Big Brother 15 Interviews, News, Scandals and MORE.. PART 2!


After just over a week since the finale the cast of Big Brother 15 have just begun to digest how the fans viewed their experience inside the BB house over the last 3 months. While some are in denial about their words and actions others have taken ownership of their mistakes and are trying to grow from the experience. Below are a number of new interviews and articles about the cast since they’ve left the Big Brother world.

During the BB15 wrap party a number of the Big Brother Canada season 1 cast joined the party and got mixed up in some of the drama. Apparently there was some drama between Big Brother Canada house guest Alec Beall and two Big Brother US house guests Jessie Kowalski BB15 and JoJo Spatafora from BB14. Allegedly Jojo liked Alec and got jealous when Jessie and Alec got together. Some of the drama spread to twitter when Jojo started attacking Jessie.

Jessie wrote:
“Please help us clear up a rumor about jojo and Alec being together when we started hanging out in Vegas..”

Alec responded:
“Well that’s ridiculous!! The whole thing with Jojo was a joke!! We thought it would be funny to mess with people and play a prank that we were together and that we were moving down to la together, we were never actually dating!! I’m sorry, i feel horrible!!!”

Big Brother 9’s Parker Delon’s letter to Ginamarie

Ginamarie’s video apology:

AfterBuzz with BB14’s Ashley:
In this show, host Ryan Allen Carrillo and guest host Ashley Iocco interview Andy Herren, Kaitlin Barnaby, Jeremy McGuire, Liza Stinton, and Aaryn Gries.

McCrae & Amanda – McCrandaMafia Exclusive Interview

Part 1:

Part 2:

Extra Pre / Post Footage:

Jessie Kowalski on KFDM Morning Show:

Photos from the Big Brother 15 Wrap Party

More Facebook photos

After the FINALE Interviews: Part 1

Britney Haynes from Big Brother 12 & Big Brother 14 blogs about her gratitude to the fans for the support they have received after learning their baby was diagnosed with cancer. Together For Tilly

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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VA Vet

The most telling part of Andy’s comments is when he said that he “could sweet talk my way out of anything”, and that’s exactly what he was trying to do in that interview.


I just hope Big Brother Canada has as much drama as BB15. BB Canada needs at least 4 racists to top BB15.


BB9’s Parker Delon’s Open Letter to Ginamarie is AMAZING and he pretty much said everything I was/am feeling. The entire BB15 cast, w/ the exception of Elissa, Candice, Jessie, Helen, and Howard, can go suck it with their disingenuous apologies.


Uh, what did Judd or McCrae ever say that was racist? And Jessie used to laugh right along with the mean girls (that she so pathetically wanted to be accepted by) when they made their comments about Candace, so I guess she better suck on it as well, right?

ThisWhiteyKeep it Real

I also enjoyed his open letter, and keeping it real I’m so sick of how the cast is not keeping it real. I have friends of all races and cultures and if or when I’m upset with them or a strangers of a different race, I don’t use their ethnic, culture or color as a weapon and words regarding their color never comes out of my mouth, nor does it enters my mind. When you look at a person with anger and the first thoughts are about their race, than you may have issues. Why call Candice a black bitch? If she was a bitch her color had nothing to do with it, bitches can describe people of all races and gender. Keep it real, race was a issue in the house because the house guest are racist. Keep it Real, every negative word spoken about non white folks in the house it was always a insult of their race or sexual preferences. If you are not a racist you can still insult people without attacking an entire group of people, try picking up a dictionary. Whenever Amanda spoke about Howard it always included a term to describe his color, and same with Helen.


BB9″s Parker Delon’s open letter was AMAZING and pretty much expressed how I am/was feeling. With the exception of Elissa, Candice, Helen, and Howard, the entire BB15 cast can shove it with their disingenuous apologies.


So we are a week post Big Brother and we have a winner who is stomping his feet because there is not enough adulation of his great game play.
I have always hated the revisionist history of Big Brother, but usually don’t take the time I am going to tonight to clear up a few FACTS about the game.

Andy Herren was not some great strategist of Big Brother, what he was, was afraid. He was afraid of going on the block. He admits to lying in bed at night figuring out ways to keep himself safe. Yes, I know that is part of the point of the game, but there is more to the game than being a coward. Andy’s only motivation week after week was being too cowardly to go on the block. He was nick named a rat and Code Red because he would suddenly show up in a room and ruin any and all game play that might have been going on. Viewers hated his game play because he ruined any and all uprisings in the house until the Zing Bot hurt his floater feelings. He claims that he had control of the votes every week. NO, he was the snitch who ran back and told the woman who had control of the votes. Andy didn’t run from room to room to play people against each other, his sole purpose of this was only to make sure his name wasn’t being spoken. Again he played out of fear all day and all night. When the ZingBot informed him that America saw him as a floater he again played out of fear, he decided now was the time to do an about face and go against his beloved Mistress. Andy thought about saving Helen with Gina Marie but as soon as he knew his Mistress caught wind of it he went back into fear mode and kept Spencer. He was too afraid to be the vote to keep Helen. Andy so afraid of not being like floated the opposite direction of Amanda, which would be Elissa. He was desperate to find another group where he would not be the target. Lets remember it wasn’t the Exterminators, Andy would like us to believe that he had the Exterminators as some big master plan when really it was something he floated into.

Elissa was in power that week and she was the only person not buying his routine, she was also the only one who hated him walking in on her conversations. Out of desperation and fear of going up on the block he suddenly became willing to work with the person he repeatedly said he hated. Judd, Spencer and Andy swore their allegiance to Elissa if she chose to put GM up on the block and they would be the final four. Yup that’s right GM was the second choice. Elissa didn’t trust Andy to no longer work with his Mistress and put him on the block anyhow. It was only then that he jumped on the next boat that came along…. The Exterminators. Again this move wasn’t some bold move he made, but another desperate attempt to find safe harbor. Andy whined like a baby the entire three days he was on the block and lived in perpetual fear that he was being voted out.

Andy never was honest with the people he was voting out because he was afraid. Andy was even too afraid of telling the jury the real reason he took GinaMarie to the final two. It wasn’t because the two of them shared some special bond, he would have voted her out instead of Aaryn and stayed with 3 AM had Elissa put Gina Marie up instead of Andy. No Andy’s only real reason to take GM to the F2 was because he was afraid to go toe to toe with Spencer who can actually speak English and it might have been a fair fight. We all know that Andy is a coward and a fair fight was not something he could handle in the end.

The comparison of Andy Herren to actual Big Brother strategist like Will Kirby or @DanGhesling is laughable. Look floating is a strategy, being a rat is a strategy and being a coward who runs back to tell mommy is also a strategy. Andy didn’t win by being likable or being a master strategist he won because he was a coward. #BB15

So stomp your feet Andy, but realize this….Viewers didn’t find your cutesy voice or little boy clothes adorable. You can’t convince someone your sweet when your mouth is so sour. There is nothing worse than a coward who gets all big in the britches.”
— Diana Watt Excellent Opinion on Andy Herren’s Gameplay.


I couldnt have said it better myself, but u did leave one thing out about Andy, he was also a puppet!!

Barbi Bowman

Loved your comment James & you left yourself out of those all-time great&rememorable players! You sure have Andys’ # alrright.
He is a nasty, vile egotistical moron who shouldnt be allowed to EVER teach ANY! the art of “public speaking” as he hasn’t a clue.
I seriously hope all of his vile language comes back to haunt him for years. (Actually he’s def. a bad example of gays everywhere.)
I’m surprised he can even eat with that rotten mouth of his. Seems Aaryn too way too much heat with someone like him in that house & I hope no1 ever thinks of bringing his ugliness back to BB again.
Andy you are simply WASTED SPACE in your degenerate world.

Girl, Interrupted

Well stated James R – I’ve been on a trip across the pond since the final of BB15 – you have summed up Andy’s gameplay perfectly.


I’ve been going on all of the HG’S Twitter accounts and there was so much drama in Vegas. JoJo BB14 said Jessie and Alec BBCanada slept together without a condom after she (JoJo)refused Alec’s advances. JoJo said “it only took Jessie 20 minutes before Jessie dropped her panties”. Aaryn allegedly got together with Judd. Aaryn and Jessie had a big verbal spat over Judd which left Jessie crying. On Andy’s Twitter all he does is brand about how rich he is and how so many people want to bang him. Aaryn’s Mother apologized to Candice on Twitter for Aaryn’s behavior and she thanked Candice for forgiven Aaryn. Aaryn’s Mom is beautiful. Amanda has a very colorful Twitter account. She spends her time bragging about all of the big moves she made. Right now, Amanda is with McCrae in his hometown visiting his parents. Spencer is on Twitter apologizing for his behavior. Candice is in Arizona celebrating her 30th Birthday with her family. Howard is in Canada on tour speaking to various schools(I don’t know what topic he was discussing). I saw a tweet on GinaMarie’s twitter saying she loves Candice? Helen is not on Twitter, but Amanda is bragging on how she got Helen evicted. Someone explained to Amanda that Aaryn was going to evict her(Amanda) if she had not apologized to Aaryn after their big blow up. Judd just showing pictures of everyone including his dad. Elissa is thanking America and Canada for Favorite Houseguest win
She’s asking people to keep her Timeline positive and not to tag her with negativity. Aaryn is very active on Twitter and she gets into Twitter wars with other HG’S and other people. Her favorite saying on Twitter is “PIPEDOWN!” Aaryn has been having a big Twitter War with Liza Stinton BBCANADA.


I forgot to add that on Nick’s Twitter, he said that he’s going on a date with GinaMarie. I cannot remember McCrae’s Twitter. A lot of people are saying that Aaryn is unapologetic and very big headed on her new found celebrity and she’s milking her 15 minutes of fame. Jeremy and Kaitlyn are still together and some people said that you can see David sitting behind one of those desks on TMZ. I will watch TMZ tonight to see if that’s true.


I just found out that David really is working at TMZ ! So guys, tune into TMZ if you don’t already


You’re a better person than me. I think I looked at a few Twitter accounts following the finale, and I just couldn’t stomach reading any more, especially Amanda’s.


Chessie K Wow! Thanks for all of this info! I have been too busy since finale night & haven’t had a ton of time to keep up w/ everything. You should really have your own blog! lol No really, you should.
Sounds like Aarynn is still starting trouble & is still surrounded by drama. It doesn’t look like she has changed at all from the Aarynn we saw in the beginning. Too bad, I really thought she might become a better person.
I am surprised Mccrae & Amanda are still together. I am thinking they will both ride this out w/ the hopes of being the next Brendon & Rachel-not going to happen.
I wonder if the 10k & trip was worth it for Spencer? Now his name will always be associated w/ being a pedophile. I feel bad for him, but really, how can he honestly think he can say the things he said on tv & not have to deal w/ the backlash.
I am happy to hear Howard has had some great opportunities to come out of this whole thing. Good for him!


The only thing I have to say is,It makes no Difference how you win Big Brother, as long as you win,going into the house they all knew their were going to be some very sneaky people and some floaters.and some liars. and also always going to be some that do not like each other or they going to be jealous.sure some bad things were said about some of the players that were not too nice.some times your anger gets the best of you.And you say stuff that you really do regret.Aaryn showed that she in fact did regret saying some of the things she said, and I admire her for realizing it,also she is very hot.My favorites on the show was Aaryn.Elissa,Jessi,and Gina Marie.I think they are all so hot,People may not like the fact Andy won but if they couldn’t see exactly what he was up too, then that’s their problem, that’s what got him the game, If I was in the house he would not lasted that long by a long shot,Honestly I stopped watching the show at the last 3 even though I think Gina Marie maybe should been one of them, Andy and Spencer should not been the other two, I lost interest at that point.


So tired of this JUNIOR high school behavior from all the hgs i don’t even care who is to blame, i seen high school students more growup.

I just glad some of these hgs will get STDS even AIDS so they die young or at the very least not be able to have there own children.
People like Aaryn need to get AIDS she is the exception not the rule.


@mike wow talk about junior high with comments like yours you would fit into the bb#15 house. How dare you wish that on people. You are the worst type of person. Eventhough i think your comments are vile i dont wish death on you, much rather yu live your uneducated uncaring life because it has to be miserable and full of hate


Yup…here we have the typical BB fan, on e that feels like his life is impacted by what a bunch ofpeople he’s never had contact with in real life do in that environment.

And he wishes death on people….you, you two bozo’s that run this site. Maybe you might want to, I don’t know, take a page out of these HG’s book and apologize at the very least for the behaviour on this site…or better yet…stick to the updates, remove your own comments as well as everyone else’s and that way there can be some actual…sane fans like me that like this show and wants spoilers…not some commetary with needeless opinions thrown in, stupid polls and yes, comments from people that really need to get in touch with that thing they like to watch on TV…reality


Amazed,,, PIPE DOWN.!!

Don’t know if you knew, but you don’t have to read the comments. Nope, not mandatory at all.

Bozo 1 & 2 are just exercising a vanishing American tradition. Allowing all the opportunity to voice free speech.

Would you really want to impede that?


Aaryn attempt at extending her 15 minutes of fame is going to turn her into the next Farrah Abraham. Everyone will watch…only to see what a train wreck she has become.


this cast is just amazing. there is no apology. aaryn was unbelievable. they ask her what the deal was with them not noticing camera’s and continuing to talk about stuff like hitler etc, and what does she say? CBS does a good job at casting diverse people



the GM apology video is hilarious. spends the entire time giving a “shout out” to her “fans”

not sure if she actually apologized until half way through.


Thank you Dawg and Simon for another great season of coverage. I always have the live feeds, but I always come here to read as well. I catch things here I sometimes miss listening to something else that both occur at the same time. Great win/win for me. I love the comment section. I just really like how you guys do things here. Keep it real and keep it right!! Thank you very much guys. BBCanada2 here we come!! Woot!!!!


It’s just a game. Internet comments being made about said game are part and parcel of:

1. THE game.
2. The media coverage… and its slant (if any, depends).
3. And human nature itself (Us and Them).

Some hated this year; I really loved it. Each week brought a new villain or a new dumba$$, or a new “maybe” – “could be” – “possibly” HERO!! (All depending on which side of the fence you stood.) LoL! A lot of emotion was forthcoming this season from both the cast, the viewers… and even beyond that realm.

BB15 will ALWAYS be talked about — good, bad, or indifferent. This is just one of those seasons that’ll be remembered and will bring about many compare/contrast debates. We still talk about the antics of Ronnie, Chima, Rachel, etc. to this very day… and they don’t hold a candle to some in this season’s cast — in my humble opinion. 🙂

Thanks to ALL the posters on OBB as well. You guys very much HELP make this site great. You really do! Thank you so much.

PLEASE Simon and Dawg — PLEASE keep those “Life After BB15” houseguest updates coming. I think we all enjoy those, and I’d wager many come back (and will come back) to see what’s new with these guys now that they’re back “outside” the BB15 house.

But you two take it easy most of all, for sure. You’ve both very much earned it.

Catch all you guys later on the Canadian flip side! 🙂 Peace<3


Should have been called the BB15 loser party which included the ding dongs from BB Canada.. So glad I wasn’t invited….

Pathetic Rat

Wow…..clueless , arrogant a$$holes….GM and her apology…..not buying it…..Nick Uhas is a friggin tool…thanks for the updates…these people. Are. exactly

Amanda's Towel

GM talking about Nick is far more interesting than Nick himself.


Someone posted this video on Helen’s Twitter account, it’s about Howard. First you see something he told Candice, then you see something that happened before with Amanda. I don’t like Amanda at all, but now I’m thinking maybe she said the truth about something inappropriate Howard said to her. Watch it and let me know what you think.




Howard and Elissa were on Howard’s soap yesterday
and they will have a few more scenes today. saw the
news item, not the soap. there is life after BigBro….!!!

me indeedy sayz

Update on the updates — Elissa and the old Survivor BvsW spoiler about Hayden…
tonite’s episode is on, i already knew that Ms.E said Hayden was top 4, so when he
had the chance to swap with Kat on Redemption Island, i knew it was a NO GO!!!!!!
the tribal reshuffle went along tidy gender lines so Hayden seems to be secure now.

me indeedy sayz

i think ELISSA’s spoiler on Hayden is 100% accurate and he is that close to the prize money