Big Brother Spoilers JUDD back in the game “I’m starting with a clean slate I don’t have any Allies”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


9:00pm Bedroom JUDD, Andy, Amanda, McCrae , Aaryn, Specner

JUDD talking about the eviction process. Says he never really had time to talk Game with the other evicted houseguests. JUDD adds he was very surprised to see Helen got evicted he thought it would have been Spencer.
Amanda asks him about the post eviction interview JUDD says it only takes 5 minutes (not the one with Julie chen)
They are all confused why Jessie said ‘F*** you Amanda” after she slipped off the platform during the competition. JUDD always thought she was mad at Elissa and Helen
Aaryn:” How does it feel to have Helen out and you back in”
JUDD: “awesome” she says he didn’t care about winning the HOH he only cared about getting back into the game.


9:08 Storage room JUDD and Aaryn

Aaryn telling him she felt horrible for 3 days after he left.. She explains that “They” told her she was next if she didn’t put JUDD up. JUDD: “I Know”


9:14pm Lots of little side conversations going on

Spencer asks JUDD if there’s flying cars on the outside yet
Amanda:’ I started to cry it hurt so bad when it hit my b**b.. I thought it had popped”
Andy: ‘Those balls hurt”


9:17pm Elissa and JUDD

JUDD says he felt bad for not hugging Elissa.
Elissa:” I didn’t want you to go”
JUDD: “I’m starting with a clean slate I don’t have any Allies”
Elissa: “So you are good to vote out who I put up”
JUDD:” Anyone.. I don’t care”
Elissa: “Who do you think I will put up”
JUDD: “Aaryn”
Elissa: “So you are not mad at Amanda and MCCrea”
JUDD: “I’m starting fresh”
Elissa: “I don’t like anyone in here.. i’m so excited”

JUDD:” I’m still in shock.. I need my clothes I forgot how dirty it is around here”


9:22pm Amanda and Aaryn
Amanda tells her they have to tell JUDD getting him out was all Helen.
Amanda says she totally forgets what she told JUDD in his goodbye message..

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

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really hoping for demanda/mcpussy to be nominated, with andy as a replacement if needed


I sctually hope she puts up amanda and aryan so that when aryan saves herself she nominates mcpussy


I really hope she puts up amanda and mccrae cus if she puts up aaryn aaryn is gone. I hated elissa and aaryn in the beggining but now I hope they team up and start beasting competitions channel that rachel elissa and get andy amanda and mccrae out of here.


you just said aryan is a beast, there’s no doubt she will save herself, this way she can backdoor mcpussy, unless of course McPussy wins and saves A-man-duh! (hoping this doesn’t happen) so one of them will leave(hopefully A-man-Duh!)


I Love It, I Love It. Elissa You Go Girl!!


Omg I’m cracking up here. Whoever came up with the name Mcpussy is brilliant. Can’t stop laughing


No, you know what’s gonna even better then that? Is when mcpussy reads his new moniker. I mean its everywhere too. On every big brother site, facebook, twitter, etc. That will definitely make him think twice about keeping demanda around. Unless he really has no self respect.

oh please

No. She needs to put up Amanda and Mc. Because otherwise if hes not on the block he can win Veto and save them both. Then If either one comes down you put up Aryan. That way you get Ginamarie to vote out who evers let up against her. Dont worry about The snake Andy. Because once the Mcstinky’s are split up..he’ll be running around like a chicken w/no head. JUDD and Spencer need to hook up w/her and get rid of them. I have a feeling where ever JUDD goes…Aryan will follow….

PLEASE…hg…think…we’ve tried..Julie’s tried..Jessie tried…to tell you something..please get rid of the most gross house guest ever!


Great scenario. 100% Amanda is nominated. 100% she stays nominated because she’s terrible at winning any HOH or POV challenge. Elissa will also be gunning for little snitch, Andy, or MC. It’s over for that crew. If And wins POV so much the better. McAmanda is done.


If Elissa nominates McCranda, and Andy as a substitute, their strong alliance will be broken. They can’t say they don’t have the votes to evict them because they can only choose between them only. So goodbye $%%^^&**!!!

Name 2

I cannot wait till everyone turns on Amanda! I really hope if she’s on the block before eviction someone uses the line “i’m voting with the house!” hopefully meaning they are taking her out. Who knew I’d be rooting for Elissa and gm lol


I read somewhere that Elissa told Amanda that she wants to put up McCrae and Aaryn and hopes that Aaryn leaves. That’s a big mistake, she should put McCrae and Amanda with Andy as a back up. Amanda is saying to put up Aaryn and Gina Marie. Elissa saying she doesn’t want to put up Gina Marie. Amanda is a horrible person. Everytime someone wins HOH she dictates who goes up. She should win HOH herself and then decide who goes up. I hope they get Demanda out of the house next Thursday, if not McCrae or then Gossip Boy Andy. Enough is enough, I hope Elissa is the first HOH not to be afraid of Demanda!!!


I think Elissa won’t resist putting up Aaryn… But I also think she tell’s Amanda what she wants to ear for now. Plus Aaryn is so good at comps, i bet she’ll win that veto and take herself off. THEN Amanda goes up! I wish so much!


I def think she might put up Aaryn and Amanda. I mean did anyone else hear her tell Judd about a made up alliance between Helen Amanda and Aaryn to get him out lol


Elissa put McCrae and Aaryn up and think that was a brilliant move. Now if ether one gets the veto and uses it she can back door Amanda and she can break up the McCrae/Amanda duo which needs to be done. She says she is gunning for Aaryn but I hope that is just a smoke screen to cover her real plan. What ever happens she will be eliminating a key player this week and will do serious damage to the power in the house.

Amandas Vagina

You fools can keep on hating I’m taking this 500K!


I don’t know why this is down voted. I mean, it’s AMANda’s VAGINa. It’s clearly meant to be funny….and it is!


I think getting rid of Aaryn won’t be the best move right now. Even though she’s good a competitions and has a chance of winning next week’s HOH, Elissa would lose GM as a possible ally which Elissa needs. Getting rid of Amanda causes only McCrae and Andy to really go after Elissa.. and we all know how dangerous those two are ;)

Elissa fan

Yay Elissa Helen quit the comp so did Candice what a waste and fans were routing for them that’s so annoying jessie was trying but slipped


No you get rid of aryan nation! You get rid of her and you get rid of 3ams powerhouse(so much for thinking kaitlin was the better competitor). 1. They now can only on mccrae in comps and with demanda around mcpussy is still pussy whipped and sucks at comps 3. 2am would replace elissa as their new Beast, while she backdoors them in the process 4. getting rid of amanda not only fuels mcpussys fire(and now she has two ppl going beast mode) but now aryan and mccrae will definitely target elissa and get her out since they will have votes; at least she can work with them and andy likes her too 5. Gm doesn’t really like aryan as much anymore, so elissa can build a side alliance with her, judd, and spencer.


Apologize for the confusion this response was meant for the comment above elissa fan’s.


I read on another site Candice realized and told Judd he would last longer (ABSOLUTELY TRUE) and jumped


If Elissa smart she will cut a deal with Aaryn (the Adderall queen she will win the next hoh) not to put her up next week ,then put Amanda ( she can’t win anything) with Andy (the rat face rim gobbler) then if either win the veto put McCrae as a paw.


it’s hilarious to watch Amanda/mcrae… scramble with their lil rat brother Andy… strategizing…about how to avoid the block…lol…..those 3 won’t get any sleep… I’m loving this…..


Oh I have been WAITING for this HOH. Go Elissa!!!!


Spencer asks JUDD if there’s flying cars on the outside yet


This Season Blows

Elissa: “So you are not mad at Amanda and MCCrea”
JUDD: “I’m starting fresh”

As expected, Judd is right back to sheeping for Demanda and McPussy. Shocker! This is why the returning houseguest twist was lame.


I think Judd said that “fresh start) just to play it safe until he can see who is truly aligned with who.


I don’t think Judd is that smart.

Anyone but JUDD

That is why I did not want Judd back in the house. Nice guy, but easy for Amanda and Andy to manipulate.


Ya thankfully he didn’t win hoh. But I have a feeling Elissa might be convinced by Mcmanda/Andy to put up Aaryn/GM or Aaryn/Spencer…..i really hope i’m wrong!

A week of hell with the queen of stuck up

Of all the people to not win HOH of course Botox duck lips pulls a rabbit out of her ass. I’m not sure how but I wouldn’t be surprised if the end result was rigged. I mean how convenient that Spencer, Andy, and McCrae were the first to drop. Really? Anyway, you better take your best shot this week you gold digging fake because next week you can’t play for HOH and it will be you heading to the jury house. That is if course unless production puts in a special power that you coincidentally win. Which is what will probably happen. This week is going to be miserable watching all the attention be on you, the way you like it, and seeing everyone kissing your ass. But at least they will be stabbing you in the back out of your sight and planning your demise.


Wtf, if elissa is the queen of stuck up what’s that make aryan, the empress of stuck u?I guess its still rigged when they are shooting random balls in the air. Did u see the focus in elissa’s eyes? That’s the first time I saw the tiger in her eyes all season. Well I guess she really is rachels sister. She just needed a fire under her ass. Its a good thing for her that helen left. Now she’s determined. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes beast mode from now on. But to be honest I don’t even care if she wins; I just want to see her get aryan out. I can’t wait for that interview with the Chenbot.


Wtf, if elissa is the queen of stuck up what’s that make aryan, the empress of stuck u?I guess its still rigged when they are shooting random balls in the air. Did u see the focus in elissa’s eyes? That’s the first time I saw the tiger in her eyes all season. Well I guess she really is rachels sister. She just needed a fire under her ass. Its a good thing for her that helen left. Now she’s determined. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes beast mode from now on. But to be honest I don’t even care if she wins; I just want to see her get aryan out. I can’t wait for that interview with the Chenbot.


Elissa should of been disqualified her feet came off the platform!! RIGGED!!!


I’m not sure how you can say it was rigged, when Amanda was the only one that didn’t seem to get as wet as the others. The water seemed to be aimed directly at the others face. Amanda was only getting wet in the side mostly. As for Spencer McCrae and Andy falling, so did Jessie and she was doing well so I guess you think that was rigged also. Spencer McCrae, and Andy didn’t have many balls, and at the rate they were throwing them they probably wouldn’t have won even if they stayed on the blocks.


I was actually happy with the HOH result – finally a shakeup in be house I hope. I think it wasn’t hitting Amanda’s face because she’s so tall – could be wrong though- she’s got like four inches on both Elissa and GM. As for rigging – not saying it was or wasn’t – but you could rig the direction and speed the balls were shot. Like some could come more directly to a person or it could come at an angle so they had to reach. And I don’t even care if it was cheating or not – Elissa’s super hero hangon was so badass that I can’t complain.


Exactly….. so why did all you fools vote for him to return on the poll. On this site so many complaints about how boring it is and you want a shake up but then you want someone back in the game who doesn’t have any backbone and is quite happy on riding McCranda’s coattails.


Last I checked America didnt pick who comes back..

what was the better choice?

Candice the quitter? She quit when Spencer fell off the log in the bull and china shop challenge. I think she quit tonight when Helen fell off.

Helen and her Mom and America speeches? She would just get tricked by Andy again.

Jessie? Everyone makes fun of her. She has no friends in the house. As you seen tonight she cant win anything.


I Said on the POLL….. and yes I think any of the others would have been better. Jessie being the best as she has a backbone!!!!


I agree with you I wish Jessie won


Right? It would have been so much more dramatic if helen woulda came back but that challenge was tailored for him over the girls. If it is so called “rigged” as allthese ppl claim, you think it would be tailored more for helen; like a puzzle or trivia. Cause that would have helped elissas cause. Cause we all know its rigged for her (sarcasm for you dimwits who will respond with “Its not rigged…”)


Don’t look at me I voted for DAWG!


Please, can we get an ACTUAL power move and put up amanda and mcrae? I mean cmon, this is becoming bb canada again where the love couple owns the season :/

eli rules

I hear ya! But it seems that Elissa still has Aaryn in her crosshairs. She just lied to Judd that there was a secret girls alliance between Aaryn, Helen and Amanda that had been working for weeks to evict him. She obviously wants him to target Amanda and Aaryn, and McCrae is not even on her radar.

If she is smart she will put up McRae and Amanda to avoid one of them not being on the block, winning veto and saving the other one. But I wouldn’t put her past her to put up Amanda and Aaryn initially, because her emotions can get the best of her, and she’ll just put up the two she can’t stand.

We’ll see!!

Ians Beer

Lookit them bitches, scrambling faster than a pan fulla shaky eggs!!!


It’s suck for Amanda doesn’t it, I would love to see Aaryn or Amanda face that Elissa would put up both of them.


I hope Elissa puts Amanda and McRae together, not Aaryn. If one of them gets veto then put Andy. The three stooges has to be broken up.


I think Elissa should put up Aaryn too because in the long run Aaryn will put Elissa up the following week! Think about it…Elissa cant compete in the next HOH so Aaryn will nominate Elissa next week. As much as we despise Amanda….Aaryn is NOT a plus for Elissa’s game!


elissa will put up aaryn and mc. so either one gets off and andy or amanda go up and there goes 3am & 2am out the door


NO Aaryn !… you tell Judd it was ALL Amanda and you get her out !


“Amanda tells her they have to tell JUDD getting him out was all Helen.
Amanda says she totally forgets what she told JUDD in his goodbye message.. ”

This is HILARIOUS.. she don’t know that he knows it was her… This week is the entertainment I’ve been waiting for.

This Season Blows

HE probably doesn’t even remember it was her. He has a “clean slate” now so he’s back to being a Demanda sheep.

boooooo bb15

She didn’t leave him a message, it was a double eviction. no messages were made for the evicted house guest. :)

Get Serious

They left a goodbye message.. the audience doesn’t get to see it!

boooooo bb15

How so? It was a double eviction that that they didn’t know about. Why would they be leaving Judd a goodbye message?


They had them all go in after the double evict and RE-record the Candice messages because they
did not know prior to her eviction that she was in jury.
At that time they also has them actually record them for Judd also, because there was no way to
know before the double eviction that they HAD to record any messages for JUDD (no one knew
about the DE)


I really hope Ellisa puts up McCranda up!


Judd better put his Smart Boy Pants on
but something tells me he’ s going to fall
right back into the CULT OF SATANDA
Ellisa winning HOH was amazing.
The game of BB has officially begun…
let’s hope Aaryn, Rat Face Andy or McCranda
is shown the front door next week!


LOL I HAVE SOOOOO MANY THINGS to say!!!!! This week’s game will be who can throw someone under the bus the best!!!! Elissa was a freaking Ninja Beast in that comp! It makes me sick how MCranda thinks they can control Elissa’s nom! To the members of 3am……I really hope y’all have an uncomfortable week cause y’all gonna be throwing each other left and right!!!! And as Rachel would say…..FLOATERS GRAB A LIFE VEST!!!


Amanda trying to pin it ALL on Helen…..puh lease!!!! Judd better NOT embarrass me and he better KNOW Amanda had a HUGE part in his eviction!!! I love it!!! They are all doing damage control haha! JUDD better figure out Amanda is still lying to him and get her out!


I realize Elissa still has to “play the game” so to speak, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if when The Red Queen and McCrae walk into the HOH room and The Red Queen possessively plops onto Elissa’s bed, Elissa says to them, “Get off of my bed!” I’d also love for her to throw Stoolie the Toad out of the room when she is having conversations with other houseguests and tells him, “This is a PRIVATE conversation.” I know it won’t happen; but I can dream.


I agree! If I was HOH and Amanda was sitting on my bed….I would be like “Get your stinking dirty yeast infection underwear off my bed!!!!!!” Although she does have to “play the game!”


Elissa will not allow Mcnasty to vacation on her HOH bed.


Amen! Im so sick of watching Amanda walk into the HOH and act like it is all her. I hope she does tell them to get off and out of her room. Pleae Please nominate Amanda and McCray. Andy as backup.
Amanda has to go though she has such evil eyes.

This Season Blows

Don’t forget lots more of “mmmmmmhmmmmuhhhhh” and begging production for more perks. After all, they gave her the freaking HOH competition she asked for, bet she’ll demand a Pandora’s Box or Diamond POV next.


She almost fell numerous times but she made amazing saves! You running out of reasons to hate on her because she is an actual competitor!!!


Hey Simon, is Elissa still in a final two deal with Allison G? Which one of that power couple will decide this weeks noms?


Simon remember that on week one Everyone was against Elissa and this Ok Ok Helen was the only one who came to the room tocomfort her and that is how they bonded. I just saw video on the Jury comps clearly a hand pushed Helen right foot as her right leg moved then saw a hand behind her spot before and after she fell. Guess they BB wanted Judd to come back instead Helen.


Please Elissa don’t play personal (Aaryn) play smart and get rid of Amanda and McCrae!!!!!!!


AARYN going up is still a plus for Elissa! Aaryn will put her up regardless……Aaryn can win comps too….cause of her freaking Aderall!!!


Why can’t Amanda win comps because of her freaking Adderall?


ADerall is an enhancing drug…..without it…Amanda would be last place but now she gets third place at compel….cause she sucks so much the drug doesn’t effect her…..although I’m not trying to be mean but I saw on this site that the drug is less effective on “bigger” ppl like Amanda….and she doesn’t take much


Because you need to have natural logical, coordination, concentration or memory skills FIRST! Then Aderrall increases it!! And here, i let you thinks about Amanda “naturals skills”… I don’t even need to comment about those, otherwise, i’ll risk a kind of vocabulary that i do not consider as “to be a skill” for myself…
This season bored me alot for the past few weeks. But that permit some people in the house to suprisely “arise” on an unexpected shinyer side (here i’m talking about GM! Even though her being nice to Helen and Elissa, I think she really opens herself to know them better and got suprised). Hopefully, this special arising will keep hitting Elissa’s (after two glorious wins!) mind and reach Judd at the same time… If Judd allies with the girls, he could have a chance, all the jurors really liking him…


* being nice to Helen and Elissa was srategical at first, …


That is what Helen told her do not nominate GM and Aryan. Elissa will not nominate GM but I hope she puts up MccManda and backdoor Andy if one wins veto as payback for being a RAT.

Pick a better cast CBS

If judd goes to Amanda and mcrae hes stupid. I don’t understand why no one will get them out they only have 2 votes (considering one of them is on) also considering aaron backdoors. Aaron had a good oppurtuinity to take her out, but she didn’t because Amanda is “scary” hopefully judd does not do this. If he does im really done with big brother .-.


Elissa,please don.t screw this up.

Da Buddha

Hope beyond hope Judd doesn’t get disoriented by the overpowering stench of the houses remaining HG B.S. Elissa, grab a pair and get out there and fight, fight, fight!


finally, the BB gods have answered, get rid of mcreepy aMANduh or andy,

Pick a better cast CBS

IF elisa does not put up Amanda -_-


What a piece of crap. It’s Judd, he’s McCranda’s sheep. At least Elissa won HOH.

Jeremy's Boat

3AM is prob going to take a hit this week, but I think Elissa is potentially unstable, heres hoping she puts McManda up…


Anyone but JUDD!!! I so know he will go with Mc and Spenser. Ellissa needs to put up Mc/Am and the replacement will be Andy. She needs to make a deal with AA and Gm. Please Ellissa make the right deals. This is her one opportunity to make real deals. Amanda needs to go. Fricken Judd is up to no good again, we really never know where his alliances are. Didn’t Candace tell him it was Amanada who wanted him out???? Poor, Helen not only did she wait to long she is the blame for all their (am/mc) moves. PLEASE ELLISSA!!! The only one i want to see in the end is judd or ellissa ……… can’t imagine any of the others getting the money. i hope the internet is demanding that there be no luxury comps … they don’t deserve anything.


Helen will be OK her husband is a judge. I just hope that Elissa do what Helen told her to put up AMMCC and remembers that Andy is a traitor. Actually there are two people in HOH that Heln saved Elissa and Aaryan.


I will be seriously impressed if Elissa puts aside her feelings with Aaryn and nominates Mccranda and/or Andy. I’m not liking my odds of being impressed though.


judd will be the second brendon he went back into the house and he will get kick out again … I want these players to make moves big moves LOVE ya hellen …. JUDD is going right back to resting his game in the same people hand ……. I just dont want judd here now he’s here what will he do diffrent OR WHAT WE GET THE SAME JUDD BACK……… The ONLY thing judd do good is follow NOT LEAD …. I dont care what he said in the jury house but he’ll nominate amanda that was only talk ….


Good news all around Judd is back, and someone may actually try to get Mcranda out. Don’t waste an HOH on Aaryn, get the power couple seperated and all hell will break loose next week.


If Elissa doesn’t put up Amanda and McCrae…………………………………..!

Go Elissa (the crazy but sane one!)

As crazy as Elissa can get at times she is the most likely the ONLY one who is smart enough to realize that Amanda has to go. Amanda still gets on my nerves. Did she cry again after not winning yet another competition?

Bye Bye B!TCHE$

She hasn’t cried YET but she just might. Demanda has already asked Elissa who she was thinking about putting up and Elissa replied with Aryan and maybe McCrea. Demanda’s face was PRICELESS!!!!


If Elissa wastes this HOH on a personal move like Aaryn or GM I’m gonna be PISSED! Please put up McCranda!


Let us hope that he does not kiss Amanda’s a**. I hope Ellisa does not listen to Amanda.

Danity Kane

There. Was. PROOF. That. Competition. Was. Rigged.
I’m SO angry! Helen was signalled to jump, and Elissa was PULLED back onto the platform. There’s a video on youtube and a gif floating around. They rigged it! You have to believe me. Why else would there be people behind the platforms, interfering?


care to post a link to this apocryphal clip?


So excited for Elissa, she has so many losers to choose from to put up.


Ok I’m man enough to admit that when I was predicting that Helen (and so glad she did) was leaving this week and Elissa was leaving next week, that I WAS WRONG. Elissa proved to be the best today, and was a beast in this HOH competition, so props to her. I still don’t like her game play or lack of it one bit, but she deserves to be HOH this week. Second, Out of the guest brought back to compete today, I’m glad Judd won.


She’s a cheating loser! All of that was rigged!


Please, be realistic. There’s nothing more normal thant having people behind the site comp on a TV show. Technicians, soundman, “you know”. I watched the “o so scandaleous” video. Helen was on the tips of her toes. She fall from a very difficult position to maintain. For the other people alleging Elissa was pulled or grabbed… I searched… And didn’t find it yet. The only rigging is about the idea they give us by editing what’s shown on tv.
If anyone could provide a link to see better “proofs”, really, being curious!


Man, Judd is really falling right back in line. He should form a new alliance, because all these numbnits wanting him out…That is why I didn’t want to see him back….funny or not, he brings nothing to the game.


Judd is still hoping for an all male finale at the end. He’d love to be able to stick around long enough to see all the women voted out.

bunny in a box

Andy is the only player here that actually deserves to win. He has the best game here, and didn’t do anything wrong. TEAM ANDY!! can I get a Amen!


Andy is a damn annoying rat who has ruined most of the enjoyment of watching this show for viewers. Frigging grown ass man constantly crying and running to mommy Amanda all the time to tell her what the others said about her and accusing Elissa and Helen of “threatening” him. WTF?
He is so far up Amanda’s ass. I can’t friggin stand him. I really want to see Amanda and McCrae done for but I wouldn’t be upset one bit to see Andy scurrying out the door like the annoying rat that he is


I agree. Andy can;t think for himself. He is gonna get lost in a dark hole kissing her ass so much. It is so stupid. Cant stand the 3 of them. They gotta go. I hope Elissa makes some good moves this week.


I see rats and bunnies go together.

Varys Blackfyre

Please please please put up Amanda and McCrae. This is your shot. Don’t even risk a backdoor just take one of them out.


Just signed up for the feeds…..constant fish, what’s up with that? I want to see who hunts down Judd first!


Yo WTF is this right here, There was a hand showing when Helen jumped off.

To me, it looked like they were tapping her foot to jump off… Not that I wanted her back in the house, but that’s some suspect shit right there…

This Season Blows

They were probably tapping everyone to hop off so Rachelissa could win. She also was begging production to “give her the wall” earlier, and lo and behold, she got the exact type of competition she wanted! Funny how that works.


how can anyone pay for the live feeds they off every minute.


Judd is conning Elissa. He’s hoping to get back into his alliance with The Red Queen and McCrae. I saw him whisper something to The Red Queen when the jurors first entered the house and then the three of them were talking off to a side. He’ll promise Elissa anything as long it keeps him safe this coming week. It sounds as though Elissa is uncertain as to who to put up on the block and that is troubling. She’ll start listening to the “advice” of her fellow housemates. Her dislike of Aaryn may overrule her good judgment and cause her to put Aaryn on the block instead of The Red Queen and McCrae.

As for Stoolie the Toad, we know he will be in her ear advising her NOT to put up both The Red Queen and McCrae but rather to target Spencer and GinaMarie. I’m really hoping she plays this game for HERSELF and disregards the advice of these people who really want her out. As with The Red Queen and McCrae, she needs to completely tune Stoolie the Toad out now and don’t listen to a thing he tells her. He’ll come to her all sheepish and apologetic and maybe even push out a few crocodile tears; but he’s proven to be diabolically untrustworthy.


If Elissa doesn’t put up Amanda and McCrea with Eyebrows…I mean Aaryn as the replacement, then she’s as dumb as she looks….which means dollars to doughnuts, she puts up Aaryn and Spencer with GM as the replacement…and Poopy goes home.

Elissa's lips

Elissa will mess this hoh by focusing on Aaryn instead of Amanda and her boyfriend.


Looks like Amanda will be going to jury

The Black Fish

Best case for McManda (providing that she is unable to mindfyck Elissa) is one of them comes off, and are able shift the target to Aaryn or Andy.


So glad Helen is out.


I swear Elissa says the funniest things. From “Make a deal with me, you have no other choice,” to “I am the biggest deal,” to “I hate everyone here…I’m so excited.” Iol I love this girl.


dont like aaryn, but if she goes on the block, she better win veto because i want one of those other 3am rats to go! NAMELY AMANDA.


Okay im like 99.999% sure elissa will put Jabba on the block. If they don’t vote for Jabba the 3rd time she’s on the block then im done. Im walking away. Give Jabba the money and just stop wasting everyones time

Team Elissa/Judd

Is anyone else overjoyed Elissa won and Judd’s back in the game it’s like the perfect night


Elissa, yes! Judd, no. Would have preferred Jessie. At least we know she’d have the balls to put up Amanda and McCrae and if she didn’t win HOH she would campaign to Elissa to put them up

Go Elissa

Finally Amanda won’t be running this hoh hopefully Elissa puts up Amanda and mccrea and if one of them wins veto then put up Andy. This would be the first time in a while Amanda hasn’t controle who goes home but she still may let’s hope Elissa remembers that Amanda and followers voted Helen out. Elissa needs to make this her hoh and not let any influence her about nominations. The best move she can make is getting someone out from the 3 am alliance.

This Season Blows

“Finally Amanda won’t be running this hoh”

LOL… perfect timing, just as Rachelissa begins sheeping for Demanda!

Go Elissa

I’m just happy Amanda didn’t win because it would be predictable who goes home.


For the first time, I seriously would be bothered by Aaryn leaving. That bothers me. Am I a terrible person?


I don’t discriminate, i hate everyone.


This Season Blows

And now Rachelissa’s insisting that Aaryn has to go home and telling Demanda that she’s not going up.

When will Rachelissa’s delusional fans admit that she sucks at this game? No social game, 100% reliant on production, and plays the game way too personally for her own good.


i’m all for conspiracy theories but you can’t tell me that production didn’t scout Rachel’s sister to be on this show. She spends half the time complaining, the other half she just has no clue. I swear the only past seasons she’s watched were the one’s with her sister. Rachel was annoying as hell but she came to play the game…Elissa is just there