“This is crazy.. what the f* is wrong with Christmas.. they are so desperate not to be a target they all jump on”

5:21pm HOH Xmas and Paul
(Xmas is starting to spread stories about Elena’s eating issues. She’s talking about the outback steak house dinner some of them got to go to)
Xmas – she did not eat any of her f*ing food at all and as we were walking out they were like.. Ok guys get to the door she leaned over the table to either my ice cream or Jason’s.. yeah it was my Ice cream.. digging it with her hands into her mouth
Xmas – swear to god
Paul – what..
Xmas – everyone was at the edge and I looked back.. and she’s like.. shoving ice cream in her mouth with her hands.
Paul – F*ing Bizarre Dude
Xmas – like if you wanted ice cream that bad you could have f*ing ate your desert dessert
Paul – why didn’t she
Xmas – she kept on saying.. oh I don’t eat food.. oh I don’t eat food..
Xmas – are you trying to show America that you don’t eat or what.. it’s a real fuck*d up message to come in here and say you love your curvy body and then tell people you don’t eat.. that’s f*ed up.. not OK not OK..
Xmas – sit here and try to show people that you love your curvy body and be positive and only drink you dinner not eat any food.. shovel Ice cream into your mouth with you hands. and sit there every time they bring another plate she said keep it ehre I might eat some in a minute.
Xmas – Only Drink your beer and sit there saying I don’t eat..
Paul – Wow…
Xmas – she ate nothing…

5:40pm Josh, Jason and Kevin
Meatball chat…

Kevin – the oldest, youngest and the best looking..
Jason says Kevin isn’t too much father than he is in looks..
they laugh…

Paul’s been going on about Mark stealing 2 of his pillows in the have nots. Raven, Matt and Alex are with him.
Matt says Mark is a piece of sh1t..
Paul’s getting them all riled up. (so the pattern continues)

5:50pm Alex is flipping out.. that Mark took her pillows..
Alex – what the f* these are all my f*ing pillows

Alex – Mark, you dismantled my bed without asking me
Nark – you were HOH..
Alex – you could have asked me dude, that’s f*ed up.. there’ all in your f*ing bed

Mark – there’s 4 have nots
Alex – you don’t own this stuff dude..
Alex – you took my pillows and comforter ..
Mark – Alex are you kidding me right now..
Mark – Alex.. where are you sleeping right now
Alex – ASK.. they’re not your to take
Mark – ohh so they’re your pillows..
Alex – YES that’s my bed.. how hard is it to ask someone.. literally it’s my bed..
AZlex – you don’t own this place dude..
Mark – listen to what you are saying.. I messed up your bed..
Alex – YES
Mark – Alex, Last time you said it wasn’t me…

Mark goes outside..

Alex – End Scenee… I’m done guys..
Jason – so you staged that ..
Alex – yes..
Alex laughs… “those ones aren’t mine.. ”
Josh – call him out he took Paul’s pillows too..
Alex – I don’t care that he took my pillows… I’m just trying to rile him up ..

5:53pm Have nots Paul’s Minions laughing about what just happened.
Alex tells Josh he can start yelling at Mark whenever just don’t bring up their conversation.

Mark comes in

Xmas- so Mark I just want to understand the pillow that was on my bed, you took last night as well and when we asked you didn’t say anything
josh – Mark why are you the pillow thief..
Xmas – hold on let me finish
Xmas – I just want to clarify .. that blue Pillow was actually mine..
Mark – I asked Paul last night if he wanted more pillows..
Xmas – you took my pillow from my bed
Mark – yes I took pillows I gave them to Jason, Kevin and myself
XMas – you took them off Paul’s bed.. WHY
Mark – I had spikes up my a$$
Xmas – you didn’t think we did
Alex – there’s 2 of them ..
Mark – Did I not ask Paul last night if he wanted more pillows .
Xmas – that’s not the point.. when he said who took the blue pillow you said nothing..
Mark to Alex – I’m sorry I should have asked you
Xmas – it’s a common theme.. you take without asking… take take take.. without asking. you never GIVE.
Xmas – and after apology doesn’t count when you continue to do this to everyone in teh house
Mark – when have I ever taken things from somebody
Xmas – Slop.. pillows.. the Pillows with Josh.. Have nots with cookies and Ramses…
Alex – Mark you took my Pillows
Mark – are you kidding me..
Xmas – I’m not kidding if I was kidding I would be laughing.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m not laughing
Alex – Ramses use to complain about that you can go back and see..
Xmas – I just don’t know where in Mark’s world that this is OK
Mark – I don’t know Christmas.. I’m just..

Xmas – YOU DON’T KNOW that’s why you keep doing it NO SORRY NOT LESSON LEARNED

Mark must be thinking… “**ck these people”
Mark takes a break in the red room before heading back out..

6:09pm fighting about where to sleep..
Josh and Elena made a deal to share the red room bed. Mark won the have not pass and was going to sleep with Elena..

Alex starts freaking out about the pillows again… (Remember this is a complete act by her)
Mark – I never took you pillows before
Alex – how do I know.. how do I know…
Mark – Alex you’re in the HOH room..
Mark – so the pillows are yours and it’s wrong for me to say that this is my bed…
Mark – am I the crazy one here.. there was 4 have nots..
Paul – you took my blue Pillow..
Alex – you are the pillow thief.. how many pillows do you need.
Mark leaves…

Alex starts to celebrate…
Xmas – can’t win so you walk away.. good move…

6:12pm Josh, Elena and Mark
Josh says he wants to sleep with someone small like Elena not mark. Elena says she doesn’t care where she sleeps as long as she has a pillow.
JOsh – I called that bed last night because he didn’t have the key and he’s trying to call the rules.. like he always does
Josh – did I not ask you last night if I could sleep next to you
Elena – you did ask me last night..

Josh says Mark can sleep next to Cody
Mark – Josh I’m done arguing.. I already told you I’m going to sleep here
Josh – well you’re not
Mark – OK
Josh – Cuddle with Matt and Raven..
Josh – America am I missing something.. I dunno..

Josh – Mark.. we don’t own beds here buddy we share them.. SHARE that’s the key..

6:15pm Elena to mark
Elan – this house is psychotic.. you can survive this you have survived worst..

Elena – mark look at me.. they are not 100% neither are you.. I’ve had my shit taken from me so many times.. we just move on .. all taht stuff is not alex’s.
Elena – the conditions josh asked me last night was slightly different but whatever..
Mark – did you hear Paul jump in
Elena – I hear Paul laugh every time Josh says something
mark – Uhhhhhhhhh
Elena asks me what the status of her laundry he’s been doing.

Mark – Man.. Xmas, Alex and Josh are crazy…
Mark says they were bringing up Ramses and him eating slop cookies.. Mark says they are trying to single him out as a taker.
Mark – this is crazy…what the f* is wrong with Christmas.. they are so desperate not to be a target they all jump on..
Elena – I hope you win HOH
Mark – Paul and Alex on teh block.. (HOH better be a benchpress)

6:18pm Paul, Xmas and Alex.. Rilling everyone up… (I’m out of this conv folks.. use flashback)

6:40pm Josh is with them.. more talk about rattling Mark. Josh talks about dumping a pot of water on him.

7:08pm HOH Alex, Jason, Kevin
Kevin – I can’t believe they have the nerve to say we’re going to be top 5 and not include me and … who the f* do they think they are.. they’re lucky I don’t throw them off the top .. I’m telling ya .. HEY want come to the campground.. Right through the glass..
Kevin about Raven, I don’t know what gives her the right to say her name.. she’s done nothing. except for.. I P (Instigate and parade)
Alex – Elena literally told Josh she needs more air time
Alex – she wants to become famous
Jason – she’s a f*ing idiot.. 99% of the stuff she says is disgraceful .. Like I’m serious..
Kevin – I saw that a long time ago man..
Kevin – anyone that come to a POV meeting at 92 degrees outside and puts makeup on .. we’re waiting for her to get ready youngest f*ing girl here.
Kevin – her and F8ing raven sitting there putting Makeup on while we’re sweating

Kevin “she thinks this was made for her”
Alex – hopefully her followers see she’s a selfish twit..
Kevin – make Cody leaves.. 7 – 0 make her think everything is fine.. f* him.. take the rest of them out Mark, Matt, Raven and Elena.. I don’t give the f* what order…
Kevin – Alex, I told him to talk to you about getting his pillows.. He said you wouldn’t be back until Friday
Alex – I’m back there on Thursday
Kevin – I hope there’s a double f*ing eviction.. I don’t know what it means.. I know 2 people evicted..

7:46pm B2Men and Raven alone in the kitchen eating their dinner complaining about Cody.
7:49pm.. Cameras flip to Mark and Jason in the backyard..
Kevin says Alex could have a little bit better social game.
Kevin says Mark is going to come to him “I’m going to have to win the HOH”
Jason – the thing is he wasn’t after Alex.. he wasn’t after her but he might be now..
Kevin says there’s no point for Cody to make a speech.
Kevin – he didn’t have social skills.. they didn’t know you were 5.2 because you had those high heels on
they laugh

Kevin says Cody screwed Jessica, she was the more deserving player to make Jury.
Kevin doesn’t believe Cody has a daughter
Jason – that name is from a TV show
Kevin – you need the money that bad man..

Kevin says Matt and Raven have secluded themselves more that Jessica and Cody
Jason – they’re going to make it to top 8
Kevin – I can’t wait for him (Matt) to go..

Kevin says Paul and Christmas chatting with Elena/MArk right now knowing in the next 2 weeks they’re gone. Kevin calls that cold.
Kevin complaining about how much food Matt and Raven eat..
Kevin doesn’t believe that Raven turned Cody down..
Kevin – I almost spit my water out..
Kevin – all you guys loved Cody in the beginning you thought he was the all american hero he’s the all American zero
Kevin wishes Matt and Raven could be have nots.. he would eat pizza and chicken at the door all week long, “I wold gain 40 lbs”

Kevin – Paul knows what he’s doing I’m telling you..
Kevin – you know who are the players it’s the ones getting called into the DR’s that week ..

Kevin says Cody should have let Jessica keep the hex and just left.. They would have kept Jessica around for awhile she was good TV.
Kevin points out there was 10 people in the house that didn’t like him he was never going to last.

Kevin – it’s good for TV rating \a little Sparrow a$$ hanging in the f*ing camera .. you know what I mean.. sticking her butt out all over the place.. you know what I mean..
Kevin says Matt is the most peculiar “dude” in the house

8:10pm HOH Alex, Jason and Cody

Alex – mark’s still trying to f* with me.. I wanted to shower.. he wanted to start round 2
Alex tells Cody last night Mark stole Paul and Zmas’ pillow. etc etc.. she goes through the highlights from the fight..
8:13:30pm Alex – Christmas laid into him about the pillows, and all the stuff he’s been doing that’s super shady like.. he always eats everyone’s slop, he never makes his own, he use to take Ramses food and eat it, He’s just being a f*ing bully”
Alex – she just lays into him..
Alex calls Elena “A f*ing C**t” for taking the money.
Alex tells him that Elena wants to grow her

Cody reminds Alex that making big moves make you famous on Big Brother. Playing it safe doesn’t
Cody says he wouldn’t do BBOTT he just came on the show because he really likes it. After this show is over he’s going to disappear he has no intentions to be on another show.
Alex talking about if he’s living in LA with Jessica or moving back to Texas.
COdy – to tell you the truth I didn’t have much going on.. I’ll always be a resident of Texas..

Cody mentions the Big Brother Canada ET host that questioned them (Ika) brought her boyfriend (Demetres the Greek) says all he did was sit there and ate from the fruit basket.. (AHAH)

Cody says he say the biggest target and took a shot he didn’t know Paul was protected.
Alex says they all assumed that Paul has some twist to protect him he’s seen Big Brother too why didn’t he think that.

Alex reminds him that last season they protected the vets in the beginning.
Alex – and who won the game
Cody – the vet.. you take out the vets..
Alex – no .. they will always protect them (Production)

Alex says Raven is saying he went for her and she turned him down. Cody says f* no.
Cody mentions that Mark was jumping from side to side. People saw that and it wrecked his reputation.
Alex says Elena treats Mark like sh1t and he bends over backwards.
Cody though Elena had a great social game when he left.
Alex – her true colours game out

8:47pm Josh comes up. They see Christmas and Paul coming up so Cody leaves. Josh – what a coward.
Alex and Jason say Cody is being super cool calm down.
Paul and Christmas come in..
Paul – I’m putting Kevin in Check right now (drink every time Paul says this)

8:13pm Xmas and Paul backyard couch
Xmas says Matt doesn’t like confrontations at all but now he’s fired up about Mark campaigning against him.

8:32pm living room couch Josh, Xmas and Paul
Josh says Elena and Mark’s intent was to flip the house and take them three out.
Josh says he can see on Kevin’s face he’s worried
Paul – I’m going to put him in check today..
Paul – I’m going to be like Hey Dude what’s up with the eyes you are giving me you got something to say to me
Josh thinks he’s being a bit aggressive
Paul – don’t worry I know what I’m doing.
Josh – I don’t think right now’s the time to act on it..

Paul and Xmas say Jason is protecting Mark low key. saying that it was Josh that messed with the pillows.
Josh to Paul – I don’t need a little instigator telling me what to do in my ear.. If I want to f* with someone I’ll f* with someone (ZOMG can you believe it)
Xmas about Kevin – He thinks Paul tells you what to do
Paul – when
Xmas – he said it awhile back

8:49pm Elena, Mark and Kevin with Raven and Matt in the hot tub
Mark and Kevin are playing some game they made up.. I’m sure Paul will include this when he “Puts Kevin in CHeck”

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201 thoughts on ““This is crazy.. what the f* is wrong with Christmas.. they are so desperate not to be a target they all jump on”

  1. I was a fan of Paul since last season, but holy shit how I’ve come to realize how unbearable he is. It’s like watching a bunch of bullies. I hate them all. Christmas, Alex, josh (on and off with him, he just doesn’t seem right in the head) and most of all Paul. I really wish Cody could stay this week to shake things up alongside Mark and give them the revenge they deserve.

          1. Support Simon and Dawg.

            This season maybe full of twats. Still going to support this site and that means contributing to comments section.

        1. This person is saying that they’re going to stop watching……………. NOT that they don’t watch. UGH! Have you been hitting the Kracken early?

          1. Unless you are a Nielsen household nobody knows what you watch. Nobody. The ratings come from Nielsen not you. I don’t know why people don’t understand this simple fact. You probably shouldn’t be calling another person idiot when you are saying idiot things yourself.

        2. like kevin is trying to be all friendly to JODY and MARLENA but your in a solid 8 -5-3 allready.. and plus no one is gunning for u. so why stir the pot and get ur team mates pissed off at u.. like if they come up to u and try to talk game its ok to play along for the time being but just remmeber to tell ur alliance as soon as ur done and not so secret.. tahts why they pissed at u for talking to cody. look chill with them but in the end they are the enemy. cody is a goof. he fukied up marlena game too. but its part marks fault. but thats what u get when u go to the douche side. elena is a fat manitee.(sea cow) fuking bitch is so obvious that she is a flopper and she’s trying to be in the numbers. bitch u fuked urself.. your at the bottom. thats why ur on the block right now. the funny part is she is in denile. about it. she always thinks i feel like im expendable thats why im on the block.. well duh. but she’ plays nice cause sheh wants to get back into the crew. too late .. u made ur choice week1-3. bend the knee and join me. or refuse and die. daenerys targarian

      1. my exact thoughts! I have never missed an episode, even when it got uncomfortable to watch in season 15 and predictable AF in season 16. I still watched with hope because it’s my favorite show. However, due to the bullies and followers that have poisoned this season, I stopped watching after the episode Jess lost the veto. It’s so sad it had to end like this

        1. If this is your fav show you really have bad taste. And saying you never missed an episode is nothing to be proud of. Since this is another bad season, and i agree the bullying is disgusting. But this show is full of bad behavior has been for a long time. Try some new shows!

        2. Same here. That’s when I quit watching. I just come here to read the updates in hopes that something changed to shake up Paul and his cult. I don’t feel the need to watch otherwise. Very lame season. I was a bit turned off right from the start with all of those ridiculous temptations that America votes for nonetheless. If you’re going to be handing out powers, everyone should have equal opportunity to WIN it for themselves. I hate when they let America get too involved with the game.

      2. I’m just reading updates here too. The bullying and fights are not entertainment when it happens non-stop. This is my summer show. I’m so bummed with this cast. Paul has some serious issues. He doesn’t genuinely care for anyone.

      3. Agree totally. I stooped watching the Paul show too. Even deleted BB from the dvr!! It’s become the adult version of Lord of the flies. This is no longer a game It’s just become pathetic and sad to watch a bunch of mindless idiots hoping Paul picks them for 2nd place and willing to do whatever he asks to earn that position

        1. Funny, that’s exactly what I just told my family! “They are like the chars on ‘Lord of the Flies’ except even more petty and childish and dumb.'”

          Ive been a BB fan for a long time but 1st time feedster as of day before yesterday. I hadn’t been able to get into this season much and thought maybe the feeds would make it more interesting, seeing what’s really going on, but that was really dumb because now I hate them all more than ever except Cody and Mark. Can’t stomach any of their psychotic conversations though for more than five minutes, especially if Alex or Xmas or Paul or Josh talking which is ALL THE TIME. Definitely canceling.

        2. Not sure why everyone thinks Paul will win. He won’t. Then your theories of him running the house and his “minions” go out the door. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Paul to win (the odds are against him). Anyway, I find all the comments on this website WAY worse than anything that has been said in the house. A few posts up someone calls Alex a c***. Everyone claims they aren’t watching but we know you are. Grow up. Watch the show. Go about your life. Quit living through TV “characters”. Stop being vile to other human beings. I almost feel like every poster here is a fake account set up by the Illuminati to make me feel like the world has gone to hell in a hand basket so I should just kill myself. There is no way people can talk to cruelly.

      4. This is the first season for me as well that I missed a couple of episodes (my tv didn’t record them for some reason) and I just literally didn’t care.

        This season is THE WORST, and I’ve never said that.

        1. It would have to both be false and damage his reputation, so it would be very hard to actually damage Paul’s reputation now. So no libel!

      1. Wow you all havent watched survivor this is calm compared to this ! If u watch after dark it goes both ways none of them are angels cody did the same thing how do u think megan felt when cody nominated her and he said i nominated you cause i dont really like u he didnt even try to get to know her he called all the others girls he dated losers think they appreciated that on live tv

        1. As a reminder as everyone seems to have forgotten this. Megan did not tell anyone she was a military veteran…she just said her job was as a dog walker. She walked up to Cody week 1 and told him she hates Marines. No reason….just heard he was a Marine and thought she should tell him she hates Marines. (Smart Move as she seemed to have forgotten he was the HOH.) To give her the benefit of the doubt, this comment may have been meant on her part as the sometimes “typical banter” between different branches of the military, but she seemed to forget that she wasn’t telling the house the truth about her background, so Cody would have no way of knowing this. (She was pretty forgetful.) And, even if he did know this, it’s still rude as hell and something you just don’t do.

          So, if I’m a military man that has dedicated years of my life to protect the great citizens of the USA and one of these said citizens randomly walks up to me as the HOH, week 1 of big brother, thinking they are being cute and says…I hate Marines……well, you can bet your A$$ I’m putting you on the block.

          Week 1 you don’t know anybody and it doesn’t take much to get nominated. If she had any common sense or respect for the people she served with in the military, this wouldn’t have happened. This is one of the main reasons she was put on the block and why he told her he didn’t like her.

    1. CBS & Big Brother need to step in and stop it.
      They should be ashamed of themselves allowing all of this childish bullying. Christmas should be gone because she can’t participate in events. BB was so upset Paul didn’t win last year, they brought him back. He has ruined this entire season. Cody is the only one with smarts seeing how Paul is manipulating everyone. Too bad, BB can’t keep him in the game. With Cody gone, the rest of the weeks will he boring because no one will backdoor Paul. I feel sorry for Mark too. He’s too sweet just a Gentle Giant who doesn’t see Elena has no interest in him. He doesn’t deserve the meanness from the majority of the house. Wonder what they will all think when they watch it & see themselves on TV.

      1. I believe that Mark hasn’t had enough partners to be able to see through the smoke screen that Elena is throwing up………….Elena, on the other hand, is an experienced tease. She knows exactly how to get what she wants from a man.

      2. Nastiest group ever! Didn’t know sheep could be SO dumb. This year you had to flunk the IQ test to get on the show. Just awful, stupid people. Cody and Jess should have been given the same opportunities that Paul keeps getting. When Cody goes, I will stop watching.

        1. Bully is just a term used for people who aren’t pussies.
          It should be changed to non-pussies.
          So you’re question should read ‘Is that because you’re a non-pussy too?’

          1. Nah bullies are people who cover up their own insecurity by attacking other people before someone can attack them, because they wouldn’t be able to handle that. Non-bullies are secure enough they don’t need to do that.

    2. Scum Bags Rule! What else could we expect from CBS (communist broadcasting system). Let’s all celebrate that there is not one likeable person on this cast. Nice casting Grodner. You would make a great Nazi staffer under your hero Hitler.

      1. Robyn Kass is the casting director although I would guess for sure Paul being brought back is 100% Allison Grodners doing. They dont care about us feed watchers because their garbage edited tv show version is #1 in its timeslot every time. If they cared about feed watchers a lot of things would be different and would have been different since season 11 which is the season where they figured out they can get away with messing with the game in any way that they want. Gets worse ebery single year. Hell I pine for eben the days of season 2 where there was no veto because it was truly a pure social game.

    3. I’m amazed that production continues to allow this bullying to take place, it’s uncalled for. And Josh, seriously cries when picked on, but is so willing to follow Paul’s orders to pick on others. These people are crazy and to think it’s perfectly acceptable to mess with people this way. I get it’s a game, but there is a way to play and mess with people and then a way to destroy people.

  2. I don’t blame you. It’s hurting me by just reading this. Loss for?words on the treatment people are getting. And the stupidity to boot. Hopefully Jason will throw up the Kool aid move away from Alex and Paul.

      1. You hate Paul because he is the ONLY one actually playing the game? And has controlled it since week 1. Got it. Smh. No one deserves to win besides Paul. Cody had a chance but Paul was smart and noticed that right away and got everyone to despise Cody. Like it or not that is smart game play.

        1. I agree that Paul is the only one playing but the way he is playing makes him really unlikeable.

          Also, it’s not that Paul was smart, Cody is just dumb and showed his cards too early by trying to put up Paul week 1.

          1. The only thing wrong with putting up Paul week 1 was the safety thing. Cody would be in a good spot if Paul didn’t have safety because Paul would have left that first week. Cody fell apart by not only nominating Christmas but refusing to try to explain his rational to the two people he was close with and that was Matt and Mark. The rest of his HoH was spent in isolation allowing Paul to play victim and rally a group against a tyrant! He should have tried to gather the votes to get Christmas out but instead was more interested in playing hide the pickle.

        2. If he makes it to the end he 100% deserves to win. This does not change the fact he is annoying as hell and has made this season boring with his minions and constantly getting everyone to gang up on one person makes it easy to hate him. Derrick made his season extremely boring with his great game play but at least he wasn’t a total piece of shit to people before evicting them.

        3. I think we should put some Canadian bb players in I would love to see Sabrina ika and Cassandra go in and kick Xmas Alex and ravens ass. Can you see Gary walking into the house with his glitter and glam ….it would be priceless.

      1. She should have been removed from the show due to her surgery…………….They kept her because it was clear, to production, that she would be immoral and lacked integrity. Those are the qualities that CBS looks for to make money.

        1. I wonder if Xmas threatened to sue their ass for her injury if they made her go. She probably will anyway if they don’t invite her back :(

  3. I said it before, and saying it again: Eff these houseguests!!!
    This is not gameplay. This is not strategy. This is personal, and flat out meaness. And unlike Cody who can either tune it out or dish it back, Mark will take it. And take it to heart, which makes it worse.

  4. Julie-“Make your case to stay in the house Cody.”

    Cody-“Can I see a show of hands of how many of you aren’t promised a final two with Paul? Huh. That’s odd. Looks like most of you are. Well, I could stick around and we could put and end to this plan of his right quick, or you guys can figure out which one of you he’s not lying to and battle amongst yourselves while he watches. Send me home…then enjoy walking on eggshells. Keep me here, maybe this game starts to resemble a game.”

  5. Not Big Brother anymore now
    Big Bullies!
    I am not one to condone violence but someone please knock the f@ck out of Paul & then Josh.

    1. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that in the beginning, Paul said that he agreed to be on the show again because his personal life wasn’t going so well, and he needed a break. I hope his life is unbearable now, he as earned it.

  6. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Right at this moment, Mark is the only decent person in the house. I can’t believe the psychotic behavior that is occurring. This is not “game”, this is how people with low morals, insecure feelings and a lack of integrity, make conscious decisions to drive people to act, unlike their normal behavior. In the beginning, Big Brother was a social experiment. Now, it is a way for people to make a buck by, being absolute a$$holes! NO CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dislike people like this.

      1. He may not have a “personality” that people tend to relate to but, he says what is on his mind and how he feels…………..I would rather have a person say what is on their mind (the truth) than go along with the group OR what they thing I want to hear……..Cody is real and doesn’t believe in being false.

        1. Like hurt Megan in front of a group of total strangers (group at the time) and millions of viewers. Says what’s on his thoughtless mind is correct. He is real for sure, a real jerk!

          1. What were his words? Weren’t they just, “I don’t like you”?

            How does that stack up against anything Paul, Josh, Xmas,Alex, and Raven have said about others in the house?

            But it’s ok, they are the majority so they all must be right. The minority and anyone who goes against the grain has to be the problem. (Please note sarcasm).

            The only way to salvage this season and the fate of these producers is for them to say that they selected a cast that would best resemble to social state of USA.

        2. Cody doesn’t fit in because he acts like a normal person. All the rest are like TV characters played by bad actors on a show with terrible writing.

          1. Great comment. I see him as a normal person too. He seems genuine to me. I just couldn’t get along with most of the other HGs as they are so fake and stupid.

      2. I would have to agree with this too. I don’t get me wrong, he has a very dry, straightforward personality. Most people (like the housegusts) don’t understand or like that. I actually do like it because, you know what you are getting. He also has a softer side. I do think that Cody can be an ass. But, can’t we all?!?!?

  7. The problem is the teams are too lopsided. Seeing Paul VS the showmance would be fun. Paul vs Ale’xs crew would also be neat, but it’s everyone vs 1 or 2 people every week..

    1. I wonder what their families are thinking when they watch how horribly they (Paul and everyone currently living up his ass) are treating other people… I would be embarrassed beyond belief! Can’t wait to see the reaction when the come out and hopefully get booed!!

    2. Watching that situation go down on the live feeds was brutal. I was wishing mark would go hulk on Josh and Paul. I could imagine him swinging Paul around in the air while Halloween is still attached to him. It would be glorious. We see how stupid they look from the outside but in there it’s 7 against 1…..and Elena just acted like she was asleep(yet later admitted she heard Paul laughing every time Josh spoke).

      Seriously though it was the Jody situation all over again only mark was completely alone. Animals.

    3. I swear production is deflecting the target from Paul. Jason and Alex talked about it but quickly shut it down saying it wasn’t time. You’d have Jason, Mark, Cody, and probably Kevin if they’d done it this week. That would piss off…Christmas? Everyone else would be looking for a new group because if you pay attention Paul is the only common theme for all of them. Could Christmas work with Matt and Raven? Mark and Elena? Jason and Alex? She could work with Josh and Kevin. Cody would drop down the target list too as the only people he’s gone after are Paul and Josh. If they chop Paul next, it could be interesting otherwise start acquiring Kraken.

    4. This. Everything about this. If you’re not hanging off Paul’s sack, you are obviously the AntiPaul and needs to go. The Church of Paul smites you and then moves targets.

      Those who say “well, there is plenty of game left, Paul hasn’t won yet” are obviously watching LAST season. Those at CBS just need to remember how to spell his last name for his check. Let’s face facts…had Jessica not used her hex, no deal would have happened anyways, she would have used it the next week, possibly lost and still went home. Paul has had a hard on for Jody since week one. He knew he couldn’t phase them much, so he created his cult minded people.

      He has this locked and I would send Simon and Dawg their favorite bottle of alcohol if I’m wrong.

  8. Cant these people really be this evil? Do they not even consider the consequences of these actions? esp outside of the house…..real world is coming soon people and will hit you all hard in the ass. This is nuts. I think Mark wants to leave this cuckoo house. These people are incorrigible and disgusting!! Love that other famous house guests and winners are so sick and disgusted of those remaining in the house…..they think they will have good stuff coming afterwards….nope not gonna happen

  9. Simon I totally understand why you would not watch that conversation. In fact, thank you for putting up with this cast just to bring us the updates. I watch the feeds only occasionally and I still get annoyed. I don’t know how you do it. Thank you.

  10. Wait til all these pos get outside in the real world I hope ppl terrorize them the way they’ve treated everyone!!! Alex and Christmas are bitches and Paul and Josh are Douches!!!

    1. Well being terrorized is a bit much…i just want them to understand how horrible they were and hope none of them a dime off of being on this show. I cant imagine xmas doing any motivational speaking….i would be curious if her agent still would represent her….josh is being used and part of me sees redemption but he is so desperate to be in what he thinks are the beat group he allows bad behavior to take over..but then again he is a successful 23 yr old right?

    2. Wait till they get out and get the interview of their dreams and are asked about their game play. What will they say? My game play was to bully and sh*t on other players verbally, be a douche bag and a puppet?

  11. Simon, I found a typo, Xmass was saying pills not pillows. Xmass is freaking out as Alison has the doctors holding back them pills. Going to use Xmass withdrawals for ratings.

  12. They are so hateful and immature. How embarrassed their actions. Hello their dad and mom, how dare your son or daughter s behaviors and embarrass in the national television. How Shame of them. They will be very sorry.

    1. Unless you’re a Neilson TV viewer, it won’t affect a single thing. But yes, the televised show is crap which is sad because the idea behind big brother is very interesting and engaging. The execution has become less so as more cast members become more interested in increasing their “brand” than being on Big Brother.

      1. Contact their advertisers.. Boycott their products and let them know.. The only way… Neilson gives rankings; viewers/consumers change things through buying power. Networks can’t survive without advertisers. Let them know you refuse to support “their endorsement” of this type of behavior.
        For every product out there, there is an equal competitor.

  13. On this week’s episode of bully brother . Paul beigins to torment another houseguest and his loyal followers nod and agree with everything he says .

  14. Turned on the feeds for the first time in a week and caught this fight, and I am done. Canceled the feeds, and I won’t be watching the edited for paul version on cbs. This is not the bb I remember and hasn’t been a for a while. Never would Dr Will, or Janelle, or Dan, or Derrick or any of the AGREED Greats act this way.
    The way they (alex, paul, xmas, and raven with her kiss of encouragement), are instigating and winding josh up to attack mark is disgusting.
    BTW ostracizing someone (dom, cody, megan) and attacking another (mark, jessica, megan) is bullying.
    Good Luck finding gainful employment after this paul, alex, elaina, xmas, josh, and raven. I will never support you and if I meet anyone who does I will show them youtube vids of your awful behavior to a fellow human being. This is not a game this is a direct reflection of today’s society and we know it, we excuse it because ‘it’s a game’ but this not the behavior I want my kids or myself to emulate, and that’s what we do as a society we see people like the kardashians who are multimillionaires because of a sex tape. We need to smarten up as a society and turn away from the tv alter and back to the teachings Jesus.

    Good luck finding a man after this ladies, nobody wants a piece of that.

    1. I’m with you bro. I believe if they would just go back to the way the game is supposed to be played it would be SO much better. Have an HOH, nominate two people, have a POV, vote a player off, have a luxury comp here and there and start over the next week. Let the players play the game. I too dislike most everyone in the house, I like Kevin and Jason though. But, with the hexes and the curses, the voodoo, the black magic and the den of temptation and the safety comp and this person’s safe and this person is automatically nominated, you never know what’s what from week to week. It’s ridiculous. Totally. I vote go back to the old way, stop changing the rules in the middle of the game, or even sometimes in the middle of the week and let the chips fall where they may.

      1. I’d love to see the theme for BB20: “BB Old School.” A cast of regular people, no wannabe actors or models or social media moguls. People smart enough to know it won’t make them famous. No twists or coddling or have-nots, just a bunch of competitive people just playing the game, once the narcissists and sycophants are screened out with psych tests.

  15. Paul has serious issues about losing to a majority female jury (first woman to beat a man in the finals) but most of all….lost to a couple that hung out in bed most of the summer. This has been eating at him for a year and he’s a bitter bitter b!1ch

  16. WOW. CBS keep this up and you are asking for some serious ugly a$$ KARMA. This is sick.
    I’m in complete shock at Xmas and Alex AGAIN!! They obviously have no regrets on the horrible things they said to Cody and now it’s Mark’s turn. If they continue to allow this I will never watch anything on CBS. It’s F**king ridiculous!
    Paul has set the stage and he will be in for a Very rude Awakening when he is out. Evel Dick HATES him and several alumni are speaking out about what a massive POS Paul is.
    I now have a clear favorite. Mark! He has been on a roll with winning so I’m ready for him to win HOH put up Paul & Alex & hopefully Paul goes out!!!!

  17. Omg you guys! Settle down and stop making this look worse than it actually is. A pillow prank? Seriously gonna get all up tight about this? For 500k I’ll sleep butt naked in the woods for a month without a pillow!! So please relax!!

    1. I would agree but if you have ever been bullied this is exactly that. Cody may have been an ass in the beginning telling people he did not like them but he did not constantly berate them and then call it game play. Paul has serious mental issues because he is enjoying the mental torture he is inflicting all while calling it game play. We can now all understand how Charles Manson worked and why he is incarcerated.

      1. I noticed his face in the photos. Making everyone do his dirty work and enjoying it. I wonder if he did hypnotize some of them like those stage performers. Their behaviour just seems so odd. It is creepy for him to be this way.

          1. Rasputin was a giant of a man and did his own dirty work. Their behavior is odd because they are taking their cues from him and production. They know production likes him and it’s all about screen time. Be seen with Paul and your time goes up. Be his buddy and you stick around longer. Cash in on meet and greets in dive bars and low rent clubs.

  18. BB19 – “Before you enter, leave you morals and humanity at the door, thank you HG’s, you may proceed”

  19. I love this season. Cody was a horrible bully at first in case youay have forgotten. He’s getting a taste of his own medicine. I totally want him out. Just my thoughts.

  20. How can these people be so blinded? I don’t understand how they think attacking 1 person is game play. You out number the 1, what is that person suppose to do when you have all these people yelling at you…..and over pillows? Paul is playing a sick game but these followers that think it’s funny to do as Paul tells them is worse. So disqusting and childish. That behavior should not get $500k. Sad thing is, so of these house guest will probably see their behavior after the fact and be disgusted by it….but Paul, he’ll think he did nothing wrong.

  21. This cast is a reflection of all that is wrong with our world. Gang mentality. One bully manages to rally all the others to be obnoxious, rude and cruel people. No character except for Mark and possibly Cody. Weak individuals. I was pulling for Alex in the beginning but now I think she is a weak and horrible person. Great job CBS on your choices this season. A bunch of weak minded people!

  22. I am really irratated with Jason, Kevin & Matt. They see Pauls side is crossing the line with the mind f stuff. Matt & Kevin are getting Paul propaganda from their girls. But what Jason’s problem? He needs to rise & do the right thing

  23. Congratulations, Alex. Of all of Paul’s turds she’s the one with the swallowed chewing gum in it. F U, Alex

  24. I don’t know what is worse. The sick behavior going on in the house or these 6 to 7 total F**king losers that are down voting ppl speaking out about this behavior.
    I’m glad I’m not such a miserable human being that I think it’s not so bad. Sad sad pathetic losers..

  25. Ugh, I just can’t listen to these people anymore, I’m out. Simon and Dawg thank you for all of the work you put into your site, love your commentary as always. I’ll be back next season.

    1. I’m equally disgusted. So immature. This is not game play. This is getting as bad as season with Amanda who was horrible. Nothing to model.

      Paul said he would begin giving them bad advice but this isn’t what I expected.

  26. Do it like the UK BB. House votes people up but then public votes who leaves. Makes you think twice about being a dick head. lol

  27. I totally get mental warfare in the game. But I agree. It’s just getting hard to watch when multiple gang up on one !! Cody acted like a mean arrogant jerk in the beginning. And if he told you not to speak….then you better not speak. Couldn’t stand that. So I felt some of what he got was karma. But mark hasn’t been mean. He lost his cool a couple of times. Understandably so. But I can’t deal with all these games with mark. Xmas being so arrogant with him. For a second I hoped he would punch her. Or at least that I could punch her. I really thought I would like her and she’s the one I dislike the most. Hoping mark wins HOH and puts her on the block.

  28. That house is like middle school — a bunch of adolescents ganging up on outcasts for no apparent reason but self-preservation, cruelty and amusement.

    As long as it pleases Paul, that is.

    1. I was so disgusted when Kevin was being civil with Cody and then got called out for associating with him. Like they actually think it’s right to exclude and ostracize people! They preached at Cody for isolating so when he doesn’t isolate that happens!

  29. If only CBS would show the real Alex, Paul, X-mas, Raven, and Josh. But they can’t have their golden boy Paul be shown in a bad light. Isn’t it weird how many mental comps we had this year. Usually there’s always a physical comp geared towards big guys but so far none. Grodner really rigging it up.

  30. Mark please win the next HOH! I can’t stand Paul and his minions anymore. That’s coming from someone that rooted for Paul last season. I can’t with the harassment anymore. If it was one person against another then fine, but it’s all of them ganging up on 1 person. Horrible behavior.

  31. These housemates are lame. If you really want to get under someones skin, at least make it evil dick level and pour some juice on someone’s head and then burn them with a cigarette. Pillows? Really? Amateurs.

  32. How is this even happening? Like, this is a terrible example of people being people. Like so, bad that if a small meteor fell out of the sky and landed on a Paul, Alex, Christmas and josh powwow, I’d be like “they kinda had it coming, no?”

  33. Ha ha ha I’m still laughing that Matt and Raven were upset that Mark was outside butt tanning. LOL! Toast them buns! Maybe Mark could use this tactic to run them out of the house!

  34. I think the word Bully is over used BUT not in this case! Paul has turned so many of them into disgusting human beings. He is pure Evil and he will get what’s coming to him when he gets out.
    He knows that Mark was bullied as a child and is not past it. What a f**king MAGGOT!!!
    Christine got booed when she came out and I will be pissed if they don’t allow it for Paul!

  35. In all the seasons of watching this show, i thought evil dick was the worst person (followed by amanda) that I’ve seen, but i was wrong. This is by far the worst season of BB. The level of intelligence in the house is awe-inspiring. If this is what the new generation of BB is about, then i’d rather stop watching. There is game play and strategy, being a bunch of psycophants is not game play, being a bully is not game play. The fact that these ppl believe the lies that they are telling themselves???

    Christmas is a disgusting hypocrite and should have nixed from the house as soon as they knew her leg was broken or whatever.
    Call Cody whatever you want to, at least the man was honest with everyone and if he didn’t feel the need to tell you shit, he didn’t. Telling someone you don’t like them might be harsh but its not bullying, not talking to someone because you don’t want to is not bullying, and nominating someone because you don’t trust them is not bullying. Not saying he is a saint but he hasn’t been as vile as most of the ppl in there.
    Alex is fucking irritating. You came into play a game, you had a problem with someone saying something that was potentially racist, however you are ok with being part unjustifiably antagonizing ppl because the don’t fall in line with what the whole house wants???? You are HOH and the person you keep trying to put on the block is Cody, the one guy who isn’t coming for you, and the dude who saved your ass when all your current “allies” wanted you gone?????? Dumbass to the max.
    Josh. Mr im 23 and own business…….who gives a fuck???!!!!! You are everybody’s lap dog. He has been a shady, shitting person from the get go. You lash out every 5 secs, then apologize, then go a rant about being a good person, dafuq? Then when someone does it to you cry like the little bitch that you are, then all the other delusional dimwitted lackeys start chirping in.
    Raven i don’t give a shit if you have a disease or 50. You are not the only one and to be quite frank i don’t care. I haven’t liked her from the first episode, everything about her is irritating. Your illness doesn’t make you a saint or a good person, and it doesn’t entitle you to the money
    Paul – i want to give him props for him being able to manipulate these ppl to the point were he’s not on their radar but his actions and how he likes to act like a good person who hasn’t lied, who hasn’t talked shit,…….. maybe in his previous season he was a little funny but i hated the fact that he was brought back. Whether or not kevin took that temptation, they were going to let him and as a returning vet, its easy to predict who was going to get that pendant, so Cody was right, he was screwed with having to nominate multiple times the very first week.

    Some fans can say its all strategic game play but these kind of ppl and their behaviour exemplify the issues of today. Also can they all stop talking about making it to jury????? It makes sound like thats they prize they’re fighting for now.

    I apologize for the long rant, but if you are huge fan you’ll understand. once upon a time i used to be excited for bb to come on tv because you got great game play but now this is the shit i have to watch????????????

    1. You forgot Matt! Who leaves themselves on the block to “take one for the team” in big brother?????!!! (dumbass)
      Jason: who lets themselves get talked into being a pawn??????! (moron has been hit by a bull one time to many)
      Alex: Who the fuck puts up their own allie? (cunt)
      Raven: shut your pie hole (witch)
      Elena: how many times has your name been brought up and how many times have you been put on the block as a “pawn” by “your side” of the house? But if you win HoH, you have to do something about Cody? (whore)
      Christmas…………………………. can someone else “accidentally” drop her…………… ON HER FACE =) (CUNT #2)

    2. Agree with most of what you said, but not all . Cody started it off as a bully HOH . He was horrible from the beginning to Josh calling him horrible names trying to get him to cry. He set the tone as the first HOH , now it is a mob rule. They all think they can say horrible things and treat people and get away with it, for Cody got away with it in the beginning. Much like what is happening in the real world. Before going on this show perhaps they need Kindness training. Game play is great, but there needs to be lines and rules that you just don’t cross.

  36. A couple of posts back, I mistakenly said that Matt doesn’t shower often. I stand corrected and I thought because of the feeds showing him wiping the J*Z off his stomach with a dish towel, then wiping the dishes with said ‘clean’, shared by many cloth….Anyway….

    1. He doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom….neither does Raven….but he will wipe water over his face and hair. Very odd.

  37. I have the live fees just because I bought CBS on Rokus last year. Big Brother is endorsing the worst kind of bullying Tonight I watched a little be and it was not enjoyable. It was disgusting and sad to watch. Right after Alex went off on mark, Paul and his followers went into the half not room to laugh and call mark names. Big brother is doing a brilliant editing during the live shows. I can’t believe I was a big fan of Paul last year now my biggest satisfaction is to see him go.

  38. This is by far the worse cast in BB history!! Paul has turned them into a bunch of bullies and they are eating out of his hand!! I’ve never been inclined to stop watching but this cast has me at that point.

  39. I feel SO bad for Mark :( I wish there was a way that Cody and Mark could spend the next few weeks just stomping out those assholes one by one. I’ve never seen such a twisted cast. Bunch of bullies. And I wasn’t even a big fan of Mark or Cody..Not until true colors came out.

  40. Come on Paul ,quit talking about putting Kevin in his place and JUST DO IT. Can hardly wait for you to unleash the pent up anger Kevin has been feeling! I suspect you will be the one put in his place, not sure you know what your dealing with….Kevin is WAY smarter and observant than you realize! Please, can we see you cower and cry?

    1. Paul will put Kevin in his place as soon as he gets someone else to do it! Don’t you dare question the word of Little Beard! Kevin should never of said a word to the shunned without Paul’s permission. Didn’t the man read the rules?

      Are they some bizarre Amish sect? More likely a scientology offshoot since they like the booze.

  41. What is wrong with you people, its a game and Paul is playing a game, yes he is in control because he is playing a game. You may not agree with his tactics but they are working The others bully each other and it goes back and forth.

    1. It’s like watching a professional sport, let’s say hockey. There are several styles to play. Personally I’d like a Gretzky that shows skill and finess in a sport over a good that just fights. The great are greats because of skill they navigated t he game. Paul being a goon I don’t enjoy to watch. Thank you Simon and Dawg for your hard work, and some tasteful humour in brackets. It makes reading what is going on enjoyable. So thank you for your hard work.

  42. Enough! They way they are going at Mark is pathetic and really shows the character of these disgusting people. He was not even on their radar until they started feeling threatened by his game. I liked Paul, thought “Jody” deserved their fate, and cared less about Mark, but now I hope he wins. Xmas is just a horrid, washed up, insecure POS, and Alex, shady, she has gone after Mark twice now, and somehow gotten him to apologise to her when she is just being down right mean and deceitful. Mark needs to start fighting back in a big way, make them fear him the way they fear Cody, then they will at least talk s#*! about him instead of to him. I’m disappointed in Paul, no longer a fan, and thought Alex was a decent player, but her telling Josh Mark was pissed he won HOH, without realizing Mark was sitting in the room then wiggling her way out of it, and now faking the pillow fight is just rediculous. If she has to do that s#*! her game is over. Xmas has to still be getting high because nothing she says makes since. Come on Mark, get a little bit stronger back bone and go at them as hard as they are at you! At this point Mark is probably the only person in that house deserving to win.

  43. You start reading the comments and they sound like the children on the show, if you don’t watch don’t comment ,I can comment if I want to back and forth, you sound like the children on the show about pillows! Grow up! I thought this was to talk about the show not about yourself! Christmas is very mean she twists things around and I liked Alex in the beginning but she sure is petty about this money. Hello if you are offered money you take it. Josh is now talking about throwing water on mark and big brother production is going to let him get away with this.? With all the bulling in this world and people killing themselves over it does big brother think this is proper behavior? Mark or anybody can only take so much maybe if Julie chan had bulling in her family she would put a stop to this. I can see Josh slamming pots and pans and yelling and screaming all the way to the end and the headline reads bully wins big brother! Shameful really!

  44. Hey All, reading your comments, IT’S JUST A GAME!! get over it, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it!! These people are nothing like this in real life!! IT’S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!

  45. I despise this group of people so much. Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Matt and Raven are the biggest group of cowards and bullies and it makes me so sick to see them not only viciously attack people unwarranted but to get so much enjoyment out of it and brag about how great they are when in reality they’re all piles of sh**. Part of me wants Mark to make through the double eviction because he’s the only person I’m rooting for at this point but I also would be kind of glad for him to be out of that hostile environment filled with devil people who just want to torment him.

  46. Mark is the favorite this week, when are they going to get rid of Matt and raven such a waste of space! I really wish this show would get to the end already it’s really quite boring!

  47. BB19: The Season that Cancelled the Series.

    Seriously, this season and cast is brutal. Take an average returning player with a small following and place him in a house with mindless drones who do not realize that everything they criticize other house guests for, they in fact display to a much larger and worse degree.

    To save the show, BB20 should be all the producers in the house and the only won left at the end may continue to work for CBS.

  48. If we can’t vote for Jessica as Americas fave player we should all vote for Mark!
    Not liking Kevin’s rude remarks about Cody’s daughter and brother. Or the fact he’s allowing dirty Xmas all over him.
    Mark has been a gentle giant and a good friend since day 1.

  49. Simon & Dawg, y’all are amazing and very appreciated! I’ve watched since season 1 but have only followed online (and OBB only) the past 2 seasons. This may be an ignorant question but, do y’all know if CBS sees & takes into consideration the online comments/feedback of fans? I realize they consider BB a ‘summer hit’ based on cable ratings. However, these comments and ever changing trends of house favs are very telling of the active and passionate fan base!! I’m only curious. This season has snowballed into predictability topped with bullshit masked as gameplay!! Thank you!

  50. Alex is manufacturing drama to simply hurt someone that (in her mind) is a weaker person, making her a true bully and a disappointment. Matt and Raven just blindly follow what everyone else is doing, they might as well be furniture in the house, though the furniture may be more entertaining. Elena, at best, is a user, and a selfish child. Josh really is a child, thought for a minute he was going to have a backbone, but what a let-down. Christmas, another user and the house ping pong ball, going from player to player telling them what they want to hear. Mark and Cody both just seem like they’ve been defeated, and rightly so. And then there’s Paul, narcissisistic, self-delusional, ego-maniacal jerk that all the other HGs seem to think created the game BB and sadly he has them all on a leash. Really not sure if it is his own good game play or everyone elses stupidity…leaning towards the latter. This leaves us with Jason and Kevin, who have also been sheep in Paul’s game, but seem to be the capable of breaking free from the pack. I hope they do, and they get rid of that asshat, Paul, first thing. But alas…this is Big Brother, what happens today will never dictate what wil happen tomorrow.

  51. What every single person in this house lacks is just common decency! How do you gang up on one person and continue to beat them into the ground. Get mad at anyone who even gives half a smile or gesture to them. That gang mentality is disturbing.. they get pissed because Kevin will have a conversation with Cody or Mark about life or anything other than game because he shouldn’t be talking to them at all? How can do be so cruel as to alienate someone who lives in a house with you. Everyone says “oh this isn’t personal” hell yes it is, it is all personal because they are people. Have your game. have your alliances, have your strategy, but geeze, be descent, be human.. Everyone is lying in this game, everyone is flipping to the power in the house but they don’t see it and call everyone else our for it. These people are disgusting. Kevin is the only one I think is half way human and has some compassion. You can play a game without being so unbelievable angry and cruel. Josh and his antics then he yells “security, security” pansy ass… I keep watching because I keep thinking someone is going to pull their heads out of Paul’s ass and do something.. but nope.. not yet… I cannot wait to see these jerks come out of the house and see their lives blow up because their true colors were shown on how disgusting of human beings they are. I was not a fan of Jess’s at the beginning, or Cody, but they will get my vote for Americas player because they played the game. They made moves, they did not just sit back and do everything Paul says. Yuck.. hate this cast..

  52. Halfway through the article, I had to scroll down and say Josh needs counseling. Throw a pot of water at Mark? He’s crazy. I thought Josh was turning around, but after reading that, no, he’s got anger issues. All he yells is “don’t touch me”, while he antagonizes people. I know it’s Big Brother, but I just can’t abide this type of behavior. This season makes me want to take a shower. Mean and dirty. Shameful. I hope I would never act this way for any amount of money.

  53. I love how everyone in the comment section goes on and on about Paul this and Paul that. With how Paul shouldn’t be in the season and how he’s a narcissist, he doesn’t care about anyone els except himself yadda yadda yadda… Yeah, he plays everyone, yeah he’s the puppet master but he never forced anyone to play Big Paul. I’m not defending all he’s actions but c’mon. Y’all make him look like he’s a monster. There are no rules against mind manipulation. It’s a game. So let it go already.
    And Mark, Elena, Cody, and Jessica aren’t angels either. Scratch that. None of them are angels. So chill. Y’all make some look like they’ve never done anything to warrant being attacked by the house (cough cough Jody, who may I mentioned bullied Meghan out of the game. An honest mistake she made and yet they were relentless and unmerciful towards her to the point she exited out of the game she really wanted to play). Or well at least that’s how it looked to me, maybe it’s an honest mistake on my end. So calm down, watch the season and then criticize. You’ll have a year to do it before you begin to shoot everyone next season because “they’re lame, monsters, boring, idiots, pushovers, blah blah blah”

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