Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results Frank Vs Janelle

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Confused about all the alliances in the Big Brother House this season? Check this map out it’ll help you out

Speculated Vote results
Janelle Goes Home

Tonight on the live feeds
A lot of unknowns what will happen next. Really depends on who wins the HOH. Most Thursday – Friday – Saturdays are usually really exciting on the feeds

Actual Votes
Joe Votes to Evict
Shane Votes to Evict
Dan Votes to Evict
Britney Votes to Evict
Boogie Votes to Evict
Jenn Votes to Evict
Ashley Votes to Evict
Wil Votes to Evict

???? Is evicted from the Big Brother House

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Shane, Danielle, Britney, Dan team up – Dan: “They won’t know what’s going to hit them”

Shane comments on the look on Janelle’s face like she has no clue what to do, “Wil is going up I know that much”. Britney wants him to keep it on the Downlow with the other players until after the coaches challenge.

Danielle joins them says that everyone is acting strange with her and looking at her funny.
Britney explains that Danielle is VERY important this week she is the swing vote. Shane chimes in that Dan’s and Britney’s teams have to join up they have no other choice. Britney points out to Danielle that this week Janelle was super nice to her and included her in everything because Janelle knew of your importance this coming week. Danielle thought it was a bit strange at how the girls were talking to her out of the blue.

Danielle says that JOJO is a cruel bitch she was saying Danielle fat with disgusting legs. Britney is shocked.. she never heard JOJO says that. Shane never heard it either. Britney calls it a disgusting thing to say.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Denial sets in, Joe: “He’s stupid enough to put up Frank and Danielle”

9:20pm Storage Room Wil and Joe
Wil fills joe in that Janelle is going to go to Britney and negotiate with her to keep Joe off the block. Joe is starting to get pissed at janelle he doesn’t want mistakes she makes ruin his chance at a ½ a million dollars. He wants to talk to Britney for himself.

Wil is going to offer Shane a deal that he gets 1 week of safety from Wil if he splits hi nominations between Boogie and Janelle. Joe adds that they need to wait until Shane reveals more information before they start making deals. Joe and Wil think Shane is stupid enough to put Frank and Danielle up… Wil hopes it’s Frank and Ian. Wil: “He might not be smart enough to target us” Wil mentions that nominations is right after the coaches competitions tomorrow. Wil figures they need to talk to Shane in the morning. (Joe please cause trouble this week before you get evicted) Wil is ready to drop Ashley he doesn’t want do anything with her, whatever they tell her ends up getting back to the other side. Joe says before they do anything they need to see where Shanes head is at. Wil: “I’m not making a fucking deal with him unless I have to” Wil: “I believe he generally thinks low of us.. he might not target us” Joe starts pushing that they need to tell Shane to target Frank. Wil is going to explain to Shane if janelle is doing any deals for on their behalf it’s not what they want.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie’s advice to his team Stay Calm “Joe is going to self destruct now”

7:55pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Jenn Watch FREE TRIAL!

Jenn is worried that Shane will Backdoor Frank. Boogie isn’t he says that Shane is too “Captain America” to do something like that. Boogie thinks that the votes are going to be straight up this week no sneaking around.

Boogie tells her to just be cool, “Joe is going to self destruct now”
Jenn: “It’s already Happening”
Jenn is a little upset because she never wins anything she feels like she’s not a valuable player (She did agree to throw the HOH so not sure what she’s trying to get at)
Boogie tells her to keep positive and not worry most of these competitions are so random.
Jenn: “In my everyday life I kick ass at everything I do”
Boogie again tells her not to worry she might not be winning competitions but everything else she is doing is ‘PERFECT’ ( lay low be a vote and when it’s time get evicted)

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Britney: “some people were in tears when Shane won.. it’s going to be a rough week for them”

7:10pm Cam 3-4 bathroom Brintey and Ashley

Britney is saying how there are a few people in this house that need to be brought down a peg.
Britney: “Well it’s going to be a rough week you know.. it’s been rougher on my end.. I’m tired of some people’s attitudes.. and I’m tired of some peoples general sassiness.. And I’m tired of some people being so insensitive. as to cheer and laugh and be happy when something serious is going on.. and I think that maybe some of them need to know how it feels”
Ashley: “Insensitivity that is the word of the week”
Brintey: “but today we’re going to turn all that around.. Some people are going to learn how it feels.. “
Britney points out that some people were in tears when Shane won. Ashley: “REALLY” britney confirms..

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Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results JOJO Vs Danielle

Speculated Vote results
Shane votes to Keep JOJO everyone else votes to evict.

The Swing Vote
No swing vote JOJO is going to be evicted..

Tonight on the live feeds
Janelle and Boogie “8 is enough” alliance will hopefully Break tonight.. Thursday nights are usually a load of fun on the feeds and with Julie chen saying the twist will be known it should be a entertaining night.
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My position: JOJO goes home and Shane wins HOH

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Janelle says when Willie walks out the door she will throw Froot Loops at him.

1am Wil, Danielle, Ashley and Jenn are in the kitchen talking about ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Danielle starts talking about some guy she started to have a connection with and then had to leave without saying goodbye. She wonders if he would wait or if he is dating someone else. They tell her how what she focuses on is what will happen.

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Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Boogie, Frank Dan and Janelle are talking. Janelle comments on how when Willie walks out the door she will throw fruit loops at him. Mike wonders if Willie will be all defeated tomorrow and if he will even fight for votes. Mike says that he could swing one maybe but that he can’t swing two votes. Danielle confirms that Danielle will not switch sides to them. He says that she can potentially get two free weeks out of this. They start watching Ian on the spy cam. Dan wonders how much they were spied on last week. They all say oh constantly. Janelle comments on how paranoid Willie is. They continue to talk about Willie bullying people and being paranoid about everything. They rehash all the events of the week. Danielle comes up to say good night and leaves. Dan says that she is smart, I told her not to get trapped by Willie.

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