Jason – Milk so fresh the cow doesn’t know it’s missing.. what the f* .. I guarantee the b1tch knows it’s missing

11:25am Josh and Xmas

They agree Matt and Raven are “so annoying”
Xmas – they gotta go, but unfortunately Matt’s gotta go first he’s the cool one
Xmas – I swear to god she’s going to gravitate to kevin
JOsh – and Paul
Xmas – OMG, at least she won’t be so f*ing loud
Josh – I had a dream that Paul found a hidden room
Xmas – raven is super f*ing manipulative
Josh – really good.. not that good because I see right through it
Xmas – everybody has had enough of her sh1t

Xmas brings up Raven doing something weird with her eyes when she talks.
Xmas – what the f* are you doing with your eyes, you don’t need a translator

Complaining about Matt and Raven Slamming doors. Xmas says that’s their game.

JOsh – I need to start working an angle with Kevin and jason .. I need to play nice
Xmas – you need to start playing nice with Kevin and Jason…. just be cool

Xmas – everything you say and do is being analyzed…
Xmas – when Jason gets an idea he holds onto it.. even if it’s untrue..

11:41am Jason, Alex, Paul and Matt
Chit chat.. a lot of talk about Cody from Alex, Paul and MAtt.. Jason wears his hat well..

11:53am Kevin and Xmas

Kevin – you and Josh have gotten closer.. you took him under your wing.. I know ..
Xmas – he bounces around I tell him josh f*ing stop.. he doesn’t think ahead.. Josh shut your f*ing mouth think ahead.
Kevin says the generation gap is starting to be a problem. Sometimes the people in the house talk about things that he would never talk about. Kevin comments that it’s the same with his kids so he’s use to it
Kevin mentions how people talk about the same thing over and over. He doesn’t care for it.

Kevin explains this is why he comes into the room to be by himself sometimes he doesn’t want to talk about the same thing over and over again
Xmas says they have nothing else to talk about.

12:09am Matt puts on a shirt to better show off his Boys 2 men tattoo.. He’s also wearing full pants because there’s no B2men tattoos to show off there.

12:27pm Raven and Xmas
Xmas – I know they want to get rid of Kevin
Raven – think that’s legit
xmas – are you f*ing kidding me? these last 2 nights he’s been a f*ing nightmare
Raven – I hope so
Xmas – I think it was a good thing that Matt fell off so quickly and you didn’t last till the end..
Raven – I trust them.. they’ve never gone back on their word

Raven – I had to redo my DR from last night.. because I looked really tired
Xmas – HEY can I redo my DR too.. (xmas had a DR at 4:30am .. I know because I was up by 3am)

Feeds cut

when they come back Raven is excited about how nice Matt looks.

12:42pm Kevin’s favorite cereal is frosted flakes.. he said it up in the HOH earlier

12:51pm Jason got a litre of Milk in his HOH fridge..

Jason – Milk so fresh the cow doesn’t know it’s missing.. what the f* .. I guarantee the b1tch knows it’s missing you’re tugging on her t1ts

Jason – the best milk you could drink is right outta the t1t (true.. but sounds crude)

Jason feasts on his shrimp..

Jason offers everyone a deviled egg says they tast like sh1t though.. but he’ll make sure they’re all eaten either way..,

1:00pm HOH Alex, Kevin and Jason

Alex – I turn into an a$$hole when I drink coke you (jason) you turn into an a$$hole when you drink mountain do
Kevin – I turn into an a$$hole when I drink whiskey (same)

1:04pm Xmas and Josh
Josh is saying out of everyon them three deserve it the most.
JOsh goes on about ho they’ve had their back against the walls during the first half
(well Paul was fine he had safety)

Feeds flip..

1:05pm Matt and Raven

MAtt – I think we should just let Paul work.. (sure contract out your game to Paul)

Raven – we don’t want to look paranoid

1:17pm HOH Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh
Alex says once Matt gets a whiff that he’s in trouble he’ll wigg out. They all agree Matt has done sh1t all season he’s got to go.

1:39pm Josh, Matt, Raven and Alex
Alex says she doesn’t know Jason’s plan but she knows he wants Kevin gone.
Paul joins them and they all start complaining about Kevin

Nominations is soon.. MAtt and Raven are going up.

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I hope Jason’s HOH letter was a coded message to get out Paul, lay off of Kevin and to second-guess Alex as his final 2 (if that is even a possibility).

This is the time to do it!


Paul is going to win. Accept it and move on.

Sadly, I hate the guy but for heaven’s sake he is the only one playing.

Nothing is going to change Paul from winning. NOTHING!

Oh bother 19




I think your 2nd sentence is likely true. But he can get evicted as early as F5 by numbers. This happened to Dr. Will in all stars with Boogie as HOH. Dr Will and HG not on the block. 2 HG’s up and the HG not on the block wins POV and uses it to save their buddy. Neither can be renom and Boogie had to nom Dr. Will and went to jury as a result.
Paul and a member of a couple are off. HOH is Paul guy. HG takes off other one of couple and Paul becomes renom. Couple votes him out.
And of course at F4 POV holder has soul vote. Another opportunity maybe.
Because of Paul’s relationships he likely has the votes to stay all the way to F5 minimum. Big fav to win the season but not absolute. If you had a choice F5 HOH and can only play POV F4 or hope you get by F5 and play both POV and HOH F4 which would you like if your Paul?


Dr. Will went out final 4 All Stars. He would have been fine if he hadn’t left Janelle and Erica together alone long enough to exchange notes. He laid down on the job. Unlike him.


@ Stella
I remember this very well and Boogie was pi**ed at Janelle and Erica.


Vanessa didn’t win and we thought she had that season locked but Steve won out of hate for her….let’s hope same happens to paul

Fl Sr

I think Jason could have the b@lls to do what others are afraid to do; he’d need the buy-in of some housemembers however or it wouldn’t be a smart move. Even if he’s on the block as a “pawn”…I want to see him on the block this season.

Min O'Pause

Think I will just vote those float toy swans as AFP

My o my

Consider voting for Raven please.

She had played a hard game knowing anything could happen they could take her life.

Maybe you all need to have a ? instead of picking on her. I am assuming the ladies on this site are jealous and the men know they will never have a chance getting her in bed.

Beauty is so deep with her I am smitten.


Raven’s mom again!

Min O'Pause

I believe Paul could sell birth control to eunichs….if they were as stupid as these people.

Ian's Lament

It’s completely insane that Paul runs around talking everyone and nobody cares but if Kevin walks through a room he ” so schetchy” . I really hate Millennials. They will be the end of us all.




Honestly Simon and Dawg I don’t need to know what the HGs say anymore. I just need to know what you guys THINK to be entertained! Thanks!

Backseat Driver



Matt looking like Zoolander in the first pic. I believe that one is called ‘blue steel’, lol.


I had not bothered to look at his picture because I just don’t care about Matt. After reading you comment, I had to see it. You are so right!


If the house is as upset with Cody as they claim to be, wouldn’t the best revenge they could get is sending Raven to jury?

Min O'Pause

I think of an old wooden clothespin when I look at Paul.


i think of a dwarf bin laden


more like a garden Nome


I don’t know why but I think of Yosemite Sam from The Bugs Bunny Cartoons… I guess it’s because he’s short, loud and all facial hair.


Kevin truly does not gaf anymore. I think he would self evict if he wasn’t a prideful man, that never quits what he starts.

Alex and Paul are the main ones stirring up the Kevin hate. And most of what they say about him is made up lies. Mostly Alex’s lies to impress Paul.

I feel bad for my guy Kevin. But know he will be relieved when he gets voted out. I know he wants to win mainly to make his kids proud. But enough is enough.

Hang in there bud. If we could somehow make you win the game we would. Hey, you getting AFP. Let’s do it ppl. This guy deserves more than 25 grand and a few dollars jury money.



I’d watch:-)


Kevin has done nothing in this game except grab the $25,000. Float, float, float. He’s riding on Paul, Alex and Jason’s coattails.

Oh no

Don’t point out the obvious to these minions.
They don’t like that. They like (to be told what to think).


I think Kevin’s comment about listening to the SAME conversations repeatedly for the last two months is why he is ” not playing”! He is playing for self-preservation of sanity. I like that he is trying to keep the peace, not talking crap constantly,and trying to wake people up to the real non-gameplay of Maven! Soon somebody will drag those two sorry souls to final two! Go Kevin!!! Go Hawks!!!

That's Not All He's Done

Don’t forget all that Xmas cuddling knowing his wife and children were watching.


They know Kevin grabbed that money so basically all he is right now is useless to their game and pretty much ahead of them with the cash grab, especially since he has not made any game moves!


All four feeds on Paul!!!!! WTtotalF camera guy! I’m stuck inside….. here in Austin, TX….waiting out a hurricane. Please PLEASE STOP!

BB Cat Lady

Hoping you stay safe down there …Austin Texas

BB lover

Stay safe!


Stay safe, good luck, prayefs for you people jn Texas!!


They’re still talking about Cody?

Anyway …

They all seem to have high opinions of themselves. They all think they’re playing “the game”. They all think Paul is with them.

In reality they’re all nuts and should be shunned as genetic defectives when they leave the BB house. Could be contagious.


I wonder what is COdy doing in the Jury HOuse? I wish I was there and I would do anything he wanted me to…

Fuckston McFuck

I really want to fuck Jason’s wife. How did she end up with an ugly son of a bitch like that?


and I want to f*** with Jason… He`s really sexy


Yeah I’m sure she’d jump in the long line of ladies waiting for you buddy…


So sick of the non-word “gumpy”…it’s so stupid. Raven should be kicked out of the house for as much as she hits Matt and says she’ll kill him. Dang she should be expelled just for her nasty make up!


Holy. Crap. Raven’s lying about the gastroparesis is out of control. She’s making others with GP look really bad.

pink towel

she is not making others look bad that have the same medical disorder.

BB Cat Lady

Simon … I’m so loving the commentary today … The B2men so hilarious! Kevin loves Frosted Flakes … lol! Thank you for the Kraken announcement… it’s truly time.
Please Jason please BD Paul … NOW is the time to do it!


Paul would eat all of you alive and pick his teeth with your bones in that house……the reason nobody challenges him is because he was genius in identifying all the threats and eleminating them first…..Dont hate the player just cause he’s smarter than you tiresome repetitive Paul complainers……you know how you find a honest comment on here look for the most thumbs down then you know it’s an informed honest comment. To the rest of you have a wonderful weekend!


His ass would have been at home if They didn’t give him 3 weeks of immunity.

Franks supercharged Fumes

Wawawawawwah…….. Paul gets everything……….Please rinse and repeat I don’t think I’ve heard that unearthed gem of a comment before!

Straw man argument Redux

3 weeks isn’t everything, it’s 3 weeks.


I doubt it, many HG would have voted to keep him If Only to retaliate against Cody who didn’t bother to tell his alliance his plans. He didn’t even know if he had the votes to get rid of Paul when he went rogue on his alliance. Not smart.

Franks Fumes

Careful folks these people don’t take kindly to Anti Cody Jess sentiment……what a wonderful couple…..the next Jeff and Jordan…. from hell!

pink towel

first 4 weeks Cody was deemed a monster, social pariah, worst BB player, transphobic, having a lust for killing. Even Jessica commented he got more excited when taking about him killing than looking at her breasts. Most soldiers do not brag about killing or say they joined to kill. Now he is a BB hero since he walked on top of a glass coffee table snubbing Mark and Elena. When he tried to play the game, he wanted to become their new leader. Mark made a better plea.

pink towel

yes, Jessica had the opportunity and passed – spent her time playing house. She had the opportunity to strategize but spent her time trying to get a ring on her finger.


Anyone would appear to be a genius in a house full of idiots.


i said the same exact thing about Chief Wiggum (Derrick) in his season…


Matt after he is evicted. “what I’m evicted, I still thought I was a pawn”? Do you think Matt and Raven will catch on to Paul’s deception when they both go on the block and not just one?

Whistling sissy

No, they won’t know until the veto isn’t used. Then Raven will pull a ‘mark’ and side erg the house. If Kevin goes up, I think he’s gone. The only thing to look forward to is Alex or Jason going home next week.

Franks supercharged Fumes

Deviled eggs and milk sounds like rocket fuel for my man Frank!


Please Jason. Think about winning the prize. Do not follow Paul’s plan. This is your chance to make a difference. Think about your precious Family. Put up Paul and Christmas or Paul and Josh. Or Christmas and Josh. Back door Paul.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

BB is so boring right now it’s hard to watch. The only thing keeping me going is waiting to see Raven evicted and BOOED!!
Every day just when I think I couldn’t possibly dislike her more I come on here and see her face and discover …yes I can!!!!

Raven's Many Voices

I don’t know if someone has mentioned this in the past, but has anyone noticed that Raven seems to imitate Natalie (From bb18?) when she votes and talks to Julie Chen?

pink towel

I think Raven is being Raven. On another note Raven tries to be cute always looking for the camera like the majority of the HG’s. Elena was always trying to expose her breasts, managed the snatch and partial side and under breast. (she even said that this type exposure was good for her fame – not in these words but she said it) The problem is that these people come on the show for fame. Mark came on to play BB and was hoping for romance. It would be nice to have people who come on the show to play BB. I would take Frank over any of these people. Paul likes the fame but playing BB is his main goal.


if most of us can see that production is pushing for Paul to win, and at times, protecting him by giving him certain powers and info… we can entertain the idea that the other house guest can see this too and it can be a helpless feeling… I feel maybe, they already know how things are headed so the best they can do is second place.

Whistling sissy

That would mean these houseguest’s aren’t as dumb as they look. I’m not buying it.

Hurricane Harvey

First, please stay safe Texas. Second, I wish Harvey could wash away all of the dregs (not Kevin) of BB19.

Judgmental Judy

I’m sure it’s because I’m almost as old as Kevin but I get it – rehashing the same High School insults about people behind their backs wasn’t fun in high school. I would have to get away from it too. You get to certain points in your life (usually) where you just don’t keep people in your life who cause drama or stress. Young people seem to thrive on it. Makes them feel hotter, smarter, cooler, stronger. It’s bull shit. He was smart to take that $25K.


I will continue to refuse giving a donation to any site that continues to push their own agenda….get over it Paul is going to win


I dont have an agenda and I can definitely see Paul winning. Besides that what is wrong with us as fans having a website AND an opinion? Everyone is welcome to their own opinion here. We dont all need to agree with each other.