Big Brother Spoilers – Britney’s team Sinking, Willie: “Trade me save the team”

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HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
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Next Coaches Competition July 20 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara

7:07pm Cam 3-4 Havenots Room Dan, Ian and Danielle Dan talking about how insanely hard the questions were. Ian agrees, says the question he went out on was the one asking which way the burglar went “Right or Left” Ian figures they might as well asked him weather there was Sprite or Water in his cup

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7:15pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Dan Boogie joking that if Britney wins the coaches competition she’ll trade Willie for Danielle. Dan: “I know I know” Dan asks him if Boogie would trade any of his players. Boogie pretty much says that Jenn and Ian just lay low and Danielle just sleeps all day so he won’t gain anything.
Dan: “If I trade Danielle I’ll be trading her for a marked person”

7:18pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room
Basically talking about Willie being a sinking ship and Shane should think about jumping ship to keep himself safe. Britney tells him that Willie has royally messed all their games up. She tries to talk to him and get him to keep his move shut but nothing seem to work.
Shane: “Ashley absolultey Fucked us”
Britney: “She had to do what she thought was best for her game.. it’s really uncomfortable for me how everyone is saying they hate Willie and he’s on my team”
Brintey: “Of course you are going to have to go talk to Frank.. and you are going to tell him that you had to vote for Kara because that was his teams wishes.. try and build up that you are loyal”
Joe pokes his head in the room.. they ask him for some time.
Britney: “Joe drives me freaking crazy… he’s like the police leave me the f*ck alone”
Britney: “A lot can happen… POV, coaches competition.. Who knows what will happen we were once allied with Janelle for a hot minute”
Britney: “I’m sorry you are on my team.. Willie Screwed up this whole game”
Shane is going to try and break a deal with Frank tell him that he’s wanting to break apart from his alliance because Willie is done. Shane is pretty certain that is Shane and Willie are up on the block he has the votes to stay. Britney: “I have to win the coaches competition tomorrow” She thinks it might be best for Shane to be nice to everyone lay low and wait what happens after the coaches comp then they can make their next moce.

JOJO joins them and Shane leaves.
Britney tells her that they we in the worse spot they can be in EVER!
JOJO: “I can’t stand Janelle she’s so fake.. one day you’re with us the next you’re with them.. SO FAKE.. it’s like whoever has VIP”
Britney: “I feel like if I trade Willie they will cut a deal with him and take out Shane or you”
Britney tells her that Janelle is teamed with Boogie. nobody is loyal in this house.
Britney asks Jojo to go get Willie.. After Jojo leaves Britney keeps repeating to herself “I have to win tomorrow.. have to win”

7:33pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Britney and Willie

Britney is saying if Willie wins POV they are going to take out Jojo or Shane probably Shane
Willie is saying he had to defend himself.. because where Willie is from that is how you handle it. Britney tells him he has to think of his team mates when he acts.. Willie: “Trade me than save the team”
Britney: “I’m not going to trade a player”
Willie: “Trade me to Boogie and Danielle goes home.. ”
Britney: “NO because Shane will go home”
Willie: “Fine do what you want to do.. if the problem is me get rid of me”
Britney: “If I physically can remove your trachea and have you only speak when I open my fist that would of helped” Willie laughs
Britney tells him that Boogie and Janelle have a deal so regardless what she does this week she will be a man down. Willie doesn’t think so he thinks if Britney trades him off they other side will go after
Britney explains that they got rid of Kara this week to save Frank and take out you this week, “The only people that go on the block will be the people who voted against them.. our team is screwed” Willie keeps telling her to trade him that’s the best chance. Willie tells her he cares about his 4 people and after she makes her move he’ll make

Willie: “we’ll he looks like a b!tch and he won’t win 1/2 a million dollars”

Britney gets called into the Diary Room

8:00pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Jenn and Danielle
Jenn is spreading the Willie hate..

8:03pm Cam 3-4 Boogie, Janelle and Frank They’re plan is to tell Willie that if he wins POV and save himself than they’ll just evict another one of his team mates. It’ll go down in the Head of Household room with Frank and Boogie on the bed and Willie on the couch.

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Britney should trade Willie for one of Boogies guys. Like Ian. These guys want Willie out, plain and simple…they don’t care about Shane or Jojo this week. Then boogie will be down a guy…


She would have to actually win a comp in order to do that. Based on her history in this game, that’s not likely to happen while she is competing againist Boogie, Dan and Janelle. all 3 are better at comps than Britney. All she can really do is bad mouth people and occasionally will have a funny DR session. Other than that, she’s pretty much useless.


maybe production will throw her a bone and have a competiition who bad mouths people the best!


hahaha, she’d totally own that comp.


With all this going down I still don’t have a particular favourite person but it would be awesome if Willie survives just for the drama between him and Frank, and if Dan wins the coach competition so he can catch a break and cause a few ripples. Question to everyone, who you rooting for, or you all hate Willie as much as the houseguests do?


Im with willie till he is out the house…I think he was unfairly targeted for no reason…all of a sudden everyone jus started ganging up on willie..i understant the blow out between him and Frank but frank and will was spreading lies about him.


Willie did this to himself. He did mock how Wil speaks and it was shown on TV tonight. Actually, everything Willie has been accused of, he did. Is some of it blown out of proportion? Probably. Willie did want the votes split. Willie did go back on his word with Frank initially. Willie did ALL of this to himself. Worst BB player ever, IMO.


well your opinon jus kidding…yea i do agree that willie should not had told frank anything…but regards to the “mocking” of wil i think he did that in a way you would make fun of a nagging person, not of wil sexual oriantation..but who knows its in the eye of the beholder…I still believe willie has goton a bad rap in the house for no reason..everything jus spun out of controll so fast.


I don’t know if you can say the house turned againist him for no reason. That house meeting was a horrible idea as well. As far as him making fun of Wil. I don’t consider Willie a homophobe, but in hindsight he shouldn’t have raised his voice a few octaves when repeating what Wil had said. In the BB house, anything can and will be used againist you. I just don’t recall ever seeing the HOH lose the house like that before. It looked like Willie was thinking he would always be in power and it went to his head.


I’m rooting for Ashley, just because I think she’s pretty. However every season I pick a girl I think is beautiful and it seems like they exit early on. So enjoy her for the next week of so, HoJo will probably give her the boot soon for keeping Frank tonight.

Every damn year it happens.

I hope she turns out to be an evil genius and has a good run at it.

I don’t get the live feeds. Been following this site every season since I found it because I enjoy it the most. I didn’t expect her to vote like that tonight, but I guess she saw the writing was on the wall for Willie and jumped.

Go team Ashley!


Out of the coaches, I want Janelle or Dan to win the 100K

Out of the HG’s, I like Frank and Ashley. Ian is growing on me. And yeah, I don’t hate Willie, but I do want to see him evicted soon.


Yea. Britney’s team is f’ed now. Really sucks as I am a fan of hers and I think a lot of the Willie hate has been blown out of proportion. He’s really the catalyst for making the show interesting. Hope he stays but seems doubtful!


If Britney wins coaches comp and trades Willie for Danielle is Dan officially done then if they evict Willie? Just want to hear what other people think Britney should do.


Honestly I am wondering the same thing…If they have Coach’s comp BEFOR the HOH nom..then if Brit wins and trades for Danielle or ..say Ian…then whoever gets Willie I think would lose him….so yea..I guess Dan would be out..if the trade is for Danielle..unless they nom Willie..he wins POV and takes himself off..but my guess is Frank will want to backdoor Willie to make sure he leaves…I’d like to see Willie have at least a shot to get POV..but these douche drinkers are all drinking the Willie hater-aid now….I am just hoping WIllie can stay in for amusement purposes at this point…if it’s the rest of these sleepers..I’m gonna get bored fast.


Britney is hypocrite, if she had just shut up about the coaches coming back into the game and not riled up Willie about the Wil and Frank stuff her players would have been in a better position. Side note: it would be hilarious if britney wins the coaches competition and trades willie to dan, and dan gets sent home.


Her problem was that she made no friends except for Willie. He was her puppet and she loved it. She manipulated him to putting up Frank even though that was Willie’s secret alliance and at the time not in his best interest.

Now she is talking to Shane and Jojo, but at the time she was putting all of her eggs in the Willie basket. Janelle drifted from her very, very quickly. Even before the house meeting stuff.

She thought he was her Lane, but he’s not. Who knew Lane would like a genius next to anybody?


I fucking hate jan and boogie…and where does jenn get the nerve to hate on willie…hell did he ever even talk to that girl…sheesh these people.


I feel that these BB alumni should quit whilst they are ahead, that’s why I don’t ever wanna see Dr Will back in the game he might ruin his ‘legend’ reputation. Same thing might happen to Janelle seems the love for her is not unanimous now, and Dan, he needs a lifesaver right now.


I like Booogie..he’s a strategic thinker like Dan…but janelle..she’s just a hanger the HOH life until it no longer suits her needs…she shat on Brit for no reason..these people (coaches) have no real control over their players..Brit did not deserve Janelle being fake with her and pretending to be her firend..I am very disappointed in Janelle.


Willie’s defense of this is how things go in Louisiana is absurd. Hasn’t he watched one episode of CBS? Did Russell give him any advice?


What a great ol’ power shift. 🙂 Are there still any Brit & Willie fans out there lol? Can’t wait for Willie to be put up, so he can see how being on the block feels.

And did anyone notice that Julie didn’t talk to Willie in the HoH room? I wonder why. And Kara’s interview was very short.


This twist of the coaches comp is a little tricky. I think Brit is the only coach probably willing to trade lol. But good thing she’s not good at winning comps.


In Big Brother 12, first week, Rachel was saved by a unanimous vote, out of people’s stupidity. She then went on to win HoH right after, and took advantage of their stupidity. Hmm.. Frank did the exact same for Big Brother 14!


I kind of feel bad for Brittney :/ DAMN YOU WILLIE


Willie said to Brit my wife wouldn’t talk to me the way you are.
Brit said u would beat her!!
The S.S. Willie is sinking fast


The HOH powers went to Willie’s head. Would he have called that newbie meeting if he was not HOH? Has an HOH ever been do destructive? Even Rachel used her HOH to save herself during Week 3 of Season 12 and the entire house hated her and Brendon. Willie thought he was the first HOH and that he was untouchable. That he would win the rest of the show and every competition possible, that he could charm every woman into his alliance and every guy is his bro. Even if he did not do that house meeting, he was verging toward the Ronnie strategy of too many secret alliances too quickly. Did Brit know about all of his secret alliances? She should have kept him on a tighter dog leash.

I don’t feel badly for Brit or Jojo. They had great faith in Willie. Shane’s mistake was not jumping ship during the eviction of Kara. By that point, he should have known his vote wouldn’t have mattered. That might have helped Willie a tad or at least Shane. Now they look like the idiots. Danielle had to vote for Kara, but Shane didn’t have to go along.


Shit I am so fucking pissed off how the fucck did this happen what the mess went down??? Ashley is a shank and is shady and cannot be trusted. Here’s what needs to happen next week Britney better fucking win the coaches compition so she can save shane and trade willie for danielle then Frank will nominate Willie and JOJO for eviction this week. WIllie needs to win pov and take himself off the block and frank will put up Danielle next to JOJO. Hopefully they will get the votes to keep jojo in the house then TEAM BRITNEY WILL HAVE ALL her players left!


A coach can either trade or save. Brit will not likely trade because she might lose Shane in the process. She would rather sacrifice Willie or jojo this week. She knew since Day 1 Shane was her only possible chance of winning. If she makes a trade, she might as well throw away Shane and put all of her eggs in another person’s basket that is not Frank since he is HOH. She would not sacrifice Shane for Joe, Ashley, Ian, Jenn, or Danielle. Unless she values Wil that highly, she would not trade. And that all depend son her winning. So, if she wins she will probably just keep Shane and pray that her team can win the POV.


Team DRAMA, yo!

Let’s see, we need Dan or Janelle to win the next comp. Then Willie and Jojo get put up. Shane wins Veto, takes down Willie. Up goes Ashley. Fights galore.


I still like Willie and I don’t think he’s a bad guy…although I can understand why some people feel bullied by him. I think he’s just one of those people who gets really intense when they’re passionate about something. Some people find that kind of energy overwhelming and can feel bullied. I don’t think it was ever his intent to bully anyone. I also think Frank is a piece of crap for making what Willie said about Wil into a homophobic slur. Willie wasn’t making anything close to a homophobic slur…he was just doing what any of us do when repeating what someone said that we think is a lie . (I hope that last one made sense. Lol)

Unfortunately, I smell a backdoor coming for Willie. His only saving grace would be either a miracle, or if Boogie/Frank don’t want to risk Willie winning POV (by nominating him right away.) Otherwise, Willie better lube up cause he’ll most likely be getting a backdoor next Thursday.

Of course, as we’ve all seen, this is one crazy season and who know what can/will change by next Thursday.


The way this cast switches sides by next thursday Willie could be a hero, Wil could be straight and Jojo could be the brains! love this season so far

Jake K.

Hahahahaha so true. This season is FANTASTIC.


Color me confused because my understanding of having the coaches in the competition was to provide guidance to the players, each coach leaving once their players are all gone. I read somewhere that their contract stated they would NOT be eligible to play the game. It to me seems like the coaches’ interest would only be keeping their players in the game, ensuring they remain in the house. If the coaches win their competitions, they may keep a member safe or trade for another team member. Sounds pretty straight forward. Am I confused because of the level of paranoia going on or is there a change that I am not aware of. It seems like the players have decided that the coaches will all be going toward the end, not just the coach(es) whose players are in the final two. Also, why aren’t the other coaches reiterating that they are not eligible for the final prize, just the coach one. What am I missing? Simon, Dawg, Grandma….anyone?


I am on team Shane. I hope he wins the show.


I still don’t understand why Britney gave Willie the HOH. He already had heat on him going into the house and the HOH was just more fuel to the fire yo.

Gonna be another good week yo!!


how great would it be if brittney wins coaches challenge and trades Willie to Boogie? i’m praying to the big brother gods as we speak


I bet she was thinking that Willie would sit out week 2 HOH comp but Shane could still play. Jojo she had zero trust in initially or care what happened with her. Willie she figured would just do what his alliance told him, which is what he started off doing. That is usually how first HOH goes down. Usually HOH is not so destructive unless you are named Kalia, but Willie makes Kalia look like a good HOH.


Because Britney is one of the best Big Brother players of all time. <— LOL

Her DR sessions were funny, but she totaly got played by the Brigade! But AG bestowed this special title upon her and it left me scratching my head, wondering why Ronnie isn't a coach. Or that guy that held a knife to that girls throat way back when. Or Chima.


Ha! I love the deal Danielle and Dan just made. Let’s go Dan for the coaches comp win so Danielle can go on a date with Ian!!!


Goodevening Good people , so I caught the “incident” tonight on the cbs airing, and I have to say a couple of things .. first off , i have seen over and over people imitating the voices and mannerisms of other houseguests over and damn over , why is it that because wil is gay it was homophobic.
Also I hope wil gets a chance to see what willie said and see that maybe just maybe he should have asked willie the question ..”what did you say” my opinion he acted like a little bitch ( ohhh no i must be homophobic) and that is all it took for Joe the jackass and of course FRank the dummy to use it agaisnt willie. now willie probbaly should have shut his yap ..defend himself sure but know when you are going overboard while doing it.


I fully agree with you. To take what Willie said by imitating Wil is going a bit too far. Frank knows it too. He is stooping pretty low here. The big liar and problem in the house is Joe!!! After reading all the comments people have been making, noone has mentioned the lies this person has told. He has bullied Ashley and others for their votes, gone from one to another making deals, talking badly about his coach and then sucking up to her. He is a slimeball and I would love to see it all come out soon. Also his goodbye message tonight was completely classless. He certainly has done nothing so far to have the attitude he is displaying

production rigged it

i agree 100% joe and frank r the ones stirring up all the shit, it;s not like willie jumped up and pranced around the room with his wrists bent mocking him or anything and joe the jackass that is a perfect name for him and how annoying r his dr sessions he is so damn loud, he’s just doing all of it for the air time, he is this year’s shelly and just like her last year all of his lies will come out and bite him in the ass as well as frank too it’s just a matter of time.

King Silva

Wow this sucks.. :'(

Willie is a lost cause so I know that he’ll be evicted.

I just don’t want him to win POV [I’d rather Shane won it again to save himself *or Willie if by some miracle Shane is not nominated*].

That would mean JoJo would go but whatever I guess; Willie is better tv than JoJo and Shane is my favorite so far.

Beyonce fan

First of how is janelle fake when it was joe and wil plan to join boogie team plus willie was makeing deals with everyone so janelle and her team left how is that fake? And today on big brother you so willie did a girl voice tallking about wil willie is fake everyone know’s it get over it willie was thinking he was king of the house what goes around comes back around hey my baby.


Jan is fake azz hell..she treated britney like shit and pretened to be her friend…and this whole thing about willie making plans with everyone in the house is total bullshit..the only thing is said was if frank keep him safe he will not nominate him…from there things just went haywire after he had that stupid azz house meeting..that was his only mistake really..if joe fat stupid self would havejust kept his mouth shut frank azz would be out of here.


Willie had a deal with Frank, with Jojo, with Ashley. he even approached Boogie with a deal. If Willie had played well, he wouldn’t be in danger this week. As far as Janelle, she was friendly with Britney, then Britney see’s Janelle talking to Dan and assumes Janelle is making side deals and stops trusting Janelle. Then Britney starts spreading her paranoia to Willie. Actually if you think about it, Britney had alot to do with Willie’s downfall. She fed into his paranoia. She told him about the coaches possibly coming into the game. Britney told him that the house had turned againist him. Britney basically stoked this fire till it damn near burnt the house down.


Yea you are right i do agree with that assesment. Hope willie can pull off a dream….I liked him for the entertainment factor.


I should add…I forgot to include Joe in the whole Willie/Wil thing. Joe started it, is a big sh*t-disturber, and I can’t wait till he goes.

You’re so right, Simon…things can definitely change overnight or within the next couple of days. I’d like to see Willie survive this week, but if he does, he definitely needs to reassess how he’s playing the game.

Every time I see Shane, I just hear a big “Duuuuh.” I refer to him as The Dolt. Maybe he’s smarter then I’m giving him credit for, but at this point in time, I just don’t see it.

Looking forward to BBAD tonight!


Bratney wasn’t a good player, but she’s proving to be even worse as a coach. Tonight’s eviction couldn’t have went any better. Loving Ashley right now, she made absolutely the right choice. Frank winning HOH, yep, that’s called Karma. Willie fans, get your kleenex’s handy, you will be saying goodbye to the hillbilly this week.


Willie will not be going home!

I just can’t see Shane winning two straight POVs

When do they have nominations tomorrow?


If Britany wins she needs to switch Willie with a well liked player such as Wil. That way she has a player on her side that is with the majority and is higher in rank than some of the rest.


I just have to say that Boogie is NASTY! Boogie is a nasty arrogant SKANK. That is all.


If Willie is evicted this week, hopefully CBS will give us fans a chance to vote him back into the game.


I love Pazuzu! (britney) And I also like Wilie. I think he will rise again if he doesn’t (physically) knock one of these dipshits out. Fake ass Janelle talking about Boogie’s ego, what a laugh. And did I mention how much I loathe Joe!!!!

production rigged it

what about ashley being a lying two faced bitch telling kara to her face twice that she was safe and had her vote and then flip flopping, oh well she told willie that she was number 4 in his alliance behind him, shane and jojo where does she think she’s at with the other 2 groups i’ll tell her on the bottom with jen and ian duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess it’ll sink in when they don’t need her vote and send her sorry ass home.


@production rigged it. I think Ashley will be treated how Porche was treated by Rachel,Jordan and Jeff.They only used her for votes.She finally realized that,once Brendan came back into the house.Janelle and Boogie’s team has obviously used Ashley to get her to vote out Kara.They hardly spoke to Ashley,before they knew they needed her vote.Willie has spent time with Ashley way more than the people that she turn her back on Willie for.I doubt that Ashley will make it to final 2,like Porshe.Porshe almost didn’t make it.The bottom line is your right.Janelle and Boogie’s team just used her to evicted someone that wasn’t a threat to her.And they convinced her to vote to keep a player that is a huge threat for everyone in the game.Like I said before,keeping Frank in the game,only benefits Frank and Boogie.


I’m a big fan of Willie so I’m pissed at the way Joe and Frank have turned things against him. If they would have just worked with Willie Frank would have been safe this week anyway. I have no idea what Ashley was thinking. She would have been in a 6 person alliance, with all the numbers, the strongest players and two separate deals to get her to the end (her/Kara/Danielle or her and Brit’s team). Instead she jumps on a 6 person alliance that she is person number 6 on with no useful side alliance. How does that help her game?

With the coaches twist this week it will be interesting to see what happens if Brit wins and trades Willie to Boogie’s team. Would they still try to get him out? He could work with Brit’s team still and defeat most of Boogie from within if they keep him in the game. And if they do still want to get him out, then Boogie is down a player. Very interesting week ahead of us.


@Boilermaker. I agree with most of what you said.I’m cheering for Dan,but the way people in the game and on this site are treating Willie is just ridiculous.In my opinion anyone who thought the way that Willie described what Wil said was wrong,they are to sensitive.I’m almost certain if Willie did the same thing to a house guests that has a strong southern accent,no one would have a problem with that.After watching tonight’s show,I don’t understand why Wil or Joe had a problem with what Willie said about the coaches and how they should play their own game.Just because Willie said he wants to split the vote,I don’t think he meant he was evicting Frank.Everything that Willie said made sense for the newbies.Britney is the one that told Willie he should be worried about the coaches coming into the game,but now she acts like Willie is crazy for being concerned about that.Tonight’s episode also showed how Janelle over reacted,over Willie saying he wants a meeting with the people playing the game.Janelle said in the DR that Willie yelled at her and said no coaches allowed”.It’s weird that I’m defending Willie,because like I said,I’m rooting for Dan.I just think people are making a big deal out of whatever Willie does.I feel confident that Ashley,Wil,Joe,Ian and Jenn will regret keeping Frank in the game.Frank is one of the biggest threats in the house.These people had a golden opportunity to get rid of a huge threat,but for some reason they felt that the best decision is to get the girl that it will more than likely be easy to vote out later on.And keep the guy that it will be difficult to evict.Which also means that these people who voted to keep Frank,want it to be difficult for them to win the money.Because unless they came off of the short yellow bus,they should know that keeping Frank in the game over Kara will only benefit Frank and Boogie.I also want to add,that I’m not buying this crap about how Ashley did what was the best for her game.How is keeping a threat like Frank in the house,good for her game?She basically voted to keep one huge obstacle in the game,that will be close to impossible to get rid of.With all of this chaos that was going on in the house,all Ashley had to do was,vote to keep Kara and then blame it on Wil.This could’ve worked.All she had to do was,if people ask her who did she vote for?she can say,” I voted to keep Frank.I think Wil must of changed his mind and voted to keep Kara,because he’s friends with her”I think this plan had a big chance at working.


I’m a little confused,I thought Britney told Willie she isn’t going to trade.But then she said to herself,that she has to win the competition.I hope Dan wins the coaches competition and then that will prevent,the trash talker aka Britney from trying to screw Dan,by trading Willie for Danielle.When is the coaches competition?


Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights: Before we will have mentor standings, Julie Chen announce the stakes are higher. Whoever coaches win their competition, either keep one of player safe or trade a player. It’s mean it time to shake things up again. Everyone will eligible except for HoH. What does it mean? Will find out on coach competition. Here are the mentor standings
1.Team Britney/Team Mike Boogie (2-2)
3.Team Janelle/Team Dan (0-4)
Will all these will be trade except the HoH? We will find out later. Stay tuned!


Continue:Also, after the second week Live eviction. We will have third member inductee into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012!
Who will join them? Let’s review two members of Inductees:
-The four horsemen alliance (BB5:Jase,Scott,Drew,Cowboy): Inducted by:Diane (Class of 2013 Candidate BB HOF: BB5 & BB7) & Nokomis (BB5 & BB7)
ZingBot 3000 (BB12 & BB13): Inducted by Rachel (BB12 & BB13), Ragan (BB12), Daniele (Candidate of BB HOF Class of 2013) & Jordan (BB11 & BB13)!
Plus Here are the early Candidates for BB HOF Class of 2013:
Donatos Alliance (BB8 & BB13)
Diane Henry (BB5 & BB7)
Dan Gheesling (BB10 & BB14)
The Renegade alliance (BB10:Dan & Memphis)
Stay tuned!