Big Brother 15 – After the FINALE Interviews and MORE.. “I love my job so much and $500,000”


The finale episode of Big Brother 15 concluded last night but the reality of real life outside the house is just now hitting the cast of the most controversial season of Big Brother. After being locked away from the outside world for 3 months the final 3 and jury members are now trying to make sense of how the viewing public perceived their comments and actions inside the house. It is likely going to take time for the cast to grasp the full extent of their actions and comments from this social experiment. It is hard to imagine being locked in a house with extreme personalities all competing, lying and backstabbing for the chance to win a half million dollars. With time to reflect and the ability to finally see with their own eyes what transpired throughout the season, it will be interesting to see how the cast reacts and which of the house guests own up to their actions. Below is a collection of interviews of the cast that will be added to as more are released.

After winning Big Brother 15 Andy Herren learned how the public viewed his comments about fellow house guest Elissa and he issued the following apology from his twitter account: @AndyHerren.

andy herren twitter apology

BB15 Winner Andy: ‘Nobody deserved it more than I did’

Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie’s apology: Entertainment Weekly

Podcast of the Final 3 apologizing: Podcast

The Wall Street Journal: Article

House Guest Interviews: ET Online

Chicago Sun Times: Interview with Andy

Spencer’s Employers updated statement: Union Pacific Railway

Aaryn Gries addresses racist comments & her job situation:

Julie Chen interview: Entertainment Weekly

Andy Reveals his Plan and Reacts to Season’s Controversy: The Hollywood Reporter

10 Burning Questions Answered: The Hollywood Reporter

Aaryn Gries ‘We all make mistakes’:Los Angeles Times

Rob Cesternino Post-Finale Interviews:

After Buzz Show with Rachel Reilly, Elissa Slater, Nick Uhas


Backyard interviews with Jeff Schroeder:

BB15 Winner – Andy Herren

Second Place Winner: Ginamarie Zimmerman

Elissa Slater

Aaryn Gries



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BB15 Winner Andy: ‘Nobody deserved it more than I did’

I think this sums up why Andy is so unpopular with a lot of the Big Brother fans. His arrogance is evident.

Captain Spam

He’s right, nobody deserved it more than he did. This is a game and there are no rules against lying to people, in fact 100% of the people that have played this game have lied at some point. I wish some of these fans would get over themselves and remember that the winner is based on game play and NOT popularity. I saw a comment on here last night that said “why doesn’t CBS allow the viewers to vote?” I’ll tell you why. Because there are too many people out there that think this game is a popularity contest and you need to look no further than Elissa getting America’s Favorite Player.

Elissa did virtually nothing in the house save for winning a POV and an HOH (and even she said her HOH was messed up by crappy nominations) There was no strategy that came out of her until after it was too late to pull the trigger. All she did was vote the way Helen told her to vote. Every single week she would sit down and say “I sadly vote to evict ________.” She played zero game and her only real contribution to the game (MVP Noms) was given to her by America and controlled by other people. I feel very confident that if she was not related to Rachel she would have been hammered on these boards. Yet this is who America thought was best? I understand that you didn’t like Andy but for crying out loud get over yourself and admit that he played light years better than all but 3 of the other house guests this season (Arryn, Amanda, Helen) and clearly deserved to win this game for all the reasons he listed last night, other than being loyal to GM.

I hope I’m not the only one that finds so much irony that the same people that complain about the mean things said this season usually turn around and use some pretty harsh language to describe those same house guests. The only difference between Amanda and some of the people that have spoken out against her on this and many other boards is that she has the balls to not hide behind her IP address when she says them. Anyway, bring on the thumbs down and a better cast in BB16.


So disgusted at the top 3 and that Andy won. Good for you, Elissa. You, Candice, Howard and Helen (most of the time) were the only decent people in the house.


I agree 100%

Andy Thinks We're All Stupid

Why am I not surprised that the lies from Andy’s mouth just continue to spew forth. I guess Andy thinks the viewing public are as stupid as his fellow house guests. The only problem with Andy’s “I was loyal to GinaMarie line of BS” is that it is another complete and total fabrication. Andy said he was loyal to GinaMarie from the very beginning and blah, blah, blah. If I remember correctly, and I do remember correctly, one of the craziest days in the BB House was what I refer to as “psychotic tag team day” where Amanda was terrorizing Elissa with the idea that after a long session of insults, etc., that Andy would swoop in and tell Elissa that he was sorry that happened to her and that he disagreed with Amanda’s behavior. The plan of the majority of the house that week, and this includes 3AM alliance of the lying POS Andy, was that to keep their alliance intact, they would get Elissa to put up GM next to Aaryn and everyone would vote out GM. The only problem with the plan of 3AM and the other house guests was that Elissa refused to put up GM and put up Andy instead. So had Andy been able to backstab GM and keep himself off the block, he would have happily done so, and he was actively tag teaming Elissa and trying to make that happen.

Andy is so full of BS that he thinks we’re all just stupid. If 3AM stays in power in the house, we probably see Andy sitting at the end with one of the 3AM alliance telling us how he deserved to win because he was loyal to Amanda or Aaryn or McCrae to the end. What a load of crap, Andy. I hope GM doesn’t believe your crap, since you would have thrown her over in no time flat if only Elissa did not put you on the block instead of GM. Maybe Andy hates Elissa because she was the one house guest who didn’t believe Andy and his BS line of crap. And I totally understand why people say Elissa is not a great player, I do, but she sure saw through Andy’s crap when no one else really did, and Andy spent the rest of the game pissed off at Elissa, I think because she knew what a lying POS he was and he could not put one over on her. She put his azz up and only then did he decide to form the Exterminators and take the target off his back and put it firmly on Aaryn’s. Aaryn was not Andy’s first target by a long shot that week, it was GinaMarie. The fact that GinaMarie ended up next to Andy at the finals was not so much that he was loyal to her since the beginning, but merely because there had to be two players left at the end of the game and the plans to evict GM and save 3AM took a turn that caused Andy to start the systematic backstabbing of his alliance. What a lying sack of crap, Andy.

I might be able to at least respect the guy for saying he did “what he had to do” to win the game, but what a freaking asshole the guy is for claiming loyalty to GinaMarie when he actually did not. Andy, you would have backstabbed them all, and they were all just interchangeable pieces in your game. At least own it and stop trying to lie about your loyalty. Jerk!

Just As Stupid As The Jury

So I’m playing in this football game, I’m an offensive linesman. First play of the game the guy on the line opposite me on the opposing team looks me in the eye and winks at me. I wink back.

My team goes on to lose the game miserably. Afterwards I go admit to the coach what had happened in the first play of the game, and I tell him that I had purposely thrown the game out of loyalty to the same guy that I had a final game agreement with.

Relieved to find out he hadn’t done anything wrong to cause the humiliating defeat, the coach happily grabbed his checkbook and wrote me a check for $500,000.

I said “Coach, if Dr. Will can’t mediate the jury for Big Brother next year, would you be willing to do it?”


Once again, an Andy hater twists the facts. Andy helped form the Exterminators before he was Elissa’s renom, not after.

CBS just didn’t show it until the Thursday live eviction show, but it actually happened late Sunday night. The POV ceremony wasn’t until Monday morning. And, Andy had already approached Judd about turning on Amanda on Saturday night, and they agreed to join up to get rid of Amanda/McCrae. Then he talked to Spencer and said he trusts Judd more than Amanda/McCrae, and he and Spencer should work with Judd to get them out. That next afternoon, he told GM that if she were the renom he was 100 percent with her (more laying of groundwork), and she said she’d vote out Aaryn if he got renommed.

For what it’s worth, Amanda really ratcheted up her Elissa tormenting (as “Bubby”) on Sunday, after Andy had already sewn the seeds to turn on her and her showmance.

He never had any intention on sticking with 3AM that week. He wanted to stay off the block, but he knew he needed Amanda and McCrae’s votes to survive if he got on the block.

Maybe it was the Zingbot, or maybe it was the DR, but someone really lit a fire under his tail to start making moves.

Not An Andy Hater! Are You An Andy Lover?

Another Andy hater? Sorry, whoever you are, but I don’t really hate people I don’t know. Do I think some of the things they say are stupid? Uh, yes. I do think Andy is a jerk for saying he was loyal to GinaMarie when he clearly and absolutely was not loyal to her, but I don’t hate the guy. He lobbied to have GM put on the block, so why keep droning on and on about how he is such a good person because he was loyal to her from the beginning of the game to the end? He wasn’t remotely loyal to her from the beginning of the game.

The stuff you are describing that Andy did and what order he did it in was Andy laying the groundwork to FLOAT either way. When he formed the Exterminators, he already knew he was the replacement nominee. Oh, you say, he formed the Exterminators the night before and that proves he was already turning on Amanda/McCrae. No, he knew he was the replacement nominee at that point. The line of crap he told Judd and Spencer in laying the groundwork for yet another one of his alliances is the same kind of crap he told Helen. But that didn’t stop Andy from stabbing Helen in the back. He made friends all over the house and then ratted them out when necessary. The fact that Andy was laying some kind of groundwork to FLOAT one way or the other means nothing, and Andy was loyal to absolutely no one but Andy.

If Amanda or McCrae win HOH after Aaryn’s eviction, do you suppose he would have remained loyal to the Exterminators, or do you think he would have ratted them out like he did Helen? I’m guessing he would have ratted them out. He wanted and lobbied Elissa to put GM on the block just days earlier, and that is a fact.

All I am saying is that I could respect the guy a whole lot more if he would own the fact that his only loyalty in the house was to himself and no one else, because that is the truth, and that he would have stabbed anybody in that house in the back if he needed to, which he would have. Making a statement that he was loyal to GM from the beginning of the game until the end is just another lie in a long line of lies. Why the guy feels the need to constantly lie to make himself look like a nice person and why some of the readers on this board want to somehow defend the order of his actions as somehow proving he has some kind of a moral compass is beyond me. He had already decided to backstab his alliance at that point is about the dumbest thing I have heard. What Andy had decided was to set himself up to escape eviction because he knew he was the replacement nominee before the nominations. He then had himself set up to float either way the wind blew. The fact that it blew toward the Exterminators that week does not prove Andy was loyal to GM, and it does not make Andy the floating rat turd somehow look loyal.


I’m not a big fan of Andy, and I agree that he was lying and not truly loyal to GM. But, I see this as just another extension of game play. Players lie to win, and it benefitted Andy to lie to the jury about his loyalty to GM. The jury questions are still a part of the game. I don’t feel that any player is suddenly morally obligated to be their true selves until after the winner has been determined.


I am a bit confused, if Andy never promised GM from the start, then why didn’t she refute that in her final speech and say Andy was not telling the truth?


@ Marie

For the same reason that when Amanda asked her what her biggest move was this season ,besides evicting Amanda , Gina took five minutes to say it was evicting Amanda. I kind of like GinaMarie but I don’t think anyone who watched this season believes that she will be making a living in the future with her brain.


IMO, GM just doesn’t have the reasoning skills needed to argue her case. She didn’t dispute Andy’s statement. Plus, when Amanda asked her what she did other than evicting her from the house, GM should have said that sending Amanda to jury was THE biggest move of the season. She should have make a huge deal of getting the bully out of the house. No one else was willing to do it. Anything else paled in comparison. That in itself was worthy of her winning. Instead, she rambled and then let Amanda intimidate her after she answered.


I see the irony too, so you’re not alone. I guess irony is just embedded into society

mark h

You are exactly right, Spam, that nobody deserved it MORE than Andy. Others played a decent game, as well, like McCrae and even GM. I even think Judd played a solid game. I didn’t like very many of the contestants this year on a personal level, but given how the season played out, Andy played among the strongest games, overall. We may not like how he did it in that he was so deceitful, but that he duped everyone into believing they could trust him right up until they walked out the door is actually a positive in a game like this.

I have nothing at all against Elissa. She seemed like a nice enough person to me. I hope that in the future, if they are going to have a BB relative in the show, they’d have more than one or have it not so obvious. She received too much undeserved attention, both positive and negative, due to her relationship with Rachel. She was an early target because of it, and she won MVP because of it. She didn’t deserve to be a target or to be MVP based on anything she did in the game, early on. Unfortunately, the MVP greatly skewed how the game is historically played as the early season HOH didn’t get the benefits usually associated with winning competitions and making nominations. Nick/Jeremy/Katelynn were on the bad side of the MVP twist, where Amanda/Elissa/Helen got great benefit from it.


The problem with your logic is that the vast majority of people who watched the show and feeds hate Andy and know he didn’t even deserve the $94 that Spencer teed up for him.


Amanda would have said exactly the same thing if she had won.


Some of the most popular players in the history of the game (Dr. Will, Dan, Evel Dick) are also some of the most arrogant players in the history of the game.

But people hate Andy because of his arrogance? An arrogance, which quite frankly is deserved considering he dominated BB15 on a strategic level. Yeah…I’m calling bullshit on that one.


you are listing people who are worthy of being cocky about their game. Dr Will? you are actually using Dr Will as a comparison point here? seriously? Dr Will and Andy in the same sentence? oh stop it!

Andy didn’t control anything! his season highlight was getting bonked in the head by a log. I wouldn’t even call him all star material if he had just last that last HOH to GM. seriously, this guy is a joke of a winner

DESERVES to boast like dr will? ahahahaha


hmmm. He won the most important HOHs and Veto at the end of the game. I think he did quite a bit. You sould like sore loser.


You might want to take into account who he beat for the final HOH & veto. I have np problem with you being an Andy fan but you really need to deal with how many of us know he is an asshole.


Andy put himself into a position to beat those weaker competitors by being instrumental in getting out the stronger competitors (Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, McCrae) in the weeks before. That’s actually a point for him, not a point against him.


Read what I wrote again because you clearly had some trouble the first time. I did not say Andy played as good a game as Dr. Will, nor did I even put him in the same sentence.

I said some of the most popular HGs of all time (Will, Dan, Dick) were also some of the most arrogant. In fact, it’s a character trait that has even been praised and enjoyed by many winners before, not criticized. So why the supposed difference with Andy?

If people don’t like him, chances are it has nothing to do with his arrogance (which, again, is deserved the way he played his competitors like a fiddle and dominated BB15). It probably has more to do with the fact that he bashed everyone’s favorite production tool for weeks on end, Elissa.


I think both sides of the Andy debate have valid points, and I’m not going to weigh in on that here. But I do want to point out that the reason Dr. Will gets a pass for his cockiness, is that he has an overwhelming amount of boyish charm. It doesn’t come off as cockiness with him, but rather as an overgrown kid playing a prank and then patting himself on the back for it. As for Boogie and Evil Dick, I think they have a lot of haters.


One word for you …………………………………….Brenchel.

Arya Stark is a Badass

These girls all clean up pretty well.

McSmarty Pants

You put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig…


I agree with you McSmarty. Andy with lipstick looks hilarious!

LBGT Pants Suits

McSmarty were you talking about Hilary?


Agree the girls looked good for BB finale!
The miracles of television!
Wardrobe, hairstylists, make-up
artists, etc.
Getting them ready for live TV…IS A BIG JOB!
Just ask…..Julie Chen!!
(no nose job…yeah right)


Glad it’s over…

Has anyone noticed that Amanda has not given as many interviews as the other houseguests, and also did not attend the post-finale party (so i read). Odd considering how much she loves being front and center, maybe her publicist told her to lay low? Smart.

Aaryn put her foot in her mouth again. First she denied being fired, then she said she doesn’t care b/c 6 other agencies have already contacted her, then in another interview she bad mouths them for letting her go by saying “they didn’t get me any jobs anyway”. Her PR firm sucks if they’re letting her say that!

Simon/Dawg————> Thanks for all the recaps, and until the next one

just Thinkin'

It seems to me if those 6 new modeling agencies take a gander at how Aaryn quickly dismisses an agency as “not being so good anyway, we were on the rocks anyway, and they didn’t get me jobs”…might take into account the reason WHY that agency acted the way it has . and also consider this little mean girl might attack their agencies as well if things don’t go well. I feel her apologies were scripted by her two PR guys, and she was not sincere. When these people like Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda, GM said their comments were taken out of context, they will find out how stupid they are to say that once they see those feeds and videos showing their mouths moving and their voices speaking. Most of America saw it… it can’t be taken out of the flow of eyes looking at it all.


I actually replied to this last night but for some reason the comment never appeared …Amanda did actually do a rather lengthy interview with big brother gossip and it was pretty awesome actually here is the link:

Todd Crane

Click on the link to see Elissa and Nick answer questions today on a You Tube video. Rachel is in it too. This is the only long video I’ve seen with houseguests. It’s about 45 minutes.

It was nice to see Elissa again and to find out things we didn’t know. Watch the whole thing; it’s very interesting if you are an Elissa or Nick fan. Plus in my opinion, they were the two most beautiful people in the house!

If you hate them don’t say anything to me, we had enough hate in BB already. This post is just to let fans of Nick and Elissa know that there’s a nice video for them to watch. Thanks.


I guess this is the end?


Would someone please inject some fresh ideas into this show.If not Grodner may have made this series jump the shark.


Thanks for the GEMS !

It's mr

McRae might have done better in the game except he arrived late. He spent all of his time at ” House of the Rising Sun ” with Amanda !!!


I dunno. Maybe. I dunno.


Everyone gets 1 try at playing the game. Mcrae had his try…..and he had an epic fail! He made a huge mistake that even the most novice player of BB knows not to do..he had a showmance. Not only that he slept most of the time he was there. He didnt make any real decisions about who to team up with or who to get out. His showmance did. Then when it is all over he tries to dazzle us with what he would have done if he had made it to final 3. I think he was just a bad player….no ifs in this game…..he was just baaaaaad…..

It's a Cookbook

My guess, most of these dolts probably feel like they’re living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.


It can’t be so easy for these people to be forgiven. Otherwise everyone will behave like them and then say insincerely that they’re sorry afterwards.

Not really offended

Why should they have to ask for forgiveness from anybody? This is who they are. You post your comments, which are just as vile if not more. Do you ask for their forgiveness? Or the forgiveness of readers who you’ve repulsed by sinking to the bottom? And how old are you anyhow that you you need an apology from someone you voluntarily and willingly chose to watch, listen to, and read about all summer? If the HGs want to apologize to the individuals they personally attacked/offended then fine. But they don’t owe you or me jack! And nor should we expect it.


Amen brother! We’re talking to walls here though, most of these people are lost on logic,


Aum, who said they HAD TO ask for forgiveness? Not me. They chose to ask for forgiveness when they left the BB house because they don’t want to be social pariahs. We saw what racism led to in our country and in countries like Germany and Rwanda, so people who espouse racist views generally get ostracized.

FYI, Gina Marie offended me personally on August 16th when she suggested that black people aren’t human beings.

The Memory Wall

“This is who they are” Well, Not Really Offended – that statement sums it up very well. Most of this cast probably doesn’t understand the meaning of forgiveness nor will they comprehend how repulsive their actions and words were. Yup, that’s who they are and that’s why those of us that watched their behavior are outraged. They do not owe me anything, they owe it to themselves to own up to their insensitive comments.


To those who are interviewing these a&$holes, please remove the kid gloves!! I am not buying Aaryns apology one bit, she has only dug herself in deeper IMO and this is with PR peeps on the payroll!!? Spencer is just gross, not funny (hellloooo Spencer, you are NOT funny!!) but I will admit he seems to be sincerely sorry. As for Andy, GM, and Amanda, I don’t think they quite get that they are repulsive people yet. Who knows, I already see more sympathy posts then I did pre finale. Are people already letting them off the hook?! And one last thing, what the F is Nick thinking?! It doesn’t say much about him (his acceptance of GM). Just glad it’s over, they all dragged this game down so much!!


I really thought GM was going to win it all but the way she answered the jurors questions, as opposed to the way Andy answered and endured himself with the jury, was the fatal blow. I know GM will be second-guessing herself on her choice to take Andy vs Spencer, but I suspect she will sleep easy and live with her decision in the end.. .


GM didn’t take Andy. Andy took GM. And it’s, “endeared.”


Um.. EVERYONE in the public eye does awful things and says they’re sorry. You think policiticans are sorry they paid somone for sex? No! They wantsed something they went and got it and they were happy. They’re sorry they got caught.
Majority of these people aren’t sorry they said things, they’re sorry everyone took it badly. The only truly racist things that were said came from Gina, and she genuinely is ignorant, which is an issue for a lot of Americans.
I’m not condoning what they said but anyone that honestly believes these people MEANT what they said.. As in they hate any particular race/gender/orientation IS blowing things out of proportion. Unless you work at a church or in politics you hear the types of things the house guests were saying pretty regularly but they don’t mean anything because they’re jokes, even if you do work at a church or in politics, when you go home or are around your friends you hear those types of things. I mean come on seriously, FAMILY GUY exists, some of the things the house guests said has been said word for word on Family Guy.
That being said!.. That doesn’t make it right, I’m just saying for better or worse those things happen in our culture and if we’re going to attack people who say them publicly when we know we’ve all heard or said something mentioned the same way lightheartedly, (and did nothing because we knew it was meaningless), than we’re being just as ridiculous as the house guests. And we’re pretty much forcing them to respond with insincere apologies.

The other thing is most people didn’t even care about this principal behind the issue. Everyone was just happy they had something to bash them for, and something to complain and/or gossip about. In about a week all these people are going to forget about everything, just like they forget about all those political scandals.

Everyone cares more about being outraged than the actual issue. Otherwise they wouldn’t attack the house guests, they would question our culture.

PS. Screw you outraged big brother fans, get over yourselves and your opinions. If you want to see positive changes in our culture quit bashing people you think you know and start putting positive changes into actions. And until then keep your comments to yourself.

PPS. Politically correct and positive are not synonoms. And to C-Lo, BBBill DID mean “endured”, he’s saying that Andy stood strong with the questions while Gina Marie crumbled.

No truer words have been spoken

Amen, sister.


Kay, you’re illiterate. Pick up a dictionary and look at the context that BBBill actually used the word.


C-Lo, I’m colloquial not illiterate. You apparently ate a dictionary and are not capable of understanding words when they’re not a part of perfectly formed, grammatically correct sentence.
That’s your problem bro. I understood what he said and didn’t have to be a condescending b*tch about it.


Umm, Kay…note your PS.


Umm… Ummm … Ummm. … I love people who feel compelled to begin all their sentences with …. ummmm….. So eloquent.


Too little too late Andy! We all saw your true colors these last few weeks on live feeds, you are a disgrace to humanity!


Nope, he’s a human being who was playing a game on national television. His mistakes were simply shown for all the world to see. He’s no saint, but he’s far from the devil, and he played a solid game.

Well done, Andy!


Sorry Nick, but only Andy’s mother is buying that act.


All this hate for Andy makes no sense–the man had 0 enemies the whole season and loved by almost everyone! Of course he got far and won the whole thing because nobody was ever after him because of his gameplay. So many solid moves From aligning with Mccranda AND Helen/Elissa to cutting them all @ the right time, to framing Elissa, and most importantly getting the final exterminator alliance with 3 people he would auto win 500K against.

Best social player of a weak season and definitely deserved the win over all except Amanda.


For Real, you say: “All this hate for Andy makes no sense–the man had 0 enemies the whole season and loved by almost everyone!”

Of course you think he had no enemies, you know why? Because he wasn’t going around insulting people to their faces. He insulted them behind their backs. He said vile, repugnant things about them. And these people have no idea of what he said.

If you write all the hate he spewed out of his mouth you would fill many pages. Especially all the things he said about Elissa and her family. And calling women the c word, and bitches, etc…

For example Spencer and Andy were equating Elissa to Hitler. Well, let me compare Andy to Hitler, how do you like that?

Do you think Andy would be loved by all if people really knew what he was saying about them? I think you wouldn’t like your mom or your sister to be called a c*nt or a bitch. Or maybe you do, who knows, to each his own.

Shiny Happy People

Julia your arrogance is astounding. Do you speak for everyone sans Andy’s mom?

Mr. Monopoly

Funny, I’ve never heard anybody say they wanted to punch their opponents in the throat or rape them with phallic objects while playing other games like Monopoly or Tic Tac Toe. Heck, not even GTA5.

give me a break

Jeff is the worst choice to interview these HGs…..his softballs question for Aaryn, Amanda, and GM are disgusting……CBS should of pick somebody else to interview these people….Jeff has his own baggage……it’s just seem like racism is winning……and Big Brother is okay with that……..I hope minority don’t apply for this show next year….they are just set up to loose……any two minority person in America who enter this house instead of Howard and Candice would of lost……. having a social experiment game when the majority of the house is okay with racism is unfair to the minorities in the house…’s painful and hurtful to watch……….it needs more diversity…..this two to three minority format is just tokenism….because we all know they are not going to win… Survivor,,,,we all know the two minorities they have this year are going to lose……..these producers are sick…..I think next year Big Brother 16 …they are going to pick some hardcore racists and hope that there is Hanging on air…….it will boost the rating for them…… seem like that’s all they care about….seeing black people on the receiving end of verbal lynching is cringe worthy,sad, and disgusting………This season is horrible and if CBS brings back Aaryn, Amanda, and GM…it tells me that they endorse the Racism……


Give me a break you say: “this two to three minority format is just tokenism” I’d say the three minorities in the house was about right for the total of minorities in the USA.
What I hated was all the racism and all the derogatory comments towards women. It’s funny how almost no one that interviewed Spencer and Andy asked them anything about that. As a woman I feel so bad that they didn’t talk about it. Especially since we make up more than half the human race.

give me a break

To Name: Andy was ask about the C-word being thrown at Elissa……These people are disgusting………Elissa and Jessie was call c-word and Spencer and Amanda hoping that Jessie get’s raped and using her blood as lubricant was disgusting….Elissa being under constant verbal assault….the c-word and and Spencer talking about cumming on her bed……the comments about women in this house was horrible but the sad thing is that women participated in those comments…… When Spencer was alone with Elissa and Helen…he did not talk like this…..this is why I like Elissa so much…..she has alot of respect for herself…….but when Spencer or any guy for that matter was around Amanda, GM, and Aaryn they call women the C-word, talking about the HGs being rape, and cumming on them when there sleeping……… Elissa always says this house if full of a bunch of disgusting people…….AND also.. I know the gay community is probably upset with Andy by allowing Spencer and Amanda to call him a Faggot on national t.v……’s like Howard allowing Spencer to call him the N-word on national t.v……i don’t get it……on national t.v. ……


Name, I totally agree. I mean everyone is in an uproar at the PC incorrect racial comments, but WOW did everyone not hear how some of these houseguests talked about women. I mean what happened to everyone being OFFENDED BY THE SEXISM COMMENTS made by a lot of these people but especially the horrific comments from Andy and Spencer and Judd. These men should be hung up by their fingers for some of the comments they made. As a woman, I was horribly offended by them, and also offended that none of those comments seemed to offend the media or Julie Chen. Those comments were vile and vulgar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just another woman says

Maybe no one was outraged by the woman comment as much since like you said more than half the population are women and they need us to function, procreate and virtually exist. Three token minorities are no longer the representation of America, it is what self entitled white people chose to feel is the representation. It is funny how easily the argument of race and bigotry is put aside or deflected by people who do not ever have to worry about whether race will affect if they will eat, work or be denied basic human rights. It is difficult enough as a woman imagine being of a different race in a place where you were born and have just as much rights to exists. I am of many races and how family gatherings look like the united nations assembly, I have children and we don’t say derogatory things about peoples skin colour and find it humourous. we do not practice putting people down because of the colour of their skin, that would mean hurting someone we love so we make a conscious effort in private and in public not to do so. There are so many things we can joke about that is not harmful or hurtful, the things we say are in our hearts and tend to come out when it is least expected. stop making excuses and stop dismissing others pain. Your hurt isn’t more important or less important than others.


Andy disgraced the gay community!
He would be smart to hire himself a BIG bodyguard!
(maybe Howard?) He needs to be safe!
Not all “gay bars” are safe!
He won the money
through his flying monkey…EARS!


OHMYGOD! Someone won BB by lying?!? Heaven Forbid! *clutches pearls* *faints*

Of course he lied it’s BB ya dufus


Thumbs Up if you think Julie Chen was trying to be Oprah when interviewing Aaryn and FAILED


Awesome, so glad to hear Spencer may lose his job! He admitted to doing drugs, drugging womens & joked about child molestation.



Too Tall

Denise, if you’re going to correct someone, be sure your correction is correct.

Your correction was incorrect! It’s “women”. It’s incorrect to use only one half of quotation marks.


Actually, Denise was correct w/ her correction. When people mispell a word they correct it w/ * plus whatever word was mispelled. I am not sure where your quotation marks fall into this???? lol


Yikes…schadenfreude…look it up. Then find something better to do with your life.


I don’t care & I am obviously not alone here for wanting him to be fired. Here is a statement directly from his Union:

“Due to the volume of feedback Union Pacific has received from the public about Spencer Clawson’s August 5 comments on the CBS reality show Big Brother 15, the company wants to reiterate that it has taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show.”

Shiny Happy People

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” George Carlin


That makes you soooo pathetic!!
Bad Karma and bad form.


I would encourage those upset with Spencer Clawsen’s disgusting behavior to contact Union Pacific Railroad and voice your opinion. We did just that today. I .don’t believe any woman or child would be entirely safe around him. I also want the company to take a very serious position re: an employee who brags about his “business association” (with a drug dealer),, and about his fondness for “candy”‘, (in a winking fashion implying his fondness for pot ). Do any of us really want our lover ones to be anywhere near a train that this man has worked on or is in any way in charge of?



Let it go

due that’s not cool. Let’s see what you do in a bubble and call you’re place of employment.


So…what… you want to get people to harass Spencer so he can’t have a decent job he loves? Because you don’t like who he is, you think he shouldn’t be able to make a living for himself? GET A LIFE. GET A MOTHEREFFIN’ LIFE. Don’t harass him by calling his employer. Better your life by getting over wanting to harass others!


Wow, you seem to be really worked up about this! So, is this Spencer? or his mother?


I work in mental health for a living, and am fairly convinced that anyone spending time in their personal life trying to get Spencer, Andy, or anyone else on a TELEVISION SHOW fired from their REAL LIFE job, is likely suffering from a personality disorder. It just makes no sense, you don’t know these people, their actions have no direct effect on you…the very fact that you have to involve yourselves in this-that you think you’re entitled to be involved in their lives at all…your narcissism is off the charts.


NICK, sorry but your comment is so ignorant it is sad. SPENCER’S comments regarding going to work on the Union Pacific Railroad HIGH concerns all of us because his actions have the potential to kill THOUSANDS so in this case yes everyone needs to call and this man needs to be fired! His comments about giving young women roofies to have sex with them is called RAPE and yes it does concern me and every women. His comments in regard to being a pedophile does concern every parent and apparently concerned the Police who raided his home. Yes, the others comments although insensitive, ignorant, PC incorrect, based on stereotypes and just pure mean do not have to potential to KILL PEOPLE while Spencer comments do, and although others comments were not nice they in no way constitute criminal activity whereas comments Spencer made do. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Pity the Fool

Come on Nick, if you work for a mental health organization, than you know the true sickness of narcissism. I’ve respected your comments, but this one kind of takes the cake. You know this site, and you know OBB fans. That some think differently than you isn’t a sickness on their part. Get over yourself. Anyone watching the F3 knew Andy was the winner – in fact, after week three, he pretty much had it in the bag. Does that make him great, nope. Was this season a let down, yes. I would prefer to be discussing with you the merits of who won and why, not this nonsense. And, we both know, this nonsense is due to the brain trust of BB 15.


Nick, you are one sick twisted f**k to be taking up for Spencer after the comments he made. So, now we have personality disorders because we want our families to be safe? I have tons of family in Arkansas, and I don’t like the fact that he admitted to doing drugs while on the job! He is putting his own life along w/ 1000’s of other innocent peoples’ lives on the line w/ this kind of behavior. Yeah, you may think I am stretching this, but train accidents do happen & when they do, they are massive! They not only cost the company millions of dolllars, but also the community, not to mention the strain on the environment. The fact that you don’t get that, kind of makes you look stupid! I don’t know, maybe you do drugs yourself & you want to take up for him. Maybe if Spencer is not fired he can get some help. He does seem to love his job, but he really should have thought about that before saying such dumb & vile disgusting things over & over again! I don’t think we are overreacting here w/ this.


Uh, not defending Spencer’s behavior specifically…I’m just saying the houseguests’ employers are more than aware of what has happened in the house by now. They don’t need a bunch of obsessive reality show viewers clogging up their phone lines and slowing down productivity.

I’m just saying how about we trust their employers to handle this. They are, after all, competent adults.

I’m also saying we as competent adults should have enough responsibilities in our life to keep ourselves busy without meddling in the affairs of those we don’t even know. I know I do, but then again, I have a full time job, friends, family, and a relationship. I can’t speak for the rest of you. The fact that so many people are adamant about doing so is…YES…narcissistic. Our opinions do not, and should not, carry any weight with any of the contestants’ employers. Who are we to them? No one. If you believe otherwise, you suffer from delusions of grandeur. Period.

I know I’m right, and I don’t feel I even needed to respond to this, but the fact that I was cursed out and attacked was so disrespectful and infuriating. Just a reminder of how messed up a lot of people on these boards are.


you are the one who is sick nick and you don’t even see it…that’s why you are a danger to society. Society has to start standing up to higher morals and values or else our society fails…which it has been doing. I am a professional also and can see right thru you and I can see who you “work for” and I don’t mean your job’s employer!! Nick the devil is speaking thru you and society is slowly but surely catching on to people like you. You are on the wrong side of things. Good luck to you. “I know I am right”….yeah, who told you that ….which power in the world told you that?…the light or the dark. You are an imposter and many of us can see it. Now it is your turn to be angry because you have been outed!!! Go ahead..


for all of our sakes and yours….please quite you profession…immediately. I am so tired of therapists you have a low level of consciousness guiding and influencing our society…you are harmfull….get our now.


get out now!!!


Riding on a train with a drugged conductor is not a good idea. I don’t see why someone would defend it.


Pathetic that you care enough about this to try to ruin someone else’s life over it. You’re worse than the people you admonish.


George, you are as pathetic for taking up for the skuzzbag.


Calling out hypocrites when I see them doesn’t mean I’m sticking up for anybody.


In wishing ill will on others, you’re guilty of exactly the same thing that Spencer did in the house. Oh, the irony and hypocrisy of it.


just like the houseguests….you just don’t get it…keep your delusions…they seem to comfort you.

give me a break

Aaryn does not seem sorry at all…..she was flank by her P.R. team… her answer were rehearse…..and she also did not care about loosing her contract with her modeling agency…..because she said she has 6 interview this week with a new modeling agency…….Aaryn is not sorry at all….i bet she’s still saying racist things….but she does not have to worry about the cameras anymore….


Good grief, give it a rest. The young woman issued an apology unlike the vile others who have yet to even acknowledge how disgusting they were, and Candice and Howard have both stated that she is not a racist but just ignorant so let it go. What do you want more from the young woman. Do you want her to take her own life because she made ignorant statements that she has apologized for. You are being the bully just like Amanda and it is sickening. She apologized and yes maybe she did have PR people with her because as a parent her mom wants to protect her child, and hell after the way Chen and CBS tried to make her the scapegoat for all of the vile people on this show I would of done the exact same thing and then I would hit CBS with a lawsuit the likes they have never known. Aaryn’s comments were mild when compared to GM, Spencer, Andy, Amanda, Jeremy and Kaitlin whom none have apologized or got the beat down Aaryn did, and they deserved so much worse.


I am not condoning what Arryn did or said in the house, but after watching Amanda, Spencer, GM and Andy, I would say Arryn is not the worst of the house and she never said the N word unlike another guest in there, but she was vile. She also went in to the jury house and apologized to Candace for her behavior and those two have been friendly. She is stupid, has alot of growing up to do and I hope she doesnt get on with other agencies since most of these houseguests need to humble themselves and shame is actually a good thing and we don’t have enough of it anymore. The need to humble themselves and be shameful of their actions so they can grow into better people and being handed anything won’t do the job. Didn’t Arryn’s black boyfriend from high school come out in support of her and defended her as being a smart ass, but not a racist?


they don’t need to be compared to each other…just accept that all of those mentioned have much evil running thru them….that is what is going on….you can’t apologize for evil you have to transform it….we have been able to see that the aplologies are not coming from a real place inside of them… makes me laugh when I read the comments about people being mad when the rest of us keep brining it up….when we are not accepting the apology because we can see it isn’t real and the the others get mad at us because we can see thru these people. That’s what the devil does…believe me…it gets so angry when you see thru it…it gets defensive and violent at the same time and interchangeably. Keep objecting dark ones that we can see thru the bull sh**.


Why should Aaryn be sorry? And who are you to expect it? It’s politically correct assholes who have ruined this game and it’s no longer enjoyable to watch because somebody is always “offended”. Nobody gives a rat’s ass. If you are so put off by it, don’t watch! Nobody is forcing you to. What CBS did to Aaryn by targeting her and making a mockery of her exit interview was pathetic. She should get a lawyer and go after CBS. This is still America and people can say what they want. Aaryn will do just fine. She’s a beautiful and smart woman and I hope she is successful in her future endeavors. Hope to see her (and Amanda, who also owes no apologies to anyone) around in years to come be it in magazines, tv shows, movies, or wherever.


I just read the article in the Examiner about Arryn Gries — it said CBS is grooming her for a return to a future season of BB — while I hope she learned something and gets on with her life, I HOPE CBS DOES NOT bring any of these people back for any show….don’t want to see any of them again on anything.


She seemed to be the only one that was sorry and had the good sense to issue an apology and I get what she meant by taking out of context. She did not think in her poor ignorant mind mean for the comments to be seen as racist; she is so stupid she thought they were just stereotypes and not meant to hurt. Hey, I get it she is 22 in college and stupid especially if she has crap like Andy as a professor it even makes more sense, but wow not excuses or apologies from the ones that are all either over 30 or almost 30 until forced to and still some of them are in denial!!!!

Still hatin the winners

Sounds to me like Andy has a BIG case of the “I am a hot shit”! Dude needs to be brought back down to earth quickly and get over himself. Will be interesting to see if he is still singing the same song after a couple of weeks finding out how MUCH he was hated!


It won’t matter. Andy will not “hear” the negative things he has done/uttered in the BB house. He will only hear what he wants to hear. If pressed, he will feign like he does feel sorry – but the second will pass it – and back he will go into his personal Andy Bubble Land (a far different place than Candice’s Candy Land) where everything is Andy and Andy is everything.


He will ‘feel terrible’ and be ‘truly sorry’.


Andy just won 500K and used the opportunity on Big Brother to play the game of his life. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a shit what a bunch of whiny Rachel/Elissa fans think of him.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

George, if there’s an ounce of decency in Andy, he’ll care – if he doesn’t, than that speaks volumes about who he really is.

Shiny Happy People


Yes George, Andy should absolutely care what a bunch of faceless internet trolls that hide behind their computer screens think.

Pretty sure most self-sufficient gay men learned to disregard worthless opinions at a fairly young age.


Well, it’s a bit obvious that the house guests have found this site and are doing their very best damage control. Guess what, we’ve been here all summer and we know what happened, who said what, and above all, we know Julie wasn’t drunk on national television.


He may be hated on the blogs (okay, definitely not maybe) but I think people on the blogs forget that the consensus of the blogs does NOT reflect how viewers the feel as a result of watching the CBS episodes.

Let’s take Jeff Schroeder. How do people on the blogs feel about him? If this site is any indicator, people loathe the guy. By how people on here talked about him for 2 seasons, you would think he was worst than Hitler, Osama and Kim Jong Il all in one. So no one likes Jeff, right? Nope! America LOVES the guy! When most BB non-winners dissipate into afterthoughts (heck, most winners are afterthoughts), this dude has parlayed his popularity into more than a few CBS gigs even though it’s been years since he’s played. (…and for all the conspiracy theorists out there who say that CBS props him up as their favorite even though people hate him, let me say go have a seat lol because it’s a business and they do what brings in ratings ratings ratings)

Yeah, people on here hate Andy (I don’t… it’s not that serious) but I think that based off of what was aired on the shows, America’s pretty much cool with the guy. We may be hooked BB fans who either pay for live feeds or come here to read spoilers every day (and more than once a day ;D) to satisfy our Big Brother addiction but in reality, most viewers just watch the episodes and that’s it. I may be mistaken, but didn’t the live feeds move from Showtime to some other small nondescript channel because of low demand?

From what was aired, there’s no reason why people would hate Andy. Even though he is guilty of making some distasteful remarks, they were not intense enough to garner any public attention. Being a “hater” and talking sh!t about the other players is not that big of a deal when it comes to being hated by America. You really have to cross far, far beyond the line and run another 20 meters with racist, homophobic or child molestation (really, Spencer?!! lol) comments for that. All in all… nope, his bad behavior shadows in comparison to what else went on and it’ll all blow over faster than his 15 seconds of fame will. Hated by America? More like, eh (almost) squeaky clean to America.


how dare you sir. I am not fan of jeff and Jordan, but BIG JEFF is not the problem. people take issue with production, and the breaks jeff and Jordan, Rachel, and others have got over the years leading to victory.

however, jeff? I like him, sure he is not the ridiculously nice over the top guy he is on these interviews during an entire summer in the BB house, but who is exactly themselves during an entire summer in the BB house. let alone 2.

people do NOT like andy. it is simply because of andy. this isn’t a mike boogie situation here, there are no diehard andy fans.


Where have you been? People don’t *just* take issue with production. People on here consistently and frequently ripped into Jeff on the two seasons that he played. I was always astonished by the hate people had for him. It would make me refrain from saying anything positive for him because (based on the maturity level of online comments) I didn’t want to invite any of of the vitriol my way. I’d say that in recent years and before this season, he was bar none the most hated on in the comments here. It stemmed from the his homophobic comments that he made (he used the f-slur and said stuff about how there shouldn’t be gay teachers) and how people think that he’s an all around sh!tty person in the house (cursing a lot and talking harshly to Jordan) and that’s why people were mad that he was receiving a clean edit.

I happen to like the guy, too (he apologized for the insensitive stuff and we are all guilty of snapping at family, close friends, etc when we wouldn’t do so with strangers) and think that he’s funny to watch but I was always definitely in the minority when it comes to Jeff comments. People criticize the house guests for their behavior but some of the stuff written about them (in the safety of online anonymity of course) is just as bad.

Pac Man

Disagreed. Of my friends and family who watch the show, I am the only one who follows the feeds, and I can tell you that all of them felt the same way despite that.


Lol because you watch the feeds and probably tell them about what goes on outside of the episodes. From the episodes themselves, there isn’t anything that would make America hate Andy (and “hate” is a strong word). So he was a sissy floater who ran to whoever was in power… big deal. That would make people not care for the guy but it wouldn’t make America hate him. None of the stuff that would make people hate him ever made it on the shows and most viewers just watch the shows. The subject here wasn’t if Andy was liked or disliked. The subject was how he was going to deal with America hating him and, in my opinion, they don’t and it’ll all blow over for him in no time.

Pac Man

Nope, but nice try. They had no interest in hearing about what was on the feed from me. They came to hate him just from watching his actions on the televised episodes. Granted, not for all of the same reasons, but they still found him to be damned unlikable.


Laugh out loud! Wow. So they HATE Andy for what? Being a floater? Lying? Scheming? Switching alliances? Framing another player? Um… those are all common traits of the Big Brother game. Those are some pretty petty and inane reasons why to hate someone if I must say so myself (and I must because it is just too ridiculous to not point out).

Again, since you seem to be missing the point, the subject here wasn’t whether or not Andy was liked or disliked. Who cares. All house guests are both liked and disliked. Though they are few, there are even people out there who like and support Aaryn (proving that anything is possible). The subject was whether America hates him based on the aired episodes because most viewers only watch the aired episodes. I wasn’t going under the assumption that America hates players for doing regular things that BB players do. Now in hindsight, I admit that this may have been foolish because it seems like I may have given people too much credit by assuming they exercise reason and self restraint.


It’s too soon to vote out Amanda, okay?


That was funny Helen! If you had voted out Amanda sooner, you or Elissa might have won the game. Both of you were my favorites, Elissa #1 and you #2. But since you didn’t want to evict Amanda, Andy has your money.

Andy the deluded narcissist

Ratboy may be hot shit on a silver platter in the gay community but he is cold piss on a paper plate to the real world. Depending on what his employer’s politics are will determine what his job outlook is. If it’s a liberal arts school, he’ll probably survive. But if it is a conservative institution then I wouldn’t bet on it, not because he is gay but from the so many insensitive, vulgar, and hateful things he said. Better invest that money wisely Ratboy because you’ll probably be needing it in the years to come. I know I wouldn’t take a class from him, and I would not pay for my kids’ tuition if they were going to take his class. The only thing he proved the last three months is that he is good at bullshitting, duplicity, being a Judas, and not having a conscience. Asshole.


I’m shocked that a liberal arts school would keep such a misogynistic, vile, crude and promiscuous person, but a regular college wouldn’t. But it seems these days that if you are at universities that values do not matter, as long as you pull the liberal line of being a scumbag.


he has severe low self esteem

Jim 64

Glad to see how sweet Nick was to Ginamarie guess he does like her
Hope next year will be better

Name and 1/2

I actually hope Nick gives GM a chance. Maybe he can help her improve herself and her self esteem. Unlike Andy, she is going to feel all the negativity coming from her time in the BB house. Hope she earmarks some of the 50K for education and counseling.


Nick is your A-Typical Reality TV StarFucking FameWhore!
He was JUST shacking up with Liza from BBCan who is
also a Star Fucking FameWhore herself.
CBS & Casting needs to stop finding these
Fake Wanna-be Actors & Models and cast
some real people!!!
Nick is just a Opportunist & trust me
He is just using GM for his own publicity for now.
Glad he got voted off early.
His fakeness was soooo Transparent!
Cokehead Nick hahaha


So Andy says ” he is sorry for the bad things he said about E”
Hahahahahahahahahaahaha!!!!!!!! My ass!!!!!!!!!!!
If u are sorry about wat u said, why say them at all?


In his apology on twitter he said ” that is just so not me”. If that isn’t him then where did all that hateful garbage come from? He pretty much said he hated Elisa non-stop. If that isn’t him then why would it come out of him? Just don’t get that.

Amanda's Towel

The Chicago Sun Times interview was by far the most telling. He explains Elissa’s vibe in the house and it’s not just a drive-by apology.

Thanks for the links.


I’m sure $500,000 makes it easier for Andy to say he’s sorry about Elissa comments, wonder if he’d be so apologetic if he came in third place. Out of these three finalists, it ended the way it should. Thanks for all the information on this website, it was enlightening- whole different view of the Big Brother experience than if I had just watched the regular episodes.


Andy is employed semester by semester. He has not been fired, Dupage purposely worded things the way they did to cover themselves. I knew it.


Nick…WHO in their right “mind”, would accept a job, based on semester by semester? WHERE is the…….JOB SECURITY?


lol, are you talking to me or Andy…? Check your rage.

Lots of college graduates in their 20’s accept such positions through a university, especially those who majored in subjects where a career is uncommon to come by (such as public speaking).

I have a friend that works year round for a publishing company, but takes occasional semester jobs from our university for a little extra pay. It’s really not that uncommon for those of us who are young and involved in academia.


Also, lol, do you understand the purpose of quotation marks?


Harmonicaman, many post secondary institutions function with ‘term employment’ for instructors. And you are right, there is no job security in that. However, competition is high for these positions and if your desire is to teach/instruct you try to get them. Typically these positions do not have the added responsibilty of doing research within the institution.
i hope Andy has not ruined his future prospects within this field. Considering how well he handled hisself during the jury questions he is skilled at public speaking.


He should have been considered a bigger target by the HG’s because of this. No one could have gone up against him and answered the questions as well as him. Why didn’t they think about that. I never did while watching either.


Nick, if I said anything about you being wrong, it wasn’t aimed at you. I must have put it in the wrong place. Seriously, it was intended for Captainwedgiearchnemesis, or whatever his name was. The guy hated Andy so much that he had to post 10 times in every thread how Andy was going to get evicted this Thursday, next Thursday, whatever.

As soon as he approached Judd (the night Amanda won the POV to take down McCrae), I knew he was in a great spot, because he was going to work to get Amanda and McCrae out of the house and their loyalty to him would blind them so as to not see it coming.

And that’s exactly what happened. Of the final five, he played the best game and deserved it.



after your response the other day I began to second guess myself (and felt bad about what I had said to you)

I went back and found our initial conversation, and I see where I got confused, and how you were clearly addressing the captain and not me. That was entirely my bad, and I apologize. I think I got so sick of the nasty comments on these boards that I got a bit over zealous (and you’re right, a lot of those comments I’m referring to were from the captain…so unnecessary and mean spirited!) I appreciate you clearing the air, and I hope you accept my apology. It would seem you and I share a similar perspective on the game, and we are sadly in the minority in that mindset. In future seasons, we should be sure to stick together around here. lol!


Your opinion doesn’t make sense!!!!


bbericfan, you need to check your thoughts!! Because your comments does not make sense. Your 0-100.



I tried to respond to your above post once already, so if you wind up seeing two posts from me, apologies!

I went back to our initial conversation, and I was clearly in the wrong. I misread what you said to Captain as though you were directing it at me. I sympathize with your opinion of the Captain, his incessant mean-spirited posts top my list of ridiculous behavior on these boards as well. I hope you can forgive my short-sightedness and accept my apology. We apparently have similar views on how the game is and should be played. I think I will look forward to reading your commentary in the seasons to come!


You’re the ridiculous. Your views doesn’t make since!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I’ve tried to be respectful to so many people on these boards, but clearly, there’s an understanding around here that it’s ok to be an absolute D!*k to anyone with a difference of opinion. That being said, you’re very rude, and you want to talk about not making sense? Check your grammar.


I’m not being rude. I’m telling a truth!!! You are being rude!!!!! Your grammar is horrible!!!!!!


Welcome to the new America,


I wonder if Spencer’s girlfriend showed up at the finale. I hope she didn’t. Now he may have no job, no money,a bad reputation and hopefully no woman will want to have anything to do with him.

Spencer 1329873

Well now, by now Marilyn has hopefully fled the state. But don’t worry Spencer, should you end up in the big house, you may find your true love in the next cell or shower stall.


Bring on BBCAN season 2!

Thanks simon and dawg for your dedication to this page!

Pinocchio Obama

I was kind of hoping they would have to answer for their behaviour during the final. It also would of been interesting to see several of them informed that their jobs were history.

Real Scandals Phony President

I just wanted to give a shout out to Howard for his comments last night. He made great points and still took the high road. Well done Howard.

Oh My Gosh

Over and Done. With the results……just a depressed feeling. Thinking how many more worthwhile people deserve the money. But then..they didn’t get to play for the $$$’s.

And so..time to let it go. And we all will, I know. get on with life…after being obsessed for 3 months. 🙂 Taking some small consolation that the disgusting Perv Spencer wasn’t in final 2..and that GinaMarie didn’t get the $$$’s after all. I most certainly wanted Andy to leave…with zip..however..Ginamarie would have sailed on..with the big bucks…not caring at all about what she’s said. Money can be a great salve. Now…she has to take some consequences..because the money she won..will not go too far.

Aaryn. Still not taking responsibility. What can you expect from a person that feels so entitled..and is so self absorbed?

There is no question..that she expected to be the Golden Child in the house..adored and admired. BUT……there was Kaitlin…gorgeous..who got Jeremy. ( Who Aaryn fancied and had to settle for the Doris Day hairdo chappie. was hard to go head to head with Exhibitioist bar none. Desperate for attention…and basically a thug. I was struck about how unfeminine she was. All hard edged. In fact…when seeing her on top on MacCrae..I couldn’t get the image of a linebacker humping a matchstick !!!

Now..a question. Do the 2 winners get a stipend on top of the mone? Or is it just $50,000..and 500K? Oh..and Andy. No amount of money will be able to make him anymore attractive. Or nicer. Look how he went nuts over the imagined slights. It’s going to take more than money to bring him happiness. And..when the initial excitement is over..he will just be a shell of a human being.

MaCrae..anyone else see how furious he was? For someone so laid back…….he’s just coming to realize how badly he played the game. the beginning..he had a fantatic chance to bring home the bacon.

It’s been fun, Peeps. Reading here has been far more rewarding than watching the edited TV show.


Bumbling Bozo Barack

Andy a real apology is not made on Twitter.


Not sure why Aaryn is getting so much bad attention over the nasty remark’s issue.. She was lame and tame compared to Spencer, Ginamarie and Amanda language and behavior..
Andy was honest in the DR (and to the fans) about his game intentions.We were privy to what the HG weren’t., He was in it it win it no matter what.. Now I feel he’s playing the fans the way he played the HG.. Andy will say whatever that benefits Andy. There’s some truth and a bit of deception in everything he says.. Andy understands the value and power of money. That winning is everything. His proity his own future. His single loyalty to his family. Not so different than everyone else…
In the end BB is a very intense game… And I blame CBS and production for anything negative.. It was up to them to police and control the environment they created.. But I suspect they held back when a boring show came to life because of the “nast remark;s issue”..

Todd Crane
Amanda's Towel

Very good in-depth morning after interviews! I just listened to it

Todd Crane

In Rob Cesternino’s interview Andy says he doesn’t know what he did or say in the house that offended so many people. He also says that Elissa was a bully in the house. I think he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Rob asked GM if she would consider a job as an exterminator and she said if they can show her that she won’t suffocate herself with the fumes she thinks she can do it. She also said she would consider driving a car with a big cockroach on top. That whole part was funny.

Spencer said he played a solid game. He also said if he won part 3 of HOH he would have taken Gina Marie with him to final 2; he thinks she didn’t know what was going on in the house most of the time. And that maybe it’s his ego talking but he thinks he could have even beat Andy in final 2, if Andy had taken him. He said that he doesn’t have any hate in his heart for any group of people. (I’m thinking some hatred towards women, maybe?) About his job he said “I’m union protected, and they’re fighting to keep my job” He says he thinks he will get a suspension but will be able to keep his job.

100 percent

Spencer said that at his job it’s all men and they all talk just like he talked in the house. His job isn’t going anywhere. Spencer did say on the feeds that Jeremy told him that he’d made the money to buy his boat from selling weed, so Jeremy might be expecting a visit from law enforcement pretty soon.


Elissa was a passive aggressive asshole in the house to anybody that wasn’t Helen/Candice. They even made reference to this in jury last night. Yes, Andy is completely right in calling her a bully and any feed watcher would have to be wilfully ignorant to not admit that.


oh my god george you are a complete dumb*ss! Seriously, did you even watch the feeds?

Wrong Season

George, What season were you watching? Elissa was on to Andy and she played with him – and did it in a funny way. Leave it to Andy to blame others for his actions – typical passive aggressive personality trait.

B says

Let me understand.. so Andy wasn’t passive aggressive in everything he did by running back and forth, snitching, repeating everything that was said, being nice to HG’s faces and then nailing them at their backs? … Right. Except for Amanda and who was just aggressive and cruel, this whole bunch were passive aggressive. What will be remembered about BB15 is that one of the few in the group who exhibited having an internal value system strong enough to withstand peer pressure when attacked was Elissa, the one her housemates called plastic. What will also be remembered is that beauty on the outside can conceal a lot of ugliness. We, the public, won’t remember that when we see beautiful people but everyone who watched this season will remember about these specific people that they were ugly on the inside.

Shiny Happy People

To understand that Elissa was a bully (at times) in the house, people needed to do a few things.

1. Have access to the live feeds.
2. Remove the blinders from the Brenchel Army.
3. Understand that no one in that house is perfect, nor was anyone demon spawn. They were human beings, under constant mental pressure, playing a game on national television. Occasionally, everyone’s bad side showed. Yes, Elissa had a bad side too, and it certainly showed.

A few instances when Elissa showed her a$$:

1. When she lied senselessly about being related to a supermodel
2. When she used production as a means of intimidation against the houseguests (my contract guarantees me 3rd place…blah blah blah).
3. When she bullied Amanda on Mccrae’s birthday
4. When she threatened Judd when he was HoH
5. When she told Helen she wouldn’t go to jury (and therefore wouldn’t vote for Helen if she made it to F2…)
6. When multiple people apologized to her post-fight, and she didn’t offer an apology in turn
7. When she asked Jessie if she was, “off her meds”
8. When she “comforted” Candice the week of her eviction, then went out to join all the “awful people” she and Candice just bashed.

That’s just off the top of my head. People who want to pretend Elissa did no wrong are so delusional they should be locked up and medicated.

Silly Me

Oh, I get it now – Elissa was playing the game. Silly girl, she should have rolled over and played dead. She played her “I’m production’s pet” very well – and what’s really funny is that half these idiots believed what she said.


So true, people with “permanent blinders” on want to play pretend like Elissa is a “decent” person. What decent person talks down to people and act like they’re better than everyone? She was doing that 1st week, and she continued until after her HOH was over. Even if you’re a decent person, you never demean people, even if they deserve it. you hold your tongue and walk away from them.

The comment she made to Amanda, while she was correct, Amanda was dressing like a stripper/dominatrix, but Elissa said it in a derogatory way to purposely demean her, when she was just having fun. I don’t remember Elissa saying anything to Amanda when she was dancing around with band-aids on her titties..

She basically got pampered by production the entire time she was in the house starting with the twist that was clearly designed for her, I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid her more money if she agreed not to walk from jury. Too suspicious the person who constantly threatened to walk from the show if she couldn’t get her way, and from jury if she got evicted after jury week, all of sudden was talked into going? It’s obvious she was bribed.

There was nothing “special” about her, she was nothing more than a lesser evil in comparison to the other HGs.


she (Elissa) was nothing more than a lesser evil in comparison to the other HGs. Yep, ergo America’s favorite.


Very true!


Shiny happy people, none of those examples even come close to bullying!


I had to stop watching BBAD more than once because of her passive aggressive and self righteous attitude

They All Are Jealous of Elissa

^ numerous idiots named Name

Did you happen to notive that Elissa won the $25,000 for AMERICS’S FAVORITE HOUSE GUEST?


Other examples of idiots acting in large numbers throughout history include slaveholders, and Nazi Germany.

Gina's Nick?

^ Nick

Just another insightful comment like the ones above on this page that have earned you 79 thumbs up and 420 thumbs down. Enjoy the new episode of Miami Monkey tonight.


George = Demanda(undercover).. 🙂

Another Liberal Loser

Thanks Simon & Dawg for posting all the interviews.

All of you are lame

Y’all are like hienas. Pathetic and horrible. I’d like to see some of u in there. You know what ? You would not be casted cause y’all are lame. Lmao


@All you are lame, when you made that statement you pointed one finger at us and three towards you, so we know who’s lame here, you.


lol…that was a ridiculous retort. You pull that one straight out of the 50’s?

Lame is right, most of the posts on these boards were way out of line compared to what the house guests said. People should be ashamed. It was a game!

SpongeBob SquarePants

Andy is the most hypocritical, self-righteous bitch ever! He has been blurting out that he truly deserved to win and that he’s the best BB player ever.

No you’re not Andy. The reasons you won are because the strong players took each other out and they would’ve done that without your snitching. You made yourself to be a shameless little girl (my apologies to little girls) who no one can ever trust in life. That is who you really are and gameplay had nothing to do with it. When Elissa was so nice to you and said such great things about you both in the house and out; why did you say such vile, hateful things about her and her family after she was gone. That was not gameplay, it just shows you’re a hurtful, hate-filled jealous imp.

You’re a disgrace to the gay community and your conduct and despicable behavior should be notice by any college that you apply for after being “fired” from the one you worked on a semester by semester basis. Saying I hope you learn from this would be futile because your bias and prejudice is based on hate from a “man” who is wordly and educated, but NOT wise!

Aaryn and GM said the hateful things they said out of ignorance. But Andy, you and Amanda said them fully aware of what you were saying and said them out of a heart full of hate. If you offer any apologies, they are not because you are sorry for how you hurt people, they are because you are sorry that got caught showing what kind of person you really are and not what kind of person you want to be perceived as in you deluded mind.

Hope your money doesn’t last you and you have to depend on others, maybe you’ll gain an appreciation on the finer things in life and not be such a self-entitled a$$hole.


Ian Terry called Andy a “top-tier winner” and a better winner than him by a “country mile.” But yeah, I’m sure you’re right. He totally didn’t deserve it despite hoodwinking everybody in house, playing both sides of it to perfection, and winning end of game competitions to get to the F2.

Whine Andy Whine

Ian probably wants to hit it.

Let's Talk

Well George, I see that Julie hasn’t invited Andy on The Talk. Odd, most BB winners are on that show the day after their win. Makes you wonder, uh? Maybe Andy’s excuse will be that Julie was too drunk to remember who won.


From almost the beginning of the game, even Julie Chen seemed uninterested in this season.

arsehole George's gramma

…of course Ian is going to say stuff like that. Why? Because he wants to be called back by BB for future guest appearances. If he speaks the truth it’s game over for him.


the money he won doesn’t even matter ……..the point is that he has to live being him….he is a nasty sick person and he has to live with his own nasty energy the rest of his life…..he admitted on the feeds early in the season that in his life he new he had to create a false, fake personality to get thru life. he has a lot of self hatred and it comes out as hate for others because he can’t stand the way it feels inside of himself so he tries to get rid of it by putting it on to others.


A post full of hate – attacking someone else for hating.

So much irony.

Shiny Happy People


Oh my God he wasn’t fired. So desperate to quench your bloodlust that your brain is doing acrobatics! You’re totally twisting what the college stated regarding Andy’s current employment. It was a PR maneuver to distance themselves from Andy for now…you really think they won’t eventually ask Andy to come back and teach a class PERMANENTLY?

He’s a SPEECH instructor that just won BIG BROTHER. HELLO! Even if Dupage doesn’t have the common sense to capitalize on that, many other colleges will!


To Shiny Happy People: Um I do not see that happening I mean Andy ADMITTED ON NATIONAL TELEVISION THAT HE LET THE STUDENTS HE LIKED CHEAT AND THAT HE HIMSELF CHEATED!! That will keep him from being hired in any venue where teaching is involved. His job is GONE WITH THE WIND!

Shiny Happy People

Gone with the wind, huh? Well if you say so…Name.

I mean, apparently you know what every college in the country is thinking and what they will do regarding Andy for years to come.

It’s not possible at all that you’re just one of the countless spiteful, hateful online bloggers so desperately looking for confirmation that their life is good and purposeful that they have to spend their free time tearing down people they’ve never even met. Just so they feel better about themselves by comparison.


But Andy just demonstrated for 3 months to not have a back bone and to say anything when confronted with conflict. How can his apology be taken serious? He was bashing Elissa until the very end of the game.


He’s only doing it to appease the ridiculous Elissa fans who think their hero/production tool/airhead didn’t deserve any of the flak she got.


Andy doesn’t owe the Brenchel drones anything. I hope he apologized because he felt it was the right thing to do, and for no other reason. It’s a game, get lives people.

The fact is, Andy is 500,000 dollars richer than the lot of you throwing stones at him, and he doesn’t care what you think. Who are any of you to him but trolls on a message board? Please. He played a solid social game, and he deserved the win out of at least the final 6 left in the house.

I Beg to Differ

Oh, come on Nick, you know Andy cares – if he doesn’t care about all the hate this season has brought about – then he really is just as bad as he portrayed himself on the show. Personally, I think he cares very much.


I think I made this pretty clear. I’ll try again, against my better judgment. I mean seriously, do you even care about my opinion, or did you just want to challenge someone who dared to defend Andy?

andy needs to appease his conscience and make things right with the houseguests he feels he wronged. That’s where it stops. He owes, “America” nothing, he owes, “us,” nothing. To claim otherwise is absurd. He played a game, he made mistakes in that game. People need to get over it, and move on.


I’m not buying any of their apologies. It’s all a bunch of BullSh**. When they were in the house, they said exactly what they meant and felt. They’re not sorry;they’re trying to be politically correct

la la la

being gay, i am not proud of andy winning and he by far is the worst example of a gay man!


I did not see a back yard interview with Amanda is she missing.


After hearing 1) McCrae repeat that he would not take her to the end; 2) That America was the MVP and wanted her evicted; 3) not winning AFP; and 4) Prudential no longer supporting her real estate license, Amanda was probably crying and just trying to get drunk. She also probably heard about Howard being a part of the Bold and the Beautiful cast Oct. 24 and 25. Too bad, so sad. Actions have consequences.


Hope all that hatefulness keeps you warm at night.



Amanda's Aborted Fetus

Amanda is already working on getting back together with her ex boyfriend.

Botox Pelosi

He had better worry about catching McRabies,


We all know how horrible this season is and unlike alot of people who bash the houseguest for making these remarks I going to hope everyone better themselves. I do not like or condone these comments that was terrible and innapproiate in the house. Howerer I do not accept America being rude and doing the same thing as they are doing by calling Amanda a racist bi*** or c***. I really hope they get their acts together and like Jeff said the best thing is to make mistakes because you’ll learn from them and become a more knowledgeable and intelligent person. GM, Andy, Aaryn, Spencer Amanda, and the rest of the houseguests needs to know what they did wrong and kearn the consequences from this action. I hope Julie and keep us updated with them if they have change and better themself.
I also heard about Britneys baby and I wish the best for her family. I feel the pain when I was five I had Wilm’s tumor and had one of kidney remove. I wish the best for them.


I really wish CBS would go back to the old 2 hour format of the show so that they wouldn’t be so rush rush and they will have time enough to interview all HG’S, even the ones that didn’t make it to jury just like they used to

Still Shaking My Head

RATBOY darlin sweet baby NOT – you can spin it any way you like – you can deflect the questions by steering your pre-rehearsed answers to that of the racists remarks of other hg’s – thereby trying to place the blame strictly onto them. BUT you can’t fool the public Andy because to be honest with you – your really not that good at it! Okay, so may have been able to fool the many self-absorbed drug-induced contestants, but I would eat you for breakfast. We live-feeders saw it all so STFU with your bs!!! I also had to laugh when you Aaryn looked to the side at your hired guns – you know those PR peeps hiding in the shadows (out of camera shot of course). Still trying to blame your “flaws” on something beyond yourself – no, not Texas now – I’m sure your PR HAD to nip that in the bud. But you did manage to babble on enough to repeat the blame-game. You make me sick ARYAN (oops did I say that out loud? Sorry- must come from the company I keep ;)) i mean – I’ve been so impressed with your new PR campaign that I’m waiting for your new book on “How to Spin the Spin”! Now I have to admit, your doing a good job because your words have caused me to have a new-found disdain for the family values in which you must have been raised with. I’m sure you hold them dear to your heart. Kinda funny to know that your mother and father who are your biggest influence are backpeddling as they also pay a consequence for your dumb ass. I bet there’s a pattern. Your spoiled rotten persona image in that interview just cements my observations of you from the beginning. Ah Darlin – you must be so very proud of yourself.


Well said, “STill shaking my head”. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!


Andy, your embrassment of Chicago Community!!!!!!

Shiny Happy People


Are you from Chicago, and if so, do you feel your hate-filled rants, riddled with grammatical errors, are a better representation of your own community?

Canadian BB Fan

Hoping for a better cast with BB16 and looking forward to BB Canada!

An idea I think might be interesting for BB16 is a “Big Brother Second Chance” season. Bring back houseguests that looked interesting or promising but screwed up and didn’t even make jury! A few recent guests that come to mind are: Annie BB12, Cassi BB13, Dom BB13, Kara BB14, Nick BB15, Howard BB15, or Jeremy BB15. Just an idea!

I do not like when they mix old and new house guests or when they add in one or 2 like Elissa who have famous connections. I would have really liked to see the MVP twist play out, but with Elissa in the house it was doomed from the start. So either all new houseguests (hopefully a better selection than this year), all returning houseguests or if they really want to all relatives/friends of former houseguests.

I’d really like to see a back to the basics big brother without any obvious production intervention, (Diamond Power of Veto or Coup de ta anyone?)
I did not feel really invested in any of the houseguests this year, I want to see some people really fight to be there next year!


Love the “second chance” idea.

Farty Pants GinaMarie

Love the 2nd chance idea but……..NO NICK UHAS BB15………….that guy is a fame whore to say the least and a DULL player…..I was truly happy when he was booted

Farty Pants GinaMarie

Please, the people defending Andy ” just playing the game” is laughable …….either he’s a skilled actor (esp with all the vitriolic rants against Elissa) or just showing his true inner rage and personality defects……… or not, what he said was beyond vile and disturbing. Even with all the twitter apologies……those things he said won’t be forgotten . Some words cut like a knife


Michale Yo interviews..

Aaryn finds out she lost her job, and doesn’t believe it. Also, including a few comments from Andy, GM and Amanda.

Much better than those softball interviews from Jeff Schroeder.

Boycott BB15 Big Losers

Thank You rve0rve! Good Job Yo! Caught her before she could be coached. Tells me that the PR people didn’t get to her in jury, and she wasn’t prepared to put on that fake apologetic face..

Also, gives me insight on how sincere are their apologies for the bigoted derogatory statements that each offend large segments of the population.
Examine how they played the game, apply the same level of sincerity to how they’re trying to play the public..

By this rule alone Aaryn, Andy, Helen & Spencer are BIG LOSERS. Wouldn’t do business with them no matter what they say.

Surprisingly Amanda, Gina, Elissa are WINNERS by this rule.


Michael Yo is an CBS employee so of course once again CBS only blames the 22 year old idiot, and does not call out the real sickos in the house like Spencer, Amanda, GM, Judd, Andy, Jeremy and Kaitlin. Sorry, but the use of the N word is by far the most racist comment that was made in the house. That word is just so mean and ugly. Some of the other comments were based on stereotypes and while mean where no where near to what the use of the N word was or GM calling Julie Chen a GOOK!! Stupidity yes, but others were just hate filled. The comments made in regard to women are what really offend me and yet no one is calling those men out for those nasty comments!!!!!!!!!!! Agree, everyone should call Spencer’s employers Union Pacific and complain if they let him keep his job and not just because as he says him and all the men he works with talk about women like he did, or about being a child pedophile or raping women, but because this man admitted to driving a train while HIGH!!! Please people worry about this man potentially KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!! DOES ANYONE NOT REMEMBER THE TRAIN IN CANADA THIS PAST SUMMER THAT KILLED HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!! SPENCER IS A DANGER TO SOCIETY WHO SHOWS NO REMORSE AND DOES NOT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL, CALL, CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Vile!!!!!!!!111

Amid your rant, you forgot the magic word. Allow me.



Every year I’ve wanted someone in the final 3 to win. Not this year, Andy enjoy the money but you did not deserve it one bit. You floated till the end. You will float the rest of your life, enjoy & BYEBYE.

Will Andy give money to Howard?

Andy and Spencer were talking about giving Howard money to take this family to see the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington if either one of them won BB. I’m waiting for Andy to give him the money now that he won.

Charity begins at home

Haven’t you been paying attention? Everything Rat turd said and did in the game was a lie, designed to get him to final two. I would be shocked if either of those narcissistic red-haired assholes gave a penny of their BB money to anyone. Well, maybe Ratboy will spend some at the gay bars. He can have Aaryn make him up as a drag queen and just go to town with it.


After 8 years of being a loyal voyeur to this site, I’m finally making my first comment. As many have stated, I’d like to thank Simon and Dawg as well for maintaining such a fantastic site with such loyalty and dedication to the fans of BB. As I maintain a few websites as well, I know how painstaking and redundant the job can be.

This year, I will agree, left little to be desired, as far as casting was concerned. For the first time, I really didn’t have a favorite, and, watching the live feeds was about as exciting as watching paint dry, for the most part. The reason I feel the need to comment at this time is because, there seems to be such a passionate and, almost fanatical level of hate focused on Andy.

Yes, he lied. Yes, he was disloyal. Yes, he said some nasty things about some of the houseguests. My point is, can anyone name one winner from Big Brother who has not done the same in their game? Some have, even to a greater degree, yet, they’ve been heralded as ‘great players’, ‘the best in BB history’, ‘fan favorite’…the list goes on.

It makes me wonder. Is it so much that Andy played the game as he did, that has focused such an intense hatred on him, or, would the opinion be somewhat different if he were heterosexual and played the exact same game?

Pac Man

To answer your questions, Knight:

“Yes, he lied. Yes, he was disloyal. Yes, he said some nasty things about some of the houseguests. My point is, can anyone name one winner from Big Brother who has not done the same in their game?”. Absolutely not. But I can name 14 other winners who did so without calling women c*nts and wanting to punch one of their opponents in the throat.

“would the opinion be somewhat different if he were heterosexual and played the exact same game?’ I don’t know, would he still be calling all the women c*nts and saying that some of his opponents should be assaulted?

The reasons that Andy was hated are pretty obvious if you’ve been following the words out of his mouth all season; you don’t really don’t need to go hunting for darker reasons like homophobia.

Todd Crane

Pac Man, great answer. I don’t care that Andy lied and manipulated people since that’s part of the game. What I care about is all the hateful and horrible things he said.

Does anyone know of any house guest in any season of BB that was worse than Andy and Spencer in their hateful comments?

If you do let me know what season and their name. Thanks.

VA Vet

Oh please!!! When all else fails, just play the gay card. I couldn’t care less about his sexual preferences.

I can’t stand Andy because of his obsession with Elissa, and not because it is Elissa. She was his choice and I have no idea what she did that would cause that kind of outrage in anyone. He even admitted in his HOH blog that he was obsessed with Elissa which doesn’t square with his BS excuses after the fact.

I also cannot stand his over inflated ego, or more accurately his narcissism, about his game play. Aside from his first HOH where he nominated Jesse and Spencer (two of the least threats in the house) and told them both that they were pawns in order to claim innocence since he didn’t have a vote, his game play for the first 10 weeks was to get info to pass on to Amanda so that she could do all the heavy lifting. It wasn’t until he was on the block that he actually started making game moves out of desperation and at a time when most of the strong players were long gone.

In other words, he floated for 10 weeks hiding behind Amanda. Yeah, it worked but that isn’t exactly the kind of game play that is consistent with his version of how he played.

And finally, he has demonstrated that he is a professional liar which makes it impossible to believe any of his spin as he tries to buffalo everyone into believing he is really a nice guy. He clearly pulled the wool over the eyes of the house guests but it doesn’t play with those who actually know the whole story. He is one shady character in his words and his actions and no amount of spin can change the facts.


Va Vet

Excellent post. I read a story on another site where he said he issued an apology via Twitter to Elissa so every thing is fine between them now. I have a feeling that when Elissa finds out all the things Andy said about her this season she may feel like Andy is not the kind of person that she wants in her life. Andy talks about how he always class but he proved to us this season that he spells class withoutthe C and L.

I have an answer for you

Knight, to answer your question: Season 3 winner, Lisa Donahue. She didn’t lie or backstab. She was America’s sweetheart at that time. She made it to the end because she was so likable and didn’t betray anybody. Her final-two opponent, on the other hand (Danielle), was an Andy. A lying bitch who made deals with everyone and then betrayed them one by one. And who said a lot of nasty things about them. A bitter jury only gave her one vote, and that came from an awesome guy who made it to final three by being a very likable religious guy. Anyway, yes, it’s rare a good person can make it to the end and win, but Season 3 shows it can be done. As well as the season Jordan won. But Lisa Donabue in my opinion was the nicest person (as far as clean gameplay AND just being a good human being) to have won BB. I would love to see her back in an all-stars season. Unfortunately with this season’s players poor Lisa would’ve likely been evicted early because she was a lady and never would have fit in with this crowd (like Elissa).

Sad U of I alum

At first I rooted for Andy because he went to my alma mater, the University of Illinois. (Not at the same time, I am older). Please don’t think he represents the typical U of I graduate, a school that is tough to get into and is rigorous once you get in (although I guess he admitted to cheating, that “helps.”). Once I found out he was from the Chicago suburbs, a lot of his behavior made sense. The kids from the suburbs tended to be much more immature, narcissistic, and sheltered than the rest of us, and frankly they stuck to themselves because no one else could stand them for long. It was like High School Part 2 for them. I have a friend who still works there and confirms not much has changed. in that regard.

Andy is from Aurora, which if you recall was the setting for the movie “Wayne’s World.” (now I am dating myself). If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it will explain a lot.


I suppose it’s possible that you can be a despicable person and still be a “deserving winner” of BB.

Either way it goes, deserving winner or not (and I think not), Andy is a despicable person.

mark h

I think that pretty well sums it up. This year’s cast just wasn’t a very good one. It lacked both in strategic gameplay AND in genuinely likeable players. The MVP twist had the unintended consequence of getting the stronger physical competitors eliminated (David/Nick/Jeremy/Katelynn), resulting in a house full of weak competitors for most of the season. As no one trusted themselves to be able to win a competition except Aaryn, everyone chose to play it safe, vote with the house, etc. out of fear of being targeted. Because we didn’t have the contrast of physical competitors and strategic competitors, and those that balanced both….it was just tough to really care. They were all a little too similar.

The Beef

Exactly! They all played “safe”, or really they all played scared except for Amanda. And then, like sheep, they all followed along with “what the house wants” while Amanda ran the show for the first half + of the season. Andy wants to claim he played a great game, and the fact he won obviously is worth something in supporting that, but it’s hard to get behind a guy (no pun intended) when he spent the first half of the game doing nothing other than ratting out the other side to his “queen”, hiding behind her skirt (with Mcrae) while some of the best players left (idiots all for allowing that to happen – How could they not know he was ratting them out?), and crying every time someone walked out the door.

Gina was an absolute moron, when it came time to face the jury. I mean, COME ON! Come up with some kind of answer to the question of what was your next biggest move, other than getting Amanda out! You’ve had days to think about what you might say. All ya got is stuttering?


The most disappointing thing about this season was not the behaviour of the HG, but the hypocrisy and self righteousness of some of the fans. The ones that took offense to things the houseguests said and then turned around and said just as nasty things about the ones they hate. I am a superfan, and I will say nasty things about HG based on their game play, but I don’t equate the player in the game with the kind of person they are outside the house. You can’t know what it’s like to be in the house until you’ve been in their shoes. It really disturbs me how a lot of fans this season don’t seem to understand that it is a tv game show. It isn’t real. Do these people go around hating on the soap opera villian in real life too? It’s the same thing. Its TV. And now that it’s over, there is a bunch of fans that won’t shut up until they have ruined these people’s lives forever over things they said in a game. I find it hard to believe that these people have never said anything inappropriate before, wait, yes they have. They have answered the HG inappropriate statements with even more inappropriate vitriol against them. A certain kind of fan came out of the woodwork this summer, in true Orwellian fashion, bleating like sheep against Goldstein during the minute of hate. You people are no better than the ones you hate on, in fact you are worse. You hate that Aaryn said inappropriate things, you blew the things she said out of proportion, and now you want her punished for the rest of her life. It’s ok to call her all sorts of names, a lot of them related to the fact that she is a white girl, it’s wrong to point out that Candace is black, but ok for the zing bot to call Andy pasty white. I know a lot of redheads with very fair complexions and freckles that are very insecure and sensitive about that, but I guess since Andy is white, he just has to suck it up and take it. Amanda was real. She said what was on her mind, she didn’t leave you guessing. Was she crude? Yeah, but I thought it even cruder to call her names like whore, C*$t etc on a discussion board that had nothing to do with her game and made broad uninformed assumptions about who she is outside the house. Ah the hypocrisy!! Maybe next year we can get a bunch of minorities in the house, nice people being nice to each other all summer long, offering to go home so the others can stay. The offended fans from this season can have cumbaya sessions on the message boards and the true superfans can tune out and watch something else. So bring it on, all you perfect righteous people that have never said or done anything inappropriate. Bring on the thumbs down, wish the plague on me and my biracial children and their unborn children.

On a happy note, thanks for your hard work Simon and Dawg, see you in February for BBCA!

Whine Andy Whine

My dog is named Chloe except she is smart.


How can I argue with such a well thought out and intelligent contribution? You actually show just what I was talking about. Instead of using an intelligent and rational argument to rebut my post, you insinuate that I am dumber than a dog. You attack my character when all you think you know about me is a few paragraphs of words about my opinion of a tv show. You could at least deconstruct my words and give me a convincing argument to show how my words are wrong. And you talk about my intelligence. Pffft.


well thought out & intelligent?


I agree. Not all, but a lot of the fans posted things online that were just as bad as a lot of the things that were said by the house guests!
They then also proceeded to complain about the houseguests being vile and hateful. I am also so glad that we were warned by so many people that Amanda was chosen ahead of time to win BB15.


You have a point about some fans but you do realize that soap operas are scripted. The actors are performing to a written and directed script. No doubt BB is influenced by production but they don’t put the words into guest’s mouths. Guests aren’t puppets whose actions are controlled by a Great Oz in the ceiling. The whole point of the show revolves around supposedly everyday people being watched, monitored, analyzed and yes, criticized by an audience. One can hardly then complain that audience scrutiny and criticism is unfair. If guests don’t want their in-house behaviour to affect their real after-house life, then don’t behave like a depraved idiot while on the show and recognize that people, including fans, friends, family, colleagues and employers, have the ability to watch nearly every move and listen to almost every conversation. One doesn’t need to be personally unprincipled to be an entertaining schemer, backstabber and liar within the context of the game.

In any event, your post somewhat drives home to me why I have decided to quit watching BB. The guests now tend to be young, weak-minded, immature exhibitionists seeking 15 minutes of fame. None of the recent guests have been particularly talented or accomplished at anything and so weren’t very interesting. I get no pleasure out of watching people degrade themselves and others and I don’t want to support such degradation by watching.

I don’t imagine that BB production is going to have much luck changing that. Five-hundred grand (much less than that, after taxes) is not enough money to attract anybody of quality considering the acceptable standards of behaviour set and demonstrated this season. Given that guests have a one in fifteen chance of winning the big prize, it ought to be apparent to all that one of the measures of success in the game is leaving with your reputation and integrity intact, because in the end, you probably aren’t going to be a winner.

I never expected guests to be perfect in word and deed, but I did not expect the kind of deliberate cruelty and crudeness I witnessed this season.


” Amanda was real. She said what was on her mind, she didn’t leave you guessing. Was she crude? Yeah, but I thought it even cruder to call her names like whore, C*$t etc on a discussion board that had nothing to do with her game and made broad uninformed assumptions about who she is outside the house.”

You can’t have it both ways. If she was real then we certainly can make informed assumptions about who she is outside of the house.

Go back and watch the feeds. She is the one who talked about wanting to slit Jessie’s throat so she couldn’t scream while having her gang raped and using her blood as a lubricate.–who even thinks such a thing much less thinks it’s funny?

While watching see if you can find one day–just one day where she wasn’t talking about some man, woman or object that found it’s way into her crotch. That’s 90 days and I bet you can’t find it.

What kind of woman leaves her period stained sheets on the bed knowing someone else has to sleep there? What kind of woman goes around bragging that she had sex in every room in the house–including the photo booth?

Personally I still believe she has Histrionic personality disorder and instead of getting treatment she has found a Dr. FeelGood so she gets her speed during the day and her downers at night–she even talked Aaryn into sharing her meds.

In many cases, people with histrionic personality disorder have good social skills; however, they tend to use these skills to manipulate others so that they can be the center of attention.

A person with this disorder might also:

Be uncomfortable unless he or she is the center of attention
Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior
Shift emotions rapidly
Act very dramatically, as though performing before an audience, with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity
Be overly concerned with physical appearance
Constantly seek reassurance or approval
Be gullible and easily influenced by others
Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another
Not think before acting
Make rash decisions
Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others
Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others

Am I a doctor qualified to diagnose? No but these signs do sound familiar to the real Amanda we saw on display.


self-proclaimed “true” superfans like you scare me. fortunately there have been 14 seasons that prove you wrong. it is a game tv show but the players and their behaviour are real and should know that they will reap what they sow from the public by now. this season you really can’t hold the fans or viewers to a higher standard than the houseguests. that’s hypocrisy too. pot calling the cattle black. poor aaryn, amanda and andy…hell no.


Andy you are a gay man you are fake. Gay people are loving , kind not vile and respectable people.


Gay people do not have a monopoly on moral behavior. They have flaws like you and me. Jeffrey Dahmer, and J Edgar Hoover were far from exemplary human beings.


I dislike the idea that a vile floater win Big Brother, he is going to NEED every dime of that blood money. He is a hated person, he is a coward (by his own words), he talks like he is so smart and lovable. What a joke, he needs to purchase a life, friends, and get a job, money can not buy you a personaility dude. Elissa winning MVP, I do not agree with either. There were bolder stronger players in the game. She was just a tool, but she did not deserve to be talked about like that or her son or family. I would sue Andy for his money if I was her. I will not watch again.


UGLY IS DEEP TO THE BONE in Andy and all that money will not help him. He is a vile person, who hates all the people whom he stated “he loves them all” I call BS on that statement.

Spencer's Nut Sack

Spencer’s Nut Sack says: “Hey my good butt buddy Handy Andy, how about you let me tickle your testicles with my firey red beard like we used to do tea bagging in the HoH bathroom while I’m on suspension from Union Pacific. Maybe my union business agent and your teachers union rep can talk over coffee at Star Bucks coffee and Deer Hunting store GM opens with her $50K on a “Fairy” (ferry) in Staton Island.


Still with the gay jokes days after the finale…starting to wonder how many of you are just gay and in the closet. Maybe you’d like to see Andy and Spencer get it on? Or any two men for that matter?

I’ve never seen so many so-called straight people so obsessed with a relationship between two grown men in the Big Brother house. It would be humorous if I also didn’t have so much pity for your own sad sense of humor. I mean were you just going for shock value with your above post? How was it supposed to be funny?

And seriously, it’s ok if you’re gay. You don’t have to hide behind really lame jokes.

This Season Blows

Aaryn and Spencer are the only ones who have come anywhere near being legitimately sorry for their actions. Haters can point to Aaryn’s PR firm all they want but it was clear from the moment that Julie started going off on her that she realized she screwed up badly. Candice forgave her and defended her, and that’s good enough for me. And Spencer said that he regrets the comments that he made and hopes that he didn’t ruin future seasons of the show.


Amanda is still trying to delude herself into thinking she’s a “strong woman,” not a bully, and that she has a fanbase. “McCranda Mafia”? Really?

Andy’s apologies to Elissa reek of fakeness. He’s sorry “FO SHO”? Really Andy? Try again, with some sincerity this time. And his public begging for Candice to talk to him is pathetic. I liked Andy as a player this year, but he’s been the biggest trainwreck of the postseason so far.

GinaMarie had the audacity to blame hip-hop music for her racism.

Helen is nowhere to be found after how her bullying ruined the season in the house and her big mouth ruined the finale for the entire audience.

And last but not least, Elissa is playing the innocent victim even though she was one of the biggest bullies and shit-stirrers this season and a judgemental classist jerk, while the Brenchel fans deny, deny, deny.

What are you talking about Willis

“Elissa is playing the innocent victim even though she was one of the biggest bullies and shit-stirrers this season” Oh, I get it, everyone else can play this way except for Elissa.

GI Joe

“it was clear from the moment that Julie started going off on her that she realized she screwed up badly. ”

Sure. But that doesn’t make her sorry that she did it, only sorry that she got caught.