Big Brother Spoilers – Dan: “When we get dropped in .. the real fun Begins”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22nd (Sunday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots /Slop ?
Coach Competition Winner ?
Next Coaches Competition July 20 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara

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10:25pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Dan Dan and Boogie are comparing notes. Pretty much talking what they tried last week and what worked for them. (This is a really cool conversation if you have flashback)
Dan saying that the night before the vote Ashley was saying she was voting to save Kara.
Boogie: “shes one of those whoever talks to her last gets her vote.. there’s a couple of those in this game”
Dan asks him if Boogie would of done anything differently these last couple days. Boogie says no.
Boogie explains how this morning Frank farted near or on Jenn and she completely freaked out. “Oh my god imagine losing a vote for that.. on a swing Vote” Dan laughs asks him if Jenn is cool with it now. Boogie says yes. They talk about their players. Both of them think Jenn is play a fantastic game. Boogie asks Dan not to play up Jenn in the game with the other players. Boogie thinks Danielle is doing well, “Danielle is burrowed in so I say”. Dan agrees he likes where she is right now. Boogie isn’t sure about Ian thinks he’s the weak link in his team. Boogie: “Once people start to notice that they are running out of targets this 6 Is going to go crazy” (Janelle’s group and Boogies)

Boogie talks about what can happen tomorrow with the coaches competition. Boogie mentions Britney might give Willie to Janelle and take Wil. (would be like dropping a hand grenade in Janelle’s team) Boogie wonders if Britney uses if on Dan just to take Dan out. Dan is going to try and talk to Britney to see if he can work something out.. Dan is pretty sure that they are getting dumped into the game, “than the real fun Begins” Boogie isn’t sure he thinks it’s too obvious, he gives it only a 29% chance.
Dan: “you did save your quarter house today” Boogie points out that he skips out on tomorrows craziness doesn’t lose his best player.

Boogie brings up the idea about keeping Willie and getting rid of Shane.. He thinks that from a game perspective it’s the better move. Dan points out how comfy Shane is, Dan doesn’t understand why Shane is a huge target”
Dan wonders if Boogie can talk Janelle’s team into voting out Shane. Boogie laughs “not tonight”.
Boogie: “I like Shane but I don’t think he’s that smart”
Boogie and Dan both agree that Having Willie around could be a good idea. Willie stay the target for another week. Boogie is thinking they should talk Britney into trading with one of Janelle’s player and dumping Willie in Janelle’s team. Boogie explains that Wil is Janelle’s number 1 it will be a huge hit to her. Dan points out that Willie Still goes home. Boogie know but says he would rather play the game with Janelle having 2 players Britney 3 him 3 and Dan 1 than Dan with zero.

Britney joins them
Dan tells Britney that he’s really attached to Danielle, he says he’s built a relationship with her and want to keep her. Boogie asks her if it would be better for her to cut her losses and run with Jojo and Shane. Boogie explains that Shane might easily become the target and in his opinion her would suffer more if she lost Shane than Willie. Boogie tries to persuade her not to trade out Willie out using a combination of threats and logic. Britney gets a bit pissed asking him why is he trying to say that she should just accept losing a player and move on, “Why are my 3 players the only ones being considered” Boogie laughs tells her that there’s a lynch mob out there against her players. Boogie: “Look your group voted to evict my player Janelle’s group voted to save his player there is no way he can talk them in otherwise”
Boogie asks her if she thinks she can rehabilitate Willie and have people like him. Britney isn’t sure he’s done a lot.
Boogie tells her that 2 of Britney’s players are being nominated there’s no way around it. Boogie: “I’m not automatically going to go for Willie.. just because all the other people are.. the obvious answer is not always the best” He does pretty much lay it out that one of Britney’s players will be going home next week but is leaving the option open that Willie might not be the one it could be Shane.
Boogie asks her if she really thinks will be able to save her 2 players. Britney : “I don’t know it depends I could make the right trade” She tries to argue that Janelle’s players could be nominated. Boogie again says he doesn’t see that happening. Boogie doesn’t think Janelle’s merry band is going to last past Saturday but there’s really no way he can talk them into anything but Willie right now. boogie: “Would be suicide fro Frank and Dan only has 1 player left”. Boogie adds that just a couple days ago Dan and him were saying they had wished they picked Willie. Boogie thinks that She could get Willie to take a HUGE slice of humble pie and make him nice again. Britney doesn’t know she feels out of the loop with the coaches.

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11:28pm Cam 1-4 HOH Room Everyone in the house

Frank gets his HOH room even Willie is there.

11:59AM Cam 1-2 HOH Dan, Frank, Janelle, Boogie Janelle tells them that Wil was told by Britney that she doesn’t plan on trading if she wins the Coaches competition tomorrow. Britney is saying her plan is to save Willie. Frank thinks that’s a crazy Idea, mainly because if she’s does that she losses Shane and in hi opinion Shane is a much better player than Willie. Janelle asks Dan if he would trade Danielle. Dan says no way he wants to keep Danielle he doesn’t want her “Touched”. He dreads haveing to deal with the “3 headed monster” named Willie. Dan brings up when he was talking to Britney downstairs she acted like there is a chance she could save all three this week. Janelle doesn’t understand why Brintey wants to protect Willie so much.

Frank thinks Britney is intimidated by Willie. Frank: “I do kind of feel bad for him..out in the hot tub by himself.. Don’t get me wrong he’s going up”

12:12AM Cam 3-4 Joe and Wil in Hottub Joe telling him that sooner or later they need to get Frank our.. He wants to do it soon. Wil says he doesn’t want to think about that yet but he does agree with joe.

12:40am Cam 3-4 Danielle and Jenn Danielle is really into Shane she thinks he’s attractive and and great but she’s upset that Shane sided with Willie. She didn’t like Willie Bullying.

12:43AM Cam 1-2 Backyard Couch Willie and JOJO Willie saying that there’s a 30% Shane going home, 60% Willie going home and 10% JOJO going home. Willie is certain one of them is going home.. the only chance they have is if Britney wins the Coaches competition saves Shane and Willie winning the POV with the nominees being Willie and someone other than JoJO .

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Beyonce fan

Rit don’t come for janelle and trust that janelle will win and save joe.


Interesting turn of events.


If Britney trades Willie with 1 of Janelles, im going to be SO PISSED! so will Janelle! that would be a HUUUUGE mistake for Britney! Janelle would go insane and i woult NOT blame her 1 bit.


Why is everyone so conscerned for Britney to win?
The only competition she would win would be for trash talking.
I hope Dan wins and saves Danielle because I don’t want him gone this week.
If I was Dan or Janelle I would try to convince Frank to go after Shane instead of the easy conviction of Willie.
a) If they win HOH next week they can save the easy elimination of Willie for their players for no blood on their hands.
b) Shane’s a bigger threat (better physical and mental even though him being better at mental isn’t saying much)
c) If Willie wins HOH next week they know he’s going after Boogie’s team and try to build alliances with one of the other teams which they could get lucky with.


@Ana. Lol. At you saying,”The only competition she would win would be for trash talking.” Britney will out shine every house guests that every played the game,in a trash talking competition.

Godless Monkey

As far as the coaches’ game in particular, seems at this point Boogie/Dan are Marge in Charge. Seems Britney is in way over her head, what with the Boogie/Dan alliance — for however long it lasts — and it seems, IMHO, that Janelle is way too focused on Boogie not besting her again that she’s of the “keep your friends close, enemies closer” mindset, and Boogie will then bite her in the ass.

The gamers, for the most part so far, are so weak this year, and here’s to hoping that will change! But for the next couple weeks it might just be a coaches’ game/their influence. Can’t wait for the players to really step it up in a smart, strategic way. A good point Willie made was, and paraphrasing him here, how different the game would be without the vets’ influence.


I have to say, Willie definitely impressed me tonight in Frank’s HOH room. I never expected him to shake Frank’s hand and congratulate him, but he did. Good job, Willie! Now, if he just lays low this week he might have a (small) chance of lasting a bit longer…especially with Boogie saying “the obvious choice isn’t always the best.”

I think at this point, my top 4 would have to be Willie, Ian, Ashley and Wil (in no particular order and for various reasons.) Jenn’s doing good at flying under the radar too, but I haven’t seen enough of her to really know if I like her (gameplay) or not. Right now, she’s just a follower.

I’m not sure if Brit should even bother trading a player. She’d have a potential spy on her team. Either way, it sounds like she’s probably losing one of her players this week, so maybe she should just save her best (Shane.) Of course, she has to win for it to even be an issue. 😉


I doubt if Britney wins the coaches competition she will trade Wille for Wil.I think Britney is scared of Janelle.She wants Janelle to like her,the same thing with Ashley.I will be pleasantly surprised if Britney actually trade Willie for Wil.But like I said,it won’t happen,because she’s scared of Janelle.Hopefully,Dan wins the coaches competition he will be able to guarantee he won’t be in jeopardy of losing his only player.I also hope they allow the coaches to play the game.Well,I really only want Dan and Boogie to be allowed to play the game.To shut Boogie up about him saying in the DR,that Dan won his season because he was playing against a bunch of amateurs.Boogie,basically tried to be little Dan’s game play.Therefore,I want the both of them to be allowed to play in the game,and put this idea that Boogie has,that he’s a better player than Dan to rest.If it isn’t obvious,I think Dan is a much better player than Boogie.

Enzo's Scalp

I think Janelle has told more lies or exaggerations tonight than Shelly told all of last season. I guess if people are buying it, she should sell as much of it as she can.


I always will have a soft spot for Brit, but I like Dan too. I agree with Ana that Franker should not gun after Willie and try to bury that hatchet. That would be an instant bromance alliance and possible knock the hell out of the house. Those two would make final two or three if they teamed up, especially if they got rid of Shane this week.


Yea im starting to feel bad for brit also…i feel like the other coaches does not respect her…i mean at least she did make it of final 5 i her season. I wish she would win the next comp.


ooh shizzzzz frank got some velveeta cheese!!!!!!!!!!!


Four strong players in the house: Willie, Frank, Joe and Shane while the rest are SHEEP. There is a secret alliance in the house (The four boys) and Dan and his gal will be out of the game this week. The four boys are playing the HATE game to the max and has everyone fooled including the coaches. The final two will be one of them with some sheep who won’t get any votes. Ashley isn’t no Shelly and can’t wait to see her face when Joe and Frank vote her out next week.


Lets be honest Dan is the best strategic player left in this game. All the HG know it, and thats why as a fan of Dan we need him in the game. They will take his team out the minute Frank gets indecisive. By the way who is Jenn. Lol


If it gets out what Joe said to Will about getting Frank out sooner than later, this week could be even better than week one. I honestly believe Joe is going to go ape shit the minute that gets out. Joe better not get on Will’s bad side, he has shown that he will even vote out his bff in Kara. Im hoping the girly gossipy side of Will comes out and says it to the wrong person. Lets go Dan, by the way Boogie is a Gator so no matter how much I dislike his ego, i really cant blame him as most Gators are successful.


@GoGators4LYFE. I hope your right,and Frank finds out what Joe said about him.It will be even better if after Wil tell Frank,that Joe wants Frank out and then Frank ask Joe about it.But Joe lies,and tell Frank that he didn’t say that.It was Wil who said that.Then Frank gets paranoid and decides that he can’t trust neither of them.Then Frank nominates Wil and Joe for eviction,all because he thinks the both of them are lying.That would be a turn of events that I would like to see take place.It’s to bad that isn’t going to happen.This week will go as expected.


I think no matter who wins the coaches competition, Britney is losing someone from her team this week. Even if the scenario Willie described were to happen, it would end up being a 4-3 vote to send whoever’s up there home.

Let’s just hope Dan doesn’t throw the comp this time, especially since he wants to keep Danielle.


I think the best play for brit right now is, if she win coaches comp she should save shane, and hope willie or jojo win pov..if those stars could line up then yes Team willie is back..I hope wil goes to jan and tell her that joe is already targeting frank…if that comes out man o man.


If Britney trade one of her players for Janelle’s, Boogie’s or Dan’s. I will be really pissed!


Kudos to you! I hadn’t thuohgt of that!