Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Get ready Big Brother fans! After recently wrapping up Big Brother 15 we are now getting ramped up for Big Brother Canada season 2 set to premiere in February 2014. The casting auditions have been taking place across Canada since the beginning of September and will wrap up with the final casting call in Toronto Ontario on October 19th. If you’re planning on submitting a video application you have just under a month to do it as the deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to last 75 days in the big brother Canada house? Are you able to lie, back-stab and manipulate your way to the $100,000 grand prize?

During the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions Andrew Monaghan’s brother Pete tried out to see if he had what it takes to be cast as one of the new house guests.

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Big Brother 15 Interviews, News, Scandals and MORE.. PART 2!

After just over a week since the finale the cast of Big Brother 15 have just begun to digest how the fans viewed their experience inside the BB house over the last 3 months. While some are in denial about their words and actions others have taken ownership of their mistakes and are trying to grow from the experience. Below are a number of new interviews and articles about the cast since they’ve left the Big Brother world.

During the BB15 wrap party a number of the Big Brother Canada season 1 cast joined the party and got mixed up in some of the drama.

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Big Brother 15 – After the FINALE Interviews and MORE.. “I love my job so much and $500,000”

The finale episode of Big Brother 15 concluded last night but the reality of real life outside the house is just now hitting the cast of the most controversial season of Big Brother. After being locked away from the outside world for 3 months the final 3 and jury members are now trying to make sense of how the viewing public perceived their comments and actions inside the house. It is likely going to take time for the cast to grasp the full extent of their action and comments from this social experiment. It is hard to imagine being locked in a house with extreme personalities all competing, lying and backstabbing for the chance to win a half million dollars. With time to reflect and finally see with their own eyes what transpired throughout the season, it will be interesting to see how the cast reacts and which of the house guests own up to their actions. Below is a collection of interviews of the cast that will be added to as more are released.

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New Year’s Granny strikes “Nice Yummy pad for you Elissa stick it on there real good.. Gorgeous “

4:39pm Bedroom Amanda and Andy
Amanda says Andy is staying 100% he doesn’t have to worry but they need to get GM up on the block.
ANdy says he’s been telling people whatever they want to hear so if anything comes back she has to know his loyalties are with them.

Amanda says she is going to keep torturing Elissa and when they get called down for photobooth she is going to be a all over her. Amanda suggests that after that he needs to go up to the HOH with Elissa and console her.

Andy reiterates his loyalties are with Amanda and McCrae he’s been talking mad sh!t about them for the past day trying to get GM put up. Amanda tells him they need to keep working Elissa.

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GM going up but Aaryn still the target? “She’s walking around here like a pig in a swine house”

10:22pm Cockpit Spencer, JUDD and Andy
JUDD – Amanda’s coat tails are wearing out
JUDD tells Spencer that Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy had a final 4 deal.
JUDD is sick of everyone kissing Amanda and McCrae’s a$$ everyone was when he left and everyone still is when he comes back.
JUDD says he’ll make himself a target he’s not kissing anyone a$$”
Spencer – I’ve had to.. it’s been hell I’ve been on the block 6 times
JUDD wishes Elissa had put Amanda and McCrae up then they would have been able to get one of out at least.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Amanda’s plan is working JUDD tells Elissa to put up Ginamarie

10:15pm Elissa and JUDD
JUDD – If Gm doesn’t agree to vote out Aaryn then put her up
J – Me andy and Specner will vote out Aaryn..
E – Will she vote out Aaryn
J – she said she won’t vote out her bunny… might just say that because she doesn’t trust me
JUDD says if they put up Andy they lose a vote against Aaryn. He thinks they should put up GM.
Andy joins them they asks him if he will vote out Aaryn.
Andy:” 100% percent I swear.. “

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“What does Zingbot and Elissa both have in common they are both made of Plastic… ZING”

7:39pm Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae
Amanda saying that GM was 8 behind her, Elissa was crying and JUDD was on a respirator they can’t say they threw that POV.
ELissa yells from the kitchen “Amanda I never cried”
Amanda:” You cried like a little b!tch and I cannot wait for next week.. I hope you throw it to me again.. oh wait you won’t be playing ”
Elissa says something back can’t hear
Amanda: “F*** off ELissa.. no one gives a f** what you saw OK”
Amanda goes into the kitchen to confront Elissa “OK so you have GM this week and next week when you can’t play little b!tchy Elissa you don’t have Helen you don’t have anybody anymore so keep your F*** grimace smile”
Amanda: “you f** wasted your HOH.. how does it feel.. Rachel is going to feel so proud of you.. you and Brenchel army”
Amanda:” Guess what … f** off you are going down and McCrae and I are here next week”
Amanda: ‘HEY GUESS WHAT .. what does ZIngbot and Elissa both have in common they are both made of Plastic… ZING.. .. that is why you don’t look like any of your HOH pictures you and your 78 years old husband.

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Amanda tries to get GM nominated “She’s not going up because I’m not stupid and you are” -Elissa

4:25pm HOH Amanda and Elissa
Amanda saying that Gm told Aaryn who told AManda that you JUDD and GM have an alliance and were making plans to makes sure Amanda doesn’t win the veto because they wanted to backdoor her
E: “Yes because I’m working with GM and Aaryn “
Amanda says that Aaryn tells her everything
E: “obviously”
A- she thinks we are still working together
E- nobody wants you out of the house that is why I put mcCrae up
A- Elissa everyone wants me or McCrea out of the house..
E -Amanda you are crazy
A- all i’m telling you GM is a flip flopper.. this week she is up your a$$ and next week you can play for HOH and she won’t have anything to do with you
E- I know you want Aaryn here.. do you know Aaryn comes up here every day and talks about you..
A -I know she does
E -why do you want to work with aaryn
A – she’s been loyal to me and you’ve been loyal to me

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Non stop tears “She’s a moronic idiot robot.. a f*** moron.. oh my god.. oh my god”

3:53pm Andy, Amanda and Andy
Aaryn tells them that GM says two people are trying to get GM nominated. Aaryn thinks it’s Spencer and Elissa that told her.

Andy: “I F*** hate Elissa.. She’s a moronic idiot robot, in her head she has it set that I am going up and she won’t change her mind.. oh my god.. how did this f*** happen”
Aaryn leaves.

Andy:” I feel like a spoiled b!tch being so worried about going on the block when all of you have been on the block before”
Amanda wonders if it was JUDD or Spencer that told GM. Andy:” I trust Spencer”
Amanda:” I don’t.”
Amanda tells him if it’s him against Aaryn he will stay he has Amanda, McCrae and Spencer votes locked. Andy is worried that Aaryn is going to turn this house into a bloodbath dragging his name through the mud.

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Big Brother Spoilers JUDD back in the game “I’m starting with a clean slate I don’t have any Allies”

9:17pm Elissa and JUDD

JUDD says he felt bad for not hugging Elissa.
Elissa:” I didn’t want you to go”
JUDD:’ I’m starting with a clean slate I don’t have any Allies”
Elissa: “So you are good to vote out who I put up”
JUDD:” Anyone.. I don’t care”
Elissa: “Who do you think I will put up”
JUDD: “Aaryn”
Elissa: “So you are not mad at Amanda and MCCrea”
JUDD: “I’m starting fresh”
Elissa: “I don’t like anyone in here.. i’m so excited”

JUDD:” I’m still in shock.. I need my clothes I forgot how dirty it is around here”

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Sc!ssoring, Butterscotch and Centre that v@g!na The Peasants hang out

9:00pm Specner, Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae

Talking about what they will do with the money
Spencer will give back a bit to the community he wants to get an activity bus for his school. Aaryn is surprised the community doesn’t have an activity bus.
Spencer wants to send his parents on a trip to the D-day landing beaches. Amanda says she’s going to travel after the show regardless if she wins or not.
Spencer: “New windows in my house.. I might buy a duplex rent it out”

MC: “I would like to make a movie.. a really cheap one.. I just want to tell a story”
Aaryn would like to hire a videographer and go to some exotic place.
Spencer points out that Andy has gone to the diary room a lot today. Amanda: “That’s because they are portraying him as the swing vote..” Amanda laughs “I’m also in production”

Amanda: ”Today was boring.. the morning was exciting”
MC: “You guys ever see Westworld.. today was like Westworld.. “
Spencer: “how so”
MC: “One of the animatronics went rogue and went on a rampage throughout the house”

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Big Brother Spoilers “Everyone in this house is under her spell”

6:30pm HOH Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae

Aaryn brings up how Helen thinks she is a power player. Amanda says Helen is not a power player because anyone who allied themselves with ELISSA isn’t a power player. She adds that Helen cannot manipulate people she always resorts to bold threats.

Aaryn brings up how Helen was calling them all the bad people.
Spencer: “we’re the decepticons”

They agree that JUDD will be happy to see Helen and Elissa enter the jury house. They talk about the HOH endurance and how they hope it’s cold because Elissa will not be able to handle it.
Spencer: ‘In OTEV she was trembling”
MC: “I’m from Minnesota I am built for cold”
MC and Spencer say they are going to make comments during the comp saying how cold they are feeling.

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