Cody says he’s preparing a speech to blow up Jason and Alex’s game “F* Them”

12:38pm Cody and Elena
Cody is mentioning his speech.. Mark and Elena don’t need to worry.
Elena – I’m excited to hear it .. are you going to throw their sh1t on.. out .. blow up their spot
Cody – F* them
Elena – about their alliance
Cody – I’m going to throw Alex in there, Alex and Jason
(makes a move with his fist)
Elena – perfect.. very interesting I’m excited

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“I am just letting him think that I am that docile girl but yes I am a crazy b***h!”

Paul – Kevin is always telling me that Cody respects me (Kevin) more than anyone in this game. He also said something else to me last night. He said that you’ve constantly got to act dumb so that people will do stuff for you. Alex – he always asks me stupid questions like what is that? It’s a nail clipper. How do you use that? You know how to use a nail clipper like what are you talking about. Paul – but you can’t say anything about that yet. Alex – no I won’t say anything. Paul – especially don’t mention it (that Kevin got the 25K) to this fool (Josh) because if he knows I told you he is going to sh*t.

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Alex “That’s my EX-BOYFRIEND!” Josh “You’re on tv, he wants to get back with you.. F**K HIM!”

Cody – oh yeah, I’m going to compete in the safety competition. Kevin – yeah I guess everyone is. Cody – they’ll have to. Kevin – I know and same as today.. if you don’t people think stupid f**king things. What do you think they’re doing with her (Jess)? Do you think she’s going home or what? Cody – since she is free and clear of the game she should be able to experience it all .. do you know what I mean? Because if we’re in jury there is only so much they can tell us. Like the secrets of everyone but for her she will have unfettered access and interviews.

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Jason – if we all spread them the wrong way then.. umm.. we’re not spreading votes……. is it hot in here?

Big Brother Spoilers 1:45pm Mark and Elena Have nots
Mark says Cody and Kevin were talking and Kevin told him if Cody takes out Mark he’ll get 5 weeks of safety.
Mark – I don’t know if Cody is trying to scare me or not.. I don’t trust Paul at all.. ”
Elena – Jess told me the other day that there’s something from the other side of the house that has been talking to her and telling her stuff, keeping her informed. when Dom was on the block they came to her and offered to work with us..
Elena – she was like no and Paul made an agreement with that side of the house that.. he’s guaranteed safety either way.. and so like if power shifts over there he’s safe
Mark – I see it

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“Mark is like Ratatouille right now.. there’s no cheese for you right now buddy you made your bed”

Big Brother Spoilers 3:39pm HOH Josh
Josh – being HOH this week has made everything really clear
Josh – I’ve always known that Christmas and Paul are my ride or dies in this game.. Paul is annoyed with Christmas and Christmas knows that Paul is playing a great game.
Josh – A lot of people are showing me their cards, stepping back and seeing it puts a lot into perspective..
Josh – If Whisltenut, Kevin and Alex are forming a relationship with Cody how is that protecting me and Paul… and Christmas

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Stop Singing “I’m not singing I’m teaching them about America’s musical history 1967 Janis Joplin”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:13pm Kevin
Kevin – you guys have taken a piece of my heart so whatever you wanna do
Jason starts singing.. taken a piece of my heart
Kevin – you know who sings that
Alex – Come on Come on
Kevin – Janis Joplin
Production – Please stop singing

Kevin – Actually I’m not singing I’m teaching them about America’s musical history 1967 Janis Joplin
Production – Kevin, please stop singing

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Josh “There have been points where I’ve been looking at Elena and I can’t get out of bed.”

Josh – I’ve had moments in the house where I’ve had to stay in my bed. Or just sitting down. Christmas – that went downhill fast. Josh – there have been points where I’ve been looking at her and can’t get out of bed. Paul – Josh have you gone through puberty yet? Josh – Whoa not like that?!? Paul – oh I’ve got a boner right now! I wonder why?! Josh – I didn’t say that!? Paul – why? Josh – because I get mesmerized by her. That ain’t it. They all laugh.

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“it’s throwing my sh1t off, I’m drained.. I have a distaste for this situation so much”

Big Brother Spoilers 4:58pm Matt, Raven and Paul
Raven – Josh can’t bang anymore pots and pans
Matt – that’s ridiculous.. that’s part of the game dude
Boyz2men – so Josh can’t play his game because people can’t handle their emotions
Paul – Yup, that’s exactly it
Matt – Literally part of the game.. that’s unbelievable
Raven – I agree..

Paul pouring scorn on Mark for not saying anything. Paul calls Mark a hypocrite
Matt – that’s ridiculous..
Paul going on about Mark not saying anything.. .
Paul – don’t hide and say you’re a f*ing hero when you’re standing there not doing sh1t.. (ZomG)
Raven says Mark heard everything

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Jason – “Everyone in this house is a bully when it works for them… expect for me.”

Big BRother Spoilers 2:48pm Jason and Alex
Jason is pointing how Matt and raven are acting like Jason never had Alex’s back.
Jason – I’m not going to jump in and whip Cody’s a$$

Alex – at least hold him down while I punch him..
Jason – in the outside world I’ll hold fools for a hundred days and let you cheap shot the piss outta them.. but in here..

4:05pm Alex and Jason Storage room

Jason says Josh is scared of the backlash but he keeps doing it.
Alex says they were being a bully to Josh
Jason – everyone in this house is a bully when it works for them… expect for me..
Jason laughs..

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“You want to f*ing try this sh1t on the outside? go for it, I f*ing dare you” – Cody

Big Brother Spoilers 1:16pm Jessica, Jessica and Cody
Josh comes up to them
Jess – Josh I’m warning you, today is not the day
Cody – Listen here you f*ing piece of sh1t I swear..
Jess – DON’T
Josh – I didn’t even put you on the block
Jess – Josh get away from me
Cody – you trying to get some attention on Snap chat sh1t
Josh – she made me feel.. she was like spell drought i’ll make you look stupid.. I have a degree I own a business
Jess – I still think you’re a moron
Cody – you’re the dumbest f*ing person we’ve ever met Josh
Josh – nice
Cody – you f*ing waddle around here with your fat f*ing body acting like you are f*ing tough, you know it’s only because we can’t f*ing do sh1t in here
josh – ok

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“If she tries to HUG me I’m legitimately going to palm her face.. Nope, not today Satan”

Big Brother Spoilers 11:00am Cody and Jessica on the hammock
Jess – the next time you get Kevin alone.. Can you ask if plans to evict Raven or Elena

Cody – should I just say to him could you vote to evict Raven
Jess – I think he will.. He told me he’s not voting for me and I want to know which way his vote is going to go, I want it towards Raven

Cody – I talked to Jason.. I said let’s make this square Vote Raven… 1 more vote towards Raven.. He said deal Done
Jess – when did that happen

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