Big Brother 14 Ashley Plays the House, Frank :”You and me are kindred Spirits “

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

9:22pm Bathroom Willie, Jojo and Shane
Willie tells them he’s gotta chill out a bit, Britney is starting to get mad at him because people in the house are hating him. He tells them that she was just up in the HOH getting all angry.
jojo: “This is Big Brother that’s going to happen” (Week one though.. I feel like I’ve just seen an entire season)
Willie doesn;t think it matters if people hate him he’s still got friends in thte house, he’s got Ashley, joJO, and Shane.. Plus they’re down with Kara and Danielle now.
They starts picking their targets.. Willie: “Once Frank is gone Wil and Joe need to go up” the other 2 agree.

Willie: “I think we have 4 I KNOW they have 4”
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9:46pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Shane Playing the new game in the backyard..

9:49pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Ashley and Frank

Ashley wants to make sure he’s got her Back because tomorrow is a big day and she thinks she’ll be in the centre of it all.
Ashley says she doesn’t want to play both sides.. she told Willie and JoJO that she doesn’t want to work with them any more. Ashley says it’s over between her and Jojo/Willie
Frank: “next week Danielle will flip”
Ashley: “I don’t know Danielle is up Shane’s ass”
Frank: “no no she’s going to flip”
Frank: “You and me are kindred Spirits… ”
Ashley: “Ya I feel that you get it.. i know they all think i’m stupid but i’m not”
Wil joins them tells them that Kara told him that she’s going to put up Joe if she wins HOH.
She made that comment that “ohh you’re my friend I need you now more than ever.. oh please you can’t be that close with someone after 12 days”
Ashley says that after she told JoJO and Willie that she’s done working with them they were telling her that the other side thinks she’s stupid and trying to convince her to stay with them. Ashley adds that she doesn’t want to turn her back on her team.

Ashley says that JoJo is going to freak out with her so they have to protect her. Frank: “you know when they saw we’re calling you dumb they think you’re dumb” Ashley: “I know i’m not a idiot” Ashley says that she would be stupid if she stuck around with
Kara comes in.. “Oh do you want me to leave” Frank: “NO NO it’s aight.. i’m just hustling for votes Kara”

10:12pm 3-4 Ian and Janelle Janelle: “What is up with Willie and is one week deals.. I should start calling him Cappi”

10:14 Cam 3-4 Ashley and Danielle Danielle is saying that if Frank stays they are in BIG trouble.
Ashley: “Sucks becuase I love Willie I think he’s a great guy”
Danielle: “So you think you are going to vote to keep frank?”
AShley: “It sucks I like Kara .. It sucks becuase I’m in a team”
Danielle: “But your team can vote you out… Oh well it’s your decision .. if frank stays we’re finished”
Ashley asking more about the team aspect of the game. She thought they were in teams. Danielle explains that the Diary Room doesn’t want them to use the term Team because that is not what they intended it to be. Shane joins them

10:32pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Willie SHe is telling him that She’s really worried that Ashley is flipping, Willie: “Wil got to her”. Willie tells her if she ever has a problem with Willie please go up and talk to him because we’ll figure it out.
Danielle: “I’m scared Willie I think Kara is going home.. I don’t know If Kara goes this week i’m gone next week”
Shane joins them Willie says that the other side was telling Danielle that Willie is telling people to not talk
Ian joins them.. Willie asks Ian if he sees people trying to run Willie’s name threw the mud. Ian agrees “I doubt you say 1/2 the stuff they are saying.. Because they’ve said I said stuff earlier on and it wasn’t true”
Willie: “i don’t know what to do.. they’re saying I’m tell homosexual slurs.. running my name threw the mud”
Shane: “I wonder whos doing it?”

10:46pm cam 1-2 Bathroom Willie, Brintey and Jojo Willie: “One of y’all have to talk to Ashley TONIGHT because Danielle thinks she’s voting for Frank to stay.. Someone needs to talk to her and it cannot be me” Britney: “Janelle is telling her that she HAS to vote with the Team”. joJO offers that she’ll talk to the Ashley tonight. Britney: “Point out that Janelle only talked to her when she needs your vote”
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11:18pm Cam 1-2 bedroom Dan and Kara
Dan asks her about Ashley. Kara says that Ashley is still with her.
Dan: “When did you last talk to her? ”
Ashley: “Just now in the bathroom”
Dan: “Ashley is going to go very far in this game.. she might not win but she’ll make it to final 6.. she’s off everyone’s radar”
Dan: “It’s going to come down to the girl who runs the tanning shop”
Dani: “You got to talk to joe but you have to be very careful.. We just need to get you through this week”
Kara: “Do you think Janelle made a deal with Mike Boogie”
Dan: “What do you think is Ashley’s motivation to vote for you to stay.. is it because she likes girls or something else..”
Kara: “I think it’s because Frank is such a big threat”

11:28pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Dan and Joe Dan says he wants to talk about making a deal.. Dan doesn’t think he has the votes to save Kara. Joe: “Wait what.. I thought you had Wil” Dan: “No” Joe: “coming in here I thought you had Wil and Ashley was the Flip Flop.. What do you think” Dan: “I don’t know joe..”
Dan: “If Kara does go home.. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t come up and talk to me”
Joe says he’s after Willie once he’s gone Joe has to reassess

Dan: “So is there anything she can offer you ”
Joe: “No there is not”
(Joe’s vote is seal to save Frank”

11:43pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle
Danielle says that she saw Jojo trying to talk to Ashley and Ashley ran away and told her to leave her alone she’s finished talking about game
Dan: “the only reason why Frank stays in this game is to take out Willie”
Dan: “You got to get away from Shane and Willie… you are in free agent mode. if we get approached from the other side we need to take it”
Danielle: “What if Shane wins HOH and they approach me:
Dan: “It won’t matter.. they won’t approach you in that case”
Dan: “Britney is in a corner she has no option she has to be with us.. Janelle’s group hates Willie that their motivation”
Dan: “It’s just a matter of time before Willie is gone”
Dan: “You have no interest in winning HOH.. do not win it”

12:02Am Cam 1-2 Backyard Couch Willie, jojo, and Shane Willie telling them that Janelle’s group had gotten to Ashley
JojO: “Fuck it keep them on the show and see what kind of show they have”
Willie: “what they are going to do is vote me out next week then try to make you (jojo) look like the villain and then Jojo goes”
Willie: “She might not flip.. I don’t know ..”
Jojo tells them someone has to get to Ashley tonight she thinks it should be Dan. Shane agrees. They all seem to think Dan has some power to that he’ll be able to mind control the other players.
Shane: “Frank is a b!tch”
Willie: “oh he looks like a complete b!tch on TV.. all his boys are going to be like You’re a bitch”
Willie: “you know what.. I’m not a bad guy if she (Ashley) flips on us you do what you have to do”
Willie explains to them that unlike Boogie and Janelle, Britney really likes her players and she wants what is best for them, “when we win next week everyone will suck our a$$.. even if Ashley send Frank home I understand but I still think we can pull her in”

JOJO, Shane and Willie are all kind of pissed that Danielle and Kara are not trying to hard to save themselves. JOJO feels like they don’t have any game.
Shane: ‘I want to punch Frank in the face”

12:28Am Cam 1-2 Backyard Couch Willie, jojo, and Shane

Willie: “I’m going to hang with you guys after this.. those mother f*ck*r can suck my c*ck ”
Shane: “We’re the only solid people”
Willie: “If it something that makes you hang there forever.. you know like have your hand on a button I’ll stand there all my life”
Shane: “We can alternate and win the HOH competitions back and forth”
Both JOJO and Shane are getting Pretty pissed that Danielle and Kara are sleeping when they should be working for votes.
Willie: “If they evict me and I get brought back into the house.. OHH man.. look out”
Shane: “They would be shitting themselves.. ”
Willie brings up that production may have a contest that lets America vote and brings one of them back into the game.
Shane: “we’re all straight shooters”
Jojo: “We don’t let ourselves get bullied”
They all are convinced that if they are evicted “America” will vote them back in. Willie seems to think that there is a twist that will involve the Coaches. He thinks that the original plan of productions was to have the coaches come back but because they were all talking about it and planning their game around it CBS might switch it to having the mentors get to vote.

Willie thinks that maybe the coaches compete in a comp and the winner gets to pick one past evicted houseguest. JOJO: “I hope America has a lot to say in this season” Willie: “Well ya we’re the underdogs look at us”

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I have the live feeds and I am so confused. I read on here that frank and ash have a F2 deal. I havent seen that, anyone got the time on flashback?


oh i miss read on the last comments it says frank was talking to ashly and then i saw this
Ashley/Ian f2
Ashley/Willie f2
and for some reason I thought willie was frank dont blaime me even the houseguests cant keep it strait.


Which way is Ashley actually leaning? Tomorrow shoud be interesting.


Am I wrong, but this really should be a no brainer.

I mean, I understand the logic of keeping a target in the house…. but there are other targets than Frank. Willie and Shane come to mind.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get rid of someone who seems like they’d be really good at physical comps and would probably have a good social game.


I think she is voting out Kara. She went to Frank and told him and Janelle everything Willie, Jojo and Shane was telling her. She even told Danielle that Willie messed everything up and she has to stick with her team.


Ashley is on crack


I totally agree with you!!!


why is it up to a dummy that does not even if she is in team or not, where the f has she been smoking


Ashley will flip a coin right before she goes in to vote tomorrow.


Frank’s so freakin’ full of it. He thinks he’s the new Dr. Will, but he just – isn’t. And DAMN! Joe and Wil have to stop dropping dramabombs all over the damn place. I seriously believe a large percentage of the crap going on right now is because of the turds Wil and Joe plop in the punchbowl. Willie IS at fault for overreacting to their schemes, but once Boogie gets wind of the paranoid delusions of Joe and Wil, he runs with it and sets it all off. Joe and Wil are going to get their butts on the radar really quick if they don’t knock it off.


Well, if Ashley votes to evict Frank she better hope like hell she wins HoH or Shane and JoJo do. Or else she’s screwed. Although, I don’t think her team would put her up though. Which is probably why she’s not scared to do what she’s doing. But if Boogie’s team wins, she won’t be sitting pretty with Ian, Jen, and Boogie.


She’ll get screwd if Danielle, JoJo, or Shane wins and she votes to evict Kara. So either way.


why should ashley care if wil and joe are targets? does she realize she’s not really on a team …if she keeps frank she’s a complete dumbass


How so? It could be very likely for Kara (in the event that she stays) or Danielle to win HoH and to put Ashley’s alliance members (Willie and Shane) up for eviction.


I believe that is exactly what she thinks!! She is so confuced with whats going on she will probably evict herself!!!


I think asley is voting frank, she has a tell now. she dosnt smile when she is with her team and she is allways smiling.


ashey ashley ashley what a star she should just be given the prize now as she is clearly the winner of BB14


I just watched Ashley, Frank and Wil have a long talk. I don’t know where all the confusion is, it was pretty evident that she is voting out Kara,


Jojo: Evil Dick and and Rachael won the game by sticking with what they believed in, despite how everyone hated them.

Not true. Maybe in Dick’s case, But Rachael was insulated with Brendon (whom I still think Rachael used – cuz he’s dumb). PLUS, production made damn sure Rachael won last season. It was really no longer a game in my opinion.

ED played a style that few could pull off. That guy was insulated with his daughter, but he still ran the show in Season 8. He used a push/pull style of intimidating, hell, scaring the tar out of the houseguests and then the next day he was sunshine and rainbows. Plus, he had not compunction against throwing people under the bus. The houseguests were stupid and he knew that they’d believe him. Nobody else could win that way. You pretty much have to be Dick.


ED was saved by the “America’s Player” twist. Eric was all set to vote Dick out but America told him to vote out the guy that was put up as a pawn instead (I think his name was Dustin). In the end he won because the other option was his daughter who nobody thought deserved to be in the final two (and rightfully so in my opinion). ED was trying to lose votes in the end because he wanted his daughter to win but they voted for him to win almost out of spite.

I know ED is thought of as a great player but he was lucky to get as far as he did, which is a reason that the America’s Player twist is still talked about (and feared) by players 6 seasons later.


finally someone shares my opinion of evil dick’s season, if it wasn’t for eric and america evil dick would have been evicted.


Simon, did Ashley really walk away from JoJo like Danielle said???


Wait what is Ashley doing? I thought last night she agreed to keep Frank and then I read this morning she was going to vote Frank out then now read that she is with her team and will vote Kara out now see that JoJo wanted to talk to her and now she ran away from telling her she is done talking game?

any insight would be great cause I am so confused with her right now!


I was watching the live feeds earlier, about two hours ago, and Ashley was telling a group of people in the kitchen that she told Willie and Britney that she was through working with them, and that they told her the other side of the house thought she was stupid. And now she is telling Wil that she dislikes Jojo, and she is fake and two-faced. Did all that really happen, or is she just using it as a cover story, so they will stop grinding her down for her vote? She is getting pretty chummy with Janelle,Wil,Frank, and Joe, and those people are watching her better than the secret service.


someone needs to get her out of the kitchen and away from janelle


Ashley’s been out of it on flexorill the whole time, now she’s awake, she’s taking the easy way by just voting with her “team” It’s easier for her than actually having to think. If Tori Spelling and Cameron Diaz had a drug child, it would be Ashley.


How the hell are they going to edit this all to make it on tv?
People not reading the spoilers/watching feeds or showtime are gonna be clueless!
I do think they’ll show Ashley’s date with Ian.
(They def won’t show Mike being shot down).
Also, how are they going to explain the break in Ashley/Janelle’s alliance when Joe and Wil votes for Frank to stay. Will they have time?
I know they are showing the meeting Willie held but, are they going to let him mention that he thinks the coaches are coming in or will sever editing take place?
Plus they HAVE to show Willie’s fight which will make them show whatever Willie did (did he or didn’t he, I only watch Showtime?) which BB might not want the fans to know like what they did with Jeff (especially now in 2012). But, then again they didn’t want Jeff to be a villain which is what they want with Willie.
Lastly, will a competion consist of setting out a hunt to find out who’s sneaking Ashley pot?
Questions I want answered…


LMAO…… Yes how will they air ALLLL that in 60 minute ….. Well i’m hoping Ashley sticks with Willie/Shane/Danielle group, it’s obvious she gets along with them way better than her team mates. And i’m sure Joe will make her mad enough that she does the opposite(votes out frank)


I hope she switches because I don’t want them to have to much power.


Willie is done. He is feeling sorry for himself instead of playing the game. Get over it Willie and get back in the game…


oh my goodness .. now either Ashley is one dippy gal… or one good actress and should get a reward… one thing i do know for sure is I AM SO CONFUSED…LOL… getting dizzy too with all this FLIP FLOPPING…. WOW .. sitting here wondering if i will be yelling at the television tomorrow night … sure is the craziest first week i have yet to see…


BBTV at 1:30 am and the feeds cut. Too bad too. Shane, Ian, and Danielle were having a funny conversation in the Have Not room.

Willie is so paranoid and is making JoJo paranoid too. There’ve been at least three occasions where they were talking and said “you know that they’re talking about us” or something to that effect – except everyone else was talking about something not game related and were just having fun.


HoJo needs a ballgag.


Just wanted to thank Dawg and Simon. I really just started to watch this show last year (i did end up youtubing all seasons and am hooked). Was going to get live feeds last year but seemed like everyone hated them. Actually last night was first night I ever caught BBAD and obviously was great night to do so lol. So I will buy live feeds soon (and yes I will click your link, . Just wanted to say thanks, I do you appreciate what you do! If it wasn’t for you two, i wouldn’t have even considered it.


Thank you! We love to hear that all our work is appreciated! Hope you enjoy the live feeds as much as we have been. This season has been insane on the live feeds, it is only the first week and there has already been so much drama.


I also want to thank you, you do a great job keeping us updated on the show, the CBS show doesn’t show us anything exciting

King Silva

I am so damn confused with Ashley! @_@

I hope she sides with Willie/JoJo/Shane since I like their team the most.

Regardless of what she does I really want Shane to win HOH next week so he can take out Joe or Frank if he is still around.

I have nothing really against Frank however Joe is another ShelHe and that is just annoying…


So have yet to check most of day from about 5pm pacific to now. Have we flip-flopped few times? and where are votes now?


Jojo, Willie and Shane are dumb asses if they think Britney really gives a shit about them. She’s in it for the money like the other coaches and the newbies. If bb didn’t want them using the term “team” they shouldn’t have gave them coaches. I want frank to stay so Willie will shit on himself.


I agree I want frank to stay for the drama, but I want kara to stay for dan

bbfan14 g

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley……. Not as dumb as I thought you were, playing both sides and knowing your good either way cause no one will know who you voted for, its gonna be great. I honestly think she is gonna evict Frank, because she lied to her whole team about “I told Willie and JoJo I was done with them.” When the fuck was that, I don’t remember her ever doing that. She’s down with Willie but is protecting her ass form being on the radar with the rest. I hope she keeps Kara, they win next weeks HOH and get rid of JOE asap. As much as I want Willie gone I can wait. And Wil is annoying “I’ve known you for 12 days how close can we be” They don’t mean literally close they mean friends in the game, he needs to step up his social game and just ignore everyones friendship nonsense.


Frank let out a huge fart on Jenn and now she’s ready to boot him out the door. I would be, too. I wouldn’t let anyone clown me like that.


It would be Frank(Shaun White)/Kara (Allison Pill) last meal. Because tomorrow, either one of these two will go home. According to Willie or Shane theory, America vote will decide of evicted houseguest to return to the game or involves the coaches. It would be possible of either evicted houseguest will be back to this game. Anyway, Frank (Shaun white) is going home.


You mean Frank (Carrot Top)


No, Shaun White! He is looks Shaun white. The snowboarder.


What Ashley and many of the other players don’t seem to get is that the teams are only teams for the coaches. The teams only benefit the coaches. THAT is how a coach will win in the end and the odds are in favor of the coach who can keep their team intact the longest. The players need to establish alliances. Mix it up – don’t stay with your team. IMO Boogie is the most dangerous person in the game – he is a scheming. slithery snake. He is a master manipulator. He has taken how Willie supposedly made fun of how Wil talked to Willie being a gay-bashing homophobe (which served his purpose when he was talking with Wil yesterday). Frank is dangerous – he is well suited to be on Boogie’s team as he also is a manipulator. Hope Ashley takes some time today to reason everything out and realize that 1) she is being played by MANY people and 2) the reason her team didn’t speak with her about her vote until yesterday evening is that they view her as sheep (she will just go along with the herd).

BBwatch MI

seems to me maybe Ashley is making it seem like she is done with Willie and them, even to Willie to get Janelle’s bunch off her back, they sure are like the secret service. It is pretty funny that Janelle is not sticking with all the girls like she’s always preached when asked about other seasons of BB.


Wow, who knows what space cadet Ashely will do tonight. I am hoping she goes for Frank now because that will set off grenades in Janelle’s camp. I am not liking Janelle this season. She is more tight with Kara than with Ashley, who is on her team. Brit seemed more concerned about her when she was on meds for her back than Janelle was. Ashley needs to realize that if she sticks with the team, she is third banana, and Janelle will sacrifice her to save Joe and Wil. The team thing only benefits the coaches, but it hinders the players. They need to all just stop thinking in herd mentality and make the alliances that benefit them the most as individuals. Willie buried himself this week. His HOH reign was too long and Brit needed to tell him a few days ago that once the POV ceremony happened, he had no more power. It went to his head and he only realized it yesterday. He is in a really bad spot. His only chance of not going up on the block next week is if Jo Jo or Shane win HOH. That’s 2 -7 odds. He should have just blended into the background and told everyone that his work was done, he doesn’t have a vote, and whatever the house does he is ok with it. His big mistake was thinking he could make people vote the way he wanted, and I think he’s going home next week because of it, unless a miracle happens. I really want to see Joe and Wil on the block and watch Janelle melt down. She was a great competitor before her baby, but she isn’t a great strategist. Since the only competitions she will be in are coach comps, her competitiveness isn’t going to do much to help her players get to the end. It’s up to them. I’ve never seen such a volatile first week. I love it, and whatever happens, there will be lots of drama and ass kissing after today’s results. Don’t know who I want to win anymore, but I’m having fun watching the madness!


Hey Simon and Dawg. I’ve been trying to think who Ian reminds me of, but couldn’t put my finger on it. It came to me last night. I think I’ve seen his face on the cover of Mad Magazine. LOL


Ashley should have kept her alliance with team willie….Im so sick of people running to the other side when their is a little blood in the air…pick a fucking side and fight …Damn!!!