Willie says I am going to be the first person to knock someone out in this house.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

10:45am Willie, Kara, and Jojo are in the storage room talking. Kara tells them that Ashley said this morning that she doesn’t know who she is voting for, when just last night she told me I have her vote. Jojo says that she is going start going crazy and start throwing sh*t. Willie asks Kara if Ashley told her she was safe yesterday. Kara says yeah and then now this morning she isn’t sure. Willie talks about how last night he saw Wil hugging Ashley 100 times yesterday. Willie tells her not to give up …that its her life …usually the last person to talk to someone before the vote gets the vote.

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10:55am Willie confronts Ashley in the kicks room. Willie asks her if she is voting for Frank to stay. Ashley says that she doesn’t know. Ashley says that Frank told me that you said that you had me eating out of the palm of your hands. Willie says that he is going to knock someone the fu*k out in a second. They are lying. Ashley says that Willie is taking Jojo to the final two. Willie says that he isn’t, he never gave her a final two deal. Ashley says that she is mad at Willie for leaking that they were working together. Willie tells Ashley that if you don’t vote out Frank, then this is over for you …you will not win this game. Ashley says if you say that …that is really sh*tty. Ashley says that she is the fourth person … you are with JoJo, Shane and Britney and I am the odd person out. Willie tells her that he only wants to go to the final two with her. Ashley says so if I ask Jojo right now she isn’t going to say you have a final two deal with us. Willie says that if she does this …this is a slap in the face. Ashley keeps bringing up things that people have said. Willie keeps telling her that they are lying. Kara comes in and she has her back. Ashley says that its all too much right now and goes to leave. Willie hugs her. Ashley leaves the room. Willie tells Kara that Ashley is brainwashed. They talk about how Wil is Kara’s best friend and he is voting her out. Ashley says that she is sad. Willie says that he is sad too. All these people are two faced lying wh*res. I should piss in his bed. Kara says yeah. They end the conversation and leave the room.

Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!11:10am Britney talks to Willie and tells her that everyone is still spreading lies about me. Willie tries to get into the storage room but they don’t unlock the door fast enough. Willie says open this fu*king door. Britney tells him to stop being so hostile. Willie tells everything that he talked to Ashley about. Britney tells him to calm down and be quiet. Willie says I am going to be the first person to knock someone out in this house. Britney tells him to chill out. You can’t be hostile with people, you need to calm down. Britney tells him that he is going to get voted out of this game. Wilie says that he is going to get kicked out in a minute. Britney tells him that this is a game, people can lie about anything and anyone …it’s a game.
11:25am Joe and Kara are talking in the arcade room. Joe tells Kara all the reasons why he wants Willie out. Joe says that Frank was up front with me and helped me out Willie for lying to everyone. Joe tells Kara that he thinks she is staying here at this point. Kara says she doesn’t think so .. Joe says that he thinks it will be a 4 – 4 vote and Willie will be the deciding vote. Joe says that Kara has Ashley. Kara says no I don’t think so I she won’t tell me how she’s voting. Joe says that she won’t tell me either. Joe says that he has no ill will against her ..that he does against Willie though. Joe says that he hates bullies. Joe tells her to try and get it across to people in the next 7 hours that you are not with Willie and that you will put him up. Kara says that she has said that, I will put him up. Kara talks about how Wil won’t vote for her. Joe says that Wil told him he was going to vote how the majority votes because that’s what he heard keeps you in the game the first 4 weeks. Joe talks about how much of a bully Willie is, he is a dictator that tries to dictate what happens in this house.

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Joe and Jojo talk in the arcade room. Joe says that he doesn’t trust Willie at all. Jojo says that just a few days ago you were with us. Joe joe tells her that they have caught Willie in 7 solid lies. Joe says no one wants to be forced to play by Willie’s rules. JoJo says keeping Frank is a mistake. Joe asks Jojo if she is voting Frank out. Jojo says I don’t know. Then she says that keeping Frank is a big mistake. Jojo says I know you will want to get Frank out because he is a big threat and will be coming after you. Joe agrees that he will need to get Frank out later in the game because he is a big threat to me. Jojo asks Joe if he is voting out Kara. Joe says yes. Jojo says I hope that comes back to bite you in the a$$. Jojo tells him all about how Janelle is playing them and how this is your game don’t let her ruin it for you.
11:50am Jojo then goes up to the HOH room and tells Willie and Shane all about her conversation. Big Brother then cuts the feeds to TRIVIA. When the feeds come back all the house guests head up to the HOH room.

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12:10pm Ashley, Britney and Janelle are in the HOH room talking about random things and getting ready. The others are in the HOH bedroom trying to sleep or talking about random stuff.

12:50pm The House Guests are still on an HOH lockdown.

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Honestly? Who in the hell knows with this cast?;) That sounds like a bad thing, but given the last couple of seasons, it’s really not:)

yo, sup

Unfortunately Kara because Ashley and Wil are afraid to make a move


Ashley has know brains ofher own that’s her problem. I wouldn’t let her come near me with one of thos spray tans which she was probably spraying in her mouth to get high. I don’t like that Wil’s voting to keep Frank but at least he’s got backbone and isn’t flip flopping every 5 min like this idiot



Myka 9

Willie really fucked himself over on this one. Chances are, if he would have kept calm, he would have been able to secure Ashley’s vote, but it looks now as if Kara is bouncing and Danielle will be trying to head towards the other side of the house…


It looks like it’s a done deal. Unless Willie and his gang can pull of a miracle, I predict it’s gonna be a 5-3 vote to evict Kara. Thanks Simon and Dawg for this awesome site, and keeping us updated!


Totally agree!!! This site has year after year kept me entertained, sometimes more than the actual show has!!!:)


But my thing is, Ashley seemed genuine with Kara and Danielle. I think her intentions are to keep Kara, but she doesn’t want to give everybody the idea that she is working with Willie.


Thank God! It looks like my boy Frank is staying, I can’t wait to see what happens on the feeds if Willie goes up on the block. It’s gonna be poppin off.


Re-posting from a previous entry here, because I still feel the same, plus I have nothing new to add;)

My trivial and tasteless ‘assessment’ of the houseguests so far. I completely understand if you disagree with me, completely understand if you realllllllllllyyyyy disagree with me. It’s tradition for me every year since I found this wonderful site to list my initial, though tacky, thoughts.

JoJo- Despite the initial ‘Jersey Shore’ish’ vibe I got from her (and yes, I realize she’s not from Jersey), was expecting one kind of game play from her, I’m surprised at the play I’m actually seeing. I literally was expecting her by now to have gotten sloshed and started rave-dancing in the backyard with glow sticks, stopping only to drunkenly pee over by the hammock just before flipping it and starting a fight with one of the other girls. Haven’t seen anything like that, I’m kinda happy and sad to say;)

Danielle- Well, kiss my grits, I’m so grateful BBAD rarely has her on camera. So far, she’s the most boring Danielle I’ve ever seen on Big Brother or reality t.v. in general. Someone get her an IV… stat!

Ashley- I guarantee you this girl’s house is filled with crystals, incense, roughly six or seven cats, possibly a mummified dead lover she keeps in her ‘special room’, and lots of headbands, but I think she’s playing this game better than anyone right now.

Frank- Ugh, do I have to? The guy’s a bad moustache short of being a 70?s porn star, and one cackle and narcisstic comment away from making me never want to watched Dazed and Confused ever again. I give him credit for being the catalyst behind day 11?s great viewing, but if this man wins the game, I’ll eat my own head.

Willie- Oh, man, Willie, what in the hell are you doing? I like this guy, I have to admit. Loved his brother, too. You have to admit that day 11 would never have been the absolutely kick-ass viewing experience it was if it weren’t for him. We all know he’s not going to win this. He’s not going to get nearly as far in this game as his brother did in Survivor. I think we also all suspect that he’s really a shape-shifter from Bon Temps who turns into a bulldog wearing Lousiana t-shirts every chance he gets (sorry to those of you who don’t watch True Blood). Still, I’d like to see him around a little longer than one more week, just so I can get my money’s worth.

Jodie- Straight up got screwed. But that’s the game, I guess. Still, I have a feeling if she’d had a chance to stay, she’d have made some strong alliances.
Wil- If this guy isn’t the secret love child of Fabio and Joan Rivers, he should be;) I’m just sayin’. Gamewise, I think he’s safe for awhile:)
Jenn- Also in a pretty good spot so far, no real game play errors, and is, like other HG’s, proving that you can’t read a book by its cover. Still, I’m having the hardest time watching her because when I do, the urge is too great to chop off that ‘chunk’ of stuff she calls hair stuck to the left side of her head, burn it, then give her a full pink mohawk/fauxhawk.

Joe- I swear, I’ve seen him on a food competition show before. I also swear I saw him lose, and was happy about it. Cooking for everyone is not going to get you a half mil, and neither is trying to convince everyone you’re a straight-shooting badass. I’m fully expecting to see soon on BBAD him cleaning toilets at 3 a.m. and swearing on his family that he’s legit. I can also see him winning HOH, as a result of some miracle, then nominating someone because they said something negative about his salmon ceviche topped with micro greens and balsamic reduction.

Ian- I think it says a lot that the children of the corn allowed one of their own to leave the village for a spell. Kidding!!!! Actually, the other HG’s better watch out for this guy, I suspect.

Kara- Kara who? That’s what I’m guessing the vibe will be either this week or soon thereafter about this girl. Absolutely beautiful, but I bet if you check her left buttcheek real close, you’ll see a serial number on her skin, plus a tiny screw whose removal will allow you access to her microchip.

Shane- In a nutshell, Kara with a penis.

The coaches all deserve their own separate ‘crap’, so I’ll spare them for now;) Honestly, I really am enjoying this cast and this season more than I’d hoped, am looking forward to what’s to come!:)


Really enjoyed your assessments of the players well thought out and fair than most ! I dont like rich kids that’s why I would like Frank to go but Kara is so DULL .


I am not sure the son of a pro wrestler is any richer than say a Playmate of the Year, whom may or may not still reside at the Playboy mansion. Frank would keep the show exciting, Kara is nothing more than eye candy. As a viewer, I want the show to be exciting. I can google Kara and see better images of her than I will on this show. Yeah, Kara’s gotta go. I want to see Hillbilly Willie lose his mind when he gets put up on the block. Totally looking forward to that.


Love it!

Dark Horse

OMG I LOVE your assessment!


I like your assessment. Call me crazy, but I would like to see Willie go further in the game. I wish that him and Shane would have an alliance (of course I like the idea of eye candy in the house). Not sure which one of the females I like….none of them seem very athletic yet…..I’ll probably know within another week.

And happy to see some people from last season on here….I was wondering where everyone was at from season 12.

Great observation of the cast …made me smile. Can’t wait to see what you post about the coaches.


Kara is going home…Willie will get backdoored..unless Shane or JoJo can win HOH..because Dan has told Danielle to through the HOH comp. Odds are one of the Janelle/Boogie team win HOH and that’ll be that.


*throw* Sorry..LOL


If I was Willie, I will calm down and don’t let anyone get to me. And especially taking aggression on anyone or Kicked out in Big Brother House.


It’s seem like Ashley changes her vote every 2-3 hours. We’ll never know until tonight.


I bet Shane regrets not using that POV now.


Omg. These people are so nuts I love it!
This is week one and we have game talk like it’s week 8. Amazing.


Maybe Ashley is setting herself to vote Frank out but with the ability to deny it later since she has moved closer with her “team” in the last little bit.

King Silva

I’m really sad it seems that Ashley is going to evict Kara.

Not that I like her [bitch is boring] but I like Shane/Willie/Jo Jo the most so far.

People must know that Frank is going to be really hard to get out later in the game, whereas Kara not so much, so they should take him out now.

Sure they want him to stick around to get out Willie ‘The Bully’ but chances are even if he is evicted the side that wants Willie out will win HOH.

IDK what is going to happen but this is one of the better first weeks that I can remember.

Thanks so much to the people who update these feeds. I’ve only really followed them for a couple seasons now but it gives me a ton of stuff to read but I like being in the loop. :p


This site is hilarious. Great job Simon and Dawg. Willie is a maniac. And jojo seems to be following his path all the while telling everyone else play their own game. I see fireworks coming


Yea!!! I love Simon and Dawg….I also follow BB on facebook….but I like this site 100% better!!!!

I’m still deciding who I’m going to root for….looking closely at Willie, Shane, and maybe JoJo.


It is not so much that I’m a fan of the Frank house guest. I ONLY want him to stay awhile because I would like to see the stronger players go against the coaches’ advice and shake stuff up. ….and I see Willie, Frank, Shane, and maybe JoJo being able to do that. Brit and Janelle cackling about how all they gotta do is say a word and their team obeys them at command got me to thinking that somebody needs to rock their world. I mean these people are on the line for half a million….I want to see them make some of their own decisions. Dan seems to be the only coach advising absent the ego….but then again I don’t have the live feeds. Love this site….Simon and Dawg keep the updates coming…..

Can’t wait to see who wins HOH


Brit says she gave HH to Willie because she sensed he needed the protection. But considering how she sold the “team” idea to Willie , Shane and JoJo, none of them would have nominated a teammate. Retrospect, Brit would have been better off making Shane HH. He def comes off as more stable!


Here’s an idea I don’t think anyone in the house has thought of. It would be in Janelle’s (and Ashley’s) best interest to talk one-on-one and devise this plan ad make sure Janelle has Ashley’s back. Ash should vote to keep Kara, since Janelle’s other players are voting to keep Frank. That way Janelle has players on both sides of the aisle. No matter the power shift, she has someone on her team on the power side. If Joe/Wil/Boogie’s team wins HOH, they will most likely put up Willie or another strong player. If Jojo/Danielle/that side wins, Ash will be good because she voted with them. Just a thought.


That’s actually a great idea for Janelle. Great point!


@Annabelle. That sounds like a good plan for Janelle to do.The problem is Janelle isn’t known for being a great strategic player.It’s almost as though she is incapable of making good strategic moves.She changes her mind so much,and I’m not just talking about this season.She was bad at making good strategic moves on All-Stars.If the coaches are allowed to play the game(I hope they’re)Janelle better still be just as or better than she was on season’s6&7.If she isn’t than that might damage her reputation as being the best at competitions.There’s a possibilty that if she doesn’t win a lot of competitions this season(If the coaches are allowed to play)some people might forget about how good she was at winning competitions on her previous seasons.


That would be sucked if Mike Boogie would snap and go after bigger threat. However, he probably used the chilltown alliance playbook or refer as Dr. Will Playbook.


Joe makes Willie sound like Fidel Castro. It’s ridiculous! Maybe Joe and Wil need to grow a pair. I liked Wil in the beginning, but he’s playing this over dramatic, over emotional, everyone’s mocking me act, and I don’t like it. Waiting for future bitchfits thrown by him in the next few weeks. And Ashley is a dopey hippie.

Beyonce fan

Frank is staying willie fans go have to deal hahahahahaga.


So when things don’t go Willie’s way, his solution is to either punch someone or piss in their bed? He has the problem solving skills of a caveman. I can’t believe at one point I was rooting for this clown. Hopefully Willie will be a have not as well as be on the block next week. He may go Chima and self-evict.


Why is Ashely believing the other players word over Willie?Hasn’t Willie spent more time with Ashley than the people who are telling her to evict Kara?I want Frank to be evicted.If Kara leaves,it will put Dan in a bad position.Why has Janelle changed her mind about keeping Kara?Did Kara do or say something to her,that would cause Janelle to flip flop like that?I think Ashely is to scared of Janelle to go against what she wants.Another thing that I don’t get is,why can’t Ashely vote to evict Frank.Then if anyone ask her who she voted to evict,she can say she voted to keep Frank.Other house guests have done this before,and sometimes it works.The key is that you have to convince the other players,that you are telling the truth.In my opinion keeping a threat like Frank in the game,will only benefit Frank and Boogie.


I think this is what she is doing. She told the girls that she was a 100% voting out frank, I dont think this is changed. She hasnt said the same thing about frank. she was wanting to lay low. If you tell someone that and then it comes out u voted them out it wont be good for her and she knows that. I think she is trying to pull one over on joe and will.


jw…I think the reason Janelle flip flopped is because of the out burst Willie and Frank had the other night…she knew that by keeping Kara in the house 2 of her players might end up on the block….by getting her players to keep Frank she has Frank doing the dirty work of getting Willie out of the house and keeping her hands and her teams hands clean…maybe I am wrong but that is how I see it.

Awesome Site Simon and Dawg!!


So, just to clear things up… this is how the vote is going to fall?
Keep Frank
Wil (90%)
Ashley (70%)
Keep Kara

With Willie voting to keep Kara in a 4-4 tie.


I think Wil is more 100%. Even though he he likes Kara, he hattes Willie more..I think Ashley might be 50/50

King Silva

Yeah it seems Ashley is imo 60-40 to keep Frank. 🙁

Hopefully the 40% wins out though I’d love to see Willie cast the tie breaker vote and get Frank out. :p

I just like when the HOH gets them out.

That b***h a$$ Kalia did it to Jeff and my girl Rachel did it to Kalia’s cupcake inhaling a$$.. XD


Well it’s a good thing that this house has Joe to overthrow the dictator Willie and assume the role of house dictator himself.

I could tell he was a douche by the bleached landing strip on his chin.


I cant stand Joe..Talk about hypocrite, calling Willie a dictator..Even though Willie is rough around the edges, I see him being loyal. Its tough being HOH in week 1 too. You feel like you almost have to make as many deals as you can now, since you dont know when/if you will have that power again..I liked Wil in the begiing but he sucks too bigtime..Id love to see Willie kick Frank out the door tonight!


yo ashley is f**king brain dead…I mean really willie had her back from day one all of a sudden she let boogie and janelle fu*k with her head..they are just using her for there vote even stevie wonder can see that shit. and wil get on my f****g nerves he is taking this “oh willie dosent like me cause im gay” sh*t to serious willie never did anything nasty toward wil. and all i ever see on the bbad feed is wil talking about how “red neck .” and “uneducated’ willie its okay for wil to make fun of him because he is from the south. total hipicrit.


Frank looks like Richard Simmons. Rotfl.


LOL, you’re right..give him a headband, a tank top and tiny shorts(actually I think he wears that already)…

mandy leigh toronto

I find it funny that wil, joe are going on and on about willie being a bully and mocking wil but wil has also mocked people and makes comments about people. He sat there i think last night and made fun of willie being a hick and not finishing high school. So its ok for them and not for willie.
Willie is HOH so of course he is throwing lots of plans and ideas. He may of been a little too cocky but it is week one and hes over zeolous. I think Joe is actually the problem as he went to both sides and said hes with both then goes back and tells what the other says but makes it bigger then it is.
Ashley please be smart. I wonder if Ashley knows shes being sued or maybe it happened before the show. A bitter ex.


Oh wow. Is Joe going to be another Shelly??? Anybody that watches BB knows that playing sides NEVER works. Why they didn’t figure out about Shelly sooner is beyond me…but I think they figure Joe out real fast.

I remember Willie and one of his brother’s from a reality show and they were flipping houses, etc. ….he was a real hot head on that show too. I didn’t watch it to the end…but when he got made he went into a real RAGE (kicking drywall in)…but he was pretty smart. His temper was funny! I like house guests with personality….and although his temper might be screw up his game in the long run…..I would like to see him a few more weeks.


Simon honestly who do you think will go home tonight?


Welcome back to special live eviction edition of Big Brother 14 Highlights! We are moments away of live eviction between Kara & Frank. Plus the results of Next HoH Competition stats, mentor standings and first induction big brother hall of fame class of 2012. Also, we will announces the first celebrity wing big brother induction hall of fame class of 2012. Can you guys guess who will be the celebrity wing inducted? (hint:Zing, Zing) Will find out after the live eviction. We also review odd chances of Kara & Frank leaving tonight. Let’s take a look at odds chance:
So which houseguest will be leaving tonight! we will find out later after live eviction. Stay tuned!


I cant wait till willie and joe are on the block, if there already this crazy whats going to happen when there up there ?


Wil sucks. Kara is boring as hell, but him voting out Kara is like Amber voting out Nick in BB8.

It’ll bite him in the ass later.