns into a bulldog wearing Lousiana t-shirts every chance he gets (sorry to those of you who don’t watch True Blood). Still, I’d like to see him around a little longer than one more week, just so I can get my money’s worth.

Jodie- Straight up got screwed. But that’s the game, I guess. Still, I have a feeling if she’d had a chance to stay, she’d have made some strong alliances.
Wil- If this guy isn’t the secret love child of Fabio and Joan Rivers, he should be;) I’m just sayin’. Gamewise, I think he’s safe for awhile:)
Jenn- Also in a pretty good spot so far, no real game play errors, and is, like other HG’s, proving that you can’t read a book by its cover. Still, I’m having the hardest time watching her because when I do, the urge is too great to chop off that ‘chunk’ of stuff she calls hair stuck to the left side of her head, burn it, then give her a full pink mohawk/fauxhawk.

Joe- I swear, I’ve seen him on a food competition show before. I also swear I saw him lose, and was happy about it. Cooking for everyone is not going to get you a half mil, and neither is trying to convince everyone you’re a straight-shooting badass. I’m fully expecting to see soon on BBAD him cleaning toilets at 3 a.m. and swearing on his family that he’s legit. I can also see him winning HOH, as a result of some miracle, then nominating someone because they said something negative about his salmon ceviche topped with micro greens and balsamic reduction.

Ian- I think it says a lot that the children of the corn allowed one of their own to leave the village for a spell. Kidding!!!! Actually, the other HG’s better watch out for this guy, I suspect.

Kara- Kara who? That’s what I’m guessing the vibe will be either this week or soon thereafter about this girl. Absolutely beautiful, but I bet if you check her left buttcheek real close, you’ll see a serial number on her skin, plus a tiny screw whose removal will allow you access to her microchip.

Shane- In a nutshell, Kara with a penis.

The coaches all deserve their own separate ‘crap’, so I’ll spare them for now;) Honestly, I really am enjoying this cast and this season more than I’d hoped, am looking forward to what’s to come!:)

lu ann

liked ur post


joe ,will ,frank ,willie doesnt know when to stay silent and when to speak …. choosing between joe, willie and frank will be like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea either way u lose …..

willie intensions was good for frank but he just keeps talking to to much people. team willie even if he leaves i love the way he stand up for himself even though he knew he was a target now even bigger


big willy time!!!!!


I’ve read everything and unless I skipped over it but did Willie actually make fun of Wil and him being gay? Or was frank just deflecting trying to put a bullseye on Willie? Crazy first week!!!


He did raise his hand up made a feminine voice and called him the gay guy. Now its not so bad but the way he did it was rude.


I guess it wont be three years in arow that the first HOH wins the whole game
Its not looking good for Willie.

You guys gotta check out Diana’s Diary Room on YouTube she put up
a new episode up today covering the last 48 hrs. in the BB house.


I’m watching Britney and Shane talk on the hammock…has Shane never watched this show before?? He doesn’t know to remember competition order and look around the house for future competitions?

Alexander the Great

Okay at first I thought Joe was really really playing the game, now i think he is bipolar. He’s going to get caught up soon too, I would love for Shane or JoJo to win HOH to watch Joe fly over to their side. And Dan stop telling your players to throw competitions.


The jig is up for Joe.. I think Willie, Britney, JoJO, Ashley, Boogie (Maybe Ian) are wise to his Straight shooting ways


. If I’m not mistaken,wasn’t there quite a few people that knew about Shelly’s straight shooting ways,and they still kept her around?


Even though I’m not a Joe fan.Jojo is so full of herself.I bet she thinks every guy wants her.She’s not hideous,but she’s no Halle Berry.So,she should really stop with all of this talk about how every guy wants her.I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking of yourself as attractive,but this is just arrogance.In my opinion people are more attractive,when they don’t constantly tell others how good looking they are.On a side note,I’ve been seeing a few comments that called Danielle a floater.I thought the term floater meant a house guest that does whatever the side that has the power wants.If I’m right about what the term floater means,then how can people seriously call Danielle a floater?She’s on Dan’s team,and she trys to do what Dan advise her to do.Therefore,I don’t see how she can be called a floater.The girl seems loyal to her team,which includes Dan and Kara.

Bad Things 999

Ewwwww!!! JOJO is so ugly. I hate it when these ugly ass annoying girls with a decent body and wear a shitload of makeup think they are so hot. yuck! she’s so not!