Sc!ssoring, Butterscotch and Centre that v@g!na The Peasants hang out

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


9:00pm Specner, Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae

Talking about what they will do with the money
Spencer will give back a bit to the community he wants to get an activity bus for his school. Aaryn is surprised the community doesn’t have an activity bus.
Spencer wants to send his parents on a trip to the D-day landing beaches. Amanda says she’s going to travel after the show regardless if she wins or not.
Spencer: “New windows in my house.. I might buy a duplex rent it out”

MC: “I would like to make a movie.. a really cheap one.. I just want to tell a story”
Aaryn would like to hire a videographer and go to some exotic place.
Spencer points out that Andy has gone to the diary room a lot today. Amanda: “That’s because they are portraying him as the swing vote..” Amanda laughs “I’m also in production”

Amanda: ”Today was boring.. the morning was exciting”
MC: “You guys ever see Westworld.. today was like Westworld.. “
Spencer: “how so”
MC: “One of the animatronics went rogue and went on a rampage throughout the house”
MC: “I would love to make a cheap ass movie.. like 10 thousand dollars.”

Spencer: “I would like to name a dog althea after Larry flynt’s dead wife… Shake Althea’s hand.. shake Althea’s hand” (you have to watch the movie the people vs larry flynt.. Spencer talks about the movie a bunch)

Amanda says Nick uhas is going to be afraid to go to the finale.
Spencer doesn’t think he will. Andy thinks Nick will humour GM and take her on a date. Amanda thinks Nick has gone into hiding, Aaryn agrees.

Aaryn:” Why did Jessie share her shower story”
Amanda: “For attention”
Spencer: “She let me smell her finger”
Aaryn: “Oh my god Marilyn”
Amanda: “Smelled like butterscotch”:
Amanda tells Aaryn: ‘I’ll scissor you in the bathroom.. I’ll scissor you right now”
(they start to scissor See image)
Aaryn: “Why is it so warm”
Spencer: “Please centre your v@g!na”
Amanda:’ How do you guys like to be f*** I liked to be f**** hard”
Amanda: “I like to be pounded f*** hard.. not like a jack rabbit.. hard”
Aaryn tells her that this is airing on Big Brother After Dark. Amanda: ‘No.. that sh!t will be shown on TVGN”

Spencer brings up his conversation with Elissa, “it was the most normal conversation he’s ever had with her.. but still is was f**** ing weird” Spencer says Elissa doesn’t want to talk about cartoons she wants to talk about serious things like starting a ministry.
Amanda says Elissa always tells her “I don’t care what any of you guys have to say”
Spencer says Elissa referred “the others” he doesn’t know who they are. Amanda says it’s all them.

Amanda says the problem with Aaryn and Elissa is She’s uncontrollably jealous of Aaryn. Amanda lists off the things Elissa is jealous of, Age, Beauty, smart and a strong competitor.

Amanda says downstairs Elissa was talking non stop sh!t about Aaryn and Helen was trying to get her to stop.
Andy is looking forward to when he can tell Elissa what he really thinks of her. He’s pissed that he had to apologize to Elissa when she was the one that was supposed to apologize.
McCrae: “She’s a master at doing that”
Amanda: ”her life can be summed up with what she did today”
Amanda: “She took the entire Vaseline and threw it away“ (a new unused tampon was put in a new jar of vasoline. not sure if this was a prank probably was )

Amanda: “She has a game long vendetta against you and it will not go away for no apparent reason”
Amanda: “It doesn’t make sense why she hates you so much”
MC: “it makes sense.. she’s a f*** nutcase”
Amanda: “THere has to be a reason”
Spencer: “Jealous”
Amanda: “there’s a reason”
Aaryn: ‘I was a rachel superfan.. I’m not anymore I can’t stand her.. I use to think she was so much fun to watch so entertaining”


Amanda: “I’m so flabbergasted how she thinks she can do no wrong”
MC: “Is that a god complex”
Aaryn: “It means she’s 12 years old”
Amanda: “She said I looked liked a stripper that works at the spearmint rhino”
Aaryn: “Remember when you are 10 and you never made a mistake.. that’s what she reminds me of“

Andy says the next time they get in an argument with Elissa one of them should run to the Diary room and just sit there. MC: ‘He will go crazy”
Amanda starts making a growling noise. Spencer: “Thats your chewbacca sound” Amadna gets called to the Diary room.

Aaryn: “What percentage chance if ELissa goes out she’ll come back in. MC thinks it’s a high percentage says he’s always thought one of the first 4 jury members would come back.

Aaryn: “Everyone knew this was a unlevel playing field coming in”
MC:” Who said that”
Aaryn:” My friend.. and clownie”
MC: “How many viewers do you bring in on average”
Aaryn: ‘i’ll tell you how many Facebook and Twitter followers .. Less than a thousand”
Aaryn: “Somebody is telling her what we say.. she says so many things to me That i hear other people say about her when they are talking shit”

Aaryn: “For example today she goes.. I should be paid to be here”
MC: “Sarcastically”
Aaryn: “Seriously”
Aaryn:’ I should be paid to be here because if Rachel had told me I was susceptible to these types of people I would have never done this”
Andy:’ Oh my god that enrages me so much”
Spencer:” Me to”
MC: Theres no one telling her to say that.. thats out of her own dumb a$$”
Spencer:’ She’s brain dumb”
Andy: ”Ahh Jessie’s last story” (Jessie was trying not to say retarded so she said brain dumb)
Andy: “She feels her and Helen above everybody else.. we’re all peasants beneath them”
Aaryn says Elissa told her to threaten Andy and if she didn’t Elissa is coming after her. Andy:” She used the word threaten then I claimed I was threatened and she made me look nuts”
MC: “Dude there is no f** way you seemed nuts”
Aaryn: “They made me cry…” Aaryn lists off all things Helen told her this morning, They would have never put her up, final 2, Elissa wants to work with her, Stupidest move Aaryn could ever make is getting rid of Helen, You’re making Amanda’s moves for her you HOH’s mean nothing.

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MC: “What is pissing me off they are putting words in my mouth”
Aaryn: “They said you want to get me out because it will be good blood for a jury resume”
Spencer points out that in the last 72 hours they have thrown out every single conceivable Alliance and deal you can think of.
Aaryn says Elissa thinks if any of them are up on the block against her they will go home because everyone wants Rachel’s sister here, “It’s way more fun than any of us because we’re nobodies”
MC:” She’s so much fun.. she has big idea”
Specner: “HUGE ideas”
Andy: “I want to do a Ragan Vs Rachel fight with her.. I wish I could do it and not be worried she wins HOH tomorrow”
Spencer: “Wait until Saturday night”
Aaryn mentions how Elissa was telling her that McCrae was trying to start a fight between her and Elissa.
Andy:” Elissa’s exact words.. I can’t believe they are making me sit next to Aaryn And GM they’re freaks”
They start talking about the endurance competitions from season past. They are convinced that the HOH will be “the Wall”
Helen joins them.. Andy tells them he is going to go to bed super early tonight so he’s rested for tomorrow.

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10:25pm HOH Helen, MC, Spencer, Amanda
(Elissa Sleeping)

Helen telling them how expensive it is taking her husband and two boys to McDonalds says a the bill is 18 dollars.
Helen: “I can get a week of groceries for 18 dollars
Helen: “Chicken, Rice, lettuce, cucumbers.. “
Spencer: “Damn”
Lots of TV and movie talk


11:02pm Elissa and GM sleeping


CBS Interactive Inc.

11:19pm HOH Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn

Andy telling Helen that Elissa wronged him today and in the end he had to apologize to her he feels that at least with Jeremy he would bully you then apologize to you on the end.

Helen: “She’s just really stressed out with me leaving.. on her behalf I apologize”

Aaryn: ‘No one will vote her out of the house because she Rachel’s sister she’s cool”
Helen: “If she thinks that she will be sadly mistaken”
Aaryn say Elissa thinks the only reason why she is in this house is because she’s rachel sister
Amanda:” that is why she is here”
Aaryn explains that Elissa was meaning the reason why she still in the game is because she’s Rachel’s sister and that is cool.

Feeds cut..

Amanda: “Has she ever apologized to you”
Helen says she apologized for threatening to leave jury, “She apologized on her own because she saw I was really upset by that”
Amanda: ”when she’s wrongs me she never apologizes”
Helen: “When she says things she doesn’t realize she rubs them the wrong way”
Amanda: “ she calls me a stripper.. somehow I ended up Apologizing to her.. that was weird”
Amanda tells Helen it was obvious that Elissa was threatening to Andy why did he have to apologize to her for that comment.
Feeds cut..

Helen says Elissa acts a little but entitled.
Aaryn: “She’s 30 years old she is who she is.. nothing is going to change”
Helen starts explaining that Elissa was coming into this game trying to live up to her sister because Rachel did such a “bang up job” on the show.
Spencer: “Rachel went out 5th the first time she played.. it took her 2 stabs at it”
Aaryn: “She said I am no one I do not exist to Elissa… she belittled all my wins.”
Helen: “I’m sorry she said that.. I do not know why she would say that to protect me.. Elissa is Elissa.. “
Aaryn:” She said If I made it to the end nobody would vote for me because everyone hates me”

Everyone leaves the HOH except for Aaryn and Helen.
Helen says she wishes Elissa, Aaryn and her could have worked together.


11:53pm Cockpit GM and Aaryn
Aaryn says she has to win HOH then they can do whatever they want. GM is saying she ready to win the HOH competition, she’s been taking cold showers all week. Gm doesn’t like seeing McCrae and Amanda being lovey dovey.
GM:’ I feel bad Helen is going home”
Aaryn: “Elissa is a c**t”
GM wants to keep Helen because she thinks Helen will go after McCrae and Amanda whereas Spencer will not. Aaryn says that Elissa is coming after them they have to weaken her.
GM: “I’m going to vote Helen out.. you’ll see”
Aaryn: “I feel the same way as you but ELissa is toxic.. “
GM is worried that Elissa will go on Amanda’s side GM notices they are so friendly to each other now.


12:00AM surprise party for GM Everyone but Elissa participates.

She’s 33 today. They demand a speech.. She’s really glad to be here.. yadda yadda.. Loves them all.. etc etc.

GM says when she marries Nick she hopes they all come.. pauses.. screams “it’s my f*** birthday”


12:07am They all share favorite GM moments.

Spencer – my favorite GM moment was after the scary dairy when GM was jumping around yelling This is for you NICK after she came in second in a have nots competition

Amanda – when Gm was first walked into the house I was scared.. the MC of the big brother house.. I thought this b!tch f***g runs this beast.. and to be honest she does.. so Happy Birthday we love you.

Helen – my favorite GM moment.. GM’s HOH day and it was Helen, Elissa and GM in the HOH taking pictures modelling.

Andy – my favorite GM moment before we even walked into the house i was standing there terrified.. and I looked over at GM and she winked at me and I knew I had a friend..

MC: My favorite moment was probably the night Nick got evicted.. . not because Nick got evicted because but because GM was screaming cockroaches and they were scuttling around like cockroaches. I’m scared shitless and GM is running around quoting scarface.

Aaryn – my favorite was Gm gave the nomination speech about Candice and how she is the scum of the earth it made Aaryn’s life complete. They all start laughing..

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

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The show is boring so let me comment about on the
Pictures. Spencer is disguisting! And obviously have issues
Since he can’t control him self for a few days while on national tv. I’ll be FREAKING out making sure
I don’t touch stuff he uses around the house. DISGUISTING

Aaryn and Amanda spooning!!! Eewwww fish fish fish


I hate to be the one to break this to you…but every guy on planet earth scratches his balls as much as Spencer, so if you are that grossed out by it and think what ball-stained fingers touch is contaminated, then I’d buy a s**tload of latex gloves because if you touch anything a man has touch…well you’ve got our balls on your hands…

Roisin Dubh

That guy touches his balls so much, even Powerhouse and Enzo Say” man that guys touches his balls a lot.”


Meow meow!!!


I don’t remember any past season with this much shit talking… so many personal attacks. It’s disappointing. If they can talk so much shit on national TV who knows what they say when they are not being watched. Filthy people. The only people who SORT of filter what comes out of their mouths are Elissa and Helen. I don’t ever remember them using curses. If i was playing the game i would NOT talk about someone’s family. I have heard Amanda talk about murdering someone (forgot which house guest it was), she even talked about raping Jessie… wtf? They may say later on that they were joking, NO you were not… if you thought about it, you possibly want and wish for it, and if you knew you could get away with it, you probably would do it. Everyone of these people besides Elissa and Helen are vile… i am sick to my stomach. In real life we don’t normally get to see how a person is 24/7 or know peoples thoughts so explicitly; majority of the house guests this season are disgusting human beings. I have definitely lost faith in humanity, people are capable of indescribable things. I am legit fearful of what these people would do if they were left in the wild where no laws existed… Lol these house guests have made me change my views completely. TRUST NOBODY! That is all. LOL


I agree with you completely – all remaining house guests except Helen and Elissa are vile filthy pigs (sorry, pigs for the insult). If I were in that house, I would not associate with these low- lives, either, money or no. Wake up America, sadly these people represent a large segment of how the greater population live, think and act -scary, huh?


I think that the real thing missing from this cast is wit. As much as I disliked Britney, she had a sense of humor that was’nt always mired in belittling someone(except for her trashing of Rachel which became tiresome). I get a few laughs from GM but they’re unintentional . Judd could be funny at times. I guess you have to have imagination to see the humor in something, these people are just lacking that . Why the HGs would think that anyone would be interested in the continuos mean spirited bashing is beyond me. The show is becoming a chore to watch.


@ Patrizio > i agree, there isn’t anyone here who has a lovable personality.

ORange RC

Guessing the reason they have such a difficult time with humor is because humor is related to intelligence.


So you think Elissa isn’t a scumbag? You must be a Rachel lover. Helen cried and acted like she was david slaying goliath when she was getting out Jeremy for being a bully. But now she does the same thing and supports and makes excuses for Elissa being a bully. The whole house sucks. If Rachel was never on the show, you would hate Elissa as well. And paallleease, I would rather listen to Spencer or mc eat for 10 weeks instead on listening to Helen spew her bull crap for 10 minutes.

Not exactly...

First of all, just because one may like Elissa doesn’t automatically mean they are a Rachel or Brenden fan. I could not stand Brenchel and yet, I do like Elissa. I can’t believe how everyone is so quick to judge her because of how she lives her everyday life (outside of BB) and how she speaks. Not sure if many of you know but there are a lot of women in the world (no, I am not one of them) who don’t work because their husbands can provide for the families. So they may have some extra time on their hands when their kids are at school, who cares!? If their husband is okay with the situation, what business is it of ours!? Another annoying thing is when everyone criticizes Elissa for “bragging” and “thinking she is better than everyone” by the way she talks and describes her life but guess what that is her life. It may sound like bragging because it is completely different than the norm but Elissa is only describing her life as everyone faults her for not speaking enough about.
Lastly, I do know that Elissa has her faults like everyone else but I just feel like her faults are over exaggerated. Everyone keeps accusing her of “threating” the house guests into keeping Helen but I don’t understand how they haven’t done the same. Same words came out of their mouths many of times and yet, Elissa is the “only” threatening player in the Big Brother House. Completely understandable…not!


You seriously just wrote that?!?! Elissa is bragging! She is a conceted B!TCH! I know people with “Elissa” money and they don’t sit around and talk about themselves like that. Here is the thing; Elissa is a scumbag who married money. She doesn’t know how to handle it and thinks she is better than everyone because of it. You can easily tell the people in life who marry money and who make money.


You may know lots of people that have the same amount of money, or lifestyle as as Elissa and her husband. But you have forgotten one major fact, and that is they are not opening their lives up to millions of people 24/7.

Take anyone off the street, no matter what they do and throw them into a social experiment where cameras are following them at all times, remove them from their comfort zone, take away their normal diet, restrict their abilities to sleep and then say oh my friend would NEVER act like that.

The whole premise of the show is to see how people will either come together, back-stab, lie, or anything to get themselves $500k.

I do believe your basic core principles would stay intact, but what does that say about the daily, hours long bash sessions these people partake in? Do they not realize that the people they are talking crap about are the ones they will want to vote for them to win the money? Knowing what they know about each other I am surprised they havent turned on themselves yet. But I know why, and that is because they have Elissa, and even freaking Candace who left weeks ago to continually bash. What we are viewing is their true personalities, and frankly they should wake up and realize that if these “alliance” members can bash others so horribly behind their backs do you NOT think they are doing the same about you?



@ Name > Elissa does have a somewhat of a filter… she never once said anything racist or derogatory. She also doesn’t curse. Everyone else is too stupid to realize how much every single thing they say is monitored and will impact them forever. I am not a Rachel lover, i was not supportive of how she treated people but she was a fierce competitor. There ain’t no denying that. Lol everyone is entitled to their opinion. Well they are feeding Helen with lies of course she is going to think Elissa is a bully if they fill her mind with crap. Elissa is not a bully she comes off the wrong way maybe but she is much better then Aaryn and and Amanda. Everyone is a bully at some point, but some people have vicious intent, ex Aaryn & GinaMarie > how they treated Candice.


Annnnnd this is why BBCanada is worth watching –
Yes, us Canucks still lie and backstab (all for the game, of course) but we do it in good taste

These disgusting slorbags are completely in bad taste with their racist, sexual, bullying, harassing remarks.
I keep thinking that maaybe, just maybe they will get better, but every post that I read here has something new every day…

I’m only watching tonight to see the look on Amanda’s face when her worst nightmare comes true and one of the Jury members come back,
annnnd to see finale night where these vile hamsters can finally see that they are far from “favourite players” who have been NOT been making “big moves”


@Kstarrr > HAHA that is right! I hate to generalize and say it but us Canadians are definitely more classy. BBCAN had drama but it wasn’t as extreme. I will admit though that sometimes its entertaining to watch an argument or fight, but this season on BBUSA its been hard to watch them because they were so malicious. On other BBUSA seasons there were arguments/fights that were actually quite funny and entertaining lol. Its too bad this season sucks so bad.


you gotta love these helen and elissa lovers. helen is the biggest bully on the show and probably the most annoying. elissa is the biggest b!tch i have ever seen on the show and she looks like the joker. the brenchal army idiots can’t see both sides.

I say

OMG Just saw a picture on Twitter-NICK in a car with Rachel and Brendon…LOL can’t wait for GM to see it @BigBrotherLeak


Rachael is a sneaky vindictive woman lol, they embraced Nick knowing how it will affect GM. Maybe Nick is doing this to let GM know she doesn’t have a chance.


First time since airing the BB Show the house guest will have to be quarantined or treated with large dosages of antibiotics, after leaving the house because the cast may carry contagious sexual diseases. May I use a different way of saying this, “THEY ARE FAWKING NASTY ASS PEOPLE” sure Amanda show your yeast to your boy toy eww and Aaryn why you you risk getting contaminated? What if holes were in her skanky leggins. Jessie giving Spencer his need to sniff va jay jay juice. We all have our sexual desires, quirks, habits and needs, but most normal people with class would not reveal it on camera. I use to feel bad for those who has been evicted, but now I know for a fact they are the lucky ones, they get out of the devils lust filled hell house


looks like spencer is part of the ‘in’ crowd and all he had to do was join the trashing talk circle.


what do you hate most about crapmanda? is it her ugly horse face? Her annoying braying laugh and huge julia roberts mouth? her self centered selfishness? her bossiness? the fact that she’s won nothing but uses the art of bullying? Her disgusting make out sessions with a dirty hippie? her smell? yes I can smell her thru the TV believe it or not. her mom? her whole family? her childish tantrums? her general bitchiness? her talking about her period all the time? what is it that really gets you? let’s have a vote Simon.


All the above. DeManda is annoying PERIOD. Wtf BB, it’s like this season should be on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. I am expecting any time that DeManda is going to come out and say she is a tranny and had the full sex change. This season is soooooo bad I cannot tell the difference between this show and any other smut show. The worst part of this season is most smut shows aren’t real. These people are really being themselves. DeManda, the queen of Bb15 smut. Runner up 2 & 3 is Aryan & Deepthroat GM. Whatever you do mean girls, don’t f*ck it up. Bleh!!!!!!!!

I say

What’s even sadder is that the other night Amanda actually said she actually acts the same outside the BigBrother house! Parents must be real proud.

Mark H

What I dislike about Amanda is the same thing I dislike about Helen….unearned arrogance. Amanda has done almost nothing to warrant the respect and reverence others show her. She has gone through virtually unchallenged, she hasn’t won a single competition, yet consistently finds herself in a position of power. Thing is, as far as I can tell, it is completely unearned. Helen didn’t seem to be scared of Amanda, she just made a gross miscalculation in thinking that Amanda would work with her to the final 4 or whatever. Helen put way too much trust in the wrong people, ultimately giving Amanda a huge assist while sabotaging her own game. Amanda didn’t make Helen waste her influence on evicting players like Howard, Candice, Judd, and Jessie….Helen has herself to blame for that. Helen did more for Amanda than anyone, without really being pushed or bullied…just because she so misread who her real allies were.



Actually if you’ve heard Amanda, she has stated in more than one occasion that she had a hand in evicting everyone who already left the house


I wonder who is the next person they will attack. That’s like the only thing they do. Sigh. BORING.


Their bashing sessions are hard to watch. And so are Helen’s need to control the conversations with fluff while she waits everyone out so she can’t talk more game with possibly Aaryn. But they will have more to focus on tomorrow when Paranoia enters in with the returning house guest. lol

A Man...Duh

So now everybody is just going to obsess over Elissa when they should have been listening to a great idea to get rid of the Demon Spawn Amanduh…smh they all deserve to go and i vote Dawg for the win.


It kills me that Andy keeps whining about feeling threatened. He’s sooo offended. He’s crapping his pants because Elissa said she would nominate him, like that’s never been done before in this game. C’mon grow a pair and quit hiding behind this cry baby nonsense that you felt threatened.

This Season Blows

“So now everybody is just going to obsess over Elissa”

In other words, Rachelissa’s getting a taste of her own medicine, as she obsesses over Aaryn 24/7.


Spencer does more ball handling than Kobe Bryant…



I say

It’s a guy thing.


I agree. The most boring season ever. Sigh


Classic picture of Pervert Avenue. I don’t get it. You are sitting in the midst of a group of people and being watched. And you can’t control picking your nose and putting your hands down in your pants. Which are blue jean shorts so it’s not like they even have elastic for easy access.


Dying laughing right now at your last sentence. Seriously tears of laughter. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that :)
By the way, I agree he is a huge gross perv


what the heck is Aaryn thinking? I guess she wants a fish taco too


Why do these taco’s taste like sourdough


I was thinking the same thing…want a couple million yeast spores, Aaryn? Maybe a little McC sperm? Some fecal stuff on ya? Aaryn has now been branded and she’s thrilled!? Who knew what it took her to smile so much?! I’ve now seen the most disgusting thing someone will do to appease their dominator and stay center of the “in crowd of sociopathic tendencies”. Ew, Ew, ew, ew, ew. Just really… ew!


she probably wants to get amanadas yeast infection


The Real Question Is, Who Is The Best Player To Come Back That Will Effectively Send Mccrae Or Amanda Out?

Nicks hideout

Candace – will go after Am/MC/GM
Jessie – will go after all of them
Judd – hmmmmmmmmm
Helen – will go after AM/MC
I’m just guessing


Candace would nominate AA/GM
Judd will get back in the f4 and nominate Spencer/GM
Helen will still not believe Andy burned her and will throw another ally on the block and nominate Elissa with Spencer as pawn
Jessie would nominate Am/Mcrae- but if she doesn’t get a chance to talk to Helen, she won’t realize Andy would be the best replacement mom to break up the big three.


Don’t you remember Andy goodbye message to Jessie. He told her he was carrying her and he had to cut her loose. I think she knows not to trust Andy.


As much as I’d like to believe it I’m still not sure Helen, even after all has been exposed to her, would go after Amanda, McCrae, or Andy if she comes back in tomorrow. I think she’d take the easy way out and put up Spencer and GM and then maybe backdoor Amanda or McCrae. Helen has always seemed to have the need to belong and feel apart of a powerful group which has been her downfall in this game.

Judd would go right back to Amanda, McCrae, and Andy I believe if he came back in. He isn’t someone who will go directly after them and may wait for opportunity to present itself (like Helen) instead of going for the kill so to speak.

Candice and Jessie would have both go after the people who need to be taken out but I don’t think either could make any alliances at this point that would help them last past a week in the game.

I would like to see Candice come back but I don’t want to see her subjected to the B.S. she had to deal with in the house again. I think on another season or with a different cast she could have been a decent player, she certainly had the brains for it, but with this cast their is no hope. The only way Candice or Jessie stays is if they come in and win HOH immediately.

So there really doesn’t seem to be any great options in terms of who comes back. Helen and Judd would just fall in line and defer to Amanda, McCrae, and Andy. Candice and Jessie would do what needs to be done but wouldn’t have any allies to do any real damage. It seems to be lose lose but we’ll see.


I agree,. Jessie- will want to play hard- prob Am/McC, but might go for Aaryn. However, to her detriment, she’ll fall back into her powerful
need to be part of the Am group for social interaction.
Candice – Am/McC- she’s always known Am was the dictator, but, I do not want to see her tortured again. The others will never give her a chance
and they’ll all have a field day at her expense.
Judd- will prob not be able to swallow the whole truth and will become misguided once again- the Xanax doesn’t help either and Amanda might
pummel him for pills, if she can.
Helen- she’ll never really get it- one minute she seems to accept the truth and the next she’s talking love and friendships after BB and this confuses
the others, especially as only Amanda’s allowed to play BB15 in the Zuckerman house—-BUT, she’s will definitely go all out for Am/McC!


The problem is that in order for a returning HG to put up Amanda, they need to win HOH first. Candace coming back would be a waste, because she never even came close to winning anything. Jessie didn’t win much either, JUDD was throwing competitions, he tried to throw the HOH that he won, but he won it anyways. Only Helen or JUDD have a chance at HOH. If Helen returns, it will just be more of the same, she will put up Amanda, but it won’t matter if “the house” decides to keep her. I think Judd would put up Amanda and Aaryn, because he has probably figured out that those two were the ones that got him evicted. The evicted houseguests are in sequester. I don’t think they have seen each other because if one of them is coming back, they can’t have the advantage of knowing what has happened since their eviction. Candace and Judd probably don’t know who else has been evicted, they will find out tonight. I think they should just send the four of them to jury and bring in the only people that can save this season, the Stooges!!


Candice – has no real allies left in the house, so she’d be bounced right back out
Jessie – ditto
Helen – would just give us a rerun of this week
Judd – could go any which way, but has the advantage that a lot of remaining house guests regret voting him out now and might see him as a potential ally.


Once more on BBAD, a lousy night of despicable vile people. I keep watching, hoping something good or clever is going to happen, and again disappointed. It is amazing to me, if you don’t think these people are the greatest that have ever been on BB, you are jealous, there is nothing wrong with them, it is you. Delusional runs rampart through the big brother house. If I was related to any of them I would move and not give a forwarding address.

production rigged it

I quit watching last week, I recommend you do the same and just come here for the updates. However if whoever comes back from jury is given HOH, gets a power, immunity for a week or just wins HOH straight up then it would be worth watching again. That’s the only way though if that doesn’t happen don’t waste anymore of your time watching find something else to watch or do instead.


I find this season quite entertaining. I laugh at them often.


Just made donation and also did before and how come I my comment is not posted? I have not stated anything nasty, vile or degrading in my comments?

No You Didn't

lol cbs needs to “move” and not leave a forwarding address. the nasty bb cast will think the show is still going on, but no one will be watching


Spenser’ s new craigs list add,

I like a submissive lady, who is into nose picking, inappropriate jokes about child molestation, and loves a man who cups and scratches his balls on the sofa. Oh and must have a butterscotch cooch. Its a plus if you find large closeted gay otter lovers with scraggly red beards sexy, and enjoys living in the lap of luxury duplexes. Must enjoy a fat man eating skittles and peanut m&m’s with his mouth open while breathing heavy. Come and get me ladies. I am all yours


STOP…….STOP……..You are killing me!!! Funniest damn thing I have read on here. Laughed to tears. Thanks, we all needed that.


I have watched bb every year its been on. By far this is the worst tv show I have ever watched. Who ever found these house guess should be fired.


It’s simple 2nd grade common sense. Why not put Amanda up tonight and have make a final 4 deal with Spencer, Elissa, and Helen. Assure those 3 votes and Aaryn can cast the tie breaking vote if need be. Why would Aaryn want to get to the final 4 with Amanda and Mc. It cuts her chances of winning in half by taking those two…….


It makes me the most angry when Andy bad mouths Ellissa because she has always been sweet to him.

I think they are the ones that are jealous of Ellissa not the other way around. They are jealous because she has a happy marriage, she has money, she has a great body, etc., etc., etc.


LMAO – Helen is leaving and just wanted to spend time with Elissa as a friend and all Elissa could do is talk about Aaryn.

Get your facts straight

Elissa is the jealous one… im sure she is upset Aaryn didnt have to go get $50,000 of work of plastic parts added to her face.


I just wish there was some way Aaryan could know that Elissa hates because she is a racist. end of story

Power player

Seriously? your throwing the blame on Andy for Elissa’s actions and how the house is outting her? The ONLY reason Elissa was “decent” to Andy was because he made all the attempts to socialize with this stuck up, snotty, and entitled b!t*h. Andy even said ive been around this girl for 60 days and i knew more about David than I do about Elissa. It just shows how little she plays any social aspect of this game and how she feels everyone is beneath them. If she thought everyone on here would be saints has she not seen the show? even her own Sister would put people down and bash people but thats ok, because thats her sister and she can do no wrong and either can Elissa in the eyes of all the Brenchel fans and Production.

I can not wait for Elissa to go home so everyone can get off her bandwagon. Are any of you Elissa fans even BB fans? because she has been the epitome of a waste of space/floater, nothing shows me she deserves any money regardless final 4. She couldnt even talk game without coming across conceited and rude yet she talks about how bad the rest of the HG are… If Elissa was comfortable with who she talks to I wonder what kind of random BS would spew from her mouth too. Shes no saint and either are the rest of the HG. But honestly most of the HG are regular joes who engage in way to much $h!t talk and say some indecent things but doesnt make them a bad person at heart just like every Elissa supporter believes Elissa is a good person too.

For most people to (HATE) on the rest of the HG for some of there off the cuff and not always PC comments are hypocrites and wearing rose colored glasses to their fan favorite Elissa. They are all real people who sometimes dont say the correct things but does not make them horrible people or people we should hate. I dont watch BB so i can judge people and make myself feel better, i just realize that people are not perfect but it does not make them evil. Money does.

give me a break

Aaryn SHUT UP…..Judd had it right when he call her texas tornado tongue twister….she just add sh*t that Elissa never said……..Aaryn never except responsiblity for sh*t…’s always other people’s fault…….go home already……go read mein kampf…….


I knew this was gonna happen. The longer that Aaryn stays in the house, the less people (who don’t watch live feeds) remember how vile she really is. I was just checking twitter and there are multiple people now that are #teamaaryn, or people tweeting “aaryn’s growing on me.” Really sad.


I also like Aarryn. She is a dumb idiot but hey she is 22. The term acting like you are totally stupid and like an idiot is a lot more accepting at 22 than it is by someone who is 30 or older. You learn or should learn a lot once you start working in the everyday world but these other older women have not and cannot stand grown 30 plus women bullying others. I mean these “women” and “mothers” and I use that term loosely to describe Helen and Elissa and Amanda are grown women should know better than to act the way they act, and well GM is a nut in her own right. Spencer is just so disturbing I cannot even talk about him. McCrae is just so whipped by Amanda it is disgusting to watch him, and you may not like Andy for the rat he is but he is liked by both sides so his game play is pretty darn good!


Aaryn can be “forgiven” only up to certain extent. If her behaviour garners attention and favour from others, then why would she ever change/grow up, whatever you want to call it. Think that miraculously when she hits a certain age that all that stuff will just go away. She will give up her long held beliefs, the way she relates to people. Uh Uh. Ain’t gonna happen. There is no magic age. You are the sum of your experiences and upbringing.

Power player

So the stuff Elissa did say (belittling her HOH wins and pretty much saying Aaryn is beneath her) when called out denies and lies that’s ok to you. But if Aaryn does it oh no she’s a horrible person. Hypocritical if you ask me


Totally agree on the boredom factor. Now to heat things up… BB how about having the returning jury member ALSO be the next HOH? That’s a twist I’d like to see. Whatcha all think?


That would be a good twist but the nominations would be mostly predictable. Candice: Aryn and GM; Jessie: Amanda and McRae; Helen: Amanda and McRae; Judd: Amanda and ?

Roisin Dubh

Just waiting for Thursday’s show. Whoever is coming back is gonna go after Keychain and Ahandjob. Even if that person gets voted out, the seed will be planted. They’ve been sequestered long enough to piece some of it together, even though they have the IQ of a doorknob, expect the social dynamic to finally change. In a somewhat perfect world El wins HOH and puts up Ahandjob and Keychain and just sits back and watches it all go down. That move alone will kill that alliance, Ahandjob will tell Keychain to throw POV and he refuses, thus igniting the war.

BB Moments

GM’s nomination speech for Candice and Jessie will go down as one of the top 3 of all time. That chic’s got more balls than any of the guys in the house.


It wasn’t a speech, it was an attack. She knew Candice was leaving and because she knew nothing about the BB game, she broke a cardinal rule: When on the block on eviction day you get to say whatever you want (some past BB speeches have been real humdingers!!)…it is a right and GM couldn’t handle that Candice had that right and the stage to herself. GM had said in advance she was going to do it if Candice dared mention any of them- GM intentionally deprived Candice the right to have a voice- what has been going on since week one.. What she did showed her true nature…hubris. Just last night she said how proud she was of her “mom” statements to Candice…meanwhile, all anyone has to do is look sideways at her or any of them and they’re off on their aggressive bashing and statements of how much better SHE is and the posse (the prettier ones; funnier ones; we’re the ones America wants to see why would they want to see those ugly ones?; the skinny ones, the nice ones—these comparisons are constant as she plays out her delusions of grandeur like they all do.
What she did, with premeditation, was outright disgusting and I don’t see how anyone could think it was funny. It is only funny at Candice’s expense which is not right– They truly can shovel it out but absolutely cannot handle a molecule of it back-that says it all.


EW, omg! has anyone noticed that Amanda basically only ever speaks to Mcpizza in a baby voice now??? And I basically never see him say a word to her other then “hmmm, ya” even though she’s literally always beside him? it’s painful to watch. And kind of creepy when she talks in the baby voice because she is so vile most of the time.


That foto of Spencer adjusting(?) himself is quite disturbing…and while we’re on that note, FYI: Men DO NOT wash their hands after visiting the bathroom…especially at the bars…so NEVER shake a guys hand…probably worse stuff on their hands than a $1 bill



America has put Amanda up on the block twice and these morons never got the hint. And now we see that none of them have the guts to put Amanda on the block either as a nominee or as a replacement nominee. Even Helen (what a twit) in supplying Elissa with strategies to use after her eviction fails to mention Amanda and McCrae as possible nominations. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH EVERYBODY??? Never have I seen such magnificent idiots at play in the Big Brother House. I can’t stand it anymore!!! What dumbasses!!! We will see if a stay in the Jury House has allowed at least one player to smarten up.


note to crapmanda’s mom: if everyone hates your daughter, it’s not an accident. wake up. you raised a monster. I know you think she’s your dearie sweetums but the entire world thinks she’s a nauseating bitch. and she is.


Elissa is not the greatest player but like it or not, her observation about the remaining house nasties are right. They are vile disgusting people. I’ve watced BB for many years and these people are so utterly filthy. The personal attacks they make against other people are disgusting. All the filthy and disguting stuff that they say about people and then when it’s turned on them, they want to whine and pout about it. I saw a picture of Elissa’s husband and he is absolutely not an old sugar daddy. Where do they get these stories from. This woman does not talk about her personal life with anyone. They are so jealous of what Elissa has, I’m pretty sure they probably looked up Rachel’s family and came across small details about Elissa and it’s eating them up that she doesn’t need the money but they do. Gm and Aaryn hated Candice because they recognized her and the jealousy button went into high gear. Andy, McPuss, GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Helen and Amanda love to talk about how someone is edited. These butt wipes seem to forget that people can and are watching the LIVE FEEDS and those are not edited.


I was watching the feeds and the Aryan chick was bragging how her father named one of his Black colored farm animals “Martin Luther King” because the animal was Black………it’s starting to get insane now.

You name your children after MLK not your black Llama.

Tomorrow when Julie Chen interviews Helen at her eviction I wonder if she will ask Helen about the racism because Im going to laugh my ass off while Helen says it was a few isolated events that were instigated by the “feisty” Candice. Helen will defend her close friend Aaryan to the death because she’s sick.

Ians Beer

This is not surprising at all to me. People like Aryan (yes, I know her name is Aaryn) the White are raised by other racists. If her father did this, where do you think Aryan learned her bigotry and racism. No wonder her father did not want his picture up..would totally fuck up his business I’m sure if the world saw what he is and what he taught his spawn. Heck, maybe he’s a big wheel in the KKK for all we know. When people on here comment on how the parents must be proud, just remember folks the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

New watcher

Did she really say that about a black farm animal ? Are you joking ? What day was it ?


Somebody better get 5 billion bottles of Javex or burn that BB House down after this pukening bunch leaves. Ringworm, Yeast infections, dirty everything… UGH sooo gross!!!


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE how Amanda/Mccrae says that Elissa’s a mentalcase LOL okay Amanda Elissa’s the one hiding behind a garbage can when she loses an HOH/Veto….


Why is Elissa getting preferential treatment from production? She gets paid more (stipend) than the other houseguests, she got a down comforter while a have not, production made the other houseguests apologize to her more than once, anytime hgs begin to reveal things about Elissa production cuts feeds, it’s been mentioned by hgs that Elissa is getting info about what is going on in the house from diary room etc etc….So lets see how production is gonna rig this game for her

Mississippi Girl

She may be getting special treatment but some things are not. McCrae said they could all negotiate their stipends. As for her knowing things, the diary room seems to tip a lot of them off simply by the questions they ask. And we have to remember Andy is the family parrot. Mama always said don’t sell the family parrot at the market or some stupid crap I don’t remember but I know it meant don’t put your family business in the streets. That’s WHY people know what is said in confidence. Andy is a friggin parrot.

amanda needs to go

I truly hope the returning juror becomes HOH automatically. I can see it now houseguest are all still stunned that a Juror is coming back into the house they sit there worried which one will win. Than someone wins and Julie says ” oh houseguest by the way the returning juror winner is also this weeks HOH! … that would be awesome, and cameras showing Mc Crae and Amanda reaction right away priceless. I agree, although Judd a nice guy can not come back, he trust the enemy way too much. Helen although annoying would make a full on war with Amanda and McCrae and Andy – this will be interesting week if CBS listens to viewers and sees online what we are all stating then it can finally be a decent show again.

Andy is a rat

I laugh every time Aaryn opens up her racist mouth saying the vile things she does, because knowing when that racist little biotch gets out of the house she is in for a big reality check… be a fly on the wall when she gets home would be so great…….Andy acts all big and tough when Elissa isnt around with badmouthing her. How quickly that rat forgot it was Elissa who consoled him when spencer told Andy about the racist Aaryn making nasty remarks about him being gay. Andy is just a disgusting rat……I wonder what the parents and families think of their racist, vile, disgusting child/sibling. I would be embarrased and disown them. Out of the remainig houseguest left in the house Elissa will be the only one who will be able to walk out with her head held high and her values and morals still intact. You go Elissa…..


Elissa single handily ruined this season! The morons voting for her for MVP is the reason this season turned out to be the worst Big Brother season ever!!!


Wrong. Helen single handely ruined this season by picking off all the “good guys” who would have helped her & aligned to kick out Amanda, Aaryn & Andy. Her siding with the enemy thinking that was smart game was the downfall of this season.


I am watching the BBAD feed that this transcript is based on and Simon and Dawg don’t even come close to capturing how boring and stupid the houseguests hanging out in the HOH are (Spencer, Andy, Aryn, Demanda and McCrea). An assembly of Idiots! It’s like watching morons at a Moron Convention. Houseguests, here’s a fact for you all who keep telling us how bored you are: only boring people are bored – interesting people are never bored because they have working brains and intelligent thought processes that enable them to have interesting, intelligent and civilized conversations with one another AND YOU PEOPLE DO NOT BELONG TO THIS GROUP! You are part of the moronification of America and it is pathetic to witness.


Why does Elissa get special treatment? Her stipend according to the other hgs is more than theirs, she complained to DR and was given a comforter while a have not, Aaryn mentioned Elissa must be getting fed information from production because she knows things no one in the house told her, anytime the other hgs reveal things about her feeds cut away, some of the hgs have implied they were made to apologize to her by production etc etc….So why the favouritism with Elissa? Lets see how the next hoh plays to her strengths

This Season Blows

It’s because Grodner has badly misjudged her audience and thinks we were all fans of the nauseating couple known as Brenchel. If she doesn’t get fired and replaced by a competent producer, she’ll start trotting out anyone who can claim any relation to Rachel’s gene pool and rigging the show for them. It’s pathetic.

Andy is a rat

To the parents of Amanda the filthy HOOCH, NASTY hygiene Mcslob, vile RACIST Aaryn, crazy HOODRAT GM, Spencer the disgusting PERVERT and Andy the mindless RAT…..congratulations on raising a bunch of despicable cretins…….kudos to you, you must be so proud……

Keri Helen

I really hope tomorrow night is the beginning of the end for The Amanda Show so I can actually watch the damn show again. I won’t hold my breath though. Sometimes I feel like even if the HGs could fill BOTH eviction nomination slots with Amanda, she would finally win at a POV, take herself off one block and the HGs would backdoor GM or Spencer. Bleh.


Has Elissa stopped crying about Aaryn wanting a boob job.. considering 70% of her face and body is fake


This is by far the most despicable BB cast I have ever seen. They are Bullies, PERIOD! If you dont agree with them or hang with them and talk about contestants who have left the house, then you are the next target. I dont have a favorite, but Elissa is at least the only one, in my eyes, that has any common sense, common decency and morals. She may talk about others but not as vile as the other houseguests. I thought Spencer would have distanced himself from Awhoreda, but he fell right in line. Actually thought Spencer would keep his conversation with Elissa between Elissa and himself, man was I wrong.

Pathetic. I am still dumbfounded why everyone listens to Awhoreda and McMinute? Doesnt make any sense at all. Vile, racist perverted people in this house. Disgusting. I dont watch the show anymore, just come on here and see what Simon and Dawg have given us! Great job by the way!!

This Season Blows

“Elissa is at least the only one, in my eyes, that has any common sense, common decency and morals.”

You need to get your eyes checked, then.


I’d like to see someone come back and get hoh but it would not be fair to be automatic. I hope that one of the sheople do not win this season and for that to happen someone needs to bounce Amanda out soon.


Elissa got this gig because the of her sister and this has happened before. America already knows who her sister is so who would production be trying to hide that fact from? As far as production favoring her why would they do that as she is not that interesting.


It’s driving me insane that Elissa is supposed to apologize to the rat according to them for trying to save Helen by doing what everyone else has been doing, they’re so mindnumbingly stupid that it hurts me all over and all I can do it get angrier and keep readng the updates because its still Big Brother.


These people do nothing but talk about Candice, Elissa, sex and disgusting personal habits. It’s as if there are no other topics.

Demanda said she loved McMinutes farts because if you love someone you love everything about them. Didn’t anyone ever talk to this creature about relationships?

McMinute picks at his toes then flings something that lands in Demanda’s mouth and she thinks it’s funny. He then gets something to eat–and then washes his hands!! Didn’t anyone ever talk to him about hygiene?

Aaryn keeps saying she can’t figure out why Elissa hates her when they got along the first couple of days. Didn’t anyone ever talk to her about being a racist will cause other people to hate YOU?

Andy keeps talking about how Elissa threatened him. Didn’t anyone ever tell him that if you betray people they will see you as the enemy?

And Spencer keeps talking about how he tried to have a normal conversation with Elissa. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that if you scratch your balls while saying vile things in front of a woman she won’t want to get anywhere near you?


DISGUSTING human being!!! Papa PERVERT with his hands down his pants AGAIN! The RAZORBACKS will be proud to claim this hillbilly.


When it comes to the finale, will the audience be made up of CBS staffers rather than the public? I don’t think CBS can take the chance that a true audience member will not make some pretty nasty remarks. I believe every ethnic group will want to have a go at the 3 a.m. and things could turn nasty very quickly.


Seriously, at this point someone else aside from the McCranda’s Legion of Doom has to win Head of House! And the ONLY 3 houseguests who would be a game changer would be Elissa or Spencer or whomever the returning houseguest is. PLEASE…One of you three win so you can throw up Amanda & Mcnasty!! I would LOVE to watch as Amanda campaigns against her showmance PROVING that she has the loyalty of Hungry Hungry Hippo who hasn’t eaten marbles in days!! If this happens..OH HAPPY DAY!! And if one of them wins Veto…Throw up Ginger Rat Gollum & Send his two-timing out the house instead….whatever happens PLEASE LET SOMETHING that ISN’T PREDICTABLE HAPPEN…America is SICK of just watching Aaryn & Amanda rub their nasty vaginas together!!!

Andy the Fetus

Ewww Now Aaryn’s junk smells like onions too.


What is wrong with these people?
McPizza is upset that people are putting words in his mouth? He says nothing anyways! Only thing he puts in his mouth is that vile amazon SASQUASH!

Now who in the hell put a tampon in Vaseline???? Let me guess…..A man dah?


I been watching BB since season 1 and like so many others I have to agree this is by far the WORST season ever! Not so much for how the game is being played but for how DISGUSTING AND VILE the houseguests are. (except Elissa&Helen) If something HUGE don’t happen tonight then I’m done with this season. I hope either Helen, Jessie or Judd get to come back (in that order) and Elissa wins HOH.


Is BB planning on doing anything to help GM’s obsession with Nick?