“People are like, you’re 35 and not married, I never found anyone that was worthy”

10:00am Xmas, Jason and Matt
Matt complains that the coffee maker is crap.

They’re joking around..
Xmas – It’s really like lord of the flies in here..
Matt – it’s Elena’s Birthday
Xmas – awwww Happy Birthday Elena.. I know we voted you out but we still wish you to have a wonderful birthday..

Xmas – just make that clear because other people we don’t want to have a wonderful time..
Jason – like dumb a$$ (Cody)
Xmas – I hope they give you a cake.. no not a cake.. Ice Cream.. all your favorite Ice cream..

Matt wonders if there’s an eviction on Sunday to balance the number out.
ZXmas – they’re building something massive out there..

Matt says Cody is the worst player in the history of the game..
Xmas thinks Cody is a sociopath and a compulsive liar.
jason – and just a mean man not a nice man.

Jason – the kinda guy that hangs out in a group thinking he’s the smartest, best looking and toughest. he doesn’t talk abnd inject himself in every conversation..

Jason – zero social skills
Matt – you can’t not care about people .. that’s really shitty..
Matt goes on about how Cody has no class.

Matt says they’ve spent half the season trying to get Cody and Jessica out of the game.
Xmas – Jess thinks we did a poor job, we did an excellent job.
Matt – “His name might not be Cody”
Jason – Julie chen called him Cody

Matt – Lied about his age.. lied about his time in the military
Xmas going on about lying says she didn’t lie about being an Athlete.

Xmas has a “Bone” for Cody

(FYI… for those taht care.. Jason is starting to use Josh’s saying in a exaggerated tone “WHAT THE F*” mannerisms. So Josh is setting them this year. )

11:04am Xmas and Raven talking about seeing Derrick.
Xmas – it was Kinda cool.. a real person, cool.

Matt joins them.. Xmas laughs says it’s nice to see matt with a change of Shirts.
Raven in her accent “he has other clothes i’ve seen them”
Xmas wants a fashion show..

Xmas mentions How Jason was waiting to get the HOH Letter because he wanted to find out if his wife Holly was pregnant.
Xmas – it was so beautiful… what I can be a b1tch with a heart.. (Holley is Pregnant)
Xmas says she really wants “that family unit.. you work through it and you fight it out.. no more of this fairweather marriage f*ing sh1t.. ”
Xmas – people are like you’re 35 and not married.. for a long time I never found anyone that was worthy.. and when I found someone worthy the family situation wouldn’t work..

Xmas – I know exactly what I want..

Matt tries to speed things up..

11:58am Raven has Breakfest.

Noon… Alex, Kevin, Jason and Josh..
Josh is going on about the Rat they saw last night. Jason doesn’t believe it.

Kevin Mice means there’s no rats.. rats means there’s no mice..
Raven – his tail is like this long
Paul – rats are gross..
Paul swears to have seen a giant rat.

(Some houseguests think there’s a rat in the house. Some don’t)

Xmas thinks there’s a rat, says she say one on the TV screen.
Jason doesn’t believe it says if there is one “it’s mechanical”
(Q: How can you tell a guy is married in the Big brother 19 house? A: Xmas is either hanging off them or they’re hanging off her)

People are going crazy about this rat. Josh shows us where is came out.
Xmas – 4 people have seen the rat
Jason still doesn’t believe it was real.
Jason says they’re getting paid to convince the house there’s a rat.

12:59pm POV players picked..

Christmas, Jason, Matt, Raven, Mark, Paul

Jason says the save a friend allows him to be safe from going on the block. (Paul has the Save a friend he got it from Mark. I don’t know anything more than this)

1:06pm POwer whispering.. If Mark wins the Veto they’re saying Matt will be the target.

Paul starts complaining about Kevin saying he’s acting weird.. Paul goers on about how he’s going to get under Kevin’s skin.

1:13pm Kevin and Christmas talking about Kevin…

1:22pm Alex, Paul and Christmas Alex says that Kevin knows Derrick in real life
Alex now saying that Kevin is a undercover cop that is why he knows Derrick.
Xmas says that is why he was close to Cody because they shared dangerous jobs,
Paul says if Kevin was a real gangster they would have killed Kevin’s whole family for the things he said.. “Bury money in cash.. ”
Now Paul claims to have criminal elements ion his family and they would never talk about it like Kevin does
Xmas leves. Paul says that Kevin is about to explode..

1:35pm HOH Josh Xmas and Paul
Josh – Kevin is tripping b@lls

Josh – I come up stars and he goes, what is everybody talking about there’s no one up here.. I’m like what do you mean Kevin, He’s like yeah it’s still the plan to get mark out
Josh – I was like Yeah Mark is going and then he goes, What if Mark wins we’re going after matt
Xmas – tell Kevin.. If Kevin starts asking you that tell him to shut his f*ing mouth
Josh – I know…
Paul – tell him he’s going up and he;’s going home
xmas – at this point he is going home
Josh – then he said.. you come from a big family right with big family values and loyalties I do to so just remember who was with you since day one
Paul – Oh my god
Xmas oph my .
Paul – that fool f*ing weird..

1:38pm Josh, Alex and Jason

Josh – Kevin is tripping Balls …

After Josh tells them the same thing as he told Xmas and Paul.. Josh leaves..
Jason talking to Alex about how weird it was that Xmas picked Raven to play in the Veto and not Alex. He’s worried something is up and that they’ll try to take a shot at them. Jason thinks it’s become obvious to the house that him, Alex and Paul are close so they are going to want to “Clip” (goddamn I hate that word) one of them. Alex tells him he’s being paranoid. They’re good to final three with Josh and Christmas as long as her, Jason and Paul keep winning HOPH. They’ll “Clip” (:( ) Josh and Christmas at that point and roll to final 3 with Paul.

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shitmas was left at the alter before. the guy figured out what a mistake he was making.

ole' noname


Shame on Shitmas

The mistake was thinking he was a she.

Team Ahole

I bet that guy that dusted Xmas at the alter is watching the show and thinking wow did I dodge a bullet with this .


Wrong. She called off the wedding. Look him up. Sad

Juliana from New York

How do i donate to the site?

I See Floaters Everywhere

These sheep need something more to do than hate and obsess over Cody because they look pathetic. The only reason they do this is because Paul told them to, how is it possible for them to be this stupid?


how is it possible for you to be this stupid?

Alan Stone

You are correct sir!

Team Ahole


Can you please add Zingbot, the pool table, the chess set and the storage room trash can to the ranking grid so that these houseguests can see just what we really think of them?



This happens every single year. Most likely out of boredom. They always talk about the people that have been evicted. Cody isn’t special.


Matt saying Cody is worst BB player… ???


The only thing Matt will win is the Award for Irony in a Televised Reality Game Show, with the prize being a lifetime supply of frosted flakes. And he’ll be good with that.

Pants on fire

Wouldn’t it be great that on the final night Julie anounces that there will be no AFP this year because there were none!! Zing!!


From the guy whose never even watched BB!! Listening to them is gut wrenching. Lol

Resist the Twist

Matt says Cody is the worst player in the history of the game.. Says the Cereal Killer Himself
Xmas thinks Cody is a sociopath and a compulsive liar. Says the woman hitting on a 55yr old married man
jason – and just a mean man not a nice man. Says someone who acts like a 3rd grader

Please Mark win the POV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica's Birth Control

If Mark won POV he would prolly just give it to paul anyway!!!! He is an idiot!!!

Judgmental Judy

These people are still verbally assassinating Cody while he’s completely done thinking about any of them. And now they are trashing their favorite cuddler, Kevin. Who are the awful people?


What do you think Matts family and friends think about him being with Raven..I’m sure they know what a fraud she is. Cant wait for him to meet mommy in law


Has Christmas mentioned she’s been engaged twice and had a wedding scheduled for September?

Team Ahole

Christmas…..rhymes with witch.

Resist the Twist

11:58am Raven has Breakfest.

Chug a lugging soda for breakfast. Only the idiots in that house are dumb enough to believe her Medical affliction B.S. story

Matts Minnows

Chug a lugging soda to get that taste out of her mouth?


Xmas is a liar and manipulator. She looks much older than she is, nasty b****


Agree!!!!! What a hateful person!





Please win veto mark!!!


If I had to choose between the people in the haunted house during temptation comp two weeks ago or the current people in the Big Brother house, I would choose the people in the haunted house. At least they have souls.

Tetti Dew Korti

how funny is it that they are mad at cody for not socializing with them when they turned their back on him as soon as paula showed up with 3 weeks immunity? THEY are butthurt because he didn’t kiss their asses? lmfao you tried to mentally torture and break the guy and YOU are the ones are mad he didn’t want to have anything to do with you? would it have saved him? duh

fixed it for you

how funny is it that they are mad at cody for not socializing with them when they turned their back on him as soon as he blindsided his alliance?


Jody fans STAY ignoring the fact that Cody blindsided his alliance week 1. He had more then enough time to let them know why his plans were. If he told his alliance his plans they would’ve informed him that he did not have the votes to take Paul out & maybe Cody wouldn’t have shot himself in the head week 1.


Blah blah blah…much had happened since week one.. should we start with Josh….


If they were his team matwe the votes would be there to take out Paul. They abandoned Cody as soon as Pa showed up

I See Floaters Everywhere

If people don’t like blindsides they shouldn’t be in big brother. Plus we all know that had nothing to do with it, they jumped ship because Paul told them to.

fixed it for you

If people who cause the blindsides don’t like the consequences of the blindsides they shouldn’t be in big brother. Plus we all know that had everything to do with it, they jumped ship because Cody blindsided them.


That was after Cody attacked Josh for being a crybaby “victim noises” is what he called it. That was when they “jumped ship”, they were still partially with him after the vote. Also Paul was part of Cody’s alliance week 1, that’s why they ran to him after Cody went rogue.


Paul can’t stand that he was never able to get under Cody’s skin. It’s insane that he’s still talking about it! Cody will probably never utter Paul’s or X-mas’ names again. And yes it did take ALL of them trying for over half the season to get rid of Jody (excellent job, my ass)


If Cody didn’t blindside his alliance, & was not so explosive when the vote didn’t go his way, he would’ve never lost his alliance. Remember Paul didn’t have the power until after Cody blew up after Jillian got voted out, once Paul had it he took advantage & ran the house ever since..
Just the FACTS.


I can’t stand those people, they’re a bunch of bullies and idiots. Alex is the worse,


I am so happy that someone else admits the whole house have been bullies …even Mark Yet, I am hoping that Mark wins the veto and next HOH and back doors Paul…Paul needs to go so that these idiots really start to play and stop sucking up to Paul. How can they not see if they don’t get rid of Paul before F3, he will take the win. Never seen a house of people whose main objective was to get to Jury. None of them yet, that i have seen have talked about wanting to win the 500 grand. I hope Mark wins and takes Matt off so that useless xmas has to stick one of her good friends up.. probably Raven but if they are smart enough they will just say bye to Paul. They need to stop bullying everyone. I agree with everyone who says they hope there is no AFP this year, none of them deserve it. Even kevin showed his true colours and joined in with being a bully too.


So what’s this twist all about? Mark gave Paul the save a friend, but now he has a bounty on his head? Seems like the punishments come with a benefit or vice versa. Anyone that can clarify on this?


I don’t think we know who has the bounty on their head yet. What I’ve gotten from watching the feeds is that they had to pick an apple from the temptation tree and Mark got Save a Friend, which he gave to Paul, so Paul is safe this week. . .so, a waste. Raven got Cannot Compete in Next HOH. . .another waste. No one seems to know who got the Bounty on Your Head, Second Veto, or Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes.


Paul has the 5K bounty on his head. From a comment on a previous thread. The HOH receives 5K if Paul is evicted on their HOH.


Well looks like Cody was right, Jason and Alex will be the next targets after Mark leaves. We are going to have the worst final 5 of all time. Someone please bullhorn the Paul and Raven pregame relationship to the house to shake these people awake. Alex is being so stupid she should know Paul isn’t taking her and Jason to the end because he can’t beat them.


Most BB final 5’s are pretty awful. Power players are always knocked out early and we’re left with, at best, 1 or 2 players deserving of the 500k.

Have some respect.

Still questioning Codys military service. CBS needs to tell them the next person to question his f@cking service leaves the game. That has nothing to do with game.

Jessica's Birth Control

Did Cody lie about his age and military service or are these scumbags just making it up??? If they are lying, his lawyer should send a cease and desist letter to CBS and the production company. And include his terms of a large financial settlement to resolve the matter. CBS can edit this show like Stanley Kubrick (as we all know), so there is no reason they should allow these scumbags to smear and libel a veteran on national tv with lies. Nor should they allow someone to overstate his military background if it is all fake.


It isn’t a lie. I’d say the DR should just fill them in on the facts at this point, but I also enjoy seeing them act the fools.


Cody lied about his age (he said he was 26 instead of 32, or whatever his age is) because he didn’t want the other HGs knowing how long he was in the service. I think he said he was in the Air Force before the Marines and didn’t want anyone to know about that. Not sure why.


You are wrong on so many levels. First, they do not edit the live feeds, which is where they are heard talking about Cody’s service. Second, they signed contracts, and I’m sure the same clause is in theirs as every other reality show, which states you cannot sue other participants. Third, what an abuse of the legal system. Cody would have to be able to show true monitary damages, which I’m sure he could not. Though is is quite disgusting to question military service, enough with the legal bs, that you obviously know nothing about. You can not just sue someone that hurts your feelings.


Slandering a persons character on National television is a crime! Also, Cody would be in trouble for impersonating military petsonnel. The main thing that is so outrageous is the lack of respect for the sacrifices he made to serve. Scumbag behavior.


You should change your handle to AmAnIdiot because you are. So you are privy to the BB contracts? You have them in front of you Ms Grodner? Okay post it here Slappy and I’ll be happy to give my legal opinion. but it sounds like you are talking out your backside.
Here is a hint: He would not be suing the other participants. He would be suing the big wallets of CBS and the production company. He never signed on to be smeared in a situation in which CBS could either edit taped segments or warn contestants about their behavior during live feeds.
Here is another hint: Despite their contracts and waivers They were sued in the past.
Here is another hint: lawsuits sometimes end in settlements.
Since you know nothing about the legal system could you now show us your knowledge of Quantum Physics,,,,,,


His military service is 100% real. They are just being idiots and thing to diss him.


Cody served in the Marines from Dec.2008 to Dec. 2012. He did a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq. He reached E4 Corporal while in the Marines and was in the Air Force before going into the Marines. He received 2 National Defence service medals, a Good Conduct medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service medal, and 2 Navy Unit Commendations. Just so everybody knows.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Cody did lie about his age, as well as his service BUT he did eventually come clean about it all. So the HGs aren’t lying about what they say in that regard. Cody first said he was something like 26 and he’s 32…left out the 8? years he served previously… but the shit they are saying about him will never stop because they are bullies and cody didn’t join in in their reindeer games. Cody isn’t the first one that was questioned about profession. They did that to Donny before thinking he was a cop/military..which ever it was because of tan lines on his legs..when all he was was a grounds keeper. the people are the worst that i have seen in ages ..since the racist season anyways. lol


CBS isn’t going to pay Cody a dime. The contracts/agreements etc cover everything. Besides, talking about someone isn’t a verifiable crime.

Jessica's Birth Control

MEMO TO MARK- You probably do not want to give the SAVE A FRIEND TEMPTATION to the guy who is sending you out the door!!!!! Perhaps you should use that as currency for someone who actually wants to keep you in the game??? Like to make a deal perhaps??? JUST A THOUGHT YOU IDIOT!!!

MEMO TO KEVIN- People are meeting up in the HOH room and you are NOT ONE OF THEM!!! if you aint in the room, you are going home!!!

MEMO TO MAVEN- When people talk about getting out the showmances, YOU ARE IN A SHOWMANCE AND ARE A TARGET!!! Is the friggin sugar from the fruit loops messing with your brains??? Or is it the constant hand jobs????

MEMO TO XMAS JOSH MAVEN- ITS CALLED A FINAL 3 NOT A FINAL 7!!!!!! After this eviction, there will be 7 people in the house. YOU ALL DONT HAVE A FINAL 3 WITH PAUL!!! DO THE MATH!!! 7-3=4. After the next eviction you will have one chance to turn the house. Think about last year and vic and paul getting rid of paulie. You rarely get an opportunity to take out the big dog and his alliance. It should be clear to you all that you are NOT IN A FINAL 3 WITH PAUL!!! WAKE THE HELL UP AND START PLAYIN THE DAMN GAME!!! Have you nitwits thought about double eviction. YOU DO REALIZE THAT IF MARK IS NOT ON THE BLOCK ONE OF YOU IS GOING HOME!!! YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME KIDS AND OLD MAN!!!

Xmas – I know exactly what I want. Yes an older 50+ rich guy to marry you and pay your bills who will also function as a cuckhold so you can still have sex with bodybuilders and surfer dudes. We get it xmas, we really do…


100% actual!

Just thinking

Mark giving Paul save a friend sounds dumb but Paul would probably not be going up anyway If the house wins veto Marks going up if Mark wins veto they put up Kevin or Raven not Paul…Mark doesn’t win he’s gone so maybe giving Paul the tempt would give him a small chance at least it would show the rest of the house that being loyal to Paul doesn’t help them.


Note to you….. Paul was going no where this week. The friendship is neutral simply because he was SAFE any way! Who was he suppose to give it to…..Alex?


This is the best thing I have read all season. The bullying and nastiness I have seen from this cast is unrivaled. I truly feel for Cody and Jess, and am so glad they had each other. The fact that they still talk smack about him, only to justify to themselves how they all ganged up on him and treated him with such distain…they are bullies and just nasty people. Shame on CBS for not showing the true side of Paul and all the horrific things he has said, done, and lead the group to do. I hope that no matter what, win or lose, Paul is booed upon exit of this house. They other cast members are all falling over themselves to ensure Paul walks out of the house with half a million…I’d applaude his game if he wasn’t such a bully, seriously they (the entire cast but Jody & CBS) want you to win, you don’t have to be a bully and dick to win at this point.


Paul looks like a genius on a season that started with 15 bad/dumbass players… Nobody should get AFP this season because nobody earned it. Give the 25k to Bloggers that’s been forced to watch the feeds all season. BB Bloggers.for AFP, make I happen A.G you are know to “spin magic” for certain HGs..


Mark, Please win POV! Give us a reason to cheer. It’s time they start turning on each other.

Jessica's Birth Control

XMAS JOSH MAVEN MARK and KEVIN will be turning on Paul and flipping the game when they are in the jury house watching the game on TV……


House Guests, of course there are rats in the BB house. We’ve been watching them for almost two months now, and they’re like pets to us. We’ve even named them: the small, hairy one is Paul (and seems to be the leader), the one with the muscles and lame foot is Christmas, the one who screams all the time is Alex and the one who just follows the others is Josh. There are also smaller rodents living in the house who are wannabe rats, but haven’t quite reached that status yet.

Juan Carlos Nolasco

Someone give me tickets to a live taping!!! I want to BOO the crap out of XMAS and ALEX!

Team Ahole

I’m not happy about it but I think Mark and Kevin are the only people left in the house that I can root for. Paul, Josh, Alex, Jason and Christmas are all sleezebags and Matt and Raven are too insignificant to even consider.

Is it too soon to say show us the jury house footage instead of these holes?


Sadly I can’t even root for kevin… A few weeks ago I didn’t like Mark but now i want him to win veto and then HOH just to screw up this ‘puppy’ alliance. I am so tired of them. Paul and his threats of ” I will just (sic) josh on them” and josh like the good puppy he is does it. its unreal how these pups behave. Paul warning them not to read what people say about them is funny because you know all of them will because they are self absorbed idiots that think everyone loves them. The pups will all be in for a rude awakening. Especially considering so many call them all bullies. I just hope this isn’t the way they all are when outside of the house. Would hate to see my real time friends acting the way the do in the house. The lying/scheming is normal that’s is part of the game but what they are saying is not game …its all personal.


I’m really not trying to say Paul’s group is nice and sweet and all. But I don’t understand the uproar about them questioning IF he was in the service. My son was in the Army. I respect our military as much as most Americans. I haven’t heard them down the military. Only to question if Cody was in the military. I’m thinking he really did lie about his age at first. May be wrong about that. Plenty of people have lied about their occupations in the game. I’m pretty sure Derrick did also. I’m just wondering if they have talked badly about our soldiers. Or simply questioning if he is being truthful about his service ?


Only speaking for myself of course, but even though Cody was far from my favorite hg in the beginning it really irritated me how their diatribes and berating rose to the level of questioning whether he was really a marine. To me it’s just so immature and disrespectful–if someone tells me they served, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise; throwing doubt at it with no way to verify their suspicions is wrong. When have any of them ever put their lives on the line for any other reason than their own benefit? They do seem to respect service members in general, therefore they just didn’t want to put Cody in that category because of their unreasonable level of hate towards him. Plus Paul knew if it was true, questioning it might push Cody’s buttons to the point of violence and Paul would have loved that. I think questioning someone’s military service should just be not on the table, similar to using their children against them. Of course saying almost anything is allowed in bb but some things are still going to piss off a good # of viewers.

So predictable

That’s it? We wait all afternoon for an update and it’s the same ole Paul show. Seriously. Is now not the time to backdoor Paul? Double eviction would have been a perfect time to do so as well since he wouldn’t have a chance to run his mouth and bully his way out of it.

Yup… Thanks for the friendship folks … he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank .. cha ching!

Alex the minion runs her mouth so fast… keep spinning all the way out the front door. Glad Elana took the money lol


They’re all really creepy. They can’t stop talking about Cody and telling each other how great they are.

Really creepy … Jason has become super creepy. Horrible man. No wonder the only gig he can get is running from bulls.

Hope there’s dead silence from the audience when they come out.


It’s comical how Raven changes her accent. She’s the biggest fraud.

Guy From Canada

Plastic bag on someone’s head? How the f@ck do they not get evicted for that? Guess he is acting out aggressions after being called out for his boyz2shirtz……


I weirdly think voting out Jason is going to be a mistake for Paul this week if Mark wins veto, he should just clip Kevin.
Alex will be pissed and might team up with Mark and to get back at Paul, will tell Josh that Paul spilled about Kevin winning the 25k because she’s pissed thus, starting a spiral of everyone finding out Paul’s lies.
Matt is best to go because Alex and Jason will remain loyal and Raven doesn’t have any ties or knowledge to cause any drama.
I think this is caused by Jason’s speech more than anything which I don’t blame Paul being paranoid about because it IS the best move for Jason to turn on Paul, but of course that would involve Jason having a brain and balls.


My take on how the remainder of the season plays out. Remember, this is just my opinion and written from my perspective of the game.

Jason: Gone within the next 2-3 evictions. He is not a leader and has not an original thought in his head. The man is so much a follower, he is not even following Paul; he is following the girl who is following Paul.

Christmas: If she makes Final 3, she’ll be doing good. Her social game is decent enough but she is an instigator, minus Paul’s “celebrity” and does not have enough charisma.

Alex: She will be cut at Final 5. She is too much of a competitor (probably one the best remaining) and the common house target left on her HOH. All compelling arguments for the half million.

Mark: He wants people to like him more than he wants to win. He will leave either directly before or directly after Jason.

Raven: She is playing Nicole’s game and I think Paul sees that. She will be useful for another couple of weeks but she won’t make Final 5.

Matt: Seriously, he is the biggest undercover threat in the house. All he does is have sex, eat cereal, and goes up as a pawn as needed. He is no threat to anyone and I can see everyone wanting to take him to Final 2.

Kevin: His days are numbered….I see the immediate eviction lineup being Jason, Mark, Kevin in no particular order.

Josh: He has a good shot at Final 2. It is taking him a minute to figure out he is the house puppy but when all the pieces fall into place, watch out. He will be the one to have the balls to put Paul on the block.

Paul: I am not a fan and don’t like the game he is playing, but he is playing and is working double time to surround himself with others who are not. He is def going to the end, but not sure if he will win….his jury management style is pretty crappy. You just cannot say you manipulated folks and think that wins you the game.

Cody: He will win AFP. The story line this year was vet (actual) vs vet (BB). You were either #TeamCody or #TeamPaul and Paul inadvertently helped Cody with the house vs Cody and calling his military service into question. To squash the backlash from that and to keep a fanbase, CBS will make sure the votes fall in Cody’s favor.


Raven talking about how she has no respect for Cody. Guess what Miss “Fake Accent/Fake Illness” pretty sure America feels the same way about you.


Geesh, these guys are still spewing crap about Cody. I hope he gets America’s vote, and I hope that Julie uses it as a platform to condemn the bullying that went on. There’s a difference in gameplay (idiot Paul’s cover for directing the bullying) . Ah well, one can dream.

One the game front, the newbie’s should have made a pact at the start to vote whichever newbie made end to the end if Paul did too (which should been a given). Might have made for more interesting play (or not since these guys have basically been lambs lead to slaughter by Paul). At the very least it would have been great to see Paul’s smug face fall when he heard the vote.

Just wondering!

This year is either filled with complete idiots or production is really a secret HG! am I the only one who thinks that the current HOH should be able to participate in the next HOH? Take away that fear of not being able to defend yourself the next week! Maybe people would start making big moves instead of playing it safe!! No one can be more disgusting than Amanda or Eryn but some of these house guest are really pushing it!! I guess there’s always next summer!!

Kev's Wife's Divorce Attorney

I wish they showed live feeds of the jury members at the jury house. Then we could watch one by one as they realized the truth about everything. Now that would be great. I’d rather watch the jury house right now vs. the pathetic people in the BB house right now (minus Mark). GO MARK!


Jesus Christ. I really wish one of these dimwits would just go to Kevin and talk to him. I know Paul has assigned this latest strain of the plague to Kevin so everyone is now supposed to shun the sh*t out of him, but Josh and Jason seem uncomfortable about going all in on him right now so why not go talk to him? I mean, did Kevin actually say or do something “sketchy as f*ck” or is this once again Paul saying one or two things that he knew would cause his attack dogs to go nuts and now can sit back while all these stories about Kevin are created out of thin air? I mean, I get not wanting to be in a minority, but man, I’d like to see some of these people trust their gut/initial insincts…if it feels wrong to start taking someone down, maybe don’t do it. Or at the very least, tell Kevin he’s being seen in a not great light, legit or not. Would that change anything? I don’t know. I’m just waiting for someone to do something that hasn’t been dictated to them by their mini bearded leader.

Also, Alex and Jason’s plan to take Paul to the final 3…so stupid.

mad max

Why on earth are the still fixated on Cody?

Let's Get Real

In this game of lying & backstabbing , couple that with Cody being a douche, I don’t have a problem with them not believing Cody was in the military….hell, if I was in that house, I would think he was a dick…..sorry, can’t stand him. He was not made for this game…..it was ” my way or the highway ” ….you have to at least TRY in this game and he did not. That said, the only ones I’m pulling for are Mark & Kevin…..after that I could give a f**k

Hell no

F*ck that. Your an American on live tv questioning some ones military service? There no excuse for that sh*t. If you really think there’s some type of stolen valor going on you keep it to yourself. The person lying about their service will be destroyed outside of the house. He did come there to play(have it be with no social skills) but they took every chance away from him. I’m tired of all the ways other players can even keep you from having a fighting chance. Take away the 15 advantages that Paul had at the beginning of the game and he would have been gone…just like every other returning vet. Cody probably still wouldn’t have made it that far but I think a few people would have followed him.

Alan Stone

Paul’s a genius!

Bolt Uprite.

Cody for AFP so he can fix his truck and buy Jess a big rock.


Jess is long gone. She only wanted Cody for protection. She’s already out there with a new “client”. Cody doesn’t make enuf $ for her. All she wanted was face time, thus the showman e. And About Cody’s truck…what 30 something guy has no full time job and not enough $$ to fix his truck. Where’s his military benefits? His service connections to help him out of a jam? He’s not what you think he is. Watch, wait and see.



every episode is a eye roll

I hate how they keep bringing up Cody and saying he was a liar… get over it !!! also not one person has left the BB house without telling a lie, stop pretending you are bigger than that. Also you would think Xmas would have a little more respect as she has also served time in Iraq, civilian member but still you would think she could maybe relate a bit. they have no right to question his military past or if he has a child, etc.