Big Brother 14 First FIGHT “I never said no nothing about a homosexual”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

9:25pm HOH Willie and Joe Willie explains to him that the vets always win in reality shows when they come back. He asks Joe why Janelle wants Frank out so bad because not too long ago they wanted Kara out. Joe thinks it’s because he’s the biggest threat in the house and now’s the time to cut him loose.

Willie: “I just want to make sure you good with you”
Joe says he’s good with Willie but today made him nervous.. Joe’s not going to lie to Willie but today made him think twice about where he stands with him.
Willie: “If your people win a HOH then you have my vote.. I’ve never made a final 3 deal with Frank.. Dan can up here and gave me 1 week protection and so did Frank”
Willie: “Who will you put up when you win HOH”
Joe: “I’m thinking we’ll put up Frank and and Danielle..”
Willie: “Yes sure whatever you want you have my vote”
Willie: “I never gave Frank a final 2 deal, I’ve never given
Joe says that starting tomorrow he’s going to distance himself from Janelle

9:43pm HOH Ashley, Britney, Willie
Ashley: “this house is ridiculous.. Stories are getting twisted”
Britney: “This entire House is downstairs against you.. Frank was telling everyone that you were making fun of Wil’s voice”
Who the fuck said that.. Britney: “Frank”. Willie gets up to talk to Frank but Britney stops him.

Ashley: “Everyone is twisting words down there like crazy”
Britney: “The coaches are trying to get rid of you because they think you are casuung trouble”
Britney: “EVERYONE is downstairs talking about you and Frank is starting it all”
Willie: “He’s gone this week”

JoJO joins them.. they start filling her in on Frank saying that Willie made a homophobic remark about Wil. Britney says it was all a lie because she was in the room when Willie said the alleged remark. Britney continues about how Frank confronted her about what he said and claimed he was only doing it for Votes. Britney: “It’s like everyone is on a smear campaign against you.. and I’m sorry but what Frank said was wrong”
Willie tells JOJO to go rally the team, Britney laughs: “We’re still a team”
JOJO runs off to get people but but brings back no one.
Willie: “I don’t know right now.. one of you have to win HOH i’m telling you.. oh well I got 2 people” (Ashley and jojo)
Ian joins them

Willie: “I never said no nothing about a homosexual I never acted like a homosexual I think because I had that speech I’m run thought he mud right now”
Willie: “what do you think boss”
Ian: “It’s not good i’ll tell you that.. you didn’t say?that”
Willie explains what he said about wil, Willie: “Wil had said he’s taking 24 hours off game talk and now he’s game talking .. that’s what I said” Willie adds that somehow Frank is twisting that saying we was impersonating Wil in a derogatory way.
Britney: “Frank flat out said to me he’s throwing his name threw mud just to get votes”
JOJO: “I don’t understand he had the votes”
Britney: “I wasn’t there for your speech but somehow you came out the villain”
Ian: “I don’t know what the fuck is going on”
Willie points out that he was just in the have nots with Ian and Frank and he was saying that he wanted to keep Frank. How can he keep Frank now when Frank is f*cking him. Ian says he had a deal with Frank to vote for him to stay and he can’t go back on that deal. Ian says something doesn’t add up it doesn’t make any sense.

Willie: “I must be the biggest dick there ever was”
Britney: “Willie you’re a loyal good person”
Willie: “Ian you going to go back there and say to people I said that?”
Ian: “no I don’t agree with it”
Ashley leaves
Ian warns Willie to stop using the word Retard it’s making some people upset.
Willie says a hour ago he was fighting for Frank to stay and now Frank’s making him look like the devil.
Willie: ‘Thank goodness JOJO I have you and Brit”
Willie wants to bring in Frank to talk to him. Britney doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

10:17pm Backyard EVERYONE Use the Flashback to see this clip you can catch it on every camera the tiem was roughly 10:17pm
3 Day Trial

Willie wants to know why Frank is going around running his name through the mud when he’s trying to get Frank the votes to stay, “I’m getting dragged down like i’m the biggest motherf*cking piece of shit”
Willie: “I hope you go home this week I hope everyone.. You’re a piece of shit.. I was fighting for your votes”
Of Course Frank denies it, says he’s never lied in the house
Willie: “Your telling everyone i’m saying a homophobic slurs ”
Frank: “I never told them you said a homosexual slur”
Willie: “You’re dragging me into the ditch”
Frank: “You ran yourself in the ditch”
Frank: ‘You are saying to people that you wanted the vote to be close so that I would go after Janelle’s players”
Willie: “Who told them that!”
Joe mentions he did.
Frank says tells everyone that Willie wanted the votes to be close so that I would pick off Janelle’s players.
Willie: “Janelle, you were the one who brought that up earlier in the week.
Willie: “you see 2 people are now knocked out you (Frank)and me.. congratulations! and Kara I swear to god you stay in this game You’re honest, Frank’s not”
Willie: “you’ve lost 2 votes”
Boogie jumps in say “What are you talking about how do you control these players.. 2 Votes?”
Willie says something about Boogie trying to get some TV time Because Showcase After Dark is on.
Boogie: “Wait what.. so did you say that about Wil”
Willie: “No Britney was there”
Boogie: “We’ll Britney has vested interests in you being in the game.. but did anyone else hear you”
Boogie leaves.

Frank tries to say something to Willie. Willie tells him to fuck off he doesn’t want to speak to him anymore.
Frank: “There’s going to be a lot OF Diary Room seasons”
Willie: “I’m not going to no f*cking DR”

Willie leaves.
Joe goes up to Frank says that Willie wants to chop Frank out next week He told him that in the HOH a hour ago.

10:48pm Storage Room Willie and Shane
Willie saying all he’s got left is JoJO and Shane. Shane can’t believe
Shane: “If you and I can alternate back and forth ..” (LOl if it was only that simple)

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10:55pm HOH Willie and JoJO
Willie tells her they have 3 people left competing in next weeks HOH. JoJO is worried that she’s in trouble now because there is so much heat on Willie. Willie explains that he had to confront Frank. JoJO agrees but thinks he should of done it in private. Willie: “I had to do it out there I had to get the whole story out.. or I would of looked like a B!tche”

10:59pm britney and Frank Frank apologizes for all this he says that he was just looking after himself. Britney tells him that Willie was really trying hard to save Frank but she wasn’t privy to everything Willie was doing. She reminds Frank that Willie is the one that wants everyone to not talk to heir coaches. Frank rings up the things joe said about Willie voting him out next week. Britney warns Frank about Joe saying a lot of stuff to a lot of people.

11:20pm HOH Dan and Willie
Willie tells him he’s going to tell his people to vote to keep Kara if Dan can keep him safe next week. Dan says yes that deal still stands.
Willie warns Dan about Joe, “Joe’s an exagerator he makes shit up.. you better tell your people to watch what they say to joe”
Dan: “I look at this as a week to week thing.. you save us this week we’ll help you next week”
Willie: “joe is Adam from last year” ( he’s Shelly, we’re blessed there are no Adams” )

11:45pm Head of Household Room, Willie, Danielle and Kara Willie tells them if they keep him safe next week he’ll try and get them the votes for this week to save Kara.
the Girls agree. Willie proceeds to tell his side of the Frank/Willie argument.

11:45pm While Willie talks to them upstairs Britney does damage control with Dan. Tells him that she had no idea about Willie side deals all she knew is Willie wanted to team up with frank because he thought Frank was honest.
brintey: “really I feel sorry for Willie.. He honestly thought he could trust Frank”

12:15am HOH Ashley, Britney, Willie and JOJO Britney tells them that Janelle and and Boogie are working together, she hears them in the backyard. Britney warns them that JOe is working the entire house right now. Ashley agrees, Ashley adds that Janelle hadn’t spoke to her all Day.

12:25am HOH Brit and Willie
Britney: “Look the master mind behind this whole situation is Janelle and Joe.. but you made a mistake telling Joe to stay away from Janelle..She’s got Boogie and dan. We’re down a player”
Willie: “If I can stay one more week i’m starting to learn this game and Find out where I’m making mistakes”
Britney: “You told Joe WAY too much”
Willie: “Joe’s gotta go”
Britney: “You’ve said taht about 6 people now ”
Britney: “We’ve really thrown ourselves out there I’m going to take a step back and build some relationships”
Britney: “I’m trying to work Ian.. but honestly I don’t think Ian has any game”
Britney: “If you can make it through next week you’re good.. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT”
Britney says that she thinks that the competition may be physical tomorrow only because they saw guys out in the backyard and they were pointing at things like they are planning something big.
Britney: “I’m glad Ashley is not blind to Janelle”
Willie: “But JOE ohh man”

Britney tells him right now they’re only chance is to stick with Dan. Willie says good they have a deal with them for one week.

12:50am Bathroom Dan and Kara Dan says all they need is one vote to keep her safe. Dan is just worried that Boogie’s next move to keep frank safe is to tell people that Frank will take out willie if they leave him in the house. Dan is worried this might work with Wil. Dan instructs her to throw the next HOH, regardless of who wins she’ll be safe this week. Dan: “that’s the beauty of it all”. Kara says that Willie thinks he has Ashley.

12:55am Kitchen Joe, Janelle, Wil, and Frank They are agreeing to work together to take out Willie. They plan to vote out Kara this week. Janelle is starting to get a little worried about Ashley. She just needs to talk to her tonight. Joe is certain that Ashley can be trusted.

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and its only day 11


Willie has buried himself and I love it. What a way to make yourself a target. I hope someone besides Brit’s team wins HoH tomorrow, and has the balls to put up Willie. That would be awesome to see him begging to stay in the house. Taste of his own meds.


what show are you watching …. or are you like the fools in the show … saying what they want with a word they heard…. lmao…


BITCH, you can have a damn seat. Did I hurt your feelings by talking about Willie? Aw, poor you. Do you know him personally or something because seems like your fonts are a little angry over there lol. And I’m actually over what he said. Willie’s true colors are showing and him making a big scene and running his mouth has made him an even bigger target than he though he was before. It will be impossible for him to blend in with the group with people not be worried about him.


Sorry. Won’t happen again.


Please don’t say Bit*h when you are chastising other people for saying Bit*h 🙂


calm down its not even that serious…ur complaining over a reality show


“…all CBS cares about is ratings & beating GLASS HOUSE.”……..uhhhhhhhhhh duh!! LOL..sorry this bit of wisdom or enlightenment or whatever you think it is you are imparting to all of us..just made me laugh. Thanx. On a side note..after seeing Frank’s douche drinker behavior..I now want Kara to stay.


But they are just making stuff up and exagerrating to make him look bad. If anything it’s Joe who is the most fake and then Frank. Willie is the rough type so he automatically seems like the bad guy but the other two were more shady imo.


Willie has made himself look bad. All Willie does is talk all day and he’s been making deals with everyone. That’s more shady imo, then what Frank did. All he did was tell Joe what Willie said about Wil. Frank isn’t responsible for what Joe lied about.


Totally agree with you name. Willie is getting a bad rep because of those two!!


You must be watching a different show.


So you’re saying that if anyone wins HoH besides Brit’s team with the exception of a couple people, they’re not thinking of putting Willie up?

Do you people watch the feeds or just the show?


Willie is no more of a target now than he was 4 or 5 days ago.


This is just amazing, I wonder if this really helps Kara now. Man never a dull minute tonight!….. I am a little behind since I am in Canada and Willie and Ashley and Ian and Britney are talking right now…. looking forward to watching this BLOW up with Willie and Frank.


i think frank made those comments because he doesnt like wil or his life style… love to see that SOB leave the house first … now there is Joe… if i was a few players i would be putting on some kind of shield on my back side… WHAT A BACK STABBING GOOF ….LOL


Willie is desperate right now, but I’m slowly rooting for him


I disliked Brit in BB12 … but love her now … she has been the only true one so far .. as for Willie (TANKER) i liked him from the start … GO TEAM BRIT ..


I like him too!!


who do they have running the feeds a monkey?


Why do they keep showing us the feeds and playing the music? That’s so annoying…


Go eat your fruit loops! HAHAHA. I cracked up when Frank said that to Willie lol


This is madness… watching BBAD, crazy… might have to break down and get the feeds now. Wow.


I was gonna ask that Simon. I am ordering the feeds soon and I will do it from this site. I was holding out to see if it was gonna be worth it, it would appear that it will be worth every cent.


I have a HUGE gut feeling that he (Willie) is going to be put up but he or JOJO will win the POV to save him. (Willie)….. I am to slowly rooting for Willie to overcome all this hate towards him.


Me too Trevor. I like Willie from the start~ I hope he can get out of all this!!!

yo, sup

Best quote from that fight:

Willie: “I’m a grown ass man, when I get something to eat, imma come in here and eat some fuckin food, fruit loops or whatever…”

Frank: “I ain’t worried bout your fruit loops!”


To funny


Simon, do you think that you can run down where you think everyone’s vote is right now? I just can’t figure some of these people out. I think Ashley is the biggest mystery right now, she just goes along with whoever happens to be talking to she seems really convincing in every conversation.


I would say that Ashley is 100% with Willie. I also think Shane will definitely be with Willie too since he likes Kara and Danielle. Still have a whole day and half, things will probably change and I’m sure it will look like Kara and Frank are going to look like they are safe 4 or 5 more times lol…


the feeds was crazy tonight frank is a fool but i honestly believe willie had his back he didnt had to talk to joe and will and tell them what willie did even if he did . in order to survive in the bbh u cant run talk with everything and i think frank really mess up his game let me down because i saw that willie was trying help him ………


This shit about Willie making fun of Wil for being homosexual is ridiculous… Everyone who watched it happen should be able to agree as well… For the people that didn’t see it, I watched it all and I didn’t think it was offensive AT ALL. He was just mocking him as he would mock any other person… If he wanted to quote Janelle, he would use a high pitch voice because she’s a girl, if there was a guy in the house with a really deep voice and he was going to quote him, he’d obviously use a really low voice. All he did was make his voice like Wil’s like any of us do when we talk about someone and what they said. Frank is a fucking joke for turning that into the big deal that he did. Frank is also a moron, he was SAFE! Now he’s going home (most likely). Who cares if Willie (and the others by the way) were trying to make it a close vote, HE WAS SAFE!!! Should have just shut his mouth like people advised him to do, and he’d be there next week.

Also, I hate Shelly 2.0 (Joe).

Big Brother's Big Brother

What about the N bomb? Guy says, ” I never said no homosexual slurs” then he drops a racial slur 2 seconds later. This guy is a clown who forgot to bring his meds into the house or something. Way too paranoid, total Looney Tune. But…great entertainment! Great feeds!


JM, you’re totally right. Willie said nothing derogatory about Wil or his being gay. Willie’s getting the short end of the stick here and his only problem is talking too much. And Frank? LOL What an idiot. Way to lay low 36 hours before eviction.

Beyonce fan

Willie like to say the N world ok he a ugly fat Bitch!!! Fuck him his mama old stank ass his brother fat ass his small dirty ass house he and all his fans can kiss my Ass!!!


Lol he uses the N word now?

I'm watching

YES, He did say the “N” Word referring to kicking Frank”N” Ass. I guess that Little willie thinks that Frank’s hair is too curly. Lol! Well I guess that willie can smell another “Coon Ass”. As you see when people get angry, camera or no camera, their true COLORS Tell no lie.


He said “I’ll knock a nigga out”. Big deal.


It was boogie who used te n word last night


Funny how during the argument last night no one called out Boogie for using the n word


I have black girls at work call me “nigga” all the time as in “nigga are you crazy?” I’m as white as thee come. They’re teasing. Who cares.


I’m late, but are you serious — that’s ok — you must be one of those too


Yeah I’m serious. But they’re not when they use the word. Some of us aren’t so small-minded that we give words so much power that we allow them to make enfeeble our capacity for reason.


Oh I didn’t know he said that. I like Willie but that’s not cool


Willie Shane Ashley and jojo have to be the favorites this season… I like those 4


I don’t think so. Especially, after tonight.


I so agree with you … GO TEAM BRIT … i wonder what it is that TANKER (WILLIE ) has .. mmmmmmmmmmmm


Wow, I can’t tell who’s stirring up more sh!t tonight, Britney, Willie, Joe or Frank. This is madness, best week 1 ever.

Beyonce fan

Him and his Brother body look like chicken cutlets fat ass Bitches.


Quit dissin on the Hantz brothers.


What side is Ashley on ? Is she with Jojo and Willie, or is she loyal to Janelle’s team ?


The first big fight night of the season! UFC has got nothing on Big Brother.

Willie has got a lot of damage control to do, but I think he can do it. Hope he’s come around now to seeing that Frank has got to go.

HAHAHA, Brit just said she can’t stand derogatory comments! Has she ever listened to herself?



Aqua Bernie

This is a good season, but I think it’s because of Willie. Trouble all the way!!

Beyonce fan

I hope wille mama get hit by a fucking car fat bitch ugly fat ass familly stank Bitches. And all willie fans can suck a Big Dick Bitches.


You can’t be be so sensitive to someone using the N word. You haven’t stopped whining about it since it happened. It’s not like he called a black person the N word, you need to get over it…

Aqua Bernie

calm down, that’s the game.

Ashleys doobie

O M G! Why can’t you speak good proper english without all the curse words. I’m no prude by any means, but you sound ridiculos and reading your ghetto rants give me a headache


You spelled ridiculous wrong… that maybe grounds for dismissing your whole retort.


And may be is two words 🙂


I thinking Beyone fan is a14 year old little boy.


Why do you have to get so personal with the people who express an opinion you don’t agree with? Why can’t you lay out your reasons and discuss like a grown up? Why do you attack instead of discussing? I don’t see anyone else being nasty and making it personal!


Frank’s staying! Wil just confirmed he has his vote. I knew I didn’t imagine seeing Frank, Jenn, Joe, Ian, Will, and Ashley form an alliance earlier today. I’m impressed by Wil being able to separate his friendship from the game. It does him no good to keep Kara when his number one opponent is Willie just like Frank, Joe, etc.


Are you serious? That would totally ruin everything if Wil Voted out Kara.


I agree. But wait, wouldn’t Frank need one more vote? Won’t it be a tie?


I think Ashley would vote for Frank too. I want Frank to stay. He’s one of the few people who stands up to Willie and Kara’s boring. Plus, he seems like a genuinely nice guy so he’s easy to root for imo.


Idk. Ashley seems pretty tight with Willie.

Frank is a good guy. He’s just gotten mixed up with the wrong people and a lot of things he’s said have been misconstrued. I hope he comes out victorious though.


Joe, Wil, Jen, Ian for Frank to stay

JoJo, Danielle, Ashley??, Shane?? For Kara to stay

but now Shane could flip if this is true messes everything up… Still no word on Ashley to, This potentially could be a 6-2 Vote for Frank to stay….. but if Shane and Ashley vote to boot Frank would be 4-4 and Willie will get the last vote and that would be it for Frank.

I hope it’s 4-4, but if not then I really think EVERYONE will be against Willie, but I really think BB will get Willie that POV or JoJo to save him. Willie is making this good TV right now.


Well I think Shane will vote to boot Frank, but Ashley is the wild card. If she votes to boot Frank then will be official, but if she votes to boot Kara then it will be on Willy to break it and we all know where that will go now.

Awesome week, and Thanks Simon for all your hard work on this!


I’m really confused about Shane tho. Right after the fight he told Willie he has his back 100% and just now he told Frank they don’t need Willie and that he’ll miss the eye candy (Kara). Who is he playing?

Aqua Bernie

I told you, they all lie in this house this season. They’d be a duck if someone wanted them to be.


yep they are actually playing the game this year, a whole bunch of them, almost to the point where its getting hard to follow. pretty awesome.


Absolutely! Finally a cast that plays the game. The only ones that aren’t playing hard are Danielle, Kara and Ian. I didn’t think I’d like Ashley, but I’m liking her spaced outedness and I suspect she is way smarter than any of them think. She seems to be playing all of them and who knows what she’ll do. I’m sure it won’t be long before Jo Jo blows up and I have my popcorn on standby for that one! Lots of jealous tension between her and Danielle! Joe has been playing hard from the start, I think he will end up being outed like Ronnie, but he sure is stirring the pot. He has Janelle believing every lie he thinks up, and he is actually the one that caused the break up of Janelle and Brit. Wil is Janelle’s bitch and I find him very annoying. Even if Frank and Willie go out in the next 2 weeks there will still be lots of fun on the feeds. The last time there was an explosive first week was season 11 when Braden replaced Lydia on the block against Chima, before that season turned into the Jeff and Jordan show. I just hope they don’t put the coaches in the game.


I think that getting rid of jodi just set the tone. it didnt let everyone sit around for a week and get comfortable, they felt immediately at risk, and its showed with gameplay we only saw last year 2/3 of the way through.


Can anyone tell me if Willie really did mock Wil?


WOW .. We now have to STRAIGHT SHOOTERS…. i sure hope Frank believes himself … geeesh


correction … two ….lol


is there anyway to temporary block Beyonce fan? She obviously didn’t understand when she told her to stop saying biych. i don’t think we should all be subjected to her illiterate, hateful rants.

Aqua Bernie

thanks Simon. I appreciate it!

Beyonce fan

Damn you mad?


I don’t think anyone is “mad” per se, but your rants are really starting to annoy people. If you want to continue to post comments, the least you can do is use proper English. Also, every other word doesn’t have to be a curse word. Its just a show….calm down.


I didn’t see what Willie did, but if it was what they’re saying, that dosen’t seem like THAT big a deal. Is Wil that sensitive or is he acting? And what is Frank’s motive for telling. I’m confused. Entertaining as hell, tho.


looks like frank made a big mistake, im not a fan of the guy so far, so im ok losing him as long as kara doesnt jordan her way to the end.

isnt it nice to finally not have post after post say “this is the worst cast ever”?

can honestly say I have no idea who im rooting for, first time maybe ever that I havent picked someone pretty quickly, and am just watching everyone actually play the game(for the most part, tattoo girl doesnt do much). the coach thing is fine, I just hope they rule out bringing them into the game or else its the s ame as last season’s twist which basically handed vets a 4 week pass outside rachel or whatever.

Aqua Bernie

Me too, I just keep watching seeing if I can find someone to root for, but they are all evil or odd. I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT MAKES iAN TICK!


I do hope Ian is this secret evil genius that just nerd rages this season.


hahaha my favorite part…. Willie: “Who’s tellin’ him this shit!?!”
Joe: “ME!”
Straight shooter haha


Joe has really grown on me. I respected that and also when he defended Wil when Boogie called him a p****y. It wasn’t too big a deal, but I still thought it was cool of him to stick up for his teammate/friend. Showed a lot of character.


Frank has got to be one of the most dense house guests ever. You don’t do something like this until after you’re off the block, not a day and a half before the vote goes down. If you think you need votes, campaign for votes. If you think someone is trying to deflect attention from themselves so you target someone else if you get HOH, use that for future decisions, not to call out the HOH when your ass is still on the line. Joe, AKA Ronnie the Rat 2.0, and his pot stirring will catch up with him just like it did with Ronnie the Rat 1.0.


Oh, roll my freakin’ eyes! “A straight shooter.”

Eh, where have I heard that one before? Probably from one of the most epic liars in the game’s history!


If I could just grab Wil for a second and tell him that he’s gotta stop talking GAME this early in season!

He has NOTHING to worry about yet as far as he’s concerned!

He needs to follow Shane’s example:

1) Be social, yet not talk game. Don’t hide out from everyone or you’ll look like a floater or at least look like a snake like Kale was on season 8. She did nothing but talk game and then she’d go up to her room.
2) When game-talk that dosen’t concern you happens, keeps your mouth shut and your ears open – for later.
3) WIN COMPETITIONS. Yes, it may put a target on your back, but if you keep your mind sharp and your skills up, you’l have a great chance to keep winning and at least scare off floaters. Like, freakin’ WIllie needs to get the hell outta bed for once or he’s gonna be hurtin’ when he needs to win.
4) Don’t trust Boogie.

See, I see Wil as this big drama bomb who WANTS to be the center of it, but has no basis for his suspicions. He’s running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off, dying to forge alliances this early in the game. How stupid! You might ally with some dude who’s gone in a week and then that might plant a target on your back just by association. WTF? He’s not on the block. He’s not HOH. He’s not even on Slop! What a rube! Wil – NO ONE GIVES A FRAK ABOUT YOU! (yet).


It is a sad commentary that four people sat in a room with Willie, heard him use a racial epithet, and no one even flinched. Almost as an afterthought, Ian decided to say something about it (after the others, except Brit, left the HOH room), but only because he is worried about getting bad press for this season of Big Brother; not because he was at all offended. Britney chimed in only because Ian pointed out how it must look to viewers of BBAD. Willie knew the minute he used the “N” word that he had gone too far. Even Willie, who clearly is accustomed to that usage, immediately started talking directly to the camera about possibly getting kicked off the show. Does anyone think Jodie and Willie would have been fast friends? The way the words just rolled off his tongue, I doubt Willie would have been able to censor himself, even in the presence of an African American. I think he would have made a slip-up.

It is 2012 and that word, given the weight of the history behind it, needs to be dropped from our lingo. It’s just not a good thing to perpetuate. There is no “innocent” usage for that word.


I still cant find this so called fight. Searching the live feeds sucks. I put it to the 17th and 10pm or so and there is not a damn thing going on


At about 10:20pm PST things start to pick up towards the fight.


Sucks that Franks gonna go because I like Boogie, Willies an idiot for even putting him up. Willie had an out of his alliance when it implodes (which it will, if not already) and he blew it. This game has turned into a freaking Jack Johnson song “Where did all the good players goooo”
Franks, gone than “Master” player, Willie, with the “Master” alliance that can seem to win every HOH lmao… is gone next.. I hope this isn’t a repeat of get out all the good players and the floaters are left, of last season. To be honest, I hated Rachel, but she deserved to win based on who she was going against.


i think kara has shane(willie’s bff), ashley(willie’s crush), wil(kara’s bff), probably has jojo and danielle… frank has jenn and joe, and probably ian.


Simon or Dawg, did you see on the feeds where Willie was said to have mad fun of Wil? Not sure that it really matters, just curious if you or anyone saw that scene?

Willie sealed his fate by making deals with everyone. We see this happen to someone on almost every season. And it always blows up in their face. A couple of alliances is fine, but to try and make deals with everyone is absurd. All these people have is time to talk and compare stories. Bad gameplay on Willie’s part will be what sends him out the door.


I just hope all this nonsense benefits Dan,and Kara gets to stay.I don’t really like Kara but if she gets evicted,Dan will only have one player left.I don’t understand why did Frank do that?Didn’t he know Wille had his back?Joe needs to go,and Wil needs to grow up and stop being so sensitive.Wil,even had a problem with Dan bringing up the topic of religion,Wil said he felt Dan was degrading him by talking about religion.He seriously needs to grow up.He’s a grown man,and he should act like that.Not like a child.


There are possible chance that if Kara (Allison Pill) stays & Frank leaving or Vice Versa, Mike Boogie or Dan will start Fireworks! I don’t see Ian (Carl) win the HoH competition if it Puzzle, Q&A, oe Mental Challenge. However, the next HoH is Q&A,Mental or Puzzle; I want to see JoJo (Jwow), Ashley (Porsche 2.0), Wil (Fabio) or Shane (Tom Cruise) win the HoH. Or Danielle (Jordan 2.0) maybe will win HoH. Hopefully, it would be best strategy of taking out a stronger or weaker threat.

Oh, the next twist is also deals with evicted Houseguest return to the game or 4 coaches return as players. Can someone tell me when and where? We had it last year when Lawon and Brendon compete to return in the Big Brother Game. Can they have same thing or What? It would be sucked if Ian (Carl) win HoH, Willie’s Plan will be ruined! However, if Ian (Carl) will put Shane (Tom Cruise) & Danielle (Jordan 2.0). This will be his biggest mistake ever.


Was this fight show on BB After Dark last night?


Question: You said the fight was at 10:17pm on the feeds, but when I go to 10:17 it is Wil crying and Jenn and Kara comforting him. Is the 10:17 in Big Brother time or a different time zone?



Okay, thanks Simon! I just got the feeds for my first time this year! 🙂


Does anyone else find extreme irony in someone who graduated 8th grade wearing a TULANE shirt? 😀

Woooo… after a sleeper of a season, BB sure is back with a vengeance. And I’m glad to see the comments here have finally sparked to life.

HI everyone, glad to be back with all of you crazy cats. Great job so far, as usual, Simon and Dawg!