Big Brother Breaking News Special Report. “The Cat Burglar was Caught Red Handed”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

big-brother-14-july-19-live-feeds-1245am Dan and Ian

12:45am Ian and Dan are talking. Ian says that he is going to keep his promise to my team. Dan says and that is why you are here for experience and not to win. You would be the least likely person to change the vote but you are a smart guy and know that already.

1am Jojo and Willie are up in the HOH room. Willie says that even if Danielle wins HOH he doesn’t think Dan would want to put their team up. JoJo says she is really stressed right now. Willie says that he thinks someone might be coming back into the game. He says that he isn’t sure that Big Brother is planning on all 4 coaches entering the game. He says that he thinks there will be too many people and not enough days left, maybe the coaches will have a competition and the winner gets to re-enter. JoJo says ome times I feel like they want certain people to win. Willie says that he agrees and says that is why the game is a crap shoot.

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Janelle, Wil, Ashley and Joe are in the bathroom talking. Wil offers to be a have-not this week so Ashley doesn’t have to be a have-not again! Joe also offers to take the have-not spot so Ashley can get out of the have-not room. Joe says that before he came in here his wife did some research and found that there is a higher chance of going home the week you are a have-Not. He says because you’re tired, weak and haven’t been able to sleep well. Janelle starts coaching her team and says that if it’s a Q&A HOH competition, keep your cool. She says that you have to think about how the house would answer the question and not how you would answer it. Janelle says that she thinks it’s really weird how close Willie and Britney are. They talk about how they think Willie might be playing Britney. Janelle says that she might be biased but she thinks they have the best team. Joe says that it was good to hear Dan tell him that Joe is on the most powerful team in the house. Janelle says that she thinks Ian might win HOH tomorrow. Joe says that Frank told him that he would throw the HOH competition to him. Joe tells Janelle that she has a tough decision next week if their team isn’t in power and she wins the coaches challenge which one of her teammates will she save? Joe says that she will have to save either him or Wil because Ashley is safe. Joe says that no one is gunning for her so she’ll have to choose between Wil and Joe. Janelle says that it will be a tough choice. Wil and Joe laugh about how JoJo was disappointed that there aren’t any magnum condoms in the house.
big-brother-14-july-19-live-feeds-1am Willie and Jojo

1:25am Upstairs in the HOH room JoJo and Willie are sleeping. Danielle, Shane and Ian are in the have-not room talking with the lights off. Joe and the others are in the bathroom. Joe tells them that he is going to do a sweep of the house and make sure no one is up. Janelle, Wil and Ashley continue to talking in the bathroom. Wil says that Willie is a manipulative son of a b*tch. Joe comes back and tells them it’s all clear. Wil says eagle eye Joe!

1:30am Big Brother comes over the intercom and says this is a BB tv special report. They are told to head into the living room. When the feeds come back the house guests talk about what happened and what they saw on the living room tv. Joe says that someone has already stolen something from the house. The house guests are going to have to figure out what things have been stolen from the house. Ashley says that the burglar must have stolen something. In the bathroom Janelle tells Frank and Ashley that she thinks they will have to remember images they’ve just seen for the HOH competition. Ian joins them. Janelle asks his opinion and he thinks she’s right, it’s memorization. Janelle says that it’s too early to do a competition where they take things out of the house; they haven’t been here long enough. Joe says that he bets Big Brother is going to wake them up every hour. They start looking around the house to see if anything is missing. Janelle says their team has the voting power this week and that just kills Willie. She tells her team that this is totally her type of competition. She then coaches her team to really watch the videos they play for the details and they can go over them together to study them.

A few days ago there was a video leak of the storage room with the “cat burglar”.

big-brother-14-july-19-live-feeds-130am mike boogie
1:55am Up in the HOH room, Willie and Britney are talking. Britney says that unless their team wins HOH Willie will be going up on the block this week. Willie says Big Brother you are not helping me at all! Britney says that Big Brother likes to have the power flip from side to side. JoJo joins them in the HOH room. Britney goes to bed and tells them that Big Brother will be waking them up every hour.

2am The Breaking News comes over the intercom. All of the house guests get up and head to the living room to watch the tv. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back the house guests leave the living room. Shane and Willie are up in the HOH room. Willie tells him that he wants her to try and talk to Ashley. Britney tells him to not to say anything to her tonight. Willie agrees. Willie tells Shane to forget it. Willie says that if Ashley doesn’t want to talk then they know she isn’t with them. Willie says Dan will talk to Ashley tomorrow before the vote. Shane heads downstairs. Willie and JoJo go back to sleep.

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2:20am Janelle, Wil, Joe and Ashley are out in the backyard on the couch talking about what they saw on the tv. They say the first image was of the Cat Burglar tripping over the couch, the second image was the Cat Burglar in the hallway, and the third image was the Cat Burglar in the arcade room. They say that he stole the robot. Janelle asks Wil what deal they made with Boogie’s team. Wil says that they made a pact to stay together until jury starts. They try to figure out how many weeks they have until Jury starts. They think it’s only 2 weeks until they are down to 9. Janelle says that there must be a twist coming though where maybe the coaches compete and one of them get to enter the game. She doesn’t think there is anyway all 4 coaches are going to get to play. Janelle says that Willie’s little plan didn’t work out. Wil says well he got what he wanted, Frank to stay, but that’s the wrong choice. Wil and Ashley both comment on how they like Jenn. Wil says that Dan scares him, he’s too nice. Meanwhile in the house, Danielle, Kara and Dan are looking to see if they notice anything missing.

3am Kara and Jojo go to the bathroom and join Dan and Danielle. They talk about how Ashley is the deciding vote, and that they don’t get why she would want to keep Frank . JoJo says that Janelle’s been weird saying that every time I walk by they get all quiet. Jojo then heads back up to the HOH room. JoJo tells Willie that someone has to flip, either Ashley or Wil. Willie says that it won’t be Wil. Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen Janelle leave to go to the bathroom and Dan and Kara go to talk to Ashley. Kara begs Ashley for her vote and Ashley agrees to give it to her. Kara asks you promise? Ashley says yes.

3:20am Wil, Frank and Joe are in the backyard talking. Joe says that Ian told him that Big Brother usually ends the twists during Week 4. Wil asks them if they think Dan threw the coach competition? They talk about how they think he may have thrown it but they don’t get why he would give up safety for his team. Wil says that he thinks it might be part of Dan’s game to garner sympathy. Wil comments on how weird it is that Janelle keeps flip flopping on who she thinks her team should vote for. Wil says that it’s weird that a few days ago Janelle was talking about having a contract with Big Brother that stated she wouldn’t be playing in the game and then she starts talking about when a coach or coaches enter the game.

3:30am The Breaking News announcement happens again and all the house guests run to the living room.

4am The Breaking News sounds again and all the house guests get up and head to the living room. A voice comes on and says “Breaking News from the Big Brother House… (Big Brother cuts the feeds) When the feeds come back a few of them are getting up from the living room couch to go back to bed. Then it happens again. When the feeds come back again, Frank says but they said stay tuned for more breaking news. Jenn and Joe head to bed. Jenn is pissed at Frank because he farted right beside her in bed. Joe says that he did it outside to Janelle too. Jenn says that he better apologize. Joe says yeah he better. Jenn says not cool, I am still a lady.

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4:10am Another Breaking News announcement and all the house guests head to the living room.
4:50am Janelle and Frank are in the bathroom talking about the messages they’ve seen. Frank says the first was red alert, no breaking news he was caught red handed. Frank says that he can’t remember if it was the cat burglar or just the burglar was caught red handed. He says that the next one was if dancing was a crime then that burglar would be guilty and the next one was he has an appetite for crime. Frank tells Janelle that Jenn is really pissed at Mike Boogie for not getting out of bed. Janelle says that Mike is the sorriest coach ever and that he just doesn’t care. Frank agrees. Frank says I just hope that Jenn doesn’t vote with the other side because he farted on her. Janelle asks if he thinks she would do that? Frank says he don’t know that would be really stupid. Janelle says she would laugh if that was the case. Frank tells Janelle what a story, going home for farting in bed.

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5:15am Another Breaking News announcement and all the house guests head to the living room.

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I hope Ashley keeps her promise to Kara.




I hope so too

Dark Horse

I am so confused by Ashley right now…

Did she actually tell Willie & Jojo that she is no longer working with them? I just cant see someone saying that…




It really sucked that the next HoH Competition is a mental, Q&A, or puzzle. And I know that every houseguests have to wake up in ever hour watching tv in the living room. Hopefully, it would also sucked if Ian (Carl) win HoH, Willie will go up or backdoored. Mostly, the next HoH competition is a cornhole to win it or Q&A, Puzzle, or mental.

It would take a miracle if Danielle or Kara wins the next HoH. Willie will be safe or he screwed. Better yet, it would fair either the America’s vote decide which evicted houseguests will return to the game or Coach or coaches will be entering this game. I would love to see that happen.


At first I was betting that Ashley would win it all…..but I think it’s all going to blow up in her face. She’s promised the world to both sides. Willie’s team are definitely the under dogs, I hope Shane wins tonight. Even if Willie does go up, I think he could still save himself. Hopefully BB starts the twist this next week since the house is crazy already. I really dislike the way that Wil and Joe are talking crap about Willie…..THEY are the mean and nasty ones. Calling him a redneck and trash, making fun of him for not even finishing the 8th grade…..but yet Willie is the bully?? I don’t think so. I hope America sees that those two are even more manipulative and nasty than Willie is. Joe even threatened Ashley not go up into the HOH room or she was “dead” to him. Willie would never say anything like that. I wasn’t a fan of Russell on Survivor but I don’t think it’s fair to Willie to make him out to be the villain when he hasn’t been going around the entire house talking crap about people- Joe and Wil are. Joe’s the new Shelly and Wil’s just plain malicious (not to be mention he calls Kara stupid for thinking they are friends after 10 days…..doesn’t he think that will work against him later? How can his own team trust him when he makes fun of his only friend in the house and keeps saying he’s doing whatever is best for HIS game? It’s a given in the BB house that everyone is….if you keep saying it, people are going to start questioning your loyalty to their cause as well. Just saying.)


Ok first off im not trying to be mean but except for Brit n Kara these girls look grotesque in the a.m. or basically without makeup. Janelle baths in maybeline cause i cant recall her without makeup. So back to the game. Ashley has done some acting before so i would not be suprised if her pothead brilliance is just an act. I really do like Kara, she is not as air headed as i thought. I also dont get why everyone hates Willie so much. Also whoever says this season is lame is smoking more dank than Ashley. Love the comparisons to Joe n Shelly especially Joe being on bath salts. Go Gators.


There’s a reason why Kara was my Playboy Playmate of the year in 2006… It’s because she looks fabulous 24/7…..


General thoughts:
– I have to admit that this has been a very interesting first week. In comparison to other seasons where you see one side of the house leaning towards evicting someone, the vote this time around is really really close.
– I wish that Kara and Danielle was smart enough to try and make an alliance with Wil and Ashley early on. They should have known that Willie will be the target and should have tried to talk to Wil and Ashley immediately instead of talking with Willie since he doesn’t get to vote and his team is sinking fast. (I like Shane, but Willie really screwed his team with his outburst.)
– I see Ashley voting with her team to keep Frank. The “girl power” talk that she had with Kara and Danielle was genuine but after seeing how she talked with her “team” –she looks like she’s confident in voting out Kara.
– If Kara leaves, the good thing for Danielle and Dan is that they will not be a target for the next couple of weeks. Jojo, Shane, and Willie will try to take out Frank, Joe, and Wil. Hopefully that’ll be long enough to have a twist in Danielle and Dan’s favor.
– Dan’s “play it cool” strategy is pretty good and has worked for him in his season –but everyone knows his game. I think that Dan is very persuasive to get people to see his way but I don’t think that he will be able to flip Ashley. –I wish that he could, but Ashley would be stupid not to vote off Kara.
– Out of all of the coaches, I hope that Britney and Boogie goes home first. Janelle saying that she has the best “team” is pretty hilarious. She’s only saying that now because of the power that they hold. I did wish that she and Dan work together –they could have easily taken out the house.
– As for the coaches entering the game, it is definitely a good possibility but with all of the houseguests expecting that twist (and the fans for that matter), I think that the producers will think of another way to manipulate the situation.
– Willie’s outburst is due to Britney telling him about the possibility of the coaches entering the game. Think of it like dominoes:
>> Britney tells Willie about the contract and the possibility of the coaches entering the game.
>> Willie becomes paranoid and calls for a meeting.
>> Willie and Joe but heads during the meeting.
>> Willie becomes more paranoid and hears about Frank and Joe’s plan –er lies?
>> Willie’s outburst
>> Willie’s eviction
– Ian is adorable –is that a teddy bear that I see by his have not bed??
– Britney’s desire to get him out of the game as a coach –is she channeling some anger from her season towards Dan? Maybe Dan reminds her of how much of a smooth talker the brigade was. Maybe Britney sees Dan as someone like Lane, Enzo, Matt, and Hayden.
– I think that if Dan is the last person to speak to Ashley –especially before the vote, then Kara might just have the chance to stay. He must be really convincing though and must be the last person on Ashley’s ear so that it’ll stick in her head during the live show.

–sorry for the lost post –I just had so many things on my mind about BB14.

Jedi Jani

Simon or Dawg,

If Brit’s team won the HOH then why do they get to play in it again? Different set of rules for the team play or what?


Willie is the only one that doesn’t get to play in the HOH.


There are no teams. There are 12 individuals playing the game and each coach is an adviser to 3 players. Those players can mix and match and nominate and vote to evict any other player in the game, even if it’s someone on their ‘team.’ From the coach’s perspective they need the players they are coaching to think of themselves as a team because having at least 1 player in the game is what keeps the coaches in the game. They don’t want any of their players to take out any of their other players because that lessens their chance of winning. From a player perspective, you should get in with whatever alliance you need to in order to get further in the game and ultimately win it. Focusing on what’s in your coach’s best interest isn’t good because your biggest competition to winning it all may be on your ‘team.’ There are no teams, though, only the illusion of teams.


Allie i think she will vote Kara out mainly to keep her immediate team happy. Best first week ever, just throwing that out there.


Well said AggieGirl, i hope the Aggie isnt for A n M cause its gonna be a long year in the SEC.


I wouldn’t put A&M down yet. Looking forward to our meeting Gator.





It does and you might be right. But in order to play like a champion, you have to play champions. Looking forward to our meeting this season. Look, us Aggies are used to be under dogs…..but we’re not about to bash other SEC teams. We’re glad to be joining the SEC and playing great teams, we’ll play our best and leave the rest on the field. If you hear Aggies bashing other teams, just know that’s not the consensus of how we represent ourselves. Gig ’em SEC!


We owen the SEC LSU that is and we have 2 louisiana boys in BB14 we r all over ooh ya and dont u forget WHO DAT.


Anyone have a clue as to how the vote will go tonight. It still keeps flip-flopping! Also, when will the good pics start rolling in??


Alright, I’ve been slacking on week one. Haven’t been around much but shit this is getting good.
I thought I didn’t like the coach twist at first. But it’s actually making this an awesome season and it’s only week one.
I am seriously Willies number one fan right now. Frank and Joe are such bastards!
Willie reminds me A LOT of Russell from BB11. Can’t wait for tonight!


not fussy one your name …;-) …lol i was a rachel fan… but thats the past .. i have to agree with you on Joe and Frank , we got two straight shooters there LMAO…. Tanker(willie) is like russell …amazing how he says something and doornob Joe twists it to his liking and off he goes… and if Frank says he never lied one more time the earth just might open up and with luck take him down …lol … This is the best first week yet… gonna be hard for this drama to continue that is for sure …hope it does… GO BRITS TEAM..

Beyonce fan

I don’t know if Ashley playing the game or if she just Bipolar.


Kara is probably the only female I like in the house. However, if she stays Britneys team will run the house. Willie and Shane are very good competitors. I for one do not want to see them run the house. Shane will be able to control all the twits. And Willie will boss everyone around. Frank has a better chance of taking one of them (Willie Shane) down. What is Kara going to possibly do in this game? She is probably my favorite female in the house, but she is serious snooze-ville.


Ashley said: Her strategy for winning “Big Brother:” Play everyone! I will come off as the dumb ditzy blonde, but take it to the end because I’m actually really smart and good at reading through people’s lies.


Hey Simon, I have a question. What up with Britney’s left or right eye? I just want to know!


it’s messed


I wonder if the “Cat Burgler” could be Daniele?
& if there is another one “Burgler”? Could be Kalia?
Since the were stealing and hiding stuff
Last season.. Maybe they are the twist to
the game. Or Evil Dick and Danny?
IDK .. Just a thought!! Lol

Myka 9

While things change by the minute in this season already, I have a feeling Ashley is going to vote against Frank and keep Kara. Even though she’s been heavily playing both sides of the house (and let’s be honest…both sides are pretty much well aware of this), she’s given MANY more promises of straight up votes to Willie’s side. When she’s with the Joe/Janelle/Frank side of the house, she mainly just complains about how much she dislikes Willie, probably as an attempt to get them not to ask her how she’s voting. When she’s with Willie’s side of the house though, she basically tells them she’s voting to keep Kara.

From a straight up strategic point of view, it’s probably best for Ashley as well. By voting to keep Kara, Ashley gains a more or less solid (floater) alliance with Kara and Danielle, this seems much more secure than an alliance with her team Wil and Joe (who seem more likely to ally themselves with Ian and Jenn over Ashley). She also gets in good with Willie, Shane and Jojo. Now I know that Big Brother often makes up comps to make sure the house power changes up every once in a while, but let’s be honest…if it’s week one and are given the chance to either bet on Willie/Shane/Jojo winning competitions or Jenn/Wil/Joe winning competitions…the former would seem much more appealing. Plus if Wil or Joe do win HOH tonight, then chances are, Janelle, who is definitely money hungry, will convince them not to put up Ashley. If Ian or Jenn win HOH tonight, you know Boogie is going to get them to put up Willie or Shane. So really, Ashley is making the smart move.


I don’t see the Joe and shelly comparison Shelley played both sides and was often a swing vote at first joe was flip flopping but then he manned up told willie he was the one telling frank stuff and now is sticking with frank It’s way to early to pick a winner but so far I hope its Joe


Yeah you are right Joe isn’t Shelly anymore he was for like 2 days.. the new Shelly is Ashley

Dark Horse

OK cause I thought I was missing something…I just read so much on here and came to the conclusion that Ashley is Shelly a/k/a David Spade

The back and forth with her was like watching tennis!


I see your logic myka9.
I like Frank( Son of ‘Sycho) but I want to see Dan do good. I just cant stand Kara just seems
to have fire or passion in the gut for the game smh. If Frank does get evicted I hope he can
be the HG to return in the game a few wks down the line.I’m hoping for a
bunch of twist and players changing teams just to F with everyones head.


So with all the flipping I will make the prediction that tonight the Brittney and Janelle will be back in an alliance and Willie will be fighting to keep Frank.


myka9, i hope ur right. Didnt Ashley tell almost any 1 who would listen that she is playing both sides. Kinda throws her strategy out the window doesn’t it. Also Simon if Ashley is the new Shelly she isnt doing a very good job of being covert. Everyone knows that she is the swing vote, Shelly had everyone except for Rachel fooled untill top 6.


BBAD has been so good lately.

Since I can’t stand Boogie, I am team Willie / Britney / JoJo still even though Willie has really destroyed himself in this game and because he seems like such an abrasive guy and can’t get out of his head, the damage is irreversible. I do feel bad for him with how exaggerated the homophobic claims were.

Janelle’s flip — moving out of the HOH room — & Ashley’s sudden love for Frank is annoying but good gameplay for them and their team.

Not really a fan of Ian. I hate when superfans like him and Adam play things up for the cameras (the Fruit Loops last night, ugh).

Danielle and Kara are so sweet and not good at this game. I think Kara would have a shot to stay if she played a little harder.


Hi Simon & Dawg. Just wanted to say that I got into BB around BB8. And thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work for keeping us updated. And ESPECIALLY so this past week and a half with all the craziness. You guys are definitely appreciated!


Thanks! I’m glad you like the site.


I can’t understand Ashley at all. I thought she was with Willie but then I heard that she wouldn’t even talk to Jojo last night about the game. I remember her telling Kara that she wouldn’t vote her out so I hoping that she won’t. I really have a bad feeling about tonight’s vote. I think that everyone is going to be very surprised.

Also, what was Willie doing in the arcade room about 20 minutes ago? He was playing with something that looks like a black box. I heard them talk about that game that is in there and Britney mentioned that she thought it might have something to do with the HOH competition. But who knows? Maybe it’s just for decoration :)

There has been so much drama this week it feels like BB has been on forever. I can’t believe that this is only week one! I really think that Ian or someone from Janelle’s team is going to win HOH, which will be very interesting to watch if Janelle’s team nominates someone from Britney’s team. I hope that Ashley wins HOH because that will be great drama when she finally picks a side!!


I honestly feel like the season is over and the finale is tonight.. That’s how crazy the last 4 days have been


I think Ian maybe the one to vote to keep Kara. He know the game so well and know no one would think he would do that to Boogie (legend). but I think his arkwardness is part of his gameplay.

Alexander the Great

I think Ashley realizes she can lie and decieve Brits team, because they have such a small chance at winning HOH. And even if they do, they’ll still attack Joe and Wil before her. But this got to be the craziest swing vote in big brother history because she changes every hour…..literally.


I also think Dan’s 1st player to be kick out of the house will be back at some point. Willie needs to keep his mouth shut his blowup is hurting him and his team mates. Frank needs to go he is very good at throw the spotlight off of him and if they don’t get him out he just might take it all. Joe & Wil are dumb to follow him cuz they will be voted out before him…doing he dirty work


Jodi has already tweeted that she is home and not in sequester and so she is not returning.

Dark Horse

Really? wow…that kinda surprises me, then they must plan to bring no one back UNLESS Jodi refused sequester…like Ashlea did season 6


What’s happening right now? Is Kara or Frank leaving. I would love start the big brother 14 Recap.


Has anyone else entertained the thought that maybe the 1st coach whose team gets eliminated will get to enter the game? Even if it isn’t the case, Dan should use that idea to rally votes for Kara since they all seem to fear his game


That is what I was thinking too. Cuz then that coach can win and the coaches in the game can get screwed out of 100,000


So I haven’t said anything yet this year but first, thank you so much for this site. I paid for the live feeds but I am so busy with the “real” world I hardly get to watch it so getting to read this really helps. Well besides Ashley. I really like her but dang she is one confusing chick. So my take on this season
1. I HATED Brittany in BB12. Could not stand her, she just mean and hateful, although I LOVED watching her get totally blindsided about the brigade. But this season I am liking her.
2. I LOVED Russell in Survivor so walking into this season I figured I would like Willie, and I do. He isn’t as ruthless as his brother which I really like, but like most HOH’s in BB history he is super paranoid.
3. Frank- I really wanted to like him. But he is making it super impossible. Can’t tell you exactly what I don’t like about him since I haven’t really been able to watch the live feeds or BBAD, but he just isn’t doing it for me.
4. Joe- wanted to like him but after him starting so much crap around the house, really started disliking him.
5. Wil- Did not want to like him. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals but I do not like overly loud personalities, whether it is a guy or girl, okay I take that back. I like Jojo cuz she is just so adorable, and I love her accent. She has the attitude like “F*ck with me and I will kick your a**”, I like her Italian side too, it just brings out the feisty side of her. Back to Wil- yeah, not a fan of him. Mainly tho, cuz he is willing to discard Kara. I don’t necessary like/dislike Kara, but if your gonna stab your “friend” in the back first by claiming they can’t be friends after ten days and then willing to vote for her he doesn’t deserve to get to the end. Play the game and play it smart. You need to start thinking from the beginning about jury votes.
6. I like Shane, but mainly because he is pretty to look at.
7. I was rooting for Janelle both of her seasons and was so excited to have her come back but now that I have seen the live feeds I feel completely different.

And on to live feeds vs. the show. I HATE how they edit what they want to, so that they can have the fans see it their way. Look at Jeff and Jordan last season. I loved them the first time around, but last season Jeff was a BULLY, and because they are America’s couple they wouldn’t get a bad edit. I really hope that they show Wil, Joe and Willie how they really are. It seems tho, that on here at least that Willie has quite a bit of a fan base. I just hope CBS doesn’t jack it up.

Sorry so long…


I feel Ian is the wildcard in tonight’s vote. He knows that his odds of winning the 500k are slim. If he votes to evict Frank, he would not be suspected of voting against his team and stirs the house even more than this last week. His motivation may be to help create an interesting/memorable season over team play and coaches controlling the early game. Just my thoughts.


It’s like jury comes early. Will see!


I believe the vote will be 4-4 with Ashley voting out frank. She’s playing the whole house with a acting like she’s dumb and innocent but she knows frank is a huge threat and will hopefully make a smart decision. I hope it’s 4-4 and Willie says something smart when he evicts frank. I can’t wait to see the look on boogies face. Plus I would def like to see more of Kara’s hot ass on the live feeds. Lol.


why does everyone want kara to stay? i want frank to stay


did ashley really tell willie and JoJo that she wasnt working them anymore ..i dont remember that ever happening


Poor Dan… Kara and Danielle are so terrible.

Just listening to Kara bawling to Ashley… she’s so worthless. Give her some actual reasons as to why you should stay, how you can be a benefit to her game, why it makes sense to vote Frank out.


Frank looks like Richard Simmons. Lmao


Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights! We have less than 6 hrs away before live eviction. Let’s take a look a standing:
-Team Britney (2-1)
-Team Mike Boogie (1-2)
-Team Janelle/Team Dan (0-3)
Can team Britney will have another win with willie can’t play the next hoh? Or team Mike Boogie pull the chilltown playbook of winning the hoh? Can team Dan or team Janelle make the first win? Will find out plus the update with stats and mentor standings. In addition, live after hoh week 2 results. We will have the first inductee into big brother hall of fame class of 2012. Stay tuned! What you think Simon? Good or not so good.


The more I consider it, the more I doubt that the coaches will enter the game:
1. Pre-season interviews stated that the coaches would be competing in a game within a game…not the game itself.
2. It was announced on day 1 that the coaches would be coming in and competing for 100K.
A.what if one coach entered the game and made it to the final two with his or her player? Would that coach win 600K if they won the game? Couldn’t this bias votes? For example would you vote for Dan to win or Danielle?
B.What if two coaches made it to the final two?
C. What if coaches who entered the game made it to the jury house? Wouldn’t that bias votes for the final winner?
D. If the coaches entered the game, would the qualify for the fan favorite prize, if so this gives the coaches an unfair advantage at getting prizes?
3. Just because there are more weeks left than players to evict does not mean that the coaches come in. It could be that an evicted houseguest comes back as the game and the fan favorites are established.
4. If bb production decided to actually bring a coach in would that coach have a coach?
5. Finally, the whole premise of the season would be gone.

Just my take…but I think an evicted player will come back in mid game….not a veteran coach.