Amanda tries to get GM nominated “She’s not going up because I’m not stupid and you are” -Elissa

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


4:08pm Backyard McCrae, Amanda and Spencer

Amanda says Elissa, JUDD and GM are working together. Amanda leaves
S: “Dude I never told GM sh!t.. you know how I feel about her”
MC says he trusts Spencer 100%
S: “it’s cool that Amanda won the zingbot challenge.. it wasn’t a puzzle”
S:” andy is in panic mode.. she is putting him up”
MC:” There is no f*** way Andy is going.. “
Spencer agrees.
MC asks him what Aaryn is thinking.
Spencer says Aaryn is thinking that Amanda will keep her.
MC: “No way”
S:” Elissa want Aaryn out 100%”
MC:” She’ll get her wish this week”
S:” She trying to find out who I’m working with .. she’s trying to recruit me.. “
MC – she has no one now
Spencer says he’s just telling Elissa whatever he can to stay off the block htis week. if he wins HOH he’s going to have short term memory problems and will put her up.

MC- it’s so scary talking to Judd
S – he’s holding his cards really close
MC – I told him I would put up Spencer and GM if I won the HOH.. just so you know.

Specner says Helen told JUDD that Spencer is working with Amanda and McCrae. .. I told him f** no I have no allegiance to anybody.. I told him they will cut my head off in a F*** second“
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:16pm bedroom Aaryn and Amanda

Aaryn thinks she has Spencer’s vote but doesn’t think she has JUDD’s or McCrae’s
Amanda:” I don’t know we’ll have to see who Elissa puts up”
They agree that JUDD is working with Elissa they have to watch what they say in front of her. Amanda:” I cannot believe she (GM) called me a C***”
Aaryn: “Don’t say anything she’ll be pissed at me”
Amanda:” GM is siding with the two biggest targets in the house
Aaryn – who
Amanda – JUDD and Elissa.. she is such a idiot she is pulling a jessie flip flop.

Aaryn – I want her gone .. Aaryn points at where GM is sleeping..

Amanda I want them all gone.
Production “Aaryn Amanda do not obstruct your microphone.. “
Amanda: “They do that on purpose”
Aaryn says that GM is trying to turn Aaryn on Amanda. Aaryn is worried that she will lose GM’s vote, “I don’t know what spencer and JUDD will do.. I hope she puts GM up.. “

CBS Interactive Inc.

4:25pm BAckyard Andy and MCCrae
Andy says he told Spencer about the 3am and all the pieces of the alliance.

4:25pm HOH Amanda and Elissa
Amanda saying that Gm told Aaryn who told AManda that you JUDD and GM have an alliance and were making plans to makes sure Amanda doesn’t win the veto because they wanted to backdoor her
E: “Yes because I’m working with GM and Aaryn “
Amanda says that Aaryn tells her everything
E: “obviously”
A- she thinks we are still working together
E- nobody wants you out of the house that is why I put mcCrae up
A- Elissa everyone wants me or McCrea out of the house..
E -Amanda you are crazy
A- all i’m telling you GM is a flip flopper.. this week she is up your a$$ and next week you can play for HOH and she won’t have anything to do with you
E- I know you want Aaryn here.. do you know Aaryn comes up here every day and talks about you..
A -I know she does
E -why do you want to work with aaryn
A – she’s been loyal to me and you’ve been loyal to me
E -she’s not loyal to you at all she isn’t even loyal to GM and GM has her back.. As smart as you think you are you are being dumb.
E- like I am so sorry.. it’s so dumb.. it’s annoying and it’s dumb.
A- why are you telling Aaryn that you want to work with her that you made a mistake nominating her.
Elissa says she was just telling Aaryn fluff to keep her safe in the event that Aaryn won the veto and took herself off.
A -she said you said that after the veto
E- umm no she came up here once when I was in the shower and twice telling me to put em up
E -She’s not going up because i’m not stupid and you are.
A- OK .. I don’t appreciate that.
E- i’m sorry Amanda you would tell me to.
A- think of it from mine and mcCrae perspective
E- I’m not going to because i saw a whole different side of your game because of aaryn
A- i’m telling you I don’t want you to put up GM.. I want you to put up Andy or Spenser or JUDD… Andy is the biggest threat to my game.. I know I will never put him up so if you are the one that does it great.. Andy goes up andy goes home.
A- I will have Aaryn here and I know she is gunning for you
E- no.. Aaryn is coming after you
A- thats fine.. I have to think long term in this game.. I love Andy to death but he’s the scariest player in this game..
Elissa – I hope you and Aaryn make it to the end and Aaryn wins over you. everyone in jury likes Aaryn and none of them like you.
A -thats fine.. I can only do what I think is best for my game.. I know GM tells Aaryn everything you say to her and I know she is a vote to keep arryn
E – good I hope she stays and I hope she takes you out.
A- I hope so too.. I have to keep going with what my gut says.. if you want to put up JUDD, Andy and Spencer.. it’s fine with me
Elissa:” I was thinking about putting JUDD up for sure do you think that is a good idea..
Amanda – I think you have a better chance that Aaryn goes home if JUDD goes up.. he’s a big target he just came back into the game he’ll go soon.. Amanda Says that GM told Aaryn she is working with Elissa, Aaryn and JUDD
E- Aaryn is a liar.. she makes fun of you every day..
Elissa says Aaryn called Amanda a joke and disgusting .
Amanda- I don’t care what people say about me just like you don’t care what people say about you
Amanda- Aaryn tells everyone she is working with her. Amanda Reminds her that she has a lot of people gunning for her next week.

Amanda says she will vote Andy out and so will McCrae and Spencer
Elissa: I don’t care”
Amanda- good put Andy up and he will go back to Helen .. i’m trying to work with you here not against you.
Elissa – how are you working with me
Amanda I would rather have Aaryn in this house .. no matter who you put up against Aaryn she is going to stay.. put up Spencer .. put up JUDD .
Elissa says why does Amanda want Aaryn in the game she told her she is coming after Amanda
Amanda- I listen to aaryn and i’m stupid and you listen to Aaryn and you are smart
Amanda says again if Elissa puts Andy up Andy goes home and she will have most of the house coming after her next week.
Elissa- good then i can play for the veto and then i’m playing for the next HOH.
Amanda:” Put him up.. easier for me”
Elisa:” OK Amanda”
Amanda leaves “OK Elissa”


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

Amanda heads outside where Andy and McCrae are chatting about. Amanda says she thinks it’s going to work. Amanda mention she told Elissa they want Andy to be put up because they are all going to vote Andy out and Helen is going to be happy that Andy went home by Elissa’s hand.
Andy says he’s going to go to Elissa and play up that the angle that he will go home if he goes up, “I’ll start crying if I can”
Amanda:” She doesn’t want you to go home”
Amanda says everyone needs to go tell Elissa they are going to vote Andy out, “We need her to believe if you go up you go home”
Amanda: “I declared war”
Elissa comes out ‘Are you telling Andy about your plan Amanda”
Amanda: “Yes I am “
Elissa:” To get him up on the block so you can safe Aaryn”
Amanda: “ya”
Andy storms out “I don’t want to talk about this anymore”
Amanda: “It’s just a game Andy”
Elissa:” It’s going to be comical when Aaryn takes you out”


CBS Interactive Inc.

4:40pm Cockpit Andy and Elissa
E: She a horrible person”
A: OH GOD.. what are you going to do”
A – I can’t believe this is f*** happening
E – Why can’t you.. you trusted a snake they are going to eat you alive.. they don’t care she was up there telling me to put you up.
E – they are not going to vote you out over Aaryn
A -I totally think they will.. they totally will
E – we have to think what to do
A – she told me flat out that she has the votes to get me out.. what the f** does that mean.. her McCrea and who else..
E – Spcener
A – oh my god i’m going home
A – what are you doing.. why are you putting me up
E – it was Amanda’s suggestion
A – You don’t want me to go home do you..
E – no
A – don’t put me up
E – i’m thinking about whatever it takes to take aaryn out
E – do you think Spencer Would vote Aaryn out
A – I have no idea Spencer has lied to me a ton of times.. Spencer is so scared he would vote Aaryn out.. I told you today i will do whatever you want me to do i will vote out Aaryn
E – I Cannot believe you trusted them .. you are smart guy
E – I don’t even know if you are faking it
A – i’m not faking anything.. Amanda just told me i’m going home
E – Maybe she told you so you would come back to tell me.. it’s not possible you would go home you are their second puppet next to aaryn .. they are so disgusting
A – oh my god I am such a idiot
E -yup
E – if I put Spencer up nobody will vote spencer will you still vote Aaryn out
A – I just need to go lay down for a bit..


4:47pm storage room Amanda and Spencer

Amanda – I just told Elissa if she puts up Andy then i’m sending him home
Amanda relays her conversation with Elissa say the reason she is doing this is she wants GM put up.


5:17pm Bedroom Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda relays her conversation with Elissa. Amanda hopes that it’s GM or Spencer but she’s not sure. Amanda tells her she wants Aaryn to stay and she’s doing whatever she can to make that happen.


5:45pm backyard Amanda and MC

MC: “If Spencer goes up I’m not getting rid of him”
A: “Lets see what happens tomorrow”
MC:” I’m telling you though.. I don’t trust her”
A: I know.. her and GM are scarey”
MC:” Ewen Spencer and JUDD are scary.. he doesn’t want to work with JUDD.. he knows JUDD wants to take Elissa to the final 2… He trusts me and Andy’
A: Doesn’t trust me”
MC explains that Spencer Trusts Amanda because she he trusts Amanda. MC says me messed up when talking to Spencer and said if SPencer goes up against Aaryn he may not have Amanda’s vote
A – why would you say that. now he’s going to want to get rid of me
MC – he knows you are a meat shield.. if you go up next to him you will go you are the bigger target
A – I cannot believe I won
MC you are the best
MC JUDD is scared
Amanda says Elissa and GM now know she is gunning after them
McCrae mentions how Spencer is saying that Amanda needs to cool it on fighting to keep Aaryn . MC told Spencer he agrees because he wants Aaryn gone 100%, “At the same time if Aaryn stays and we get GM out Aaryn is going to be gunning after Elissa as well. Amadna let SPencer know that Aaryn isn’t going to be gunning for him.

Amanda I want Aaryn to stay
MC I don’t want her to stay at all..
Amanda “I don’t want spencer going up I want GM to.. I don’t want Spencer to f** this up by telling Elissa I am bluffing”
A: “Stop trying to turn him against me “

Aaryn joins them says GM will probably flip the f** out this week.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Elissa’s is not scared of any of them and it’s refreshing to see someone just tell it like it is this season even if she leaves, she made one week of BB15 exciting and I appreciate that! Amanda was so wrong when she thought that Helen leaving would mean she could control Elissa, SO WRONG!!!! Hahaha.

what the flux

this game doesn’t even matter for Elissa because next week everyone will turn on her because everyone hates her which i think is pretty sad. As long as she sticks to her plan she will go down as taking down Aaryn, the comp master or Andy the rat….. and i applaud her for doing what she wants.


Yah!!!! I agree! What upsets me is that even prior to this week the target was Elissa. In fact she made a fee friends this week….JUDD AND GM!!!! Every 3 am player was gunning for her now she has to deal with 3 players!!!! So Elissa knows no matter what she does this week….she will ALWAYS be a target….why not make it more exciting?????? Plus Andy or Aaryn will see Amanda and MCrae’s loyalty BOTH said they’d be bitter jury memberz


yep doing just what Amanda was going to do to in a week or so but elissa did it for her she still controls everything spencer andy mccrae and her elissa had to put up 2 of the 4 in that alliance guess she don’t get it everything stays the same for Amanda


not really, Amanda will lose her best gladiator or her eyes and ears(i think Andy has out lived his purpose really) but if Arryn leaves Amanda probably cuts her chances in half ,of controling HOH. Arryn 4HOH( NEW 3am 2 1/2HOH) we will see how smart Amanda really is Thursday nite.


with Arryn gone GM will stay aligned with Elissa and I think Judd will too.afte you will have Judd and GM playing against Amanda, mcrae, Andy Spencer They have 3hoh playing against GM & Judd. 2HOH. Spencer seems like he was just playing Elissa Judd is going to be fighting extra hard since he gotten another chance. GM might be mad at Amanda and really go after it. I think its FAR from a sure thing that the new 3am will win HOH. I think its almost 50/50 chance since Amanda is never going to win anything again and Spencer has not won a HOH. Mcrae got his by making a deal with Nick so its not like he’s a power player, and what can you say about Andy. Watch out, Amanda you being the BITCH that you are might be what pushes them to win. You or Mcrae could still be walking out the door next week smartass.


Hopefully, she’ll keep winning HOHs and POVs to keep herself safe, but if the show is rigged, Amanda will just escape everything and win…


she ruined at least 2days of EVERY player of the 3am in one week. She made 3 of them cry, I think she had a pretty good damn week


I sure hope production gives Elissa the Diamond Power of Veto or some other power to insure she stays next week. The drama would be too much and make it exciting. If Elissa goes you can not watch till finale night and see who vote for either Amanda or McCrae

Elissa is a dumb ass

Elissa is certifiably retarded and crazy. I think when she had the Botox pumped into her lips some of it seeped to her brain. Or maybe the gel from one of her fake boobs leaked and ran to her brain when she was doing a yoga stretch. Either way she is a stuck-up nut case who has no friends. And everyone who is left in the house after Thursday is going to eat her alive until her eviction the following week. I’m so going to enjoy it. This is what you get for playing Helen’s game instead of your own. Dumb ass bitch!!!


I could not disagree with you more. Going into this week she had zero allies. If she did not win hoh she would be on the block next to judd. She loses nothing by “keeping it real” with amanda. She is leaving this week with an alliance with gm and judd. If either if them win, she stays. Those odds, while not great are a heckuva lot better than she had. How does that make elissa “dumb”?


I think Elissa sqrewed up when she did’t put up both Mc and Am. Next week she will have 3-4 people gunning for her. If Aaryn stays, she will also. She has always acted cocky, she looks and talks down to everyone, and she can’t have a normal conversation. Her attitude and mannerisms will be her down fall. She pulling a Jeremy (we know how that turned out) and it may just bite her in the ass. Time will tell though.


I completely disagree with you!!!! Aaryn admitted she will NEVER work with Elissa! Aaryn is most likely to win a comp. By getting Aaryn out GM will be more loyal to Elissa and Judd……GM is now targeting Amanda/MCrae. IF ANY of 3am members leave this week….its a good move for Elissa!!!! Every person came this week to target Elissa…now next week 3 people will be…smaller than last week plus if Aaryn leaves….NOT one of the 3 will be someone who has a win record like Aaryn


No Problem!!!With you not agreeing with my post, that is why this is fun. More times than not, most posters will never come to a consensus or agree on the game. Not being in the house and seeing every convo etc. makes it much easier to come to a conclusion.


finally someone gets it she had to put up 2 people out of that alliance for if anything the votes even if the veto wasn’t used mccrae wouldn’t go home they had spencer Amanda and andy to save him and mcranda have been planning to boot aaryn Amanda telling elissa she wants aaryn to stay she don’t care about aaryn its a con and elissa doesn’t even realize it

Dan Fan

Just talking game. Elissa has ZERO social game. She is HOH and that’s all. She has ZERO social game. Why? When they were recruiting Aaryn last week, Elissa opened her mouth and said ‘Aaryn, I don’t really see you as a threat in this house.’ Aaryn was pissed and gave GM her marching orders to vote out Helen. Elissa’s botox mouth SEALED Helen’s fate.

Elissa is soooooo stupid

Elissa has no allies. GM hates her and will work with the house to vote her out. Judd blames her and Helen for his eviction so he won’t vote to save her either. Judd will float for a couple weeks so long as he votes with the house. Elissa can’t get HOH next week and she really doesn’t have anything to offer anyone because she has been so stuck-up since the beginning. She is very dumb for not building relationships throughout the season. Amanda offered her protection if Elissa was willing to work with her/Andy/McCrae. The dumb fembot laughed. Her scheme to back door Amanda was apparent a mile away and she ultimately revealed that to Judd and Aaryn before the POV comp. That was dumb. From Thursday night until the POV comp Elissa had HOH-itis and lied through her teeth and schemed and acted every bit the conceited bully she really is. Dumb dumb dumb. Botox duck lips is almost as dumb as she is fake. Almost.


Elissa is not dumb. She has been reading the game well. She put Nick up who was a mastermind in this game. She wanted to keep Kaitlin over Arryn. Arryn has been Amanda and McCrae’s puppet for weeks now. Kaitlin would have probably sided with Helen and Elissa. When Jessie was trying to get Amanda put up on the block, Elissa agreed with Jessie. Maybe Helen should have listened to Elissa more and she would still be in the house. At least Elissa has class and is so much better to watch and listen to than the other low lifes in that house.

Dan Fan

Are you an AARP member?

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

i really think Elissa is putting up the 2 people who betrayed Helen.
the woman is not stupid. her choices are few and narrowing down.

Elissa has no game, only Helen's failed game

Elissa puts on an act that she isn’t scared but she really is. Didn’t you see her crying after Amanda won the veto ceremony? She thinks GM and Judd are her allies but forgets that GM hates her for acting superior around her and Judd hates her for being part of team Helen in back dooring him. And why would they be her ally. She brings nothing to the table for them. All of conceited Elissa’s (manipulator Helen’s) plans have turned to liquid shit. She knows she will have NO allies after the POV ceremony. If she decides she can’t handle it (which is a very plausible scenario) she may just self-evict. CBS has probably given her permission to do that. And it’s probably in her contract. No matter, the disgusting fake gold digger can return to her sugar daddy and live off his money while she does nothing all day but inject Botox in her lips and gel in her tits. I said bye bye Helen last week and I’ll say bye bye Elissa duck lips now in case she leaves earlier than the scheduled Thursday two weeks hence. What a disgusting condescending phony.

Dan's Mist

I’m going to have to disagree. Elissa knew she’d be the target no matter what next week anyways. By having Arayn also up, she’s caused 3AM to show their faces and make it apparent that they are running the game. I think Judd has Elissa’s back, and honestly I think GM is listening to Helen and working with Elissa. She’s also seeing that Arryn is more on McCranda’s side than her’s.

All this is moot anyways, DAWG is going to be the winner.

Dan Fan

Dan Fan will shit on your mist. Amanda was considering Elissa as a F2. Go back to the feeds.


To:Elissa has no game
You sure are a hater because you couldn’t accomplish much in life. It’s incredible how some people are jealous of others because they have money. Eli$$a is laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe if you did something with your life you could do it too. Wonder who you voted for president???

Elissa is soooooo stupid

Yeah, Elissa is laughing all the way to the bank all right; her husband’s bank. If that clue less dumb ass had to make it on her own she’d probably be in GM’s situation and living in her parents’ basement. She has no class. She walks around with a sense of entitlement (thanks again to the lifestyle her husband has provided her). She is really a disgusting terrible person judging every one and believing she is better than everyone. Here’s a new flash: you aren’t. You are a fake piece of garbage. And no, BigSis, I’m not jealous. Yes, I have a college degree, and yes I’m even employed. I’m married and have a couple kids, too. I’m down on the Botox bimbo because people like her make me sick, thinking their shit doesn’t stink. Good riddance Elissa. You will finally be history in 2 weeks. Couldn’t happen to a worse phony.


Boy oh boy..are you ever stupid…”Botox pumbed into the lips”.. Botox..!!?? … hahahaha


I don’ thik so. Judd got evicted being part of Amandas alliance. You think he’s going to wrk with her again. Amanda got in GM’s face and tried to bully her(that didn’t work out so well huh Amanda)So she will never work with Amanda. So those 2 will compete against the new 3am candyn asses. I don’t know, you might have to start thinking about packing those bags Amanda since you have lit a fire under both of them. THANKS FROM ELISSA


The headline of this article… LMAO!!! Too good! Amanda must be amazed that someone is dishing it out on her for a change!


Elissa is not as smart as some thought…she appears to be the only who can read this game. Oh Amanda, what a lying pathetic fool!


Should read Elissa is not as dumb….


elissa is kinda dumb for not puttin up scumanda and mcpuss in the first place


hindsight is 20/20


MAYBE ( I thought so at first) but this way she gets rid of Amanda’s best player in the comps. (Arryn would have went after her next week) .Who would you want playing against your alliance in the next HOH com. Amanda or Arryn. So, maybe she is alot smarter than US (me & you)


LOL..nope right the first time…” Elissa is not as smart”…if she falls for this only proves that Amanda does deserve to be there. If this comes together and E puts up GM..then you have to hand it to Amanda’s power of persuasion and manipulation.


Hopefully not. She has told GM twice that she was not putting up Spencer or GM no matter what. So hoping she keeps to that plan.


it doesn’t matter to Amanda shes not trying to save aaryn its a con she wanted aaryn to get elissa out but aaryn can go first then elissa its all the same


why would she fall for that. She knows Andy is working with Amanda(part of her inner circle) Vote him out Amanda, thats the highest card i have in my hand. If I put up GM, Spencer, or Judd they will for sure go home so Amanda is not offering her anything that would get people to vote Arryn over any of those people(Elissa’s alliance+++++this is not Helen) so Amanda will be sending her best competitor home,( good job) start looking for all your belongings because you are the best player on Elissa’s team


Spencer: I miss Marilyn. I can’t wait till I get home so I can have some sex.

Judd: I love it when a girl calls out your name during sex. One time I was f*cking this girl who thought I was from another country. She kept calling me Isitinyet.


I love Judd….he’s so nervous and cute.


Really Judd? I wouldn’t go bragging about that. Your too funny


Elissa is not going to fall for this bullsh*t…..the attempt at subterfuge will make her more determined to put Andy up!!! It also shows Amanda’s hand a bit ….that she is trying to keep the racist and the snitch!


All I am asking for is 1 minute in the big brother house so I can put my f*king foot in Amanda’s mouth


Gavin, Gavin! Where have you been? I’ve missed seeing your posts this year. Happy to say if you manage to get into the house please another well aimed boot up her ass for ME!


Hey joyjohnson thanks man , it’s a frustrating season , I got nothing nice to say that’s why I try not to post much.




LMFAO I actually laughed so hard at that, thanks.

The Black Fish

Not getting vibes from Amanda, if Andy goes up, who does she want to keep?


She wants Aaryn to stay and McCrae wants Aaryn gone. So that will be interesting to see who will keep either Andy or Aaryn


I don’t know why, but my gut feeling is that Andy will not got up when it’s time. Not sure who though.


the “boys” will not vote out another “boy”.
if Elissa can believe that and call Amanda’s bluff it would prove Elissa is not dumb.

rs wilson

same people for the last month andy mccrae and spencer they have the votes elissa only eliminated a vote she may need just like Amanda wants elissa is clueless my god




The more I see Amanda the more I think its Jeremy with a wig on.


yeah she looks like a total dude! Just look at the photo above with her smoking & her legs spread out. Very unlady-like. If you are a girl & you are going to smoke at least cross your legs! She grosses me out.

Who knows

How can Amanda be in love with a guy who “Stinks” and lays in bed all day? The guy is too lazy to actually compete in the game and keep himself clean. Ewwww….

Dan's Mist

I agree with you 100%!

The reason I can’t watch the feeds for long periods of time is because watching Amanda grosses me out to the point of physical illness. Watching her eat in bed, put the dirty dish on the night stand, lay in her crumbs, then get up get more food, eat it in bed, and put ANOTHER dish on the nightstand. And then when the camera zooms in on them, you can actually see stuff in their hair. It’s disgusting. I feel like I can smell them through the screen.


I love how McCrae called his queen a “meat shield” and she didn’t say a word.


I hope Elisa, Judd and GM see through this BS so that Andy still goes up


Ugh–crossing my fingers and hoping the rat will be exterminated!


Please put Andy up.

My Adderall Finally Works

I’m really liking Elissa more and more. She’s finally out from under Helen’s shadow


Glad Elissa has the brains to against Amanda’s gameplay. It’s exposing all the lies and finally throwing rats under the bus.

rs wilson

not that I care for Amanda but you don’t get it either elissa did in the end what Amanda wanted forget what was said its a con

Beg to Differ

Aaryn going is a good thing. Yes Amanda wants Aaryn to go, but not right now. She wanted to get rid of Gina first then get rid of Aaryn. Aaryn was never going to work with Elissa no matter what happened. Even if they got rid of Amanda, Aaryn was already trying to ally with Spencer and Andy to go after Elissa. If Aaryn stays she is just going to keep doing the bidding of Amanda. So getting rid of Aaryn whose a tough competitor is a very good thing. No matter who went this week, Elissa was still going to have at least 3 people targeting her. Just the name and faces changes depending on whose evicted, but she’s the target for at least 3 people next week.

The whole point of getting rid of Amanda this week was to give the others a chance to win this game. However, the rest of the house guests are just so happy to still be in the game and willingly do Amanda/McCrae’s bidding.


I am so glad Elissa is standing her ground. I don’t think I even want her to win, but it is nice to finally see someone change the tone of the house away from its heretofore mob mentality.


I really hope Elissa calls AMANDUH’s bluff and puts rat boy on the block. I loved the conversation:

E – I Cannot believe you trusted them .. you are smart guy
E – I don’t even know if you are faking it
A – i’m not faking anything.. Amanda just told me i’m going home
E – Maybe she told you so you would come back to tell me.. it’s not possible you would go home you are their second puppet next to aaryn .. they are so disgusting
A – oh my god I am such a idiot
E -yup

Classic!!!! Hopefully Andy is on the block….That would make my day :)

One Large McPizza with Onion Tw@t Topping

This is such a clusterfu*k. I’m getting a headache trying to follow this mess. It looked so promising when Elissa won HOH. Now it’s a 5 car crash. And I still can’t look away.


I have a VERY strong feeling that Andy is going to win this game. Him or Mcrae. They need to get him out this week…..

rs wilson

Amanda has no intention of savig aaryn is elissa an idiot elissa is doing just what Amanda wants and elissa thinks shes throwing her weight around good lord


Amanda seem to be trying to keep Aaryn actually. By attempting to convince Ellissa that if Andy goes up he will go home over Aaryn, in the hopes that then Ellissa will decide to put someone else up who is more likely to stay over Aaryn. If she succeeds and Elissa chooses to not put Andy up and puts up anyone else they will simply vote THAT person out, in turn leaving Aaryn AND Andy in the house and their alliance in tact. HOPEFULLY and seemingly Ellissa is not and will not fall for it. She already suspects that Andy is just acting this way because they told him to so he could pass it along……

“E – I don’t even know if you are faking it
A – i’m not faking anything.. Amanda just told me i’m going home
E – Maybe she told you so you would come back to tell me.. it’s not possible you would go home you are their second puppet next to aaryn .. they are so disgusting”

So, here is hoping she calls her bluff and puts Andy up regardless!


What Amanda doesn’t get is that Elissa is not putting up either Judd or GM. That only leaves Spencer and McCrae and Andy will keep him over Aaryn so Elissa will still get Aaryn out and and Amanda will still lose her.

Elissa for the Win

She can’t put up McPussy if Damanda uses the veto to save him. All she has left are Spencer, Judd, Andy and GM. She won’t put up Judd or GM or Spencer, regardless of who they say they would vote out. So that just leaves Andy and she already knows that Andy is a rat and is working for McPussy/Damanda and Andy will back stab her next week if he stays. Better to put Andy up as a replacement nom and watch the 3AM alliance tear each other apart.


When did BB turn into a soap opera? Elissa is alot smarter than those monsters are giving her credit for. Putting up Ms. Andy and Aaryn hurts Amanda and McCrae. I am sure Elissa knows that and she is doing what is best for her game. Andy screwed himself by alligning himself with the two people in the house who have one 2 comps between the 2 of them. So so sad. I LOVE IT!!! Bye bye Aaryn. If you were not so good at comps, maybe they would keep you Aaryn.




Amanda is an entitled bully!! It’s her way or no way. Elissa needs to get GM and Aaryn in the same room and confront the both of them, to see who defends their lies. Maybe even include Amanda in the group talk.


Production will ask Elissa questions so she can realize that Amanda is lying……….

Hang Tough

Wow! Elissa you are under a lot of pressure. Dementia thinks if she thought of it, it must be pure gold idea. So Dementia is trying to sell you that she wants Aaryn out and you saw right through it. However, with that fake cry of Andy’s in the HOH room, I wouldn’t care if he got evicted over Aaryn. Andy thinks his fake friendship with you is still on. You need Aaryn out in order to ensure she works with you, but Andy is so two-faced.


Shit! We have another ginger rat! I think it’s time to up the ginger prevent again!!! That razorback is another weasel.


Elissa’s social game sucks. She tells Aaryn she didn’t earn any of her HOH’s, and tells Amanda she’s stupid, when Elissa’s the stupid one for not putting up Amanda AND McCrae. She’ll be gone next week, and Judd will be gone the week after


Do yoou live under a rock??? Everyone was going to get out Elissa anyways regardless…..she has called Amanda and Meas out which puts a target on ALL of 3 am plus GM and JUDD are more likely to get out Amanda/MCrae!!!! She may go home soon…..but she’s opened MANY eyes and made it 10 times more exciting…..if its anything……Elissa may have SAVED the season from Amanda!


Why is there two people named Name on this site????


I hope Elissa takes out one of the members of 3am. Glad Judd is back- love his humor

Dan Fan

1:35pm – 1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and Elissa are talking. Elissa says this is the worst possible situation ever! I hate her she is the grossest person ever! Now I am going to go home next week. Elissa starts crying.


just LOVED the whole conversation with Elissa and Demanda!

You go girl (Elissa)!!!! Tell that evil, bully, vile and disgusting witch(demanda)! :D

Loved itttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Thank you Simon/Dawg for the posts and updates! You guys are awesome :)

Jim 64

Please get out. RAT BOY
Come on. Elissa put up Andy


I hate this. They gave us hope only to have it ruined in the least likely possible outcome. So annoying. I have do distance myself from this game, it is turning into an obsession, I have to stop it now. I freaking like Elissa and Judd too much for my own good and I HATE DEMANDA with all my heart

If, and only if, Elissa puts up Andy and he goes out and if, and only if, Judd wins HoH next week, I can make peace with the game again. Up until then it will be horrible.


I would have no problem watching Andy being evicted next week. I can’t think of anyone who likes a rat..


elissa said andy you are their second puppet next to aaryn spot on ,,, classic roflmao


I damn near fell over in laughter reading that lmao! I love this chick!


I’m so confused!!!


Here is Amanda trying reverse on Elissa. Well put Andy up and he’s going home. I want Aaryn to stay anyway.

Elissa cool either one can go home..

That’s probably the dumbest move ever. To say your going to evict someone if they go up on the block!!!


No its not, she is calling brenchel-drone’s bluff. Amanda knows Elissa’s target is now Aaryn. And she is telling her the only way I will boot out Aaryn for you is if you put up gm.


Damn. Just reading Elissa’s words sends shivers through my spine.

Amanda…when she goes evil, she yells and bullies. I could deal with that.

Elissa, on the other hand, goes evil with a smile on her face. Like Lucifer or some sh*t.


LOL….and I love it!


I know they both are evil bitches, but anyone who can laugh in your face while you’re crying? That’s straight up demonic shit.


lol i will


Lol. I can just hear/see Elissa saying all that in “Classic Elissa Style,” with her high class ass attitude like she’s the shit and better than everyone, talking down to Amanda the gross, disgusting b!tch.


it is so funny, GM and Amanda are so much alike. both are slutty talking whores with bad bad bad mouths.


Not only is Elissa impressive at giving back-handed compliments (which i personally LOVE), she is also so good at tearing people apart in a conversation without using a single swear word or degrading terms. The best part about Elissa calling Amanda stupid is her saying it in a calm yoga voice.


Three blind mice, see how they panic, on who’s going up on the block! Andy is king of ratville, rule #1 if someone says don’t tell anyone that usually means DON’T tell anyone! And he has the audacity to be shocked? Seriously? If you snitch ALL the time, of course it catches up to you. DUH! Then there is the ever so awful Amanda, someone needs to seriously put that horrible woman in her place. She’s like the king of bullies! People like her don’t deserve prizes, and if she wins this, it so freaking RIGGED!!!!!!! Then there is Aaryn, she says Jessie was a flip flopper, um isn’t she doing the same thing with Elyssa and Amanda? Then there is Mcrae, the due has NO SPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has no voice, he’s a puppet!!!!! Gina Marie woke up and Elyssa woke her up, Judd wised up and is working with Elyssa. I want to see Judd, Elyssa and Gina Marie as the final three and duke it out. Kick out everyone else and see where those last three land. As for Spencer, dude is a hollow reed. Everything that comes out of him is a walking contradiction. We need more HOH’s like a Elyssa where you don’t fear Amanda’s bullying and do what is best for your own game not her evil wickedness!

Amanda looks like "Big Ang"

McCrae has to ask Amanda aka Onion Twat Ball and chains, can he use his penis to go pee, she has that thing lockdown. What a girly man


I cant take the onion smell anymore, I want McPizza Sauce to take my place, please, please, please, just let me pull a Clownie and leave this Earth peacefully!


I would find it funny when E puts up Andy and says in front of everyone that Amanda has the votes to get you out, lets see if she’s telling the truth. Put Amanda on the spot and then have to vote out someone she controls.


Am I the only one who had a hard time keeping up with this?


demanda is doing anything she can to get elissa to put up anyone but the rat bastard andy. she’s trying to guild elissa into thinking her friend will go home and aaryn will stay.

i’d like to think elissa isnt falling for it and knows it dont matter which one goes as long as any 1 of the 2 puppets (andy/aaryn) leaves.

what i dont get is spencer playing along for demanda. why would he do that? if they can convince elissa not to put up the rat bastard andy, spencer would be a prime candidate to be nominated. why would he play along with that? i mean other than being an idiot sheep who can’t think for themselves.

anyway, to summarize, demanda is trying to trick elissa to put up anyone other than andy so she can keep both of her puppets.


Thank you! Took me a few minutes to sort out what they were trying to do. Given all the alliances, all the deals, and all the lies, I couldn’t quite keep up with just dialogue.

Good recap. :)


Breathe in. Breathe out. Better?


Cute. :)

cotton c-Andy-a$$

Pass the rat some more Kleenex…sorry, but when you f*** everyone over, don’t be so shocked when you end up getting it. Karma is a bi***, but, hot damn!


Spencer is such a POS. He is nothing but toe jam to Mcnasty and he has the chance to further his game by helping to vote out Andy.. who, FYI, would cry after stabbing him in the back! and go with an alliance of Judd, GM and Elissa who would put him above Andy and Aaryn. What a dumb nose picking, public ball scratching PUTZ!! Hope the waste of space gets the boot soon.


Amanda really would like to keep Aaryn over GM. She is just in case putting on a show of support to save Aaryn for her vote. Aaryn said an important thing if you loyal to me you have my vote. So Amanda is trying to get anyone othe then Andy up to look supportive to both of them.
Elissa just need to remember only what comes out of Amanda mouth is a lie! So when she say put Andy up I will vote him out. It’s a Lie. Even if it not she Elissa wins. She knows Andy is with them don’t try to save him now just like she know Helen was with them


Oh Snap the rat is crying again, I think he(Andy) knows… ;P

Loved the chat with Crazy and the Skank…. WAR is declared, AG is fronting this battle of dimwits. WHo will win this war Amanda or Elissa? Trick question, they both will lose, McMusty is the winner.

nicks hideout

So….Amanda wants credit for whoever gets evicted on Elissa’s watch.

Skidd Marks aka Jack Schitt

Andy is crying like a little beyatch…Amanda nervous as a hooker in church….GM about to go straight psycho and stab everyone in their sleep…finally some entertainment…


I think Dan and Ian from last year have stopped watching. They haven’t posted anything on Twitter lately. Probably don’t want to be associated with such crap.


Maybe they got bored? This isn’t exactly the most entertaining season. BB Alumni are having to force themselves to watch like we do… I haven’t seen one that’s enjoying it.


gm and amanda — sisters from hell


Look at that picture of Amanda–she’s so butch.


“That’s a MAN, Baby” – Austin Powers


From a season 1 viewer till now and loyal watcher and fan of this “human chess game” of BB … I don’t understand the hatred for Amanda when she’s played the game from day one. Yes, she’s abrasive, etc., but, I still have to her credit for her game of moving her pawns all around the BB game. I realize that Elissa has a lot of Brenchel fans – but, there’s a dark, mean side to her that really comes out on the feeds and doesn’t make it to TV – which I think many are missing. She is a wealthy woman and who has an air of entitlement about her, making it difficult for me to root for her, when I feel she has a fake smile and cold heart. I guess I’d love to see Judd, who resurrected himself back into the game take it all – and knowing that kind of money would change his whole family’s life forever. You can tell by the letter his parents wrote (on the feeds the whole letter was read and not edited) that he’s a great guy, kind person and has a lot of friends – which speaks volumes about him.
Judd & Amanda would be a great final two – the jury would have lots to ponder!


Appears Elissa is the only one who doesnt fall for the skinny fat bullying


Classic case of HOHitis setting in. Elissa is destroying what little game she ever had.


Wait,What? Elissa had game? You bullshittin’?? When did this happen?

This whole Aaryn/ McCrae on the block thing was Helen’s idea, in her mind, she was still on that “This isn’t the time to after Amanda, next week” BS, and fed Elissa that info and she ran with it and fell on her fake face. Elissa, never made a decision on her own.


How is Elissa not playing her own game?? You keep criticizing her nominations as being Helen’s choices, but WHO ELSE WOULD ELISSA HAVE PUT UP!?! Spencer and Judd?? GM and Andy?! That would not have been a game move in the least bit and would have been a waste of her HOH. Elissa targeted BIG PLAYERS, so I’m very confused on how she is not playing the game.