Big Brother Spoilers – Amanda’s plan is working JUDD tells Elissa to put up Ginamarie

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


8:26pm Cockpit Spencer and Andy
Andy says he was in the HOH and Elissa/JUDD told him they wanted Aaryn to go and that they had GM ‘s and Spencer votes.
Spencer says andy is safe, Amanda and McCrae are not going to vote him out he;’s golden.

Andy wishes Amanda never started the lie that they would vote him out over Aaryn. He feels that he’s in a weird place with people. Spencer Agrees says it’s not good being in a house with so many lies around. Andy adds that Amanda never asked him ort consulted him about it she just did it and told him he had to act mad at her.
Andy say once he goes up Aaryn is going to spill everything to Elissa. Spencer recommends he just deny everything Aaryn says Elissa will believe him over Aaryn.
S – “they already have their minds twisted against Amanda so all you have to do is twist is some more”
S – Deny deny deny deny
S – Amanda wants GM up so she can keep aaryn
A- I don’t want to keep Aaryn
S- I don’t want to keep Aaryn
A – I would keep GM in a heartbeat over Aaryn
S – I don’t trust of like GM but if you do thats good enough for me
A – GM is starting to get wary of Aaryn
S – I think they are trying to pull a moving company.. GM and Aaryn.. they are trying to get both sides against each other.

A – they need to be split up.. GM is moldable
S – get the strongest one out… dude as long you deny they will believe you
A – AMand and mccrea will back me up .. I’m getting tangled into the tangled web of sh!t
S – I have your back.. dude playing the game were all these lies are going on is the most nerve racking things of all
A – It’s going to be Amanda/McCrae vs Elissa/JUDD with us in the middle
S – With GM

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:33pm bedroom Aaryn and Andy
Aaryn telling him that JUDD and SPencer told Elissa they will vote her way if they keep them off the block.

Andy: “can we make a pact whoever goes home on Thursday night makes the most scathing eviction speech about Elissa”
Andy – Oh my god how did this f**** happen
Aaryn – I’m not going to campaign I have nothing bad to say to you
Andy – same .. I hope something changes tomorrow
Aaryn – I really don’t think… I dunno
Andy – She’s the worlds most stupid robot and her sights are on me there’s no changing it.. OHH i’m so frustrated.
Aaryn – we can’t do anything about it
Andy – Tomorrow i’m going to lay in here all day.


8:42pm cam 3-4 amanda, Elissa and GM Hammock
Amanda brings up that Elissa is telling everyone she threw the POV to her she points out that it’s obviously false.
Elissa – I’m saying I helped you win the veto
A – you are saying you threw it to me .. you didn’t help me win you just couldn’t help yourself win.
Elissa asks Amanda if her and GM can have some privacy
A – I feel like you were excluding me like it was high school
E – you exclude everyone Amanda.. you walk around here like you own the place.. . you were yelling at me
A – I felt that you were attacking me.. you were walking around with a satanic smile on it’s very condescending.. I really appreciate you throwing the veto to me.. I needed it
E – I know you did
Amanda leaves.. GM leaves to use the bathroom
E – I’m not going to fight with her she’s a waste of breath


8:53pm Storage room JUDD and GM
JUDD asks her where her vote is. GM doesn’t even know who the replacement nominee is yet she’ll tell him on MOnday after the POV Ceremony.

8:56pm cockpit Amanda and Spencer
Amanda tells him she is going to make GM her best friend over the next couple days. Amanda suggest Spencer go up to Elissa and tell her they have to get Amanda out of here she is working with McCrae, Gm and Aaryn .
Spencer – Is she thinking about putting me up
Amanda – I dunno … you just need to tell her that they have to get Amanda out.
A – Add that you are pretty sure GM is working with me.
Spencer – OK

8:57 storage room Amanda and MC
MC says that JUDD was in the storage room earlier with GM. Amanda says that is fine.
Amanda Explains that she talked to GM about what Elissa is doing. She is trying to make GM/JUDD think they are working with her because she has no one and cannot play for the HOH next week. Amanda pointed out to GM that she wants JUDD and GM to win the HOH and do her dirty work for her than when someone on the opposing side wins HOh they will put Judd and GM up and not Amanda. Amanda: “She did the same thing with Helen and helen went home”

Amanda fills him in on what she told Spencer to say to Elissa.


8:58 HOH Andy and Elissa
E – It’s the freaking Amanda and McCrae show it’s so annoying I am over it.. lets just give them the 500K.. why are we all here … they are disgusting.. she came on this show and told everyone she was pregnant.. Feeds cut (Apparently Amanda thought she was pregnant during the casting.)
Andy says he’s not going to fight with Amanda but he’s pissed off with her. Elissa says she doesn’t care about who wins this game at this point she hopes Amanda does win it.
A – she won’t it’s 2 people against 6
A – are you going to put me up
E – I don’t know what I am going to do
A – I am very scared if I go up I’m going home .. it doesn’t feel good i’m being honest to you
E – it sucks for me to even me here I hope I go home next week.. it’s embarrassed to be here with someone that yells at me on national TV.
Andy really wants to know who goes up he hates that Amanda is going around telling everyone he’s going home

E- don’t you think you should campaign against Aaryn.
A – well ya if I go up .. but not now. the one thing that Helen said before she left was she didn’t want us to turn on each other.. if I go up and go home that is going to suck for us
E – who should I put up
A – I really don’t know thay are all friends
E – so you won’t campaign
A- If i’m up on the block ya.. but If I’m not on the block I will vote out Aaryn I promise you Andy say he’s ready to strike against Amanda and McCrae he knows that every week they get stronger
E – where is spencer’s head at
A- I don’t know I think he would do what you want.
E – how about GM
A – I don’t know GM is Aaryns friend but lately she’s been close to you
A – I’m telling you I am going to vote Aaryn out. I’m not a idiot I know Aaryn has to go.. that is what I want to do.. the last thing I want to do is turn against you who i’ve been working with since the beginning..
A – keep napping I just wanted you to know I will vote out aaryn if you keep me off the block.


9:08pm Cockpit Spencer and Andy
Andy says he just talked to Elissa and she told him she doesn’t know what she will do she could put up anyone, “I’m like ohh you are so annoying”

Spencer says Amanda needs to stop pushing for Aaryn to stay and GM going up. Spencer says he wants Aaryn gone this week.
S – I’m not scared of Elissa at all especially when she doesn’t have the power
Spencer is going to go to McCrae and tell him Aaryn was working with Elissa to backdoor Amanda.
Spencer says JUDD is blood thirsty against Aaryn and Amanda.

Spencer:” Dude JUDD just told me that he wants you to stay.. I’m going to vote to keep you so is McCrae and Amanda is… she is just Bluffing”
Amanda joins them and says she’s going to get super close to Gm and Aaryn. She wants Spencer to notice and go up to Elissa and tell her he thinks that Amanda, GM, McCrae and Aaryn are working together.
Andy says tomorrow he is not going to do any game talking. Amanda says if this works it’s going to be amazing.

Amanda: ‘I want to keep Aaryn here for one or two more weeks”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:48pm Bedroom Amanda and MC
Amanda says that GM is starting to make fun of Elissa again. She told JUDD that and GM that she will not vote to keep Andy

A – the thing that worries me is spencer want Aaryn out
MC – ya
A – I want her here for another 2 weeks she will not put me and you up.
MC – two .. that’s the thing Spencer is worried she will put him up next week
A – she won’t
MC – I told him
A – the target is Elissa and JUDD
MC – Why don’t we say one of us will go up if the POV is played
A – I don’t want Spencer to go up on the block.. I want her to know that her HOH is a fail
MC – she’ll be broken
They agree that what Andy is doing is working
A – THis can really work.. now she is hiding up in her room she’s not prancing around like queen sheba.

Aaryn walk sin Amanda tells her it’s working. Aaryn says Spencer is being mean to her.

Aaryn says Spencer is going to tell Elissa that GM, McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda are an alliance. They have to keep Specner safe next week because of it.

Aaryn – Elissa is working with JUDD.. it’s confirmed.
MC leaves
Amanda says that JUDD is going to go to Elissa and tell her she doesn’t have the numbers if Andy goes up.. She points out that Elissa is hiding in her room.
Aaryn – look confident and walk around like you are running this house.. you have the numbers.. this is going to work.
Aaryn – If this works you are going to win this game
Amanda – I know for a fact 100% if GM goes up she will go home but if Specner goes up I dunno..


10:06pm they get alcohol..


10:15pm Elissa and JUDD
JUDD – If Gm doesn’t agree to vote out Aaryn then put her up
J – Me andy and Spencer will vote out Aaryn..
E – Will she vote out Aaryn
J – she said she won’t vote out her bunny… might just say that because she doesn’t trust me
JUDD says if they put up Andy they lose a vote against Aaryn. He thinks they should put up GM.
Andy joins them they asks him if he will vote out Aaryn.
Andy:” 100% percent I swear.. ”


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So Judd, Elissa, Spencer and Andy are having a convo about putting up GM and the 3 of them vote to keep her. I don’t know why, but I feel a set up going on here. I really don’t think Judd is all into Elissa, I think he is trying to keep off the block. Elissa was all with Helen and it was Helen who railroad Aaryn into voting Judd out.

Elissa is a dumb freak

Judd and Elissa are earning their stripes at being stooooopid fools tonight. Of course it’s a set-up! Masterminded by Amanda. Everyone is in on it except Judd, who dutifully reported back to Botox duck lips. Her believing it and allowing rat Andy to talk his way off going up on the block shows what a dumb ass Elissa is. Okay haters, this is why Amanda deserves to win this game. She is the puppet master and everyone follows lock step. Brilliant. The gold digger will be so hurt when she realizes she’s been played. Awwwww. Hopefully she will be a good sport about it bc she was trying to back door Amanda while looking her in the eyes and promising her she is safe. I can’t wait to see this week unfold, and then next week when she and Judd are in the block. Go Amanda and Aaryn!


This waivering is temporary, Elissa is too intelligent to be played by Andy and Spencer. At the end of the day, she will realize its just too risky not to nominate Andy. Even if Gina Marie won’t vote Aaryn out, the votes are still there to evict her. Spencer, Judd and McCrae will send Aaryn packing.


We shall see If Elissa is as smart as you think she is otherwise she is gonna have an emotional breakdown come Thursday. Personally I think this is Allison Grodners way of mind fu**ing everyone rooting against Amanda. Give you a little hope than crush it with extreme prejudice.

Elissa is dumb

Elissa is too intelligent…? I fell off my chair laughing after reading just those four words. That is an oxymoron if I ever saw it. Keep drinking the Kool-aid. Elissa is actually one of the STUPIDEST players to be in this game. Maybe when she stops playing dictator Helen’s game and starts playing her own, well, it’s too late for the shallow fembot to do anything about her game now. She’s history in 2 weeks unless CBS rigs this some more and gives her an immunity power.


awe you mean rig the game some more like they have been doing in aMANduhs case?


I love Amanda


HELEN worst player in BB history .


Helen played a really good game…it was Elissa who kept messing it up.


i lost track, how many times did helen say, “its too soon to vote out demanda”

elissa had nothing to do with that all 3-5 times she said it. when demanda convinced helen judd was mvp, it was helen only that did whatever to convince aaryn to backdoor judd. elissa not involved again.

helen could have been a good player if she didnt play puppet for demanda.


actually Helen messed her own game up. She was constantly trying to look good to both sides and was throwing Elissa under the bus any chance she got.


At the end of the day whether Amanda or Aaryn win the 500,000 dollars, none of that money compares to the stuff they will face after they leave the house. Big Brother posted a whole segment on the show of Aaryn saying racist and derogatory comments. Thats going to haunt Aaryn for the rest of her life. It’s gonna effect her work, people she interact outside the house (especially if they are African american and Japanese). Aaryn talks about how she wants a hosting job.. she better kiss that dream goodbye. Nobody wants a racist who said racist remarks on national TV to work for them. Amanda is in the same situation. Even though Big brother didn’t make a segment, the live feeder see and have heard her say stuff like that. If I was mcpussy I would leave Amanda now. He’s not gonna like what people have to say when she gets out.


I’m sure they will catch some flak. But life will go on as always. And they won’t suffer nearly as much as bb fans want them to suffer.


Elissa brought up the Kaitlin abortion thing, and now she brings up Amanda. I think Elissa uses it as a bargaining chip, which is equally disgusting.


Actually Amanda has said she was pregnant during the casting process….odd cause you cant be pregnant going in BB. I don’t remember her bring Kaitlyn into it….either you’re an Amanda fan….or trying to tarnish her name…..which is sad if you ARE lying..making up lies


Equally? No. Just stop. Dear god, just stop.

Elissa is dumb

Uh, even though BB is the center of your universe right now BBFannatic23, it isn’t for 98% of the United States. And it won’t be for 99.99% of the US by October. So wishful thinking if you believe Aaryn or Amanda will suffer with job prospects after this season is over. I just don’t see it. The only ones ‘outraged’ are the politically correct haters. I am a huge Aaryn and Amanda fan. Does that make me a racist? I don’t think so. That doesn’t mean I like everything that’s come out of their mouths. I don’t. But I recognize this for what it is – a reality tv show where 16 strangers are forced to live together for 90 days and pick one of their members off each week. A lot of pressure and a lot of getting on each other’s nerves. Comments are bound to be made that otherwise would not. Elissa OTOH will not be forgotten because she is Rachel’s shadow. And everything about that stuck-up gold digger was fake.


Huh, interesting how you stick up for Amanda & Aaryn despite their disgusting behavior but Elissa gets trashed for life. Why are you stuck up because you can’t tolerate disgusting distasteful behavior but the people with said behavior are given a free pass?


Can someone tell me how Elissa knew that Amanda was pregnant and has herpes. The only way she could know is if Production told her. That is against the law to give out someone’s personal information like that and even though I cannot stand Amanda that is not right if Production did that. Isn’t Herpes very contagious so how could they let the other houseguests be exposed to Herpes. Just wanting some clarification if anyone knows. Thanks,


Amanda likes to talk….ALOT….everyone has agreed that Amanda admit she had a “miscarraige” during the casting call process of BB. Certain fans saying Amanda doing it for attention…..I slightly agree with them…she does stuff for attention. But yes Amanda said she was pregnant but lost it which made people suspicious that she may have aborted due to the time it was casting process……(not allowed to go in the house while pregnant) obvi

give me a break

Amanda brought all that crap up…….she’s shameless….and McPuss is disgusting because he still sleeping with her….


Actually if Amanda had herpes she should tell MCrae and those unfortunate to kiss her. Its sort of like having HIV/AIDS….You should tell your partner. Well either way Amanda should admit it IF she had herpes. Although as for the pregnant thing…Amanda told a group of them that she was pregnant…..but ppl assumed she had done so for attention

Amanda's Therapist

(With this Amanda it is just one thing after another)


Isn’t it funny how all the evicted houseguest that didn’t make to jury are in Elissa side. Go and check their twitters. Kaitlin just tweeted “I’m loving Elissa game right now” Someone ask nick who he’s rooting for and he says ëlissa.


Yeah b/c amanda, helen (the masterminds) and aaryn (the muscle) sent them all packing.

Elissa is dumb

Who cares what they think? They are just a bunch of jealous and bitter asswipes whose 15 minutes of fame wasn’t. I don’t even really remember them. Which reinforces my point.


If Elissa falls for this she is dumb and deserves to leave. Judd why are you believing these people, these are the same ones who screwed you the first time. I guess it was a waste to bring you back. GM are you crazy, you have no-one and Elissa was offering you a chance to be safe and you are going to protect Arryn?

Well it doesn’t matter because Elissa needs to take out for sure one of Amanda’s allies.Spencer went on the block rather than vote against Amanda and the next week he is going to stab her in the back. DUH I got a bridge I would like to sell you when you get out of jury…… I didn’t think there was anyone out there that was that stupid to fall for Amanda’s shit, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe Amanda deserves to win if she pulls this off.

Amanda's next yeast infection

Elissa go with your gut, put andy up!! This is almost too hard to watch! I’ll be hiding out in Amanda’s infected vag, it’s roomy enuf..even with a black dick, a baby, yeast, herp bumps, aaryns head, and mcc’s balls! This is almost too gross to post..ehh F it! Hating Amanda and proud!

give me a break

Elissa is only listen to Judd and Judd is giving her some bad advice….Judd is going to be back stab by Andy twice…..I hope Elissa follows her gut …Andy is to risky to trust…


Spencer: My family does a lot of work with the Animal Rescue League.

Judd: A guy from the Animal Rescue League knocked on my door. He said, “We’ve had a complaint that you’ve been overfeeding your cat. Apparently it weighs the best part of 40 pounds.” I said, “It’s not a cat.” “Oh” he replied, “There must be a mistake, is it a dog?” I said, “No, it’s a hamster.”


A 40 pound hamster!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL


Judd: I’ve been thinking that if I win BB I could use the money to start breeding 40 pound hamsters. Before you know it I’ll be in the hamster fur coat business. This could be the next new thing in winter clothing.


Judd: Of course I’ll have to put a warning label on all the hamster fur jackets. Use Caution near Ferris Wheels


If Amanda tricks Elissa into putting GM on the block the game is over. Amanda wins and everything is a formality. How these idiots just go along with everything Amanda says is so pathetic. As Aaryn says if you pull this off you deserve the win. WTF They are all playing for 500K but feel its more important to last another week in the house rather then win. They are all Sheep, lemmings or whatever else you want to call them. Thats the problem with this country as a whole. No leadership just a bunch of sheep believing everything our self serving politicians tell us. F*uck it all I cant stand it anymore. Where is my gun so I can blow my brains out rather than continuing to watch this crap

Dollar Bill

I think the same way but put down the gun and step back from the ledge.


Well if the sheep keep doing what Am wants, then they all deserves to lose!


Why r all u guys freaking out. We already know that when elissas mind is made up it is made up. She will put up andy. She’ll talk to gina marie and confirm her vote and put up andy. And she knows she doesn’t have amdys vote so I don’t thin k she will risk it. This what happened before mccrae got nominated, all these ppl thought she was gonna throw up gm. Well she didn’t. She’ll figure this out too.


Also judd said “if” which means nothing is for certain. Theres a couple more days left. Which does not bode well for 3am cause Elissa will figure this out too. She has figured everything to this point already. But again just like the noms i don’t see her changing her mind.


Maybe she’s just leading them on to make them comfortable so she can have the last laugh. I mean she knows Helen told her Andy couldn’t be trusted and why would Amanda tell Elissa her game plan so she would have a chance to change it up? Lead them on, they are so happy right now like McRae was.


Ah, good ol’ revisionist history. Helen and production are the only reason Elissa has ever figured out anything. She has terrible social game and is 100% transparent and phony.


I love your Judd scenarios!!!!


I hate Amanda!


Could Amanda yeast infection be code word for another type of infection ?




Not taking any sides here but I think it’s funny that almost every comment on this site is about how horrible Amanda is. This is probably the reason she has stuck around because she makes for good tv. You are willing to sit around and talk about her, bash her, and wish she was out of this game and if the game is rigged then ratings will be good because you want to watch the next episode to see if she gets out. You guys have to admit that she is a huge part of this show from all the talk she is getting and people are tuning in to see what she’s like or what happens to her from all these comments that are about her. just my opinion


Makes perfect sense, which is why Rachel when she didn’t win a comp, was miraculously saved, by DR persuasion or a twist, because we NEVER stopped talking shit about her. Most talked about always sticks around longer. It was more fun talking about her, than Amanda.

I talk shit about everyone in the house every season, if they give me something to talk about, which they graciously do.


As long as she doesn’t win the money. She’s horrid! A degenerate!


She’s like a bad taste you can’t get out of your mouth. Apparently she had an abortion two days before coming into the house, she’s despicable. And why does Elissa look so shiny? Are they injecting her with both in the Dr? I could have sworn she looked human at the start of BB.

Ya know...

Ya know in the beginning I was for Amanda. I thought wow she’s good, she’s going to manipulate all those ppl to the end and win. That’s good game! However, she doesn’t deserve any money. She’s is a horrible human being. Aaryn may be young and ignorant, but Amanda is repulsive. She’s a narcissistic, vile, hypocritical, disgusting, and ugly person! I rather anyone win over her. She shouldn’t even get second place.

Amanda's Therapist








Well that’s it i am done with this season. This is utter bullshit. If Gina marie goes up, i am done.


Same here. If GM goes up, I will never watch this show again. I’m done for sure.


good bye


I stopped watching long ago….will watch the last episode, but lets face it. This thing is rigged towards Amanda, I mean really the girl can’t win anything, how was she able to all of a sudden win when most needed? I’ve been watching since the first season & this one is the most boring by far.


The same way Elissa did last week to take herself off the block (and effectively send her only ally home) and this to win HOH (when almost anyone else winning meant she’d be on the block and probably going home. I won’t even bring up the MVP…which was put in solely to push her farther in the game. Something that not only did she not have to earn by winning a competition or even due to her own popularity…it was due to the fact she was the only houseguest w/ a famous relative.


Yeah, I’ll be done for the season if GM goes up. We’ll see about next season. Maybe I’ll just watch Survivor, I missed the first 20 seasons…

Elissa is a dumb freak

Do you promise Oldnewz? Maybe a bunch of Amanda haters and politically correct whiners will follow suit. One can only hope. So tired of the Elissa glorification and bashing of all the other HGs. If you don’t like the show just stop watching now, asswipe.


Can someone tell me where Spencer stands now? Is he with El/Judd or Am/Mc?


Shrek is with whomever has the power of the week, he is a flip flopper, floating turd




amanda have the freaking money. if Amanda wins I will never watch this show again


Please do not do this Elissa!!!!!!!! You need to get one of the 3 AM members out. Fucking Andy the rat is so disgusting. I have no respect for anyone in this cast… From Aaryn with her bigoted thoughts to Amanda with her bullying… ugh. DO NOT DO THIS ELISSA. I knew Judd would eventually be manipulated by Spencer/Amanda/McCrae … This is why I wanted Helen/Candice/Jessie back cause they were guaranteed to go after McCranda.


I didn’t want Judd back either for the same reason. He is going to be blindsided again by these same people!


They tried, but it’s hard to go after them when they are not on the block & are being lied to left & right. It’s easy when you are privy to all the convos on the feeds to think it’s obvious, but I can’t imagine it is. They’re really in a tight spot now because one thing we & they know for sure is GM really doesn’t have a mind of her own & blows with whoever gets to her last which will likely be Aaryn/Amanda. It probably took her all of 15 minutes (if that) to revert to her “old” ways. They are scrambling now & the only thing you can hope for is that Andy dislikes being Zinged as a floater so much that he’s telling the truth or someone (:-) clues them in that they need to put up the rat.


Shut up already.


So Amanda plan is for elissa to put up ginamarie so they can vote out gm instead of Aaryn. Spencer, judd, and andy want Elissa to put GM so they can vote out Aaryn. This is a big risk for Elissa. It would be funny as hell if Elissa puts GM up and amanda and Mcrae think they plan is working and then andy, spencer, and judd vote out aaryn instead of GM. lol But i don’t know how loyal andy is. I would play it safe and still put up andy and hope GM keeps her promise to vote out aaryn.


If Elissa falls for this then she should walk out of the house. And they should give Amanda the $500,000. And let the others battled it out for second place.

Man this is getting disappointing.

DR step in and save this cluster f**k now. Please….


Well even JUDD, her OWN alliance is telling her to put up GM.

For Seriously?

…and ellisa will be officially stupid. She knows andy is working with amanda and mcrae! She knows he is a liar. How d**n hard can this be? If they vote him out, so what! Either is fine.


Would Andy actually evict Aaryn? I think putting up GM would be a mistake.


I don’t believe Andy would evict Aaryn if Elissa puts up GM. If she falls for this ruse, GM will be evicted and Elissa should self-evict.


i really hope elissa just goes with her gut and put that stinkin rat up.

i guess aaryn really does want amanda to win… so dumb.


I am done watching! Andy is such a liar. When he vote out GM, Elissa, Spencer, & Judd will know Andy is a rat.

Then Stop Watching

Stop watching then. So many people keep saying they are going to stop watching, when you know darn well you will not. Your favorite player is stupid and dosn’t deserve to win. Nobody except Amanda and Aaryn has played the game. Hate them if you want, but they’ve played the game their style. Every other player has floated. So grab your lifevest, because your favorite player (s) is drowning.


@ stop watching then, I already have. I don’t watch it on cbs, I don’t hv feeds. BTW, I don’t have a favorite player. They all are stupid. However, I guarantee you that Elissa will get a special power.


Wow. Tell me again how awesome Elissa is b/c she is gonna make big moves b/c she’s gonna be given her SECOND special power of the season by production. She’s playing such a fantastic game. -_- Even helped seal her only ally’s fate last week. :D


watching this season has been one big headache from day one. it’s starting to look like one bad scripted movie. Amanda is def an Allison Grodner/CBS implant in the game. the evidence is obvious.

WTF? WHY? if you have an established career

and your life is good (for the most part)






…and Elissa isn’t?! They just picked her b/c she was the most entertaining or most qualified, huh? Her being Rachel’s sister is just a coincidence, huh? People forget “timely” wins and love special powers when it’s someone they like benefitting, but if it’s someone the don’t…RIGGED!!….NEWS FLASH: the show is RIGGED…always has been, always will be. They don’t care who wins as long as we watch. And we will watch regardless of all of the bullshit. It benefits them to keep the polarizing players around (good and bad) b/c they know they equal ratings.


As much as I HATE to say this, and I mean hate with the fire of a thousand suns, if Amanda pulls off this plan she almost deserves to win. I still think she is the scum of the earth, and I would kick her ass if I saw her on the street though.


I am so disgusted ….I cannot understand if Spencer wants Aaryn out -why doesn’t he speak up so that Andy still goes on the block. He doesn’t like Amanda but he does her bidding – he even knows about the 3am alliance.


I don’t think anyone has Elisa back :(


…because she’s moron, she’s fake, and an elitist *shrug*….of course, they’ll edit that right on out for tv. Have to maintain the appearance of America’s sweetheart.


No JUDD!!!! PUT UP ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Fan

Just curious, anyone on Adderral? How does it feel?

billy bob

i hope gm does get sent home,thats what her dumb ass deserves for being so dumb,
then judd,spenser, and elissa take on the house,
im feeling a diamond power of veto is on its way,
and i dont know how much more of amanda i can stomach,

Amanda's Therapist

WTF! BBAD is damn crazy! Just when you think you know how the players are going to spin the game…damn it – they take it another way!
MY HOPE IS – THAT THE 4: Elissa – Andy? Judd – Spenser? ACTUALLY ARE LEGIT? They seem to be onboard BUT…who
do you trust ? If they could pull this off and get Aaryn out.!.
GM would IMO…then agree to work to get out Amanda
or McPussy¿¡¿
Would then be 5-2! YES! :-)
They could then work together AND evict the dirty duo?!? :-)

McPussy is looking as if he wants to join in and OUT the bitch!


Elissa Judd Andy and Spencer in the Cockpit:

Judd has asked Andy the Rat and Spencer the Molester to get GM on the block as the replacement nominee. Andy the Rat says he is being portrayed as Shelly to America. That became clear to Andy the Rat today after talking to aMANduh earlier. They all vow to Elissa to put up GM and that makes Aaryn goes home. Elissa right now seems convinced that this could work. Judd seems genuine in doing this.

The problem I have is Andy and Spencer have not given crucial info to Elissa, specifically the 3AM alliance. Andy holds back as he pretends he is “not and idiot” and that he knows he needs to turn on McCranda.

I am not sure whether to believe Andy the Rat and Spencer the Molester or not.


I hope this works! All you people that just trash Amanda and Aaryn will start whining and complaining. Elissa is stupid and you all just keep backing her like shes the best player.

Aaryn is the hottest BB player in history. Look at that picture above. WOW

Amanda and Aaryn in the finals!!!!!!!!

One Piece of A$$

Yeah, that Aaryn is freakin’ hot as hell


Next year, if there is a next year, and if you require prescription drugs that the side effects include a heightening of attention, energy and awareness. Also the compulsion to do something, to achieve some task, whether that be writing a book, studying notes, dancing, having a conversation, building something, etc…..
you should NOT be allowed to participate in BB!!!!


Honestly, I think 3 a.m. is done. Elissa knows about it, and Andy told Spencer about it, he even told him the name. I might be crazy, but I believe Judd/Andy/Spencer will all vote Aaryn off, and I think both Spencer and Judd would vote McCranda next week.


“Amanda joins them and says she’s going to get super close to Gm and Aaryn. She wants Spencer to notice and go up to Elissa and tell her he thinks that Amanda, GM, McCrae and Aaryn are working together

Aaryn says Spencer is going to tell Elissa that GM, McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda are an alliance. They have to keep Specner safe next week because of it. .”

Skanks-R-Us, everyone knows “Amanda, GM, McCrae and Aaryn” are working together…. Not exactly NEWS to anyone in that house.

Get a Clue

Go with your instincts, Elissa, and put up Andy! Whether GM votes Aaryn out or not, you know Andy’s staying. McCrae and Amanda lie constantly; you know that! Trust your instincts! Andy is NOT to be trusted! Put him on the block! Otherwise, Aaryn stays…


Consider this – Spencer now knows about 3AM. And he’s keeping them in tact right now? What is his angle here? Or is he just an idiot?


The Village idiot


Been watching BBAD, I certainly hope Elissa remember what a liar Andy is. She also needs to remember he had no loyalty to her and Helen. I did noitice she was watching him closely, hopefulyl she saw that he is lying to everyone. I actually think Spencer and Judd would vote out Aaryn.


Amanda is fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So? What does that have to do with anything?


If Andy doesn’t vote Aaryn out then Judd and Spencer will know he is a liar but I’m not sure if Spencer will care. Andy seems concerned with being called a floater by zingbot and looking like he’s just working for Amanda and McCrae. I am hoping he has seen the light but I guess we will have to wait and see if he runs to the queen and tell her the plan. This group of Andy, Spencer, Judd and Elissa could bring Amanda down.


I despise this season. It’s terrible! If I have to watch another season like this, just cancel the show and I’ll watch the Canadian version once it’s done every year. That being said, if Amanda had a wall fall on her I would laugh with joy. BUT! She is the only person playing this game right now. She has the strongest personality and has run the game without winning anything until today. She deserves to win, sorry but she does. Elissa will fall for the plan, just like everyone has that Amanda has wanted to go. How does she truly not deserve to win when you look at it all. I’m over this season and I am absolutely disgusted that this is what I got after waiting for so long. But it is what it is, and Amanda has run the game and deserves the $500k, as sick as it makes me to say it.


Just remember how all of us were hating Evel Dick in Season 8. And yet years removed he is considered one of the best. Most of the best players were people I HATED during their seasons. I thought Danielle was hateful, Will was evil, Dick was a POS, Dan was a snake, Ian was a punk, Rachel was an annoying human. Now I think they are all some of the greatest players ever to play (except Rachel). Just how it is…. I never met a great player I liked until the season was over and I was able to accept it and appreciate what they were willing to do better then anyone else.


I wouldn’t consider Evel d!ck one of the greatest players. The only reason he won was because of America’s player Erik. Evel dick would have been evicted when he was on the block with Dustin, but Erik had to get him evicted because of America. So calling evel dick one of the greatest players is a bit of a stretch.


Does anyone remember Evil Dick bragging about how production PROMISED him if he would do the show he would win. He was recruited and was hesitant about doing it because he said people always instantly hated him because of his look. That was when I was finally convinced this is a fixed game.


But Amanda is so mean and makes it all so personal. That’s what I can’t stand. I hate bullies! But worse than that, I hate people who stand by and do nothing when they see a bully operate. It may be a game, but no amount of money is worth standing by and watching someone be so cruel and then joining in, as so many of these houseguest do. I will not look back on this season and see anything more than someone who would be willing to hurt someone so cruelly over money.


Funny thing though, Amanda isn’t in any of the greats league, she got through because the HGs were sheep, she wasn’t turning intelligent people to her side, they were already lost looking for a place in that house, McMusty was just happy he could get some pussy since he can’t get none in the real world, because non-skanks never fuck men that don’t take baths. She couldn’t turn any of the people in the house that could think for themselves, so she used her sheep to take them out. The last person in that house that can think for themselves “Spencer”, is just waiting to be HOH to make a move.

People, on here like to pretend like Amanda is some great manipulator, but it’s easy to make a sheep pay attention to you,m shine a light in their eye and they will follow you.

Dr.Will,Dan,Rachel, Dick, Boogie,Janelle, would make her their bitch in no time flat.


This has been a tough year. For a reality show, all I want is someone I can root for. I can’t root for someone like Amanda who is so mean. When you go to the movies, you want to believe the hero will win in the end. No one goes to see the villian triumph. That’s what made this reality season even hard to read or see. I keep hoping (like the movies) that the villians will get beaten in the end. And it keeps looking like its not going to happen. That’s what mades going to the movies an escape from everyday life. I don’t want to see this mess and know that in real life, there are so many people like Amanda and Aaryn and Andy in the world.


take my word to heart—GM and Aaryn are both going up on the board for elimination. Gm is going home this week.


Damn Amanda is good! Say what you want about her as a person but as player she is kicking ass! Good for her on winning the veto.

This is ridiculous

How is it that all but one (Elissa) want Amanda and McCrae to win this game…What they are there for little R & R, Wake up, you are playing for $500,000…ALL OF YOU…


Wrong! She’s NOT the only one – at least Judd does too. Unfortunately that plan was not executed properly & backfired. Now Elissa is so focused back on getting Aaryn out that any other option is being ignored & it appears that without GM willing to vote her out they don’t have the votes. So unless Elissa is willing to change the target they’re screwed on that front.

Amanda's Towel

Yeah but it can all change tomorrow.


Andy is the much better move, not poor lil ole GM!!!!

Andy is the main reason why Helen is in the JURY.

Humour JUDD like a Brit but go direct with the rat!

Elissa needs to think with a logic beyond Rachel.

Otherwise very feral cat people will invade us all.

I will have to explain WHY i feel Amanda is a skank.

Cat People… Amanda is a skank. i feel your pain!!!


“Poor Little” GM needs to quit waving in the wind. Maybe they should quit trying to sweet talk her & try Amanda’s tactics – threaten her if she doesn’t commit to voting out Aaryn she going up & out. (which it looks like is true).


Oh my! Elissa and Judd were just persuaded by Andy and Spencer to put up GM!!!! This makes me crazy…..won’t be able to fall asleep for hours….hoping Elissa will mull this over more tomorrow…heavy sigh


This is setting up to be a compeletely wasted HOH…Not sure why I expected anything less…I hope Elissa gets tough again and puts up Andy…she seems to be falling for the lies again…this season is so frustrating!!

Amanda the Wicked Witch

Andy’s my favorite flying money, just saying!


NOOOO! Amanda and Aaryn’s egos are supersizing! Elissa put up the rat, trust your instincts. How has Andy been working with you since the beginning? all your allies have disappeared!


I really hope Elissa gets some kind of power from Pandora’s box just so she can wipe that smug smile off of Amanda’s face, she is just the fugliest slut I have ever seen.


She is Skankmanda to me from now on…



You got your wish Judd came back and he is falling for the okey doke. again….

So what do you think now?


if Elissa goes with her gut
and JUDD keeps to his plan,
the two people who EFFF~D
over Helen are pitted at each
other. the others are then safe.
JUDD is the type of guy who
is given to keeping his word.
right now his “hillbilly” version
of a badly lobotomized idiot is
something done for the city folk.


Is he? If he manages to pry Spencer/Andy away from the Amanda cult then that might be a win. It SHOULD (operative word) be obvious to both Spencer & Andy based on the moves being made to save Aaryn that neither of them is truly important to Amanda. And if they fall for McCrae’s crap of ditching Amanda they’re complete idiots ( oh. yes, they are!).


if this works, wow. amanda will have pulled the biggest fast one. in a house of lies, it’s best to just play it safe and put up andy. i wonder how long it will take elissa to realize that mccranda is never around when judd and her are having meetings with andy/spencer, but always around when just talking among themselves.that is a pretty dead giveaway.


I know everyone talks about everybody & lies about who they’re with or what they say – BUT only Elissa will sit there & say how horrible they are, stops at calling them a name or half spell it b/c she doesn’t want to be like them. Whether spoken or half spoken it’s the same chickie..

And I almost lost it when she said she hasn’t had any plastic surgery & she would never do anything to her face – ROFL!! Love how Judd told her that she looked just like her sister!

I found it funny they talk about Amanda coming in with a BF & hooking up with MC – but did Elissa, Judd & Andy fail to remember that for weeks Spencer said he had no GF & then brings up Marilyn out of the blue AND states that she was fine if a showmance opportunity came he should do it.

AND – last one, promise – she leaves the room after chatting about the whole Amanda pregnancy thing just to come back & justify why she said what she said & be all pissy all of a sudden about how badly she wanted another baby & how horrible it made her feel. Then why not say that to begin with – sho is victimizing who? Elissa, many women get pregnant & in the early days, then lose the baby. Let’s be honest – it may not even be true.

Now it’s after 2AM in Florida – so nighty night!

p.s. I hope Elissa falls hook, line & sinker for this & that Aayrn stays on Thu. LOL!!

Ex Fan

It appears Judd isn’t the brightest bulb in the drawer. He is getting played exactly like the first time around. Keep the beer away from Judd, it makes him stupid.


I think he’s just scrambling trying to salvage the situation. They would never have been in this situation if Elissa had not allowed her emotions to rule her 7 had just put up Amanda & McCrae to start with. Her personal vendetta against Aaryn screwed this.

Derrick Alaska

Alison Grodner, good job that your best friend Amanda is going to win. The yeast infection prevails. #monistatdidntwork


I read that someone was saying she said she has herpes, not yeast infection.


These people are seriously playing for second place cuz this is giving amanda the win, heinous finale this will be if it happens


Oh no! do you think she’s really going to put up GM? anyone know for sure if she’s falling for it?


Andy is a liar he will vote to evict GM & do what Amanda tells him. I hope Elissa doesn’t put up GM up.


Then he will lose & forever be zinged as a floating rat.


All she had to do was put McCrae and Amanda on the block, and since Amanda won the POV, put Andy as the replacement. Aaryn should never have been part of the discussion. Elissa never liked Aaryn, from the very beginning. Before we ever heard any of the racist commentary,etc., she was just the pretty blonde girl. Then Elissa started behaving like Rachel used to do, i.e., targeting the female who most makes her feel intimidated. The difference is that Rachel was worried that someone {prettier} would scoop up Brendan before she could get him in tow. I think Elissa’s initial reaction to Aaryn had everything to do with the “who’s the prettiest girl in the room” syndrome. Elissa may not even realize it, herself.

In any case, putting Aaryn up on the block was an emotional move; not a thoughtful, strategic move. Oh, how I wish she would realize the favor she could do herself, Judd, Ginamarie, Spencer, and Aaryn if she were to get rid of Andy. Those four could overthrow the House of McCranda.


if GM does go up—it will be because of several reasons—that mouth is number 1 and 2. the language she is using is just as bad as Amanda. her idea of Nick wanting her—-HE was GAY!!!!!


What type of competition was the POV? I’m kind of late checking in tonight – could someone fill me in. Thinking Amanda was incapable or unwilling to win anything, I’m kind of shocked that she won. Was it face morph?

Amanda's fetus

It was some kind of Zingbot comp.

ps….what keeps on poking at my head……




holy shit all this drama elissa needs to nominate andy AND LET THE CHIPS FALL where they may …..