“What does Zingbot and Elissa both have in common they are both made of Plastic… ZING”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

***** PLEASE READ *****
This is how it’s always been with Big Brother. If Amanda uses the veto on McCrae both her and McCrae are safe. Amanda cannot be nominated.


6:05pm Aaryn and GM have nots
Aaryn says there is no way GM is going on the block.. Aaryn says they have to make sure people don’t think GM is a flip flopper. They need to go back to being normal.
Aaryn says Amanda, McCrae, Spencer And Andy are all working together.
GM:” Who is she putting up”
Aaryn: “Andy”
GM: I heard the same thing.. he’s going crazy”
Aaryn: “no matter who goes up I have the votes to stay unless i’m up with you if i’m up with you I don’t have the votes”
Aaryn: “I don’t want people to stay you are just like Jessie flip flopping.. I want us to be neutral”
Aaryn: “People are going to start trying to get you to turn on me.. if that happen just come to me.. I guarantee lies are going to start flying”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


6:47pm Hot Tub Andy and Aaryn

Aaryn telling him about Elissa’s deal last night when she wanted to keep Aaryn safe and take out Amanda. Aaryn says she agreed to everything Elissa was saying because Elissa told her she would use the veto on her.
Andy asks who is going up. Aaryn doesn’t know hopes it’s going to be GM but even if it’s Andy she’s sure he has the votes to stay.

Andy: “I will fight to the death for you not to go home”
They agree both of them going up is the worst case scenario. Andy says if they can get Elissa to think Andy is what the house is going to vote out maybe she would put up GM.
Andy: “you should push for her to put me up
Aaryn – Amanda told Elissa that I’m working with MCrae and Amanda .
Aaryn – GM will tell her whatever she can to keep her off the block.. GM has to go up.
Aaryn thinks Judd and Spencer need to go next after Elissa
Andy – same
Andy thinks that getting JUDD out the first time was the biggest move they made this entire game and now it was for nothing.
Aaryn – I know that at some point Amanda and McCrae has to go but we still all need to work together to the 4

Aaryn – I feel bad because I had to lie a lot and I don’t like that.

Aaryn – she doesn’t trust you Andy because of Helen and Spencer/Judd have offered her loyalty to stay off the block .she thinks she has numbers but next week she’ll have no one

Aaryn says spencer offered her a deal last night and today when she asked him if she had his vote he said we’ll see.. “how are you supposed to trust that “


7:01pm bathroom JUDD and Elissa
Elissa: “It makes me so mad Aaryn is so happy now”
JUDD says he is going to tell them he’s voting out Andy then switch it up to freak them out.

Elissa – We have to win the HOH and get one of them out or they win.. Aaryn has to go because she will do whatever they say
Elissa suggests that whoever wins the HOH has to put both of them up so they can guarantee the couple is split up.

JUDD – I want AManda gone before McCrae.. but if she wins veto then he has to go.
Elissa – sucks so bad because for the past 2 weeks i’ve been trying to work with Aaryn but she is so brainwashed.. She has to go she is bad for my game and she is a liar.
JUDD says she has to go and putting Andy up against her is the best bet.
Elissa – “for sure.. it’s good for my game for you to be in good terms with them”
JUDD says he really dislikes McCrae and Amanda he doesn’t like spending time with them.
Elissa wants them all to say they threw the POV competition so that Amanda would win it. Elissa wants them all to be happy around Amanda and McCrae and say how great of a week it is.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


7:12pm Cockpit GM and Elissa
Elissa and GM are going to say they threw the competition that is why Amanda won it.


7:17pm kitchen JUDD and MC
JUDD is saying he threw the competition he wanted Amanda to win because that way she wouldn’t go on the block and McCrae would be safe. He knew he had to make it look convincing because Elissa told him if he did throw the comp he would go up.

7:29pm bedroom McCrae and Amanda
MC says he heard Elissa talking in the back yard saying how great of a day it was they saw Zingbot and they gave Amanda the veto.

Amanda:” JUDD needed a f*** respirator for that veto.. thats hilarious”


7:35pm bedroom Amanda, MC and Elissa
E – I thought that JUDD told you.. we were all trying to help you
A – F*** Off ELissa give me a break you guys were sweating and hyperventilating.. You looked about ready to cry when I won it.
A – if you say you threw that to me that is hilarious
E – I never said I threw it
A- JUDD was on a respirator and GM was 8 behind me so ya you threw it.. give me a break
A – don’t be a sore loser just lose it and take it.
E – I know I lost
A – if you sit there and say you threw it.. .
E – I’m glad.. today is the best day ever
A – good because your nominations are all screwed up.. don’t be a sore loser Elissa.. just go away.. you lose with grace
E – I know I did.. I hit the target like 10 times..


7:39pm Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae
Amanda saying that GM was 8 behind her, Elissa was crying and JUDD was on a respirator they can’t say they threw that POV.
ELissa yells from the kitchen “Amanda I never cried”
Amanda:” You cried like a little b!tch and I cannot wait for next week.. I hope you throw it to me again.. oh wait you won’t be playing ”
Elissa says something back can’t hear
Amanda: “F*** off ELissa.. no one gives a f** what you saw OK”
Amanda goes into the kitchen to confront Elissa “OK so you have GM this week and next week when you can’t play little b!tchy Elissa you don’t have Helen you don’t have anybody anymore so keep your F*** grimace smile”
Amanda: “you f** wasted your HOH.. how does it feel.. Rachel is going to feel so proud of you.. you and Brenchel army”
Amanda:” Guess what … f** off you are going down and McCrae and I are here next week”
Amanda: ‘HEY GUESS WHAT .. what does ZIngbot and Elissa both have in common they are both made of Plastic… ZING.. .. that is why you don’t look like any of your HOH pictures you and your 78 years old husband.


8:03pm HOH Elissa and JUDD Elissa says Andy is going up 100% but she just told him that he is not going up.
She has JUDD’s, GM and Spencer’s Vote.


8:05pm Andy tells Amanda, Gm and Aaryn that he is probably going up as the replacement nominations.


8:13pm Backyard Andy, GM and JUDD
GM: “I think Aaryn is more with Amanda and McCrae than she is with me” Feeds cut..
GM says people have been coming to her saying things. JUDD says Aaryn was with them when she was HOH and put him up during double eviction. GM knows says Aaryn really didn’t want to do that.

GM though Aaryn was supposed to be her friend. JUDD points out that Aaryn was supposed to be his friend to.
JUDD leaves.. Andy starts to cry.. “Oh god”

8:19pm Backyard Amanda, JUDD, MC and GM
Amanda says Andy is pissed off at him because she would rather keep Aaryn over him because Aaryn can win competitions.
Amanda mentions that Elissa is going around saying that everyone threw the POV.
GM:’ You guys know I would never throw anything”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Amanda do better !

How dumb does amanda think Elissa is. Elissa has to put up Andy .. She has no choice .. She knows Andy is Amanda’s puppet and not putting up Andy gives amanda the majority she needs to decide who is going home (3 v 2).


I love how Elissa is opening the HG’s eyes!!!!! Even Andy the rat is realizing the people he worked with may betray him! Too late!!!! Although I hope Aaryn leaves cause she will forever be Amanda’s puppet


Finally someone has the balls enough to make a move in the house and not let mcpussy and fatmanda control shit. Can’t wait till Aaryn sees herself being a puppet. The ginger princess is finally realizing that mcpussy and fatmanda are not as loyal as he though they were. I never thought I would be rooting for GM to win HOH. I wouldn’t mind to see Elissa and GM in the final 2.


If Amanda was as smart as she thinks she is, she would keep Arryn over Andy because she has won more HOH’s than Andy ,Mcrae, Amanda and Spencer put together. She could use Arryn next week and the 1st time Mcranda wins HOH they could put Arryn up (wait that could be next season before one of 2 slimebags won another HOH) You know Andy is crying like the little bitch that he is because he sees that point for keeping Arryn (that’s what he would do) Mcrae has assured him he is staying but that’s what they have been doing to all the people that gets evicted (you know Andy because you would do it with them and think it was so funny) He says he just wants the truth, well so did all the people that you lied to. As much as i dislike you, you little weasel I want Arryn to go so next week that smartass Amanda( running around like she is guarenteed not to go up next week) goes up with Mcrae. I would love to see Gm win HOH so we can watch Amanda go batshit knowing one of them is going home for sure. But the brightside was Amanda and Mcrae sitting aroud freaking out for 48 hours. Now we have a bonus, we get to see Arryn and Andy sit around and sweat it out stabbing each other in the back to try to get to stay..Come on this is great, she got the whole 3am alliance depressed in the same week…. It would have been nice to see Mcrae gone because Amanda would have no allies after she couldn’t save Mcrae. BUUUTTTT there is always next week you dumb BITCH!!!!! Everyone is watching you . YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED

Amanda's Next Yeast Infection

Holy hell, I hope Elissa gets power so that when they try to evict her next week she can pull power out of her nice yoga ass and b like ” I’m sticking around..just like your nasty yeast infection BITCH”!!! Boom.


Best comment I have read so far! Lol




Me too. I’m so glad she’s got them all running scared:) But so PI$$ED Amanda won the damn veto. Bc I really wanted one of them (Mcranda) to go home:( I do like seeing Andy panic too. Lol. He deserves it:)


I just hope GM isn’t as dumb as she is making out to be. Elissa and Judd need that blond mess.
Love the way Judlissa is conjuring up doubts with the amazon and her minions. Mandah is going to be the one who snaps.
Enter the 2 burly men with an XXXL white straight jacket.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

It’s time for a pandoras box and Elissa to open it getting the power of veto for next week that would be cool. I hope Amanda gets an STD in her skanky parts


OMG Amanda would shit because she really made Elissa mad and if Elissa had the Veto next week Mcrae would be so pissed at Amanda for getting Elissa worked up so when she plays again she will not give up. I think Elissa has been sandbagging in the comps. to keep the target off her as much as she could. I think she could blow everyone away in endurance comps. She teaches Yoga 1 on 1 and does it around the house all the time. Howard was even saying how hard it was(when he worked out with her) and he was built like a brick shithouse. PLEEEAAASSSSSE BB how about a pandoras box for Elissa. Let’s keep the drama going. It’s finally picking up around the house.


I don’t like Amanda but watching BBAD and how in the world does Elissa know that apparently Amanda had an abortion and has herpes from what I am trying to deciper. That is personal information and it is against HIPA law for Production to of told that to Elissa for Elissa to use against her, but how else would she know unless Production told her. Can someone clarify this info for me. I cannot stand Amanda but if Elissa is doing that it is wrong and she and CBS could be in a world of trouble.

So what

Amanda has been making personal attacks toward everyone in that house. I’m not surprised she had an abirtion she doesn’t seem like a person that values or respects human beings! She’s disgusting and inhumane!


Missing my point is how would Elissa know that she did? Wouldn’t Production of had to tell her and if they did it is against the law for personal medical information to be given out to anyone.

The Law Says

If Elissa was Amanda’s doctor it would be against the law. I suggest you look through the laws of your land.


That’s not how hippa works.


Amanda has what ? I thought Amanda had the baby and gave it away i thought Jewish people didn’t abort babies ?


Amanda told Elissa about the abortion the first week . Wake up dude ?


YA RIGHT Billie! You’re an Amanda supporter! I saw your previous posts and I remember them! You just said you’re not an Amanda fan to get thumbed up and protect that vile Amanda


YOU ARE CRAZY!!! I cannot stomach Amanda and wanted her go a long time ago but these idiots are too dumb to get rid of her. Just wanted to know how she knew and knew Amanda had Herpes. I work in the medical profession and it is illegal to give out personal medical information.


ACTUALLY if Amanda DOES have herpes she HAS to tell MCRAE and anybody unfortunate enough to be kissed by her.

I say

I would not put it past Amanda to have mentioned that kind of personal information. Look at how disgusting she is, she talks about everything. No class.


Didn’t I read where Amanda made McCrae LOOK at her yeast infection because she wanted him to see “it”. Now THAt is disgusting, along with everything else she has said and done.


She doesn’t know, if in fact Elissa said that, its just to get back at Amanda.

Unless you know for a fact that Amanda had an abortion and has herpes those are safe assumptions anyone can make about someone who is sexually active which Amanda is.

Also they are normally symptoms that give away the presence of a diseases you don’t have to look at a document to know.

Can you also imagine a job application thats seeks to know all the abortions and stds you have, such details not even production would have access to let alone let it lying around for their own staff members pleasure to share with Elissa.

Anyone with her libido there are high chances she could have one of the above if not both. if one is throwing out a jab that being true is equally likely Amanda started the Zings so she needs to take them just like she gives them out.

Sorry if you like her, she is no lady her family even said gets what she wants and they didn’t even seem excited about her prospects.


The ONLY way anyone would know if Amanda had an abortion is if she opened her mouth and told them, don’t blame lame a$$ CBS for that one. Personally I think it’s no ones business wat a woman does with her body. But blaming production come on, Amanda’s mouth runs like a sick mans a$$, she’s an insecure
delusional wannabe.


amanda told them a few days ago

give me a break

Aaryn told GM….I’m going to stay if she put anybody up but you….if she put you up GM im leaving……I hope GM see through what she just said….basically if Elissa wants me gone she should put you up GM…..This should solidify to GM that Aaryn wants her up……

Amandas Vagina

I’m running this house!


She actually didn’t know that until the DR told her. Of course Elissa is brilliant when she has production playing her game for her.





GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

lets call this one… Amanda is a skank and it must have took her five weeks to Zingbot poor Elissa.

the two people who betrayed Helen the most by lying to her by being aye~wholes are going to be on

the block, especially if Queen Bee Amanda moved in a nuclear manner before Helen or Elissa did!!!

this has gone binary. there are two QUEEN BEEs and the other Queen is Elissa… not raggedy ANDY!


Spencer: It’s funny but I think I miss my dog even more than Marilyn.

Judd: I know what you mean. I made that classic mistake one night that all guys make. I got really drunk, and I ended up having sex with my best friend. Now, I can’t even bring myself to talk to him. To be honest, I don’t even want to play fetch with him




They can’t figure out how to handle it when the whole house isn’t voting the same way. They are trying to continue their boring methods and now because someone’s using their brain and power they think something “fishy” is going on. OMG They are so dumb.


HERE goes Amanda the BULLY at it again…….she is a hypocrite!!!!! Wasn’t she crying cause MCrae didn’t throw the comp to her….then cried again because she LOST when MCrae THREW a comp at her…..she cried behind the TRASH!!!!!!! Stop being a hypocrite Amanda!!!!!!


More drugs!!! She may wanna share them with that crying lil ginger bitch. Why is he crying so much????


I think she was snorting adderral behind the trashcan.


so amanda wasn’t a sore loser when she got mad at mccrae for not throwing it to her … or when she had to hide behind a trashcan to cry her heart out.

OKAY, amanda. you aren’t fooling us.

Dan's Mist

She was totally being a sore winner during that whole thing. I was watching the feeds kinda half way trying not to puke watching Mcranda laying in their grosness, and then the next thing I know Amanda is in Elissa’s face in the kitchen talking smack, and Elissa is just smiling and making food with an aura of don’t care I’m not here for the money anyways.

But the best was when McCrea walks out and Elissa says “Real classy woman you got there” And he just nodded and walked away.

Dan's Mist

I loved that “fight” Amanda kept thinking she was making Elissa look dumb, and all she was doing was making Elissa look angelic and saint like. She kept trying to bait Elissa and there was no bite. And Amanda being slimy like she is couldn’t handle that so actually got out of her nest to attack. (Think she could have grabbed some of those dishes with her while going to the kitchen?) Elissa stayed completely cool and calm. Then McGrody didn’t even stand up for his Meat Shield queen when Elissa told him he had a classy woman.

I really didn’t want to be team Elissa in the beginning, but aside from Judd she’s the only other likeable house guest left.

Dan's Mist

Oops didn’t want that to be a reply, sorry about that, I meant for it to be a post comment.


DUDE! I’m not a huge fan of Elissa…but I’m so glad she called out Amanda….all it does was make Amanda look bad making those personal attacks!!!! CBS BETTER put that and not make Amanda all pretty when she is in fact a vindictive witch!!!! Gahhh…I wouldn’t mind calling Amanda out myself…..I mean its getting harder and harder to say ONE nice thing to Amanda!!!!


Amanda is not only a sore loser, she is a worse winner! Elissa is going to her quiet place while this horrible monster goes on the attack. Yoga is good for quieting the mind in the face of chaos. Should be a great BBAD tonight! Yay…I am happy with Rat Bastard or Aaryn leaving this week.

Dan Fan

1:35pm – 1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and Elissa are talking. Elissa says this is the worst possible situation ever! I hate her she is the grossest person ever! Now I am going to go home next week. Elissa starts crying.

I love that Elissa is toast

Are you kidding me? The Amanda/Elissa fight was just a warm up. Amanda is just getting started. And after the POV ceremony it’s only going to get worse for the Botox queen because Amanda, GM, and Aaryn will be on her mercilessly. She asked for it. I can’t wait and am ordering the live feeds just to watch the fake bimbo have her melt down. I wonder when she will realize that GM and Judd aren’t really with her. That moment will be one for the ages. Prepare to get a taste of your own medicine, the one you tried to administer to Amanda today, you phony stuck-up stoooopid ass!


I guess you misinterpreted the situation, Judd IS with El. He is saying to put up GM because he honestly thinks she will be a vote for Aaryn. He wants Aaryn out bc it’s a blow to Mcranda. His ultimate goal being to break up Mcranda. He truly does want an alliance with El because he wants nothing to do with Mccranda. Problem is, he just got back in the game and doesn’t realize Andy is so far up mcrandas butt and spencer is lying his ass off. He thinks theyre at least smart enough to realize they have to get out mcranda, when really they are just following whimps afraid to make a move. Much unlike El. She and Judd are the only ones in the house not afraid to at least try to get them out.


Amanda is really a disgusting pig. I wouldn’t want a person like her selling me a house. She’s a racist, pervert, bully, mean, and dirty person.


don’t forget gm is just as bad

This Season Blows

Brenchel drones don’t mention GM’s trashy behavior anymore since she’s sucking up to Rachelissa this week.


And she has the nerve to call elissa plastic when she has admitted to a boob job. Elissa didnt need any surgery on her face, she looked better before but amanda needs it in the face. Ok I can see the argument for aryan over elissa and maybe gm with make up but come on lets be real: amanda or elissa? This one should be a no brainer. I don’t know if its her persoanlity that makes it worse but amanda is butt fugly. I mean her only option is mcpussy. Pizza boy that has the body of a ten year old girl. I think any girl would feel safer with Andy in a dark ally over mcpussy. Oh and its funny that spencer is commenting on elissas husbands looks, when clearly he’s a “winner”.


Whoever thumbs downed must really really hate elissa for whatever reason to side with fugmanda.


It’s probably Amanda’s family. Her parents did such a swell job raising her. Just sayin.


BBFF you are so right and that comment was so funny. From the bottom of my heart thank you for making me laugh I needed it.


If unfortunately Andy, McCrae and Amanda are in the final three, who would you vote for? Would you vote for Amanda because she was the mastermind, bully and controller of minds? McCrae because he gave maintenance to Amanda and kept her calm with his unshowered body? Or Andy who was a loyal rat to them?
I really don’t know since those three are the worst. Any opinions?

I love that Elissa is toast

BigSister, why of course I would vote to give the money to Amanda. She played the best social game and she was the one who got Helen and Elissa out. Those two evictions alone are worth getting the money for. Unfortunately, McCrae didn’t do jack and neither did the rat Andy. No, Amanda deserves to win. Aaryn deserves second place. And both should be the top two vote getters for America’s choice. Oops, looks like scaredy cat is down in the kitchen about to shove chips in her piehole. Eww… cover your mic you annoying fake asswipe. Now Judd is being a Judas. He has to go next, after Elissa. Stoooooopid Elissa doesn’t realize he’s only sucking her ass bc she is HOH. Dumb ass!!!! It’s fun watching her now talking as a defeated person and back to her bitter condescension again. Love it!


Well if she looked better before, than she is pretty stupid to get the to get the lips done.

Elissa is an ugly person in so many ways

I think Amanda is far more attractive than GM and Elissa. Aaryn is the best looking of the four. Everything about Elissa is fake: her eye lashes, her Botox lips, her hair extensions, her boobs, and her disposition. I think Amanda was spot on about Elissa being as plastic as Zingbot. Can you see Elissa on BBAD right now being her usual disgusting self complaining about the HGs making noise? Get used to it. This is just the beginning. Your conceited and judgmental attitude will be the reason your life will be a living hell the next two weeks. Dumb ass Elissa.


And so are some of the actresses (or celebs in general) people fawn all over… FAKE!


First of all, you do realize ALOT of women wear fake eyelashes. Maybe not on a daily basis, but if going out etc. They sell them in drugstores for God’s sake because alot of people use them. Second, Botox is temporary, if she got an injection, big deal its not even permanent. Third, her boobs are too small to be fake she is like a B cup there’s no way they are fake. Last, hair extensions? I know of about 10 woman with them. Again that’s a pretty average thing. Heck some of the girls at my daughters highschool have gotten them just for fun. The only person on the show that has something legit fake is Demanda. Still didn’t help though because she’s still unattractive and fat. There is nothing good looking about her at all. El blows her out of the water on her WORST day.


Here’s what I would do to aMANda. I would ask her to show me the most expensive homes that I might want to buy. I would make her show me about 300 homes and be really demanding of her time. Then I would say I am ready to make an offer on one of these luxurious homes, but unfortunately I have to release her because I don’t like racists.

Sorry about that lost commission.

I love that Elissa is toast

Funny BigSister, but I was thinking the same about Elissa. And she is a disgusting pig from the way she is constantly eating when BBAD is on and her Botox duck lips won’t open. She just forms a little hole between those inner tubes and slides the food in, then chomps away and makes a disgusting noise breathing from her nose. She is also disgusting from all the sniping she did with Helen about the HGs but then complained about all the others for doing the same thing. The way she was with Amanda Friday and today was cruel and cold. Now she has egg dripping off her face because Amanda ain’t going anywhere and will be the one responsible for the fake’s eviction in two weeks. And where is the confident HOH tonight? Hiding under the covers in her bedroom scared like a little bitch. Get used to the feeling you stuck-up phony. You have NO allies in the house and you are going home after this week. And you know it. Ha ha ha ha!


Haha she’s not scared. She has her mind made up and no ones going to change it. That’s why I like her, bc she’s the ONLY one not afraid (maybe Judd). You must be a relative of Demanda. That would make me upset too. She’s disgusting!


And you’re kind and not a judgmental hypocrite right?

Just me

Simon I have a question. If Amanda uses the veto and pulls McRae off, can she be nominated or is she safe because she won?


Amanda is safe, even if she pulls McCrae off, it has always been this way.


you wanna watch the world burn, right?



Nice troll

Hahahah … Where are all these trolls coming from .. We got the “first” comments and now the obvious question with the already typed out answer on top of the page being asked … Maybe this is the infamous brenchel army .. I always wondered how does one become apart of that .. Do we have to enlist and go through basic training .. Do we get to all live together and talk everything brenchel? Lol :)


Gosh it’s kind of sad that everyone cannot be as COOL as you, isn’t it? Man, you are SOOOO AWESOME bc you’ve watched Big Brother longer than some people. God, I wish I was as cool as you.

Just READ!!!!

OMG!!! Seriously?? How many times is this freaking question going to be asked?! Simon, there’s no need to respond…. I got this!

Soooooooo….There is a note IN BIG BOLD PRINT, at the top of this thread, explaining the answer to your question!!!! To put it simply, NO, Amanda cannot be nominated since she won the POV. This has always been the way POV works— Since Season 1. Nothing new, my friend.


Yall dont have to be so mean, so she over looked the note. She just politely asked a question that she didnt know the answer to. Whats wrong with you people? For the love of GOD!


Easy there.
If you’ve followed the show from season 1, you would know that the element of Power of Veto was introduced to the game commencing season 3 not 1.

Be Nice!

Why are you being mean to this person? Most people here are calling Amanda a bully but don’t have time to notice that they are one too. Also season 1 didn’t have hoh or pov. They all voted in the diary room then the two people with the most votes were nominated then America voted one of the two out. Season 2 is when big brother introduced hoh and pov. In my opinion season one was the worst in big brother history but it was season one so it’s ok as long as the show improved. I’m really looking forward to season 16.


GM, is that you? The answer is fucking written on the top of the post.


So, OBVIOUSLY they missed it. BFD get over it.


He did post it, it’s at the top of each of his post.


***** PLEASE READ *****
This is how it’s always been with Big Brother. If Amanda uses the veto on McCrae both her and McCrae are safe. Amanda cannot be nominated.

This is the note Simon n Dawg have began posted under the HOH/POV/Nominations/Evictions chart at the beginning of all the spoilers. The POV winner can not be put up on the block.


I posted that comment above, sorry, didnt put my name.

Just Me

Thank you Jason for answering like an adult. The rest of you can bite me! I did not see the post at the top or I wouldn’t have broken the law by asking the most stupid question in the whole wide world! Grow up!


You didn’t see it or did you choose to ignore it? You’re the one who should grow up by trying to justify asking stupid questions by a more moronic reason. I guess you didn’t read the two last posts because people were nicely asked to READ before getting to the comment section. Anyway, it’s just you.

Just Me

No, I hadn’t read any of the posts after reading Amanda won the veto. My son and I were talking about it and I went straight to the comments on the newest post to ask a simple question because I figured it would be the fastest way to get an answer. You all talk about how rude the house guests are. Look in the mirror…you have been very ugly to me for asking a question. I apologize for offending anyone with my “stupid” question.


She said she didnt see it, B!tch, so STFU!!!!


WTF do you think you amanda of the board!! She mad a mistake!


OMG you have to a real bitch to react that way she just ask a question no need for you to be rude. You could simply have ignore it and move on we learn from asking questions.


Wtf? Who do you think you are? Are you related to Amanda? STFU she can ask whatever she wants. Don’t like it? Scroll right past her question dumb B*tch.


Brendan used his veto to take Rachel off he block but he was on the block and was voted out! Also, earlier this season someone won the veto and was told that if they used it to take somebody off the block, they would be put on. Why can’t Elissa put Amanda on? She is only safe as long as she has the veto.


Andy is crying again you don’t say


GIVE ME A HANGAR!! I give that little ginger rat boy something to cry for!!!!


For the love of all that is holy, please send rat, cry-baby, non-man ginger Andy home!!! If this can’t be the week to get out the vile Scum-Man-Duh or disgusting and grody McCrae out, then please send home the RAT!!!


What does my D*ck and Amanda both have in common? they both look alike, ZING!

F*ck you Amanda and your pussy puppet mccrae.

Ginger Hobbit

Man, I’ve missed your comments for weeks. I’m now cleaning the food I just spit out!


See Gavin, I’m not the only one who’s missed you!


No matter what getting one of the 3am is good for Elissa’s game. AARYN admitted shell never work with Elissa. Plus since Andy and Aaryn will be on the block they can see where Amanda/Mcrae’s loyalty stand. BOTH said if someone they stayed loyal to betrays them….they’ll be bitter…This week everyone was already gunning Elissa. If Aaryn is evicted…she gains Judd and GM and 3 ppl gunning after her. I’m tired of Amanda and bullying ppl! I hope she gets evicted….please BB don’t rig it for Amanda if you are!!!!!!!


is see a place in hell for Amanda… and I also see the devil kicking her out .. even he wouldn’t want such a low life piss poor excuse of a human being … each day that wicked person gets worse and lower then low … I am so sick of her mouth thoughts and looks .. who is that toad to judge anyone elses appearance …. I wish her a life of total torment when she gets out of the BB house …


So disgusting that Andy is still threatening Elissa and lying to her after what she endured from Amanda… he has no scruples. Amanda has an army of low-life losers who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as Elissa. She is correct, why should she have to let Amanda scream and yell at her on National television?I thought Amanda doesn’t play the game emotionally, but it seems like she’s losing it tonight. Elissa is smart to lay low and let Amanda display her true character to those she has at her feet.

Pizza Boy Delivers

As much as Amanda is a disgusting person she is right to call Elissa out. Elissa is getting way too comfortable in this house.

So Andy go up
This is how the votes will happen

JUDD : evicts Aryan
Spencer: evicts Aryan
McCray : evicts Aryan (most likely)
Amanda : evicts Aryan (most likely)
GM: does it even matter ? No.

So going into the HOH we will have this

McCray, Amanda, Andy, and Amanda
Elissa, GM, JUDD

SO Elissa cannot play in the next HOH and I would take McCray, Amanda, Andy, and Spencer over GM and JUDD any day.

Yea unless GM or JUDD win on Thursday it will be Elissa, GM, or JUDD going home.

Sorry Team Elissa but she needs to win out to even have a chance at winning the game and baring something crazy I truly see a Spencer, Andy, McCray final 3(Amanda may get taken out before that)

SO Elissa needed to be called out a lil and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

#Pizzaboy #McCray #SorrybutElissacanfu**herself

Spencer's Neatly Scratched Balls

Lol I would not eat McPussy’s sh!t pizza seeing where his hands have been.
His secret ingredient is Yeasty Infection skank’s special sauce. McPizza. LoL.

Demanda, house ain't smell fishy, your cootch does

Add Spencer’s balls, Demanda’s fishy and oniony cootch, McPussy’s shit coated fingers, and rat bastard Andy’s ginger and you got some fine Big Brother McPizza! Make sure to apply Yeasty special sauce and slop liberally. Don’t forget Aryan’s nail polish!

You could write a book of BB15’s recipes!


You don’t get it. She doesn’t care about winning at this point. She wants aryan gone before her but if she stays afterwards then the better for her. If not she got what she wanted. You have to commend her for how she’s playing this week. She went from public enemy #1 to starting her own side alliance and being part of the majority. In one week she got gm and aryan against each other and 3am discovered and potentially one of them evicted and possibly her biggest comp threat at that. I can’t see how she won’t get votes if she makes it to the final.


Absolutely correct.


and she got mc and andy on the block….the only two that still hadn’t been on the block.


What use does Andy serve Demanda anymore? Everyone in the house knows he is a rat.

He is popular with the people outside the house already.

I say Demanda and McSmelly vote Andy out.

Vote the rat out before he flips.

Aaryn Fan

I disagree. I thnk the votes would be

Judd, GM, Amanda to evict Andy.
Spencer and Mcrae to evict Aaryn.

I thnk Spencer might even flip his vote.

Amanda needs Aaryn to win HOH and put up Elissa.


No Judd and Spencer will vote against Aaryn. So will Mccrea.


Dude, SHUT UP!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere.


I wish it was that easy, Amanda wining had the least odds of happening but look she won and Aaryn is going home and has no clue.
They won and instead of sleeping it off they are fighting hard and the harder they try the more Elissa knows her choice of a replacement is right. Elissa is pressing all the right buttons pretty soon she will have all the information she needs.

Funny how in a single HOH all members of an alliance got in some fight for survival,Elissa is getting her intended target.
Spencer is catching on too not liking Aaryn’s defence team let alone the fact that Andy kind of let him in on the alliance. The harder the group tries to save Aaryn or anyone else the more they alienate themselves and yet nothing is gonna happen there is no way Elissa is going to put up GM or Judd.

If they(Amanda and Mcpussy) dont win next weeks HOH, they will be in trouble again even when Elissa is not HOH. or at least there will be a silent plan to back door one of them. By Thursday all hell will have broken loose at this rate. Aaryn wont go down easy and they will have to back stub one of their own. If Spencer is still loyal by Thursday He will be a fool.

Like i have said time and time again the more the two fight for each other let alone the 3am, the harder it gets for them to sell alliances f3,f4 Andy and Aaryn will not even have the guts to stand up to Amanda like Elissa is. she would shout them down out of competitions.


Elissa is not going anywhere.


Amanda is a b*tch when she cannot control someone. It is a good thing that Elissa is not doing her dirty work.
What a c*unt she is for talking about Elissa’s husband.


She’s a 38 year old woman who has never had a man really fall in love with her and she’s bitter towards Elissa for having what she wants. What desperate person is it that marries a “boy” on a t.v. show, bosses him around throughout the ceremony and everyone else, and then abandons the whole charade when she realizes nobody bought her “wedding”. This woman eats men’s balls for breakfast and then wonders why she can’t get any at lunch!


I like that. that was a major Zing. I hear she eats men’s balls for breakfast and she wonders about lunch. I cant stop lol.


“Herpes come and go, but that bad personality will stay forever”- Amanda…. so, Amanda is the one with Herpes in the house! What a disgusting bitch, talking about Elissa like she is trash…Amanda is on a hate filled rant right now, so very disgusting. GM called her on it… finally!

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

Amanda whether winning or loosing is never sporting or even acting dispassionately stoically moral.

when utilizing the slang term SK@NK for her i am cleanly placing it inside BB’s gameplay and not inside

a tabloid paper social meme. she is the skank this season and yes, other BB seasons came and went

without someone acting like a complete and total skank or worse in the BB house. i feel things are now

into the Queen Bee endgame like a chess match becuz Andy the Busy Drone is about to be spytrade retired.

his “tinkle tinkle tailor spy” days are over… i hope john leCarre fans pardon me for my punny way of posting!


Yep. Skankmanda should be her ne name!


its funny, they poke fun at elissa for being “plastic”, yet all they do is talk about it. you want to call someone superficial, don’t feed into it yourself.

and her money she has out of the game…..has nothing to do with BB. I’d like to see andy go for this reason, if not 100 more

This Season Blows

“and her money she has out of the game…..has nothing to do with BB.”

She seems to think it has something to do with BB with how she’s bragged about it all summer long.



Midnight :)


Amanda is reallllly showing her true colors now … I didn’t mind her before .. But geez she cannot be on the butt end of a joke .. Where is the amanda that said .. “I don’t know what show you are on but this big brother” attitude now??? She needs to cool her heels .. It’s a very real possibility that Judd or GM win HOH next week and she is just BEGGING to be kicked out. Hats off to Elissa who not only can stand her ground with Amanda but also control Amanda’s feelings by making her go nutz by saying everyone threw it … LoL .. Best week yet !!!

Duck Lips

Quack quack quack! I own 5 houses, and production rigged the HOH for me, quack. Sure, I made one of the dumbest moves in BB history by not putting up Demanda, but I’m still way better and holier than you, and I’m rich and own 5 houses. Quack, quack! Grodner’s gonna hook me up with a Coup d’Etat or Diamond Power of Veto because of who my sister is, as my lack of game will send me out the door next week without another rigged twist! Time for my Botox injection!


How the hell could that HOH be rigged… The balls were getting thrown the same speed to every person? And I’m pretty sure because of Amanda’s relation with Grofner that the Veto comp was rigged. She sucked at all the comps before it and when she needed it the
most she wins it. Oh okay. Don’t think we’re watching the same show…

This Season Blows

“How the hell could that HOH be rigged… The balls were getting thrown the same speed to every person?”

No they weren’t – they had people throwing the balls instead of a machine (Demanda mentioned that on the feeds a couple days ago). Very easy to rig that – just throw only catchable balls to Rachelissa. Also, Rachelissa had the benefit of a poster behind her to grab on to that others didn’t have. And she had asked production in advance for that exact type of competition and they gave it to her. Rigged, end of story.

Go Elissa

you need a person to load the machine !!

This Season Blows

According to the houseguests they had people literally throwing the balls.


And grossanda haf the same damn advantage, because production got on to both, so what’s ypur point now again?

Pick a better cast CBS

Amanda is such a bitch from going to “I feel so defeated” Shes now saying elisa lost and failed im glad elissa isn’t caring fuck you amanda


All righty then, Amanda has proven to be a bitter pill. Cutting someone’s spouse without knowing them or meeting them is beyond low. She is beyond a bully here. And the worst part of it she has the audacity to insinuate she isn’t a bully! Really? Um, yes you are, you definitely invented bullying here! She is a vile human being! And Elyssa, good for you in not letting that vindictive vile Amanda get to you. Stand up to that vulture! You can not let a vulture like Amanda get you down. Amanda basically insinuates her and Mcrae will outlast anyone, then the show is RIGGED if that is true. I would love to see Judd get HOH and boot Amanda and her puppet excuse of a boyfriend Amanda. Ding dong the witch needs to be taken down! Take down that evil Amanda!! People need to start standing up to that witch Amanda! People like Amanda DO NOT deserve rewards!

BB Fan

Okay, this is a game! There will be lying and back stabbing. Amanda, the piece of trash has taken it to a whole different level. She is a disgusting human being. Amanda hits below the belt and has taken this game in a direction that it should not be going. How all of these idiots stand around, hear, and see the things she does and still want to work with her! I would rather go to the jury house, then to even be around that low life piece of trash. What is wrong with these people that they would even align themselves with her. She is a scumbag.


its all envy, she is talking about Elissa’s husband look at hers, he proudly stinks.

I am not going to make any comparisons all ill say is that birds of a feather no wonder Aaryn is loyal as f@KC


LOL….Amanda’s getting mad and showing her true side AGAIN! This is Hilarious!!!

Varys Blackfyre

I love it! Elissa has zero f***s to give. I honestly think she doesn’t care if she goes next week. She fulfilled her role of creating chaos. But I really think production will fix it to keep her in the game. They need the back and forth it Amanda. If I had to choose a winner out of the bunch I would go with Judd because he seems like he would be the most appreciative.


yet they say elissa play this game personal listen amnda getting personal with elissa even mentioning her husband … I REALLY want amanda gone … even if amanda have played a good game her attitude and her filthy mouth would never have her as one of the big brother icons when we mention people like DAN , janell dr will , evil dick ….. what if elissa got personal with her like what jessie said you are a whore amanda and you came on the show and hook up with a pizza boy who cant even afford shit …. I want amnda gone whoever does it get my support judd or gina and i cant stand gina but if she does that i tip my hat off to her or judd

This Season Blows

“yet they say elissa play this game personal”

She does. She ruined her own HOH from the get-go because she couldn’t look past her obsessive hatred of Aaryn.


Ummm….dont you watch the feeds????? Aaryn was the one admitting she never wants to work with Elissa.she never will. Elissa is making a good move getting Aaryn out because she can actually win a comp! So basically its the “watcha gonna do..watcha. gonna do girl” being stubborn and cant see Amanda and MCrae playing her as a fool. She will be known as Amanda’s puppet…..ALSO she threw GM under the bus……doesn’t seem like a very good person to work with!

This Season Blows

It doesn’t matter that Aaryn doesn’t want to work with her. She needed to put Demanda up on the block next to McPussy before the POV. By putting up Aaryn instead, now that Demanda has won POV, she’s begun rallying the troops and will probably get weak-ass Andy out when it’s all said and done. Rachelissa wasted her HOH because of her obsessive hatred for Aaryn, period.


I’m not a Elissa fan, but I have to disagree with you that her HOH was a waste. Getting out Aaryn (comp queen) or Andy (Drink)) is good for her. She wanted Aaryn or Amanda, but I do agree that she prob. wanted Aaryn out more. Aaryn will go this week if Andy goes up so Elissa wins this round.


Okay let me get this straight….youre now recanting your statement that “Elissa is dumb….she shouldn’t have been personal” when Aaryn has admitted SHE herself would NEVER work with Elissa AND that she would get MAD if Elissa hadn’t put her up???. Now youre saying it doesnt matter if Aaryn did want to work with herSo it doesn’t matter if Aaryn didn’t want to work with Elissa and have someone with the most wins keep going after you….YEAH THAT IS A SMART MOVE! (sarcasm INTENDED).

Dan Fan

Agree. Last week, Helen and Elissa could have flipped the house. They almost got Aaryn on board. But Botox Lips opened her mouth and said ‘Aaryn I really don’t see you as a threat in this house.’ Aaryn flew off the handle, put up Spencer and told GM to vote out Helen. There is soo much botox on those lips that its mouth cannot hold enough vomit-acid for Aaryn and pay her a fake compliment.

So what

Any one of the 3am that gets evicted is fine with me. I wish it were Amanda first, too bad.

Shut Up!

This Season Blows
Why do you make it your mission to call out people’s comments on here? You put quotation marks and repeat what they said then try to debunk it. Why? Give it a rest! We don’t need you! And if this season sucks so bad – stop watching it!


To reiterate what “Spicy” said “Jessie said you are a whore Amanda and you came on the show and hooked up with a pizza boy who can’t even afford shit” and now everyone in TV land knows how big of whore you are, I know your parents and the Country Club members are proud of you, if that’s now embarrassing I don’t know what is.


The brenchel-drone is gone next week. And what a great day it will be!!!

Amanda's Next Yeast Infection

I wouldn’t start wackin off to that idea yet buddy..chill ur balls! Elissa will stay!!


Good Lord! THIS DRAMA! :D This is called GOOD TV :D

I’m so excited to see all this on TV….it’s going to be a good week for TV :D

Dan Fan

The AARP crowd are not excited as you are. They say they’re not watching, but they’re here every week.

Pick a better cast CBS

I bet Amanda was the one who had the period blood on the sheets her ugly fake self with her one piece thinking shes the best player in big brother bitch. Hope mccrae dumps her ass


There was a post on here few pages ago about Amanda staining her pants and not caring that she’s walking around with the stain on her pants. People pointed it out to her and she said she didn’t care, which is super gross and so not hygenic.


Judd looks like James Bond in that picture.
What did the Jury house do to him?


Judd: I pick up woman by pretending to be James Bond. I find the best looking woman in the place. I’ll give her a quick glance, then casually looks at my watch for a moment.

Woman: “Is your date running late?”

Judd: “No”, “I’ve just been given this state-of-the-art watch by Q and I was just testing it.”

Woman: “A state-of-the-art watch? What’s so special about it?”

Judd: “It uses alpha waves to telepathically talk to me”

Woman: “What’s it telling you now?”

Judd: “Well, it says you’re not wearing any panties…”

Woman: “Well it must be broken because I am wearing panties!”

Judd: I’ll tap my watch then say, “Damn thing must be an hour fast.”


love it


I am getting tired of seeing the stupid fish and hearing the music when a conversation gets interesting!!!!!

Butters Mom

Cancelled my live feed… sick of the fish!

what the flux

wow Amanda cut deep. i hate her so much!! if i see mccrae or amanda in the street anywhere, im slapping the shit out of them. IM SERIOUS. i will do it and i dont care if i get arrested or something…


lmao. im sure u will tough guy behind your pc screen

they will kick the fuck out of u tough guy
and then yes u go to jail
tough guy. LOSER


I understand the sentiment but violence shows that you have lost your ability of self-control and discipline. Focus grasshopper. Don’t be an assho.


Massive mad respect for Elissa! I know she wanted to throw this chaos previous week but Helen stopped her.
Rupture in Silicone valley.


Amanda is trashier than a full dumpster.

Spencer's Neatly Scratched Balls

Wtf how da phuq does Yeasty Infection actually win something when she hasn’t won sh!t for the whole season? Rigged! They need to put up rat faced weasel bastard Andy and let him feel the heat…maybe his balls will finally drop. Neo-Nazi is like a little Barbie doll tool that McPussy and Yeasty Infection skank keep using to win HoH and propel them to top 4. Everyone needs to team up and get Nazi gal out and then break up the McSh!t group once and for all (unless Grody-b!tch-Grodner steps in for McYeasty Infection again, just so everyone keeps watching and hatng them, adding ratings). Looking forward to 2AM this week, lol. Go JUDD an Elissa! Clean the smelly @$$ garbage out of here!
At least this week will be more interesting than watching Spencer scratching his balls or picking his nose all the time, lol.

Spencer's Left Nut

Rofl at Spencer’s nut scratching, highlight of my watching the boring weeks.
Wonder if he washes those hands?


It’s called getting it thrown to her via, McPussy/McMusty, they said he was “injured” during the comp, but he was “fine” after it was over.

Watch next week, she’s back to losing again and crying about it afterwords in the storage room with her best friend “trashy, the trashcan”. So much for her “delusions of grandeur” claim, that now she won,something, she’s going to continue to win.


I feel from watching the feeds they have people following Judd & GM everywhere they go McCrae, Amanda or Andy show up. It so annoying.

aunty nobody

I can’t identify why I continue to have any interest at all in this season.
Morbid curiosity maybe…
I never “want” to look at the horrific car accident as I pass by, but I always seem to take as long and as hard of a look as I can anyway…


I LOVE how much Elissa saying they threw the veto is pissing off jabba!


its not pissing nobody

they laughing at duckface

she a dumb cunt

i think a bit retarded too

For Seriously?

Curious, are there any Amanda fans? I thought Rachel was pretty hated, especially her first season, but even then, i think she had some fans….what about amanda? Thumbs Up if your a fan, thumbs down if your not.

This Season Blows

Demanda is trash. It’d be one thing if she was still playing the best overall game in the house like she was early on, but she’s now just cocky and arrogant and the plans she comes up with get worse and worse.



Don’t try to hustle a hustler. Yeah, McCrae doesn’t have money, but Amanda isn’t a golddigger like you are.


She is a golddigger too, but in a different way, she’s using McCrae to lead him to the 500k, so she can con him into marrying her, she she can get some of that money, she knows she cant win this game. She hasn’t made any “friendly” relationships in the house, all her alliance besides McCrae are with her by force/manipulation, only 1 of her flock of sheep would vote for her in the end Aaryn. She works for her family for “financial stability”, which she cannot be fired.

She isn’t much different that Elissa.


i dont understand how any of the few demanda fans that there are can actually root for her.

she is so disgusting. i hope i get to see the look on her face when she finds out the bulk of america hates her so much, we banded together to nominate her twice and then continue to hate her so strongly even after that.


Elissa got MVP three consecutive weeks because of America and they got rid of that because they didn’t want Elissa to get it anymore. Then they got America to put up the third nominee and we put up Amanda twice and BB didn’t like that so they got rid of it too.

In conclusion:
1) America likes Elissa and doesn’t like Amanda.
2) BB likes Amanda and doesn’t like Elissa.

This Season Blows

You’re assuming they actually counted the votes and didn’t just hand Rachelissa the MVP because she’s Rachel’s sister and production’s pet. Considering all the other perks Rachelissa’s been handed by production this season, that’s a pretty big assumption.

This Season Blows

Hey Simon and Dawg – how is this crap allowed? I clearly didn’t write this post, and it’s a troll impersonating me.

This Season Blows

I feel for you guys, doesn’t sound like an enviable task at all! Thanks for keeping the site going, it’s always a fun read.

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

people who leap onto already there monikers are 98% cruel!
admittedly my own GONZO sometimes becomes doggeral or
trails off into my college grad whimsical thinking, but i feel my
style and my ISP when on a net~site are lethal to copycatting.
sometimes my freeform gonzo drives grammar freaks up the
wall, and there are the dayz when i do typoes inside my gonzo.
I’m glad Dawg + simon have quite an empathy for all phoniness!


You can always, make another name that’s more recognizable? I’ve seen a few different This season blows, I always thought it was you.

If you’re around long enough an people DO pretend to be you, Simon and Dawg can check our IPs, they know it’s us..

I’ve had ILL WILL on here since season 11, only had a impersonator once, when me and Guy (brenchel fan) was arguing back and fourth about Rachel(Good Times)


Every single person I know voted for her to be MVP, judging by that, I seriously doubt is was set up.

Dan Fan

You banded together coz’ all of y’all over 78, retired and sit behind a computer. Digg.


Dan Fan… do your PARENTS know you are posting on a website abundantly with ADULT content?
are you a “computer who wears tennis shoes” whiz who got past their parental control passwords?
your snide snarky remarks hint at your extreme youth. you are netsurfing here most happily i see…


Nobody gives a shit what you CANT understand!!! But if you need it spelled for you A-GAIN, OK. Amanda is a brash loudmouth c*nt for sure, but ya know what??? Some of us would rather root for her who is playing the game, making her moves through others and has strategic smarts. You know, like umm the opposite of dumbass Elissa!

But most of all, we root for her b/c all of you whiners (yep prob 80% of this board) ARE ROOTING SOOOO HARD AGAINST HER! But, its cool b/c days like today make it all worthwhile! ;)


These exchanges make me hate Helen and Andy more and more.

Helen thinking she was carrying Elissa, I dont think so Elissa was simply a sitting duck waiting for someone to take on all the hate and then come out. This Elissa should have been unleashed the week Howard left and we would have had a totally different experience. she would have rallied some troops standing up to the couple. Helen all feeling too wise and strategic political was out played. Elissa like her hate her she has stuck to her guns.


not a sitting duck just a duck


Lol, beat me to it


Ok…Please don’t hammer me with comments. I am just “kinda” venting a little. But….. after watching for the last few hours, it actually would not “break my heart” to see Andy go. Not only is he a “rat,” (spy) he’s behaving like a little b****h. I am not 100% convinced it is all an act. Of course, these are (in part) my emotions taking over. Logically, Aaryn is the bigger threat and needs to go first.

Here is my revised elimination order. (My prior order is in parenthesis)

1. Aaryn (2)
2. Amanda (1)*
3. Andy (5)
4. Spencer (4)
5. Gina Marie (3)
6. McCrae (6)
7. Elissa (7)
Winner: Judd

(*Amanda is only listed as second, because she is safe this week.)


From your lips (list) to God’s ears!


Doesn’t Amanda have breast implants? How can she talk about Elissa being plastic……


The same way she called Jessie a slut when she, Amanda, hooked up with a HG while having a BF outside (her idiotic excus? Never mind I was the one calling him my BF, we’ve only been dating for 2 mths – but hey, he has naked pics of me and his family adoore me)
The same exact way she accused Candice of having Howard’s dick in her mouth while her, Amanda’s been giving BJs since she got into that house.

It’s called projection. GM and Amanda are 2 faces of the same coin when it comes to insecurity. Therapy won’t be able to help these 2 bitches. TBH, their parents should be fined for unleashing these disgusting things onto the world. They really should have used contraception those sad nights.


Not to mention, Aaron has nonstopped talked about getting a boob job when she gets out of the house. Shes using her stipend money for it.

This Season Blows

Reminds me of how Rachelissa scoffed at Aaryn last week for wanting a boob job despite Rachelissa’s face being Botoxed to an insane degree. The women on this season are cattier and more hypocritical than ever.

BBfan from Florida

Does E really have Spencer’s vote to evict Aaryn?


From what I’ve read everywhere, I think if it is between Aaryn and Andy everyone will vote Aaryn out except maybe Gina Marie, which is fine because it’s just one vote (GM will need Aaryn’s vote if she gets to final 2). But McCranda, Andy and Spencer are making all these theatrics so they won’t evict Andy. I’m almost positive Aaryn is leaving, but I would much prefer Andy to leave. He’s a traitor. Aaryn is not as bad as him, but she needs to go soon also.

Andy please go to your rat cave and have some cheese. Andy, you are loyal like a flea to a dog, but you picked the satanic dog instead of the good dog.


Every which way E wins this week…especially the infighting among the rat infested group. Fun!!


I love it that Rat boy has no clue what’s going on!!! LOL

Spencer's Neatly Scratched Balls

Yeasty skank is picking at straws here, trying to attack personally like a whore that he is. I’m sure she’s got more silicone in her sagging sacks than in Elissa’s anywhere.
Please, b!tch.


I absolutey CANNOT believe the way this posting went down! WHO the hell does Amanda think she is? Less than 24 hours ago, she is crying about how unfair this all is to HER, how everyone has betrayed her, how NOONE likes her and will vote her out. Jeez………did she forget that she feels like this, which by the way is true, sort of. Unfortunately, most of these idiots are too scared of her, which I STILL don’t understand. Even though kudos are being given to Elissa for staying cool, etc., I have to say she is a better woman than I would be! I am afraid I would have gotten kicked out for beating the living shit out of her. To hit below the belt with all of her comments is completely out of line. Shame on CBS production for even allowing her to do this! Then GinaMarie! I CANNOT believe she told them all how SHE had also sworn that she would NEVER throw a veto, basically saying that Elissa is full of shit. I thought the plan was supposed to be that she DID admit that not only she, but everyone else threw it as well. And then there is Andy……….I really liked him at first and hoped he would go far. What a fucker HE is!!! I cannot wait til that whiny, sniveling idiot gets his ASS thrown out of there! It absolutely BAFFLES me how HE thinks that it was HIM that made all of these BIG things happen! Yeah, right Andy! WE all see exactly how you are and it sure as hell makes you look like the biggest fuckup ever on BB!!!

Amanda is a bully

I have lost respect for Amanda she has no right to say that stuff about Elissa’s husband. Least Elissa is married and doesn’t have to come on a reality show to find a boyfriend who is not that good looking at all. Amanda says she isn’t a bully when she actually is and I’m happy Elissa just smiled when Amanda confronted her. Amanda is gross and if CBS lets someone like her win makes me sick. I can’t stand her Judd needs to win hoh so he can get out Amanda or mccrea. There is one thing to backstabb someone in the game but when it gets personally its not game play it is just being rude and mean.


“A – good because your nominations are all screwed up.. don’t be a sore loser Elissa.. just go away.. you lose with grace”

Says the Skank who hid behind a trashcan crying, which was like her 5th time being a “sore loser”….

McMusty threw it for her, now she’s pretending she did something, hilarious.