Non stop tears “She’s a moronic idiot robot.. a f*** moron.. oh my god.. oh my god”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

***** PLEASE READ *****
This is how it’s always been with Big Brother. If Amanda uses the veto on McCrae both her and McCrae are safe. Amanda cannot be nominated.


3:06pm bedroom Aaryn, JUDD and GM

Aaryn says she needs to figure out a way to keep them both safe this week. Aaryn: “I’m so nervous about what she is going to do.. I think she’s going to put Andy or you up”

GM is thinking about telling Elissa that she would vote out Aaryn.

Aaryn:” She thinks we are not working together.. “
GM:” She thinks we are cool”
Aaryn:” Then you are going up”

Aaryn:” Amanda does not like you”
GM:” I don’t know what I did to the F****g b!tch .. what did I do to her.. Amanda is a f*** c**t …I’m not kissing anyones a$$”

GM leaves
Aaryn:” Elissa is going to put up Andy if it’s not GM”
JUDD:” Is that what she said”
Aaryn:” She’s up there right now with Spencer having a pow wow.. I have a feeling GM is going to f*** it up.”
Aaryn says if GM goes up GM will go home, If JUDD, Andy or Spencer go up she will got home.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:13pm HOH Spencer and Elissa
Elissa:” I wish I could trust Andy.. but I feel like he tells them everything”
Spencer explains that Andy is a smart guy he knows that he will not win the game with Andy and McCrae in the house. Spencer says if Andy goes up Aaryn will go. Elissa knows that GM is not targeting her she knows who GM’s target are.

Elissa says they need to break up Amanda and McCrae or they will win this game. Elissa needs to do what is best for Spencer, her and JUDD’s game. “We if don’t get them out we gamet them this game.. we did we gave it to them.. they didn’t even win it we just gave it to them.. actually Aaryn did thus far because she’s been winning HOH every other week”

Spencer:” If you want Aaryn gone you have to put up someone that will stay.. and if GM is lying to you then Aaryn will stay. Elissa: “GM is not an option.. that would be so dumb”

Elissa:” everything Amanda says is a bold faced lie.. she will tell you whatever and convince you it’s the truth..”
Spencer: :everything that comes out of her mouth is venom and lies.. I know that”
Spencer says he’ll be her ears downstairs, “I know we’re good so I’m not going to worry about it.. i know people are going to want me to go up.. I’ll gather as much information as I can so you can make a informed decision”


3:28pm cockpit Andy and Spencer (Andy crying)

Spencer tells him if he goes up he’s fine.. Elissa told him she wants Aaryn out and she is going to put someone up that is guaranteed to stay and get Aaryn out.

Andy: “She’s (Elissa) a f*** idiot GM is a vote to keep Aaryn.. she’s a f*** moron.. oh my god”
Spencer:” 100%.. I know she is going to put me up”
S “If you go up it will light a fire under you
Andy crys says he didn’t want to go out getting backd**red.
S:” You are not going anywhere”
A: “I trust you”

Spencer thinks GM or JUDD will blow a gasket and cause a fight they are easy replacements nominations. Spencer Says Andy needs to keep his cool be nice to Elissa and talk to her tomorrow.

Andy:” She pretty much told you it’s between me and JUDD’
Spencer: “Ya.. she did say she’s glad JUDD is back in the house so if I had to put money on it you will go up”
S: “She’s trying to make a deal with me.. Everyone wants her out next week.. She knows you are loyal to Amanda and McCrae and she doesn’t like that”

Andy:’ I just need you amanda and McCrea’
Spencer: “For sure.. Amanda thinks Aaryn is her secret weapon little does she know Aaryn will be gunning for her.. you are in good shape don’t worry about it your loyalty will pay off”

Andy says he is worried he’ll look like a Adam this year people might think he did nothing all season. He says he really has done a lot of game play, he kept Amand and Spencer safe because he would not waver from his loyalty. Andy: “I know that sounds superficial saying I care about what America thinks but I’ve played this game hard and to get Back**red.. oh my god”

Andy: “I will win HOH on Thursday and that b!tch is gone”
Spencer: “who will you put up”
Andy:” It depends how the vote goes down but it won’t be you, Amanda or McCrae”
Andy:” Oh my god it’s going to be so hard to be nice Elissa this week”

Andy says this week they really need Amanda and McCRae but moving forward Amanda is dangerous in this game.

Spencer: “McCrae told me the only way for him to win is for him to take out Amanda.. he’s here to play and he wants to do it.. I think hes more loyal to me and you than he is to her.. he told me that”

Andy says he’s been working with Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn for some time. (Andy spills the beans about the 3am alliance)

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:43pm bedroom Aaryn and GM

Aaryn: “I’m pretty sure I’m her target now.. she’s going to put me up against yo this week..”
GM:” If Amanda was on your side she would not want me up against you.. she’s pushing to get me up like a f*** a$$hole.. “
Aaryn:” Who is telling”
GM: “Elissa”
A:” No she wants Andy up.. “

Aaryn:” Elisa is going to be by herself next week.. she has to have people on her side”
Aaryn is confused that Elissa will not put up Spencer, “She said she will not waste a HOH on him.. “
A:” Elisa shouldn’t trust me because if I win HOH next week i’m putting her up and if she is on the block i’m voting her out.. She just put me up GM


3:53pm Andy, Amanda and Andy
Aaryn tells them that GM says two people are trying to get GM nominated. Aaryn thinks it’s Spencer and Elissa that told her.

Andy: “I F*** hate Elissa.. She’s a moronic idiot robot, in her head she has it set that I am going up and she won’t change her mind.. oh my god.. how did this f*** happen”
Aaryn leaves.

Andy:” I feel like a spoiled b!tch being so worried about going on the block when all of you have been on the block before”
Amanda wonders if it was JUDD or Spencer that told GM. Andy:” I trust Spencer”
Amanda:” I don’t.”
Amanda tells him if it’s him against Aaryn he will stay he has Amanda, McCrae and Spencer votes locked. Andy is worried that Aaryn is going to turn this house into a bloodbath dragging his name through the mud.

Amanda says she really wants GM out of this house.


4:00pm Andy and Amanda in the cockpit. Andy sobbing about going up. Amanda tells him he is safe.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

CBS Interactive Inc.

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this is what elissa needs to do now:
– cement a deal with GM and judd
– decide to nominate rat bastard andy, but keep it quiet
– tell no one other than GM and judd, and tell them to tell no one
– try not to look too aligned to them so as they can get whatever info from people they can
– let paranoia build that rat bastard andy may go up
– get GM and judd (and maybe spencer) to find out any info they can while the paranoia builds
– after nomination of rat bastard andy is public whoever in the alliance needs to collect any and all anti-aaryn info they find and tell aaryn and whatever anti-andy info they find, tell him
– do whatever to secure safety from spencer if he wins HOH or if he is voting (maybe try for an alliance)

the plan would be dont care who leaves (dont care due to either leaving hurts the power couple) but collect enough info for whoever staying to be mad at demanda/mcpussy


it doesn’t hurt them this was about the time they wanted to get aaryn out they still have Amanda mccrae andy and spencer if elissa wants to keep aaryn take andy or spencer and tell them vote to save aaryn one of you is going to do it and the other is going home if you want to take the chance and not switch teams one of you then 3 people are coming after you much easier to vote to save aaryn even if Amanda and mccrae know it they wont come afer you right away with me elissa talking aaryn judd and gm as targets you 30 seconds to decide


Omg andy looks like such a rat. Thumbs up if you think andy smells dirty


Andy May be a rat bastard, but when he’s right, he’s right!


Andy looks like Smeagol when he cries…


Andy psyback is a bitch.


LMAO @ Andy. this little bi&ch is throwing tantrums like a 5 year old girl. Andy was talkin’ mad shit about everyone in how they acted on the block, and now look at this this baby…he’s not even on the block and he’s going around dropping tears on everyone.

Andy is pushing for some “sympathy” in advance!
STFU! This rat has no balls!! :-)

OMG! McPussy throws his Whore the TRIVIA comp and she will
be voting him OUT! LMFAO! :-)


I love seeing that lil ginger rat crying like the little bitch he is! He is such a lady!
Butch it up! Cameras are on, gurl!!


OMGG that’s exactly what I was thinking hahahaha he definitely looks like a shady character from lord of the rings


Getting Aaryn out is better than going after floaters like GM, Spencer and Maybe Judd like all the other HOH’s have in the past! So, good work Elissa!

Varys Blackfyre

I must say I agree. Elissa may go home next week but she has made this one week very entertaining by putting up the 3AM alliance. I really hope she continues to stick to her plan and puts up Andy. I think Judd and GM will vote to keep Aaryn. McCrae and Amanda vote to keep Andy. Spencer will be the deciding vote and I think he will keep Andy unfortunately. Either way the line will be drawn.


Elissa will not go home next week.


I agree. She has also done a very good job getting it into everyone’s mind that mcranda need to be split up. She is turning everyone against each other & before the week is over the 3am alliance will be exposed to all & broken up! She is brilliant…who knew! lol

Amanda's Therapist

McPussy and his WHORE need to start their “fake fighting”
and get the others talking… if the final 2 end up with A & McP
Amanda will never get jury votes needed!?!
If not Elissa/Judd final 2….would like to see GM & Judd ?
Please not Aaryn – not Andy and definitely not the hillbilly hog!


Like I Said Last Night, Elissas Noms Would Have Been Excellent If She Would Have Put Up Mccrae And Amanda. Putting Up Aaryn Was An Emotional Nom. Big Mistake!!


Anyone miss watching Amanda shave her PUBES in the HOH room? I do


Shaved her snatch?? BB didn’t give her a buzz saw!




hahahahaha. well it sucks Amanda won’t go, and mcpizza won’t go, but andy crying all week, and aaryn or andy leaving is fine by me. Im not sure elissa really stands a chance alone anyway, but she did some damage and woke some people up. its all about who wins that next HOH…a GM HOH win, and this game continues along this awesome week


If GM wins HOH, all the haters will suddenly love her


What is more crazy the the this rigged show? it’s the down votes when people suggest they don’t like Amanda. Who on earth would support Amanda?


I really think Amanda “fans” are AG and the production crews


Maybe us “Amanda Fans” think all the Elissa fans are CBS employees….LOL which is true in a way, Brenchal Army
has a lot of backing, Amanda fans just appreciate her game (no one prompting us thru twitter, facebook, etc. We
think how we want to think).

Also, if you have the feeds and are watching the headfuck she is putting on Elissa right now (with Andys help) you
WOULD see that Amanda knows how to work this house. It may fall apart, but it looks pretty good at the moment.
(She told Elissa go ahead and put up Andy, we will vote him out. Andy is in on it. Andy is crying and saying how can you
put me up, they are going to vote me out…..if this works gives that broad 500K….ok shit, MC is telling Spencer now, that is
the end of THAT plan, LOL).


Hey guess what?? Ive been on this board since it began and I don’t work for cbs. Don’t really care a whole lot for Amanda either. Mainly Just rooting for her b/c everyone else on here hates her soooo bad!!!


I want to watch a strategic and exciting game. I don’t personally like anyone playing but I appreciate Elissa’s move this week, I appreciate Amanda’s strategy, I appreciate Aaryn’s physical game play, I appreciate Andy’s social play. Its the way he has to play the game and he’s gotten far doing it. For sure there have been better seasons and more magnetic players, but this is what we are dealt given this season’s cast of characters. This season is no different than any other – we’ve seen perceived advantages being given to certain players, many of whom still didn’t win. Griping about it like its a new phenomenon is silly.

Elissa sucks

Amanda has played the most effing awesome game. I love how all the haters in this blog are pissed off day after day. Too bad. The fake Botox gold digger is going to suffer a living hell the next two weeks ala Amanda and the poor elitist snob will have no-one to cry to. Amanda winning today just proves she has a great social game and can produce when needed. That’s the trait of a winner. I know this kills you folks but get used to it. The stuck-up bitch should just bolt from the house as she threatened. Because after Thursday everyone who is left in the house will laugh at her, heckle her, fart on her, basically not leave her alone. Which is what that phony pretentious fembot Stepford wife deserves. This is going to be sooooooo much fun to watch and read about.

Amanda's Therapist

R U drunk/high or both¿¡¿ Amanda had the comp thrown to her by McPussy! bc he didn’t want another fake outburst and her hiding/crying behind the trash can to get camera time!
OMG! It must be all those blowjobs/ handjobs and the yeast & onion infections from sex on demand with the McPussy
you are referring to … bc she sure as hell hasn’t been playing the game! You have her confused with another player…imo!
WTF! Others are playing the game – she lays in bed and takes credit for their work done!


This is my first season of bb and I am an Elissa fan. I didn’t even know who brenchal or whatever it is, was until a couple weeks ago. I’m a fan of hers bc she is the ONLY one in this house that refuses to listen to that nasty bitch Amanda, and actually has the balls to do something. Everyone else just rolls over for that skank. So GO ELISSA.

John Durham

THANK YOU! Finally someone who speaks the same language as I do. Geez! I chose to support Amanda and McCrae on my own and I’m not an employee or on the CBS payroll or a relative or Amanda’s. I think she and McCrae are playing a great game. People snuff the fact that simply not WINNING a comp means they suck. Not so, if you come in 2nd or 3rd repeatedly, that should be noted as well. McCrae has done that ALL season long. In almost every single HoH comp. McCrae has come is at least 2nd. In both of the first two trivia HoH comps he made it to the tie breaking question. the roulette wheel, he held the top spot the longest out of everyone, including Aaryn who won it. He was on that log until it was him and Ginamarie. Lastly, he made it to the last round of the cherry roll HoH comp.

I am so sick of this double standard. Why is it okay for people like Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel to control the house the way they did, but when people who don’t fall into that category do the same thing, they are evil scum who have friends in the games production rigging it for them? That is one of the biggest reasons I’m rooting for McManda, because they DON’T fall into the same tainted water as what those “BB Gods” did.

Oh look here comes thousands of thumb downs because I don’t follow everyone’s view on McManda.




John Durham

Why yawn? Because I don’t follow all of you in your hatred of Amanda and McCrae? Or could it be the fact that I’m not a Brenchel or Je/Jo fan? Well get over it. I choose who I root for and no one will change my mind. and I am not a on the CBS/BB payroll or a relative of someone.

I’m going to ask again. Why is there a double standard here? Anyone who says there isn’t is lying to themselves! Why is it okay for players like Je/Jo and Brenchel to run the game like they did but when two people who don’t fall into that category do the same thing, they are evil scum who have “friends” in the production team “rigging” the game for them? I call bullsh*t on this. You people are just sore because the type of people you think should control the game, aren’t. No, I’m not saying that Amanda hasn’t said or done some pretty bad things. I can over look these things and still root for them, not because I think the same way, I don’t, but I don’t have to resort to the level you people do with this shit. But you people will cling to anything that comes up that’s negative about someone you absolutely hate, case in point, Amanda being friends with someone in the production staff? Really? McManda has played an amazing game social and comp wise, I’ve already stated why for both.

Brace yourself, more incoming thumbs down.

But wait there is more!

If you act now you can see me not give a shit!

Team McManda for the win!

John Durham

Just as I expected. Only thumbs down, no one can respond because they know I’m right. There is a double standard in for people to like the players on this show. Oh well. As I’ve said before, last season I was thrilled to find this site, but now not so much any more.


You’ve got two thumbs up from me. Amanda is playing a great strategic game, IMHO. McCrae is right there with her. I don’t watch the feeds, but I do read the live feed updates and watch BBAD. And if you take away all the negative stuff (and EVERY HG has some negativity) and just look at game play, one of them should win. It’s a GAME… not a personality contest. Just my 2¢ worth. And Elissa doesn’t deserve to be there — anyone who would walk away voluntarily doesn’t deserve a cent.


I’m not an Amanda hater or Amanda lover. What I am is an Amanda hater hater. I’m the guy that would be rooting for Judas if the 12 apostles were playing.


Spencer: Everyone in this house has a history. We all have done things that we are not proud of.

Judd: I had to give up drinking, so I joined the AA. Unfortunately, I joined the Automobile Association by mistake. I thought that at least either way I’m on the road to recovery.


Judd is on the road to Victory!!

Judd sucks

And it would be a travesty if he does win. Like it or not, Judd was evicted. That’s the game. He was being shady and got caught playing different sides. Granted the others had fake alliances too but their real alliance always knew. Judd’s didn’t. Anyway, once you are gone it’s blatantly unfair to those still in the game to allow you to come back. Period. But since CBS has been rewriting the rules all season as the game has progressed nothing about the game this season is fair. The show should be cancelled after Amanda collects her $500k (deservedly so).


Amanda targeted him with lies because he was making out with her girl Aaryn and “threatened” her game… you know, the usual scene week after week… someone’s the bad guy, falsely accused, targeted and voted out by the mean bully and her co-captain Helen. Why shouldn’t Judd have a chance to win this game, he played well, got blindsided and played his butt off to get back in. I hope he or Elissa win this game.

GM's stained sheets

I love Judd!


Elissa THANK YOU!!!! You have literally turned this house upside down and forced these people to out their own alliances and draw the battle lines. Seeing Andy whine like the little rat he is! He deserves it. That racist Aaryn may finally pack her bags, even GM realizes Aaryn is a vile person and willing to throw her under the bus. People are starting to see McManda for the despicable human beings they are. Its almost impossible for no one not to target them next week, the only person who wouldn’t is Andy and that’s because he’s such a minion he doesn’t SEE it, but now he is! Judd, Elissa and GM to form an alliance, not sure on Spencer, keep him close, but not too close!


spencer has been with Amanda and mccrae for a month so she did nothing at all unless spencer or andy change vote they planned on getting aaryn out anyway been saying they were going to have to do it for weeks elissa did it for them shes an idiot

helen is clueless

It amazes me how every one cries that Elissa is an idiot because she’s not falling for their BS.


That’s how bullies are. They get mad and call names when they loose control. Amanda and McCrae are only mad because they know with both Andy, and Aaryn on th block they will loose the numbers in the house, because one of them will go home for sure. It will also cause tension between McCrae, and Amanda, because McCrae want Andy to stay for his game, and Amanda wants Aaryn to stay to hide behind so she won’t have to work hard at winning anything, because Aaryn will fight to win to keep 3AM safe. In the end I hope Aaryn leaves this week, but if Amanda gets her way Andy will be going to jury. Ehat good is someone getting information for you if he’s not winning and guaranteeing you safety is how Amanda will look at it? At least, both Aaryn and Andy will finally learn that they are both expendable to Amanda and McCrae. Serves them right.


Totally agree. Andy is upset about a lot of things. First he’s upset that Elissa is not letting him barge into the HOH room anytime she has a guest. Elissa is being mean….won’t let Andy listen to her conversations. Ah! If Andy can’t eavesdrop of people conversations, what good is he to Amanda/McCrae? Andy saying that if he was a bigger a@@h@le he would barge into the HOH room and tell her you told me you were taking a nap. Andy, Elissa was being nice to you when she said she was taking a nap. Go ahead and barge in there and I bet she will have you for lunch. I love how Andy so bravely tells Amanda he has no intention of honoring his deal to keep Elissa safe next week but starts crying because Elissa might reconsider and put him on the block this week.

Andy is rightfully nervous. He knows how this game is played. Nick thought her have the votes and was moved out. Judd thought he was in an alliance that had his back and was moved out. Having Amanda/McCrae in your corner when you are on the block doesn’t mean anything and Andy knows it.


she just did the work for Amanda you don’t see that they used aaryn they knew she had to go


Give it a rest. If Elissa got rid of Amanda, then Aaryn Andy and Mcrae would still be after her. There are four members of 3AM alliance and she can only get out one. And if they want Aaryn gone so badly why are they trying so hard to keep her??????

helen is clueless

They are trying awfully hard at the moment to save Aaryn so they can’t want her gone that bad yet. I don’t agree with all her moves. If Amanda was originally her target she should’ve put Mcranda up to start with. I don’t have a problem with her taking out the 3AM assassin, she can only take out one at a time by herself. Anyway I wasn’t talking about the viewer opinion of Elissa. I think it’s funny that the PLAYERS whine that it’s a stupid move when she doesn’t buy their BS. Last night it was McRae, today it’s Andy.
Andy: I have a deal with her but I’l put that b!tch up next week. Wait she sees right thru me, AND is putting me up!?!? She’s stupid


Lol omg that last sentence was great


Oh I’m not a gay parade float, I’ve kept all of you safe for weeks, now where is my cheese…..little rat.


Rat boy, your cheese is on Pizza boy’s p*nis, which he got from MANdah’s venom fly trap. Got get your cheese, rat.


Goddamn Andy! Man the fuck up for crying out loud (no pun intended)


*Laughing my Ass off* @ your “PLEASE READ” disclaimer Simon!

Kind of scary that you even have to do that ON a BB site.
A lot of newbies this year? Guessing hate of Amanda brought them in….heehee

Ahh well, more traffic is a good thing for you & Dawg =)


This comment! LOVE IT!


Not everyone knows the rules. I’ve only started watching BB these past couple of years and did not know this regarding the POV, hence why I originally asked. Don’t assume, when you assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.


I started watching last year and already knew that.


RElax. No big dral


In this case, it mostly just makes an a$$ out of you.


It’s a really stupid rule anyway. If u give it up, then that’s on u. Who cares if it makes people not give it away? They shouldn’t. And it’s REALLY STUPID this week. I still can’t believe that fat skank won it.


“she has it set that I am going up and won’t change her mind.” I fail to see how this is different than every other HOH this season. Only this time “the house” ( which I guess only counts as 3am) doesn’t agree. Finally, I am amused :)


rivals 2 ,,,, total drama island aint have nothing on riggbrother i love the tears lol


The three big boys, sitting on the couch talking about they should break Elissa’s legs and such.

I have never heard them talk that way about another guy. Just proves they are “the geek squad”


That’s comical, Andy the Rat Bitch calling someone a robot, well, it’s true, but he’s a rat, it’s the same thing.

I think A competition beast, even if it’s with Adderall, is better than a tattle tale that’s been exposed.

Bye,Bye, Rat, hope you get some cheese on the way out.

Good move on McCrae’s part throwing that comp to Amanda, he could’ve won it if he wanted to, didn’t have to fake an injury like a bitch though LOL


Finally the game begins!

I can’t believe I’m rooting for GM to win HOH next week.


Oh yeah, not mentioned in the last update was Elissas statement that
“I need a power now”. (Unless someone brought it up in comments, I did
not read all 10 pages….wow).

Geeeeeee, ya think that could happen?
Going out on a limb to guess YES!

This Season Blows

I’d say there’s a 95% chance. She gets pretty much everything she demands from production, after all.

But somehow it’s Demanda who people think production’s rigging it for.


Lol. I truly wish that the game is rigged for Elissa. I don’t even watch for the competition anymore. I just want to see Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn, and Andy’s plans burn into oblivion! But what I’m really waiting to see is when these houseguests reach finally night and Howard tells them how much America hates them all.




I am not watching anymore! To know that Amanda is Allison Grodner’s friend lets me know this whole damn game is rigged!!!! Amanda the bully will win and one of the racist idiots will get 50,000. This has been the worst BB in all of the BB’s ever!! Now that I know it is rigged I will not watch anymore! Totally disgusted!! Just so happens that this week Amanda can save McCrae and still be safe. Terrible coincidence!!!!



This whole “rigged for Amanda” thing is getting old.

The cold hard truth is just that there are a lot of bad players this season, ESPECIALLY ELISSA.

Putting Amanda and McCrae on the block was an obvious choice. Her personal play style (which she gets from her sister) screwed her over.

Further, when Elissa is evicted next week, it won’t be because the game is rigged for Amanda, it will be because Elissa burned a lot of bridges this week, and the numbers simply won’t be in her favor.

You want to talk rigged?

-The duo twist was brought back to save Rachel in BB13
-The MVP twist this season
-Elissa winning veto when she was on the block…because the highest number hidden in the mud was conveniently located on the far left of Elissa’s lane, unreachable by ANYONE but her.

Rigged for Amanda? Maybe, but if you’re just going to dismiss that the game has been heavily rigged for the Reilly sisters as well, you are DELUSIONAL.


Is this Alison as big of a foul mouthed slut as Amanda?

Dear Andy

Dear Andy, when you get home, watch back and read all these comments. Then you’ll see how we thought you did.


Andy was insulted that Zingbot called him a floater!! lol Andy what have you really done in the game besides run to McCranda and tattletale?


I was hoping Amanda would go up, but oh well. It’s not a waste for Elissa really. She’ll get out Aaryn and the rat will also be sitting on the hot seat. Let’s hope Judd wins HOH next week and nominated the power couple!


Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Poor Andy crying like a friggin’ baby! Good for you, you pussy faced, rat faced, big mouth
, know it all, asshole jag off!! You give decent gay men a bad rep!!!!


I have seen cleaner more energetic homeless couples than Amanda and McC. I’m SO sick of them. Iove, love, love, Rat Andy’s tears.


Did she even wash that green hoody? I’ll bet it reeks.


Cry me a river Andy!!! lol lol lol


GM must win HOH next week


Ughhh I hate andy


I’m totally enjoying Andy’s tears, lol. You are going up rat-floater hybrid!


Rats do “float”, so he’s in good company.

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

Helen knows how his vote went as does Elissa.
Andy’s tears are a total joke. Aayrn has lines of
communication up but Helen fragged Andy badly.
Andy was told that he had a classic binary choise.
i have no pity for floater Andy…indeedy i agree!!!!!!


So glad to see Amanda win the HOH! Go Amanda! Also I really hope Aaryn leaves then the other contestants would actually get a chance to compete in the competitions.


no smiles he should be use to getting backdoor


Lol. I love emotional players……don’t they know they have a one in sixteen shot of winning….If GM makes it farther I will myself go puke at night and off myself…..her obsession with nick is tragic….those damn cock-a-roaches. Elissa blew it big time.

This Season Blows

It’ll be funny to see all the Brenchel drones flip-flop back to claiming the show isn’t rigged when Duck Lips gets bailed out with a Coup d’Etat or DPOV.


I think it’s obvious they’re BOTH being favored by production.

what the fuck

Andy is seriously being a bitch. I fucking hate him!!!


Is it just me or does Andy look like gollum from lord of the rings in the last picture of this post?!?


Here’s to hoping Judd wins HOH next week…so Amanda’s paranoia and anxiety builds until she self destructs!

I really like Amanda in the beginning and didn’t like Elissa
Now Elissa has grown on me and Amanda annoys the shit out of me


Aaryn has no loyalties, you were right to want her out Elissa – follow through! Aaryn might be blindsided here and that’s fine with me since she’s Mcranda’s secret weapon. If she hadn’t switched back at the drop of a hatfor Amanda I would actually have changed my opinion of Aaryn a bit. Luckily Aaryn’s gonna find out how little Amanda really cared for Aaryn.

Unpopular Opinion

Things couldn’t have gone better this week!

This is classic Big Brother, and the feeds are going to be pretty exciting this week.

Helen is evicted. Judd comes back in with a vendetta against Amanda. Elissa wins HOH and connects with GM. Power starts to swing in the other direction. You can totally imagine Elissa, GM and Judd teaming up to be a serious threat to Amanda, McCrae and Andy.

Then Amanda wins POV!

Now Andy will go on the block and Aaryn will be sent packing.

I think Spencer will go home next week if he doesn’t win HOH or POV.

For the first time this season, we have two somewhat even sides. Each side has a houseguest that America believes is being favored by Production. So now we are set for the ultimate showdown between Elissa and Amanda. I say bring it on. At this point, I don’t even care which side wins. I just want to see the power shift weekly instead of one pack of bullies (superfriends) running the entire house under the guise of friendship.

Unpopular Opinion

I say that Spencer will go home next week if he doesn’t win, but that may not be true. If Andy and Spencer pick this time to go ahead and align with Elissa’s crew for one week to get out Amanda, it could change things up. Then it would be Amanda going home and Elissa/GM/Judd vs McCrae/Andy/Spencer. But I really feel like people enjoy the battle between Elissa and Amanda. For this reason, we may see Amanda or McCrae winning HOH this week. McCrae won’t get Amanda out on his HOH. He may be okay with it happening if he can pretend he isn’t part of it, but not on his HOH.


Sorry to the Elissa fans, but she really fucked up. If Amanda was truly her target she should have just put her up against McCrae. If Aaryn was her target she should have just put up Aaryn and GM. Amanda is out to get her now so she is in trouble.


That fat heifer is out to get everybody though. It doesn’t matter.


cry you weasle


aaryn vs andy? thumbs up if you think andy will stay. thumbs down if you think aaryn will stay.


I see Aaryn getting the votes to stay because Amanda/Mc realize that she has a better chance of winning the HOH than Andy and to stay safe they need someone on their side to win. Andy I do not think could pull off another HOH. He would be crying to much from seeing Aaryn going home.

Pinocchio Obama

I think Spencer is the swing vote. GM and Judd vote out Andy, Witch and Wousy vote out Aaryn leaving Spencer to decide who goes.


looks like spencer, mccrae and judd are going to vote to keep andy (they do not trust aaryn and elissa wants them to vote this way) and amanda and gm will vote to keep aaryn. amanda and gm might even vote against aaryn if they hear that aaryn is going for sure bc of the 3 boys votes. it’ll be 3-2, or 4-1 or even 5-0 aaryn out.


Well Andy it all finally caught up with you. I hope Elissa does put you up.


Spencer claims to play his own game, but he is loyal to Amanda/McrCae… especially McCrae.


I liked Spencer until this McCranda allegiance. Elissa/Judd/GM/Spencer for final four.

Unpopular Opinion

I think he’s loyal to McCrae and Andy.


Andy is a moron… what gives him the right to cry about being backdoored when he’s blinsided pretty much everyone in the game?? i kinda wish they would vote out andy at this point, but i’m fine with aaryn going too. Anything to break up that 3am crap


is anyone watching the feeds right now? Amanda’s trying to threaten Elissa xD Elissa not budging one bit

Kray Kray

Mind Games – Classic !!!! Lets get ready to rumble…. I was not a big Elissa Fan but she is going toe for toe with Amanda…. Amanda is trying to Bluff… I LOVE IT!!!! It “somewhat” made up for today’s twist. Elissa – I have mad respect for you now.. WOW


Amanda cannot outwit Elissa.

They are chatting now. Elissa is NOT backing down! :) Amanda walked away. She cannot win with Elissa. Elissa told her she doesn’t care if Amanda is mad at her (paraphrasing)


Time up rat Ellisa is about shut you down.


Andy’s tears are my candy…that rat needs to go next.


Ugh McCrae and Amanda live another day it was a total mistake not to put Amanda and McCrae up against each other! But hey they could get another rat out of the house called Andy. Defineatly put him up Elissa!


For those of you saying MC and Amanda should have gone up together, should know the results would still be the same. Amanda won POV, and MC stay on the block and Aaryn goes up after Amanda use her POV. Aaryn goes home! Same results, so the should’ve could’ve would’ve doesn’t matter.

Cirie Fields

“If it smells like a rat, give it cheese”


LOL at those screenshots of Andy. I hate the Elissa feels like she her HOH may have been screwed up by not putting McCrae up and his boyfriend . But as long as one of them on that side goes. She needs to definitely put up Andy. She has nothing to lose anyway since she was going to be the target this week or next week. They parnoia is scheming is entertaining. I hope it continues.


Andy the rat is crying well you picked your side while the power were in you & mcmanda hands but the tables have turned you picked your side so don’y cry now

Andy, Spencer, and McCrae are saying they are going to trash Elissa on live tv and plan on laying into her and the brenchel army

oh yeah amanda already tryna threatened elissa she’s not having it calling amanda out


Can’t cry over spilled milk now………but for crap sakes why didn’t Elissa put BOTH McLazy and Slutmanda up??
Someone please explain to me, I don’t get it?!


Because production wants the “Elissa Vs Amanda” (Crazy Vs Skank) thing to continue, I think that should be obvious. It’s good for TV.


I don’t think putting Aaryn McCrae up was accidental, I think it was on purpose. If Amanda leaves, who will be the “Bad Guy”? strong emphasis on the “guy” part.