“3am is going to have to be 2am.. If we cannot get Elissa out then Aaryn or GM has to go” -Amanda

5:12pm HOH everyone Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Amanda
Andy saying he will sh!t his pants on live TV if a jury member comes back.
Amanda: “How can a 33 year old woman have her head shoved up a 22 year old a$$ hole” (talking about GM and Aaryn)
Spencer thinks it’s a jealousy thing, Gm has the blue contacts and bleached hair she’s trying to be Aaryn.
Amanda: “If you say anything wrong about Aaryn GM will back her up.. regardless”
Spencer says GM cannot be reasoned with you can’t tell her anything.
Amanda: “All you need is a arrogant 22 years old have a 33 year old to back you up”

Andy says he snapped at Elissa today he couldn’t handle it any more “She said she never threaten anyone.. She was threatening me.. she said to me If I vote out Helen, Aaryn, GM and her are gunning after him and i’m going home”
Amanda says in Elissa mind that is not a threat it’s a “Game move”

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Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Butterscotch Vs. Jigsaw

Alliance break down

3AM alliance ([Andy,Aaryn] and [McCrae/Amanda])
Mom Squad (Elissa and Helen)
3 person (McCrae, Helen, Andy)
Boys (Andy, Spencer, McCrae)
Bunnies (GM/Aaryn)

Essentially it’s the 3am alliance running the game, they have established side alliances with everyone in the house and have set themselves up nicely going into this new week. They have the numbers, the comp wins and strategy all that stands in their way is Helen and possibly some Pandora’s boxes. It’ll be interesting to see if Helen and Elissa figure out the 3am alliance before it’s too late. One thing holding this back is Andy. Helen trusts him too much and it could be the game for her.

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Helen says Jessie is helping me get to the end because people will want to take me knowing she won’t vote for me.

1:10pm The Live Feeds return – Helen is in the kitchen telling Amanda that Jessie is going around telling Aaryn she has to get me out. Amanda says what?! Helen says I am done with her, I can’t believe I actually felt bad for her yesterday when she was crying.

Up in the HOH – McCrae is talking to Andy about how they need to get Elissa out of the house. He says that she has never hasn’t won a competition (she won the POV). He says that she had a big target on her in the beginning and now she doesn’t so much. McCrae is worried about Amanda wanting to take Elissa to the finals because she could win over her. Andy agrees that she has to go but that they need to get past this week. McCrae heads downstairs and Helen takes him into the lounge room to tell him that Jessie is going around tell Aaryn trying to get her (Helen) out. McCrae says that Jessie said that she will never vote for you in the end. Helen can’t believe she is doing this after I accepted her apology.

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Jessie tells Aaryn you have my vote. Aaryn says they won’t take me, I would tear their a$$es up in the end.

9:55am Jessie is awake and in the kitchen making coffee. Andy is listing to his cd in the HOH room. All the other house guests are sleeping..

10am In the bedroom – Aaryn, Gina and Elissa are in the rainbow room talking. Elissa con’t find her black dress. Aaryn says that it’s probably in Candice’s bag because she takes things without asking all the time. Ginamarie and Aaryn talk about all the things Candice would take without asking like their shoes and hair bands. Aaryn says that she is OCD about her things and know where everything is and knoew when something is missing. Ginamarie says that is so disrespectful to take someones things without asking, I don’t get that woman. If it’s missing we’re sure Candice knows where it is because she probably took it. Elissa says that production already took two of her dresses.

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Andy says he knows Jessie is mad at him she said goodnight to me and it was kind of c**ty.

12:50am In the kitchen – Ginamarie tells Spencer to come into the bathroom, I want to show you something. She takes him to the bathroom stall and says look at this. She reads aloud “Jessie K loves Dan was here” Spencer laughs that’s kind of funny did she write that? Gina says yeah. Elissa asks if that’s a camera or a mic. Spencer says a mic. Aaryn joins them and comments that there are camera’s in the bathroom stalls and showers – It was in the packet, it’s for safety so that we don’t go in there and hurt ourselves.

1am Up in the HOH room – Helen, Gina, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy are hanging out talking. Everyone talks about how Jessie ruined the havenot happy hour. They talk about how Jessie asked Ginamarie if she was going to miss her when she was gone. Aaryn tells them that Amanda is done in the havenot room telling Jessie everything starting with the veto competition.

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“Are you mad because I was talking about how you never shower” who?

9:05pm Bathroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda says she likes the nicknames Aaryn cam up with. MC says that sometimes he thinks people that make up names are faking the alliance. Amanda tells him Aaryn is loyal as sh!t it’s not a fake alliance.
McCrae knows she’s loyal he’s just telling her that if he wanted to try and convince people that something was real when it wasn’t he would make up fake names.
A: “It’s not fake”
MC: ‘I know it’s not I still think about it”
Amanda: “You have to believe in something sometime.. you have to have faith in something”
MC: “Ya”
Amanda: ‘Your mood has completely changed.. what just happened in the past 20 minutes are you mad because I was talking about how you never shower”

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GM wasn’t worried about Jessie stealing Nick away “He knows the snap and the look.. he was whipped”

6:24pm HOH Everyone but Aaryn and Jessie

Amanda tells them about Jessie flirting with McCrae. Amanda called her out on it and ever since that Jessie has been gunning after her. Amanda brings up Jessie asking MC to hold her hair. She gives MC a hard time for saying yes. Gm says she did the same thing to Nick and she gave him a look and he put his head down and walked away from Jessie, “Ya he knows the snap and the look” (LOL)

Elissa: ‘Nick was whipped from Ginamarie” (HAHAHA the look on Elissa’s face)
Helen says she was so abused by JEremy during the first couple weeks she never noticed the showmances.
Ginamarie says Jessie would stretch and flare her a$$ out in front of Spencer and howard all the time.

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Andy: “I’m playing this game to win .. Elissa and Ginamarie are both expendable”

3:34pm HOH Andy and Aaryn

Talking about their final 2 deal and how nobody will suspect they are working together. Aaryn mentions Amanda bringing up a plan McCrae thought up. The plan involved them telling Helen Aaryn is the target so she tries to backdoor Helen then they will just vote out who she is up against.
Aaryn is worried about going up on the block she feels like people will take the chance to vote her out. Andy understands why she is nervous he would be to. He thinks as long 3 people from the 3am alliance are voting whoever is on the block will be safe.
Aaryn: “you have to tell me when they are planning on voting me out”
Andy says of course he knows 100% Amanda and McCrae will be taking themselves to the finale, “I’m playing this game to win”
Andy mentions that Amanda and McCrae are saying they are not taking each other but everyone knows that is bullshit.

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Gina says I am going to marry Nick in Vegas! I hope he isn’t married already because I will have to kill the b***h!

1:40pm Out in the backyard – Elissa is doing yoga. Meanwhile in the kitchen/bathroom – Gina, Spencer, Helen, Aaryn and Andy are talking about random things. Andy talks about his strategy to feed the fish my putting in small bits at a time to make sure they all get some. Andy says because some of the fish are a$$holes. Aaryn asks you are just figuring that out now. Andy walks away. Gina leaves the bathroom as well. Aaryn comments that Ginamarie clears the room with all her sh*tting and farting. Aaryn says so now we know who the racist one is..

1:50pm – 2:10pm Amanda and McCrae wake up. McCrae says if it didn’t make me look shaddy as f**k I would sit and whisper around them all day long. Meanwhile in the bathroom Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Jessie campaigns to Aaryn about she will throw the HOH and then volunteer to go up on the block next week.

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Elissa says I would put up Amanda/McCrae. Helen says she needs to be back doored. If not it will be a week of hell!

10:30am – 12pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen, Aaryn, Jessie and Ginamarie are in the bathroom. Up in the HOH room Andy is listening to his cd and staring off at the spy screen. Helen talks to Aaryn about how she isn’t fashionable in here but that she is fashionable compared to her friends at home. Helen heads to the havenot room and her and Elissa discuss how they are thankful their time sleeping in the havenot room is over. Elissa comments that she wants to start washing all the sheets out in the other rooms. Helen heads out for her run. In the bathroom – Elissa and Aaryn talk about random things like their teeth, teeth whitening, etc. Aaryn continues to do her makeup and then heads out to the backyard to work out on the elliptical.

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Gina says but he wanted to f**k Amanda in the a$$, that doesn’t tell me he cared for her.

12:30am In the rainbow room – Jessie asks so what was the decision before the fight happened? Amanda says I always thought that it was supposed to be Spencer, at least that was Andy’s plan and we planned to go with what he wanted. Amanda says if you can get the majority to stay then I would vote for you. Jessie says that Andy said that if it came down to a tie he would break it in my favour. Amanda says that she almost feels like its one eviction too late for her to work with Jessie. Amanda says from a personal standpoint, you dont help her game. Amanda says I know that you would want her out. Jessie agrees. Amanda asks if it was Jessie’s plan to get me out, now’s the time to tell the truth. Jessie admits that her plan involved Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. Jessie says now I feel like you are a new oasis, a new fresh start to work with because I don’t think I could work with them anymore. Amanda says it is really you needing to talk to Aaryn and Ginamarie.

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A Big Brother 15 Wedding “love thy wife that loves thee and that’s you baby”

Andy: “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Amanda and McCrae”
Andy: ‘Amanda I would like to give you the chance to speak your vows to McCrae”
Amanda’s vows to McCrae
MCcrea I vow to Stand by you and align next to you through have and have nots through sickness and through health. Through showers cold and hot and through nipple slips and nut slips I vow to be your BB wife in this house and eventually maybe one day outside I Love you

McCrea’s vows to Amanda
Amanda who would think this Crazy pizza boy from Minnesota .. don’t have much going for him and a crazy Jewish girl from Florida who would ever think.. umm .. I mean theres been up and downs i’m always going to be there for ya.. and trust you always .. Love you always.. my friends at my house always tell me you gotta go with your heart that’s what i’m doing.. love thy wife that loves thee and that’s you baby.

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