Big Brother Spoilers “Everyone in this house is under her spell”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


6:30pm HOH Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae

Aaryn brings up how Helen thinks she is a power player. Amanda says Helen is not a power player because anyone who allied themselves with ELISSA isn’t a power player. She adds that Helen cannot manipulate people she always resorts to bold threats.

Aaryn brings up how Helen was calling them all the bad people.
Spencer: “we’re the decepticons”

They agree that JUDD will be happy to see Helen and Elissa enter the jury house. They talk about the HOH endurance and how they hope it’s cold because Elissa will not be able to handle it.
Spencer: ‘In OTEV she was trembling”
MC: “I’m from Minnesota I am built for cold”
MC and Spencer say they are going to make comments during the comp saying how cold they are feeling.

Aaryn: “Spencer is way too smart to be Adam… Adam wasn’t that smart.. “
McCrea: “Shout out to Adam”
Spencer: ‘I’m nothing like Adam.. all those pre show interviews they said I reminded them of Adam.. F** that” (Spencer is nothing like Adam)

Andy joins them..
Amanda: ‘Anything new”
Andy: ‘I just sat down with Helen and Elissa and we rehashed the season.. no game talk.. the Helen that I loved for 60 days is back and it’s sad because she’s a friends.. it has to be done though“

They start going which one of them best resembles past Big Brother Players
MC – AManda is Jencity (this was a joke)
MC – Aaryn is Janelle
Aaryn – Amanda is boogie
Aaryn – MC is Rrika
Amanda – Andy is Ragan (Andy disagrees with this he feels he’s done more strategy than Ragan)
Amanda – I’m Dr will and McCrae is Jordan
Amanda – Andy is Britney

Andy – Spencer is allison
Andy – Aaryn is Nakomis
Andy explains why Nakomis was so important in big brother history for coming up with the ‘6 finger plan” AKA the backdoor. BAck in her season the HOH and nominees chose the POV players so they could control who was playing in the POVS.

(below Mc and Aaryn are poking fun at Elissa’s I do no wrong attitude)
Aaryn: ”I felt like a third grade child.. after the mom squad attacked me”
MC – Until you are a mom you don’t know sh!t.. until you’re a mom you don’t deserve to be here
Aaryn – Until you get a sugar daddy husband you don’t deserve to live
MC: “Exactly”
Aaryn: “Until you have a 10 carat diamond on your hand”
MC- Until you get married at 19 you aren’t done making mistakes.
Andy: “The mom squad was being total a$$holes today.. and I called Helen out on it.. helen has been apologizing profusely.. I don’t think she wants to be portrayed as a threatening a$$hole”

Aaryn: “The mom squad was the bully squad”
Andy: “they were without a doubt”
Amanda: “It’s all because of Elissa”
Andy: “Ya”
MC: “I have so many more mistakes to make”
Aaryn: “all I know is I beat teen pregnancy and I didn’t marry some douche lord at 19”
MC: “and the person I married wasn’t super rich.. I have plenty more mistakes to make”


7:05pm Kitchen Elissa and Helen
Helen is toying around with the idea of having a funeral (Like Dan bb14.. groan) calling a house meeting. She not done fighting yet and says she won’t be until right before the show tomorrow.
Helen: “I can totally throw Aaryn under the bus”
Elissa: “You have to please.. for my sake .. you have to”
Elissa: ”You have to otherwise I will be all alone”
Helen: ‘She won’t believe me.. it won’t help my case cause I won’t have GM’s vote.. that is why I can’t say anything because I need GM’s vote”
Helen:’ Everyone in this house is under her spell.. you maybe not but everyone else is”
Elissa:” you picked the wrong people I’m telling you Kaitlin and Candice.. “
Helen: “I don’t think Candice would have been good”

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:30pm Have nots Spencer and Elissa
Spencer saying he really does try to have conversations with Elissa but find that Elissa never engages him in his attempts. Mentions that he tried to talk to her the other day about who her favorite childhood superheroes and cartoon character are.

Elissa says she’s shy and it takes her a long time to feel comfortable with people, “I’m an intimate person I build slow relationships”

Spencer: ‘In my defense it’s been 62 days and I was asking you about your favorite cartoons as a child”
Elissa: ‘I am a very guarded person”
Spencer: ‘I know you’ve had a hard day to day.. “
Elissa: “every time I taped your goodbyes I as nice.”
Spencer:’ Honest to god I have never heard someone say you were saying bad things about me.. this house you know what it does to people.. you’ve been a solid women throughout this thing.. honestly I do pray for Brent, Reilly and Helen.. “ Feeds cut.
Spencer: “I don’t dislike you”
Elissa: “I don’t dislike you either.. i’m just not a in your face type of person.. “
Elissa: “All my friends I’ve known since I was a kid.. My adult relationship is with my sons mother.. I am very deep if you get to know me it’s hard for me to have serious conversation.. I think about the big picture in life.. small talk isn’t my thing.. I sit here thinking that I want to have a ministry.. “
Spencer: ‘ya big pictures idea’s .. ya I understand”

E: “I legitimately try to have a nice conversations with Aaryn.. and she turns it around”
E: “It’s a waste of my breath to talk.. I appreciate you reaching out to me.. I have never said anything bad about you in the diary room.. I always say to people I think you’ve played a good game”

E: My husband is a self made man I respect all types of hard work.. I respect stock brokers.. “ (huh)
E: “the thing that bothers me is when people are derogatory and make personal jabs.. it’s hard to see Helen crying.. ”
Spencer offers her if she engages in small conversations maybe it will lead up to a bigger conversations. He would like to talk about Children’s missions she just has to give him a chance.

E: “I’m a intricate person.. I have a lot of responsibilities.. some things that matter to other people are minuscule in my mind”
E: “I hope I never made you feel that I looked down on you”
Spencer says she a good woman like Helen and he knows they have had a bad day. He wants them to talk more moving forward.


7:55pm HOH Aaryn, Helen, Specner, Andy
Aaryn thought the nail polish remover was water and took a drink. Andy: ‘Did anyone make a alcohol request”
Spencer says he was watching her do it didn’t know what she was thinking of.
Spencer reads the bottle says flush with water and call poison control. Feeds cut to fish.


8:10pm HOH Helen, Andy, McCrae and Amanda

Helen: “You know you know you know You know you know you know You know you know you know” (just add that to all of helen’s dialog)
Helen really wants them to take Spencer out after she goes she does not like him and feels he doesn’t deserve to make it so far in this game. Helen highlights that Spencer has lied to her more than anyone else in this house, “It kills me he’s still here..”
Amanda asks about when he lied.
Helen: “the first two weeks in here.. Beside Elissa he was the closest person to me.. he was trying to hide the moving company and lying about the votes” .
Spencer comes in.
Amanda: “I understand 100%”
talk changes to chit chat.

Andy says he wants to shave his chest. Spencer: “no you are a otter .. a sexy otter’
Andy explains to them that a otter is a slender harry gay man.

8:22pm Elissa is sleeping

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

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I like how they all think Elissa is going to get out of Big Brother and be hated by all and they will be loved by everyone! Arryan, Demanda, Andy, Ginamarie, and some of the other num nuts have no idea what will face them when they get out. I hope Helen comes back. I’m 10000% Elissa will get America’s Favorite.


Elissa wants to have a ministry. What a ministry of bullies. Her actions surely shot that one in the foot today. To be a minister, you have to have charisma and be personable and likable and sorry but Elissa is none of those things. Elissa is all about money and I guess all her reading of the bible she missed all of the parts about how Jesus and John the Baptist lived and all of the other disciples. Oh guess she only wants a ministry for the money; not for the purpose of bringing people to God. She is probably the Biggest Hypocrite I have ever seen on the show, and wow they say Dan used his religion. Actually think Dan was a religious person whereas Elissa uses the words but has no idea of the meaning behind them. A minister does hold themselves up to be far superior than others. Elissa read the part of the bible where Jesus befriended and loved prostitutes and thieves, and did not think he was above anyone and Jesus was the son of God. You must of skipped that part during all of your fake Bible reading!!!!


I totally agree with Name. Elissa is a self entitled, condescending, judgemental, unforgiving, selfish person. I cannot stand to listen to her speak. She “pretends” to read The Bible but stands for everything The Bible is against. All she does is complain and badmouth everyone else. She thinks Big Brother is beneath her and is the most ungrateful person I’ve ever seen. And she is complefely nuts and has the I.q. of an infant.

No You Didn't

leave religion out of it


Tell that to Elissa.

What Game Are You Watching?

Name, what show/feeds are you watching? Elissa Bullying? Seriously? This was the first time I seen Elissa step up to the bat and speak for herself and if she used a tactic to do so, then GOOD for her. That’s Big Brother and Amanda has been doing it all along.

I think you have the BULLIER mixed up with Amanda.


she had that locked when they found out about her sister


I agree with everything you said except Helen coming back. I don’t like Amanda at all, but I dislike Helen even more. She got rid of all the people who were and could have been her allies. I find it more difficult to accept her disloyalty and all of that ass kissing of the bullies and racists in the house who never had her back in the first place. She doesn’t deserve to win.


I want Helen to make it back into the house because she is the only one of all the jurists who have the game to turn the game upside down. Candice does not have enough game to do it . She is all reaction and no thought process. Judd will just fall back into line with Amanda and that would make for a boring rest of the season. Jessie is too emotional and reactive like Candice. She doesn’t have what it takes to really challenge Amanda. Helen is the only one of them with enough game smarts to bust the game wide open and make it more interesting to watch. This is why I hope she is the one to come back.


I hope not, Elissa DOES NOT deserve to be Americas player. I’m sure her sister feels the same. The two vetoes she won were very similar. I’m sure production made sure it was a comp she could win. Jessie, Candace, Howard or McCray should get it.


I hope some finally gets the guts to actually play the game instead of follow the leader.


I don’t believe for one moment they think they are loved my America. They know because BB have told them. This is all show for he camera and to drive ratings up for the finale show. Everyone will tune in to see the big pay back. Wll don’t get your hopes up guys. Lol. 90 % of there over the top comments have been said after dark. It’s not like they will show on finale the bad things they said. I don’t think they will even mention their Job loss. He biggest shok they will get is if America gives MVP to the player they hate he most. Anything short of that will be a boring as what we are watching now.

Captain Spam

I’m sure she will too and it’s sad because she has no clue in this game. She doesn’t understand what the term backdoor means, every week she treats up and “sadly vote to evict” (fill in every house guests name here). She hasn’t played the game she just sat around and voted the way Helen told her to while America handed her as much power as the HOH.

In truth i think very little of her as a player and a person. She casts dispersion on the others while talking down to and about them. Arryn and others have said man spirited things to be sure but they are young and will see their comments and feel bad while she will see her comments and feel she was right. She closes herself off from getting to know anyone because they are not worth her time and America will Gerard her with money presented to her in her ivory tower.


Helen just whispered to Elissa that she (Helen) HAS to win tomorrow (she said this at 10:08 pm on 8/21/13). How does Helen know that there will be a competition to get back in the house? If production told Helen about the comp because she is on the block, then why don’t they tell Spencer? The way these people change their minds every 15 minutes, you never know for sure who they are going to evict. Maybe production did not tell Helen, they may have just told it to Elissa (they always give Elissa special privileges) and Elissa told Helen that the four HG’s in the jury will have a comp to get back in the house. They cut away from Helen as soon as she said it but it was clear. Helen said she has to win tomorrow. I really hope she doesn’t because I want J U double D back in the game!!!


Name, Helen doesn’t know that there’s a competition to get back in the house. How difficult is it for you to understand that what Helen was saying is for Elissa to win the HOH competition tomorrow??? Do you watch the show much?

No You Didn't

@Name That’s not cool. If you want to criticize Elissa for how she plays Big Brother, fine, but leave her religion out of it. It’s not right to attack her religious beliefs. Christians are not perfect. They make mistakes too. Judge the “mistake”, not the faith.


I like Elissa but honestly think Jessie will get it


ok Rachel I Mean marty wink wink


Just because Elissa is a Christian, respects the bible and maybe one day would like to have a ministry does not mean that she is perfect and walks on water. It does not mean that she has the power to turn Slop into Prime Rib, cure Amanda’s Rage – Wrath, exorcise Spencer’s sexually demons – Lust, cure McCrae’s laziness – Sloth, Aaryn’s desire to be more important than others – Pride, Andy’s single-minded pursuit of the $500,000 – Greed, Ginamarie’s hatred of Candice and her desire to see her reduced to nothing – Envy, and Helen placing her concerns above all others – Gluttony. She is just one houseguest.

Teri B

Well, I’ve been waiting for someone to do this….compare Demanda and Dan. Next thing, someone will say she’s “misting” them.


Teri B

Meant to add:

I thought Dan was mesmerizing to watch, his funeral was brilliant, as was the rest of his game. He blew it with lies, but he was FUN to watch.

Demanda is just a disgusting human being who knows some people who got her on this show, and have been advising her all along the way. Demanda isn’t now, nor has she ever been, “fun” to watch.

As always, Simon and Dawg…You Rock!!



I always thought Dan was a mega douche drinker even from his first season. Guess the “mist” never worked on me.

VA Vet

There was no mist. Ian smoked Dan in the final. Would have been unanimous were it not for Danielle’s pity vote.

Big Sister

As I said in an earlier comment, Mist in German means s***. Amanda is full of it. Ewww-Spencer just had his hands down his shorts and then used the same hand to pick his nose, wipe the boogers on the couch, and dig in Aaryn’s box of crackers. I am disgusted by the way they all eat with their mouths open and the horrible sounds they make. No home training. And once again, Amanda and McCrae have trashed the HOH bed. After this summer, I don’t think I can ever look at Big Brother in the same way as I have in past years. I pray that whoever comes back in from jury comes back with fire in their eyes to end this travesty.



Teri B

German for sh*t…..LOVE IT!!

Little Sister

Well said! Spencer is nasty! McCrea and Amanda are disgusting! I am dissapointed in BB for allowing that BS on camera! I saw McCrea putting his hand down Amanda’s pants! Really BB! Makes me not want to watch! Big Sister, youvare right! They have no manners or proper eating ettiquet! I especially hate the way Andy eats! EWW!! Not a very good season! Feel like i have wasted my time!


. One can only hope that Elyssa or Spencer will win the next HOH and make a big move. I think just about everyone in house seceretly wants Amanda out but everyone is too afraid to do it. Someone really needs to grow a spine and just do it.


Mist does not mean shit in german. Sheisse (only the germans spell it with a different letter in the place of the ss) is the word for shit. You can google it to find out.


“Mist” can mean “crap”, “manure” or “dung” in German. There are many words for the stuff that comes out of one’s butt.

Big Sister

Actually, Ang, it is spelled Scheisse! I have a master’s degree in German and lived there for several years. Mist is exactly what I said it is…


Demanda is the female version of Evel Dick, but without all the pan-banging.. .


…but Dick had emotions, you could see, under the surface. (especially where danielle was concerned)

Amanda has.. nothing.


Dick had emotions under the surface for his daughter. Its his daughter dummy, of course he does. WTF are you talking about. Dont you see how stupid you sound melanie.

Amanda doesn’t owe anyone that in this house. There are plenty of arguments to make about why amanda is evil, but that one is stupid


What is worse is that 14 people gave your comment a thumbs up. You should all be ashamed.


WOW you guys are awful hard on the one playing hardest damned if ya do damned if your Andy ha ha Elissa is waste of body space and her mind is about as sharp as a rubber ball. Amanda has intellect and she warned Aaron about racism when it could’ve done some good for her but she didn’t listen till it was too late to save herself. She isn’t so bad I think she really has feeling for Mccrae and she may have better without that complication to her gameplay but I still find her and Mccraes game worthy of reflection. I think I would like her on the outside and frankly some of her comments are funny So what if she is Demanda If it works as a tactic go game. Helen knowing comp for her and evicted guests is downright wrong cmon cbs play fair sometimes for goodness sakes. I don’t mind some manipulation that’s part of the fun of being in a bubble is seeing them deal with shit, but never giving the rest of them help is one sided and it’s obvious that Elissa and now Helen getting assistance. Eliissa knew where to find each name she went to a different spot each name and came back pretty quick with a name except once. She got an extra blanket in have nots that others didn’t get and wouldn’t be surprised if your slipping her food in DR. Yeah you heard it she was in their long enough twice to get a full course meal.


amanda is very emotional lol maybe the word you are looking for is empathetic, she lacks empathy? she’s in love with mccrae and likes andy a lot. there’s just not very many houseguests she would not double-cross or manipulate. those might be bad qualities, but if she actually goes to final 2, she WILL be known as the female evel dick, but i think she is more manipulative than evel dick. dick didn’t really have control over the game, him and daniele had to fight for their lives and they needed america’s player to even stay in the game. amanda has a little bit of dr. will in her in that sense, a target but crazy manipulative to the point she doesn’t have to win competitions to stay even though she was on the block a few times.

Predictable season

At first I liked Amanda but now i have grown to dislike her as much as aaryn and gm. When Amanda talks I wanna mute the tv because I can’t stand her voice and big brother needs to make it not looked fixed by one of the 3 am alliance going home or week after week it will be predictable and boring. If aaryn said that Amanda was running the house then why didnt she put her up instead of spencer.


Because she is no Janelle despite what these house guests say. Janelle would never let someone else make her decisions.


That’s not how I remember it – she was duped a lot, especially by Boogie and Will. She was nothing more than Candice (with more physical abilities).

Big Brother Fan from Canada

When you think of Big Brother Royalty, Janelle is up there with Dr. Will, Nakomis, Danielle (from Season 3) and Kaysar (from Season 6).


What about Dan, he was way better than Kaysar.


Same for me. I really liked Amanda at the beginning. I thought she was funny and really respected her when she confronted Aaryn about her racism. All of that is gone now. She really gets under my skin. Everything about her bothers me. She is really running the game and what gets me is that everyone sees it now and acknowledges it… but still allows it to happen. WHY? It is really like they are there to help her win… and don’t care about their own game.

I’m really torn this season because I don’t know who to cheer for. I can’t think of anyone who has played the game (without being a bully bi*ch). Damn near unanimous votes every week (including the double eviction) and there are only 8 people left in the house?! Who does that?

I think Elissa is the only genuine person left in the house… I don’t think she is wonderful, but I think she is misunderstood and hated on by the other houseguests because she doesn’t fall under their spell. The rest of ’em… who really is worthy of winning? I wanted McCrae to win at one point until I realized if he wins… Amanda kinda does too… (whereas if SHE won… I don’t see McCrae benefiting much… I see her moving on to the next guy… Maybe I’m wrong… she just doesn’t seem like a genuine person who will carry on the relationship outside of the house… who knows)

I think at this point I am going to cheer for whoever takes out Amanda. And if she makes it to the end I will try to erase this season from my memory permanently so I can consider watching again next year. I’m holding on the fact that Amanda is gonna get smacked in the face with reality when she gets out of the house and she will see how many people dislike the way she played the game… and the kind of person she portrayed herself to be. Same with Aaryn.


Plus, isn’t it ridiculous that after all of the racist comments were made and CBA made such a big deal of it, they voted out all of the minorities…. one right after the other…im really disappointed with this house…


These conversations remind me of “Groundhog Day “……..same stuff over and over and nauseum. Could one person In there vhave an idea that is not just a recycled, rehashed repetition of any other conversation that has already been had….please…just once?…..


I think Spencer looks like he would have skid marks in his underwear.

Spencer's skid mark says

Spencer looks like a duck dynasty reject


if the hgs gave us more to work with, we could vary our comments. Look at it this way — the repetitive remarks are keeping Simon and Dawg employed and off the streets. Thank you S&D.
On a different note, I truly hope they burn the HOH bed at the end of this season and preferably burn the entire room. May have to call in the ORKIN man.;


Of course she is misting them. Totally is. How is it different? The level of gamers in 14 and 15 are different yes, but then again, so are the styles of Dan and Amanda. Each is a mist-er, relative to the hand they are dealt, i.e. players around them.

Just a thought

Yes Dan was a mist-er. He did things but it didn’t feel personal so much, it felt like game play. Amanda feels like a hurricane that leaves mass damage…she does some as game play but isn’t afraid to make it personal .


im happy to the two hated ppl in the house were fighting today but dumb andy is in love with mcranda not 500,000!


helen is rearranging chairs on the deck of the titanic. she needs to give it a rest, and get ready for her comp to get back into the house (if she only knew).


I was hoping for Helen to come back into the house too because I think after all the lies have been exposed she would go after Aaryn or Amanda but I’m sorry to say she has the most inaccurate perception of people. She thinks GM stands a chance of winning Americas Favorite, compares Aaryn to Janelle, helped to evict Candace, Howard, Jessie and Katlin people who would help her vote out Amanda. The worst of all she seems to not completely believe Andy has sold her out. They should not bring anyone back, have a triple eviction and hurry up and get this season over so I can watch Survivor.

lorelee 29

I can not stand Amanda!! She is a total bully!! I wish someone would wise up and evict her!!


I just wish that someone would actually stand up to Amanda and say “Once you are HOH you can call the shots. This time its my turn and your time is up!”


Amen (The Minstry)


“Amanda – I’m Dr will and McCrae is Jordan”


Excellent joke, tell another.


Sorry – but I like Spencer.


Start watching the live feeds so u can watch Spencer pick his nose and play with his dick! He is disgusting!


I don’t get that? Pick his nose (everyone, including you does that)… play with his dick? Are you a woman? Single? Married?
… Amanda – sex on TV, say hurtful, violent things, abusive, just gross (1)
… McRae – sex on TV, completely disgusting (ie. car) (3)
… Andy – meh, playing the game (yes, weasle-ing is part of it) (3)
… Aaryn – violent, racist comments – competitive, but no Janelle (2)
… Elissa – production princess, brought in at a disadvantage, their parents really didn’t instill values in either of them – it’s all about self-promotion … she’s not ‘mean’, but that’s self-preservation. She’s exceptionally shallow in life. (4)
… Helen – over her head… miscalculated the game and what she needed to do. She’s delusional, but played, lied (necessary) – but can’t see she’s equally as culpable as everyone she is accusing of being manipulative and deceptive. The “I love you but…” thing, I’d completely call her on. (4)
… GM – wow … needs help – seriously. (0)

Ted Marie

I agree 100% with you Terri. It is also nauseating listening to him talk about his “girlfriend” Marilyn. She is not real, and he sounds like such an idiot when he try’s to fit her into his conversations. He has never mentioned her on Thursdays live show when he gives his annoying shout outs to his parents and UPRR. If she was real dont you think he would have mentioned her at least once when he’s shouting out to everyone else in his family. Also, nobody has been able to find her to do an interview. Just saying–pretty suspicious. Also, I think we all can do without the close ups of McCrappy picking his feet. I had to stop watching BBAD after 20 min. cuz I couldn’t take it listening to the trash bags in the HOH, both from the way they talk to the way they cow chomp their food. Once again, thank goodness I have this site to come to and read others opinions and know that I’m not completely insane (only partially).


Don’t you know you are not allowed to like anyone or their game play or find the season even remotely good? LOL! get ready for a barrage of thumbs down. It’s conformity city here! Personally I hope it’s one of Team Triple A……Aaryn, Amanda or Andy for the win..they’ve played the best games…Andy= Social, Aaryn= Physical and Amanda=Manipulation and Social. Like it or not this is still Big Brother.

Huge Amanda and Aaryn fan

I agree with you totally. They really have played the best game. And let’s face it – they made it to the end, the others didn’t. So they must have done something right.

Acetone cocktail

Why yes, you are sorry.

Acetone cocktailT

It’s tough to see Helen outplayed but can’t say I’ll miss her SCREAMING during every conversation when the people are 2 feet away, and the mellow dramatic crying at the drop of a hat, You Know?


Good thing it was nail polish remover if it was water she would have melted.


Aaryn accidentally drank Nail polish remover? So she really is an idiot!!


Is there a reason The Duck is sleeping n the Have not Room with the lights off? I guess another gift from production.


it’s lost it’s punch.

It sounds like a term of affection now.


In that house of nuts, maybe she was just trying to end it all. I would be!


maybe clownie did it!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

@ ILL WILL: I completely agree. Doesn’t nail polish remover have a very strong smell? Once the cap is off the bottle, the smell fills the room. Note to everyone in her town: She is clearly not babysitter material.


clearly helen needs to come back now, i dont think judd will do anything although he was nice


I agree Helen needs to come back. If Judd comes back, he won’t know what’s going on, and he’ll crawl back into bed with McCrea and Demanda. Maybe Helen can rally the rest of the zombies and get Demanda out. If Dudd comes back, Helen will be gone and everyone will tell him Helen lied to them and that’s why they evicted him. He will get back in line with the Zombies waiting to be evicted again.

Aaryn fan

Elissa: I respect stock brokers????? lmao


BB, Here’s a recommendation to redeem this season –

Cancel the season and pay this wimps stipends for the rest of the season but most importantly, get them to do a reunion show with flashbacks of their poor performance.

Simon/Dawg/anyone please answer this question

I have been on your site for a few years but can’t remember if this is the first season where the forum has hated the houseguests as much as this year? Frok what I see there is not one person in the house who has the respect of anyone. Is it a bad year, are we getting tired of bb? The funny thing is like everyone else I hate them, I find it completely obvious what will happen next but I keep watching. Something seems serious amiss this time around. I would love to hear your opinion.


not this year. expect the hate for the remaining HGs to either remain the same or get worse. no way it gets better considering who all is left.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think we dislike this season so much because this is the first season in which the show appears to be completely scripted. There have been seasons where it was obvious that production influenced some of what occurred in the house, but there has never been a season (like this) where it appeared that there was a concerted effort by almost every houseguest to ensure that a certain person makes it to the end. Also, did Andy really compare Aaryn to Nakomis?! There…are…no…words…

Big Brother Fan from Canada

But at least the season was entertaining and Rachel was not spewing hate every 10 seconds. Production has probably warned the houseguests about the comments they have been making, but instead of trying to apologize for their behaviour…they try to justify it. It’s disgusting. Hands down, these are some of the most mean-spirited people to ever be cast on a reality show.


The MVP made the players more conservative. They had to band together into a “house rules” super alliance, because the HOH lost so much power. If you want to complain about the season to CBS, make sure they scrap the MVP next year, or this scenario will happen again and again. These players would have made bolder moves earlier, if not for this bad twist. It’s not boring or bad players, it’s the huge change in the power dynamic in the house. I think they are some really great players still in the game, who adapted to the twist very well. It’s just not exciting for the viewers, who want power shifts.

Huge Amanda and Aaryn fan

I like this season. And for the most part like all of the remaining HGs (except Helen and Elissa). I find it ironic that all the ‘politically correct’ haters do nothing but whine and complain how lame this season is and how disgusted they are of the HGs, but never seem to miss a second of the feeds/updates/BBAD. And while they rant about the HGs comments and backstabbing they are doing the very same thing in their posts! What hypocrites. If you don’t like the show people then don’t watch it or read this blog. For my part I enjoy the show, recognize it for what it is (a reality tv show, not a convent), and am grateful for all the updates, Simon and Dawg. Thank you!


Helen, that’s your fricken problem. You f**k up and can not even admit it. Elissa is right, you throw away all your alliances, you delusional moron. Give it a rest. Damn, I hope she does not come back; because she will do the same exact stupid crap.

I hope Candice, Judd and Jessie all laugh hysterically when she shows up tomorrow, it would be so fitting.


For these pieces of crap to even think they compare to any of the past players just shows how stupid and delusional they are, and I swear if Amanda plays to the camera and gives that look that she thinks is sexy I am going to throw up !!

Major Amanda and Aaryn Fan

Elissa is such a fake. She’s done nothing BUT talk shit on Spencer and look down on him. Nobody is buying your bullshit you stuck-up phony asshole. And neither is Spencer. As for Helen’s delusions that there still may be a chance to save her, um, well, you know. Quit manipulating and trying to direct everyone what to do after you leave. Your wisdom didn’t work for your game and it sure as shit isn’t going to help anyone else’s. Cannot wait for your incessant pathetic whining to stop. Tomorrow night can’t come fast enough.


This game is about being the strongest and/or the fittest mentally. Helen played a Dr. Jeckal and Mr. Hyde type game and blew it. Aaryn has made such bad, hateful/racist comments and I too hate her for that, but she has won more HOHs than anyone else, and came back from death row. She, Amanda and Andy are the only ones who have really played BB they way it has always been played, and they should be the ones that duke it out in the end. With the exception for Helen but she blew it. Of the ones that are left, McCrae, Elissa, Spencer and GM need to go. Mark my words Helen and Elissa are the next to go. And what is it with these so called Brachel fans, Rachel was pretty good, but they’re acting, and sounding like she was the best all time. Her sister has been a waste of time in this game. It’s also so funny; she’s calling the kettle black, on the plastic surgery comment, fake” face and Boobs” LOL

Varys Blackfyre

Then I would say she is no more fake than all the other houseguests who do the same thing.


Praying Elissa gets HOH…Helen wins comp and comes back. Andy will s!~t his hideous shorts! The look on McNasty and Amanda’s face…PRICELESS !


“Elissa: “ I am very deep if you get to know me it’s hard for me to have serious conversation.. I think about the big picture in life.. small talk isn’t my thing.. I sit here thinking that I want to have a ministry.. “”

I wonder was Spencer as confused as I am right now?



The best part of her ridiculous response is that the question Spencer asked was, “what was your favorite cartoon as a kid?”.


The BEST thing about BB was the advertisement about Survivor!!! Gervese!!!! And Rupert!!!
I HAVE to pay my cable bill bc, that’s the only reason I’m watching!


Watching BBAD… Amanda has the hugest feet I have ever seen on a woman! Omg McRae wasnt kidding when he said he likes Amazons! Jeez!


I really can’t believe Helen doesn’t recognize she made a mistake not getting Amanda out when she was on the block instead of Candice, Jessie and Judd.
I can’t believe she would let Amanda and McCrae stay a couple this long. Why was it so important not to have a target on her back? All the people had bigger fish to fry before her. All she would have had to do was keep Elisa there as a distraction from her. If someone put her up, they would have put her up with Elisa and she would have had a fighting chance. Maybe, the house makes one lose their mind! But, more likely, Helen has been playing checkers and not chess


I have a guess at this one, she seems to have some kind of hold on these house guests, kinda like a bully in the school yard that everyone is afraid of. Since most of the house guests have a mentality of a sixth grader, they are easily swayed. Think about how it was on the playground and the bully teased and intimidated everyone and nobody had the guts to stand up to him/her. Thats Amanda, the schoolyard bully.


Does anyone else notice that every other DR session shown on TV is Amanda? It’s almost like no one else is on the show has anything to say.

Big Sister

I have said it is like CBS thinks we are too stupid and can’t think for ourselves. That we need to hear Amanda’s take on everything. I’d like to see how many of her DR comments they have aired as opposed to the total of those from all of the others. I’ll bet she more than doubles theirs. Now Aryan and Amanda are scissoring…Their parents must be soooo proud!


Unfortunately, Amanda’s diary sessions make for great TV. That’s why you see her so much during the show..


The only way to get Amanda out is to put her up with McRae. Everybody is taking the game personal and going after people they dislike rather than the people that is best for their game.If Arryn would have put up AManda & McRae and one of them got off the block(not Amanda she can’t win shit) and put up Andy . They would have had the votes to do whatever they wanted.Helen, Elissa & GM. Arryn came to the conclusion she wanted Amanda out too late. Even if Amanda was against Spencer she would be gone.(+ McRae-Andy) And they would have probably gone with the house. Amanda evicted. 5-0 Bye BITCH. But Arryn screwed up and took too long to go after Amanda. Well maybe Elissa will win HOH and do the right thing. She could be the tie breaker.

Butters Mom

Elissa couldn’t be more full of herself… honestly… blah blah blah Im a deep person, blah blah blah… I cant make small talk with you because I would get bored with that…blah blah blah… I want to start a ministry blah blah blah…. there is no way that woman is a Christian… in any sense of the word… she throws around her high and mighty attitude, there is also no way she is a true Yoga teacher or pro… the woman is about exterior… there is NOTHING ON THE INSIDE at all!!


Elissa please win HOH so Mcnasty want take over the HOH bed.

derick alaska

Aaryn drinks nail polisher remover on accident?? Classic!! Hope that sanitizes that filthy mouth of hers! Cheers!


Amanda do not EVER compare yourself to dr. Wil


Omg! This post was hilarious. Elissa respects stock brokers and Aaryn drinks nail polish remover because she thought it was water, LOL! Also Helen thinks Spencer has lied to her the most. She still refuses to see that Andy has been lying to her the whole game. She’s nuts. She needs to go so she can find out what’s really been going on this season because she doesn’t have a clue.


Girls unite: Arryn =4 HOH 1 POV
Elissa=. 2 POV
GM=. 1 HOH
McRae=1 HOH. 1 POV
Spencer=. 1 POV
Andy=. 1 HOH. 1 POV
Amanda= not jackshit. ( useless as tits on a bear)
We’ll have to see who returns. The 3am are going to shit when they find out someone’s coming back. Hopefully Helen because she will know all about Amanda, McRae, & Andy and they will go batshit because of the way they have treated people. I think Helen could get Arryn & GM to work with them to go after Amanda and her funkies.


OMG, Amanda and Aaryn were scissoring and McCrae wasn’t even looking…. Something is wrong with that dude.


So Amanda really just said she got an abortion to come on big brother? Doesn’t get any more boss than that haha. By that I mean evil.

(I’m aware she didn’t say abortion but let’s call it like it is)

Amanda is just terrible

I am going to post this in every update, so people won’t forget that this is who that woman really is. I try to judge players in a game context, but, this is just awful. She doesn’t deserve to be in that house or any of the prosperity that may come from being there.


Come on,bring back Helen as HOH and let’s watch the fireworks. Lets watch those pieces of shit walk around the house knowing one of them is going. Amanda would be so pissed if her and McRae went up. If one of them got off, put up The weasel and vote out who was left up.Amanda can’t win shit ,maybe she get someone to take her off, send McRae to jury. She would be useless without him to lay around all day with, besides she would go batshit knowing he was in the jury house with Jessie. She would be worst than GM talking about McRae all the time and Andy would realize he hitched his horse to the wrong wagon, so go ahead & tell Helen Thursday she’s going home big boy. We will see how you act when you find out someone’s coming back. BRING BACK HELEN as HOH and let’s watch the fireworks, lets salvage the season ( I know she ruined the season by getting everyone to vote with the house) Lets give her a chance to make it right.


100% absolutely 100%…. That’s all Amanda says!!! Shut the fuck up!


The only thing about bringing Judd back is he would fall back in with Spencer,Andy,McRae and not make anything any different. They would just end up voting him out again cause that’s what Amanda wants.


Lol Amanda is so confident but she is playing this game with morons so there easy to beat. Every single one of these people she’s evicted trusted her and then found out she was backstabbing them too late Candace, Judd, Jessie and now Helen. She would never beat a Dan or even a Boogie but she’s got this season because these people are scared of her or rather “the house” what a joke. I don’t even know why Andy the rat or Aaryn continue to back her up…earth to idiots she is going to take McCrae if she has the chance to the end and if u think she won’t get all of u out and backstab u, she will. I mean it’s gotten to the point where it is so ridiculous Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Elissa and Andy could get her out at any time they all have the numbers she has McCrae. I mean are they that bad at the game that they don’t realize each week someone has to go so why do they continue to support her and wait for Amanda’s pecking order to continue. I guess they would rather follow her than make there own decisions. The only thing that makes this interesting at all is the jury member coming back here’s hopeing that person will rally the sheep to target her. I agree with people on here Amanda is playing a good game but half of it is because these people follow her even after seeing how she backstabs a new person each week and targets someone, it’s like there letting it happen.


“scissoring “Why is it so warm” -Aaryn”

It’s worm because it was just baking bread.

Ms M

Amanda really needs to go!!! You are so right. Everyone except Andy knows what’s up with Amanda but for some strange reason rfuse to get her A$$ out of there. All Aarynus had to do was as you say put up Mcmanda and if one came down put up Andy. But nooooooooooooooo these idiots are delusional. I bet Helen wish she hadn’t waited so long. LMAO!!!

Ms M

I HATE Amanda!!!! She needs to go. This is the worst BB yet. Every year for the last 3 years or so, it just keep getting worse. If Amanda does’t go next they are all some stupid a$$ idiots. This bisquit really thinks thinks she’s smart. When in reality she is the biggest bully in the house, She is ralling to get people evicted on a personal level. She is a nasty freak and a disgustin racist b.


Funny, just about every BB alumni says the same thing, you need to take out Amanda now! Even Kaitlin called it in an interview. Needs to go.


It’s Amanda TV not Big Brother!! Of course Ellisa will win MVP she has her sister and the followers to VOTE! If the vote is even counted? We will see! I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Brother in negotiations for her signing on to the TV Show! that she wasn’t promised the $25,000.00 guaranteed! Why does Ellisa get $10,000.00 a week stipend but ALL the other HGs get $1,000.00 a week? Any explanations on that?


Spencer lied to Hellen the most? What about Andy? Sorry last attempt at saving herself.


i hope elissa win hoh next week. amanda bitch!!

BB15 is painful to watch like a train wreck

all of these people just make me sick. they sit around talking about one another when they all possess the attributes they don’t like in that one particular person. HELLO AMANDA, haven’t you bullied EVERYONE in the house?????? Yes, you have but when you do it you call it something else. And weren’t you just talking about your “friend” Aaryn?? And weren’t you saying that you wanted to get rid of Aaryn. So much for your alliance and staying true. This girl Aaryn is going to wish she had backdoored Amanda when she had the chance. Aaryn will soon see that she should have realigned with Helen and Elissa. Do I like Helen? No, she continues to trust the wrong people and continues to think that the wrong people are threats. Come on Helen, Spencer is not a threat. This guy will not be winning any comps any time soon. Do we have to remind you about his 6th time on the block. Why would you tell Elissa she needs to get out Spencer next. HELLO THE NEXT NOMINEES SHOULD BE AMANDA AND MCCRAE. Really Helen?? And you call yourself a good player. UGH! What is this chick thinking????? And no you should not use a pawn. You need to nominate both of these ding bats together. Then the focus should be on Andy. Really Andy, you were bullied by the mom squad???? grow some balls dude. Quit playing the victim. I think you have been hanging out with Amanda too much. And I don’t want to see you balling your eyes out tomorrow when Helen gets evicted. I’m sick of your crying ways. UGH! As much as I don’t like GM or Aaryn because of racists/bigot attitude I’m thinking I would rather they win over Amanda (who hasn’t won anything and bullied her way to the top), McCrae (who has only won HOH one time and is Amanda’s puppy dog), and Andy (the tattle tale rat who just cried all season). FYI Amanda and McCrae this game is not just social but physical as well. Scratch that, I am now rooting for Spencer (AKA creepy neighbor to win) with one of the racist/bigots to come in second to him. What is wrong with these people and is this was BB is coming to? Man, talk about bottom of the barrel people in this house.


the worst house guest ever is Amanda!!!! I love Elissa she is right about all the houseguests, they are idiots. She is the only one who has stood up for her self in this season at all. When she was mvp mcranda tried to tell her who to put up and she said no. they didn’t like that at all. if you watch live feeds like I do you would see how nasty and ugly they are talking about elissa all the time and she says a couple of not so ugly things and people think she is the bad girl. she is a good person inside I think and everyone is jealous of her life. she hasn’t always been rich and all she has worked her butt off in the past. She is just blessed with a great husband and all now, good for her. I hope she woops butt tomorrow and wins and shows the haters who she really is.


“Aaryn thought the nail polish remover was water and took a drink. Andy: ‘Did anyone make a alcohol request”


BB Fan

On BBAD, why are Amanda and McCrae lying in the bed and Aaryn is sitting/lying on the couch?


Can one of you many Elissa lovers please tell me what your reason is for loving her? I’m not trying to be a smart ass here, I am just really intrigued on why so many people on this site like her. I think every single house guest blows this season, so it’s not like I’m team anyone! It’s just I really don’t see why so many people on this site like her. Enlighten me Brenchel Army.


i love her because she’s pretty and she’s calm and whenever someone says something wildly innapropriate she doesnt laugh with the pack but shows her disapproval. she has a mind of her own, i’m certain she would put McCrapmanda up in a heartbeat and not be shivering in her shorts, she’s a fairly good competitor, and she’s loyal. that’s a lot.


very beautiful? I just threw up in my mouth. she’s totally ghetto.


sorry that comment goes after the one below about candice.

VA Vet

I am by no means an “Elissa lover”, but of the remaining players she is by far a cut above the rest—-The best of a bad lot if you will.

Rewarding any of the other players with half a mil would be a travesty IMO.


Amanda is absolutely vile, disgusting, ill shaped, unattractive, vulgar, and a complete disgrace. The sight of her makes me sick to my stomach.

GM is illiterate, vulgar, vapid, a complete waste of sperm and egg, nasty, uncouth, she is just about the most disgusting human being or is she some type of species that has not been adequately named. The waste of space cannot adequately put a sentence together. I think big brother should really make sure that the individuals who they place on the show should at least be literate. I was remiss in mentioning how filthy and ghastly her mouth is. How proud her parents must be to see the species that they “raised”. After her debut on the show, which self respecting man would take that piece of trash home to meet his parents. The unnamed species is just pathetic.

Aaryn is also absolutely revolting. Not even her parents wanted any pictures of themselves to be displayed in her HOH room. I hope Aaryn and the others mentioned above will reap what they sowed in the big brother house. There is one thing that a person can never escape and that is KARMA. It usually will catch up with us one way or another.

Helen is a complete fool. I am so happy that she is getting exactly what she deserves.

Andy was the biggest rat of them all. The un-named species had the gall to call Candice a rat when Andy was the worst of them all. I guess the dumbass is blind when it comes to people who are of the same species as her. She is such a f…ing idiot.

Elissa is not perfect but I must say given the choices that are left in the house she is most descent person of them all. She has always stood up and voiced her opinions on the vile behavior of the other house guests. It’s a pity that she was not cast on a previous big brother where there were actually descent people. Instead she is left in a house filled with a whoring mongrel, an illiterate alien species, a racist foul mouth witch, a professorial rat, a misogynist who you should probably not leave your children with, and the biggest man …..ussy i have ever seen.

Nick and David seemed nice enough but unfortunately for them it was just bad timing. On a another note, Nick should run for his life from the un-named species. She is a complete lunatic, there is an old saying, ” if you lay down with filth, you will be covered with flies” Show GM how repulsive she is on finale night.

Jeremy not worth the ink. Kaitlin should have realized that a person is known by the company he/she keeps. Or as they say “birds of a feather flock together”.

Jessie lacks self esteem. Not every guy who asks for the time means one should open ones legs to accommodate. In other words self respect. She did not sleep with anyone on the show but if she was willing to portray herself on t.v.. like that, then what would she do when no one is watching. It’s sad because she seems like a real sweet girl and is very beautiful.

Judd – Could not understand one word that poor boy said.

Candice is a very beautiful girl. She was too normal to be in that house. She should take away with her that you can’t argue with crazy. If you do, it makes you look ten times worse than the actual a-holes . I give her credit that she was able to handle being in that tough situation. There is a colloquial expression, “a ghost knows who to frighten” If Chima Simone from BB 11 was in that house, I guarantee all individuals who spewed racial slurs would not even have the courage to utter one syllable.

Howard was just too reserved. Absolutely gorgeous but was unfortunately cast with a group of crazy ass fools. I think survivor is better suited for him.