Mike Boogie plans to call Kara out for living at the Playboy mansion

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

7:50am Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Britney and Jojo head down stairs. Willie collects the rest of his things and heads down as well. Britney and Jojo get into Mike’s bed and go back to sleep. Willie plays the game in the arcade room for a bit and eventually takes Mike’s spot in his bed when he gets up.
9:15am – 9:40am Mike sits at the kitchen table doing his routine talk with the live feeds. Mike says big day today, I hope you have enjoyed this on the live feeds this week this has been quite the week one. Things are most likely very interesting in here tonight and I mean that in a good way. I think my man Ian is about to step into the spot light. As you may have seen the protégé the kid has a photographic memory. Whether or not he can summon his powers in a clutch we will see, tune in tonight to find out. I just have to not put too much pressure on him today. I guarantee Jojo isn’t known for her memory skills. Boogie then hears voices talking and gets up to go take a look. He gets closer to the living room and can tell that it’s Frank and someone else.
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9:50am Mike grabs ted the stuffed bear and starts talking to him. He says that Ted is in a good place he is the strong silent type. Mike says let’s think ahead a little bit one of our 6 people wins HOH, we nominate Shane and Joe. He says that the chances of Jojo getting picked for POV and the chances for winning it are slim to none. Mike says that it would be nice to have one of Janelle’s players win HOH and get the blood on their hands. Or have Frank win and kick out Willie. There is also the option of having Ian win and kick out the bully. Mike says that it sucks that we have to evict the hottest chick the second eviction. It sucks but she is up against our man Frank. He says that she lives in California and they will hang out after this is done. Mike says that he likes the girl next door type. He comments on how ted likes the asians. He says that he might just bring up how he thinks Kara lives at the Playboy mansion. He says that she was quite evasive when answering questions. He says that it will suck to have her leave because she was a great pool side view. Mike comments on how Jenn was a great pick because she is flying under the radar. He says that Janelle’s last pick was good too, Joe is coming around and the best thing is, he is going after Willie and the gang.
10:15am Mike goes and talks to Janelle and Jenn in the kicks room. He tells them that he has been up talking to ted, he’s been waiting for people to wake up for someone to talk to. Mike leaves the room and runs into Joe. He tells Joe that he is planting the seeds for socialization. Mike asks Ian how he feels about the messages last night. Ian says good. He says that after a while they just started replaying the messages.
In the Kick’s room Frank tells Jenn that he is sorry for farting on her last night. Jenn says its fine, it was just really disrespectful. Mike comes in and apologizes to Jenn about not getting up in the middle of the night to listen to the messages. He says that after a while he was dreaming about them and thinking he was getting up. Jenn says it just sucked that the other coaches were there to help the others study. I just felt like you thought Ian was there so it didn’t matter. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Jenn and Frank are talking alone. Jenn says that she appreciates that Mike apologized to her. Frank gets down on his knees and apologizes to her. She tells him its fine it was just a number of events last night that made her mad. They talk about how they hope Ian win HOH and keeps the blood off their hands. Jenn wonders if Ian might be a wild card and not listen. She says that she is going to try and win it.

10:40am In the storage room, Ashley and Kara are talking. Kara is tells Ashley that she really needs her vote and that she gave her, her word that she would. They won’t be mad at you, they won’t even know it was you. Ashley says that she is mad at Willie because he caused this big up roar. Kara says that she is upset that Wil is her friend but won’t vote for her. Ashley keeps saying that it sucks, and that she needs to talk to Wil to find out why his is so wishy washy. Kara starts crying saying that she knows she is going home. Kara says at some point Frank has to put up Wil and Joe. Kara says just think about yourself what is going to get you further in the game …is Frank …no he only looks out for himself. Ashley says that she just doesn’t know ..she doesn’t trust Shane or Willie. Kara says everyone loves you, your team isn’t going to mad at you … I have your back 100%. Ashley says that she is going to talk to Wil.. I shouldn’t even be in this position you and Wil are best friends. Kara says will you talk to him and then talk to me. Ashley says okay. They both leave the storage room.

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10am – 10:15am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the house guests.

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so ashley is definitely voting out Kara


probably, things always change every minute, u never know what’s going inside that woman’s head

Dark Horse

LOL and especially one that looks like she JUST took a hit off the bong…24/7


kara said …frank will probably win the whole game and her response was a whiny ” i know ” ..what an idiot


if i was in asheley position i would have made a decision that would benefit myself and not the team . … i would tell the team i never voted to evict frank and blame it on will or ian but i would have done things my way …… why would people want to to keep a strong player like frank ………..


i agree with you .. why keep a strong player .. one who is collecting brownie points… and as for team member .. does she not recall that she was pretty much omitted from stradegy talk all week … its only been the last day and a half that they even made an effort to talk to ashley …i hope the i hate willie talk is a ploy ….kara goes no harm and jennelle and booger…lol will be sitting there with a grin from ear to ear… i would much rather see them with mouth wide open catching flies…lol .. can not wait till tonight … GO TEAM BRIT


exactly. i havnt seen any feeds but is ashley easily manipulated? she does need to look out for herself and vote frank out. she wont beat him in any physical comps. i was expecting an all girl alliance with janelle and brit. their going to be told by julie the teams are over at some point im guessing…set yourself up for when that happens!!!

Red Lampshade

C’mon Ashley! Evict Frank!

Dark Horse

Kara doesn’t seem to have any fight in her. Just letting everyone else speak for her…maybe it is time for her to go. This week has been interesting but not cause of her.

Can’t wait for tonight!


Ashley either has been exposed to too much spray tan solution and has shit for brains, or she is the smartest player this season. I really can’t decipher which she might be yet.
She’s shady as fuck though.


You all on this forum are pathetic whiners lol. Why should ashley vote out Frank if she has the opportunity to keep major targets in the game? If she votes out Frank, guess who Willie and co. coming for next? Joe and wil, and if Wil wins POV guess who’s going on the block? Miss Ashley! People need to put every emotions aside and think logically. FOR REAL!!!


If Ashley voted out Frank, she would be further down the list than third. Jenn or Ian would be a POV replacement before Ashley.

Keeping targets in the game, good, keeping too many targets in the game who can beat you in comps, not good. Getting rid of Frank now is the right thing to do, with the chaos in there it wouldn’t be hard to deflect the blame and everyone believes her when she talks. There are plenty of other targets in front of her to not have to keep Frank in.


I would like to see Frank stay and take out Hillbilly Willie. Originally I was rooting for him, but not any longer. His gameplay is POOR, too hard, too fast. Was making deals with everyone, including opposing coaches and then will complain that Big Brother isn’t helping him. The idiot made his bed, now he gets to lie in it. Willie must model his gameplay after Jessie. Plus he has a mean spirited raging bitch as his coach. Shane should distance himself from his “team” as quickly as possible.


I’m quickly beginning to despise JoJo. She’s extremely stupid, but so full of herself.

Dark Horse

Whats up with her and Willie? Sleeping together every night…is there a crush on one end or both?


HoJo would be the perfect houseguest if she just walked around naked and didn’t speak.


First, I think Boogie saying he thought he was “dreaming” when the messages were playing is straight up bs. He just didn’t want to get up. Second, Ashley is so dumb she can’t even realize that she has no team regardless of who she votes out. I think that she wants to vote for Kara but doesn’t want her “team” to think she is with Willie because nobody likes him. I am watching the feeds and Willie and Ashley are talking now. And why is Willie talking to Ashley anyway? I thought he agreed that he wouldn’t. That conversation was horrible! Why would he say that Ashley is his number one when they both know it isn’t true. I am pretty sure she didn’t believe a word he said, especially since she ran out the room. She couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.


Frank is the son of the famous wrestler Sid Vicious. He’s been living a healthy lifestyle and working out since he was 5 years old.

Dark Horse

I agree Boogie was lying.

Shelly err Ashley is confusing the crap outta me. She’s been so back and forth I am not even sure she knows exactly who she will vote out. I can’t wait until tonight either.


No Ashley evict Kara. I hate when strong players get out first. Frank staying will make go tv cause self destruct if his side don’t win hoh. Kara shouldto sDaplay for the win in the coaches’ comp.


last season daniel had a choice to choose to go with rachel and brendon she choose wrong …….whatever decisions they make they will pay for it asheley is sos stuck on stupid only a fool would leave a strong guy like frank in along with one or two strong coaches entering the game … i mean this girl is leaving a bad taste in my mouth ………………



Ashley just wants to ride under radar and she’s not happy that Wil is not keeping Kara. The Janelle factor is not enough to keep Kara but Ashley will regret this decision as soon as Janelle ignores here again. BB does not want Willie’s people to win HOH this time. I see Ian, Jenn or Wil winning HOH.


We are back in big brother 14 highlights. It less than till live eviction plus the first inductee into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012! Who is leaving tonight Frank (Shaun White) or Kara (Allison Pill)? Let’s analyze either tied vote or who will leaving tonight!
Analyze 1
Willie have decided vote
He will vote for Frank
Analyze 2
Kara evicted 5-3
Analyze 3
Frank will leave 5-3 vote
Will find out tonight. Stay tuned!


No Ashley evict Kara. I hate when strong players get out first. Frank staying will make go tv cause Willie will self destruct if his side don’t win hoh. Kara should have been fighting harder to stay and Dan should have played to win in the coaches’ comp.


If i was ashley. I would send Shaun white i mean Frank home!


I think Ashley’s still going to evict Frank… I think she’s just telling this stuff to Kara to make her think that the tie-breaker vote isn’t her but Joe or Wil, making her look like the innocent person and pin the blame on one of the two.


I don’t want either Frank or Kara to be evicted. Not Kara because Dan would be demolished in this game and not Mike because then I feel like Ian and Jenn will never win HOH (maybe Ian this week but that’s it. But, I think people are over estimating him). I don’t care for any of the people on Janelle or Britney’s team except for Ashley.
Ultimately I want Ian to win HOH put up Shane and Jojo, have Shane win and take himself off the block and put Willie up for elimination. Wil, Joe, Jenn, Danielle, and either Kara or Frank will vote for Willie to go home (Danielle and Kara will because Jojo has been hanging around them for a while and Willie is a bigger threat. Plus I think Dan will force them to).


I cant believe these people are playing so hard so fast… They should know it is going to change drastically over the next few weeks….


“Why would they want to keep Frank?. He’s the strongest player.” said Wil, Janelle and Ashley no longer than three days ago. My how things change.

Simon, who are you rooting for? Who is the fan favorite?

Joe had potential, but he is really cheesy. Team diversity? Really? Is he going to get rings for all of them, so they can yell the name in unison as their rings touch. Only thing I’m rooting for is Kara to stay.


So she is definitely voting to keep Frank. Dumb move if u ask me. Im thinking this years twist has something to do with Kahlia 2.0 getting voted on day one. Keeping my fingers crossed that Dan can sway Ashley


I don’t know if this is how the coach twist will work. However IF the speculation is correct and the first coach to lose all their team members enters the game – then I’m happy to see Kara go. I’d love Dan to re-enter and play his own game.


Mike Boogie would be pissed right now if Frank will go home. That’s sucked!


Personally, I’m all for Frank staying, and I’m crossing my fingers that Ashley decides to vote Kara out. In my opinion, Kara has not contributed anything to the game except for the fact that she is eye candy for the men. She absolutely does not do anything on the show that makes for good entertainment. If guys want her to stay in the game for the pure fact that she is good looking, just google her. Frank actually plays the game, and I would love to see Frank stay and win HOH or POV and see the Willie, Shane, and Jojo scramble. Oh, while we’re speaking about Jojo, I hate seeing her in the house, and she acted ridiculous in that POV comp as the host. I can’t stand girls who think they’re “all that and a bag of skittles” when in all reality, they’re actually just mediocre looking like Jojo. Being from Louisiana, I do like Ian and Willie for the fact that Ian goes to Tulane, and Willie is from here, however, I’m Team Frank this week. I believe Frank has a lot of potential in this game and would make the show very entertaining, whereas Kara would pretty much just dull the house down. Like I said, if you want Kara to stay because she’s “hot”, google her, and I promise, you can get plenty of entertaining pictures to gaze at.


From a guy’s point of view, I wholeheartedly agree with you. You’ll see more of Kara from a quick Google search than you’re going to see on the feeds, BBAD, or on CBS.

I really do like Frank. Obvious fan of the show, has tried for three years to come on, and is playing the game. He isn’t moping and his interaction with the others is usually entertaining whereas Kara is either bland or sad. I’m not sure how much Frank’s dad being semi-famous had to do with him getting on the show but I think it’s safe to say Kara was casted because of her Playboy ties.

Godless Monkey

Kara is a bore, and her game play seems to be “poor, poor pitiful me.” First I’ll cry a little, then tan a little looking hot in my bikini….cry, show off the bod, cry again….ad naseum. Cassie, who was way prettier, at least had a game plan, albeit it didn’t work out for her. Way too many bad gamers on the show this year, IMO.