Big Brother 14 – Boogie’s trying to rally the players against Willie “This guy is a homophobic bully”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

6:03pm Kitchen Camera 2 They are in lock down Feeds going on and off.. at one point you hear Ashley say “OH my GOD Shane’s picture is double” Joe: “That’s got to be an accident”… “What the HELL” everyone looking at the memory wall.. Feeds cut again

6:13pm CAm 1-2 Boogie and Janelle They are talking about Willie being able to sway Ashley over to his side. Boogie calls the other people in the house idiots, Janelle thinks the house is completely stupid. Janelle wants to know where Ian’s head is because he watches the game. Boogie: “Ian is just happy to be here.. He never talks game to me” boogie continues about how Ian would be down for going against Willie.
Boogie: “It will awesome if Wil or Ian win HOH”
Janelle: “Or Joe to.. it would be good”

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6:15pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Kara, Danielle and Ashley
They all agree that the three of them have to stick together or they have no chance. Ashley tells them that she thought wil and Joe were on her side but she’s sure they are not. It look like the three girls are teaming up. Ashley is pissed about Wil and joe lying to her. They think if frank goes this week than the 2 big groups will wipe each other out. Ashley Tells them that they can’t take Shane out too soon because he’s their entertainment but sooner or later they have to. Danielle giggles :”I KNOW!” Ashley: “We’ll get rid of the other boys first Ashley also wants to make sure Ian does cruise through the game he should be up on the list to be evicted because he’s smart.
Danielle is worried that AShley is going to be hassled by Janelle and Joe after the votes are reveled, She thinks Ashley should be ready. Ashley has no idea what she’s going to say. Kara tells them hoe upset she is about Wil voting to evict her, he was one of the few people she was close to in the house.

6:25pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Wil Boogie knows that Wil and Danielle are close and because of that Boogie wants to know where Wil’s vote is. Wil says that he’s talked to Frank and he didn’t come here to make friends. The best thing for his game and the people looking out for him is to keep Frank and Vote out Kara. Boogie: “I truly believe that you will have a lifetime of friendship with this girl” (kara)
Boogie wants the house to go after Willie .. he thinks if Janelle and him work together they can take them out now while they still have numbers. Wil agress.
Boogie: “This guy is a homophobic bully” (Willie)
Wil: “I don’t think it’s because of that I think he’s just a b!g D!ck”
Wil: “Willie has got to go”
Wil: “I think Frank got duped”
Boogie: “I think Frank got SUPER duped”
Boogie: “My people are good… Ian and Jenn they’re behind us.. all we need is Ashley’s vote because you know JOJO isn’t flipping her vote ”

6:55pm Dinner

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Maybe the HoH comp has something to do with them remembering wacky things that happened around the house. Who knows?

Red Lampshade

Super duper amazingly WAY too early pick to win it all: Ashley

And if she can prove to be a threat in competitions, all the better


does anyone knows how she (Ashley) is going to vote


Not with her bad back, she won’t be winning physical competitions.


actually her game should be to not excel in comps mental or physical for a while! No use getting your hands dirty when you’ve got that “space-girl” game…


Heard someone call her smashley! Lovi it! And love her too! I can’t decide who she’s with and if her ditzy persona is for real! Hysterical when she was with Ian- he had no clue:)

Matt T

Does Ashley herself even know whose side she’s on? So hard to predict anything about tomorrow without diary room conversations. Everyone has a deal with everyone. My gut says Kara is gone, but see me again in 20 minutes.

Red Lampshade

And what was the game that they were playing when the feeds were cut?

Red Lampshade

And since Ashley is sorta forming an alliance with Danielle and Kara, it’s looking more and more likely that she’ll ditch Diversity for the Untouchables and evict Frank. (Yay!)


I think its cool tha ashley,dan, and kara are possibly trying to spreed their wings and start playing the game for themselves and not just listen to the coachers…I think i would like this alliance if it every happens..but in the big brother house you never know. Joe mush gooo!!!!


Damn i cant spell lol


Oh yea u mean Ashley jojo Kara and daniellle. IM happy they have that alliance, hoping they stick to it and persuade Willie and Shane to vote their way when needed. But most importantly keep their alliance unnoticed.


Ok so I have a question. It’s looking like Ashley is the deciding vote. Do you guys think her game will crumble if she votes either way? I mean if she votes Frank out, her alliance will know she didn’t vote with the team and if she voted Kara then Willie and them might suspect the same.

Or will she not be found out?

Red Lampshade

It looks like people are going to be able to tell which way Ashley votes, but it doesn’t necessarily matter. It all depends on which way the power swings next week. That’s what will determine whether Ashley’s game is in danger or not.


Very true, because she could vote with Willie’s alliance but the power could shift to the other side.


Has anyone here realized that Kara’s sister is Kelly Monaco from General Hospital?


No, that’s a mistaken rumor floating around because they have the same last name. It’s been dispelled by many news sources like the below:

Monaco was the Playmate of the Year for 2006, which is something she tells us she is not going to reveal to the houseguests. Her Playmate of the Year cover is below. Also, in case you’ve seen reports that she’s related to former Playmate and “General Hospital” actress Kelly Monaco – she is not.


Wow, there is just no winning with Janelle, two days ago she’s telling Dan they are all idiots because they were going to evict Kara, now she’s telling Boogie they are idiots because they are going to vote to evict Frank.

They must be putting something in the water this season because apparently no one can remember what they said 20 minutes earlier.


@WTFBB. I think that I mentioned something earlier about Janelle changing her mind so often.I’m aware she’s not the only one in the house that does this.When it seemed as though Janelle wanted to work with Dan.I thought it might work,but the problem I had with Janelle potentially working with Dan,has to do with her flip floping so much.If the coaches are allowed to play the game,and if Janelle can still win competitions like on season’s6&7.Then her working with Dan can benefit him.But the fact that she changes her mind so often,will be a bit of a problem for Dan.

Beyonce fan

Janelle and Boogie Its about to go down I hate everyone one willie team I hate his fat ass I will love to se him and jojo on the Block they will go fucking nuts!!!


Anyone have an Idea where the big brother house is ( from the feeds and AD i can only tell it is in the flight path of an airport, the reason I ask is that there have been a series of small tremors in cali today and wonder if that would be a reason the feeds and stuff went out and perhaps made things catterwonky in the house ….either that ..or BathSalts …


is willie still trying to keep frank? (I dont have the feeds) I did see last nights AD and saw the scene where frank ran and told britknee and riff raf (wil) that willie was imitating him and his mannerisms and of couse now willie is officially a racist and a homo hater just by default. so can anyone tell who they think is going thanks


This cast is so unlikeable but for the opposite reasons of last season. Last season they were such tools, this season they are such fools.

I think they only people I am rooting for are Kara, Shane, Ian, and Dan, maybe Danielle. They are practically the only ones who have not flip flipped alliances 55 times in the past 5 days, don’t stir problems, and not making too many unrealistic alliances.

I hope Joe goes home next. I thought he may have had a good Shelly strategy but now his flip flopping is no better than Willie’s. He was the first one to stir the pot against Frank and now he’s Frank’s biggest advocate.


Willie is a paranoiac with domineering tendencies. The assertion that he’s a “homophobe” or “racist” is absurd. However, I have no problem with Boogie saying it because, hey, its Big Brother. Gameplay allows for different ethics IMO.


what is paranoiac?
and if repeating “I’m gonna take 24 hours off of game talk” is homophobic then nothing is safe to say anymore.


i love the fact that Ashley, Kara, and Danielle are making an alliance… no one is gonna see that one … everyone too busy shoveling the crap around to notice… i am loving this season so far..


Quick question, is Jenn participating in the game at all?


who is jenn I havent seen anyone named Jenn (oh wait) is that the horsed faced tattoo bearded lady ?


she is the one that is always off in a corner somewhere…lol… like a snake ….lol… someone better grab a rake before its too late…… sry i am bad .. just she seems to be slithering around unnoticed… and a wee bit creepy ….lol


this play has been playing in my mind all day …. its gonna be a 4 each vote… leaving Tanker (willie ) to cast the breaking vote… the look on Boogers and Franks face when that happens I feel will be priceless.. what do they say .. a kadak moment. Asking a question here .. Is it me or does Booger keep making these aweful faces… Does he not know this .. plus if it were not for Dr. Will he would of been out as fast as he was his first season … geeeeeeeeeeesh what an ego


ooops KODAK moment

Beyonce fan

Fuck willie his house was little as hell damn he need the money lol Ashley is a Bitch and Kara is a slut play mate of the year much.


Do you eat with that mouth … and use the dictionary before using some of your words… so far anything i have seen that is discusting is your language, and what you like to lable people… geeeeeeeeeeeesh


you spelled disqusting wrong and the way you worded the last sentence sounds just as uneducated just saying. 🙂 and no one reads beyoncefans posts ( i know I dont) as you know she is gonna write some ebonic fowl comment. 🙂


It’s foul, not fowl…since you’re correcting 😉

But I agree, no one pays attention to beyoncefan’s posts.


Gosh, I don’t know about Ashley…I really hope she votes to evict Frank, but now she seems to be with her “team” to evict Kara…AHHH


when was this?


Britney and Willie are fighting and it is AWESOME!!!!


i cannot stand boogie. at first I thought he had changed and was a lil nicer but after watching him these last few days he has proven hes still a big ass hole. only now he looks like and old troll asshole. he def isnt aging very well.


Woah baby. Britney is pissed with Willie. Told him to humble himself. And I would have to agree, but the real question is will he listen?


So it seems like it might be a tie and then Willie will have to break it


Last year, Jeff talk H bomb and now Willie. What is going on? This will end up in wikipedia of big brother controversal criticism. This way out of hand.


if you have been following any of these youd know willie did not drop H bomb frank just made that up to stir the shit pot to get everyone against willie.


What you’re saying is not true either. Frank didn’t say anything about Willie making homosexual slurs. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


brandy I just rewatched last nights AD and what frank did say was that willie repeated the comment that Riff Raff (wil) stated which was “I am gonna take 24 hrs off from game talk” in a girly voice with swishy hand gestures. I just rewatched it and that was what was said. Wil blew it off but also agreed no one should make fun of anyone period but Wil did not make too much out of it Frank did.


GO WILLIE!!!! The past few seasons have been so drab and boring,…we need willie FREE WILLIE,…you go boy!


SO correct me if I’m right for the eviction votes:

Kara: Ian, Jenn, Wil and Joe

Frank: Jojo, Shane, Ashley and Danielle

TieBreaker Willie: Frank


Simon, do you have the website that streams the live east coast feed for Big Brother( I live on the west coast ). I remember either you or another person posted it last year, and it worked great in conjunction with the results show and the comments posted here. It was either coming from Florida or Canada. On a side question, what goes in the “website” field in the leave a comment section? Should I just leave it blank?


janelle whom i love always cost her own self the game. why would she keep a player like a frank around. hes one of the strongest males. its stupid


Wil is so pretty- want him to go w Kara’s side- although frank is so unpredictable so that makes it great to watch!


I wonder of the double pictures thing is what they mean by the most players ever? I wonder if a some of the house guests are twins? Remember they had the season where a set of twins were playing and no one knew for a while. I wonder if that is the case here, but with a few of them instead.


does anyone know that kara and kelly monaco are sisters