GM going up but Aaryn still the target? “She’s walking around here like a pig in a swine house”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


10:22pm Cockpit Spencer, JUDD and Andy
JUDD – Amanda’s coat tails are wearing out
JUDD tells Spencer that Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy had a final 4 deal.
JUDD is sick of everyone kissing Amanda and McCrae’s a$$ everyone was when he left and everyone still is when he comes back.
JUDD says he’ll make himself a target he’s not kissing anyone a$$”
Spencer – I’ve had to.. it’s been hell I’ve been on the block 6 times
JUDD wishes Elissa had put Amanda and McCrae up then they would have been able to get one of out at least.

Andy joins them JUDD says he told Elissa if she puts up GM they can guarantee there three votes to get out Aaryn.
Andy:” YES YES”
Andy – I told Elissa I will vote Aaryn out.. GM said she will not.
JUDD – you have to promise
Andy – 100%.. if Amanda and MCcrae vote me out with GM does i’m out of this game.
JUDD – If you go it will be four on three but if you stay we have the numbers.. we can have us three and Elissa with GM as a wild card. Amanda and McCrae are the only people we have to worry about and they suck at competitions.

Andy says GM loyalty goes Aaryn first then Andy once Aaryn is gone he might be able to talk to GM if she wins HOH.
JUDD: ‘It’s way too risky to put you up.. I trust you two more than anyone else in the house:”
JUDD tells them right now is their time to make a move and stop playing for Amanda and McCrae, “When I got evicted I was rooting for you two”

Elissa rolls in
A – Elissa seriously I love GM if you put her up you have three votes right here that will vote out Aaryn
JUDD – I’m scared GM won’t vote out Aaryn
JUDD says going into the next HOH Elissa has them three and GM as a wildcard but he’s certain she doesn’t like Amanda and McCrae
Elissa asks Andy if he will vote to keep Aaryn
Andy: “100% I will never never vote her out over Aaryn.. “
J: GM will vote to keep Aaryn because she her bunny”
A – Today it solidifies it I do not give a f** about Amanda and McCrae
E – they were excited to see you go up.. she said nobody cares about andy she said Andy doesn’t matter.
E – nobody matters to Amanda .. and McCrae is almost as bad .
JUDD says if Elissa gets out Aaryn it’ll be a big move
S – She’s a competition beast
JUDD says that everyone in the jury loves her
E – Aaryn said she’s going to get a boob job if she wins the money.. c’mon girl isn’t their better things you can spend your money on.
J – it’s the best idea we don’t have to worry Aaryn is going home
A – it’s a done deal .. we can solidify it .. if you want we can all get in this room and we can tell her GM.

E – I hate them so much I’m HOH..
S – they drank all the wine
E – hmmmummmumm ummmm I have a headache.
A – i’m a smart guy i’m not a idiot I know what is going on you have 3 votes rock solid right here to get Aaryn out
J – Aaryn is walking around happy because she knows if Andy goes up he goes home
A – if I go up we have to run around all week and watch GM but if Gm goes up we have the votes right here there is nothing to worry about

E – Aaryn is walking around here like a pig in a swine house she is so excited because she thinks she is staying.
E – Aaryn is so dumb.. people think this season is a joke everyone follows Amanda around.
E – I never liked Amanda i just thought she was a smart girl.
JUDD tells them he wanted to win the veto so Amanda would go up.. “I didn’t tell you but i wanted to take Aaryn off and have them both up” (Amand and MC)
E – she is so disgusting
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

Andy we have to put them both up next week.
E – she’s so gross she thinks she runs this house
J – maybe they should take showers.. I have to wash my sheets
E – oh my god don’t sleep in anything they touch
A – OH my god america is portraying me as the shelly.
Elissa says that Amanda acts like she is on drugs
JUDD call McCrae the biggest floater of all time he is certain that is how MC is being portrayed on the show.
Spencer says that MC is being portrayed like a pathetic puppy dog
E – she is so gross.. she walks around says she needs stuff for her lady parts.
A – Just know right now it’s done.. we have three of the five votes right here..
E says that Amanda has slept with everyone in the united states


While the cockpit bunch make plans to get GM put up and take out Aaryn.. Amanda, Aaryn and MCcrae are in the hot tub chilling.


11:25pm Cockpit Spencer and Andy
Andy – we are in a good position
Spencer – I think so
Spencer – I think we need to convince Amanda and McCrae to let Aaryn go
Andy – I agree I think Aaryn is ways more dangerous than GM Aaryn and has to go..
Specner says he’s got a plan that might work and he won’t do it if Andy doesn’t want him to.
Spencer is going to haul Amanda, McCrae and Andy into the storage room and tell them
“You mother fu***rs have all been lying to me .. Aaryn has pulled me aside and told me shw wanted to backdoor Amanda this week.”
Andy – I think it’s awesome
Elissa comes in
Andy – Oh high
Spencer – we were just talking about you

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:45pm hot tub Amanda and MC
(Talking abou the scenario where Spencer goes up as a nominee)
MC we can trust Spencer
Amanda disagrees says if they keep Aaryn here she will die for them.
MC she will still stay with GM
A – GM will not put us up if we keep Aaryn here
Amanda – you cannot trust spencer he is a great liar.. you do this every time.
MC – he has no one .. who is he going to work with Elissa.
A – you think he has no one he could flip flop in a second.. you have to be loyal to the four
MC is saying he’s loyal to spencer because Spencer has been loyal to them
Amanda says it’s a big mistake keeping Spencer over Aaryn
A – I’m telling you I have not been wrong.. in this game thus far,., not once.. I’m telling you it will be a BIG MISTAKE to keep Spencer.
A – we have to keep the four.. I know it gets scary at time.. next week we will have 5 people
A – GM will not put us up on the block
MC – who will she put up as a replacement
A – doesn’t matter.. we have the numbers. we lose GM if we lose Aaryn.. if we lose Specner we lose Specner
MC – Elissa is not going to put up Spencer..
A – I hope not.. JUDD has to go.. like yesterday .


12:02am havenots Andy and JUDD
A – I’ve been talking to my friends it’s getting to the point where I want to make that move against them..
A – I am so happy you came back you are my secret weapon.
Andy says last week he was bullied each way he still thinks it was good to get Helen out but he started becoming anti Amanda and McCrae.
A – Believe me you got my word
They shake on it

12:11am Andy and Spencer

Andy – this cannot leave this room but I would rather go with JUDD and Elissa than Amanda and McCrae
Spencer says they still need to play the middle
Andy says this was the first time Amanda has ever opened up to them and sounded human. Andy says he hates it when Amadna says Elissa’s husband is ugly and old.

Andy is very worried he’s being portrayed as a crying floater and Spencer as a hill billy. He believes he was one of the mastermind this season. He says the first 3 weeks all the DR wanted to talk to him about was how he POPed into rooms. “Can we just talk about how I masterminded every single eviction with my alliance”.

(Andy give Spencer the same final 2 alliance deal thingy he gave Aaryn.. nobody will suspect us.. etc etc etc)


12:30 AM bedroom GM and Aaryn

Aaryn tells her if they start acting shady right now Elissa is going to put her up. Aaryn has talked to McCrae and they are trusting GM 100% they want to go final 5 final 4.
GM: “I wish Spencer was going up mother f*****”
Aaryn is saying she has Amanda and McCrae’s vote regardless of who she goes up against. but the rest of the house she has no idea. She needs GM to stay off the block. GM says she’s Gm: “Cause you i’m 100 percent.. 100 percent”
They talk about ways they can keep GM off the block. GM is going to give Elissa some bullshit line about how GM will vote out Aaryn if she’s not nominated. GM is going to say that Aaryn is hanging out with Amanda and is acting weird towards her.


1:00am JUDD, Andy and Elissa HOH
(Prior to this conversation Elissa told JUDD it was obvious that he made a deal with Spencer “Already” he gave her a keepsake to prove he’s not lying)

Andy and JUDD pushing hard to get GM put up.

JUDD: “I’m team get amanda and McCrae out “
Andy: “same”
JUDD: “even if it means being a big ass target “
JUDD “you can’t believe their lies”
Andy says they have all worked with Amanda and McCrae before they know how they operate.
A – this i why it’s good we have worked with them because we know their f*** tricks
E – mmm hmmmmm
A – today it’s shown me that I’m over it.. anyone that can sell me out that quickly f*** that
JUDD says it’s 5 against 2 next week and 4 against 2 in the HOH competition.
J – we can guarantee final 4 final 5.. all of us
A – all I can give you is my word right now and I trust you all so much
E – I trust you guys I don’t know what to do.. I know I have to do the right move
Andy tells her if she puts up GM she has spencer, Andy and JUDD to vote out Aaryn but if she puts up Andy Ginamarie might waver.
JUDD says GM is with Aaryn but isn’t with Amanda/McCrae but since Aaryn is with Amanda/MCrae they are a group. THey have to remove that middle person which is Aaryn.

Judd says he talked to GM earlier and she said to him she will not vote Aaryn out.
Elissa – Will you say that in front of GM if I call her up
Andy says he was talking to GM and she said she wouldn’t Aaryn out.
Elissa – i want you guys to say it in front of her
JUDD: “that’s going to cause some fireworks”
Andy: “I think that is going to cause trouble”
Elissa:” Yup you guys are right it will… I’m going to bed”
JUDD:” I will”
Elissa: “Ya you guys are right it’ll cause too much trouble you’re the smart one hmmmm mmmh”
Andy says they should just bring GM up to the HOH and tell her she is safe,.
Elissa – that is such a good idea.. such a great idea
Andy – Are you being sarcastic
Elissa – no.. ok yup cool this is such a good plan
JUDD – it is

CBS Interactive Inc.

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OKAY SO ARE ANDY AND SPENCER REALLY ON TO GET AARYN out….even I’m confused!!!!! They are the ultimate floaters!!!!!


Even they realize she is too good at the comps. yay!


I dislike how Judd is egging Elissa on to put up GM


Putting GM up was Am’s idea, a good strategic ploy. Am has smart ideas, has from the start …..but, she has gone so downhill from that start. Some of her targets were for personal reasons, eg. Jessie (she was cute and had a better a**) and sat on the couch beside MCrae one time. Judd, she thought put her up as MVP nom, (not true) and though he was loyal to the gruesome duesome,he got elimated cause she said so. And since then, what a crap game she has played. Lies in bed all day, has sex in the house, is dirty, rude, ,makes personal attacks on people’s personalities, looks, families, intelligence, game play, …whatever she can use. She bosses people into telling her whatever they are talking about, whines and pouts when she loses, and struts like cock of the walk when she Finally wins something. She is playing a really bad social game….one of the mose unlikeable people I have ever seen on this show. Her sense of entitlement is so blatant. She is always accusing houseguest of trying to “flip the house” which in her entitled mind, is her house. Unfortunatley she is carried by some of the dumbest people to ever play the game – Andy the rat and Aaryn the paranoid puppet. Also, her bb hubby, otherwise known as McNoballs. Without those dummies things may have been different. What gets me is when she plays the game, she is so righteous, when anyone else tries to, she calls them out, insults them and accuses them of trying to “flip the house” So sick of that line. Amanda has no integrity, no respect for others, no morals, no personal boundaries, no manners and no class. As for MCrae, I first thought he might be another Ian Terry – turns out he isn’t even worth discussing.


Good one, TerryB. Amanda is the most disgusting, vile, ugly, out of shape, smelly, rude, racist, loudmouthed, insecure woman that ever existed!! As for McCrae, he’s just a pussy faced, wet rag, beeotch!!! I would love to grab Spencer’s ratty beard and rip it off with one hard yank!! The Blonde Racist? Who cares?! When they leave the house, they got a lot to deal with. Judd, go grab some more pills! Andy, I want to hold your head down and fart on your face since you’re an expert at brown nosing!! Elissa, PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THE BULLSHIT! GET ANDY OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

Big Amanda fan

You have some real issues BigKenny. You are probably just like Spencer: ugly, fat, can’t get laid, has to make up having a girlfriend, misogynist, jealous asshole who never gets any affirmation in life. Your comments about Amanda described you perfectly during your little diatribe. You need to get a life Big Loser, er, Kenny.

Disappointing Season

To TerryB..

Your comment is Spot On!

Thank you..


Thanks for the thanks re my comment. Combination of red wine and too much live feed watching leads to feeling the need to vent…At least the season is getting a more interesting.


Omg, Im Gonna Throw Up If Andy Doesn’t Go Up


Red Rat!


You can tell Andy is still with McCranda abd Aaryn because while Judd, Elissa and Spencer says negative things about the trio Andy never joins in and he says is put up GM and I will vote out Aaryn. Andy is still a pathetic desperate lying bastard. I hope Elissa doesn’t fall for Andy’s crap like Judd has.


I retract my previous comment….its just that Andy is tough to reads….seems like he is interested to go against Amanda and MCrae after he learner what Amanda did. Its just that its a make or break week for Elissa….ITS basically Andy who is the sole cause to everything being messed up……him reporting everything Helen says… its up to him if this plan actually works!!!!!!! Gosh Andy!!! Make up your mind!


Part of Amanda’s plan was for them to say to put Andy up…Andy knows about that. They were using reverse psych on Elissa…but heck even I am lost at this point.


Nope Amanda just played elissa and judd and gm. Gm is going up andy is lying aaryn is acting the 3am is in control right now. When gm goes up andy mcranda wil vote to evict gm have no idea what spencer really going to do but seemslike he just got duped by andy like judd just did. Unless elissa gets lucky and puts up andy 3am is still in control .


How do you feel now? Elissa knows if GM goes up that there’s a chance or probability she goes home. If she wants A out, put up someone she thinks the others won’t vote out. If she can’t come to that realization she only has one option and that’s to put Andy up. It doesn’t matter who goes then. She knows she weakens the alliance. The fact Andy may have flipped in the last 3 hours can’t be counted on. Hindsight is golden, but she doesn’t have the time. She will logically put up Andy and let the chips fall. You sadly underestimate her. Have the time she’s laughing in everyone’s face and they aren’t even for sure if she is or isn’t. That’s not by chance. It’s by design.


Have – half… I’m good


you aren’t even close don’t know how you came to that well watch a see

give me a break

Judd is Andy’s new Helen…….sad..sad…sad…sad….,sad…..,sad

helen is clueless

This is why we can’t get too excited or frustrated with what we hear. Remember in the POV comp when they wanted to sabotage Jessie? Spencer kept saying “I trust you guys”, cut to Spencer in DR saying “I don’t trust those guys”. I thought of that earlier today when Spencer seemed to be helping Mcranda a bit. I got the feeling that Andy-at least now- is tiring of Amanda. When they were in HOH bashing Amanda, Andy wasn’t just going along with it, he was bringing up his own different topics. And he wants Aaryn out before she gives up any f2 secrets. If Andy does turn on Amanda then zingbot gets my vote for fave player. That floater comment is just eating at Andy, pushing him to make a big move


Regarding that comment, I hope she still puts up Andy and says “I’m sorry Andy but both you and Aaryn are Mcranda’s puppets so I’ll let them decide who stays”. If Andy survives he might want to make a move against Mcranda instead of going after Elissa right away so he’s not seen as a puppet. Aaryn will still do what she is told. I think Judd or Spencer still target Mcranda. GM, I’m not sure. She’s had enough of Mcranda and might feel loyal to Elissa for not putting her up but Aaryn might push her to nom Elissa.

helen is clueless

She can also tell Andy, either right before noms or when he starts crying, she didn’t trust him to vote out Aaryn. “Helen trusted you and was evicted 4-1, you can say you tried to save Helen but when it came to action, you didn’t even give her a vote”. Let that weigh on him.

Mark H

Exactly. GM would have flipped if Andy would have. They knew E was the only Helen vote….all this after Andy said all week that he had Helen’s back. Viewers knew he was lying, but E and Helen weren’t sure until near the end. E absolutely KNOWS where Andy’s loyalties are. If she gets duped, no one to blame but herself.


You’re so right! We need production to whisper that in Elissa’s ear!!! Perfect

Amanda's Therapist

You have it right! I think this would be what Elissa
has in mind to do….IF she could only pull it off !
Andy will be a “crybaby ” for days! :-) LOL
btw If they are going to use pandora…Please let Elissa get it!
MAYBE a Super Veto that keeps her off the block for 3 weeks! (it could happen) :-)


Elissa needs to go she makes me PUKE! I cannot stand to look at her plastic face and fake hair anymore. Lets not forget about those lips that look like she has been sucking on an orange! Amanda and Mcrae are the BEST players EVER to play BB! Andy is just a RAT who lies and he also needs life vest cause he is such a frikken floater! JUDD needs to go back to jury si he can finish fingering Jessi! Im so glad Mcranda Fked up elissas plans this week and I hope they send her back to her old man because he will soon be in a nursing facility! elissa is just a money moocher and had to screw an old man to get it!…LMAO Your monistats ready Elissa! Now go play jacks and checkers with your old man! I hate Elissa she makes me PUKE! Kentucky hates her too! All the fans here cant stand to look at her one more minute! ppl would give anything for the chance she got and she does not even appreciate it!. BB sucks and i am going to drop live feeds after Mcranda goes! BB sucks this year!


FYI-It’s nasty Amanda that needs the monistat. She shared that with the entire house. She’s a disgusting pig who loves to belittle others. At least Elissa has some class and showers regularly. All that amanda and mcrea do is lay around in their own filth all day. They make me sick and need to go!!


all the hate on here is horrible. im surprised elissa and judd are starting to say some personal stuff against amanda and mccrae too. like why stoop to their level? just play the game and use your nominations or your vote, not your words. i think amanda saying all that stuff about elissa and her husband is disgusting, just bc she put up mccrae. and i really dislike that elissa keeps bringing up amanda’s and kailtin’s pregnancy, or aaryn wanting to get a boob job (especially coming from elissa lol) and everyone’s medications (especially jessie bc i don’t think she was even on medications) it’s so disgusting to bring up really serious personal stuff like they are doing.


whoa, slow your roll. best players ever!? amanda is one of the better ones, but mccrae has done next to nothing.

Just Saying

I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of men. E can snuggle up against me any night of the week. That body is tight as can be, she works on it, she’s smokin’ hot, and she has some morals. She might not be perfect, but she’s way up there on the I want to scale.

Just Saying

Plus, I think I would physically get sick even touching Amanda. I’ve never seen a dirtier woman and I’ve traveled to Eastern Europe and they have better hygiene. McRanda is disgusting. If they were on a menu, the place trying to sell the dish would go out of business.


You’re insane. E is smokin’. Think or HOPE whatever. Very few men if any in this world that would pass that body up. Keep dreaming.


I really hate when people speak on the behave of others, and how long did it take you to type that out, I couldn’t help myself when I read mcrea and Amanda are the best players. I’m pretty sure if bb castes a giant turd it would play a better game than those two, and probaly look much better than them also


I don’t know Spencer seems keen on voting out Aaryn…..Andy is a REAL wild card….I think An!dy is genuinely upset at Amanda with her reverse psychology…..but in the end he will end up as Mcranda’s goat’


Well Andy may finally be using his noggin.Helen was a power player,Gone. Arryn is a power player. He is wondering if Amanda wanted to keep Arryn over him because she wins more comps. He figures Elissa is a lot easier for him to con and he will have to go after Amanda in the next couple of weeks anyway. God wouldn’t that be great, Amanda and McRae having to play against the house to stay . OMG she will be pissed if Andy struck first.

Amanda's Therapist

OMG! Andy is so wishy-washy! (trying to clean it up)
Wish he could be trusted? Don’t feel like Elissa has any choice but…to put up Aaryn & GM? After the long talk with GM – I did
feel Elissa made sense…Aaryn is using GM still! But GM is
an airhead IMO! :-) Stay tuned …I guess?

Heres the Deal

GM can’t go home in Elissa mind. Andy or Aaryn can go home in her mind. In the end she’ll take either one. She wants Aaryn, but she’ll take Andy. She won’t risk GM or Judd.


JUDD is the cool & calm “hillbilly” alkie who needs to avoid all moonshine and
railwayman Spencer is the Larry Flint wannabe who is a masturbating pervert.

Roisin Dubh

El has to put up GM. That’s the only card she has left to play. GM is up Aaryn and Amanda’s butt. Sorry folks, but that’s the truth. I think Zingbot coming in and telling Andy he’s a floater really got in his head and he might vote to get rid of Aaryn. But the rub is that he wants to run to the stinky couple and convince them to get rid of her, at that point Amanda will cop a squat, spread her legs and shoot some onion smelling mist from her cooter like a skunk and Andy will be back under her spell. Judd’s being quite effective. It looks like Spencer might just stop playing with his balls and use them to vote out Aaryn, but again it all comes down to Andy. But they just need to shut up and not go to the stinky couple. Aaryn’s walking around feeling safe, perfect set up. Come on El, put up GM and keep Judd in Andy and Spencer’s ear, it just might work.

production rigged it

That would be stupid of Andy if he runs to them to try and get them to vote out Aaryn because he doesn’t need to. They already have the 3 votes in him, Judd and Spencer. They need to let them think that Aaryn is staying and then blindside them on Thursday and vote her out. Hopefully then Judd or whoever wins HOH will then finally put them up together and get one of them out. If Elissa would have done that we wouldn’t be in this mess because McPussy and Aaryn would be on the block now.

Roisin Dubh

I’m with you, but Ratboy and his bearded buddy want to go up there and convince the stinky couple to vote out Aaryn. El has to put her trust in a couple of idiots. Judd has to reel them in and tell them to shut it. If this works, I’ll be amazed because they all have Stockholm syndrome.


Yeah, blindside them. Eviction nite when Amanda thinks her plan worked and they are going to vote out GM, they will say, by a vote of 3 to 2 Arryn you are evicted and Arryn will shit and Amanda will go absolutely insane that she was double crossed. Micranda will be so upset when they go to play HOH they will not be able to concentrate. GM will probably have to work with Amanda which would be absolutely the worst thing for her. Arryn is throwing you under the bus and only getting away with it cause you are letting her.I thought Helen was the dumbest player in BB history but GM, no you take it by far, and I think it will stand for years to come.

Just Saying

That would be the dumbest move ever. No way that’s going down. How can you come to that logic. So what if GM wants to vote for Aaryn. Put up Andy and Aaryn and you know one puppet or psycho goes home.


“Judd – maybe they should take showers.. I have to wash my sheets”

You know you stink, when even your roommates have to comment that you need to take a bath… McMusty and Onion-Vagina Queen sing, “WE WANT THE FUNK”, other people say, NO WE DON’T.. NO MORE FUNK… That’s why they were all hyperventilating during the POV, they couldn’t stand the stench. Production knows Amanda and McCrae hardly take any showers, that’s why they made the POV in the morning, not allowing anyone to wash their ass.

Goddamn shame, when people walk their stinking ass around offending other people, leaving cum, period stains, and funky smells on every bed for other people to sleep in.

Guess that’s part of their game?


OMG so gross…b.o. and blood…funky smelling ppl…also the bottom of there feet are black, so gross.
Why don’t these ppl were flip flops or house shoes…


the way things are looking right now… I can see a guy winning this thing.. the girls are picking each other off.. while the guys are joining up … wouldn’t be surprised if all 4 dudes (excluding A-MAN-da) are in the F4
F8- Aaryn or GM
F5-Aaryn or GM
F4- all guys…


that’s why men have won 9 of 14 women react on emotion before there brain sorry its just like at work


Fatmanda is so annoying. Can’t wait to see her and McCrybaby get voted out. Hopefully they can make a move to send Aaron out this week and get Amanda/McRae up next week. I Wonder how bad her undercarriage smells after a hot day on the show yuck.


Thank God! It’s looking like Aaryn will go after all & they are all turning against mccrae & skankmanda. Elissa’s HOH is not a waist, not in the least!

Amanda's next yeast infection

Andy you will be a Shelly if you betray Elissa again and continue to go with the dark side..aka Amanda’s box. Don’t be a Shelly!! The only thing You will have is your very own I hate Andy fb page if you do!!

production rigged it

Andy the mastermind are you f*cking kidding me!!! that has to be the funniest damn thing I’ve heard all season. LMFAO It would be nice if he was telling the truth and did actually vote Aaryn out because Nasty Ass would have a shit fit, McPussy I don’t think would mind though. I knew Elissa f*cked up by not putting them up together because I knew Nasty Ass would win the POV and pull McPussy off the block and sure enough that’s exactly what happened and now she’s back to being Queen Bitch again.


I wish Judd, Spencer, Andy, GM, and Elissa would just realize they’re on the same side and want the same things! Then it would be an easy week. Put up Andy, vote out Aaryn. They would have 5 house guests all on the same side for HOH. Whoever wins… Up go Demanda and McCrybaby. Even if one of those won the veto, the only guaranteed final 2 deal would be over and the game would get interesting! Please let them get it together!


Wow it sounds like Andy may have come to his senses. Hope he is telling the truth or else Judd and Spencer will be gunning for him. Sounds like Andy’s “friends” have encouraged him to go against Amanda and McCrae. He may feel the wrath after the vote though because if he votes Aaryn out, they will know. This will be the biggest move Andy has done and if he actually puts Amanda and McCrae on the block next week then he will have out done himself. Go Andy. Still want Judd to win at this point.


Well now he will only have Mcnasty & skankmanda after him. He will have him, spencer,Judd and maybe GM going after them. I’m sure Mcnasty wished he had a different player on his team for the HOH competition. It would be priceless seeing Amanda’s face after all the stuff she told Elissa this week. Elissa should say, I guess you don’t even know what’s going on in the house. NOW WHO’S STUPID. They thought they were going to control everyone till the end and walk away with all the money.


IF Gm goes up and not Andy lets see how many times Andy flips his vote. 1 minute he will be with Amanda, next minute he will be with Elissa.. Over/Under says 10 times

F that

Elissa better put up Andy! Ugh I hope she’s smarter than I think she is.


The thing is….I think Elissa has a good read on people….and RIGHT NOW I actually think Andy is telling the truth. The problem is will he back out in the last minute and vote whoever MCranda votes for???!


If GM goes up and gets evicted (which she will):

(1) It’s her own fault for being such a flipflopping arse licker.

(2) Game over. I will be out of here. I simply wouldn’t be able to stomach anymore.


good lord gm aint even going up

Ricky ricardo

Why didnt she put up amanda vs mccrae…….she had the chance.

Next best thing is to put up the rat. Andy


would you want to put up with amandas whining and crying for a week? she cries when she doesn’t win comps, can you imagine what she would do being on the block for a week against her ‘boyfriend” ?


Amanda has to be the most vile houseguest they’ve every had on BB. Please find a way to evict her!!


Perfect. Elissa wins HOH. Elissa nominates McRee & Aaryn. Amanda wins Veto and takes McRee off. Elissa re-noms Gina Marie. Gina Marie goes home. & Amanda & Allison Grodner get closer and closer to winning the $500,000. Perfect Big Brother Production strategy. SMH


I don’t understand why people think GM is the replacement nominee? Elissa has said a million times she’s not putting up GM.


Andy needs to for certain see where McCranda’s alligence falls. Elissa needs to put Andy up on the block and Spencer and Judd need to work GM hard to ensure her vote. Only they need to make McCranda think GM will vote with them. Andy will see that McCranda was willing to vote him out and he’ll sever his ties with them and also gun for them to get out of the house.

This is a tough week and I can’t predict which way it will go for once this season. Hopefully Zingbot made a big impression on them and they will make a big move by getting rid of Aaryn.


Elissa is simply making everyone think that she is going to put up GM because she and GM are trying to make it look like they are not working together!!! Do you all not remember her saying that she wanted GM to pretend they don’t like each other so that Andy is genuinely shocked when he is placed on the block! You Got this Elissa!! Stick to your plan to get Aaryn out!

Amanda's T@mpon

Ratboy Andy needs to go over Aaryn!


Andy, will he make a Shelly move and backstab the 3am aliance?

This week has been exciting! And we don’t even know who’s the replacement nominee.


I saw on Twitter that Amanda told Aaryn to go to bed so she could stop Judd from talking to GM. Aaryn said she didn’t want to go to bed and Amanda told her again to GO! Does anyone know if Aaryn did as she was told? If so, what a wimp.


Andy is doing anything he can to stay off the block. Believe me if Amanda or McCrae win next week Andy will be back on there side! He is the ultimate floater! I do think Aaryn has a chance of staying if Andy goes on the block but if she’s against GM she goes home.


Has there been any mention of what Zingbot said about Amanda and McNasty? Just curious…


People get over yourselves…Andy is a rat and is lying. He needs to go up. Otherwise McManda and Andy will vote out GM. If Andy goes up Aaryn goes home.


Why would anyone believe what Andy said? Of course he was lying to everybody except 2am. I hope Elissa is smart enough to stick with her original plan to put Andy up. Taking Andy out is the best option after Amanda won the veto.

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn just said that she wants fried rice but since the only Asian is gone it’s a no go. GM and MC start busting up. You really think putting Andy up will get rid of Aaryn? You want Aaryn gone, best chance is GM next to her. I just wish Andy heard that, that would have solidified his vote, but now we have to hope he votes her out if GM goes up.


Most of the power players were gone by week 4. Helen got diarrhea of the mouth and shat all over her chances of going farther. Elissa is only this far because she was protected by MVP. This game would have gone differently if the MC survived. Amanda is basically the strongest of the weak players.


I still continue to be just as baffled as the first weeks about Amanda’s so-called powers of persuasion on these houseguests. What is Aaryn getting out of being so blindly faithful (and Andy for that matter) to Amanda and McCrae? What am I missing? Something still seems to be so ‘off’ about this season. Amanda says, ‘do this’ and her minions say, ‘yes ma’am’. What have they been bargaining with – McCrae won first HOH but I don’t see him and his wife having too much to barter with. Someone, if you can, enlighten me. Thanks.


Amanda and McCrae are not going to vote Andy out they are just saying that so Elissa thinks Aaryn will stay over Andy. There is no way McCrae will vote Andy out even if Amanda tells him to. If GM goes up and Andy is truthful for once then Aaryn will still go. Either way Elissa will get rid of a good competitor and someone who is gunning for her. At this point Elissa has no one so Andy, Judd and Spencer could help her get further if she trusts them but that remains to be seen. If GM goes up I hope Amanda and McCrae are blindsided on Thursday and either Judd, Andy or Spencer get HOH so the couple can feel the block together. Of course, Amanda or McCrae will probably win HOH and Elissa or Judd will be going home.


I was just watching a few minutes of BB after dark and am totally disgusted by amanduh’s comments…as usual…about elissa and the fact she has an 8 year old son but has only been married for 2 years. She went on about being pregnant and not being married. First of all it is very rare that we ever hear of Elissa talking anything about her personal life. SHe has been very respectful of her husbands personal life and that of her family. How does Amanduh know she wasnt previously married and it didnt work out? She doesnt which is typical amanduh backstabbing. It is hilarious that up until the POV Amanduh was bawling to Elissa and begging her not to put her up and not to evict McCrae but now that she knows she is safe she is back to her old Amanduh self. I really do believe the rumours that the winner is predetermined and that it is in fact Amanduh…if that is the case this will be my last BB. I read online today a story rom a former CBS employee who had a hand in picking the houseguests and she stated that Amanduh is the winner and will tell of certain things that will happen before the finale. She already stated that Amanduh and McCrea will get into a tight spot and almost be evicted but Amanduh manages to pull a win to save them both. Well guess what? That part was true because today Amanduh won the POV. Elissa made a huge and I mean HUGE mistake when she didnt put them both on the block at the same time. With these houseguests you cant tell who is really being honest and who really is being truthful. Some say they are allies with Elissa but then go running to Amanduh and vice versa…..will have to wait and see but so far I am not hopeful that anyone else will win this but Amanduh


i read the same story. i am in total agreement with you.

Roisin Dubh

The game is over. Cut the stinky couple their checks. El is questioning Judd’s loyalty an doesn’t want to put GM up. El is her own worst enemy at this point. Judd’s just frustrated and sees his chance circling the toilet. You should’ve stayed in the Jury house dude, you’d be plowing Jessie for the 80th time right about now. What a waste.

Roisin Dubh

Yep, he is. The worst part is Judd secured the votes to get Aaryn out. When Andy leaves, they have to worry about Aaryn winning HOH and once again, doing the stinky couple’s dirty work for them. I want Andy out, but he was the lynch pin this week. Aaryn would’ve gotten blindsided for sure.


I totally agree andy is going up and that’s that. Him going home is actually a 50:50.

The only person that was ever in a position to sway Elissa was Helen and Andy made well sure she is gone.


: “I think Andy’s going up.”

I’m in total agreement Simon. Andy’s going up Monday. Helen and Elissa worked out ALL of this week’s moves before Helen left — these moves all assumed Elissa won the HoH of course. And she did win it.

Now that Elissa has won she’s followed Helen’s plan perfectly thus far. She wanted Amanda or Aaryn as the primary targets, but she was/is totally willing AND prepared to take out an Andy or McCrae as satisfactory secondary targets. Andy’s going up Monday for sure in my opinion. Elissa is sticking to the “Helen” plan point by point so far, and that even includes the scenario of Amanda actually winning something (PoV).

And for the first time I think we’re gonna see Amanda realize she’s been outed/exposed/proven to be exactly what she is:

She’s a ________ and a ________ and a _________ and a _______ and a FOR SURE ___________!!!!!! Anyone feel free to fill in the blanks.

Exciting week, yah. :)


Never thought I would ever say this….but Thank God for Gina Marie.


If Andy isn’t the replacement nominee Monday then this season’s game, in my opinion, is absolutely OVA. <<< In this scenario, the winner would either be Amanda or Aaryn… with an outside chance of a McCrae victory. It really is that simple in my opinion. If Andy isn't sitting beside Aaryn when Monday night rolls around this season's game is, if not officially, then almost certainly unofficially decided. Anyone else (but Andy) going up Monday is a GONER for sure and thus ensures what it ensures. :(

I'll still watch BB for sure, but I'll KNOW (just as most of you will know) that BB15 is a done deal — Amanda or Aaryn wins if this week ends up working to Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae's advantage. It'll be a Signed, Sealed, and Delivered Victory for Aaryn or Amanda.

I truly believe Elissa holds a HUGE portion of this game, and its eventual outcome, in her hands this week. Let's see if she realizes this and (logically) uses her noggin to, at the very least, significantly weaken "that" side of the house.


Elissa just confirmed she’s still putting up Andy and not GM! Go Elissa!


Really? to whom?


It isnt for sure


Okay, now I’m feeling better. Elissa and GM have spoken. Andy is definitely going up with Aaryn. Elissa did not fall for their plan.

Plus I don’t think trust Andy at all any more.

This is just fricken nerve-wrecking.

itz showtime...

cool! once again…
bye bye Andy~!!!

itz showtime...

or if i am wrong…
Aaryn IZ the target!
bye bye Aaryn~!!!


Aaryn said the Spencer is the type that would only be nice to you when he needs you, but soon as they don’t they talk shit about you…

Ummm HELLO?, that’s exactly what Amanda and McCrae has done to everyone the entire time they’ve been here. So her calling GM stupid, so is she, as well as a pathetic little sheep. She’s another Helen.


Even if (and I feel that is a big “if”)Andy is being truthful now saying he will vote out Aaryn how will he feel after the POV ceremony once he is not on the block? Thursday is and long way off , Andy will probably get whipped back into line by Amanda and McCrae by then and in the process bury Spencer . Remember Aaryn was pretty agreeable to Elissa too when before the POV was played and Amanda won/


Zingbot is the MVP. Andy is going to make random big game moves from here on out. Floaters grab a lifevest.


Are you ppl CRAZY? Amanda and Mcrae are the BEST players EVER to enter the BB house! They have been in control of every vote! Sadly Andy could NEVER be loyal to the 3 AM alliance because he is a big ass floater. He just runs to whoever is in power that week! It makes me sick! I hope she does put Andy up so they can remove him and send him packing! Such a RAT and FLOATER! He has the smallest BALLS EVER! Go cry us a river Andy! He cannot even be loyal to his rat cheese. Amanda and Mcrae are the BEST BB players ever. Kentucky ppl LOVE them and tune in every night to catch up on what they are doing next. If Amanda or Mcrae leave the house…it will not even be worth watching the rest of the season! Elissa has got to be the gaggiest person EVER to play BB and I hope she can go home and jack her OLD man awhile. Although he probably has been pretty busy since she has been gone. I heard he likes all the young girls who love his cash and Elissa LOVES his cash, NOT him! She is just a money moocher and had to marry an old man to get it!….LMAO PLEASE BB we cant stomach Elissa one more day! Ppl would give anything for the chance to be in BB house but yet you give it to someone who does not even want it or care about it. This makes me not to even want to watch BB because bringing in players like Elissa just makes it sick to watch anymore! Elissa i think they have your Monistat ready! I hope we never have to see you again in the BBhouse! What happened to just everyday ppl who would give anything to be in that house and she does not appreciate a damn thing! Also why does she get special treatment? No one else got a nice big comforter to sleep on in the have not room???? Whats she doing giving you producers a BJ?? Something smells fishy to me so Elissa….CLOSE YOUR LEGS! Im getting so sick of how BB has done things this year. All my friends say they are ready to drop the live feeds and stop watching such BS! Everytime you get good players in there that ppl like to watch you go f it up by putting yeast infected ppl like Elissa in there. i cant wait till they send her nasty ugly plastic face OUT!


Are you insane?! Skankmanda and McWimpy best players ever? Have you never watched BB? Evil Dick would’ve had her for breakfast and would’ve pick his teeth with with McDirty’s bones. They are just the best of a bad bunch. None of the current house guests are good players. They have all floated along. The only reason Skanky has gotten this far is that she is bossy and unpleasant. None of the others wanted to deal with her temper. So they just did what she wanted. Which in the end will cost them the game. They waited too long to start playing.


And furthermore, Jenna, the player in the game with a skanky coo is Skankmanda. She is the one with yeast and admits to being dirty.
I don’t know why you hate Elissa so much, she is a lot less vile that some of the others. And all the negative comments about her. Marriage have come from other players. She hasn’t said much about her family to anyone.


Good to see how many people agree with you. You must be speaking for America. What insight you have. You must feel on top of the world. An eagle. Fly, fly, fly… There’s nothing you can say or do to sway what the majority of rational people think. These people are despised. Your views are despised. I see a pattern that probably has and will continue for the rest of some people’s lives.


Wow all of Kentucky has fallen under the McCranda spell? That’s amazing!


if elisa puts up GM, she might be the biggest idiot in the house, and that says something. I mean really, I thought she knew better than this


Did elissa forget that andy voted out helen? Or is all that botox seeping in to her brain?


You forgot Ellisa!!


Aaryn and Andy on the Block:

Who Goes?

McRee Votes Aaryn
Spencer Votes Aaryn
Amanda Votes Andy?
JUdd Votes Aaryn
Gina Marie Votes Andy?

One of the Puppets is Gone. Thank God. But…Which one??? More likely Aaryn goes than Andy…but as much as i would rather Aaryn Go for personal reasons…I am thinking Andy is the better choice from a Game stand point.


They are going to pull this off, just watch. Andy wont go up and either gm or spencer will be gone. God, this is going to be so saweet.


Just watched After Dark and I am so confused. I want to believe Andy is finally being fully truthful but I’m not quite drinking the Kool-aid.If I’m confused, I can fully appreciate why the hg’s are so easily swayed. You don’t know who to believe


Next year, if there is a next year, those using Adderall should not be allowed to participate in BB. Common side effects of this medication are a heightening of attention, energy and awareness. Also the compulsion to do something, to achieve some task, whether that be writing a book, studying notes, dancing, having a conversation, building something, etc. This gives these individuals an unfair advantage to others!!!!


Elissa is pretty coy. She gave them a put up or shut up when she said to get GM upstairs and they can confront her right then. That they gave excuses was a big give away!

She plays like I would play if I could get on BB. I am a quiet people watcher and can usually wade through the crap by asking simple questions. She seems to be pretty insightful when reading people.


JESUS these people are off the rails!
My head feels like it’s going to EXPLODE
after watching the feeds today.
It’s starting to feel as scripted as THE WORLD ACCORDING TO PARIS
meets a non stop Telemundo on Crack meets that sci fi flick CUBE!
Can these people just take a chill pill and relax?
Kudos to Ellisa to sticking to her guns and putting up Andy.
Can’t wait to see the look on his face and SATANda’s when
she replaces Mickey Mouse with Sméagol