New Year’s Granny strikes “Nice Yummy pad for you Elissa stick it on there real good.. Gorgeous “

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


3:00pm Cockpit Andy and GM

Andy tells her if she goes up she will stay 100% “I’m not going to lie, I am unwavering in my vote”. GM tells her if Andy goes up she will vote Aaryn out. It’s going to be tough but she knows she has to do it.
Andy hopes he doesn’t get voted out on ELissa’s HOH and being betrayed by Amanda and McCrae

GM says she likes Amanda and McCrae but they think they control the house and they need to go. GM mentions how she was really working hard to get the veto so Amanda would go up.

Andy – when I shook your hand and told you I would never put you up I meant it..
GM says Elissa is gunning after AManda and MCCrae hard core
Andy asks about JUDD. Gm doesn’t know what JUDD has planed
Andy – he talks to everyone.

ELissa joins them.. “Oh my gosh she is bat sh!t crazy”
Elissa says Amanda calling her husband 78 does not offend her. Elissa points out it’s obvious he’s not 78
Andy – I hate that sh!t I hate it (Andy doesn’t like it when Amanda makes fun of Elissa’s husband’s age)
E – She’s literally nuts.. I have everything she wishes she could have.. I can’t believe i’m in the house with someone literally psychopath
GM – something is up with that woman
E – can you call her a woman
GM – I tell her all the time you crazy girl
Amanda comes in starts blowing her kazoo.. .Elissa leaves..

3:16pm Cockpit JUDD and Andy
Andy says that Aaryn told him that JUDD was up in the HOH for 2 hours trying to get Elissa to put Andy up.
JUDD says he’s going to call Aaryn out about it. Andy pleads with him to stop says he doesn’t want to get involved in any trouble.


CBS Interactive Inc.


3:18 Backyard JUDD and McCrae

JUDD says Aaryn and Amanda are against him if they get any type of power they will put him up.
MC says he’s not against JUDD
JUDD thinks that Amanda is after him because he’s not kissing her A$$. “It’s ridiculous i’m not going to bow down to anyone.. I respect you as a person and a friend”
MC says Aaryn is telling people that JUDD is campaigning to get Andy up

3:19pm JUDD, Amanda, Aaryn
JUDD asks her why she is putting words in his mouth.
Aaryn: “JUDD I know you want me out of the house you are pushing for Andy to go up because you want me gone”
JUDD never said he wanted Andy up he didn’t say that to Elissa. Aaryn brings up a conversation she had wth JUDD where he told her he wanted Andy up as the replacement nomination. JUDD denies it.. Asks her who she wants up.
Aaryn – obviously I don’t want GM up
JUDD – I don’t know what the f** is going on in your head
Aaryn – well you should know
JUDD – I dont thats why I was asking you
JUDD – don’t go around F*** lying about me because it wasn’t true
Aaryn – it wasn’t a lie..
JUDD – I don’t give a f*** who goes up on the block
Aaryn – why don’t you go on the block
JUDD except for me
Aaryn – fine
JUDD – You are making sh!t up you know you are staying anyways
Aaryn – I’m not making sh!t
JUDD – Whatever

(FYI Amanda dressed up as a old lady.. Bubie the news year granny)


3:25 Backyard McCrae and JUDD
MC says Aaryn is going to go after Elissa but Andy will not.
JUDD asks him why is he disregarding him because he hangs out with ELissa sometimes?
JUDD presses the point no one has talked to him and if Aaryn is going to put words in his mouth then he’s going to campaign against her. MC understand if Aaryn is putting words in JUDD’s mouth.
JUDD points out that Aaryn is strong maybe she will flip on McCrae, having a strong player in this game at this point may not be the best idea.
MC – I don’t think she is going to flip on me
JUDD – she will sooner or later
MC says Andy will be stronger in the late challenges and he is siding with Elissa and gunning for him.
MC says getting Elissa out is his priority right now.
JUDD asks McCrae it Elissa is really that dangerous to be his main concern
MC says Elissa drew the line in the sand by putting him up on the block
MC tells JUDD that last week Elissa was going to walk out if she goes to jury. MC doesn’t respect a player like that.

Andy joins them


3:40pm Bedroom GM and Amanda
Amanda tells her that JUDD is trying to get GM on the block.
GM says JUDD is back to his favorite pastime “shady F*** “ GM says if her and Aaryn stay the next HOH will have GM, Aayrn, MC and AManda against JUDD.
Amanda – the odds are against JUDD
GM – the odds were against Elissa last week
GM says during the HOH competition she never knew they were allowed to hold the ball holder she thinks she would have done better with this information.
Amanda points out that Elissa was holding onto the sign behind her during that competition.

GM says she’s telling Elissa that she is voting out Aaryn but she’s not doing that “F** that if she thinks i vote my best friend out” GM just doesn’t want to get put up on the block.
GM says ELissa being in this game is not fair she already has so much money. Amanda mentions that Elissa treats everyone in the house like sh!t because she thinks she is better than everyone.
Amanda says Elissa is telling people that Amanda Is going through her stuff because Amanda wants to be like Elissa.
Amanda leaves.

3:54pm bedroom GM and Andy
Andy says he would vote to keep GM and so would Spencer. GM says she wishes JUDD would go up he’s the shady f***

3:50 Bedroom GM and Amanda
GM says if Aaryn leaves this week Amanda needs to know that GM wit with her and McCrae.


4:06 JUDD and Amanda Bedroom
JUDD asks her if she hates him .
Amanda says she doesn’t she just wants to “mount the J – U – Double – D”
Amanda Thinks JUDD hates her
JUDD says he doesn’t hate anyone.. he’s a free agent he’s up for a 1 week deal or something longer.
Amanda tells him that pretty much whoever Elissa puts up against Aaryn will go thome.
Aaryn comes back inside tells Amanda that Elissa is out of the Diary room. Amanda leaves to go start bugging Elissa. Amanda Walks into the kitchen where GM and Elissa are. Amanda asks “GM do you know what time it is”
GM gives her the time
Amanda:” No it’s not it’s 12am … “ New years granny starts blowing her kazoo. Elissa laughs as Amanda keeps blowing it talking new years granny smack talk.
Elissa flees to the HOH room. Amanda wonders if she can keep ELissa hiding in the HOH by blowing the kazoo and being the new years granny

GM puts a cucumber away and Amanda comments how that was the cucumber Elissa was going to jam into her buttH***


4:10pm Amanda shows us the little surprise waiting for Amanda


4:10pm JUDD and Aaryn
Aaryn tells him she knows where the entire house stands. She says they want Elissa then GM gone.
JUDD is surprised “Even over me”
Aaryn – yes
JUDD – thats bizarre
Aaryn tells JUDD that the house wants Elissa out then
Aaryn says that Elissa’s game is very straightforward if she is nice to you she’s working with you if she’s not nice to you you know she’s against you. She doesn’t hide her feelings

Aaryn – we can tell what she is going to do based on how she treats people..
JUDD thinks Elissa likes him on a personal level
Aaryn agrees says Elissa plays a personal game so if she likes you on a personal level she likes you in the game.

4:16pm backyard JUDD and Andy
JUDD is wondering if Elissa is trying to sabotage him. (Elissa told Aaryn taht JUDD was trying to get Andy up)
Andy doesn’t know what is going one he’s just trying not to ruffle any feathers.
Andy says he talked to GM and she told him he has her vote.
JUDD – I don’t want you going anywhere..


4:30pm New Years Granny is trying to get Elissa to come out of hiding and join the house guests


4:39pm Bedroom Amanda and Andy
Amanda says Andy is staying 100% he doesn’t have to worry but they need to get GM up on the block.
ANdy says he’s been telling people whatever they want to hear so if anything comes back she has to know his loyalties are with them.

Amanda says she is going to keep torturing Elissa and when they get called down for photobooth she is going to be a all over her. Amanda suggests that after that he needs to go up to the HOH with Elissa and console her.

Andy reiterates his loyalties are with Amanda and McCrae he’s been talking mad sh!t about them for the past day trying to get GM put up. Amanda tells him they need to keep working Elissa.


4:40pm New Years Granny strikes again. She puts a condom on Elissa’s Memory wall picture and dresses up Elissa’s dresser top with a Tabasco covered pad and lubricated condom.
Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

Production – “Yeah everybody it’s photo booth time”
Amanda – I hope she comes down.. you can only dream can’t you

CBS Interactive Inc.

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400 thoughts on “New Year’s Granny strikes “Nice Yummy pad for you Elissa stick it on there real good.. Gorgeous “

        1. go here instead. i suggest any of you that agree with me click the following link and fill out a complaint.

          the jist of my feedback is about how cbs is letting that bitch set such a horrible example for kids about bullying. i ended the letter by saying, “give amanda your own message that bullying is wrong and either take away her veto power, or put her up for a penalty nomination”

            1. Ty for the info i to sent in a comment cbs has put a nail in their ow big brother coffin with allowing the bullying to get to the piont it is Amanda needs to be sent packing

            2. I sent in a note too. I did a request to depart from the show’s format and show active intervention from production in order to show kids there are authority figures that do care and will help try to stop or eliminate the actions of a bully. Also to consider showing a number to a hotline for kids. Tried not to be ranty.

              If we have to watch this crap we may as well show kids there are ways out of it. It may not be the show’s “format” but I think this has become serious enough that the change is warranted.

          1. Thank you for the info. I sent a complaint to CBS too.
            I believe Amanda has gone past Bullying into Criminal Harassment.

            “Generally, criminal harassment entails intentionally targeting someone else with behavior that is meant to alarm, annoy, torment or terrorize them.”

            1. Amanda’s actions are criminal? LOL. Get real. This is a game you moron. Part of it is physical, some of it is social, and some of it mental. Amanda is mastering all three. Poor poor shallow Elissa can dish it out with the condescending smack talk but can’t take it. I am LOVING every minute of Amanda. And after the POV ceremony, and for sure after the next HOH where the elitist snob can’t play, EVERYBODY is going to be on her ass. Dictator Helen isnt there to protect her. She’s already having a meltdown. Good! She’s asked for all the treatment she is getting and will get for her shitty social game and her elitist attitude. I can’t stand stuck-up snobs like her and I love when they get humbled, as Amanda is doing to her now. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

              1. Elissa is disgusting, another one of skankandas relatives I take it? Mastering all 3?? Lmfao the only 3 things she masters is seducing 80 pound pizza boys, obtaining yeast infections and God knows what else, and feeding her fat ass. You, your comment, and your skank Amanda are all jokes. Wait til she gets out of the big brother house and see how much everyone hates her. She’ll be hiding behind trash cans for the rest of her miserable life, right where she belongs, with the trash.

              2. This is my name. You too chickenshit to post yours. I guess you are as big an asshole as Amanda if you think this is gameplay. This is not going to change anything. This is a spoiled asshole mad because Elissa wouldn’t do what she wanted. All these other guest will be seen as Assholes also for laughing and not having the balls to make a move. Elissa has made her own decision since the beginning(POV)

              3. I agree 100%!! Team Amanda for the win!
                I think she’s hilarious!! Everyone hates on her because she speaks the truth? Pffttt… If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

                1. For my money, I just think of Amanda as the female version of Evil Dick?? And I wanted him to win, too! Listen carefully — can you hear the “thumbs down” being posted to this one?

          2. Thanks for the link to CBS feedback. I complained about Amanda’s behavior. The bullying is making me sick but nobody else is saying anything. Horrible! I asked them to do something about it. She can’t even leave her room.

          3. I have sent my complaint. I am in the Army and defend countries against bullies. But CBS is showing kids that its alright to be a bully and a racist. If jt is rigged for Amanda, they need to un-rig it. Thats the problem she thinks since she is going to win, that she can say and so anything. Thats bull.

            Thank you Simon and Dawg for this site. I will be donating on the first!

          4. thank you for supplying this site.. made it easier then to search it out again … now we can only hope all those that come on here and give their input will write in and complain about this VILE excuse for a person …. again .. thanks for the post

          5. i made my complaint. this is ridiculous. this girl has gone way too far! i hope her parents are proud of the person she is and the vile person they have raised. this is not ok behavior and she should be taken off the show. I’m ready to stop watching this show because of this girl.

            1. You’re “ready to stop watching” this show because of Amanda? Yeah, right. You’re the guy who bottlenecks the roadway while driving past a horrendous accident because you want to see it all. Give me a break. I’m tired of all you whiners complaining how the show is unfair or poor Elissa is getting picked on or the HGs are so revolting… If you are so offended STFU AND STOP WATCHING ALREADY!!! And then stop reading this blog for all the minute-by-minutes updates. You asswipes make me sick and I’m tired of reading all the threats that “if CBS doesn’t do this” or “if Amanda does that one more time”. Save it. Nobody cares what you politically correct haters think. Least of all CBS because this is a ratings coup, thanks to asswipes like you. I love this blog. Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping everyone updated. I just wish the complainers would follow through on their threats to stop watching or reading the updates. Then there would be a lot less of these pathetic rants.

          6. thanks for the link lurker. i filled out the form. if CBS doesn’t put a stop to the abusive behavior in the house, it could cause one of the emotionaly unstable houseguests to committ suicide or murder. there is only so much pressure unstable people can take before they snap and hurt themselves or someone else. CBS needs to get this under control.

          7. I sent my complaint in also. I have seen a lot of unpleasant things this season. But Amanda’s actions take the cake. If she were out here in the real world and not in the house she would be arrested for harassment. She has gone off the deep end and over the line. I mean seriously CBS and the Producers of Big Brother really can’t be happy with this. I have never seen a more disgusting human being in my life!

          8. Thanks for the link – I’ve just sent them this:

            Good evening:

            Never written a tv station before, but I’ve just gotta pop you a quick message to give my opinion on this season of Big Brother. Never before have I seen such a horrible racist, sleazy foul-mouthed cast. I have been watching the shows and viewing your live-feeds and am appalled that your company is letting this bullying go on from Amanda. That girl should be kicked out of this season. Please do the right thing and send her packing with your message that you don’t and won’t tolerate the kind of actions she has displayed. To me, it’s not just cringe-worthy, it’s almost (or is) criminal in nature. Your message to us viewers is that the powers-that-be are condoning her bullying tactics which are being displayed on international tv and in front of millions of viewers including many many children and youth. I truly hope you rain on her parade. Amanda is not who we want to see get the big prize – that would be a slap in the face to all viewers. She belongs in a nut house – not in the Big Brother House.

            1. I dont like Amanda either but the game is not dictating by how and who i want to win – its a social experiment and amanda is simply out playing them all.

          9. I have written the following to CBS:

            “Amanda Zuckerman has crossed the line with condoms and sanitary pads on Big Brother. I know she is a friend of Alison Grodner and the game is fixed like the game shows in the 1950s but I will now start writing to the show’s sponsors and stop buying their products.”

            The only way to get the slut whore Suckerman off the show is to write to the sponsors and boycott the products. The sponsors are where the money is coming from.

            1. That’s a great idea. They fired GM and Arryn for a lot less because they didn’t want their products or services boycotted. I don’ t watch Big Brother( won’t give them the money or ratings) I read the blogs that’s enough for me. I got evolved in it this year because of my wife. Next year I will not even be reading the blogs.
              Please list their sponsors so I can e-mail them. I can drink Pepsi rather than coke etc. I work on the road and live in hotels, and I have been boycotting Ramada Inn over 35years. I moved out 6 crews and they lost over 200,000 back in 1979 and I still won’t use them.

          10. Im sorry, I don’t like amanda much but your idea is just stupid. Its a show and its designed to bring out the worst in people. Also, its an adult show, if you’re kids don’t know the difference between TV shows and real life..perhaps you are the one that should not be letting them watch it.

          11. I thought it suppose to be a show for major people not for kids …. this is a game and in this game you can use every think you have to reach your goal !!

        2. Hello??????? Does anyone remember Evil Dick? This is just a game and they all have their own way to play it. If you remember what a bully Evil Dick was and how obnoxious he was, and he won.

        3. Dear CBS,
          Do you not see what is going on in the BB House? How can you condone this type of behavior in the form of bullying and disgusting antics that are being used against people that want to play the game cleanly and the way it has always been played? This has gone too far. We have been watching BB since the beginning and are appalled by what is going on in regards to the the antics, displays and language being used in conversations. What kind of people are these? Yes it is a game. A game of strategy where players have at the very least some respect on a basic human level and give everyone a chance to win, but when bullying and threatening to this point are allowed with no one taking ownership….. this is AWFUL. Are you not seeing the behavior portrayed by Amanda Zuckerman right now on the Live Feeds? She is vile and disgusting and tormenting another houseguest. By allowing this CBS you are setting the bar for what is acceptable and there are many BB fans who feel you need to step in and give her consequences for her actions ASAP. If CBS does not put their foot down on this BB will no longer be the show we look forward to watching every Summer. Teenagers watch this, children watch it. It is bad enough the racist remarks earlier in the Season were tolerated now we have to see someone defile another persons property by putting it on toilets and dirty feminine napkins and condoms while blowing a kazoo at them in order to bully, torment and drown someone out? Banging on their HOH door an screaming all over the house? This woman is a complete psychopath! DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS ASAP!!!!! Take away her POV, Get her out of the house. This woman is no longer deserving to be on the show let alone the prize money. Do something or we are so done this this show.
          Sabrina Reynoso-DiPrete

          1. Speak for yourself. The tv show is suitable for children to watch and what kind of parent would let their children watch live feeds? This is for adults. If you don’t like it quite watching it and let us real fans enjoy.

            1. I am speaking for myself and several other fans who I know and feel the same way and …… well as you can see there are many on this site who speak for themselves and feel that way. Also I was referring to the entire show proper therefore I was not referring to the Live Feeds alone in reference to “what kind of parent would let their children watch live feeds”. I think “real fans” can be defined however you want so – enjoy that ;-) and cheers.

          2. At this point it has gone way to far this season and there are far better versions of big brother that are just as easily accessible that are far more classy and just all around generally more decent to watch there is still twist and drama but its not about the nastiness of it all if you are all unsatisfied at this point and things do not change i suggest big brother Australia and they have daily episodes

          3. Big Brother used to be fun for our family here in Idaho. The contestants were classy and fun to watch with just enough sauce to keep it interesting. This year as a Mormon family we had to pull the plug. Even the broadcast show was disturbing to our faith. It’s a shame that CBS is condoning such behaviour.

      1. I’m curious to know what’s happening now?!?! It’s been like two hours since the last update. Grief I hope Amanda is getting put out! WHAT’S HAPPENING LOL. As much as I hate this season I gotta know what’s going on at this very moment?!?!

    1. I have to think McLazy is embarrassed by Amanda’s behavior……I know he’s basically a lazy slug but before he came into this game I think he was probably basically a nice kid.

      1. He is a nice guy. He isn’t lazy. He just doesn’t participate in a lot of the stupidity. It is better to just be laid back. Amanda isn’t as easy going. It takes some doing to get MC mad. He probably wouldn’t do what Amanda is doing, but he knows Elissa earned some of it with her attitude.

        1. he’s not a nice guy. mcpussy likes what demanda does because he doesnt have the balls to do it himself

          big brother used to be his all time favorite hobby. he was a superfan that’d watch the live feeds. i’m so glad that whenever he tries to follow whatever in future editions, he will see himself referred to as mcpussy forever.

        2. He may have been a nice guy before coming in the house and maybe after, I don’t know. But he isn’t a nice guy from listening to the tone of the things that come out of his mouth and his general attitude. He’s just more low key. His attraction to Amanda says a lot.

          1. Seriously!! I can’t believe how apathetic the rest of the HG’s are. No one has balls enough to tell Amanda to STOP, not even production. This is out of control!!

      2. I disagree. He’s showing his true colors & him and Skankmanda are perfect for each other. I can’t wait for the day when they find out how hated they are & how loved Elissa is! It will haunt them! lol

    2. Nick I totally agree with you, but a month ago I found out the game was fixed. Amanda will be the best investment I ever made. A month ago her Vegas odds were 8 to 1. I put up a substantial amount of money. Friends of producers of the show also have done the same and will split with production personell. The Vegas odds on Amanda are now 2 to 1. You still have time to double your money in Vegas. Thank you Amanda and CBS for fixing the game.

      1. be happy your a liar instead of a idiot Amanda will have jury votes just like dan did last year Candice elissa Jessie Helen judd gm none would vote for her wake up

        1. I guess someone forgot to tell this nasty BITCH that the jury vote for the winner. 9 votes. Candace,Jessie ,Elissa and probably Helen will not vote for her(after Helen hears Elissa’s story) that’s 4 votes stupid If Arryn goes home this week she will be pissed that you lied to her about being safe. So you have no chance of winning you FUC-ING because that is 5 votes you WILL not have.Their is no way Amanda can win so save your money at Vegas. If I was them I would get rid of McRae because whoever goes up with Amanda will win and that’s Mcrae’s plan.

      2. you should have put your money on Elissa. she gets special treatment, she was given the MVP, they tailor made the HOH competition for her, and if she gets in a tight spot they will probably throw a diamond veto her way or give her a coup d’état. she has already stated that if she gets voted out she’ll just leave the show, refused to follow the have not competition, and has been allowed to share anti-anxiety medication with people who actually have a prescription. they are encouraging amanda to be the villian so that fans who are desperately looking for someone to be their champion can learn to love and cheer on a lady who irritated most of us in the beginning but who production has always favored and tried to protect.

      3. I wouldn’t take it at 100 to 1. I hope you didn’t bet to much or you can at least afford to lose it because I would give you 80 to 1 Amanda will not win this game no matter who she’s up against ( the devil himself included) evidently someone forgot to tell this idiot you need to get jury votes to win. It’s one thing to lie to people and blindside them. It’s another to be downright nasty like she was to Jessie, Candace,Elissa (that’s 3 votes) Helen will probably not vote for her when she hears Elissa’s story & if she votes out Arryn she will not get her vote and I seriously doubt that she would get GM’s vote. The way she talked to Spencer that time didn’t win her any favor with him either.I would like you to name the 5 people you think will vote for her that’s on the jury. Hell, name 2. (Bet you 8 to 1 you can’t.)

    3. I’m not tech smart at all. Someone should make a webpage about Amanda and post all her evils things she done on the show. After that have people sign it showing how much they hate her. Then market the website really well. Her name and career will do down the tubes forever

          1. No, she lives in Boynton Beach, FL. I also live in Palm Beach County and know of her. And from what I’ve been told, this is who she truly is…a trash talking whore.

            1. D.J., if you ever see a relator sign with her pic on it, stop and write all over her ugly face, would ya?

        1. People HIRE realtors to sell or rent their homes. It’s still a CHOICE who they hire. Amanda is as dumb as GM and Aaryn for thinking their behavior IN the BB house won’t affect them once out.

          1. I buy and sell a lot of real estate out west. If my realtor was on this show and behaved in this manner, I would fire her.

        2. Yes, she may work for herself but, when people see her or hear her name they can say I’d rather not deal with you ,maybe let her show you 50 properties and say no thanks. Do you really think anyone would want her to list there property if they knew who she is.( they make 3% for listing the house. Caldwell reality may not want to be associated with her after this for fear of being boycotted by people buying or selling properties. They probably have a clause to get rid of dirtbags like her.

        1. Chuckles, how stupid are you? Amanda is the one that is petty and hateful and she’s not near dangerous, she is dangerous! She is the ugliest person inside and out that I have ever seen. I feel physically Ill when I think of her. These other HG need to grow some balls and quit being so afraid of this disgusting excuse for a human being. The game is about numbers you idiots! There’s more of you then her, for gods sake get her out! When America talks about physically wanting to hurt this BITCH then theres some thing wrong. HELLO CBS get a fu–ing clue! What she’s doing is illegal, and if I was Elissa I would sue the shit out of you when I got out. She’s so despicable I want to punch her in the throat!

        2. Chuckles, how stupid are you? Amanda is the one that is petty and hateful and she’s not near dangerous, she is dangerous! She is the ugliest person inside and out that I have ever seen. I feel physically Ill when I think of her. These other HG need to grow some balls and quit being so afraid of this disgusting excuse for a human being. The game is about numbers you idiots! There’s more of you then her, for gods sake get her out! When America talks about physically wanting to hurt this BITCH then theres some thing wrong. HELLO CBS get a fu–ing clue! What she’s doing is illegal, and if I was Elissa I would sue the shit out of you when I got out. She’s so despicable I want to punch her in the throat!!!!! Never ever buy a house from her!!!

    4. I just wonder how this is going to impact her past the show. I would think she’d be pretty unemployable right now.

      Like Elissa or not, Amanda is going all crazy on her. Not sure why BB allows this kind of intimidation.

      1. FYI Amanda works for Zuckerman Real Estate her family! In Florida! Can you imagine a sign in your yard with a WHORE’s picture on it! I’ll take a pass! LMFAO! :-)
        Would be safer to have CHARLES MANSON on a 4sale sign !

        1. Ok how people are going to run right out and call Zuckerman reality to come out and list your house for you now. Anybody want to call them to come show you a home. She’s defiantly famous now but,like a Charles Manson type famous. I bet her family are pissed she went on BB just like Arryn’s and GM’s. I wonder how much is going to cost Amanda’s family in the long run. I guess networks will be scrambling to interview these 3 dirtbags to see how they feel about what America feels about them.

    5. Anyone else watching live feeds?? We need to petition CBS to extract Amanda from the house. The stupid, yes, I said STUPIF, bitch has gone crazy. I am fearing for Elissa’s life!!! That fucking little Rat Boy is still doing Amanda’s dirty work.
      AMANDA IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy water and crosses.
      Arm Elissa with a stun gun!

      1. Amanda has cross to the other side. She should be taken off before the night is over. Others must be frightened of that loon, too.
        CBS has lost control of what use to be entertaining here. Shameful.
        FU@king house is full of misfits!

        NOw the bitch wants her phone and Judd replies, ‘to call Dr. Phil’.

    6. I think Amanda is the best thing that’s happened this season. She deserves to win the prize hand’s down. And Aaryn should be runner up. Either should win America’s vote. It’s funny how all the Elissa glorifiers (ie, Rachel’s friends) blog on this site about how great she is and how rotten everyone else is. Elissa is 100 times worse than the next vilest HG. Her attitude sucks. She thinks her shit don’t stink. She has no friends in the house because she had no social game. She road the bully and master manipulator Helen’s coat tails but that’s all she had. Time for the Botox and boob implants phony to go back to gold digging in her sugar daddy’s deep pockets. What a shame she couldn’t make it on her own. But most stuck-up Stepford wives don’t. As for Amanda, you go girl! It was a brilliant move for production to have casted you. I hope you win the $500k for your excellent game play. And please continue to make Elissa’s life as miserable as possible. This is great entertainment!

      1. At the start of the season I didn’t like it that they cast a relative of a former house guest. I’m not even sure why I felt that way. Now I feel if she had any advantage, she has more than suffered for it. At this point she is just a contestant and yet she is unfairly targeted. Just let her play the game. Amanda’s behavior shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone – house guests or production.

      2. This is my first season watching big brother so my opinion is unbiased and is not influenced by this whole “brenchel army” thing. That being said, amanda is bat sh!t crazy. Elissa is one of my favorites in the house because of the way she responds to Amanda. She does not go to her level of evilness and simply smiles. If I was in that house and someone treated me that way, I think I would have a hard time ignoring such a mean and nasty person. Props to elissa for not engaging in it and staying away from it.

      3. I am in NO way an elissa fan.. i personally think if thats your attitude why are you even there… but really how can you possibly condone the harrassment this girl is going through because of a bad attitude.. if that is what is ok by your standards i hope you havent reproduced and plan to never until you learn some empathy

      4. “Amanda’s awesome”, Are you kidding me? who are you her sister or her mom? Or some guy she got pregnant by? Any one who would think what she is doing is good must have come from the same gene pool. Why don’t you say your real name you chicken shit bully? Or maybe you should try walking in public with your disgusting comments. Amanda should get the phone number for Elissa’s plastic surgeon. One- she needs it for her ugly face and out of shape body and, two-she’ll have to disguise herself so people don’t punch her in the face every time she turns a corner!

    7. Amanda took it way too far by bringing Elissa’s family into the mix. It is one thing to go after Elissa (which is tasteless in of itself), or even bringing her husband into it, but dragging her children into her venomous attacks is appalling. Elissa’s children could learn of what was said or how their mother was treated on the show (by Amanda) and not know how to cope with it, especially if other kids tease Elissa’s children at school about it. She is taking this way too far as it is no longer about the game, and therefor should be addressed by the people at CBS.

      If they are condoning this for the ratings, well it isn’t working with me because I stopped watching the show. I only look for updates right here in hopes of seeing that the likes of Amanda have been removed from the show.

      Thanks guys for doing such an excellent job at keeping us in the loop and up to date! :-)

    8. They will not even post my opinion of Amanda & BB for allowing this to happen. This is not gameplay & BB should be ashamed of letting this to go on. She’s just a spoiled brat who couldn’t get Elissa to do what she wanted. All these people who kiss her A$$ should be ashamed of themselves because America is. Her & McRae can’t win shit so why not get in another alliance. If Andy was smart he & Spencer should have gotten wit Arryn & GM and you wouldn’t have to put up with her. Spencer she treated you like an A$$ hole and you work with her. Marilyn will be so proud.I would would love to see Elissa to get pandora’s ‘s box and let her reset the nominations

    1. i don’t think i’ve ever seen McCrae be that energized on the show. he is usually laying in bed in a light coma.

    1. Elissa, my darling yoga sister, sending you peace and love to stay calm amongst the hate from Demanda. Stay centered, be your lovely self and let this lunatic implode. I think Demanda should be in Egypt or Syria if she wants hate and war and division. These houseguests are crazy if they allow this to go on for very much longer, but most of them are bullies too! Alison Grodner, you are shameful!

  1. Amanda has really gotten on so low a level that she is pathetic. I hope no one ever buys real estate from her again and she goes poor! She is so undeserving of even being there. I am so disgusted that production nor anyone else are saying or doing anything. Why would anyone put themselves through that crap, no Amoy t if money is worth that in my opinion!

  2. I still can’t figure out who is with who. So much going back and forth between everyone, everyone always running and telling everyone everything! Also, it’s just so vile they way Amanda acts. Watching her this past hour with the way she has been treating Elissa has made me hate her more than I already do.

  3. Simon and Dawg, I know in the past that BB has given someone a penalty vote or nom (can’t remember which) do you think that there is a chance in he** that Amanda might get one for going through Elissa stuff and putting disgusting things on her photo and dresser?? I guess I can hope and pray. lol

      1. It was Jen Johnson (from BB8) is what I recall. She got a penalty vote and evicted 6-0 because she decided to eat a bunch of stuff when she was a have-not.

      1. LOL..what show are all these newbies watching??? This is Big Brother…Amanda is doing what she needs to in order to keep her alliance safe!

        1. Welcome back Aaryn’s sis! Are you gonna tell us off by saying “watcha gonna do….watcha gonna do gurl????” Arty your sis has already made herself look like a fool. In the meantime….it may be best to remove them nail polish outta your house….afraid its damaging her.

        2. Poopy you are an idiot, this is not gameplay,this is not keeping her alliance together & it is not changing anything. Andy will go up tomorrow and she will probably lose 2 players because if Arryn goes GM will not work with Amanda because GM said she wouldn’t want anyone treated badly because she wouldn’t want it to happen to her Maybe she will win HOH and she can tell Amanda the reason she put Mcranda up is because of the way she acted. Andy & Arryn are walking around like their dog died. They were gunning for Elissa and now think its crazy her putting them up. They sound ad dumb as you. Especially crybaby Andy

      2. amanda can have fans like everyone else. she is the most entertaining that about this entire season and there is not a dull moment when she is around. the very fact that you are having so much fun hating on her kind of proves my point.

      3. wow some of the comments made in here make me wonder if this site attracts mentally unstable people. people are saying way more disgusting and vile things then any of the host guests while simultaneously saying that they are far better people then them. does not compute.

    1. I always wondered what kind of human being would watch a homeless person get beaten on a street… now I know! Your comment is sickening.

    2. I just hope one day you or your children have to put up with a spoiled brat that feels they are entitled so they bully people. We’ll see how fucking funny you think it is ASSHOLE

  4. I will now go as far as to say Amanda is not only the worst house guest who has ever stepped for into the Big Brother house…but the WORST contestant to compete in ANY reality show competition I can remember!!! The things that come out of her mouth are down right VILE….Her actions are downright NASTYNASTY!! And her manipulation is downright SINISTER!! Anyone who defends her and sees Elissa as the “enemy” needs to sell counseling because this girl HAS to be the Spawn of Satan himself!!!

    1. Amanda you are a sorry piece of dirt, no wait, that’s giving you too much credit. You are the lowest of the low, the dirt on the bottom of my shoe has more value in life than you. CBS I know you’re reading these, do the right thing and get rid of this TRASH.

      1. Amanda makes Evil Dick look like a lamb. Evil Dick had game. Amanda is pure evil. No game. CBS should step in. I didn’t think Amanda could get any worse but lo and behold. Amanda is a psychopath. They really need to get her some help.

  5. Please just remove that vile disgusting pig, Amanda from this game. Her behavior is totally unacceptable. She has surpassed all levels of human decency. Why is CBS allowing her to continue on this path and condoning this. She needs to be removed because she truly is a psychopath. What is worse that no one has the guts to stand up to her and tell her to stop. She is whale shit! What she is doing is immoral.

      1. agreed, CBS, no wonder Time-Warner shit canned you! You allow this sick person to carry on. I would worry about her hurting other house guest! You had integrity once, but no longer. You should be ashamed of yourself. this is just pure cruelty to another human being. First Candence and now Elissa . I don,t care what people my have signed. You have let this go on to long. your asking for a big ass law suit! believe me big people are paying attention. You had best fire Miss Allison for her pets unbecoming actions . Wake up CBS! before people shit can you too!




    1. “keep it up and push harder Amanda”…said richard as Amanda was trying out her new 14” toy on him!!!!!

  6. I wish Production would remove damanda immediately! She is 100% certifiably insane! I hope she never gets her realtor’s license and no man in his right mind would ever want to have a permanent relationship with that psycho!

    1. Desperate McCrae can tolerate her..probably the most female companionship he has ever had..if they continue their relationship outside the house she will be wearing the pants. On the plus side i guess he wont have to deliver pizzas anymore

  7. Wow. If you weren’t team elissa, you are now. She’s handling the situation so well. If it was Andy or aaryn, they would be running around the house crying claiming they were “threatened” and “scared” for their lives. Amanda truly is crazy. This girl needs serious help.

  8. Amanda is not only disgusting and vile, she’s evil. The things she is doing to Elissa have nothing to do with game..they are personal and beyond horrific. To bring her children into her despicable antics is heartbreaking and sad for Elissa to have to deal with. I’ve never been one for production to intervene but it’s time. Amanda has shown who she is down to her core. My prayers are with Elissa to stay strong.

  9. Andy: I’m so worried about going to the Jury house. How was the food there?

    Judd: It was the best plus we had delivery we could call too. How cool is this. I ate Horse, giraffe, hippopotamus, camel, ostrich, donkey, hamster, sheep and cow. All in one bite from Ali Habib’s Kebab Shop!

  10. Amanda is getting on my f**king nerves. She should be in a house with other bullies so that they can beat the sh*t out of her.

    1. I hear ya bloop…I actually slapped my TV screen twice last night when her face came up on BB After Dark. That’s when I realized it was time to call it a night ( or morning lol)

    1. Elissa referred to her as a stripper once and she balled like a baby. No way she could handle a dose of her own medicine.

    1. That’s great. She has the will power to eat healthy. She really practices what she preaches. Helen, Elissa and Howard are the best of BB 15. I hope Elissa wins it!!!

  11. Elissa should get really close to Amanda and just laugh in her face until Amanda hits her. Amanda’s crazy enough to do it. Do it do it do it. So the bitch can be disqualified. That’s probably the only way she’ll ever leave that house. Scumanda!

  12. All Amanda is doing is making the majority of America like Elissa even more. I can’t wait til she gets out and realizes just how much America detest her. I wish Pandora’s box would be me going there for a week, I would spend every minute harassing Amanda to show her what it feels like. Ugh I wish she would drop off the face of the earth.

  13. What is the difference between physical abuse and verbal/emotional abuse? Whether Amanda touches Elissa or not she is abusing her (and her family) and she is bullying her. I can’t understand why no one is standing up for Elissa. What a bunch of pussies. Judd has really disappointed me today. Yesterday he said he was going to hang with Elissa all day and doesn’t care what they think. I know he is trying to survive in the house and win but wow is it really worth losing your self respect? He left Elissa’s love letter on top of the toilet and the other stuff on her dresser. I would have removed it immediately. Amanda’s true colors are coming through now that she know she is safe. She has made the live feed unbearable. I can’t wait until she has to evict her racist pet on Thursday. Hopefully Judd wins HOH and Amanda’s ass is sent packing. For those who claim she is entertaining, she is not the type of entertainment most of America (and Canada) want to see. Young girls are watching this and thinking it’s OK to bully someone. She has gone way beyond game today and someone needs to step in.

    1. Is there an e0mail addy where we can send our complaints to the production for allowing this many racial slurs being tossed in the BBH every day and for tolerating this level of abuse. Is there an end to Amanda’s bullying???

  14. Seriously, Amanda needs to be brought down a peg or two, That bi**h is down-right fricken so over-the-top.Now what grown woman goes around putting tobassco on a tampon and leaving condoms laying around.

    This is totally production f**k up and they should really put a stop to it. These are suppose to be adults not a bunch of miscreants.

    1. The most production will say is “Amanda, stop that.” They really don’t care. Especially since Amanda was recommended by AG to be in the show.

    2. They should have a rule in BB that if you verbally abuse people you’re out. Then people like Demanda will behave better. Or maybe contestants would be falling like flies and people like Elissa, Helen, and Howard would win all the time.

  15. I understand that BB is a game. You lie and manipulate to try and win. But are personal attacks on houseguest family members part of the game? Amanda putting Elissa’s letter on the toilet is vile. Or even the condom and pad on Elissa’s drawer is disgusting. This seems tobe beyond bullying. Can’t believe the other houseguests say or do nothing.

  16. I seriously had to turn off the live feeds because Amanda continues to torment and bully Elissa. Amanda’s horrendous behavior and vile mouth are beyond ridiculous. I don’t blame Elissa for locking the door. And they claim Elissa plays a personal game? Look in the mirror, Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn. Elissa’s right in her description — disgusting.

  17. Wow…just wow…Amanda was unlikeable and mean before but she is so weird! I can’t believe how vulgar and disgusting the things that she says and does are…I must be sheltered too cuz I can’t believe there are actually people out there who act and talk like her..she is really ruining the BB experience for me…sad…

    1. I hope Elissa gets a power! If there were other people in the game then the current houseguests I might root for someone else. But as of right now I am totally on Elissa’s side! Amanda is the biggest sore loser I have ever seen on the show and she is ruining the experience for me. I want Elissa to get a power just to tick Amanda off!!! I want to see her hide behind the trash again and cry like a little baby. I think she is on the wrong meds that’s for sure!

  18. Wow, she’s getting so crass it’s not even amusing to watch anymore. Before Amanda being childish was at least good for a laugh, now it’s just uncomfortable.

  19. Amanda is brilliant. She is working her bum off to keep 3M intact. I am so impressed with her smarts. No one else would care this much, they would leave the alliance members out to dry. This was and is an impossible situation for 3M and she’s already got 3 of them saved now she just has to save Andy and she’s giving it 250% …. go Amanda for the win. She deserves to win.

    1. For awhile I will say that Amanda was playing a pretty good game. She did control everyone and got what she wanted. But now it isn’t so much about her “game play” anymore it is about her totally inappropriate behavior. Watching her on the live feeds totally grosses me out. How mean she can be is more disgusting than watching her practically rape McCrae every night! Amanda cries when she doesn’t get her way and can’t even get out of bed and when she wins she goes on a bullying streak against someone different every week. Judd said it best earlier today, “this is BB not the Real World!” lol

  20. The bitch should be killed by a wooden stake, and with a string of garlic. How will she go out from the BB house and mingle among people without expenting punching her in that fugly evil face? Amanda’s parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  21. NO ONE should be allowed to act like that…..I think the production should STOP the behavior and kick out the nasty ones NOW!!!! You are losing viewers over these actions!!!

    1. yeah, I am sure they will lose viewers, Have you noticed the comment threads have gone WAY UP with Amanda doing this stuff. She is brilliant and one of the best players in the history of BB. Anyone who supported Evil D can’t whine about her behavior.

      1. I am a Evel Dick fan but I was not a fan when he bullied Jen. It was his game play after that that got me. Amanda is a hypocrite! She said she was going to harass Elissa every day because Amanda doesn’t like bullies!!! WTH?!?! Mean people suck period!

      2. They put Amanda in the house with a bunch of wimps. Amanda would never of tried any of that garbage with Dr. Will, Boogie, Dan, Janelle, or Evel Dick.
        If she was up against real players and tried this garbage she would be getting that big behind slammed by the door.

  22. OK Aaryn drunk that nail polish on purpose, c’mon now, I thought she actually had it in a cup or something… Something is severely wrong With Amanda, GM, and Amanda…

    1. Lol, that was just ridiculous watching that. The house is filled with nutjobs so I don’t know. Seems like she would have smelled it or had an instant gag reflex. It seems like she is always doing her nails so maybe she’s killed some brain cells while in there.

  23. on tonight show elissa told Amanda right to her face she wants to put her up … none of these houseguest standing up for BULLYING they don’t have to stand up for elisssa just stand up and tell Amanda its wrong to bully someone into doing what u want …… spinless bunch if she had try that shit with jeff or evil dick she would be getting drinks all over her ass…

  24. Amanda has some nerve saying she’s not a bully. The crap she’s doing is the definition of bully. If she was a 15 year old girl doing and saying that stuff to another 15 year old girl she would be labeled a bully. The fact that she’s supposed to be a grown ass woman doesn’t make her behaviour any less disgusting, nor does it make her any less of a bully. I can’t believe CBS allows this to continue. First the treatment of Candice, which is still going on. Now Amanda and what can only be described as psychological torture. Good for Elissa for walking away. We teach our kids to ignore the bullies, walk away, don’t engage…it only feeds their narcissism. I for one would not be able to keep my cool in that house, as far as I’m concerned those that stand idly by, or worse join in based solely on the ‘mob mentality’ are just as bad. This house is full of disgusting, despicable people, most of which do not deserve half a million dollars. Speaking of which …I’m sick of listening to these babies whine about Elissa not deserving to be there just because her husband has money. So only poor people are allowed to be on shows like Big Brother? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Simon and Dawg I don’t know how you stay sane watching these people, I have a hard enough time reading about them. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  25. Now for them to cut the live feeds something must be seriously be going on. Man I would love to see Amanda on the streets of NY, I would read that B**CH like the NY Times and then turn the page.

  26. I’m all for doing pranks and talking about other HG’s , but when you start talking about someone’s family who isn’t even part of the game or start messing with someone else’s personal belongings then you have reached a new low! They yelled at Jeremy for wiping his a** with Elissa’s hat but do nothing to Amanda for putting something on a toilet seat where the same kind of germs can be transferred!

  27. Watching the HoH competition on TV. When Helen “falls” I mean steps off.. The show the camera angle from the opposite side so you cant see the hand give her the signal to step off.

  28. Amanda needs to go the f*** home she is a piece of s*** she not only is a hypocrite but a annoying b**** as well the fact that she has to bug Elissa to get entertainment tells you that she is a pathetic b****

  29. Why is bb production allowing Amanda to do all these nasty things. This is called bullying. And this should be unacceptable

  30. Nope still not team elissa never will side with her she doesn’t deserve to win and she’s a bitch just like Amanda and the fact is next week she will be all alone and will go home so she doesn’t matter anymore in fact she never really did

    1. Nothing wrong with being a b*tch sometimes even though that is subjective. But at least be decent and have some boundaries and some of these people don’t have any and are so disconnected and insensitive that it is scary.

    1. I don’t think it is Pandora’s Box because there was no mention of the HOH Room being on lock down Amanda is going off the deep end. Hopefully they are going to finally shut this bitch down. I feel that she is becoming a danger to Elissa at this point, especially after her threats last night to kill Elissa (mention of Osama bin Laden). Amanda is absolutely insane! Please remove this nut job ASAP!

      1. school children are kicked out of school. for threats like this, but adults on a National TV ‘game’ show get away with it…something is wrong with this picture. CBS wake up! I don’t usually comment on these things, but this is beyond game play. NO more BB for me! Friends of people in production shouldn’t be allowed on these shows. FIRE AG!

  31. Amanda is hot. I’d tap it everyday bitches. …. team mcreanda. Thumbs down it you motherfucking losers!!!!!! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  32. Wish any of those in the house who are supposedly supporting Elissa would confront Amanda on her behaviour. We teach our children to come to the aid of someone who is being bullied but they’re all standing there as bystanders and not getting involved. Even those who I thought were on Elissa’s side. What a bunch of wimps!!!!! Hats off to Elissa for being strong in the face of this bully

    1. Exactly, Judd was trying to find a way to prove to el he would be loyal, standing up for her would be the best way to do that. Uggggghhhh I wish I was there, I definitely would not be sitting quiet. They need to let rachael come back in for Pandora’s box. Amanduh wouldn’t be so mean then, I guarantee that!

  33. im pretty shocked at how quickly some of these people forget all of their moves/words are recorded and available to the world FOREVER. amandas gonna have a laundry list of regrets

  34. Amanda made me turn off the feeds today, and to add the sex on camera, bloody sheets and cushions, death threats, making fun of some ones family, and racist comments out of her mouth I truly dislike this person after acting like a spoiled 5 year old, I do now. Did I leave anything out.

  35. I am disgusted with Amanda she is vile, disgusting, gross, sick and demented. She is also verbally and mentally abusive. Why somebody from CBS has not stepped in is beyond me. This isnt game, her tactics, they are rude and personal. Her family and anyone who knows her should be horrified by her behavior. She is the spawn of Satan.

  36. It was sweet to watch Amanda/McCrae sweat it out tonight and Aaryn’s tears were an added treat. Do unto others.

  37. elissa was called to the DR and did not hear it because she had her earphones and called again and again never went then trivia started.

  38. Elissa is no better then Amanda. She constantly talks crap about everyone else and acts like she is better then everyone else. She seems to think that she deserves special treatment because of who her sister is. I don’t care who her sister is she shouldn’t be there. If you remember Rachel acted despicable too so that she could get inside every ones head. Elissa has been carried someone this whole game that is the only reason she is still there. Helen and Amanda have saved her time and time again. Oh how quickly she has forgotten. She is bagging on Aaryn for wanting to get a boob job with her money. Really!!!! Don’t her and her sister both have one. Elissa talks about how everyone is jealous of her. No, she is jealous they are better players. She is a horrible player and need to go. I can’t stand her constant whining and complaining about everything. I hope Helen is kicking herself for sticking up for her.

  39. Tacitly GM’s actions vis a vis Amanda placing Elissa’s letter in the BB HG toilet tend to re-enforce the Civil Rights courtcCase
    contingent on hazing, harassment and discrimination that CANDICE and possibly also HOWARD may bring against CBS
    down the road. Amanda is a hypocritical skank with at least one social disease who does not respect other people’s property
    and boundaries. She just did to Elissa something roughly equal to what Aaryn did to Candice when the mattress of the bed
    was overturned. when someone is being harassed or hazed by people thought to be in her “gang” we see that GM turns a blind
    eye and sides with the aggressor. When young Mr. Hantz took the game too literally & drew blood via a head-butt, he is ejected
    from the game. Amanda needs to be ejected, especially after her “high minded” lectures to Aaryn. the group dynamic that has
    GM looking like she is always to be on the fringes of a gang or tight~lipped criminal mob is why she did not have the decency or
    insight to carefully retrieve the letter from the porcelain basin it was in. i cannot rule out a quiet aids case or an early syphilis
    infection if i am assuming Amanda has been exposed to at least TWO social diseases. her behavior is unspeakable and if she
    is basically a “spreader” with no thoughts as to modern medicine or social mores, she is not a nice person. this was not just
    a prank, it creates a “slam dunk” for Candice given the modus operandi or M.O. all the “bad girls” have as a group when envious.

  40. I feel like I’m on a Merry Go Round with a psycho from HELL! Just make it go away, this is horrific for all of us die hard BB fans that have come back year after year, Amanda is like our punishment for watching. On a side note, I though Knat was the most hated BB player in BB history, but they are running a close race.

    1. Amanda isn’t from Hell, she’s from that back alley where homeless people shit and piss, and skanks like her turn tricks.

  41. I don’t “get” the New Year’s Granny thing… and I damn sure don’t understand the tobacco pad or the condom.

    These things aren’t funny. (not to me anyhow, but I’m a grownup… )

    So what’s the point with all this??? Anybody???

    1. The Skank is pretending to be Evel Dick, but is failing horribly.

      If I was in that house, and heard her banging at my door, I’d find a new use for the spiral stairs.

      1. she is NO Evil Dick! He was no where near as VILE as Amanda. Vile, Vile, Vile human being…worst player ever cast on BB!

    2. The only point being made here is Amanda is a psychotic nut job that needs to be removed from this show and put in a psych ward.

  42. Simon or Dawg this is the first season I have ever watched BB besides what airs on CBS. Thank you for having this site. I realize it is allows us to get updates with what is going on and be able to express our opinions. I realize BB is a reality tv game show and you should expect people to lie and have alliances etc, however, Amanda’s behavior has crossed the line of normal civilized behavior. I believe that once she started down this path it became like a derailed train and she is so caught up in everything she can’t stop. Having said that something has to be done to stop this. I don’t know if you can make your own personal comments on this site. If you can, I would truly like to know why production has not stopped some of Amanda’s behavior regarding personal insults against children and her other actions that went beyond normal game play.

  43. Demanda is a vile, smelly, and trashy piece of crap, and Rachelissa is a stuck-up, arrogant phony who is protected by Grodner and knows it. Both of them need to go.

  44. I usually hate when past house guests come into the house, but it would be fun at this point to see Rachel come back for a day or two.

  45. Idk how production can let a person like amanda be in that house, she is so immature and disgusting all she does is make people’s lives miserable in that house I feel bad for Elissa for dealing with amanda and her little bitch mccrae.. She needs to go asap if she wins this show is rigged

  46. Amanda’s just an Evel Dick Wannabe…doesn’t she know only HE can get away with this type of behavior…she just looks like a loon…I feel so embarrassed for her.

  47. Oh, and Demanda’s antics would have been amusing if she stuck to only using the noisemaker, but it stopped being funny when she went through Rachelissa’s belongings. Hated it when Candice did it, just as disgusted by Demanda doing it.

  48. I expect a skank to be doing exactly what Amanda is doing, “Acting crazy to get attention from anyone who would pay attention to them”.. She’s playing up to that title 100%.

  49. Didn’t evil Dick play the game in some ways the same way Amanda is play? I seem to remember him banging things around the house and saying nasty things?

  50. Honestly, who the heck acts like this? When I first saw the blood soaked pad and the condom, I was thinking OMGosh they’ve been at it again. Doing their nasty’s and leaving the evidence laying behind along with all the other filth and grime that covers their filthy bedroom. But, for her to do this to another HG is just pure evil and done in very poor taste. But, this shows motto is to “expect the unexpected”. Who would think anyone would ever walk around national tv with their disgusting body parts hanging out, talking about being pregnant three days before going into the BB house, having sex with her nasty, disgusting toy boy on national tv, shaves their pubic hairs, advertises they have a sexual disease, talks racist, vile, repugnant crap about other HG and their families, etc, etc.? It appears she was raised in the back woods by some unknown creatures. Not parent bashing, as she is an adult and she knows exactly what she is doing and is making these choices on her own accord to the demise of her own parents and family members and the other HG.. She is a selfish, self entitled, spoiled rotten, classless, vile, disgusting woman and she needs a huge dose of reality. And I am sure when she walks out the BB doors with the predetermined money, she will get a wiff of it in her face like the stench of her and her nasty boyfriends bedroom in the BB house. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!!!!!!

    1. heck! most early pioneers raised in a “lean to” shack cruder than the one HONEST ABE’s parents inflicted on him
      in Indiana in his youth had a more moral lifestyle than Amanda. Just don’t run down backwoods folk who are honest
      just because she has the potentiality of being extremely immoral. I think like the toothbrush in the toilet incident or even
      Candice’s mattress being overturned, a legal tort line has been crossed. this website has people noticing how very
      unsanitary she is even if she really likes someone. i admit many college students off-campus rent cheap dives…

      1. i do concede that we BB trufans can float the hypothetical hypothesis that AMANDA disappeared from our civilization for roughly a decade
        after a small community of large Sasquatches with adult cranial capacities slightly greater than our HOMO HEIDELBERGENSIS ancestors
        took her to a very remote region where their communal lack of tribal taboos concerning all personal hygiene was very evident and ongoing.

    2. Notice GonzoMe I said “raised in the back woods by some “unknown creatures”, not human and certainly not animals. Because animals have much more class than this vile, pathetic sub human has. I would never put her in the category of any animal not even a cute little pig. Not at all bashing people from the back woods. My dad resided in the Ozarks before his death. And he and most of the people from there are awesome. Notice Most because Spencer is from the Ozarks and he is most certainly an exception to the rule. UGH!

  51. What bothers me is that in the 3 hours of edited TV each week, we don’t see evil Amanda. People who just watch that must think she’s nice.

    1. I work with people who only watch the show on CBS, no feeds, no blogs, no BBAD and they all think she’s vile and needs to go home too.

  52. To say u will violate her with a cucumber in the butt and she said she would have Jessie raped and still they did not step in shows that CBS don’t care the house is already filthy and now there is condoms pads laying around I give up I thought CBS would be better than this I was horribly wrong. I’m embarrassed for her husband and children if I was him I would barge in and remove my wife from that nothing is worth this

  53. I am so concerned with this trivia right now???? What is going on, it’s sunday night – nothing happens on sunday night.

  54. The Bad Girls Club must have already filled all the spots and this was McCrappy’s man wife’s second choice to be on tv. She is despicable and needs to get sent back to the insane asylum that she broke out of.

  55. Didn’t Amanda threaten to kill Elissa in her sleep? Is that already over the line? Does Amanda have to physically hit Elissa before somebody in BB finally steps in and REMOVES Amanda out of the house?

    1. Not a chance, she wouldn’t give any of them the satisfaction. She knows enough to see that Amanda is shooting herself in the foot with America so she can just ride out the storm

  56. I didn’t think Amanda could become any more grotesque. She becomes more paranoid and psychotic with each passing day. When will Andy and McCrae distance themselves from this succubus? At some point the money can’t be worth their souls. They are bathing in a stench they scrub away.

    Amanda has single-handedly ruined my favorite show. Congratulations CBS!

  57. i think BB needs to call this off. are they waiting for Elissa to return a punch before they do something. and is that not helping Amanda with her game. and to think Andy the weasel and Aaryn went crying to Amanda about being threaten what would they call this. Justified.

  58. CBS seriously? Amanda’s vile behavior is unacceptable. You are allowing bullying to be promoted on National TV….DISGUSTING. This is beyond `’game“ play. `turning my TV.

  59. Extra long trivia after Rachelissa gets called to the DR…. production is DEFINITELY bailing her out with yet another twist/power. Keep telling yourselves it’s rigged for Demanda, though.

    1. OR, could it be rigged for the both of them? I think it is… More entertaining for both of them to be in that house at each others throats…

  60. I have left many comments on this site. No more. The sites great, but this is disgusting. CBS allowing this t go on without penalty is disgusting. They should be held liable in a court of law. I want a med count on Amanda. I want to see if they are doing things properly. I’m so disgusted at CBS and the malicious people in this house. Not worth watching. Disgusting. I’m done with CBS. Mod, call me out if I post on this site again. You have my IP address. Done. Will read to see and ensure E is safe, because I don’t trust Amanda nor a few others. Incredible.

  61. I’m sorry to be disrespectful but that stupid bitch Amanda needs to be punched in the throat. I’m not a huge Elissa fan (very her as the best of the worst), but Amanda takes the cake. She’s worse than those dumb fucking racist blond twits…CBS please do something because if this wookie bitch McPussy is with disgusting.

  62. Amanda is a very sad and ugly person. I feel bad for her parents, they must be so embarrassed by her actions.

  63. Don’t know why the feeds were down for almost an hour but it appears Amanda is still there doing the same thing. Ugh!!!!

  64. Amanda is back to torturing Elissa with her Kazoo and statements. What happened to the good old days of Jessie Godderz and Russell?

  65. Amanda is a cruel, disgusting, vile, overly aggressive bully…the exact opposite of hilarious. Would it be hilarious if you we’re the object of her hate? No, it would not be to you, nor to any decent, compassionate human being. Even though its a game, there should still be a level of decency towards others, and respect towards others. It’s sorely lacking with his cast.

  66. During her DR session Amanda said “Andy falls and now it is up to the babe.” Finally Amanda said something I can agree with. She does bear a striking resemblance to Babe Ruth. Especially from the neck down.

  67. Really guys you are comparing a unused condom and a maxi pad with Tabasco to racism. Why is that you guys think it isn’t OK for Amanda to make rude comments. Yet you guys sit on this site and make 50 times worse comments then she does. Amanda is the bad guy but Elissa can go around and talk crap about everyone and tell people personal things that have been said to her in confidence. Is everyone forgetting this is a game and people are going to do whatever they can to win.

    1. If Amanda wanted to tell that story in private she wouldn’t have said it in front of half the house and half of America. What Elissa repeated was nothing compared to what Amanda has threatened to do all the girls in that house. You can not defend the indefensible.

    1. That would mean that McMusty had a set of balls, but there’s a vagina down there. He’ll do whatever she tells him, even if he wins BB she will control that money after she forcfully becomes Mrs. McMusty

  68. I agree with everyone about Amanda.How can CBS tolerate what Amanda is doing by doing that dirty s— on Elissa’s wall?I myself feel this should not be tolerated and they should call her in the diary room and tell her so and I hope someone like Elissa put Amanda in her place and put her up if she wins HOH again.No one should do those things on air so everyone in America sees and that puts a damper on how CBS is just to get ratings.If this kind of behavior keeps up no one will watch Bib Brother if they have people in the household like this just to get ratings.Its very DISGUSTING!
    Also doesn’t the houseguests know how to clean?The only clean room in the Big Brother is the HOH room and the living room.The bedrooms look like crap and very disgusting.Food all over and clothes on the floor where you cannot even walk.How can anyone live that way?Why doesn’t CBS make them clean up their mess and even the kitchen.Food is left out and gets spoiled.What if the state department came in and looked at that even if its on CBS lot?
    I guess you can tell I am frustrated about this.I just cannot look at Big Brother anymore and see the mess Amanda and McCrae are making in the bedroom and I do not see the other houseguests make any effort of cleaning.I hope someone puts Amanda in her place and send her home.

  69. A giant, ravenous leopard just ran out of the Diary Room and is currently eating all the HouseGuests. Blood everywhere

  70. Jen got a penalty nom for destroying
    Dick’s cigarettes. If the show is fixed, Amanda
    can keep up her rein of terror. I can’t production
    Is not stopping it!

  71. Amanda is suffering from Rankism.

    In short Rankism means – “abusive, discriminatory, or exploitative behavior towards people because of their rank in a particular hierarchy”. Rank-based abuse underlies many other phenomena such as bullying, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

    Amanda see Elissa in a hierarchy of those with Money, a Husband who love her, children etc.
    Being in the House has given Amanda a feeling of Power she never had over others. she is using her rank in the house as a shield to get away with insulting or humiliating Elissa and others who question her rank with no impunity from CBS BB

    She Need help. Maybe she having baby blues. I’m glad Elissa not pushing her over the edge. I bet production told her to stay out of her way.

  72. Many of you are actually hypocrites. You loved it and wanted Jessie to do more when she was going on her little rants. You know this. You just don’t like how Amanda is running this game and it hurts. Deal with it.

      1. I knew this would be a response. MY POINT is many of the posters on here wanted her to do more vile stuff and were coming up with horrible things she could do to Helen and Amanda. So, now for people to whine because Amanda actually does some of that stuff? That is HYPOCRITICAL behavior.

  73. We should write to CBS and petition for Amanda to be removed from the game. Abusing someone in this manner is outrageous

    1. What show do you think you are watching. If this hurts your feelings, tough. Casts have had people do this almost every year. Stop complaining. And many of you complaining are just going to egg on CBS to want more of it to happen. Again, look at how the number of comments have increased the last 2 days because of Amandas game play. Just enjoy the show.

  74. Im not even a fan of anyone in this house this year, and I think they MUST step in and remove Amanda from this game. they removed willie for IMO, less.

  75. This is a case of how far one would go to win $500K. Amanda is no Evel Dick…at least he use to cook for his fellow HGs and was generally engaging and intelligent in his conversations. Elissa, I’m praying for your safety…and I hope Judd wakes up. If Elissa self-evicts, her life goes on in a positive and meaningful way. The others…not so much.

  76. i have to say this is very disturbing ad disgusting that CBS and BB production is allowing a person to do and act like this in the house….I just cant imagine what Amandas family is thinking. Why would a person act this way? To torture someone and/or doing things around the house that belongs to a person (which is their personal belongings) should not be allowed. This is a form of bullying and especially with a lot of things that are going on in this world, this is showing us that its ok and these behaviours are acceptable…..THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!! This is not a way to treat ppl

  77. They are not going to remove someone unless they physically hurt someone else. A contestant on a different season wiped someone toothbrush inside the toilet and she stayed in. All she had do is tell the person what she did.

    1. Ellissa isnt going to self evict, this is actually working for her, it is showing Amanda for her she really is and all the other house guests are just filing this away. Ellissa is sitting in her own room, with her own washroom with a door that can be locked and headphones and music that blocks her out. Amanda is the one working herself into a frenzy and either she stops or she will escalate it into something that will get her in trouble. It is the other house guests that are being subjected to Amanda and her craziness, not Ellissa, so why Amanda thinks this is good for her game is beyond me.This is a woman who thinks that she can do anything and she is poking the wrong bear. Amanda believes her own bullshit so much even though nothing she has done in the past few days has rattled Ellissa, its like a little kid having a temper tantrum on national TV and banging her head on the ground to get her way, the only one getting the headache is Amanda,,,

  78. What is going on, folks? I’m only going off what is written here…hopefully Amanda is getting a lecture on her behavior…Grrrr…someone please let me know what is up?

    Impatient OBB view :o)

      1. Any chance Elissa self evicts in your opinion. I think this would also be a good time to remind the Elissa followers have her sister was notorious for trying to make guests feel uncomfortable. Even with Danielle Donato, following her, sitting down next to her, etc. And that was minor compared to other times.

        1. Elissa has kids. From what I’ve seen, Amanda isn’t bugging her much. She seems to be comfortable with how to best handle a tantrum.

      2. Wow! I just saw the pictures of what Amanda left for E. Amanda has definitely gone off the deep end…Thanks Simon…Thanks everyone for ALL your hard work here on OBB :o)

  79. Bullying: So much publicity around it in America, yet it is happening right in front of our eyes on National Television.

  80. Its time to hit CBS where it hurts, stop watching the broadcasts and demand a refund on the feeds, this not what we signed up its uncomfortable to watch, my wife and fifteen year old triplets and I looked forward to watching the show and the feeds , no more, Amanda and McRae are repulsive, Aaryn has stated that she would punch Elissa in the face…come on CBS..

  81. i cant believe BB is letting Amanda get away with going to HOH room and getting a HG things. Amanda should be escorted out . no other players would of gotten away with this. so again its rigged..

  82. Like others in life I have been able to play in sports. One thing I learned is that only a douche bag loser like Amanda would say vile vindictive low beyond low things to another person. Elyssa is a human being. As for Amanda, I don’t know what on earth she is,but definitely not a human. What’s even more disgusting is how immature and vile she is in thinking that hygenic products being wasted the way she does is disgusting!!!! Amanda is vile, disgusting, gross and pathetic. Hats off to Elyssa for being brave, strong and standing up to a horrible vindictive witch like Amanda. What’s even more pathetic is Mcrae hasn’t done laundry or showered in a month. Can we say Amanda and Mcrae are bacteria? uh yeah, totally. Those two, Amanda and Mcrae need to go. And Amanda needs to be ejected from the game like ASAP!!!!!!! This isn’t a joke nor is it funny what she is doing. Amanda picks on Elyssa’s family. Why? because Amanda is beyond jealous! Eject Amanda from the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Skankmanda is only trying to get Elissa to self evict by dogging her the way she is. How did Skankmanda sell million dollar homes? Very hard to believe! We need to keep thinking happy thoughts for Elissa so she can make it through until they can get Suckmanda and McPeweee outta the house!!! Then they can work on Pansy Andy and the Groping Ginger, because Aryan will be going home this week! POSITIVE THOUGHTS PEOPLE!! POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!
    *****The best part of BB this year will be when the show is over and Aryan/Skankmanda/G.rossM.outh find out they don’t have careers anymore! Just hoping that none of them win any cash!!!!!

  84. What are Onion-Vag Queen and McMusty going to do when both of those 2 dudes are on the block if GM or Judd win HOH?

  85. I cannot believe that CBS can allow this to go on. Do they have no feelings about the message this is sending? If she wins, not only will I never watch BB again, I may never watch CBS.

  86. its just Sunday, four more days to go, once the replacment is made tomorrow, there will be a whole new battle, of the 3am inner circle. am glad its Elissa, i think she is the only one who could stand this crap. The other house guest should clearly see how hard it is going to be take them out later on. Elissa should sell that fact to other hgs i guess she will at some point depending on who wins hoh next week. They cant stand up to Amanda they should keep her(Elissa)for these fights, fights they cant handle on their own.

  87. Please get rid of Amanda! I thought the other houseguest was bad she is horrible. I can’t believe she still on the show. They should have a vote where America could vote out the next houseguest and know veto can save them because America had spoken

  88. ok just watch tonite show. it looks like helen had her ear to the wall try to listen then she jumps. anybody else notice that?

    1. I tried too, maybe too much traffic or unwanted visitors! ha,ha… they are getting another letter from me, record season for angry letter writing!

  89. They cut the feeds right as Elissa tells Andy that she can’t believe the show would let this go on. What is happening?? Why the trivia? The fish? This behavior?!?

  90. I sent in my complaint to CBS…I think everything has gotten totally out of hand and condoned by CBS, from the racism to this harassment that is happening now.

  91. Ummm wasn’t evil dick mean too! Did everyone forget about him? Hello CBS is loving this! It’s going to give them lots of ratings

  92. You don’t deserve this and certainly don’t belong with these animals. You don’t need the money, walk out with your head held high. You have done well girl I am proud of how you have maintained your composure now though it is about your safety.

    1. Yes, I agree. Leave for your own good Elissa. Do it. How dare Amanda attack you after you talked about her being a pig, being pregnant, and also talked about her private life. How dare Amanda go back at you Elissa. HOW DARE SHE!

    2. Elissa is not going anywhere, nor is Amanda for that matter…..this is so go for ratings…..Production will tell them to calm down and then offer both more money to stay.

    3. If Elissa self evicts Amanda wins and it just re-enforces her sense of entitlement. I hope Elissa toughs it out until CBS steps in, not that I would blame her, but bullies shouldn’t win.

    4. One thing good if Elissa did walk out, it would bring out in the open to the rest of the TV watching world what CBS has allows to go on in that house just as it did when the racial remarks were made. Most people that Neilsen tracks for the ratings know nothing more that what they see during the aired show.

      1. Rachael’s army might be marching on CBS as we write… I would never allow anyone to treat my sister like this. I would be tearing down walls to get in there.

    5. Dawg or Simon,
      Just wondering why my comments always say “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
      I even sent in a donation a few days ago after finding your site.

  93. I hating Judd right now for not supporting Elissa at this time. Always trying to buddy up with Amanda and McCrae.

    Next week we need MVP back – for just one week only – with a Pandora’s Box. We somehow need Elissa to open a Pandora’s Box this week to re-activate MVP for next week. Would give the public time to vote – with either Judd or Elissa nominating YOU KNOW WHO for third position on the block.

    1. Dude!!! We all knew Judd was gonna do this…at least Candice would’ve given it back to Amanda…so frustrating…

    2. Pandora’s box needs to be better tha MVP because even if McCrae and Amanda are both up the 3 rd mom would leave. Elissa needs the coup d’état to sav ever if she’s nominated next week.

  94. Amanda must be a sad, ugly human being to do what she is doing to not just Elissa but all the possible good players that have been eliminated from the game for simply pissing Amanda off. This reflects so poorly on CBS, I can not believe they are allowing her to continue with the game. If any one knows of a petition to remove Amanda and McLazy Pizza BOY from the show NOW, please, please, please let me know. I have already files complaints on the CBS site. Amanda is an ugly, mean, horrible, sad human being, it’s that simple. If she is removed maybe we can get back to playing and enjoying BB.

  95. Amanda hasn’t lost her job. Spencer talks about killing people all the time and no one says anything about it. It is amazing that when someone you like is mean and vicious it is OK but when someone you don’t like says vicious things it is unacceptable and they should be kicked off the show. Everyone who has been in the Big Brother house has said something unacceptable at some point.

  96. Nah, the best Pandoras Box would be Rachel and her mouth come in for 24 hours. She’d tune in that stinky amazon real quick lol

  97. I’ve followed this show for years but this is My first year with OBB

    Has Anyone EVER been so disgusting and rotten as Amanda ?

    CBS needs to step in, This is getting beyond gameplay, it’s really sickening

  98. The fact that every person in the house is allowing this abuse and bullying is unbelievable. Such chickens. She has the entire house afraid. I wish I was there, I would not let any person be bullied like that. Love or hate them.

  99. Amanda was probably encouraged to do this so Elissa could walk out with her head high and have a “real” excuse. She wants to leave.. She is paid by production as well as Amanda being a “plant” in the house. Elissa gets paid regardless…. she works for CBS! Its all part of the plan. I think its funny how upset everyone is getting over the way Amanda is treating Elissa…. she’s in the DR laughing about it right now probably. hahahahaha you people are so gullible!!

  100. “Amanda thinks she’s pulling an Evel Dick, but she’s really just pulling a Russell from BB11…right before he was sent packing”

    That wasn’t funny what he did neither.

  101. CBS shame on you. You have to have some rules. Your allowing Amanda to bully people, this is unacceptable in this day we live. Taking a letter and putting it on the toilet. Are you serious to allow this. This woman needs to BE GONE. Your reputation is on the line. Sorry state of affairs.

  102. if JUDD has agreed to be the counterSpy counterRevolutionary inside the HQ tent of the “REIGN of TERROR” idiots, if he eventually
    calls them out and by his vote backs Elissa up in her classic almost GARY COOPER stance, the game may turn on them. all Helen’s
    Napoleonic ambitions preceded this viciousness. Amanda has shown her true colors. i’m very hoping JUDD is rather moral at times.
    Burke’s thoughts on what went down in Paris in the early to late 1790s is very appropiate. If Amanda could lop head off, she would.

      1. thanks, NewbieT — your comment just made my day!
        i’m trying to be quasi~polite as i cuss out in gonzo the
        accumulative impact Amanda’s actions have on us all.

  103. So I’m confused. is Elissa putting Andy up? If so who does it look like will leave between him and Aaryn? I would say Andy but I remember hearing about the guys saving him?

  104. Blah blah blah. I want Pandoras box blah blah blah and nominate this person and that person. Blah blah blah. To make it a game. Blah blah. I love trolling the comments calling out bullshit when I see it. Blah blah blah. Amandas a slutty pig blah mcnasty is a mcpussy blah blah blah Elissa is a fake fembot duckface blah blah blah Andy a rat rat face rat-tastic rat blah blah. Lol. Lol. lol. Lol. Lol. Blah. Fucking blah. Everyone here, excluding the excellent dawg and awesome simon , is literally and simply blah. Your opinions and thoughts are just that…..simple. and blah. Thumb up your ass too. Or down it…..who honestly gives a shit.

  105. OK. So, in the context of the game, it’s OK to lie and to backstab. Don’t think it’s good for role-modeling for sch programs, but let’s face it – thats much of the essence of reality programming.

    I never cared that much for Elissa, but the type of personal attacks that Amanda has made – for example the racist digs against Candice and now the obscene comments about Elissa’s husband, step-son, etc. are so far beyond the pale of civilized game play, they reflect a really disturbed and vicious mind.

    And does CBS encourage such behavior to bring up ratings? Ratings seem to be up, so it is a successful strategy, if that is the purpose. But even then, Amanda’s attacks are so vicious, and McRae (who I used to like) is an Enabler (as are Aaryn and Ratboy)

  106. THIS IS A GAME! Many of you have forgotten this. No matter what the house guests do ITS A GAME!. Looks like some are playing a pretty good game.They are still in the house and safe this week. There’s no bullying because this game has limited rules & the players all signed contracts agreeing to this. Stop threatening to not watch the show, it gets old.

  107. The state of Florida has taken her license… Even though she works for her mom, they rep prudential and watermark who are no longer affiliated with her!

  108. It’s so rigged. Amanda is so pathetic, yet she manages to get most everyone to do exactly what she wants. Why is that BB, could you make it more obvious? She doesn’t win a damn thing until McNasty is on the block. Just once BB let the house guest play their own game. What a concept that would be.

  109. No more BB for me this season. Good luck to the few people worthy of winning this ‘game’. Amanda has gone way beyond game play, and it’s disgusting on all levels. Every player has to lie, wheel and deal to a certain extent, but to attack someone personally is sad. NO amount of money is worth sacrificing your character/reputation. These people need to remember there is life after BB and people don’t forget. WORST player EVER…she trumps Russell from Survivor, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  110. I think Amanduh just accidentally left her late night snack (condom and Tabasco pad) there by mistake, she’ll be back to get it later when she gets hungry.

    1. you know those translucent lil ole teleprompters that people like newt, barack and mitt sometimes
      had at their public events during our last election? the clear lookin’ thingies that let letters flash on
      them in a LCD manner? we do not see everything in that diary room. like live TV in the 50s that often
      was spontaneous, the DIARY ROOM is supposed to be informal and philosophical. save for most
      of the cuss words, these BB episodes are almost as scripted as is NBC’s SIBERIA. Bear Grylls and
      his ‘puddle~ducks’ when up on a NEW ZEALAND glacier and chomping on some maggots or grubs all
      have more honest reactions always. SURVIVOR has its scripted moments. P & G = proctor + gamble.

  111. Amanda should be kicked out of the house for harassing Elissa. That girl has serious issues. I am disgusted listening to the filthy talk from her.Besides Elissa and Judd, these houseguests are really sick!

  112. If you really hate amanda that much, don’t write to CBS. Write to the show’s sponsors, if they pull out their ads then they would take notice.

  113. I was almost brought to tears with the way they are treating Elissa…Its hurtful and downright disgraceful and something needs to be done…Because she didn’t suck up to them, makes her think she’s way better than them…They are bullies and if Big Brother and CBS continue this any longer, I will no longer what this! Very very saddening :(

  114. Am I wrong, but when Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress, she got in trouble right? and when Jeremy wiped his ass with Elissa’s hat, he got in trouble also? So why isn’t trannymanda getting into trouble? I’m seriously sick to my stomach with this show where I want to put my fist through my tv.

  115. I never comment on these sites but Thank You for the link to CBS. Big Brother used to be a guilty summer treat to avoid re-runs but, this racist bullying is NOT okay under any circumstances!!!! They need to play a highlight reel LIVE for the houseguest’s! For all of us who have had to endure such despicable behavior I’m going to need more than a rote disclaimer at the beginning of the show! CBS do the right thing and Step-Up and Step-In and STOP IT!!!!


  117. I read Amanda read the rule book and she said the only thing she can’t do is threaten Elissa physically, so I guess she’s going to keep bullying her. Judd went up to see Elissa and Elissa told Judd she wanted to go home. Judd is so dumb that he went and told Andy.

  118. “4:40pm New Years Granny strikes again. She puts a condom on Elissa’s Memory wall picture and dresses up Elissa’s dresser top with a Tabasco covered pad and lubricated condom.”

    There’s harmless pranks, then there’s disgusting. After disgusting, you’ll find Amanda. If only CBS would use their discretion to lower the prize amount (rule book says it can happen).

  119. Despite my hopes Judd is still a dud. Chivalry is dead and McNasties get away with their sh*t because no one speaks up. Hopefully we as viewers can have the impact on the producers to reign in the bad behavior. I just feel sad that my summer guilty pleasure seems like something I don’t want to admit to MYSELF that I am watching.

  120. My fear is that the show will attract the worst possible people. People will only audition for the show because they know that they can use it as a platform from which to spew their hatred.

    The show has lost its appeal. For anyone who says the show’s ratings are through the roof, they aren’t. The ratings are up from last season, but they are nowhere near where they used to be when Big Brother was in its prime.

  121. PHILIP, I am deeply sorry and saddened for your loss. I am still chocked up from reading your post, and can’t imagine the pain you have. Please know that there a lot of people that read this site and hopefully somehow we can get our voices heard so this unconscionable behavior will be stopped. That vile woman is not playing Big Brother at this point. She has crossed a line and her tactics are no longer game moves—she is now just deliberately verbally abusing a person (which is just as bad as physical abuse). The producers should have put a STOP to this hours ago. I respect you so much for getting your voice heard for your son, he would be proud.

  122. This has gone way too far. It’s one thing to annoy someone to throw them off their game, but Amanda needs to be reined in. She was very arrogant and entertaining when things were going her way. Now that they are not, she is becoming mentally unstable. If I was Elissa, I would be in the DR asking for a bodyguard. Evil Dick banged pots and pans but targeted the whole house. Amanda is attacking one person. Also you can literally see the fear in GM’s demeanor, and she knows crazy!

  123. We just called the CBS Corporation re: our disgust over the actions of houseguest Amanda in this season of Big Brother. A program that has always been a pleasure to watch in past seasons has morphed into a revolting display of the lowest kind of common, trashy behavior. It is no longer a program to watch with older or younger family members.

    The number at CBS is 1-212-975-4321.

    If we don’t call, it will only get worse.

  124. Does everyone remember the “reset” button Julie found? Wouldn’t it be epic if Elissa got a Pandora’s Box with the reset button in it and was able to change her noms? Something!! That would make for awesome tv!!!!

    P.s: Amanda is THE worst hg Ive ever seen.Worse than Janelle,Chima,Boogie and Rachael all put together.I can’t stand her whorish disgusting face on my T.v.Her and McCrae are so filthy.The things she says on national tv….”why does my snatch smell like onions? Why do I keep getting yeast infections?” I just threw up a little.

  125. My complaint to CBS:

    I think it is absolutely abhorrent the types of things that Amanda is being allowed to get away with in the house against Elissa. I am not an Elissa fan but no one deserves to be treated the way she has been treated this season by your house guests but especially by Amanda. Bullying is a crime in Canada. Bullying is responsible for numerous suicides and is completely unacceptable. I have watched this show for years and never have I seen such reprehensible behaviour by a house guest as what Amanda is doing. I know I am not alone in this and that you are receiving and will continue to receive complaints until you take action against this aggressive, degrading, demeaning, spiteful and hateful behaviour. While sending someone in to talk to Amanda may be your idea of taking care of it, the live feeds show it is obviously not. She needs to be penalized in some fashion or else she will not stop. Your allowance of this continued attack on Elissa has only emboldend Amanda as she sees no consequence to her actions. There is game play and then there open attack and that is what is happening this week. Please see reason and do something about it. What message is being sent to young people who watch the show? That it is ok to say things like your kids would have been better off as blow jobs? To publically and nationally ridicule a persons family, children and life is ok as long as it is in a game show? Constant harrassment and haranguing someone is ok? Honestly producers this season has become digusting and I question whether I can actually stomach another show. While you keep the worst of the transgressions from the screen the live feeds and live feed bloggers have hung all the dirty laundry out for all to see. I beg you to take action in the course of a penalty of some sort. Perhaps not allowing Amanda to compete in the next HOH or just plain throwing her out as the next house guest to leave. Thank you for your time.

  126. Thanks Tailspinner I just called and left a complaint as well. If enough of us do this perhaps we can stop this type of behaviour.

  127. We can no longer be passive participants continuing to watch this train wreck of television- its degraded itself from BB to become a platform for the debasement of humanity. If the network can’t be reasoned with, we have to organize an appeal to the sponsors & watch another network. Congratulations cBS, in becoming the master manipulator in BB & making the viewer the ultimate loser.

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