HOH & Nomination Results! “Matt, I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association.”

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Head Of Household: Christmas

Nominated: Matt & Jason

9:05pm HOH room – Christmas and Raven are painting their nails. Paul is napping on the HOH bed.
Raven talks about Derrick Levasseur (BB16 winner) coming into the house. Raven – Matty is like a block star right now .. its so funny. Three in a row. If you’re going to do it, do it. Christmas – Someone said that was the most peaceful nomination ceremony. Did you say that? I thought about saying Matt I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association. I was actually having a hard time figure out what I wanted to do. Raven – you did a good job. Raven – I feel like this next competition will be endurance. Christmas – I feel like I won’t be able to compete. Raven – you can’t because you’re HOH. Christmas – Oh yeah.. sometimes I’m just pretty. After this week its just 8! Raven – I think its after this week we get the videos from our family. Raven – I keep saying that I would go on the block but he said no. Christmas – I didn’t want to make that decision. I wanted you guys to make it. I am excited we’re going to be top 8 next week. Raven – I know and that means zingbot is coming soon. Christmas – I like that we’ve always hung out. Raven agrees.

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9pm – 9:20pm Bedroom. Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin are all laying around chatting about random things. Josh – I am happy you two won. You (Jason) so that you get your letter and her (Christmas) because she feels like she can’t compete. Double eviction couldn’t have gone any better. Alex – well.. Josh – it could have if Mark had walked (out the door).

9:22pm Kitchen – Matt and Josh.
Josh – they’ve been acting shady for awhile. I trust you and I trust Raven and I feel good about it. I feel like we don’t even need to talk. We’ve got each others back but sh*t is going to get CRAZY! Matt – I know. Josh – we will see how it plays out but sh*t is going to get crazy! Matt – yeah. Josh – I want to keep digging. Cody came out with a lot. Matt agrees .. that’s your boy Cody. Josh – man.

9:30pm HOH room. Matt, Raven, Paul and Christmas.
Matt working out. Raven – do you want me to sit on you? Matt – this is the only time I would say no. Matt – your butt will not quit in those pants. Christmas – like two bull dogs fighting. Matt – Josh is pretty observant. Christmas – he is when he stops being paranoid.

9:40pm – 9:47pm HOH room. Christmas and Paul.

Paul – Kevin pulled Jason aside right after nominations and said this is perfect.. If you win the veto maybe just stay up there and we get Matt out. Christmas – what is his f**king push with Matt and why is he trying to change my agenda!? Paul – because he is dumpy. Christmas – I in on another conversation .. I walked into the lounge room and Kevin was asking why Mark didn’t use the safety on him. Context clues basically saying that if Mark was loyal he wouldn’t have done that. Kevin – weird man! Christmas – it makes me nervous that things are so chill! Paul – someone will find a way to fu*k up. Christmas – like f**king Kevin! Paul – such a weird dude! Why even stick you nose in and get involved like that. Christmas – he has had it out for Matt for the last few weeks. HARDCORE! Paul – its because he doesn’t have him. Christmas – he does seem to be chilling out a bit more.

10:18pm – 10:25pm Lounge room. Matt – you could be a butt model. Raven – well I model. Matt – foot model? Raven – no, well my butt is in the pictures. Matt and Raven get ready and head to bed. They’re tired and want to “sleep”.

10:18pm – 10:40pm Bedroom. Kevin, Josh, Mark.
Josh – Jason is sleeping like a baby .. he is like a big baby. Josh starts talking about Megan and how she played 8 weeks in one. The conversation turns to talking about when the finale is. Kevin – counts out how many people are left in the house and how many weeks it will take to get down to the final 3. He then says trust me, the finale is on September 27th. (Its not. There will be another double eviction coming up.) Kevin talks about the casting process. He says he was picking up his daughter from work and she was late so he tried out.

10:45pm – 11:10pm Kevin goes and gets the olive oil. He holds it up to the camera and say this is good for everything. You can put it on your cuticles. You can tan with it. It has to be the extra virgin olive oil. It can’t just be virgin. It has to be extra. He then goes and puts it on his feet. Josh – why are you putting it on your feet?! That’s disgusting! Kevin – if its good for you cuticles why wouldn’t it be good for your feet. It moisturize them, brings them back to life. Alex joins them and starts putting lotion on her feet. Kevin – olive oil is good for that too, right? Alex – yeah. Kevin – look at mine.. they’re blooming .. like a blooming idiot.

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11:35pm – 12:15pm Paul, Kevin, Jason, Josh are in the kitchen eating. Kevin complains about how one time Cody ate 4 chicken breasts in one sitting and another time he ate 12 eggs.

12:20am HOH room – Raven and Christmas.
Raven – havenots and veto tomorrow! It sounds like they’re working pretty hard out there. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Who is going to be your havenots? Christmas – I don’t know. I haven’t even thought about it. Raven – well you know you already have Josh and Mark. Josh wanted to do it. Christmas – I only need one more. I don’t even know if I’ll get to pick. Josh joins them.

12:50am – 1am Kitchen Mark and Josh talk about past events of the seaon..

1:49am Paul, Raven and Matt
Talk about Elena’s boobs being put all over the internet.
Paul – home girl never cared.. for only ever dating 1 guy ..
they laugh..

Paul whispers “you guys feel super comfortable with Josh”
Paul – I think they are genuine sa f*

Paul says them 5 have never f*ed each other (Xmas, Josh, Raven and Matt)
Paul adds that Josh told him that jason was humour the conversation with Mark.
Paul – we need to be smart on how we act on it

Paul – this next 2 weeks here’s the thing, we get down to 8 if we f*ing, I 1 of us wins next week that puts us at 7. We all play in the veto at that point
Paul – We can save our a$$es

Paul – if mark is on the block we should get rid of mark over Jason
Matt – agrees.. what if Mark wins the veto
Matt is worried if Noms stay the same, it’ll be a tie between him and Jason
Paul says it would be perfect they send Jason home and Xmas would have that blood on her hands.
Paul – she has an excuse.. she said it… he didn’t vote for me so I can always say that (Jason)
Paul adds that Xmas said she does’t mind taking the heat. (evicting Jason)
Paul says Xmas doesn’t want to be in a situation where she’s being dragged to the end.
Paul – xmas is an asset totally in our favour

Paul says right now Kevin and Alex are like “oil and vinegar” they f*ing hate each other.
Paul – Alex has Jason on a leash.
Paul adds they take out Jason, Xmas can pull in Kevin and one of them can tie in Alex. (if you guys take out Jason Alex better go to war against all y’all but something tells me she’ll stick with the friendship cause it’s bb19)

3:04am Josh and Chirstmas claim they are the underdogs.
Xmas – I have a cast on my foot

Josh says matt and raven Annoy the f* out of him.
Xmas agree points out that they’ve been better lately

Paul saying if Kevin isn’t the “Cool guy in the mix”
JOsh – you know what he says about you.. Man this kid likes to talk.

Xmas points out that Kevin always makes a fish face in front of the mirror.
JOsh – I asked him, Kevin when are you going to win HOH so we can see a picture of Alana.. he said it’s not the time.. always it’s not the time

Xmas – he’s going to get backdoored outta here without HOH b1tch
they all laugh
Paul – what he doesn’t understand is these comps get way harder.
Paul – wait until the ice luge comp.. if that mother f*er falls he’s going to break his hip
Xmas laughs “he’s going to break his hip.. ”

Paul says the ice luge is very hard comp he was sore for days after last year.
Paul says he’s going to torment Kevin tomorrow. Says that Kevin gets Jealous when Paul Gets more attention.
Paul says keivn was pissed when he gave Christmas the steakhouse pass
Xmas – pissed

Josh shows us what Kevin looks like after not getting the steakhouse pass.
Paul – every time he asks me to request chocolate milk I never do it..
They laugh
Paul – you want it mother f*er go ask
Xmas – YA
Paul – b1tch, mother f*er, I ain’t cooking for you, I ain’t your b1tch, you’re 56
Xms – he’s just now starting to put some food on his plate.
Xmas tells them that Kevin Risnes his plate and Cups out.. explains that he sits there at the sink pours water in his cups after using it

Xmas – I swear to f*ing god he just rinses it with f*ing water
JOsh – that’s so f*ing disgusting
Xmas – I swear to god I watched him
Paul – that’s why I use my own bowl.

Xmas points out that Raven and Matt pull their weight in the house when it comes to choirs
Josh – hell ya
Paul – thw way to get to Kevin is just keep doing the little things he does to us back to him and laugh about it.. he will lose his mind
Xmas – do we want him to lose his mind that fast..
Josh – I can’t deal with that now
Xmas – it’ll f* up our game
Paul – if he says , Are you done solving the world problems to me 1 more time
Xmas – he never says it to me because he doesn’t think I’m capable of it.
Josh – half these motherf*ers haven’t won HOH and they think we’re not capable of sh1t. (Calm down chief.. only Paul has won and independent HOH this season)

Xmas says they can’t poke Kevin too much right now
Paul – fine then I’ll poke him.. I don’t care

(So it’s Kevin is one Paul is going to target to get sh1t on this week)

3:44am Xmas cackling at Paul chasing a mouse.

4:35am Xmas makes a hair rat to put in Paul’s pan trap …

6:17am The best game play i’ve ever seen (Simon)

8:34am MAstermind

Temptation Twist Tree

(Part of the Twist coming up)
Save a friend
Can’t play in the next HOH
Bounty on your head
Eliminate two eviction votes
Second veto

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Impractical Joker

so no zingbot?

Production doesnt want to hert these snowflakes feelings

Dr Will

Zingbot should compete on the show as a houseguest.


Zingbot would come to the BB House and say something like this (zingbot voice ): “Paul, since you are running the house and everybody’s HOH every week, who should I Zing firstttttttt “




That would be great but those people will be to dumb to catch on ?

Close only counts with grenades

Paul, “I’m gonna put Zingbot in check.”

No one to root for.

Zingbot will ask Paul: Who should I zing first Paul? I’m asking you what to do, because everyone else here is doing the same!

Josh the pulls pots and pans on Zingbot. Taaaaratatarararatatara…..

No one to root for.

Paul: “Zingbot, don’t you dare zing me. I know mixed martial arts and knifeboxing.”

Bella Marie

Zingbot may be our best hope for these sheep to hear how they are being perceived by the viewers. Maybe a good ZING will break up the pack mentality.

Team Ahole

I hope Zingbot is really brutal on the four really mean people in the house. Paul, Josh, Alex and Christmas are such assholes and I hope Zingbot torches them.


Just like the edit on Fridays show? Zing bot will talk about Matt eating cereal and mark having a crush on Eleana. Snore.

big bro

Paul and his minions but try to bully him


Paul stood up to bully Cody. Lets not forget the other bullies in the house like Cody and Jessica.


Whoever thinks Cody and Jessica were the bullies ofhe house don’t understand what a bully is.


They had nothing but hatred for everyone in the house. Josh makes me nuts but the things they said to him were awful, I have watched since the first season, and never seen anyone threatened like Cody did Josh.


Why can’t anyone understand that they are ALL bullies. Both sides of the house have treated others like crap. It’s a two way street


Paul instigated everything!


No. Loser Cody did.

Kid Rock

Looks like Paul is setting it up to take Xmas n Josh to final 3 with him…. His targets list will be MARK, KEVIN, JASON ,MATT , RAVEN, ALEX TO FINAL 3


Paul is smart to take Josh and Christmas to final 3. Why are these players so intent on getting out Mark, who has no allies, versus Paul, Alex or Jason, who can actually win the game?


Because Paul has little man syndrome.

They aren't that nice

What they showed on tv tonight was the most boring and fake BB show ever.
Making those idiots look good. Instead of showing them as the psychopaths they are.
Well except for Josh


Yup you are 100% right. The worst episode ever on CBS in 19 seasons. AG is one of the worst people ever to be associated with the show. Jody get attacked? AG you complete Fing moron they are no longer in the house you complete idiot. The lies production told to night disgraceful….. That’s not the worst!!!
Derrick attacked Paul and the minions online. Goes into the house for perhaps 5K appearance money and sold his sole like the pure B***ch he is just a complete trash bag. I hope Mark goes next. Then Maven finds out they are the bottom of the totem pool!!! Idiots will get picked off til/if Paul goes!!!

I'm done...

I literally can’t stand anyone in the house anymore even Mark, he got himself in this mess by not sticking with his alliance week 1! I seem to remember that punk helping Paul win HOH. I’m honestly just gonna watch finale just to see Jess and Cody and to see which one of them wins America’s favorite and to see the looks on Paul’s and his minions faces. It’ll be priceless.


I’m voting for Cody. I know he was a jerk, esp. week one, when he was HOH, but if nothing else, he stayed true to himself and was “real”. I also want to send a message to Paul and his minions that America doesn’t like bullies or herd mentality. When Josh was banging the pots and pans, Paul told him the viewers would love him for doing that and vote for him for AFP, for sure. Ummm. . .no.

Harry Knipple

Cody wins AFP and the bearded gnome poops himself on live TV. Paul thinks he has it rapped up.


I’m voting for anyone but Cody, Jessica, Mark or Elena.


To label the silly nonsense Paul and his minions have engaged in as “bullying” is an insult to people who have actually been a victim of real bullying in their lives. Harassment yes, bullying definitely not.


Yes, Cody definitely stayed true to himself. He never wavered from being a disgusting egomaniac who takes joy in viewing everyone as being beneath him. I’ll be using my AFP vote as a protest but I’m not going to reward Cody for being a real jerk. Jessica is no prize either but she is a better choice for AFP.


Mark has been consistent throughout the show. In general, he has been a pretty nice guy. It’s just too bad he isn’t a smarter player. I keep going back and forth between Mark and Kevin for AFP. Truthfully, none of them deserve it at this point. Lol


Jess and Cody deserve nothing but each other, those unfortunate dummies.
The best situation would be Julie saying, “For the first time in BB history, no one wins AFP. Goodnight!”


Derek may have contracted to do this before the season started.

Did I miss Paul in last nights show? I didn’t notice any recaps featuring him. Shady.

What is WRONG with all of these houseguest?!

Return of the Mist

Wow, amazing that Derrick sold his sole. Most people have goldfish or koi. Must have a decent saltwater set up at home. Didn’t think swine and sole went together.

We'll be right back

Sole? His sole purpose? Or do you mean soul?

Old sole

Anyway you spell it the episode still stinks like old fish.


I never liked Derrrick or his game. He didn’t deserve to win.


Derrick absolutely deserved to win that season by far.


I just sold some Timberlands myself….


It was so hard to watch. I turned the volume down when Josh came out banging those pots and pans. As a matter of fact, I was so bored that I fell asleep on the episode and didn’t miss a beat!


I actually think they showed paul josh xmas and alex in a bad light…grant it…it didn’t show everything but certainly did show their mob mentality and bullying wearing their tutus and smacking the crutches…i cringed watching it but they looked very bad..dont know what they showed on maven cuz i fast forward through that but did notice paul looked scared shitless when he thought derek was moving in…paul is starting to look like a bearded attraction at a defunct carnival.


Josh is effectively messing with them, getting into their heads and under their skin. He’s knows he effed up, so he’s playing for second. If he gets F1 that’s a bonus. Josh knows that if he is annoying enough, that the other hg’s will want to take him to F2. He’s not playing stupid. Josh is playing BB.


Agree 100 percent. Im tweeting BB to complain. It reminds me of Bb15 when they ignored the issues for the longets time until enough compliants poured in.


Zingbot will either be this week or next week…


Cody with his “high moral” ethics…the guy hates ALL people in general…good bye you boring no game hypocrite! Goodbye to the Marine that lies! Kinda broke your moral code at the end ehhh?? All hail Paul…the ALPH and the OMEGA! The king of pain..The master of disaster..The king of freindship…..The Super VHS AND BETAMAX…THE Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator…AND my baby Jesus with that beard!! Paul, lead those sheep to the promise land!! That’s the way you play BB! Baaaaa baaaaa THEY ARE ALL SHEEP JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO SINK YOUR TEETH INTO!! Get that blood of the lamb baby!


We already see ur fb post….move on cody and jessica are out…
You have massive anger issues…time to get over it


Paul is the only one playing the game….don’t hate the playa..hate the game!


Paul’s mom is posting ^


How many times are you going to copy and paste this?


We heard you the first time Jesse Guerrero when you posted in the comment section. Now you are posting as “Anonymous”. Posting it a second time just makes me laugh twice as hard.


OKAY Jesse! we get it Hitler!

Ric Blaine

So…..this is what Big Brother, the show I used to eagerly look forward to every summer has become? Bullying, shunning, openly throwing comps …not to mention setting up a so called returning “fan favorite ” with over the top advantages like ” friendship bracelets ” three weeks immunity…it seems every HOH is Paul’s to do what he wants…. never have I seen such a clueless cast… My interest has been on the wane the entire season…I just check in from time to time and nothing changes , this has been the most unlikeable and most predictable BB ever…


Wait im on Big Brother?

Also Matt

Hold up, what’s Big Brother?


10 bowls of cereal in one day!!! That was the only thing good about Friday’s show. You know Derek wanted to light them up for being douche bags but CBS wouldn’t let them. They are some fake a$$ people! I don’t know if I have it left in me to watch. Paul and his man friend Christmas are both a POS!!!!! Great Boyz2men episode


Xmas is HOH… ah ok Paul is HOH 3 weeks in a row.. Well anybody that’s left in the house Paul controls their HOH… even if Mark won, his HOH controlled by Paul LOL So Paul will be HOH til the final 3? Cody just had to be an asshole after the vote week 1, FUCK… Next Season no vet sallowed the whole season, not even hosts, leave their asses at home. AG


Paul < Josh < Alex < Jason < Christmas

Make that 5 HOHs in a row for Paul. The guy is steamrolling without even trying. He's even taken over the HOH bed!

Harry Knipple

That hairy bearded gnome sheds body hair from ALL areas of his nasty body and the minions welcome him. Who washes all the HOH bedding?


nah X-mas really wants to have sex with him! She has from day one, Poor lil fitness buff wasn’t good enough for any of the beefcake on there, so all that was left was Paul, That’s been the story os Christmas life all ways a bridesmaid, never the bride!

Online player

yes, my thoughts exactly, they have to wait until final 4 or final 3 to make a move on Alex or Paul or become a target.


According to the leaker on Reddit, Paul threw her the hoh. He doesn’t need to win any of these comps because they basically do what he wants lol. It’s crazy.

Harry Knipple

Gnome is now playing/counting his jury votes. sad


Actually IMO this is the one thing he hasn’t done so far. He hasn’t been counting jury votes. In coaches it was Dan’s 1 glaring mistake thus wee Ian won by 1 vote.
This thread is the 1st time I’ve seen a crack in Paul’s consistent strategy. After Mark it was very clear Maven were the next targets. Here is Paul talking to Matt about taking out Jason. Getting rid of Jason no surprise to me as he is one of the few that might beat his gnomeness F2. Figured it would be around F5 though. Followed by Alex due to her comp strength.
The game gets tricky now as he has to start targeting allies he needs as votes ultimately. Unless the whole Matt discussion is a ploy to make him feel safe Paul is starting to take risks. Matt and Jason compare notes Paul has a problem. In fact he almost has to play buddy, buddy to both nom HG’s. It might bite him in the Azzzz personally.

Harry Knipple

NO more vets unless they are all vets. Would be great for fans to vote on eligible guests.
(Not even gonna get into the fake DR by the ignorant cartoon idiots.)


The only “vets” I want to see return, is the first evicted houseguest from each season. (Are they even vets if they didn’t last a full week in the house?)
I think it would make an interesting show if the first evicted were pitted against each other and got a second chance. They probably have a lot of regrets and would actually play the crap out of the game.


Have said that myself. Great idea and would have to be a fun season!

Paul sucks

I’m half asleep but presumably their plan is to backdoor Mark?

What’s the back-up plan? Take out Matt so the other “power couple” is decimated? And they are naturally down for it. Like lambs to the slaughter.

What a terrible week. Much like the cast of Big Brother, I’m going back to sleep.


This show just got hella boring.


Raven is a hella scammer, shame tho, booty look hella kool, eyes look super kool, seems like it’s hella good, like ya wanna get down with the get down…..but damn yo! her mindset is hella f@cked and on straight scammer mentality….damn shame.


Hella wherever.

Online player

Yes, Anonymous, your second career is in Hip Hop. Jessica said that Raven will get a rude awakening when Raven gets out of the house. Does Raven have any disease or disability at all? Jessica didn’t want to comment because Jessica didn’t know Raven’s situation?

Harry Knipple

Check out YouTube. She and her mom are GRIFTERS.


Just got boring? In the words of many before me, are we watching the same BB?

Here at home

It gets boring when it’s predictable. Paul is running the show and no one wants to challenge that.


These people besides Mark are all horrible, personal & game wise… Matt’s probably the best of them personal wise but almost the worst game wise, does no one in the house see the irony in his speech… literally all he’s done this season (for 60 days now almost) is eat cereal. I can’t even decide a least favourite cause I hate everyone so much… I think Alex takes the cake though just cause she’s become an annoying bug at this point. Jason clearly doesn’t have a brain as seen last night, Christmas’s “big move” is backdooring the house target, for the third week in a row…


Mark is a nice guy and a pu$$y. Too bad about the second, an unforgivable sin.


I don’t understand why everyone is so against Matt, 2nd to Paul he might have the best game in the house.. He his basically getting his d$*& sucked and eating cereal all day, no blood on his hand and just as much a chance of getting to the end as anyone else in the house… Pretty good set up for him lol (and no I am not a Paul fan, hated him his 1st season, hate him more this one, but he is playing well)

Brandi W.

YEEEEEEAH! Christmas time in August!

big bro

I find alex really annoying


I find 99.99% of the cast annoying

Harry Knipple

BB does background searches on many eligible guests and then the fan votes who we prefer. EASY.

Raven's "2nd" Heart

Still pissed that we missed all of the double eviction fallout! Did you watch that mess of a clip show Dawg and Simon?


Really hope that Mark’s name gets pulled for the VETO and he can keep himself safe this week. Would be nice to see one of the pawns go home. These sheep are getting way too comfortable.


Well Mark is done if his chip doesnt get picked


Dumbest. Cast. EVER. #bIgcult #anybodybutpaul

Chilltown 2.0

Crazy Paul won HOH again !!! F”ck this dude what a pathetic group of HGs. Easily the worst season of BB ever and it really isn’t close. There was 0 gameplay the whole season. Literally none.


Paul the only one actually playing the game, in a bad way yes, but there’s no “set-in-stone” way of playing Big Brother, whatever gets you the “W”…

Paul’s playing the Evil Puppet Master… The game Amanda from BB15 failed at doing…


Paul’s playing a game but it’s one where he’s been gifted bowling lane bumpers, fifty extra points, and another toss of the ball when he wants. There is little reason for anyone else to play.


True! If you are on the block, you can’t even campaign because Paul will target anyone that talks to you. So no one will come close to you for you to try and stay. Julie ask everyone evicted why didn’t you try and stay? Um have you watched the feeds, no one can with Paul in the house. He screwed up this season and the idiots are following him and not making big moves!


Sounds like Paul is doing a pretty good job of controlling the vote, the nominations, the house…and winning most of the comps. How is it that you win BB again anyway?

Amy J

What safety is Kevin talking about? Anyone know?


I’m guessing it has something to do with the new temptation twist?


The feeders are saying Mark gave “save a friend” to Paul during the last HOH com. . . .??? I have no idea what that’s about.


I read the temptation was a bounty on someones head and it was given to Paul meaning whomever has a brain to remove Paul will actually win 5k, not Paul. The bounty is on the gnomes head. So if Mark is somehow safe this week and wins HOH next week and is able to get Paul evicted Mark will win 5k and the hearts of millions! I cannot stand Paul but I despise his minions more for allowing him to continue. It truly is their fault and not his, but he still needs to go


I don’t think that’s right. It sounds made up. No way production would “put a bounty” on a particular player. There have been a couple seasons where a particular player ran the entire season, and they never did anything like that.

Now they may give a temptation to help a certain player (i.e. Mark), but I don’t think they would blantantly go against a player.


Yes, I read the same thing Mark got the “save a friend” and he saved Paul, lol….Oh boy!


If Mark wins Veto, this time around, he wins my respect. He has a terrible social game and isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, but I’d like to see how this would mix things up if he did. I presume Jason and company will take the shot at Matt unless the house swings to a bigger target. Or Paul convinces everyone that Kevin should go instead.
I’m glued to watching this group already start to feed on itself.


if mark wins he should take matt down and force xmas to put up raven and show her cards. he’d probably at least gain matt as an ally and get him to wake up to his position in the house.


There’s only one problem with that plan. Matt is useless.

BB19 Fan

Mark did a great job with the puzzle. That takes quite a bit of intellectual/spatial reasoning.


I just hope mark wins veto and tries to open Matt eyes. Tell him, don’t you see? You guys are next! Uses the veto on him and bam, now what? Would love to see that happen.

Watch out loserq

The problem with that is that Matt is useless for gameplay. If Mark could win veto, get Matt and Raven to team up with him, then what… unless the next HoH is hosted by Cap’n Crunch or called “Modern Mystery Mensa Diseases” Mark is still playing by himself.


plus raven would get voted out. almost a win-win.


He probably won’t. He made the comment that now he “wants to prove his loyalty”. Meaning he’s going to do whatever they want.


Kevin would go home to jury


I really don’t feel sorry for Mark. He is all talk, during the Double eviction, how come he never put Paul up against anyone ? It is because he is all talk, and he is trying so hard to be liked, If Mark were to win HOH, he would be just like the rest of the followers.

Paul would control his HOH, Mark is a nice guy, but he really was not cut out for this game. I can’t wait until Matt & Raven see just how low they are on the totem pole. Once Mark is out, they are the next targets, I can’t wait until these fools have to turn on each other.

Maybe then th show will get better, and they just might start actually playing the game. If they were smart, they should work together and get rid of Paul, then let all of the newbies go after each other. I can’t wait to see Paul, Christmas, Josh and Alex out of the house, from there, I don’t care who wins, I do not have a favorite, I’m disgusted with all of these wimps who let Paul lead them around.


Mark won Veto during the double. He took himself off. He had no power on who took his place. Jason was HOH.


They are referring to the shuffleboard competition. Mark had a chance (or 2 I think) to put the crack gnome against someone else and didn’t do it….because he’s all talk.

Matt: Wait this isn't a cereal eating contest?

I’m not convinced Paul wants to target Maven yet; he’s still cultivating a good relationship with them. If that doesn’t work out it’s good jury management at least, but if he can protect them they are perfect goats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paul try to set up Josh and Maven as his final 4. Imo his smartest move after he’s done with Mark would be to target Jalex (biggest threats left in the game + a ride or die couple), then Kevin, then Xmas, but clearly he doesn’t care all that much if Matt happens to get pawned away in the process. Matt must be absolutely blind to not see this. Or maybe he knows, and realizes there’s no way he can win 500k by the cereal method, so he isn’t even trying. I hope Julie will just come out and ask him why the hell he even agreed to be there. Honestly he should just pack up his cereal and volunteer to go out the door on Thursday (if Paul or Raven told him to I think he would). I cannot stand Paul–worst personality ever, worst season ever, but I have to grudgingly admit at this point he deserves the win unless Mark can pull out several comp wins in a row that would force the rest of them to show their cards against each other.

not wave room green apples

the apple with all red apple on it id the temptation


i’m confused with the feeds down…..

Is Mark still the target?

They trying to back door him??


It looks like Paul is breezing to the end and will likely win this year given a such a lousy cast

Dr Will

Congrats Paul on winning HOH! Well played my friend, well played…


Paul deserves to win. He’s doing ?


Christmas, even though handicapped by a bad foot and unable to compete in physical comps, is staying alive in the game by using empathizing skills. With Paul, she talks game because Paul is constantly talking game. When Paul says f**k Kevin, she says yeah, f**k Kevin. With Kevin, she cuddles him when he misses his family (and perhaps in need of some sexual contact). With Josh, she mummies him. With Mark she joins the house in bullying him (never swim against the tide in the BB game). Raven seems fine with her nominating Matt, who again is willing to play pawn to backdoor Mark. Christmas is also off Alex and Jason’s radar. All in all, she’s playing the game in a smart and savvy manner and I won’t be surprised if she makes it to final four. Then, her bad foot very likely will take her out.


Matt: Wait this isn't a cereal eating contest?

Ita, Christmas IS using empathy to hang in there. Ironic, no? She is very good at being fake but I think what she really enjoys is being mean.

Alex is so ugly

Omg Alex the Angel is praying, give me a break. I can’t believe it. This girls is so nasty (wow) my mouth dropped.


“Christmas – he has had it out for Matt for the last few weeks. HARDCORE! Paul – its because he doesn’t have him.”

If there’s one thing Paul knows all about, it’s gunning for people he doesn’t have.

Roper momma

Im not an Alex fan but we all need to pray daily. She just happens to be on a reality show where there are cameras watching her.
Seems like to me they ALL need to pray more.

Hope Mark wins veto and hopefully Christmas puts Raven up. I hope Paul doesnt talk her into putting up Kevin…. he makes the show and feeds worth watching.

do not look to alex as a model of Christianity

Alex is a hypocrite and uses the ‘game’ as an excuse to sin against the 10 commandments

#1 have no other God before me – that includes putting the desire of _____ (in her case money), before God. If God was the forefront of your mind you would follow God’s Law. Just like the child who wants to make his parents proud
#2 Graven Images – rosary or the image she creates of who or what God is – ei., it’s okay to lie and cheat and sin against the commandments because I’m playing a game. Read your bible God tells you who he is ie., jealous and vengeful
#3 Do not take the Lord’s name in vain / blasphemy – She uses Jesus’ name in vain all the time
#4 Thou shall not kill – if you have hate in your heart (and she clearly does for jess and elaina) you have already committed murder
#5 Honor thy parents – I am sure her bullying behavior is in no way making her parents proud
#6 Thou shall not commit adultery – she was all about cody in the beginning of the season and if she could of had her way she would have been all over it and him. And, according to Jesus whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery in his / her heart
#7 thou shall not bear false witness – yeah, she lies all the time.
To those who say lying is part of the game, no it’s not. If you have to lie then your communication skills are weak.
And, clearly the most important tenants of Christianity love thy neighbor as thyself and do onto others as you would have done onto you


The rosary is not a graven image. It is Biblical and follows the life of Jesus. It’s a beautiful prayer. Look it up.


the rosary beads are not Biblical, themselves. However ,they certainly are not graven images.


Lol what? Big brother IS lying, manipulation etc. It’s a game. You cannot even think about winning without doing those things. Maybe she’s praying asking for forgiveness? Lol. But in the end, it’s just a game.

Paul's Beard

Did you know you were watching a reality TV show where the contestants will do anything to win? Just wondering


I guess then you could insert Cody, Mark, Elena and the rest of the them who have sat and read their Bible’s and have called them selves Christians, like Cody did to Josh, but insert this verse. Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous, has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. …


Paul is playing the game very well. Hope he wins.


He got 3 weeks safety or could of been a different game

Ms Retta

He actually got 4 eviction safeties when you count the first one with Cameron. WHY WOULD CBS DO THAT? No one in BB history has ever been so protected.


Similar situation happened in BBCan with Neda as a returning vet. She was protected until Jury through a Canada vote.


Yep Paul is playing the most effective game but it’s only because he’s alone in it. Even he couldn’t believe they didn’t take a shot at him in the double eviction. Paul’s game is so ugly though, I hope it bites him in the arse and he loses to Josh in the final 2 or even better comes in 3rd after Josh and Matt (2 of the worst players in bb history). That would sum up this ridiculous season perfectly.


If I had known tonight would be a filler episode, I wouldn’t have watched. Also, we’ll have to sit through another one when it gets down to final 3! Waste of time. I’m glad this site is around.


I hope Mark wins the POV and leaves the noms as they are. Matt had his chance to do some good when he won the last POV comp. But he was so busy trying to impress Paul & Co., that he used it to save Jason. Getting rid of Cody served no purpose except to advance Paul’s game. Matt deserves to have his eyes opened and find out the hard way that there is no such thing as being LOYAL to Paul’s crew. Jason deserves the same fate.
Oh, and BTW, even Paul is in disbelief that it never occurs to anyone to even utter his name as a nominee. If Christmas were as slick as she claims to be, this would be the time to backdoor Paul. In fact, the ONLY way to clear a path for someone other than Paul to win the $500K is for each of the remaining houseguests to simply keep targeting Paul until he’s gone. He has presided over a Masterclass in ADVANCED Big Brother. It is up to them to FINALLY put what they’ve learned (from Paul) to good use.
Regrettably, because they all envision a scenario in which they win the big money, they still don’t understand that Paul HAS TO BE ON THE JURY for that to happen.


CBS has ruined this show. done forever. just cancel the series.


Oh cry me a river.
The ratings are higher than the last 5 seasons.
You all keep on saying “America” because the majority of this site “thumbs up” that they dislike this season. Well guess what, only about 700 people come on this site & it’s all the same small batch of commenters. That’s about 0.002% of the viewing audience.
You want to see a group of minions? Just look at all the commenters on this site taking (the bait of how to think about this season) from the MODS.

Anonymously speaking to Anonymous

To you and all the other people threatening to stop watching and wishing cancelation. Just leave. We don’t need to know you’re gone, we don’t care. Just go! Also, CBS doesn’t monitor this site. Maybe you should express your feelings directly to CBS.


Ever notice how aggressive Josh is with the pots and pans, UNTIL another man steps up to him? Does he think Paul will jump in to save him? Every time Josh has pushed a little too hard, he ends up getting frightened by the object of his bullying, and scampers off to have a good cry. He lacks the ability to predict outcomes and forgets that, while everyone laughs, he is essentially on his own when he goes too far.

Speaking of bullying, kudos to Mark for not succumbing to Paul’s embarrassingly obvious attempt to BAIT him into a fight. The others were like a wolf pack circling their downed prey, but Mark just kept eating his cereal.

Josh just ugh

You know Josh won’t be able to handle it once he steps out of the house and finds out just how much America couldn’t stand all the things he did. Pretty sure he will spend the next few years secluded crying in his room before he just cracks and none of his house user friends will show up to pat his back and tell him what a victim he is. Sad and pathetic .


Josh is that guy at work (or school) everyone tries to avoid. . .and if you can’t, you just agree with everything he says until he finally goes away.


What doctor cleared Josh to be mentally stable in the house. Mentally stable people don’t bang pots and pans like that


I honestly doubt they even checked mental stability. I am not for certain, but the way Cody acted and his aggression makes me think he has PTSD


Next Season the Name Change. Calling it Big Bully 20


This is not Big Brother. The game has changed over the years into something that isn’t fun to watch anymore. I miss how they had to do food comps and earn the right to open the pool and that the HoH room was just a room, not a giant master suite. I miss when everyone had to actually compete to advance in the game. I miss the way BB started in the very beginning. Last several seasons have been disappointing. I keep hoping the next will be better. Pipe dreams and all.


Jason and Mark had what should have been a productive chat during their chess game. Mark was at least TRYING to play Big Brother.
What a punk move on Jason’s part that he’s so afraid of Paul that he put Mark on blast!!! In fact, Jason hasn’t been able to keep anything under his cowboy hat. What is he afraid Paul will do to him that Paul isn’t already planning to do anyway? Make him be a PAWN whenever Paul doesn’t “feel like it is safe” to do it himself?

Paul the Punk

You could almost say Jason is a clown.


@Paul the Punk.
LMAO!!!! : – )


Yep. Disappointed in Jason. I thought Jason would be the one to make the first move against Paul. It seems like he was thinking about it.


Shame on CBS for using an entire show to make all the evicted HG’s look bad and the dirty minions look good. Could have taken that opportunity to put them on blast. Prime example: Mark and Josh. They made Josh look like the injured party and made light of his childish behavior rather than calling him on it. Whatever.


Cody does a fine job of making himself look bad all on his own. What a pompous and self-absorbed jerk. I want to send Paul and his minions a message with my AFP vote but I could never bring myself to vote for Cody. I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote for Jessica.


They added a show last night to make the house quests look good. They never once talked about how the bullies have been . I tuned in thinking there was going to be some big twist. What a joke


Why is that frightful red headed troll all up in Xmas’ business??
She’s glued to her! I mean Maven practically lives in the hoh and
They’ve never won it!


I hope the new temptation is mortal combat.

The cripple Christmas would be the first to go.

Next the sissy Cuban Psycho.

The rest would all expire in a mass brawl with edged weapons and blunt objects but not before turning on Paul and leaving him in a dismembered heap.

Lastly, CBS should erase every recording and transcript of this season as if it never happened and no one should ever speak of it again.

Cody and Jessica will ride off into the sunset …


Watching Derick last nigh when Paul said “friendship” was priceless.. he gave clearly said “I don’t like you at all” Hoping the house guests caught on to the fact that Paul is not liked outside the house and there must be a reason why..


Haha I caught that too. Derrick cringed so hard.


Where have you been this season…these house guest have been given clue after clue about Paul but they still follow.


I am hoping that a Coup d’Etat gets played and Paul and Xmas will be sitting on the block. Mark or Kevin to win the next HOH.

Here’s hoping!


Trade Christmas, Paul, Josh, and Raven for Dominique, Cody, Ramses, and Jessica.

That would make the show watchable again.

Highly despise this season, can only watch because it’s BB. Hope next season is an all-new cast; All-Stars would be a bad idea (Frankie and who else?)


Fuck Frankie!!! Please, never again. He’s too busy being his little half sister’s bitch. Get your own life.


I’d like to see the first evictees from the last 8 seasons come back. CBS could have them and one other person from their season (that we get to vote for) come back and work as teams for the first four weeks. . .that might be fun to watch.


So Mark used his temptation on Paul but why? I wonder if that means Paul can’t compete in veto if he won safety or Mark just did it because he knows Paul isn’t going home and hopes it’ll put a target on someone else’s back? Does this also mean he can’t win second veto and you can only win one temptation? I wish someone would talk about it UGH.

team paul/josh

cuz Mark knows, if u can’t beat em, join em …the rest of the house wouldn’t see that coming. But I don’t want that to happen…go home Mark

Cody is an imbecile, only time he showed any personality was his last interview with Julie. Cody couldn’t even articulate why he did what he did in the beginning to Christmas without stuttering, thinking he had more game awareness that she did. She made a fool of him …and he and jess may spend a lil time together after show for publicity, but he isn’t successful enough for her.

Juliana from New York

I heard Mark won a safety and used it on paul. If thats the truth, then Mark needs to just get backdoored, this is absolutely the worst season. I refuse to watch anymore, and i cancelled my live feeds. I’ll just come on obb for updates.

I am beyond disgusted in cbs and how they run the show


If we vote on this next temptation, I hope Mark gets it and it can turn this game around. Last straw to grasp.


Don’t understand why anyone is afraid of Paul. He’s a frigging garden gnome. When Cody confronted Paul, it was clear that Cody had gotten under the gnome’s slimy skin.

That should be a hint to the other players. Get in Paul’s face, and watch him meltdown. But they are all too gutless to do it. Sad.

It's official all HGs are idiots

I heard Matt picked first Apple Tree temptation. It was Save a Friend and he used it on Paul.
So Paul is safe this week.
Baaaaa yup all sheep shit for brains.
No hope for this BB season

Ops. Meant Mark not Matt picked first Apple Tree temptation.

Joey L

YAY!!! Xmas won hoh so excited, Paul is safe for another week yay


Happy Birthday to Elena, I hope she’s having a blast with Cody in the Jury house.

People on this site...sheeeeeesh.

I seriously wonder why I even come to this site anymore. It’s like reading Evel Dick’s twitter. It’s just a bunch of the same people circle jerking.

Paul and his minions…blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Oh but JODY was treated soooooooooo UNFAIR…despite the fact that cody was…well.. let’s say he might have been in Charlottesville with a tiki, so his personality is a WASH…and his game play sucked more than Lewon thinking he would get a round trip ticket in bb13. Give me a break.

Grow up, learn the game, stop being a B****, and grow balls.


“Grow balls” … good advice for the remaining Paul worshipers.

This season should be called “Big Brother … the cast without balls. We searched high and low and gutless, ball-less house guests. Which house guest will kiss Paul’s a$$ the most and make it to final two with him??? Tune in to find out”!!!!!


Wow you are horrible.

Understanding Paradox

Kind of a paradoxical statement because you are bitching about people bitching. You are just mirroring what you don’t like in other people. Can you see your reflection? lol


Love Mark’s crying spells. What a man!


Mark is probably crying because Elena is in the jury house alone with Cody. No telling what she will do. Look at how fast she jumped to Paul. 🙂


Anyone checked out Jessica’s Instagram lately? She’s done some deleting since she got home but there are still some left that I don’t think Cody will be okay with…I just really dont see these two working in the real world.

Jessica's Birth Control

Dont you get the feeling that she put Cody in her rearview mirror about 5 minutes after she got off the show? He was just another stop on her personal bus route. Cody was nothing but a real life vibrator for her to pass the time with. Just another photo for her human scrap book…….


She HAS done a lot of deleting!! There are still articles talking about the “Instagram model” with a ring between her boobs. The girl lives off attention.


Now Paul wants to target Jason as soon as Alex says that Jason is her number 1. He’s always thinking ahead.


Do you think if everyone could compete in the vetos it would stop back dooring? It doesn’t seem fair and it really is not entertaining because it’s to predictable. As for Cody everyone lied he is not special. It is a game.


By definition if you compete in POV it’s not a backdoor. Thus if they all compete in every POV then the term backdoor becomes obsolete!