Big Brother Spoilers – Kara Vs Frank Live Eviction and HOH WINNER Results

Here we are folks the Live Eviction and the HOH for Big Brother 14 week one. It’s been probably one of most crazy first weeks I can remember on the Feeds. If the feeds are like this all summer this season will go down in History. How the swing vote is going to go is anyone guess but the other votes are pretty set in stone.
Speculated Vote results
Ian, Jenn, Joe and Wil vote to keep Frank
JoJO, Shane, Danielle vote to Kepp Kara

The Swing Vote
The Swing Vote is Ashley Iocca and how the Hell knows what she’s going to do. Break it down any way you like this is a tough one to call.

Tonight on the life feeds
other than Danielle and Ashley who are probably going to throw the comp. Anyone else winning is going to result in major Drama in the house especially if Willie’s side wins it. Expect no sleeping on the feeds if Shane/JOJO pull out a win.
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My position: Frank is staying but Willie side will win HOH..

Offical Results
Danielle Votes to Evict: Frank

Jojo Votes to Evict: Frank

Shane votes to Evict: Frank

Wil votes to Evict: Kara

Jenn votes to Evict: Kara

Ian votes to Evict: Kara

Ashley votes to Evict: Kara

Joe votes to Evict: Kara

Kara is evicted

Big Brother 14 HOH Results


Winner of the Coaches Competition gets to pick one player to keep safe or gets to pick one player to trade with another team. The only player that cannot be traded is the Current HOH

Last Weeks Results in the table

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22
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Cant wait! Keep it up guys this site is the best!


Team Willie here we go!!!!!!!


Simon, is there a trick to watching All that plays is a Hefty bag and PGE commercial. I’ve tried three different web browsers and turned off pop up blockers, and nothing. I’m in California. It worked every time last year. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe another website? Thanks.


Wow! Great to find a post kncoknig my socks off!


team janelle FTW


Thanks for the updates! The feeds are too wild to keep track of, I would be lost without your iPhone app!


Team Frank FTW!


i hope frank goes hes a trouble making douche bag and Kara is sweet and innocent like a litle lamb


I hope the douche bag frank goes. kara and team dan all the way


Getting excited for tonight. Got me thinking. Who do u think are top five players of all time.
Here’s mine.
1)Dr. Will
2)Evil Dick
Honorable mention: Boogie and Danielle(bb3/7)


Simon. Who are your top five?


Will do.


@Phishin. I don’t have a top five,but I do have my list of the top three players that played the game the best.Dr.Will(season’s2&7),Danielle Reyes(season’s3&7)and Dan(season10).These three people had the best strategic and social game that I’ve ever seen on this show.They came up with their own strategic moves to help them get far in the game.Dan and Dr.Will both won their seasons and Danielle was robbed of being crowned the winner of season 3,because the jury were a bunch of sore losers.


My top 5
2.Dr. Will
Honor mention: Mike Boogie, Dan


Who got evicted?


Anyone from the east coast know who got evicted?

King Silva

I hope the next HOH is Shane regardless of who goes home.

Of course I want Frank gone but if he stays he can hopefully go this week if Shane’s side is in control.


i think willie having that house meeting was a good ideal. if the coaches compete towards the end then 1 of them might win. remember there are key holes next to the coaches pictures.


Do the HGs get to watch the footage that we see during the show? It shows them sitting on the sofa, but it doesn’t show if they can see the clips that we see.


OMG can it get any worse for my Fav Willie. I hope he can get threw this week w/out going off and knocking Frank out lol I hope Britney wins and saves him


As much as I love Shane, JoJo, and Willie, this week is going to be amazing! And the new twist is awesome. I want to see how hard these teams fight this week. Team Willie vs. Team Frank. Let’s go!!!!


Omg! I honestly thought it would be a tie vote. Team brit should be worried. I see Frank putting up Willie and Jojo. Of course they way this season is going so far that could change every hour. What does everyone think?


I really hope the coaches never get to play the game. Brit is soooo annoying this season, and Boogie holy crap he looks like a troll and needs to stop dropping Chilltown. I hope Dan gets to stick around!!! He seems to be the only coach who cares about his players!!! Brit is all about herself its so obvious.


I’m still trying to work this out in my head, but I’m wondering if one of the twists is that once a coach’s players are eliminated then they get to come into the game.


I’m a big Chilltown fan, but I agree with ya. Boogie has got to stop
living in Will’s shadow.


yeah team dan and i couldnt agree more i hate booger the troll and britknee acts like she is a know it all but janelle is tired and never should have come back. a mother should never leave her child.


what can i say frank won ((and I hated that smug look on boogers face like he had won the olympic gold metal) why did ashee pick to vote out kara? I did not see that coming. but whatever I still watch regardless of outcome. just glad miss riff raff (Wil) did not get it. she is starting to get as annoying as regan was.(just once i wish theyd have a positive macho normal acting gay guy on here just once! but they always seem to put bitchy swishy drama queens on). I dont mind the tattooed bearded lady jenn because she is real quiet and hasnt really done anything good or bad, better watch her she will end up getting the floater label and make it the end 🙂


i have many friends who are gay … and not one of them act like this as you so nicely put it DRAMA QUEEN… its the likes of him that gives the gay population such a bad and negative name .. geeeeeeeeeeesh wil you do have balls…lol … BB has out did themself tho .. Wil is… Marcelus, Regan , and Kevin all rolled into one ugly ball of twaaaaaaaaaaaaaang …lol . As for your comment on BOOGER … as i like to call him .. if it were not for dr. will he would of been out as fast in the all stars as he was in his season … dont know where that troll gets off thinking he is all that … geeeeeeeeeeeeesh again ..


not to belabour it but my gay frends are pretty normal acting. they all seem to enjoy being men and live their lives not as gays but as men. the gay part is only their sexual preference not their being. they watch BB too and all agree that the gay men that are put on this show season after season are horrible representations of gay men period. they are stereotypes that most people perceive the gay men to be. 🙂


I think Britney’s team is going to take a hit regardless.

IF Willie is put up right away I think he will win POV and safe himself

Which I think would ruin either Shane or Jojo chances, Most likely Shane’s.

Then I can see two pawns go up and if either of Janelle’s team or Boogies team win POV they will use it and take one off and backdoor Willie.

Ugh, this is gonna be a tough week!


Guaranteed Britney will take a hit. No. Matter. What.


How about this…

If Britney wins the coaches comp, she can trade Willie to Dans team. After all, he didn’t listen to her last week, he’s damaged goods. Then, WHEN Willie goes,(this week or whenever) Dan goes too.

Two birds, one stone!


Only two things need to happen to execute that plan.

1) Brit needs to win the comp

2) We need the Brigade to sneak into the house and explain it to her, because no matter what AG says, Brit is not one of the best Big Brother players ever! She got pwned in her season! She’ll never come up with a plan this good on her own.


I’m actually liking Brit’s gameplay this season. Unfortunately for het Willie was just a loose cannon. I think she will think of this great strategy should she win the competition.


Frank won HoH that is epic


willie keep ya head up i hope its a endurance competeition i hope willie wins pov

Beyonce fan

Yessss team janelle we did not win but Frank did by by willie slut.


Perfect time for the ole Backdoor. Why give Willie a chance to play for POV. Coaches may try to talk Frank into getting rid of Danielle so Dan is also booted out of the game. Not sure that will fly with the Players but the Coaches do have large Egos and I would’nt put it past them…


Wait why do people dislike Frank? TEAM FRANK


I am so glad Frank won, and Willie acted like a big baby. He wouldn’t even look at Frank when he handed him the HOH key. Plus, he ran into the house! Wow!!!!

Jake K.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha this season is so great. Back and forth especially with Frank winning HOH.

Good luck simon…..I am sure the feeds will own your life all night!

Beyonce fan

Simon when is the coaches competition?


Not looking good for my boy willie right now….Frank winning HOH is a classic moment for BB….I think jojo finna flip and try to get good with the other side…the rats are now about to flee the sinking ship.


@jasonvoorhies. I’m more surprised that you said,”I didn’t see that coming”.The update before this one,made it seem as though Ashley will vote to evict Kara.Kara was even told that she was going home.I would’ve been surprised if Ashley did the smart thing,and voted to evict,one of the biggest threats in the game(Frank).Maybe I missed something,but isn’t Wil a man?You keep calling him a she.


Another week for Jenn to fly under the radar… Also, can you imagine how awful it would be if Britney won the coaches competition and traded Willie for Daniele just to get out Dan?


Go team Frank, see ya little wee wee Willie.


Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights live eviction
Let’s take a look the mentor standings:
1.Team Britney/Team Mike Boogie (2-2)
3.Team Janelle/Team Dan (0-4)
As right both team Britney & team Mike Boogie have 2 wins & 2 loss and Team Janelle & Team Dan are winless. Can either team would win or continue to fall? Also, let have recap stats of bb14
Ashley:0 HoH win 1 Have/Havenot participate competition, 2 HoH participate competition
Danielle:0 HoH win, 0 PoV in 1 Have/Havenot participate competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Particiate Competition
Frank:1 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition, 3 Nomination votes, 1 Nomination on the Block, 1 Survival eviction
Ian:0 HoH win, 1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition
Jodi:0 HoH win, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 Nomination on the block, 1 day at bb house
Joe: 0 HoH win, 2 HoH Participate Competition
Jojo: 0 HoH win, 2 HoH Participate Competition
Kara: 0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate, 1 Nomination on the Block, 13 days at bb house, 5 Nomination votes, 5 Nomination Votes Received
Shane: 0 HoH win, 1 PoV win, 1 Have/Havenots Participate Competition, 2 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
Willie: 1 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 1 HoH Participate Competition, 1 PoV Participate Competition
Wil: 0 HoH win, 0 PoV win, 2 HoH participate competition, 1 PoV Particiate Competition
Jenn: 0 HoH win, 2 HoH Participate Competition
Also we have two Inductee:
The first inducted
-The four horsemen alliance (bb5)
The second inducted
-Zingbot 3000 (bb12 & bb13)
Stay tuned for the coaches competition! What you think Simon?

deathtobrenchel-team Willie yo

I will be team Willie forever after that fruit loops comment. Gotta love them fruit loops or whatever haha.

Did anyone else see frank frothing at the mouth before winning. Ouuff, down boy.

This Guy

this new twist will screw dan over if britney wins the coaches competition. if britney wins the coaches competition she will probably switch willie with danielle and could get dan out this week.


During the live show,Julie told the house guests that the coaches will compete and which ever coach wins the competition,they can trade one of their players for someone else.Boogie looked extremely nervous,until Julie said,the other coaches can’t choose Frank to be on their team.That’s when Boogie yelled booyah(I don’t think I spelled that right).When he did that,it made it clear to me that the only member on Boogie’s team that he cares about is Frank.Dan,should use that to his advantage,by dropping hints to Jenn and Ian,that Boogie only cares about Frank.And that Boogie plans on taking Frank to the end.He doesn’t give a crap about Jenn or Ian.


I don’t want Willie to leave but I think he will. I hope Jojo leaves!! But, Mike was saying that Joe and Willie would be put up this morning which would be stupid because Joe likes Frank and Wil, Ashley, and Janelle will be pissed.
Best thing to do is have Shane and Jojo together, Shane win the veto, backdoor Willie.
Mike better not mess this up and go after one of Janelle’s team.
Also, he shouldn’t go after Danielle because that would piss of Dan who is probably the only one who he can have an ally with.
Definitely best season ever!


I think Britney’s best move here If she wins the coach’s comp (BIG if lol) would be to trade Willie for Ian. As long as she kept that relationship strong, not only would she have an ally, but Boogie would try to convince Frank to keep him since they are on the same team. Boogie would be out a chance to win the 100k so he’d keep him safe.


I think that would be Brat’s best bet. Too bad she hasn’t thought of that yet, but great idea, Melissa. ( I don’t want Britbrat to leave yet– she hasn’t been doing her classic drs… they were my faves after Chilltown (BB7) Booger sucks w/out Dr. Will.


Joe (aka Shelly), Wil ( is he scratching his scalp all the time cuz he has extensions?), and Danielle ( desperate and boring) get on my nerves the most!!! Do the hgs know that Frank’s dad is the wrestler Sid Vicious? I haven’t read any convos about that…I think the others would’ve seen him in a different light (more of a threat) if they all knew that. Guess we’ll find out tonight when he gets HOH photos…


I felt bad for Kara when she was evicted. All the goodbye messages were just the guys saying how hot she was, aside from Dan’s message. Seriously, you guys lived with her for two weeks and all you can come up with is how hot she was? C’mon now.


Why did julie and the houseguest say that it has been a long 13 days. they said it a couple of time then said it has been a long week. How long have they been in the house?