Alex “I think everyone will vote for Paul. He has that jury stacked. I am okay with going to the final 3 with you and Paul.”

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9:05pm Backyard –
Paul – all I know is that the last season of Big Brother was the longest season and it went on for 99 days and I know they’re not doing the same thing this year. Jason – all I know is that the survivor premiere would be on September 25th but that’s a Monday and that doesn’t make sense. Mark – It wouldn’t be on a Monday. Kevin – September 28th? Paul – that’s what you read that the Survivor premiere was on September 28th? Then it must end the week before. Mark – I think they’re going to tempt you with something later on in the season and if someone takes it, then someone from the jury will come back. Jason – they said there was no one else coming back. Paul – that doesn’t make sense. There’s no time. Mark – America could vote someone in. Paul – that (the double eviction) would put us on track right now. Mark – wow, okay never mind. Christmas – there definitely had to be a plan B if Jessica used the Hex and if she didn’t use it. She used it but it pushed everything back a week. Paul – but Megan also quit. Technically we’re even. Last year the finale was on the 22nd and my big brother experience tells me that there will be another double eviction and that would get us on track for the finale to be on the 21st. Started a little bit later this year and ends a little bit earlier. Matt – when was the last buy back last year? Victor came back after? Paul – 8 to 7 I believe… no 7 – 6. Jason – They asked me what I would do if I won. I said I would make a down payment on a helicopter. I paid bills my whole life, the last thing I am going to do is pay bills. The other house guests ask him really?! Jason – no, I just said that I would pay my bills. They asked me if I would physically harm someone? I was like don’t you get ejected for that sh*t. Mark – they asked me the same thing what would you do if someone was yelling at you banging pots and pans. Paul – shut the f**k up. Mark – they were talking about Dick. I was like I’m big enough to walk away and they were like are you sure you wouldn’t react? I’m sure. Josh – homie (the interviewer) was trying to get me to fight during the interview. Big Brother – Josh!

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9:30pm HOH room. Raven and Matt.
Raven – if ever we needed to win HOH it would be this week. Matt agrees. Raven – Mark was campaigning in the hot tub. When I got it Mark said to Josh, thanks for listening to me or something like that. Matt – it really doesn’t matter. Raven – yeah we all know where Josh is voting. Matt – I can’t see Alex voting to keep Mark. Raven – crazier things have happened in this game. Matt – absolutely. If they want to go ahead and draw the line then have at it. Raven – my anxiety is high. Matt – I can tell. Do you think there will be another double? Matt – yeah. Raven – f**k. Matt – we’re at the point where we need to win, there is no point in worrying about it. There is going to be strategy but one of the five of us just got to win. One of the five of us win, we will make it to the final five. Its as simple as that. IF we don’t then all five of us won’t make it. And the pecking order is probably Paul, me, you and Josh, Christmas. (LOL) Why not take Christmas? Jason and Alex aren’t stupid. They ahve make some reckless moves in this game. Like when Alex won the veto instead of Jason. Like do you not talk? Raven – true. Matt – Kevin has showed no competitiveness at all. If somehow we don’t win this week and we are somehow able to Kevin up there and get him out .. then we’re in the best position of all time because then whichever one won HOH can’t compete next week and then its 5 vs 1. Raven – yeah. Matt – but I would rather not risk it. Raven – me neither. Christmas joins them. Mark threw everyone of them under the bus. Matt – if you get a chance do me a favor and let Alex know what he said. Christmas – oh I did. I let her know that she was her number one. The longer I hold on to that information the more that it could hurt me.

9:55pm HOH room. Paul, Matt and Raven.
Paul joins them. Matt – we’re in win or go home mode right now. If we don’t win there is a good chance one of us goes. Paul – at least they are going to take a shot at you (Matt) or me. Matt – if I was anyone in this game my mindset is this competition goes through you. Paul – what do you mean? Matt – you’re the vet, you have the most experience.. like someone is going to have to beat you to win this game. IF I was anyone in this house that is how I would think. Paul – what do you mean? I think if someone pulls me to the end, they’re beating me. Personally, I would say so. Matt – do you think so? Paul – f**k yeah, look at our jury. All someone has to say is – he’s played before, I haven’t. Matt – I hope you’re right because I don’t want anyone to take a shot at you. Paul – that’s not just me saying that. I came to terms with me losing again. Matt – no one in the jury will every see everything that you’ve done. Like you guys have basically orchestrated everything. Paul – but they won’t see that. Matt – I know. Matt and Raven leave the HOH room. Paul says to the camera – MANNNNN… SHUT THE F**k UP!

10:10am Matt update = Matt – I’m ready for bed .. and then I’ll get up at 2 for some cereal.

10:15pm HOH room. Paul and Christmas.
Paul – Matt and Raven kind of said something weird to me. Matt was like if they win they will probably put Kevin and me (Paul) up. And if I was thinking like one of them to win this game they would have to beat you. And I was like the F**K HOMIE what did you just say!? Christmas – please don’t take this wrong but they’re easy to beat. So if Alex is thinking strategically we have to protect you. Paul – like do you think she has been hinting at something like that? Christmas – who Raven? Paul – Alex. Christmas – I don’t think she would hint that to me. I’m pretty sure Mark has been campaigning in there. If Alex was his number one target to campaign to me, then his biggest target with her would be you. He is probably trying to get the votes like with Josh. Paul – I am just asking do you trust Matt and Raven. Like are we jumping on the wrong side? Christmas – I think Matt’s purpose is to get Raven as far as possible. Alex and Jason together are a more powerful couple. I know that Alex and Jason are going to play as many angles as they can. Paul – should I just gun it for this next HOH? Christmas – if you go up.. f**K… I had a moment in the room where I was like maybe we should have just put Alex up. Paul – no. Christmas – I don’t want to second guess myself. Paul – I don’t think we F**ked up. Christmas – I am scared that Matt might have planted that seed to get you to gun for it so that he doesn’t have to f**king gun for it. Paul – but he is also saying he wants it. He said if it is down to you and me, I want it. Christmas – he still does not have fire for it. How do you feel with Alex recently? Paul – I feel alright. Christmas – I was chatting with her a few days ago and she was saying we need to get them (Matt & Raven) out but I don’t know if they’re thinking that’s the best move strategically. Paul – we have to get Mark out this week. Christmas – yeah that is done, we’re looking at next week. Christmas – Alex and Jason have played a shaddy f**king game.

11pm Bedroom – Alex, Jason, Mark, Kevin and Josh chatting about random things. Meanwhile – Matt and Raven are in bed together. Paul comes in to talk to them. Paul – you 100% don’t care about taking the shot and drawing that line? Matt – not at all. Paul – because I don’t either. Matt – if were going to send Jason home, I want Raven to be able to maintain her relationship with Alex. So that is why I don’t want her to have to do it. If she has to then fine but I am just saying if we have a choice. Paul – we can sell the whole Jason was getting paranoid … the whole rat thing. We can make up bullsh*t. Matt – absolutely. Paul – I am comfortable with you, me, Raven or Josh getting it. I don’t know what Kevin would do. He keeps saying weird sh*t about you and Alex. I feel like he wants to get rid of you to keep Mark. We’ll talk tomorrow. Paul leaves the room. Raven – what did you do to Kevin? Matt – I think just because I don’t suck up to him. Raven – neither does Alex.

11:08pm Bedroom – Kevin talks about his gambling. I was gambling since I was 14. He talks about how he lost $63,000 on one weekend betting on football and pros. Mark – did you stop gambling after that? Kevin – f**k no. I stopped for 3 years. I paid him 35K cash and owed 25k… I paid him 2K a month for 2 years. Jpsh – holy sh*t! Kevin – I gave him 35K cash in a bag and my friend .. we lost 109K … my friend paid his up front. We gave him 89K cash in a bag. Mark – how long ago was that? Kevin – 1999 but I caught a couple cases then too.. I was in and out of court. Alex – for what? Kevin – close to the same thing. Mark – f**king ridiculous!

11:20pm HOH room. Paul and Christmas.
Christmas – Kevin just popped in here .. how things going, how things going? Paul – f**k Kevin. I just talked to Matt and Raven and they were 100% banging. 100% BANGING! (They weren’t) I just went in there and turned the light on. Matt’s shirt was upside down, her makeup was smeared and she was putting her shirt on under the covers. Christmas – oh my god! Paul – and then he went to the bathroom. Christmas – Zingbot was f**king.. This house gets more a$$. Paul – so I said Matt why do you not want Raven to win HOH? He was like I don’t want her to take a shot if she doesn’t have to because I want her to maintain friends with Alex. He thinks Alex and Raven have a good friendship which clearly we know is horse sh*t. he said if I win HOH and take that shot at least I will be that target. He was like I honestly think you can take Raven further than I can. Christmas – that has been his constant mantra this entire game. Paul – what I think we should do tomorrow.. when you talk to Matt and Raven about the plan who should win me, Matt, Raven whatever.. you hit that angle with them. I will have the same conversation with Alex and say that they need to take a shot at Raven. And tell her that Kevin is wanting to take a shot at her. When I had a conversation with Alex she said the order should be Matt, Kevin, Raven. Paul – but if it really comes down to it I think it should be Matt, Jason, Kevin.

11:30pm Christmas listening to her HOH music..

11:50pm Bedroom. Alex and Jason.
Alex – the motherf**ker he basically wants to get us out. Get me out first. Jason – he’s a f**king idiot, why would he say that? Alex – because he told Paul if he doesn’t act now he won’t be able to get me out later. Jason – how could he do that anyway? Alex – he wants Paul to take me out and then you out. Jason – what a f**king idiot. Alex – he asked Christmas to get Matt out today and keep Mark. That motherf**ker is insane. He sleeps all the time. I hear him snoring. Right now he is going to go outside and talk to Paul and convince him to get rid of me. Jason – Paul will tell us all about it. Alex – I mean yeah I would love to take Matt out but Mark is too dangerous right now. Sine we’re on his radar, I think he would come for me and you and backdoor one of us. Alex – we have to make it very clear that we don’t want to work with Matt and Raven. Mark, Matt, Kevin, Raven. (Order of eviction that Alex wants) We have to be careful of Matt and Raven because they will vote as a team. I think Matt will vote fairly. I think everyone will vote for Paul. He has that jury stacked. I am okay with going to the final 3 with you and Paul. I think of all of us, us three deserve it.

Everyone else hasn’t done jack! We’re not going to sh*t the bed because our word and our characters will be sh*t. We will stick by him (paul) because we promised. Jason – we also promised Kevin. Alex – no we did not. Once a deal is broken and he broke it first we’re done. He already broke it multiple times. Paul hasn’t f**ked us once. That I know of. Jason – I don’t think he will. Alex – I don’t think he will either. He has to uphold his whole fan base. Everyone in this game doesn’t have a backbone. Everyone in here is just a vote. We’re willing to pull the trigger. We have to pull the trigger first because they will try and take us out. Forget Kevin, he is actively trying to get you out. We’re going to out him about the Jillian and Christmas vote. Jason – he is going to lie. Alex – he will have to lie to one of us. He is close to his tipping point, we just have to push him over. We’re not going to let this old man cash in on 500K! We just need to push him to his limit and make him crack. Wait I thought you said you voted for Christmas but you said you voted for me?! What is it!? Me or you have to win on Thursday.

12:15am Backyard. Alex and Paul.
Paul – no one on this planet is aware of AMF. No one, when I talk to Christmas, when I talk to Josh. Same with Matt and Raven. Matt thinks you and Raven are like best friends. Alex – I’m not even sure why. Paul – I’ve been pumping Kevin to them so that they don’t do some stupid sh*t so that in the off chance that they do win. Kevin is going up. I don’t think that they (Matt & Raven) would ever f**k with you and I. I think, they think their security blanket to get to the end is you and I. Should you and I gun for this next HOH. Alex – it might not be a question, we might have to. Paul – you don’t think Christmas would do anything stupid do you. Alex – no. Paul – who is your optimal four? Obviously, me, you and Dent (Jason). Who’s your fourth? Alex – Josh. Paul – pecking order. No body knows what we have going on. Alex – not even them (Production) Paul – we have been cleaning house. Like the drug lords. If Christmas or Josh win I can make sure they don’t do any crazy sh*T. And you can make sure Jason doesn’t. Paul – so pecking order Matt, Kevin, Raven, Christmas is that what it is? Alex – yeah. Paul – at first I thought it would be funny to have Kevin blow up but now I think we shouldn’t in case we need him. We just need to keep making sure everyone else notices his bullsh*t so no one believes him. Alex – I think we need to get Christmas out. Paul – yeah. Do you think you can beat Jason in the final 2. Alex – perhaps. Paul – I think you can. Alex – I think I might be able to but those girls are salty.

12:55am HOH room. Paul tells Christmas about his conversation with Alex and how she wants Matt, Kevin Raven out next.

1:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

1:55am Matt game update..

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Its as if these people signed a disclaimer that stipulated, “If I am on BB I agree to let Paul win and receive the remaining monies allowed.”


I really love Paul’s mist!!! Feels so good!!! Can’t wait for him to win that $500g and take me on our honeymoon!!!


Kissing cousins, hmmmmmmm


The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. As Paul might say, “I could walk out on Times Square and kill somebody, and these people would still support me.”


Worked for hussain obama, no?


I’m afraid my brain cells are starting to revolt…they see these guys and figure if these morons get paid to be on TV why should they put in any effort.


May they did?

Terik Ororke

Alex has proven her stupidity …by the time it is over, Paul cannot win. Those on the jury will see to that.


They’re gonna vote who played the best game out of 16 people & that’s clearly Paul, even Cody said he would vote for Paul. Paul’s Minions will vote for him. Mark will vote for him. Elena might too. So who’s these people not gonna vote for Paul to win?


And any houseguest is willing to go to final 3 and maybe final 2 with anybody else plus Paul.. so really he has a better than 1 in 3 chance of winning from a long time ago when the majoroty started kissing his a$$.

Wonder if anyone grows a brain and balls anytime soon.


the person sitting next to Paul in final 2 would vote for Paul


Holy shit that’s funny !!!……..and sadly true


That’s funny


Ask Dan all about it! Your such a Paul troll and don’t know the game it’s laughable.
Paul strategy is to “ping pong’ between the pairs Good strategy on the surface. Dan was similar enough eventually ending F2 with wee Ian.
He has 3 pairs plus Kevin. He eventually gets found out in jury as they compare facts. Paul has deals with all 3. Alex/Jason ha has targeting Maven and vice versa. His ride and die F3 likely is Josh/Xmas. Though Raven could still replace Josh. Lets say all 3 pairs end up in jury with at least 1 HG. They compare F5 and F3 deals “your boy” has a big problem. And remember Kev thinks he’s in a final 4 with Jason and Alex plus Paul.
All these points lead to one glaring possibility. it’s called “bitter jury”! As a none fan you may not of herd of this. Dan was easily the best player during coaches. Won unanimously in his previous season. The term mist came from his play that season. Paul has the mist hard this season. Dan lost by a vote because he forgot to count jury votes and how bitter the HG’s were.
This is the same thing that could cause a Paul loss. They compare notes and realize Paul is a complete douche bag. Best game this season easily. But the back half is heavy lifting. Blood will flow and the jury will know. Paul sit’s by Xmas or Josh he still wins IMO at this time any way. God fore bid Raven, the grafter, gets 500K. Jason or Alex make the end they could actually win. That’s why Paul wants Maven in his top 5.
Paul still has to navigate F4 and F5 on numbers but he can turn on comps like he did last season. Hasn’t needed them yet. Paul takes a shot and gets Jason next. Maybe Alex works her way F4 and wins POV and sends Paul to jury. Just one possible out come this season. Best player does not always win BB!!!.


Your right ! These idiots aren’t playing to win at all !! It’s all about positioning themselves to make final three with Paul !! Sickening to watch


Yup 15 signitures. They all did or didn’t do something to push Paul further. Damned to the fridge AG…. lol


Paul promised his people he would get them to jury and they were all happy about that. Now he’s using them to win and they don’t have a clue.


Booooorrrrriiiinnngggg! If you can have a house guest get to the end by just sleeping, banging and eating all day, everyday… there is obviously something wrong with this show. Dammit production, stir the pot already. Get these losers to start playing the game!


Sadly with the new temptation it won’t help. Someone could put the bounty on Paul and they still wouldn’t vote him out. Paul must have mesmerizing eyes because I still can’t figure out why they are keeping him and saying he has the votes!


Alls BB is doing is (a) handing Paul the win, with advantage after advantage (I still count week one as a nom, so Paul you have been nom once) And just for the record, Kevin has not been on the block once either, and he did it with no advantages (just sayin) and (b) feeding Pauls ego day after day! This mans head has grown to the point that I baffles me how he can sustain the weight on that tiny body! He may have even surpassed Dr. Will and his ego (could be a very close second) But at least Dr. Will was comical and laughed at himself, whereas I truly think Paul believes his on hype! BB outdid themselves this year with this cast, they could have hired a bunch of monkeys for the same result, and saved money in the process! SMH


These people spawned off the movie “The Hills have Eyes”
Rejects with no brains.


“Raven – crazier things have happened in this game” … nothing crazy has happened this season …


“Paul – we can sell the whole Jason was getting paranoid … the whole rat thing. We can make up bullsh*t.” he is admitting that he makes s*it up !!! why cant anyone in the house catch onto this


Yes, you’re right about one thing Alex, NO ONE has done jack….. Including YOU! Lol. The only thing these people (except Mark) have been doing is trying to sheild Paul. I have no idea what I’m watching anymore *smh


What it boils down to is they are playing a cross between and adult version of follow the leader, and Pauls version of simon says, with little bi of red rover mixed in! (if true than Simon please tell them to make it stop) lol


these people are beyond stupid, it’s sad to watch. at this point Paul should win, not that I like him but honestly these players suck! Who takes the vet to the end? in what universe BB players want to protect the vet? I love BB but this season has given me an ulcer!


Agree. As boring and painful as it is to watch, Paul definitely wins by default b/c these people are morons.


Technically I would say Shelly from BB13 she was protecting JJ, & by way of DR manipulation she protected Rachel, when she had the house ready to vote her out, then she came out the DR & flipped the house..


No Kidding, most of them have watched Paul’s season, who took a Vet to the end, and look how that turned out? But Man, when you watch the feeds and listen to him, you have to admit, like him or not, he’s really good at manipulating them all, just unfortunate to not have anyone playing back.


What ??? Alex says she’s ok with taking Paul and letting him win !!! What has happened to my favorite summer guilty pleasure ? These people are idiots. I would fight tooth and nail for the money


I know! I understand saying it to his face, but these people are saying it when he is not around!!!

Cry me a river Raven

My favorites to win for a while now have been Kevin & Jason. BUT at this point I want anyone but Paul and Raven to win! The person who wipes out Paul should be the automatic winner LOL

Raven's horse hair

If Raven wins it would be a travesty and also an embarrassment to all horses out there!!!!


As much as I dislike Paul (and I do a lot!!) he’s the only one who legitimately wants to win this game! Everyone else would be happy with a participation medal. I’m hoping for some excitement in the next few weeks but I’m not holding my breath!

SMH in the hot south

Because they are brain dead snowflakes


Why don’t they hand the $500k over to Paul, go home try to salvage what’s left of summer. I think I’m done watching these “big moves”! Lol

I miss BB when it was good

Why is everyone fine with playing for 2nd place? I just don’t get it.


Because their hero is a second place finisher from last year. They’re just striving to be like the one they idolize


Cody didn’t like Paul he said in his interview so him trying to take Paul was “personal” NOT “game”… Jessica never played the game she fell in love so her decisions was personal NOT game.

Marlena was never going to do shxt..

No the.only person playing the game is Paul, Alex & maybe Jason, but they’re Paul’s Minions so their game is Paul’s…. Paul just won 500k to make up for getting screwed last season…


How are Alex and Jason playing the game They are doing everything Paul tells them And neither one of them are in Pauls final 3


Yeah. He got second place to a Vet floating along sleeping and eating her way to $500k in a shomance, and, also adored by these morons! Victor should have won last year! This year, who cares?!?

Jimmy 64

I have never seen so many people in this game follow one guy around and he didn’t
even win . The people who are in the jury right now are the people who played their
own game . Everyone else is playing Paul’s game . They are all going to feel like idiots
when they see how much Paul has played them.


Who in jury played their own game? Not Cody, Not Elena, Not Mark. Cody played with his emotions the entire time, no “game” whatsoever. Elena & Mark were Paul’s Minions but because they “talked” to Jody they were targeted.


Elena did not play her own game. She was riding Pauls and Marks coattails.


The Matt game updates are hilarious




How can both Alex & Matt have Paul’s number & still be so stupid to tell him?????

These people are dumber than a bag of hair!!!!!


Jason come on tell Alex to kick rocks bro for a gamer she is dumb as shit I get going with Jason because you can say he played my game blah blah but Paul will basically own everything you did as his. Alex the Gamer should see Mark and Kevin as allies this is crazy the twist if the season had so much potential ruined by a vet. Please 1 time no returning players or do all returning players idc just bring in real ppl not talent


Really Imagine…the look on their faces and “SHOCK ‘N AWE”

—that would make this whole Paul ‘RUINED/runned season worth it to me!
and if they list all Cody’s Service Medals on the screen in front of them on stage!!!


Hey guys, Paul will get all the votes in Jury, so I’m good going final 3 with him. Say what?!?! I have to say these people have truely topped as the most idiotic house guest ever. Usually it’s only a couple, nope not this year. Wow, just wow!

The Foosa

What I have learned in life early on is that stupidity is truly limitless…and it’s going full Monty this year in the bb house. Breathtaking to witness.

Anti Paul Puppet

Cody – I hate them all.

Me too Cody, me too!

Cody for AFP


Paul promised his people he would get them to jury and they were all happy about that. Now he’s using them to win and they don’t have a clue.


Maybe the deal was I get you to jury and you get me the $500K…because that is what it looks like to me.


At least Cody played to win. Everyone else played for jury and Paul to win.


I liked Cody but just because he wasn’t one of Pauls minions doesn’t mean he played to win. He spent most of his time isolated with Jess making it easy for Paul to unite house against him.. We all loved that he was the only one not drinking Pauls Koolaid but he did very little gameplay and he told Jessica to leave Ramses on the block which was the worst move they could of made


Cody was playing the game. He knew Paul was the one to get out of the house but
Paul was given safety (3 weeks, I can see 1 week but 3?). He tried to open Jason and Alex eyes
and get them to team up with him but they were to blind to even consider it. Yes Cody and Jessica were together all the time but according to Paul that’s not game play but Matt and Raven isolate themselves a lot also but that’s ok because Paul controlls them.


Yes talking to Alex and Jason was great gameplay but where was that between week one and two days before being evicted. You can’t even compare Matt and Raven to Jody. Matt and Raven are not a threat to anyone. Paul knows he has total control over them.


I said I was not going to watch the CBS shows anymore but I broke down last night and tired to watch the Sunday night show. I ended up only watching about 7 mins of it because of fast forwarding through Christmas and Paul. This is by far the worse season in BB history and I have never said that before. I have been irritated with some of the other seasons but have always watch them to the end. Paul is good at his manipulations but damn that cat grinds on my nerves. It’s like fingers on a chalk board. Is it just me or does it look like he is shrinking? I never realized how tiny he is. He looks like Eddie Munster more and more every day.


yes lol ..and he says cody has little man syndrome!!! L O F’n L


OMG I thought the same thing… I can’t stand looking at him

North Best

I’m with you on that. I used to have the TV tuned to BB right on time now I purposely miss a half hour or the whole show cuz I get so annoyed with the edit on the show making people look like Paul is asking them what they wants to do when he’s already told them all what they want to do, I used to just watch to see the diary rooms but now with Paul and Josh yelling like they’re not wearing a frigging mic it gets on my nerves I spend half my time watching the show yelling at the TV telling them to “shut the f@#k up!” . I love this show and I understand game play but the way these people have played is so idiotic I hope everyone other than Mark or Kevin get booed by the audience when they walk out.


Will people actually pay money to speak with these losers at a Meet and Greet? SAD.


Welcome to this season of Zombie Big Brother!

Watch as Zombie master Paul commands his zombie herd!

Watch as Zombie master Paul battles anti-zombies Jessica and Cody!


***CODY 4 AFP ***
and summon:
too bad: paul, josh, xmas, alex, raven, cereal, jason etc..

This is so wrong

Like I said before the person I want to win is…. who ever gets Paul out. If not Paul will win. That would be disgusting in Jessica’s words.


These people really are dumb. Everyone that is a target is a threat to Paul and he has convinced them (really not hard, all he had to do was say a name and they were one board) to get them out. I don’t think Paul is a great player, but playing with idiots will make you look good. The only thing I’m hoping (which with these people won’t happen) is they are going to cut Paul at 3. But at that point, Paul will actually truly win (or convince them to throw it to him) to pick the final 2.


my facebook comment was deleted along with my comment on here that didnt make it? why? it was regarding cody for afp and bb thanking for his service in finale? what is not worthy enough to be removed? please put back or come finale day i wont press the tip button this year…i know it was deleted the facebook comment

Captain Obvious

LOL, haven’t watched live feeds for about a week now and back to loving life! Never cared about these people and how they all just fall in line. There is absolutely no self awareness in this years cast or production.

To think CBS tries to pull wool over the viewers so blatantly has become laughable and hopefully sinks their own ship. We are all connected via social media and everyone knows the truth, Big Brother should change into a police show, because all CBS does is try to cover up these peoples true personalities. People want truth, not some watered down version of the truth.


They’ve been “pulling the wool” for 9 seasons straight…. I’ll never sink… And nobody will ever “stop watching” as they like yo claim every season when their favorites don’t get handed the game for playing a bad game. That’s what people want for those that played a Bad Game to I America’s Favorite Player?

The Foosa



So you really do have to wonder 1) if everybody really is that stupid 2) if Paul really is that good or 3) CBS has determined Paul should have won last year and decided to give him the 500k this year on a silver platter. I’m thinking the third based on Raven being put there already having a prior relationship with Paul, the advantages he was given at the beginning , and the great edits and air time he has received !! Whichever one it sure has made for a bullshit boring season !!

Give His Wife His Money

I hope Kevin doesn’t gamble away the cash he has accrued from this game. I liked Kevin in the beginning, but talking about how to cheat on your wife without getting caught. Lusting after Xmas. He has little remorse for being a drunk, and gambling away tens of thousands of dollars when you have a wife and 7 kids. I now think he is not just a person who does bad, I think he’s a bad person.


In precious seasons, acknowleding someone will win meant eliminating them asap… Not taking to the final. I wonder if Alex has some deal witb Paul from pre show?

These people

I can’t take any more of the Paul BS. I love how these pepole say Alex and Jason have played a shady game. I don’t think they know the meaning of the word shady. I need someone to yell over the wall while Kevin and Jason are walking alone, smarten them up some. Ahhhhh no more please.

Mike of Madison ave.

This just in………………CBS has just announced, in a joint venture with General Mills,that General Mills will be producing a cereal under the Big Brother brand. The cereal will be called “Matt’s T’s”(instead of “O’s,like Cheerios) the cereal flakes will be shaped like “T’s” (as in T shirts). They will only come in 2 colors,orange or blue. They are not just for breakfast,but can be eaten at any time. Who would have thought that Matt,of all people would be immortalized on a box of cereal! Go Matt,keep scarfing down that cereal!

Ontario ex-fan

There used to be a lot more comments on this site with prior Big Brothers, hardly any now. I think people are fed up with the BS, bullying and Paul favouritism, they have just stopped watching.. I used to go on this site daily to read the updates and comments, I’m done. Sorry Dawg, don’t know how you keep your sanity having to watch the crap going on. Thanks for all you do!!


I can’t stand any of these guinea pigs! This all had to be a set up. Paul looks like the best player ever, you would too if all the players are trying to save you. This is truly the worst season ever. Watching paint dry could be more fun, it could run and veer to the left or the right. WOOHOO!!!


I’m convinced that they found majority players that only wanted to get Instagram/Twiiter Followers this season so Paul could win. They threw in Cody and Mark to at least show someone came to play but knew the majority would take them out. Otherwise, I don’t know how they found these people to play a game that they aren’t playing.


Wait until the Crazy Cuban reenters the real world. Inside the house he thinks he’s playing great and America loves him.

He’ll need to be sedated and put on suicide watch when he finds out the truth.


He’s been pretty low on the ranking all season with a couple blips ups.


So true also Raven thinks everyone loves her inside and outside the house. Actually the whole house thinks we all love them and hate Cody and Jess..just imagine how Raven Matt Xmas And Alex feel when they learn the truth. I would include Paul but he won’t care cause he’ll have the 500 k


Another predictable week and no one stepping up to make big moves. At this point you can probably give the game up and start watching in 3-4 weeks to watch Josh, Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Alex and Jason turn in each other.


No even that is ruined. There are three distinct couples, Maven/Jalex/Jistmas and whoever wins HOH will nominate one couple, the other part of that will be eliminated the week after. Whoever Paul says needs to go will be evicted. Each couple will take Paul will them. Paul may try for HOH only because he will nominate Kevin/Matt. If one gets veto he will replace with Jason. Paul is getting rid of all the guys and I think then Alex. He will keep Christmas, Paul and Raven. Cutting Raven fourth then it will be Josh and Christmas. I think he really wants to go to F2 with Josh because no one can stand him. Completely predictable. Plus it doesn’t really matter much any couple takes Paul with them. UGH~!!!!!!!!


Paul is purposely throwing the hoh’s he can control whoever wins them and gets them to do his dirty work. Thus saving Jury votes and not getting targeted. Josh just told America he got out Cody Jess and Elena…we all know it was Paul


But Paul will need something to say he’s done, his 2 HOH’s were crap. If he gets out Matt or Jason he’ll swear he made the biggest move of the season. He has it all planned out and we’re supposed to be “on the edge of our seats”. Gag. I haven’t dreaded BB this much since McCranda. Sameness thing. Amanda called for the eviction and everyone went with the house.




I was going to vote for Mark for AFP just because I like him. BUT these other house guests truly believe that people like them…. and they’ll have fans. For that simple reason I think i may vote for Cody instead. He played a horrible game, and didn’t attempt to talk to people about staying until the end….. but the house hates him and thinks everyone on the outside does too. I think it’ll be hilarious to see their faces when he wins it. I just hope none of them are in the running for it. That’ll be even funnier.


This cast only cares about being popular. They are more concerned with America liking them than they are with winning. . It will always be like this as long as they keep casting wanna be actors. They all think Paul is insanely popular, so they are all afraid of making Paul’s fans upset. I hope they have good psychologists, they’re going to need them when they get out.

online player

Anonymous, what do you think the producers would do if Christmas is in the final three and Christmas can’t play at all? Cancel the final 3 or have a contest where Christmas can compete?


the first comp is physical, so she would have to forfeit and play the 2nd comp. The 2nd one is usually timed, so maybe they would make it so she wouldn’t have to be on her leg…not sure. 3rd is questions which she could complete. If its her, Paul and Josh finial 3, its going to be boring anyways, so really who cares what they do.


I don’t know what annoys me more – Raven talking trash about how awful someones game is OR Matt only wanting to be on Big Brother to eat 1000 bowls of cereal. What is wrong with these 2????


Can you imagine what Jason’s wife is saying about his game play or what all their love ones are saying? I bet they all are just about to STROKE out watching them protect and shield Paul to a victory.

This is all they are hearing: Let’s ask Paul, What does Paul think?, Get Paul up hear, Paul has our back, We can’t turn on Paul, What does Paul want us to do? Paul said it’s too early, Paul wants us to start a argument, Paul wants me to band pots and pans, Paul wants me to rattle him, Paul wants me to be a pawn, I trust Paul, Paul the best, I love Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul……


don’t forget…got to tell Paul about my conversation with so and so


What started off as a promising season took a drastic turn for the worst. I dont wanna say it but if Paul,Raven, Josh or even Alex end up winning the game, it could possibly take BB16’s place as one of the worst seasons yet. I’m not one to normally hyperbolize or over react but it’s pathetic watching these houseguest’s give up their games to a narcissistic bully. Derrick was no angel and made terrible comments, but i have never seen such an ugly mob mentality of cowards outcasting three people and snapping at them for simply reading the bible or eating cereal. Raven and Alex are starting to make Christine look like Donny, which is saying something.
BBCAN6 can’t come sooner enough.


season 16 was still worse but this one has second place on lock.


I’d say BB16,BB15/BB9 (tie), then BB19

Bored 1216

No — this sucky season is worse

The game

You guys are all wrong your watching greatness if this continue on Paul is the goat !!!! To enter in all by himself as the lone vet and do the things he is doing whether u like or hate him u have to respect the game play Dan mist ?!? It’s about Paul poisonous potion that all these fools have drank except for one person Cody because he’s a hater even Jessica said that she liked paw on her exit interview unreal so she was hit by his charm derrick doesn’t like Paul Bc he is in jeopardy of having him tie his not on the block record instead of hating have respect and admire his game yes he got protected for 3 weeks he needed it though Bc unlike other seasons he is the first vet to come back alone I will say Cody being an idiot helped Paul out a lot but even after they didn’t target him that was awesome game play he should of not made it to jury and the fact that all the remaining members still appear to be protecting him is simply WOW !! I didn’t like Paul last year and wasn’t crazy about him this year but I have to give him credit he is kicking some serious butt !!! If he wins even if he gets thrown on the block once or twice he’s the G.O.A.T. And I’m enjoying this season tremendously even though it’s the PAUL SHOW


Please use more periods next time.


Matt eats so much fucking Cereal, My God!… Please Do something else in this game besides looking 50 & banging someone 23.


Ignorance and arrogance overload!

Bolt Uprite.

Alex is an idiot if she trusts Paul not to alienate his fanbase because he’s all about “Friendship”. If she had paid any attention to last season she would have known ‘friendship’ was just one of Paul’s stupid buzzwords that didn’t mean anything, like ‘gumpy’ and ‘boys’ are this year. Just empty words.


I think we are all getting played… by producers and editors of the show.
It appears that everyone is being duped and conned by Paul in the house. However, I believe most of them are actually riding his coattails, making deals and alliances, until they can jump off and start to actually play themselves. I also do not believe that such a group of people coming to play Big Brother would take at face value, anything Paul tells them.
Paul of all people!
They all know that Paul, Alex, Jason have to go, because the other remaining houseguests have accomplished nothing “in the game”.
In my opinion, these people as a group have shown the worst in bullying, disrespectful behavior and foul language, than ever before on Big Brother.
Whoever wins cannot be proud.


Really, Alex?!? Okay with 3rd place, where did they get these worthless players that don’t care about winning? All these players okay with 2nd or 3rd place with Paul. Why is it even televised, just give Paul the win.

Shannon Hoon

CBS does not care about us the true obsessed fans of the show. We are a very small portion of the viewers. 90% of the viewership is casual viewers of just the CBS show.

So you let a vet win 2 yrs in a row and get the casual viewers thinking man I love watching these vets they are so good at the game.

Boom. You do All Stars next season and hold a large portion of CBS viewers. And some of you can say you won’t watch. It’s All Stars…come on you know you will watch.

Just please put Vanessa or Derrick in that house with Paul on All Stars. Did you see Paul just peeing himself praying when Derrick walked in with a bag. He knew his game over if that happened. Watching Paul get steam rolled would be sweet justice for this horrendous season. 3 times in a row in house won’t happen though.

16 held the crown as worst for 3 yrs. But sorry Simon and Dawg this is worst ever.

Sidenote: Season 17 most underrated season ever. I see 2 of the All Star cast coming from that season. Maybe 3.

A Vet

I watched every season except for season 1 and Paul is awesome you must be part of that 90% Bc ur comments are ones of a noob … smh take it from a champ

A bookie who can't add?

Kevin is telling whoppers. His math doesn’t add up. For example, $2,000 a month for two years (24 months) = $48,000.