Britney says she didn’t announce changing her name but the psychos figured it out.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

1:10pm Janelle and Britney are talking in the HOH bathroom. Britney says that she is a little worried about next week but that she can only lose one team member. She says that she is trying to keep a positive attitude about it. Britney tells Janelle that Willie is really emotional and that she tried to tell him to calm down. She says that he goes crazy the moment he hears someone saying something about him. Janelle agrees. Janelle says that she doesn’t think any of the coaches have control over their players. Boogie comes into the bathroom to pee. Britney and Janelle tell him that he is the third person they have listened to pee. Britney jokes that the next competition will be determining each other by how they pee. Boogie stays in the bathroom after and they discuss how the have-nots will be picked. Britney asks if the coaches are still in a no slop alliance. Boogie asks what if we were included in being picked as have-nots. Britney says yeah. Boogie says oh yeah. Big Brother keeps cutting the feeds in and out.

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1:40pm Britney, Janelle and Boogie continue to talk. Boogie is asking Janelle and Britney questions about them changing their last names. Britney says that she legally changed her last name but still has something’s as Haynes for the show. She says that she didn’t announce it but that some of the psychos figured it out. Britney then talks about how she meet her husband Ryan. Big Brother then ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests head down stairs.

In the arcade room, Janelle and Joe are talking about the votes. Joe says that he told Dan that he wouldn’t forget it if he could get Danielle to vote for Kara to be evicted so that it would come back as a 6-2 vote. He says that he really wants to scare the living crap out of Willie and make him think that one of his people turned on him. Joe says that he would then owe Dan and Danielle in the future which would help both of their games. Joe says that it never hurts to try and have one extra vote just because you never know what will happen in this house. Meanwhile in the kicks room, Dan tells Mike that he hopes Danielle wins tonight. Mike says yeah obviously. Mike says that he is going after Willie, Shane and Jojo.

1:50pm – 2pm Danielle and Dan go to the arcade room to talk. Dan asks her Dan tells Danielle that no way can she vote out Kara. He says right now it is not looking good at all. Any chance we had will go out the window if you voted her out. You have to throw HOH. Dan tells her that Mike is going after the three upstairs. Dan tells her that you don’t want to be in the position to pick two people. Danielle says that she will just throw the competition and guess wrong. Dan tells her that Joe is nervous because he doesn’t know for sure what is happening. Danielle asks about if she voted Kara out. Dan says don’t even consider it because you would look like a rat if you voted out your own team mate. Dan tells her to not talk to anyone …just stay away. Don’t tell them no, don’t tell them yes. Danielle says that he and her will need to talk again after the HOH competition. Dan tells her that he hopes she doesn’t feel like he has been ignoring her. Danielle asks Dan at what point he started winning stuff. He tells her it was about week 6. Dan tells her that it sucks because this competition would be one that she would be a favourite to win. Danielle says oh yeah I know it all. Dan tells her not to go out on the first question either, because that would look suspicious. Danielle says that she will go out on a question that would be easy to mess up.

2:10pm All the house guests are getting ready for the live show. Frank is packing, while other are eating and getting all dressed up. Joe comes into the kicks room and tells Frank about how he is trying to get Danielle to vote out Kara. Frank says that would awesome if it was a 6-2 vote. Joe leaves and Frank tells him he appreciates it.

2:30pm Storage room. Britney tells Frank in the storage room that she thinks he has a really good attitude. Franks says yeah, you got too. Willie comes into the storage room and starts complaining about not being able to shave. He says fu*ck the DR, fuck a lot of people in this house! Britney and Willie leave the storage room and she tells him twice to relax. Britney walks by Willie again while he is ironing and she says seriously you need to get it together.


2:39pm Big Brother quickly cuts the live feeds to TRIVIA and then to Julie Chen.

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Joe tells Wil that Dan asked him to tell Kara that she is being voted out. Joe just asked Wil if he would tell Kara that she is the one that they are voting out, he says that they don`t want her to be blindsided. Wil says that he will talk to her and let her know. Ian is in the kicks room with Ashley and Joe. Ian is helping Joe study the lines from they heard about the burglar last night.

  • In this footage the thief proves that milk and crime has no expiration date.
  • This footage proves that our thief is a shoe in for jail time.
  • Bad news looks like our cat burglar has found the litter box.
  • New for this criminal there is no tea time in the big house.
  • This footage is sure to be check mate for this soon to be inmate. White pawn, white rook, white knight.
  • Now that`s what I call a smooth criminal.
  • Ian couldn`t remember the last one when the burglar was leaving.

3pm – 3:10pm Wil tells Kara that she is the one being voted out. Kara asks him so you aren`t going to vote for me? Wil says no because then I would be the target. Kara says you cant even give me your vote, because then it would be a tie. Wil says no because then I would be the scape goat. I am fu*ked if I go the other way. I will be targeted Jenn, Ian, Joe… Dan joins them and tells him that they won’t know it was you that voted to save her. Wil says that he just can’t go against his team. You can hold it against me, I understand …there is nothing I can do. Kara says well frank is going to win the whole game. Why do we have to do this, I don’t want to even get ready… just let me go home.. Dan says so ultimately you can trust Frank more than her. Wil says that he feels like he can trust Jenn and Joe. Wil says that he is sorry.. all I can say is how sorry I am. Kara says I thought you were my friend. Wil says that he always gets blinded by friendships outside the house and that he came in here to play his own game.


3:15pm Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA…

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1) Jojo – Can’t stand her. She is such a know-it-all, thinks she’s “all that and a bag of chips” aka: all the guy’s are drooling over her and she can wrap any guy around her finger, and found it really annoying how she stood during the POV (as if she was constantly posing.) Her and Willie are a perfect match – both hot tempered. Wonder how long till she explodes.

2) Ashley – seems really nice, but I’m more confused then she is. Which way is she voting? I’m thinking she’ll end up sticking to her team and vote out Frank.

3) Joe is such a sh*t-disturber. Can’t wait till he’s gone. Apparently, he’s not quite the chef he thinks he is (his food constipates people. LOL!!!)

Crazy first week! I hope they haven’t put so much energy into this first week that they all end up burning out soon and the rest of the season is boring. (With this cast, and the twists to come, I don’t see that happening…I hope not.)


She’s all the air in the bag of chips 🙂


LOL! Yes…that’s exactly what she is. Good one, Billy. 😀


I wish I was “all that and a bag of chips.”

King Silva

I’m sorry but I wouldn’t throw any competitions!

Stupid Danielle is just going to be a floater..

Floaters need to GTFO..


OMG! i hate joe !! he is so pathetic !!!! I hope Ashley votes out carrot top !! and I hope shane wins HOh

King Silva

Totally agree with you Cal!


Allison Grodner changed her gender but people figured that out pretty quick, too.


QAZ you’re Allison Grodner cracks never get old. Keep em coming.


SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET whats going to happen tonight, never have i been so unsure on the first week. I hope kara goes, if frank stays a bigger blow up will occur than frank leaving, i mean itll be jojo and willie flipping out. I hope one of brittanys 3 go home next week perferably Jojo and then Shane. I dont like joe but im thinking many of the people left can take him out in any comp. I hope Ashley evicts Kara.


Ashley needs to vote Frank out!! Then Jojo/Shane wins HOH


Frank, here is the quote from Jeff! “What an idiot” you think your peeps will vote to stay. Well,your peeps will screw you over! Bye Shaun White, oops I mean Frank!


Wait…why isn’t Willie allowed to shave? Are they afraid to give him a razor? 😉 I don’t understand why he can’t shave.


Seriously Britney needs to stop talking about EVERY SINGLE PERSON the minute they aren’t in the room. I would love her if it wasn’t for that. She’s hilarious. I didn’t mind her when she made fun of Rachel because who could blame her but, she makes fun of some of the sweetest people here. I don’t like Danielle as a viewer but, if I met her in real life especially if she idolized me (I think she named Britney in an interview as her fav BB contestant) I wouldn’t be so mean especially on Day 1.


I am not sure she could even if she wanted to. Apparently, being a hater is just who she is.


I’m convinced that it’s going to be a 4-4 tie and Willie is going to evict Frank. If Ashley sides with “Diversity” it will be a mistake as every member of that alliance (except Ian) would throw Ashley under the bus. However, if she sides with Willie’s alliance, she is guaranteed to make it far in the game.


Dan really picked the dumbest people in the house for his team. All it’s missing is Ashley and it could have been the dumb, dumber, and dumbest alliance


I completely agree he was my favorite player of all time but this seasons he’s just being an idiot with his team and how he coaches and I thought he’d be a good coach cus of his coaching background


If you look at some recent seasons, his picks were not bad.
Jodi = Kalia
Kara = Porsche (I’d say Cassie, but her athleticism is more like Porsche’s)
Danielle = Jordan

Who were the alternatives?
Ashley = Kristen
Ian = Andrew
Joe = Shelley
Willie = Hantz
Jenn = Lydia
and jojo

Frank and Shane were obvious #1 and #2 picks. With that said, it’s not clear that Frank and Shane are clear winners. Frank almost got out on week 1 for a bad social game. Shane has yet to show any social game.


I do agree, however, that Dan’s coaching has been terrible. He may have been able to win the coach’s challenge to save Kara and sacrifice Danielle. He was also way too passive in trying to get votes for Kara. He pretty much sacrificed her without a fight. He would not have ruffled feathers by trying a bit harder. I do understand Danielle throwing the HOH, however. The teams would be wasting a week by targeting her. They are either going to go for Janelle’s group or Brit’s, depending on who wins.


If I am keeping up with everything right, Frank is staying by at least 1 vote which is going to be a shocker to Willie. The coaches are the ones I can’t understand anymore, they are either hating either other like they are players or getting together as vets and not having issues. Honestly, the way it looks, Ian has a GREAT chance of being the new HOH tonight. If Frank stays and Ian wins, Boogie is going to ruling the house for the week and that is REALLY going to make this interesting.


Pretty sure it’s NOT a shocker to Willie. From what I saw last night, he pretty much figured Ashley is with the other side.

Beyonce fan

Juile need to take that ugly ass dress of. I can’t lol and Ashley is voteing air head I mean kara out.


Im team willie all day, but he do needs to calm down abit his aggressiveness is turning people of. he need to start doing damage control. I think britney is a smart coach at first i did not understand why bb brought her back, but know i do feel like she gives good advice..yea i agree with dan that danielle should not be winning anything yet at least till the 4 wk. because as soon as you have to make decisons then people can start to hate you for them. Joe and wil i hate the most.


Wow UNDERPRESSOR810, judging from your stupendous grammar that you displayed in your comment, yourself and Willie would be “Two peas in a pod”


LOL. So we’re the grammar police now? Yes, since we have all seen Willie write a 10 page exposition we can clearly see that he is lacking in the spelling game of BB. As an English teacher, I commend Willie for making it farther into the BB house than any of us with only passing the 8th grade. How much more low class can you go than making fun of someone’s intelligence? Albeit, without even knowing IF he can spell? And I am pretty sure if you get on BB, you aren’t an idiot. Just a thought.


All things being fair, I’m sure who his brother is was a more relevant factor in him being casted rather than his education.

Beyonce fan

Why is Kara in the house? She should have her ass in the playboy house.


I just watched Ashley and Franks conversation last night on BBAD, it really does appear that it will be a 5-3 vote with Kara going home. If that happens, tonight could be a great night for the feeds and BBAD.


Here’s a thought:

Is it really smart for Joe and Wil and a couple others in that group to keep Frank? Only reason Joe says he wants to keep him is so Frank could help him get rid of Willie. But Willie is so disliked already – I think only Shane and JoJo like him (not sure Britney does anymore) – that voting him out won’t be a problem be it next week or two weeks from now. Frank is a threat because he is strong and seems to be liked by people. I think that if I were Joe, I may be re-thinking my position. Frank may make an alliance with several people and then Joe’s ass could be on the line. I think that if you have a chance to vote out a serious threat like Frank, you probably do it.


I completely agree, Frank needs to go.

King Silva

I also agree.

People are not really thinking 2+ weeks down the road they are just thinking short term. Sure you have to do that but like you said if nearly everyone dislikes Willie he’ll probably go in the next week or two unless someone from his alliance wins HOH or the Veto to save him.

Frank on the other hand likely will not be nominated again for a while and if he does say in week 5 or 6 there won’t be as many threats left [if Shane/Willie are gone] so the chances of him winning the Veto to save himself would be higher.

I just think keeping Frank for almost everyone is the wrong choice in the long run.


You’re talking about a guy with a bleached landing strip on his face. He’s obviously not a thinker, on top of being a total douchebag.

Wil’s a jerkoff too, he obviously can’t think for himself. These people are morons and Kara is right, Frank’s going to win the whole thing as long as he doesn’t get caught in his own web of lies.


EVERYONE has a web of lies and no one is doing a really good job of keeping them hidden.


I am all for drama, so let’s hope Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh sorry, I can barely even say her name without falling asleep from boredom. She’s hot, but there’s plenty of bikini girls this year and she’s on the net really naked. If Frank stays Willie will blow a gasket, it will be awesome. I even like Willie, but I like seeing the craziness way more.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for an eviction and it’s only week 1!!


If kara leaves tonight, then Dan is making a mistake telling his ONLY player left not to try and win. The lines will be drawn tonight anyways. Good chance that next week will be Dan’s last week in the house. Just wait….they can get out Willie anytime someone will say and here’s our chance to get rid of a Coach. Not smart Dan. Never give up HOH powers.


Maybe dan is banking on wyoming the coaches comp and saving daniele that way she is safe with clean hands




There’s no way Frank is staying! I would rather keep Kara than Frank! Beside, he will be gone and might come back. will see!


It is very shocking because he did nothing right. He lost the POV miserably and played a horrible social game. Kara was just a floater for the week. Rachel Reilly would love to have played with these people who are targeting floaters.

Raymond j

Wow… I so wish wil would switch at the last minute and keep kara… And just pretend it wasnt him! 🙁


Tonight should be a 5 vote exit for Kara and I see Ashley, Danielle, Ian and Jenn throwing the HOH. that leaves Jojo, Shane, Frank, Wil and Joe going for the HOH very competitively. Throwing comps to lay low is the thing to do for week 2.
On the coaches front, they will come into the game and one at a time when their team is depleted. Jodi and Kara will be sequestered and when 4 have been eliminated they will have an online vote again for one to compete to get back into the game. Otherwise Jodi got completely screwed on the first night.
That still leaves double eviction, a special POV etc. BB wanted the ratings of past popular players to be in the game but did not want it to overwhelm the early part of the game like last year.
For the 4 Vets to come this year they got a great stipend and a chance for 100K, but if they win they get 600K.
It’s going to be a very good season and tonight’s drama is only the beginning!!


dan is wrong, he should have her try for it and if she wins she could pit janelle and bogies team against each other


i cant wait for 9 oclock to come then i cant wait for showtime tonight i staying up all night

asheley just told willie this week them two final two … she would have his back no matter what now she reminds me of porshe last season rachel and brendon kept porshe she even told them she wouldnt vote them out then she went to team daniel when power change porshe change .. i wont talk about janell when they dont have any power they switch …… i want to see players playing this game if ian win i need WILL , JOE up on the block but i doubt that ..

why cant someone just switch there vote i dont care who


Porsche only got so far because she got the key, then people forgot about her, then she used her athleticism to win competitions. I doubt Ashley will achieve any of that. She drew way too much attention this week by backstabbing everybody. She looks like she has zero athleticism unless it is a skills competition pertaining to sex.


I can’t believe its only been one week. Can’t wait to see the power shift after the HOH comp. This will be loooong season. But if it keeps up this pace it’ll be worth it. If Frank stays tonight there’s a good chance he’ll go very far. If Kara stays we get some more eye candy but only for couple more weeks until she’s up again. I like Kara, I don’t think she’s all that dumb, but Frank is the better player. I guess I’d rather see Frank stay and kill it for the rest of the season.


raymond j

i agree i just wish someone would i dont care who just switch a vote


frank goes home boogie blows up/ kara goes home willie blows up, either its way going make for some good times tonight


What did Boogie have to say about Frank going on offense against Willie?

Seems to me that should have waited until next week. Frank jumped the gun.


This season is going to be really good.


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I trust how Dan is advising Danielle to play,will work.As long as Danielle does exactly what he says then it should work.Hopefully,production doesn’t put any twist in that will screw Dan.Why are some people on here saying if Frank stays,it will cause Willie to blow up?Isn’t Willie already aware that he can’t trust Ashley,because she’s afraid of Janelle.Ashley wants Janelle to like her,so she will do what Janelle wants,which is to vote out Kara.I can’t wait for Frank to win HOH and turn on the people that voted for him to stay.I’m referring to Ashley,Wil,Joe and Ian.It’s not like Frank hasn’t already turn on Willie,when he was trying to keep Frank.I’m sure he’ll do it again.The players that I named are making a mistake,by keeping a threat like Frank in the game.And it won’t be long before they find that out.The bottom line is that tonight’s vote won’t be a blind side.It’s clear from reading this, that these people are going to keep one of the biggest threats in the game(Frank).


I like the idea of the coaches being able to change it up hopefully dan will trade danielle


Well I guess I don’t have to spend the wekened figuring this one out!