Production – The tree of temptation has sprung back to life once again

9:44am Matt and Raven
Matt – Paul said they want to backdoor Kevin

9:50am Christmas morning

9:52am Paul, Alex and Kevin
they can’t figure out why production is “so aggressive” with them waking up at 9.
Alex – the tree
Paul – no one is going to f*ing grab the tree.
Paul – maybe nominations..
They speculate that maybe there’s an eviction Sunday.

10:00am HOH Jason and Kevin are chatting
Paul comes into the HOH
Jason – anything you want in here is yours
Jason goes on about how nice it is to have a HOH room.

Paul points out that Matt and Raven are showering downstairs

Alex comes in “It smells like too much axe”
Paul leaves

Jason tells Kevin that he doesn’t have to worry about him or Alex.
Jason – if I was you today..


Alex says the tree is stupid..

Alex runs down to see if anyone will pick it.
When Alex comes back she says nobody took an apple.
Jason wonders why Raven and Matt haven’t set up camp in the HOH like they’ve done with everyone else.
Alex says it’ll happen. Xmas told her it took until day 2 for her. They just don’t want to f* with Jason

10:06amtree lighting up no takers

10:07am Paul talking to the camera
Paul claims to throw the HOH. “In other people’s minds Alex and Jason are unstoppable, in their minds they needs me to help them take out Alex and Jason”
Paul – Alex and Jason I wanted them to see that they can beat me.. if I beat them.. they might think f* Paul we have to take him out
Paul says he’s been feeding both sides Jason/Alex, Matt/Raven trying to get a distaste for Kevin.

Paul says Matt and raven think Kevin is the target. Alex and Jason thinks Matt is the target. paul says whoever from the Matt and Raven pair is left on the block will go home.

(Feeds flip…)

10:14am Bathroom Matt and Raven

Matt is b1tching that he played a much more loyal and clean game than Mark and didn’t deserve to have 2 votes against
They call the tree “pendant of poo”
Matt says at first they were told the tree would turn on and they wouldn’t know. Now they warn them, it’s because nobody cares about it and they all think it’s “GUMPY”
Raven – should we talk to Paul
Matt – yeah probably (we need to know what to do for the next hour)

10:17pm Raven, Matt and Paul
Paul says the 2 nominations are going to be one of them.
Raven says the whole house will be after him
They go on about how much Kevin is annoying them.

10:24pm HOH Jason and Kevin
Jason tells him he was a bit pissed Kevin dropped so quick in the hoh. Kevin says he’s had major wrist surgery and mobility issues in his wrist. It really hampered him during the competition.
Jason and Kevin agree they would rather have had Mark in the house over Matt but Alex and Paul were scared of Mark. Kevin wishes he would have told him he was voting out Matt, Kevin would have done the same and let Christmas break the tie.
Jason says they know he voted to evict Matt but they don’t know who the second vote was.

Jason suspects raven and Matt were going to backdoor Alex.
Jason tells him to keep being cool and keep acting like he doesn’t know what is going on.
Kevin says there’s nobody left in the house to work with unless he works with Josh and Christmas “No f*ing way”
Jason boasts that he could have stood in that hot dog all night.

10:38pm Xmas, Josh and Kevin

Xmas says they were woken up early because of the tree. “This is not a tree of temptation this is a tree of bad things”
Xmas asks Kevin “Did you sleep well, lonely, missed your buddy”
Kevin – WE;re cool I went up there today.

Xmas says it must have been hard being HOH in the beginning because you had to hear everyone “yapping.. trying to figure out who was lying” (imagine having to nom 5 people week 1 )

10:52pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Paul – I feel f*ing good
Matt – I do too..

Matt says it’s clear to him that Alex and Jason have no inkling that they are together
They go on that jason can’t compete in the HOH next week
raven – if Jason wins Veto do you think he’ll use it
Paul – YES absolutely that’s the point

Raven leaves
Paul – I’m not picking up anything weird
B2MEN – I’m not either.. I just want to make sure Raven doesn’t go up.. I’ll go up

Matt says the only way he can win is against Josh
Matt – I want Raven at least to final 2 she can win this game.. she needs it..

Paul says there’s no way he can win because he’s a vet.
Matt agrees with his point (KRAKEN)

Matt – her best chance of winning is us in the game.. she’s not going to beat Jason and Alex.

Paul says he’s going to freak out if he’s on the block but he feels good that they’ll be OK.
Matt – I won’t freak out I’ve been up there before..
Paul – I’m a little bit more enticing to people
Matt – you’re a better competitor than I am and you’ve played this game before
Paul – if it’s you and me up there at the end of the week I’m going home
Matt – I don’t think so dude..
Paul – Hommie I’m a realist
Paul leaves on his way out
Matt – those are really cute shorts man
Paul – thanks pal

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Jason's Dog

My lungs stick to my ribs. My vet says this is gonna kill me if I don’t have sursery. But the procedure costs $50,000. I don’t have any money (I’m a dog) and Jason can’t afford it. He needs a helicopter. Please visit my Go Fund Me page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I have to ask…what is Kraken? What does it stand for?


Thats funny, I thought it was some kind of liquor y’all were drinking when ever the show stated to get unbearable. Release the kraken and take a shot. Haha! If we all took a shot everytime they said Cod’s name we would all be wasted.


Matt & Raven


If Paul is called out, it’s not like all of them wouldn’t want to believe that he lied; they just wouldn’t want to believe that they really are that dumb. So he’d skate through a reveal, lol.

Industrial Strenght Mist

They wouldn’t want to believe that he lied to them. In other words, Jason/Alex would believe that Paul lied to B2Men/Raven in order to protect J/A. And Matt/Raven would believe that the opposite is true. Xmas/Josh would believe the same think. Paul has spritzed them heavily with The Mist.


Paul’s Mist is stronger then Dan’s Mist, & Paul didn’t even have to swear on a bible. Also I think Paul’s Mist is flammable, that’s why they don’t wanna go against him because all their games would instantly explode & Paul would still win.

Jessica's Birth Control

I would like to spray my mist all over Xmas Abbott…


I wouldn’t mind doing that either


why are they all so dumb…….vote out paul…..


Finally Simon! A full on Kraken declaration!!!

Can you imagine how pissed production must be that no one is going for their stupid tree twist?? Rebellion against production by the minions!!

Krakan Mist

They’ll rebel against production and the stupid tree. But never consider to get Paul out. Unbelievable! Where’s my Kraken???


I wouldn’t touch that tree either. Too many bad apples, especially for this late in the game.

sunny dee

they should never have brought in more temptations. i think many were fed up with them in the first place and happy to hear they were over. then they throw this BS into the house, as someone said they aren’t temptations, they are all just dumb. at least they aren’t doing the safety/auto nom comps anymore, i can’t stand seeing 3 people on the block unless they plan a BBCAN 3 people on the block where 2 are going to go home


After watching yeeeeeears of BB, You know people, like Paul are making final deals with many fringe groups.
I would TELL, other groups, one by one — “Hey, don’t tell anyone this!, but Paul said he is with US to the end. He might be lying to You.”
All He^% will break lose but it will also SHOW Paul was NOT LOYAL to anyone.


Wrong—-Paul is very loyal but only to himself!


Hilarious because looking at him in the midst of the group, I’m like, He doesn’t like any of these ppl either, just like Cody. I don’t even think that Paul thinks he’s the smartest person in the world; he just knows that he’s smarter than all of these ppl, lmbo.


cute shorts?
did one MAN just say that to another MAN?

Industrial Strenght Mist

Sounds like Boys2Men should now be referred to as Men2Men.



Judgmental Judy

That was frickin’ funny LOL! Paul should have replied, “Thanks, Man – not as cute as your shirt.”


Maybe Paul’s shorts are dying and covered with makeup. That’s what Matt considers cute…


told you Paul is a homo!!!

Amy N

I was wondering how long it would take someone to comment on that…LOL


Ew, is everyone that confident they’re not the target that they’d pass up some really good advantages in the game? Hell, even the “bounty on your head” temptation could be spun as dangerous for the HOH who wins the money because it gives anyone an easy reason to target them. They should all just go home now!


OMG…Matt is a complete toolbag….He is totally throwing his game away for Raven. Why are’t the other HG’s calling him out for this like they did Jess and Cody???
Now I actually wish that Raven goes home before Matt so I can see his face when she walks out the door.

Martha Stewart

(Discriminatory or sexually explicit remark deleted.)


Haha lol


?? Best comment of the day!


Each apple should have a dollar amount attached to it … up to $10,000. Gotta pick an apple to see if you win.

I guarantee people would pick.

Of course you also get whatever temptation comes with the apple.

CBS should be doing everything they can to wake up this snooze-fest.


They should have made everyone pick an apple the first time when Mark did….it could be good or bad but it’s part of the game. But since they all have a final 3 with Paul, no one is going to pick an apple.


I’m waiting for them to start screaming and banging the pots and pans at the tree because it might hurt Paul’s game..


If this was simply a typo and Paul didn’t say it exactly — please PLEAse don’t change it! “…in their minds they needs me…”


Kinda of strange that Paul was in the dr room for over an hour last night and now they speculate about a Sunday eviction

Fed Up

I just canโ€™t deal with the stupidity of these people!
Matt โ€“ โ€œI want Raven at least to final 2 she can win this game.. she needs it..โ€

Please vote Matt out this week, heโ€™s a total moron. First, BB is not a charity go fund me crap. Second, NO she canโ€™t win, she has done nothing all summer. Matt I need the money too, maybe you can win the game and send me the money, you froot loop dingus!


I laughed when I read this….wait until he gets out and hears about the real raven.


For sure how funny is it that he continues to rip Jessica for throwing her game away for Cody and saying how Jessica’s family and friends are telling her what a bad person Cody is

It is becoming nasty

Boy,Matt really got sucked in by Raven.(I hope this post can get by the censors).

Zakiyah's bloody maxi pad

I hope Paul wins.


Raven-should we talk to Paul?
Matt โ€“ yeah probably (we need to know what to do for the next hour)

That about sums up their entire game…Simon you are too funny!

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

I was a fan of Paul last year and was very excited to see him walk through those doors again after being “unleashed” by the houseguests themselves, and I would still prefer to see him win this year over all of these lemmings, but dang… the follow the leader routine has created a very dull year of BB. No surprise evictions, really no real back stabbing, not even real fights (all staged & planned, BY Paul), everyone just blindly following their piper. I keep praying for a “I didn’t see that coming” moment… He does deserve the money, for pulling the wool over all of the Sheeps eyes and leading them to slaughter.


These house guests honestly believe Paul doesn’t think he can win- lol! Wow Paul can sell anything!


The only one talking and making plans is Paul… Boringggg


Why is Paul f*ing complaining about waking up at 9? I wake up at 5 so??


I am up between 3:30-4 am daily. I am a grown woman. I don’t stay up late the night before. I guarantee you they all stay up late in their real lives – not just this show. Bunch of spoiled kids.


So going to bed real early and getting up really really early makes you a better person??? SMH

ika wong

shredding letters bounty head

Amy J

If anyone should be taking an apple it’s Matt/Raven. They still feel safe even though Matt got two votes against him and neither of them are HOH? Stupidest houseguests ever!


and Paul told them one of them is going up. at this point in the game you can not feel safe and feel safe going on the block.


I hate hate really hate to admit this but Paulhas convinced them that they have to play an honest game and all of them are scared to be caught in a lie with Paul so they tell Paul the truth thinking Paul is telling them the truth. If someone starts playing big brother and lying to advance their game they run to Paul. Paul has won why are we still talking about this season???


That’s the only reason I’m rooting for him.


Paul’s mist is AG and production.

Yo Mommaaaaa

Does anyone remember when Julie would talk to the HOH in the HOH room by themselves? Yeah maybe they should do that and tell them how Paul is playing all of their games for them. Literally CAN”T STAND this season. I’d rather watch paint dry then watch this or have to hear Ravens voice ever again! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Jessica's Birth Control

Why? They want paul to win and do not want anyone standing in his way. Have you been paying attention????

The stench of Raven' ^

Paul looks like Ringo Starr in that first picture.


Simon, can you plz block these ppl with nasty names?




No matter what happened 1st week Paul was coming into the house if they took the money or not


Here’s hoping production can get into the ears (anyone at this point) to shake things up. I don’t imagine that are too happy about no one taking an apple (they should blame Paul) after all they promoted this new temptation and if no one bites production will appear lame. Plus they need something to film or the next episodes will be boring.


I predict when these people find out what folks think of them they’ll immediately go into victim mode and blame anyone but themselves.

Cody and Jessica will become the go-to scapegoats.


What a bomb this Temptation Tree is!

First, they should not have announced what was in the apples – since there is bad things no one wants to take a chance on getting those. Just announce there are apples filled with various types of prizes and only one prize awarded a week. Maybe (Just Maybe) this would get their curiosity up more than it is now. Even if you are “safe” , let them think they could win a prize such as money or something good (In most years this would get contestants curiosity and imagination going during all their down time and they would be more likely to pick an apple but this year Paul is the only one who thinks so even this may not work!)

You also need to let the contestants know if no apple is drawn a curse will be unleashed on the house (This will definitely get them thinking – I’m sure they would worry it could bring someone from the jury back into the game)

Because of the way it was presented, the Apple Temptation has become as lame as this season. The only temptation left is for viewers to no longer watch the show!

Ugh...just ugh...

Stopped watching BBad, because lets face it, watching the Paul show has become a fest of eye rolling and wishing a giant Kracken actually showed up in the house to finally put some life back in the show. At this point paint drying has become more stimulating than anything going on in the house. I can only read the feeds by you guys because lets face it the only thing worth reading is anything you guys ( add) because that is actually funny. Thanks guys for making this HORRIBLE season worth at least reading about. Lets hope next season is better with NO VETS and NO PAULS or RAVENS please !

Jessica's Birth Control

Jason and Alex voting to oust Matt instead of Mark seems like a very bad game move. Why did they want to raise any suspicions of a double cross??? You want Maven feeling real conmfortable this week believing that Kevin is the target and they are pawns. I cant believe that the Cereal Eating Jamoke isnt getting a little suspicious…

Just Sayin'

Raven is as dumb & vacant as a surfboard (no offense to surfboards). Matt thinking she can win this thing actually makes him dumber than Raven… there I said it.

Gator Girl

Matt and Raven think she will win because they think everyone will give her the pity since she is going to die any minute.

Jessica's Birth Control

Look, its clear to me that paul is playing the best game. this isnt a nice guy contest. if it were, we would be rooting for Eddie McGee and dying of boredom. But by the same token, paul’s game play and potential victory is tainted due to all the help production is giving him. Friendship bracelets, 3 weeks of immunity, and the coaching going in in the diary room is beyond ridiculous. It was like Grodner getting James and Nicole together last year before and during the show and put them in an aliiance. And then making sure they pulled each other along at key points. Its sad that the game show laws do not apply to this show becuase this is a rigged game and BB should be sued.


Matt “man those are really cute shorts” to Paul, really?!?


Not that Paul needed any assistance, but all that visit from the Zingbot accomplished was to lob Paul a softball zinger and reinforce for the others that Paul can’t possibly win. It must be so confusing for Paul’s monkeys: On the one hand, they are so enchanted with Paul that they’ll do ANYTHING to ensure he is the last one standing; on the other hand, they envision a scenario wherein one of them wins and Paul is in second place?
Note that in both scenarios PAUL LIVES to the end.
How can it be that each of the monkeys would rather be with Paul than any other houseguest?

BB Juicy Blast

Trust me… as soon as Paul is in danger, production will let him know its time to pick an apple to save his ass.