Britney Throws it Down “Every time you’re talking to Dan I’m having a heart-attack YOU GOTTA BE QUIET”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

7:30pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Room Kara, Danielle and Jenn Briefly talking about people using the word “Gay” to mean something stupid or negative. Danielle: “I never thought it was a bad thing I just used it when I wanted to describe something that was dumb or Stupid.. But now I don’t say it at all” Jenn laughs “Especially when there are 10 other words you could use to describe stupid or Dumb” Frank brings up how people use the word retarded. Jenn brings up a Black eyed pees song that had retarded on it and they pulled it right away. She

7:36pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room
Ashley tells her she’s 100% voting to evict Frank, “I’m the swing vote.. Frank is going home I’ve already talked to Kara”. Britney “Your entire team has a deal with Boogie and you don’t even know.. they treat you like their little minion”. Britney asks her if they have been badgering her. Ashley hasn’t really been talked to anyone from that side. Brintey warns her that they are going to start soon because everyone knows you’re the swing vote.

7:38pm Cam 3-4 HOH Room Willie and Shane The boys are discussing the state of the house. They are both pissed off with Janelle Shane: “She’s moved from Britney to Dan and now Boogie” Shane make a face “BOOGIE!”. Willie: “if the vote isn’t a 4/4 tie than we have a break in our alliance and we’re fucked.. we better just put our duffle bag near the front door”
Willie: “in 48hours we could be in the best position, we’ll have power and they’ll be shitting bricks”
Shane: “ya they won’t know what to do they’ll be shaking”
Willie: “I have no beef with any of them.. I’m glad that argument happened because it put attention onto Frank… and it showed that they got a snitch over there Joe”
Shane: ‘Yeah it showed the snitch”
Willie: “They got 2 snitches over there Joe and Jenn”
Willie would much rather be in the house with a coach like Dan and Britney than Boogie and Janelle. Shane agrees says that he’s only talked to Boogie once after he won the the POV.
Willie “Janelle’s fake fake ass is getting on my nerves.. America boogie sucks at this game you think he is but he’s not”
Willie mentions that if they can get rid of Frank than that entire other team has no one that can beat them in a physical competition.
Shane: “Jenn can’t hold himself.. Joe can’t hold himself up.. ”
Willie: “That’s why I think we should get rid of Wil over Joe… Joe is shifty but Wil is more of a threat.. But I don’t want Joe to fluke out and win a HOH.. cause then we’re in trouble”
Willie: “We gotta be worried about Ian cause he could win questions comps”
Willie: ‘It’ll be Christmas next week.. we’ll be running around”

7:38pm Cam 1-2 Have Nots Janelle, Wil and Ashley Ashley tells them she likes hanging out but at the ebnd of the day they are her team
Janelle tells her that she needs to vote to keep Frank because if Frank is left in the house he’ll go after Willie. Janelle wants her if they lose Frank they have a very good chance of winning the HOH and if Willie’s side wins HOH they are putting up Joe and Wil. Wil tells them he’s going to go get Joe.
AShley: “Joe is freaking me out” Janelle tells her not to worry Joe is cool.
Joe joins them wil is gone. Ashley asks them why is everything changing back and forth, says it wasn’t too long ago when they were going to vote out Frank, “Nobody is telling me anything in this team”
Janelle: “I know I know, If frank goes home and that other side wins the HOH than Wil is going on the block.. it puts them in a bad situation (Sigh) .. everyone is voting for their team it’s week one”
Ashley: “It’s so weird that Wil is turning his back on Kara I thought they were friends?”
Joe: “he has to take out Kara otherwise wil gets put up.. wil goes home”
They badger Ashley for her vote for a food while.
Joe leaves, janelle/wil are telling Ashley that the otehr side thinks she’s guliable and stupid..

8:15pm Cam 3-4 HOH JOJO willie and Shane Willie saying that when he came into the house he thought Janelle was so good looking but lately her personality is making him think twice. Jojo jumps in tells him that sometimes a person’s personality will make them ugly or beautiful. Shane mentions how he should probably talk to Ashley a bit tonight to make sure she’s on the same page. Willie thinks they’re cool with Ashley but they need to have things fresh in everyone’s head for tomorrow’s vote. Willie: “Sorry showtime i’m going to bed early.. no drama tonight” Willie asks Jojo if she’s sleeping upstairs tonight. JOJO says yes. Shane plans on getting his rest tonght as well. ( They’re feeling very confident)

8:23pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan and Willie
Willie tells him they have Shane, Jojo and Danielle. Dan: “I’m just worried about that 4th person”
Willie: “It’s as close as it gets.. the thing is that side has 3 votes locked in.. Jenn’s not going to vote against Frank… Ian’s not going to vote out Frank.. you know Joe won’t”
Willie: “I dunno it could be wil.. he might be the 4th vote we need.. I dunnno”
Dan: “Yeah.. i’m about to go down there and work to find out where wil is at”
Britney joins them
Britney: “I’ve seen Mike Boogie and Janelle’s players together all day”
Dan: “It’s a complete 180.. from a day ago”
Britney have you been in cahoots with Janelle at one point?”
Dan: “No”
Britney: “we got our 2 and you got Danielle we need the 4th vote”
Dan: “I didn’t know about Shane if he was 100% on board”
Britney “Am I wrong saying that Shane is with us”
Willie: “100%”
Britney: “I just feel like we’re in a really bad spot tomorrow”
Willie: “people are going to see Joe floating from one place to another place.. Britney things are going to change next week.. all we need to do is survive on more week”
Britney: “Where are we for next week?”
Dan: “We’re good you have nothing to worry about if we win HOH”

Dan: “It’ll be decided tonight.. tomorrow once the vacuums start it’ll be mad chaos everyone will be running around”
Britney: “you think Wil is going to tell Kara”
Dan: “if you see Kara crying tonight you’ll know your answer”
Dan:”Bottom line you gott take out frank in this game.. you gotta go through Frank”

8:37pm Cam 3-4 HOH Britney and Willie (if you have the feeds flash back to this it’s Really good)
Subscription Link 3 day trial Britney is PISSED at Willie for running his mouth off to Dan. During his conversation with Dan Willie mentioned that anyone can flip at the last moment. Britney feels like willie is giving dan little bits of information every-time he talks to Dan and it’s going to screw them in the end.
Brintey: “DO NOT TELL DAN ONE MORE WORD THAN YOU HAVE TO..You’re so overconfident.. YOU GOTTA KEEP SHUT.. you know what happened Janelle turned this whole house against you.. Wil and Joe HATE you HATE you HATE you.. Every time you’re talking to Dan I’m having a heat-attack”

She tells him that the game is not about only making alliances, wining competitions and siting in the HOH there is also a social aspect and Willie is doing horrible at that. Willie: “I have relationships with a lot of people” Britney: “you have Frank downstairs right now friends with the entire house.. I told you not to go outside last night and talk to Frank and you did now LOOK”
Willie defends himself says he had to confront Frank, and now he’s in a better position for doing it, “I have 3 people now” Britney: ‘Those people would of been with you regardless”
Willie: “I don’t like all the negative energy you are giving me”
Britney: “I don’t like all the negative energy

Britney :Dan is talking to you because he’s desperate do you think dan would be be talking to you if he was in a good situation.. ”
Britney: “HE:S WORKING WITH BOOGIE.. Dan does not want to talk to me he does not want a deal with us”

8:40pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room janelle and Dan Janelle telling him Kara doesn’t have the votes to stay. She is worried because kara and Danielle told her they are not going to put up Willie next week. This puts her team in a bad spot. She would like Frank gone but she really wants Willie gone and see’s Frank as that Chance. Dan thinks that taking out Willie after Frank is gone will be easy.

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Get of frank. Im tired of looking at his hair lol


No worries. Frank is gone. Ashley is the tie vote. And Willie will vote out Frank. I’m rooting for Shane/Willie / Ashley /


Britney has an unfair advantage because one eye is always looking back over her shoulder.


Hahaha. The eye is really distracting for sure.


I can’t believe these ppl are playing this much this early in the game. It’s so exhausting, my head is spinning. Thanks JOE! He’s freaking Shelly on Bath Salts. I can’t wait for all his lies to surface. He HAS to go next. I’m sad Frank is going out the way he is. He was set. Now SHY Kara (how did she get on the show anyway?) gets to stay. Cassie was a way more interesting model. Hotter too!


I’m pretty sure saying “I was Playmate of the Year” was a strong interview qualification.

Pattrick Lewis

Shelley on bath salts!!! Hahahahaha…. nice.


Kara is a model. Big Brother loves models.


I just rewinded the Britney/Frank fight. Wow. That was pretty major. Britney really told him off and made a lot of sense, and she’s right that Willie does not listen. It’s like he’s living in his own world and his own screwed-up logic.. very much like Russell, IMO.


Russell made logical moves on survivor and screwed up his game at the end both times when it came to convincing the jury. Russell lost the first and second season cause of the jury, but he was a good player. Russell had a clear game plan and he stuck to it and always knew the numbers, and even though its a different game the same cant be said about Willie hes just confused about everything and in his first weak he tried to make deals with everyone in the house and burned a lot of bridges.


I agree that Russell he was a good player, but what screwed him was that he was too self-centered. If he got something in his head, nothing could convince him otherwise – same thing I see in Willie.


OOPS. I meant the Britney/Willie fight.

Red Lampshade

Britney is right though. Willie needs to be careful about how much he tells certain people.


Do you guys remember the last year 4 evicted houseguests returning this game? This will happen when 4 evicted houseguest will returning to this game!


what are you talking about? elaborate please 🙂

Big Brother's Big Brother

Jason. I am afraid that would make things more confusing.


I’m starting to enjoy Joe’s gameplay. I didn’t like it at first, but he’s really got the house riled up and it made for good entertainment for us. 🙂 I can’t tell yet if it’s good or bad for him though.

Alexander the Great

Oh God, the fate of Willie completely, rest of Brits team, Jars, Frank, and the other side of the house alliance is up to Ashley, seriously?

Beyonce fan

O shit frank and ash tallking!!!


Ashley is such an airheaded flip flopper.

“Yeah you’re right! Screw those guys they suck”
goes to the other side a few hours later
“Yeah you’re right! Screw those guys they suck”


Am I think only one who doesn’t think Ashley’s vote is locked in to vote Frank out?


yes I agree with you I think at the end of the day she is with Willie/Shane/Danielle


Oh Jeez, Frank is talking hippie language to Ashley. They’re “kindred spirits” *rolls eyes* Well, that’s it, she’ll vote to keep him.


I’m not sure how much I like Frank. He’s a nice guy, but somehow annoying.


I think its funny how scared of boogie brit is. she has been played this week by janelle,boogie, and even dan, she is so out o f her league. ive heard her basically say EVERY other coach is working with boogie. when will she learn boogie has a weak team and no power?


I think its funny how scared of boogie brit is. she has been played this week by janelle,boogie, and even dan, she is so out o f her league. ive heard her basically say EVERY other coach is working with boogie. when will she learn boogie has a weak team and no power?


as opposed to the flip flopper in chief?


Im so confused. No idea where Ashley s voting tbh. I still feel like she’ll vote frank out, but who knows. If franks gone she’s in a much better spot, right?


So does Kara have either Wil or Ashley’s vote? The BBAD conversation now suggests not. And that sucks.


I love BB, been watching for years. Here’s my problem with this season. Willie is a moron, Jojo and Wil annoying, Danielle is stupid, Ashley, Kara, and Ian are clueless, Joe is an idiot, Shane and Frank are meatheads, Jenn might as well not even be there for all she has contributed, and the coaches really can’t play so they are unimportant. Hard to root for any of these people. Brit is hot and Boogie is riding his rep. Hate Janelle and Dan is cocky. So all I can do is root for nude shots of Britney and Chilltown shady stuff from Boogie and hope for the best.


Who’s side is Ashley on?


Ok so basically it’s

Ashley/Ian f2
Ashley/Willie f2

At this point the only person she doesn’t have a alliance with is Julie.


Sooo basically…Someone is going home this week, but Ashley is phucked big time, it’s just a matter of time.


you are too funny…right on!!!


Ah. More flip-flopping. This is the most exciting week in the history of BB. I still can’t believe Branelle lasted only 24 hours. LOL. I think that its gonna come to a tie. I think Ashley has more loyalty to the Untouchables. I think that Willie is gonna break the tie and vote out Frank. I hope Joe leaves! He’s the new Shelly. But he is creating a lot of drama. Love that. Much more exciting than BB13.


I hope that Willie doesn’t listen to Britney.The more that Willie talks to Dan,the more it will benefit him.Since I’m cheering for Dan,that’s all I care about.Lol.Since when is Dan working with Boogie.Is Britney lying to Willie about that?Does Dan know that Janelle is voting to evict Kara?I’m asking that because she’s talking to Dan like she actually is trying to get the votes to keep Kara.Even though right now, it seems like Frank will be evicted I don’t think that will happen.I think Ashley is to scared to make Janelle mad,by her keeping Kara.I want Frank to be evicted.Dan can’t afford to lose another player.


Simon, dawg great job guys. I am a little late to the game this is my second year following you but you guys do amazing job. I have no idea when you sleep.this season is turning out great, its hard to believe this is just week one. Where the hell is Jenn all the time? I forget she is even in the house lol.


so much flip-flopping they may have to rename this seasons show “Romney House”

The Rose

Maybe if Ashley closes her mouth when people talk to her, the sound may get to her ears! Does anyone think that BB gave her Quaaludes instead of muscle relaxers?


Ashley: “no one tells me anything in this team”…because you are not part of the team, they are using you for your vote dumb ass