“Maybe [Cody’s] trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument”


1:46pm HOH Jason and Alex
Alex – matt and raven they were up here I tried not top listen to them
Jason – Matt sucks so bad
Alex – they’re annoying.. Matt was up here while I was praying
Alex says they all don’t like mark that is who Matt, Raven and Paul are going for
Jason – I’m just going to tell you right now, If I win HOH on Thursday I’m putting Matt and Mark up. It’ll be perfect

Jason – what I’m going to say is Matt, uhh.. I needed to pull myself off the block for the veto because that was the plan you took the veto from me and then gave it back to me..
Jason – I felt like you were trying to make it look like you did me a giant solid when I had the Veto to begin with. It’ wasn’t a big move. You were trying to make me think you had my back so I’m putting you on the block so you know I see what you did.

Alex – You’re going to draw a line with him already
Jason – why not Al .. I can’t f*ing stand those two
Alex – there’s a process we still need their numbers.
Jason – why
Alex – we don’t want them to win on the off chance they put one of us up
Jason – if I win Thursday one of them will go
Alex – which one
Jason – matt or Mark I don’t care.. Then you have Raven, Matt and Elena. You think those three can do anything

Alex – they could put us up and backdoor one of us
Alex – Matt and raven aren’t stupid the will back door one of us
Jason – then get rid of those mother f*er
Alex – we have to wait until there’s nobody left then operate
Alex says they have to wait until final 8 put up matt/Raven with Kevin and take out Matt/Raven. The following week take out the other one and Kevin.
Alex – we can’t mess up

Jason says nobody in the house annoys him more than raven and matt
Jason – Raven is a f*ing mess.. She’s literally a ginormous pain in the f*ing a$$ times 10 more than anybody else..

2:00pm Kevin, Jason and Alex
Alex is warning them that Cody is going to spread a lot of sh1t in the jury house.
They bring up the fight yesterday with the cereal.
Alex says Cody is a a$$hole.
Kevin says he wishes he was there he would have taken the cereal away from him.
Alex – we didn’t know he was joking.. We were confused..

Jason – maybe he’s trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument
Alex – YA
Jason – how can he say he hates you he doesn’t even know you

Alex – we’re all nice to him I cooked him dinner before
Kevin – Hate is a harsh word
Jason – I would rather hang out with Cody than Matt and raven.. I f*ing hate those two

Jason – Matt and raven have literally not done a f*ing thing
Kevin – absolutely
Paul joins them along with Christmas..

2:07pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Paul – I feel pretty good.. I’m going to try my hardest and it’s not a bullshit magic show (HOH comp)
Paul – Elena is going to be nervous as sh1t and Josh is going drop a bomb on Mark as well.. He’s going to say something to him.. I don’t know he’s going to sh1t on him
Paul – JOsh is going to sh1t on both of them..
Paul – if you can say something to him just to freak him out I think we’ll be fine
Paul – after mark and Elena they want Kevin so that puts us far-ish.. We have Josh and Christmas
Paul – just be careful with Mark and Elena dude they’re f* a$$es

2:10pm The New Cody and Jessica

2:10pm The new Mark and Elena

2:18pm Jason, Paul and Josh
Jason telling them he’s putting up Matt and Mark if he wins HOH. He tells them his speech..
Josh says Mark tried out 4 times to be on the show. Paul says last year was his first time.
Paul – I’ve seen one season and I’ve played one season that’s it .. I don’t have time to watch TV
Josh – I’ve seen episode and clips here and there..
Jason didn’t even know what the show was about until his buddy dragged them to a casting call.
Josh – Cody’s been watching since season 1
Paul – damn he sucks

2:30pm have nots Paul and Josh
talking about how sketchy Kevin is.
Paul – I’m going to keep f*ing with this full until he goes crazy..

Paul – now he’s a b1tch.. if he’s not a cool guy or a centre of attention he gets pissed.. I see that.
Paul – he likes to be the centre of attention.. he’s going to lose his lid.. you need to make him just paranoid
Josh – I feel bad
Paul – fool you stupid.. he’s trying to get you out of this f*ing game

Josh – for me I wouldn’t touch him until the end
Paul – next time I win, not this time but next time, I’m putting him up 100%
Josh – before Matt and raven
Paul – depends
Josh – him, Matt and Raven haven’t done sh1t all game
Paul matt and raven haven’t done shady sht1 to me .. you cant be mad they’re protecting their own game but him he’s protecting People
Paul says Kevin was plotting with Mark and Cody to get him out
Josh – who told you that
Paul – Alex and Jason .. Cody talk to him about getting me out of the game and he (Kevin) denies it
Josh – he’s (kevin) a coward..
Paul – watch that fool watch him..
Paul says he’s going to go f* around with Kevin “watch this”

Paul heads to the ASPR to tell Raven and Matt about how Sketchy Kevin is.

(If Paul riles them all up to “rattle” Kevin like he’s done with everybody else I think the fandom will riot the studio)

2:40pm Mark, Elena and Cody
Mark – it’s crazy how things went
Elena – true that
Cody – night time can’t come soon enough

3:30 Chit chat..

For all you Matt C rag watchers …

3:48pm Mark and Elena
Mark – I see you nipples on a daily basis
Elena – OH my god you just did that..
Mark -It’s just right there
Elena – get in your space

Josh – go to the diary room
Elena – if he gets Americas favorite i’m going to slit my wrists this way..
(here’s the gif if you want to watch it it’s funny)

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86 thoughts on ““Maybe [Cody’s] trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument”

        1. Paul is playing an awesome game – hate is a strong word and should be reserved for elsewhere other than big brother.

      1. AFP = Americas Favorite Player – I haven’t decided yet, but my votes going to either Cody or Mark. Cody is not only a vet, but he’s been treated horribly by this cast of bullies. Mark is a nice guy whose been treated horribly as well. None of the rest deserve AFP.

        1. BFD…………….so,Cody is a vet! If you recall,so was Megan who suffered from PTSD and withdrew from the game because of Cody’s remark.He put her on the block and said”I am putting you up because I just don’t like you”! This is one vet talking to another vet! No respect! Cody did not play this game.He was too enamored with MIss VIP Concierge.

          1. The question is why didn’t Cody like Megan.

            The answer: she said to his face that she hates marines and never mentioned her own service time, only that she was a dog walker. Hence Cody’s reason for not liking her with them both being honest with each other. (Actually Cody more so, because Megan left out truths, such as her time in the military.

            Cody is a loyal dude with grit. Most of society don’t understand that mentality, just think they are it (Josh and most HGs are great examples).

            Yes, Cody needs to play the game but they all lied to his face in the early part. He loses trust in all of them and takes on the “me against the world” persona. They can never win back his trust. He doesn’t want to socialize with fake personalities, especially when they all share the same brain and thought. Any one of the other HGs could make up what happened in the end to Stalin and Houdini and agree fully with that HG while refuting the actual truth presented by an other HG. (Wait! That already happened!)

  1. I don’t think I could despise Jason any more. What a nasty loser to say that. If Cody was concerned with PTSD he wouldn’t need a stupid show to prove it. He was in combat after all, moron! Isn’t that proof enough? How many bulls have kicked you in the head whistle turd?

    1. I agree with that. when I heard that from Jason all I thought was OMG what a POS you are. I don’t like the way Cody has carried himself and I’m not on the bandwagon of Cody deserves respect because he’s served his country … generations of my family have served and I have seen first hand what it can do, so, Jason just needs to STFU on things he knows nothing about. Some game show will not help someone prove they have PTSD. That’s what Drs are for.

      1. Cody was the only one who was smart enough to try to eliminate Paul at the beginning of the game. He just had bad luck and everyone turned on him. I don’t like how anyone has carried themselves throughout the game. However I do feel that Cody was pushed to this point by the house.

        Also Megan left when she was attacked for apparently making up the racist comment. That entire conversation was a miss communication. Megan was trying to do the right thing and when it all came back to Jessica instead of clarifying that she said Pao Pao not Panda she implied the conversation never happened and it was all made up. It got blown way out of proportion, as has almost everything this season.

        This season would have been 100% better if Cody was able to get Paul out week one!

  2. “Jason – maybe he’s trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument”

    Can you use a TV show like that? I don’t think Cody has PTSD, he’s just an asshole when he feels slighted.

    1. OMG He does not have PTSD. Not every vet who served gets PTSD, geesh. He also isn’t some violent guy like they said, if he was he would have knocked the shit out of Paul and Josh Keep bringing up military you assclowns, apparently you haven’t buried your reputation enough.

      1. Cody doesn’t have PTSD. He just hates all the screaming and yelling and BS and bullying that is going on in the house. It is ridiculous. I can’t even watch the show. I will just catch comments every now and then. That’s it.

      2. In the beginning alot of us thought he was such a jerk for being anti-social, but turns out his judge of character was spot on LOL. Most of the house guests he’s living with are HUGE assholes! He hasn’t changed. All of their true colors have started to surface. No he doesn’t even engage with their rants – like they’re not worthy of his time. It think that just pisses them off even more and I LIKE it.

    2. It is possible to have PTSD and be an asshole, you asshole. You aren’t a doctor so STFU and stop talking shit about something you know nothing about.

    3. Rule of thumb in life “if someone is being an asshole to you and they are nice otherwise, chance she are it’s because of something you did” . Cody is just being like 80 percent of us, actually if you think about it, he is handling it like a frosty. I don’t think the same could be said for the rest of them if the tables were turned. Xmas sure doesn’t unless her target lets her, the moment Jessica decided “okay, let’s talk about this” Xmas put her stroller in reverse.

  3. What a bunch of fu&@ing morons !!! If you talked shit about my career , involved my kids in a insult, screamed and hollared at me ganged up on me, isolated me , I would hate this group of idiots !! , and I wasn’t even in the military !! Matter of fact they didn’t do all those things to me personally and I still hate them !!

      1. Yeah what happened to all Raven’s fans who posted daily about their sweet little Raven angel? I think someone must of showed them some feed pics of her and her dirty dancing partner.

  4. I hope Paul does go after Kevin now. Then maybe everyone will open their eyes vote Matt out and keep Cody so he can take Paul out. Although this is very wishful thinking as all his minions believe they are all his #1.

  5. Idiots. Hopefully zingbot can put this cast in check. Maybe Zingbot should walk in, look around, and then head towards the front door. The only thing he says as he leaves is “I came to zing the players of bb19 but unfortunately no one showed up to play this season”

    1. That would be awesome!!!! And then when Zingbot walked out Evel Dick could walk in and stay for 24 hours…..that would actually make me watch again!!

      1. Omg that would be perfect, Evel has been ripping this cast apart on twitter. I would love nothing more than to see it happen inside that house lol

    2. The biggest problem is keeping the zings safe for the time slot. Unless it’s a special 10 pm showing or 9, Walking Dead airs at 9…

  6. I really wish I like Jason and Alex but they make it harder more and more every day. Alex’s fight over the cereal was petty and for her saying “We were all nice to Cody….I even made him dinner”. How were they nice to him? 25% of the time they were bashing and questioning Cody at every turn. She even said last night that Cody should feel grateful that they are giving him the honor to be in jury. For Jason. How is Cody coming on the show to promote PSTDS? Unless if he talks about it all the time and constantly spread awareness then he has a point. But he isn’t. I really hope next season is better. These people are losing their logic now.

  7. “Josh – Cody’s been watching since season 1”

    That’s gotta be BS, Cody played this game terribly for someone that knows the show. No Alliance is solid week 1, that’s why 1st HOH plays it safe nominating someone the house equally wants out, he went for the jugular like someone who’ve never watched the show a complete NOOB. If Cody watched the show, he never payed attention how the game works, especially in the beginning. And everyone who watches the show knows Vets are protected in some form for a few weeks, usually DR manipulation, a team of vets, or this time a power. Cody should’ve thought this one out, which he did not he went on emotions. Whether Paul pulled the power out or not, Napoleon wasn’t going anywhere week 1, he’s a familiar face everyone knows.

    1. His first two nominees were playing it safe….but he ended up having to nominate 3 more people because one person quit and production gave Paul 3 weeks of secret safety. So Cody was screwed.

      1. Paul wasn’t a bad choice but Cody screwed up majorly when he didn’t bother to explain anything about why he then put up Christmas as opposed to Ramses. He just said I did what I could it’s up to you now. Then he went and banged Jessica for a week. He could have salvaged something if he communicated with Mark and Matt who he was tight with. I think Cody realized this was going to be the Paul show from that veto ceremony until the finale so he said screw it.

  8. yewt ramses should have stayed over josh knowlook atthere mess!yet hardly no renom when paul was hoh-pov jason was the blocj all 3rd noms should renoms

    1. when they are deciding between him and someone else to win…sadly. I really wish Jason would dump Alex and team with Kevin….those two have funny conversations but Alex has turned Jason bad

      1. Jason is just ignorant! The only thoughts of his own are outlandish conclusions usually hateful and ridiculous. He is Paul and Alex’s puppet..worse than Josh. Christmas Paul Alex and Jason are Vile!!! Mentality disturbed. Game or not it’s beyond compression how low they’ve gone. Their denial of no wrong doing and justifying their behavior shows the core of who they are as people. I think consequences will be harsh on the outside. I so wish for a BB miracle and Cody stays. I’m in denial now lol

  9. Wow! Just wow. I mean these people are supposed to be in an alliance don’t any of them ever talk to each other. I guess stupidity can be contagious.

    1. They are in one big alliance but there are multiple side alliances within that alliance. Live Feeders see a lot of those side convos.

  10. Really Jason? You lost the comp! You had to lose in order for Matt to take the VETO from you. He even kept himself on the block for your team, removing you from the block, and you still think he owes you? I can’t with these people’s logic. Has to be wrong if I’m defending Matt.

  11. Who you kidding Christmas Misery boo? It’s pain meds that are making you feel better honey. Why are you denying it honey boo kitty boo. What is it Kitty boo boo, Percocet, Codein? Have you become a number in the opiod crisis honey? Karma.

  12. You can tell it’s a good season when you constantly switch favorites.

    Another “worse season ever”?

    I don’t think so. This one is on the map.

  13. I cant wait til big brother is over and Cody and Jess last all but 2 months as she globs onto any fame she can with any LA ATHLETE or Entertainer.

    Then all you people drinking the Cody / Jess Cool Aid will wake up and smell the coffee that rating them so high on here is pathetic. Jess maybe had a game but Cody goes down as one of the worst players to ever step into the BB House.

    I look forward to the JURY house and see what the relationship is there with the other people.

    1. I am willing to bet that the same thing will happen between Jessica and Cody as it did with James and Natalie. As soon as they got out Nat was apparently texting an old bf who was a pro athlete or something like that. James found out, they eventually broke up. She didn’t want James to let on that they were done because she didn’t want any hate on her and her family. now she’s suing James for releasing photos or something (which he claims is untrue-I believe him) Search it on YOuTube. I can see a very similar thing happen with Jess and Cody. Cody talked about going to Mexico to learn a new language in a little town where he plans to live with the locals. Sorry buddy, Jessica can’t get her fake nails, hair, or boobs done there. Just not going to last. These women have pro athletes as boyfriends with millions of dollars. They aren’t sticking around with ol country boys.

    2. The main reason Jody is popular is their not controlled by Paul. Every other player tells and does what Paul says even if it doesn’t benefit them

        1. See that is where the IRONY is…….everyone’s rating would go up if someone stood up to PAUL.

          When you look at it ,,,why stand up to PAUL right now? The last 3 weeks who left Dom, Ramses, Jess its a very very slow moving game this year ,,,because more house guests leads to more RATINGS.

          Point is ,,,,Cody put a massive target on his back from the moment he and PAUL met. He played his alpha male attitude and went way to hard to soon and it backfired. So Jody’s arrogance and elitist ways made them giant targets so it was EASY for PAUL to put the target on them and off of him.

          Once Cody is out Factions will begin to spit up cause Paul wont be able to hide behind people (JODY) that were large targets.

          So to be honest the remaining people for now played a good game riding the coat tails of Paul,,,cause when they split PAUL is going to be the biggest target that others now can hide behind.

          So the giving them high ratings for standing up to PAUL is not logical cause it cost them their game and they are out the door where the others are still there. Give it more time before eveyone is condemned for befriending Paul, alot of game still left to play.

  14. Just saw the reason for the animosity toward Elena. She is an idiot and the prize money she actually receives won’t be 5k since they will take taxes out before that

    1. Yeah sucks the taxes Americans pay on this kind of winning stuff. In Canada everyone just pays higher taxes everyday and any prize winnings are tax free. I was told in America you have to pay city state and federal taxes which take about 40% off. BB Canada doesn’t have as big a cash prize but with all the other stuff they receive and it’s all tax free probably a better deal in the end.

  15. Those of you who don’t watch Live Feeds…..Cody is no angel. He says hateful things all the time….as did Jessica. ALL the HG’s are guilty, it’s called game-play. It’s how the game is played and they ALL know it. Got to remember, we are privy to info that they are not, so they speculate. Try living with others in close quarters with nothing to do and told you can win $500,000……..I’d like to see how saintly you haters all are!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Cody was a major douche in the beginning who made a stupid game move! Hard to believe he’s watched all seasons and didn’t realize that it was too soon to take Paul out. When Cody was pretending to be nice this past week, they got suspicious bc that was NOT the personality he normally showed. Now ppl on this board want him as AFP just bc he served in the military and the other hgs have the audacity to question his behavior and statements!

      1. Cody was supposedly a sniper in the military,they are taught to adapt,overcome adversity and focus on the mission to completion. He lost his focus on the mission(winning the game) to rolling in the hay with someone that he just met. If I was your C.O., I would have made you repeat your training! Cody,you lost your mission!

  16. 1 – Please fill the live audience at the finale with the minon shrt with the followers faces carrying Paul to the Big Brother $$$$$. 2 – Since back dooring Cody is game play to Paul and his minions with Mark and Elena next, double eviction this week, I can skip a week and check back in to see the minons little hearts break realizing Paul isn’t going to save just them 3 – It’s one thing to follow Paul blindly like you have no mind of your own, if it was an act, and you were going to team up and get him out. These jokers don’t even discuss it! 4 – It will be comical how pathetic these leftovers players aka minons will function when Cody, Mark and Elena are out

  17. Here’s hoping there’s one more temptation. Don’t care what it is or who benefits from it. The only thing I’m asking for is that the punishment be that Jessica is released into the jury house. I would love to see Jody be the welcome wagon for those douchebags. One by one as they are voted out.

  18. WHY in the hell did Mark tie his shirt up in the veto competition? He looked like an idiot! No other guy came out looking like that. Something is not right with his goofy self.

    1. My guess is the shirt was too small to button. You would think they’d have a shirt that would actually fit. I think they were hoping for a Hulk moment. Or maybe a Farley song and dance like Fat Man in a Tiny Coat…

    2. If that’s his worse flaw…I’ll take it any day over Jason, Alex, Josh, xmas& raven’s vile behavior any day!!

  19. Wow, some of u ppl are majorly f’d up on here! Cody lied abt his age in the beginning then corrected it ……LIED big mistake in Big Brother 101 school. Once you admit to lying in that house, you become suspect. Couple that with isolating yourself, why would they NOT think his behavior was suspicious and make assumptions. Some of you need to stop watching this show for your own mental health bc you can’t handle this game where there are no rules, ppl lie and backstab to get further in the game. Do they act despicable? Yes! But it’s a f’ng reality show!

  20. Jason’s comment about Cody and ptsd is disgusting. Cody might not have played the game well, but he is my choice for America’s favourite player. To see the faces of Paul and his minions when they announce Cody as the winner will be priceless and sweet sweet revenge. Hopefully the cameras will zoom in on Paul so we can all enjoy his misery.

  21. Enough of this Bullshit he may have PTSD anf maybe thats why he is the way he is , I know before I was found out that what I was suffering from from being in Rwnada , just ask my 2 ex wives

  22. I think Cody acted immature and lacked enough self control to play BB successfully. At first Cody had a plan of forming 3 showmances so that they could have a voting bloc of 6. But he would not take any advice from any of the people in his group because he believed that he was the smartest one there. So when the table’s started to turn on Cody the people he thought he controlled dumped him. Instead of trying to find a way to save his game Cody doubled down on acting like a superior person who could not be bothered by interacting with people he considered to be stupid losers(everyone else but him). Cody would not have lasted long even if Paul had not shown up. Jessica should not have wasted her temptation on Cody. She could have given herself another week of game play and removed the target Cody put on her back. If she won she still could have hooked up with Cody after BB so her game play wasn’t very smart either. Should they be rewarded for some of the worst BB game playing I have ever seen I don’t think so.

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