Big Brother Spoilers – Frank about Dan “That m*tha f***ker can’t be trusted”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22nd (Sunday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots /Slop ?
Coach Competition Winner ?
Next Coaches Competition July 20 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara

8:25pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank Dan tells him he’s getting worried about the coaches competition tomorrow. He thinks that Britney will trade Willie for Danielle. Dan starts to explain to Frank the advantage of keeping Danielle around. He points out that all the other players in the house carry baggage with them but Danielle she’s on her own and is a vote.
Janelle joins them, they fill her what they are thinking, Janelle is worried to about the possibility of Britney trading Willie for Wil. Frank goes on about the coaches competition being a endurance challenge and if it is tiny people like Dan and Britney have a good chance to win it. Dan says if it requires leverage than Brintey has the advantage over him but if it’s a regular endurance where you “Just stand up there” then he’ll stay up all F****g day and night.
Boogie joins them tells them if they want to keep the teams the same the best thing for them to do tell Britney if she trades Willie they will take out her 2 other players.
Boogie leaves..
Janelle, Frank and Dan agree that the only thing that can save Willie is if Britney wins the coaches competition. Dan gets called into the Diary Room

Janelle asks Frank if he thinks Dan will screw them, Frank thinks there is a possibility, “That motha f***ker can’t be trusted”

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8:45pm Cam 1-2 Janelle, Wil and Frank Wil complains that JoJO and Shane are trying to distance themselves from Willie, he knew it was going to happen, “Drink my alcohol now B!tch”. Janelle tells them if Jojo had won the competition she would be walking around swinging the key rubbing it in all their faces. Janelle tells them they need to really be worried about Dan tomorrow because if he wins the coaches competition he might trade Danielle for Wil or a Ian. Frank doesn’t know about Ian but thinks that Wil would be a good move. Janelle says Ian because Dan could sway Ian over to his side and he would already have Danielle.

8:52pm Cam 3-4 jojo and Willie JoJO is complaining about Big Brother bringing back the vets says it’s not fair to have someone like Janelle and Boogie playing when they’ve already played 2 times before. Willie believes he would be in a much better spot if the game was all new players.
He tells JOJO that he needs her this week he’ll understand if Shane distances him but he needs someone and JoJO is all he has. Willi “Britney probably told him to distance from us” joJO says Willie has nothing to worry about she’ll stick with him, but she’s worried she’ll be next to leave.
Willie: “don’t worry they are not coming for you they’ll take out Danielle and Shane.. then who knows those 2 big groups will go after each other sooner or later”
Jojo knows that Janelle is pissed at her and get the feeling that other people in the house are as well.
Willie says he feels sorry for Ashley becuase Janelle will start ignoring her again. jojo agrees says that Ashley will see that they are still there for her and Janelle isn’t. They both think they can get Ashley back. Willie: “when she see the footage she going to kick herself in her head”. Willie is really thinking if Brit trades him for Ian then the other side will take out Danielle instead of Shane.

JoJO swears she will not get down it’s only a game sometime your up sometimes your down.

8:56pm Cam 1-2 Havenots Danielle and Dan Dan’s telling her they need to come up with a plan to prevent Britney from trading Danielle and Willie. They come up with a speech where Danielle will tell Britney that she really has gotten close to Dan and likes Dan doesn’t really want to have a different Coach etc etc. Dan recommends she tells Britney if she keeps her in with Dan than she’ll owe Britney one, “Britney has to get something out of it”

9:28pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Shane, Jojo and Willie Talking about the shitty spot they are in.

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frank is turning into a mini booger


I can’t stand this mob mentality that biggie and janelle created in the house against Willie he was just tring to give info. Yes should of kept it to himself but this makes me more madder than anything I have seen in 13 seasons. Joe started all this Willie hate and frank also. Frank says he couldn’t trust Willie that means no one can trust him. Boggie should never be trusted by anyone after all stars and that’s what Willie was tring to say. If anyone ever didn’t deserve what is happening to them in 13 seasons it is Willie The coaches got so scared of Willie they started a smear complain against him. Outraged. And Ashley should be ashamed of herself I thought joe was the Shelly of this season I think it’s a tie. I can’t stand either one of them and will using his sexuality to gang up on Willie is an insult to his community use that card when it should be. Telling the truth about what will said was not an of fence against him and he dam well knows it!!!


How can you sit there and say what is offensive to someone until you have walked in their shoes. You’re just bitter that someone you root for is in danger of going home. Willie did talk like a girl while repeating what Wil said. It wasn’t a homophobic slur, but it was inappropriate as well. Willie also wanted the vote split. So basically everything that was said during the fight about Willie is true. Willie has no one to blame but himself. Even his teammates, Shane and Jojo, says that this is his fault. No one can deny that Willie was making too many side alliances and deals.


Willie did say to split the vote, but if it wasn’t for his campaigning their alliance would have gotten rid of Frank. It was only after he convinced them that they should get rid of Kara that he said to split the vote. Also he told Frank not to worry he was getting the votes to save him which is the truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5-3 or 6-2 or 7-1 he still would be safe, which is what Willie told him. Also while somewhat inappropriate, Frank and Joe completely misrepresented what Willie said when they relayed it to Wil. It wasn’t that big of a deal and to me know different then if one of them were to talk in a southern accent to make fun of Willie. Not nice, but oh well get over it. Not the end of the world. Willie has been made out to be the bad guy by Joe and Frank, when really it’s the two of them that shouldn’t be trusted. I hope Ashley is happy with her decision, because instead of having a pretty good chance to win, she now will likely be voted out in no better than 6th. Great decision.


Nobody got offended when other HG were making fun of the way Jo Jo talks, so I don’t understand why Willie was inappropriate with what he said and how he said it. I saw when Willie supposedly made the slur and I didn’t see it that way. Joe is the one that created the whole mess, and Frank just took his word for it, and by the time he told Wil the story got exaggerated again. The one to blame is Joe. He is a great liar and he has been stirring the pot since the beginning.


people change their voices all the time to add emphasis on what someone is saying. I do it every day with my little ones. Does that make me a bad mother? No, honestly it makes me freaken human. When I am talking about my husband, to someone I say things the way he would say it. Does that make me a bad wife that doesn’t love her husband, hell no. If Willie was doing an impersonation of Jojo he would of tried to do it with a New York accent. When I impersonate family members who have a southern accent, I pop mine on out. It is a way of life people. He didn’t say, being gay is a crime, so how about people stop treating him like he did. If I was Willie, I would of flipped out too, if there is one thing I can not stand, it is people talking sh*t about me, whether it is lies or the truth. Be grown enough to come to me about it. The mob mentality of the house is disgusting. It also really REALLY irks me that bullying is not beyond them. I am sure that Willie does it, but when you are constantly seeing it, compared to occasionally it’s just messed up. The only one I like out of the six person alliance right now is Ashley, I really bet on the wrong horse this season, but I can’t like people that I just don’t like.


Thanks for defending my thoughts, I was saying I was discussed with the mob mentality in the house not because of who I’m rooting for I don’t even think I said who I was rooting for. And by the way I think at one time or another we all have felt like or have been ganged up on wrongly so I think everyone has worn at least one pair of Wils shoes thank u


I don’t think I even said who I was rooting for just that the mob mentality in the house discussed me. I think at one time or another we all have been ganged up on wrongfully at some point in our lives that is what I see happening. The house is using Willie as a scapegoat. I think everyone has worn a pair of Wils shoes at some point.


So now you are a gay guy and knows what Wil has had to deal with in his life leading up to coming into the house? Yes, we are all been picked on or even ganged up on. It sucks. But I would suspect that being gay, you experience much more hatred and persecution than most of us will ever know. So I don’t know how Wil was supposed to feel when he found that out. However, I don’t think those on here that are saying it was no big deal, would know how it feels to be Wil. Bottom line, when you are living under a microscope, why do anything that could be used againist you. It wasn’t hateful bashing and I don’t think Willie is a homophobe. But he didn’t use good judgement in doing so, it got blown out of proportions, because the more a story is told, the more people exagerate. Bottom line, Willie shouldn’t have said anything and now he’s paying for his mistakes. And he made quite a few in his HOH.


OK, honestly, what season hasn’t had a mob mentality to a certain extent?


Im ready to see where Ian head is at..hopefully this week we will see some game from him..if not, he was jus a waste of space.


Jenn is a waste of space too. I don’t think the BB gods will let Willie go home yet – all the action and drama is pretty much centred around him which makes the show way more interesting for veiwers


Oh man Frank said “motherfucker”. If Willie said that than him and Joe would go around spreading to the house how Willie hates mothers



Big Brother's Big Brother

Or we could just let him tell people that he does break and enters and assaults women right? Oh no wait those charges were “droppoed”. Because that is the REAL Willie. LOL!


this season IS one of the best, I loved it when willie confronted frank about him spreading that shit about wil it was classic then booger telling him who in the fuck did he think he was etc… just reaffirmed how real this show is. hope for more of this ,hate to say it but its like the train wreck you have to stop and see.


I want to see how Frank is being HOH.
He was very persuasive and manipulative with Willie which is good.
But, he was stupid and made Willie and other people turn against him.
On the other hand, he is still here and is in power and has other peoople trusting him instead so it all worked out.
Over all I think Frank will be one to watch.


Off Topic but does anyone have a link for BB 7 Allstars. I want to figure out what Janelle and Boogie are all about. Youtube has videos but they are broken down to 3 parts per episode at it is annoying finding the next part. Anyone have a link to the complete episodes. TX


Thanks Simon


simon you are absolutely brilliant for posting this link. I cant wait to watch the all stars I watched it way back when but wasnt really a fan as I am now so never really paid too much attention to it. also what season was janelle on before all stars and was boogie on with her then too? and lastly were will and boogie on both thier seasons together and allstars? thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚


Before All-Stars, Janelle was on season 6 and Boogie was on season 2. Janelle dominated the competitions on both her seasons, especially All-Stars. However, her strategic gameplay wasn’t all that great. Boogie was terrible on season 2 and not all that great in All-Stars, but Will carried him through to the end. That’s my personal opinion and I feel Boogie’s arrogance is way too much, especially when he doesn’t deserve the credit for most of it.


You are correct…Dr. Will carried Boogie both seasons. I don’t know why he thinks he is all that!


Oh damn Simon, wish I would have known about those links. I have been doing the 3 part episodes on YouTube. Said it before, I’ll say it again, this site rocks. Big Brother or CBS should recognize the hard work you and Dawg do. I know that its the best site for all things BB anywhere. Thanks for all you guys do.


simon do you have a link to big brother season 12 full you tube episodes? i missed alot of the eps because they were idelayed by sports events all i can pull up are the pts 1 2 3 etc…thanks


RJ, also if you haven’t seen it, you should also watch Season 6 with Janelle on it. She was good that year too.

J terry

everybody threw the comp so frank would win. i bet hes will be a big prick


how in the fuck could they possibly throw this none of them could see what the other was going to put up dah you just dont like frank ( i dont either) but i know unless they knew the questions in advance there was no way to throw this. ๐Ÿ™‚


I remember frank saying he wouldn’t back door anyone I wonder if he stands by it but either way I’m happy he won and hopefully Joe is hoh next week


You’re right! I remember Frank saying that too (now that you reminded me.) I hope he sticks to his word there b/c I’d hate to see Willie go out on a backdoor. I wonder if the other HG’s remember Frank saying that, and if he doesn’t stick to it, he’s showing them he can’t be trusted.

Gah! This season is so darn good…I wish I could afford the feeds. Oh well, even if I had them I’d still be glued to this site. I just wish I had people in my real life who are as passionate about BB as I am…at least I have everyone here. ๐Ÿ™‚

J terry

everybody threw the comp so frank would win. i bet hes will be a big prick


Forget about frank winning hoh.. What I wanted to see was JOJO/Willie calling Ashley out on her flip flopping.

I mean In the end I guess she made the right decision and stuck with her team, but I thought they would blow up at her.

She promised everyone and their mama her vote, so I’ll be expecting someone to call her out on her bullshit sometime this week.


Why do you say she made the right decision? No matter how she voted Janelle would try to protect her from Wil, who would have won HOH, and Joe. Willie, Shane and Jojo would have been in an alliance with her. And she would have had a final 3 with Kara and Danielle. The only people that would want her out immediately would be Jenn and Ian, and both of them have many more people to go after, before worrying about Ashley. She had made enough deals that she could have cruised to final 6 and then decided whether to go with Shane, Willie and Jojo or Dan’s girls. Now she has to hope that her team will want her around until the end.


Lmao Simon: Shane JoJo Willie, talking about the shitty spot they are in.


When Julie states that “everybody can be traded except HOH” does that mean Dan can trade one of his two eliminated players?


I was thinking the same thing. The best thing for Dan to do would be win the comp and trade out Jodi or Kara’s vacant spots for Joe or Wil. I say those two because they are really running the new alliance (esp. Joe) and then Joe would be forced to work with Dan whether he liked it or not. At least not this week, he wouldn’t get voted out, well unless he went crazy, I am hoping Frank can see how messed up Joe really is, but I don’t see that happening.

Big Brother's Big Brother

I think you guys are reaching. How can you trade something that does not exist? What you are suggesting sounds morelike taking than trading.


But if someone gets to come back into the game it actually makes a lot of sense. It’s like trading for future considerations.


If the coaches remain coaches and do not come in as players, will the winner of bb14 be labeled sheep or basically the coach won it for them? I think that’s the only downside to the coaching concept. But it has been a great start for this season!


If I was Frank I would not put him up right away, cause he would be in the POV for sure and could really win that so he can pull himself off. Bad thing about that is JoJo or Shane would replace him unless Brit Saves one of them if she wins coach comp.

If Shane or JoJo win the POV and take him off either one will be on the block as a replacement nominee.

Game play wise if I was HOH I would put up two pawns and if either of Janelle’s team or Boogies team wins the POV use the POV and take one down and back door Willie.

Or Brit could win the Coach comp and save Willie, bad thing about that Shane or JoJo would be replacing him on the block and most likely they would put Shane up.

Shits and giggles Brit could trade him.
Brit could save Shane or Jojo then either wins POV if in and if Willie on the block she or he pulls him and everyone is safe from Brits team.
Save Shane or JoJO then either wins POV if in and if Willie not on the first block of nominees not use the POV and everyone safe.



The only way I see Brits team being safe is if she saves Shane, Frank puts up Willie and a pawn, Jojo wins POV and takes Willie down, but then that means Danielle is going up and they are right back to where they are now, only difference is that Willie can fight for HOH next week. If it goes any other way, Brits team will lose someone this week.

Carol & Steve

I think that Dan’s best move would be to win the coach’s comp and use the “save” option. It at least keeps him in the house one more week. If he trades or is forced to trade b/c another coach won then I’d almost bet that person will be voted out next just to get Dan out.
Having said that – too many times houseguests think they can get another player out later. I can almost hear them say that they can always get Willie out later since everyone wants him gone – or Ian b/c he’s a freaking BB encyclopedia or Jenn b/c she’s a floater.
I REALLY hope Dan manages to stay in this game.


I couldn’t agree with you more!! I truly hope that Dan will win the coaches competition and would be able to relax for the rest of the week. I feel bad for the guy. He definitely has a good poker face. You know that he’s really worried when he tells other people that he’s worried. I don’t he did that in previous seasons. I do think that Dan’s biggest road block is Britney. By trading Willie, she can kill 2 birds with one stone. I really hope she doesn’t win –she seems to have this vendetta against Dan. I was watching the live feeds and I think that Britney is seriously considering on doing the trade just to get rid of Willie and getting Dan out now is just a perk. No matter what though, Danielle is safe even if Dan doesn’t win the competition. There’s too many big fish to fry first.

Beyonce fan

People so damb dumb get over it willie team lost and how did people lie on him he did make a girl voice he did try to play everybody get the fuck over it no one is teaming up on him they calling him out on his bull shit get over it willie fans I can’t stand willie fans y’all some Bitches.


Why are you still allowed to post here? Mods, please do something about this…no one wants to keep reading this garbage.


Im sorry I thought this was a free country….If you dont like anyones comments here then dont red them..this is not China…I dont know where you are from but Here in America Liberty trumps all.

Godless Monkey

Aside from all the crazy shit going on in the house (first week! Clearly the game has evolved and next year will most likely be just as cut throat just as soon) as far as the players resemblance to celebs this year, and the many lookalikes: Shane/Tom Cruise, Kara/Marcia Brady, Frank/Carrot Top, Ashley/A non-anorexic Olsen twin, Jodi/Kalia BB13, Jojo/New Jersey reality girl. Just noticed while catching up on BBAD on Showtime when it cut to preview of Weeds and Mary-Louise Parker (character Nancy Botwin) that Danielle resembles her slightly. Sure, no one is an exact doppleganger, but quite a few lookalikes.


I think Willie has the DPOV or the coup d’รฉtatย power! Possibly when he went down to the diary room, he was given one of the two powers. That must be why Willie is not fighting since the whole house is against him. Just speculation. Btw Can’t wait for the JoJo and Shane vs Ashley drama ๐Ÿ™‚


Although I love Britney, I hate Willie. He is totally right though, the other players think that they’re on teams, but they can do whatever they want.They’re slowly becoming the blobs from last season, just doing whatever the vets tell them to. Meh.


It’s annoying that people get soooo side tracked in this game and are soooo easily swayed by gossip – especially having 4 previous players who know exactly how easy 1 word can get blown up. The coaches don’t know any game what so ever – its all a crap shoot! Lol but dang serious for week 1! Game on!!


I think Willie could write a book about what not to do when you are the HOH.


Right after Kalia LOL


This is BB, Willie will find a way to save himself or the producers will. Finally picked my winners after 14 days. Dan / Coaches and also like Brit really hopin Danielle or Shane wins, Jojo isnt bad neither. I detest Bath Salts Joe n horseteeth Ashley.


Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. We are analyze scenario of coaches competition of which coach would either save or trade a team member. Let review the scenario:
Senario 1
If Mike Boogie wins
He would save Ian or Jenn; He will also trade Ian or Jenn for Wil (Team Janelle),Danielle (Team Dan) or JoJo/Willie (Team Britney)
Scenario 2
If Britney wins
She will save either Jojo,Willie or Shane; She will also trade Willie for Ian (Team Mike Boogie), Danielle (Team Dan), or Wil (Team Janelle)
Scenario 3
If Dan wins
He will automatic save Danielle or Trade Danielle for Ian (Team Mike Boogie), Willie (Team Britney) or Wil/Ashley (Team Janelle)
Scenario 4
If Janelle wins
She either save Wil/Joe or Trade Wil for Ian (Team Mike Boogie),Danielle (Team Dan) or Jojo (Team Britney)
We will find out if the scenario will work. Stay tuned!