“Josh, you have to play the game. Right now we’re doing what I do best.. Mental warfare”


4:15pm Mark, Elena and Cody
Cody – started Big Brother 19 with a bang
Mark – I know I get reminded every day
Mark leaves to get more food. Elena and Cody make plans to hang out in Dallas. Cody says he’ll be in LA for awhile.
Elena – I don’t know why he (Mark) likes me so much
Cody – maybe because you’re not giving him anything.. if you threw yourself at him…
Elena – some people operate that way I don’t… I wonder if that’s why the intrigue is there..
Cody mentions Mark and Her might want to experience “what is out there” (the parties the attention?)
Elena – I tell him I don’t know why you like me so much.. You can any girl outside after this.. I just don’t date I do relationships
Cody – not even a shred of me wants to know what’s out there..

Elena – who is going to be final 2
Cody – Paul, Kevin or Paul and Josh.. Paul or Christmas
Elena – who would you vote for
Cody – Paul.. Bravo dude.. all those idiots kept you so take the money

Cody – I don’t give a hit.. unless it’s one of you guys up there.. honestly I might flip a coin
Elena hopes it is her or Mark
Cody says he wouldn’t bet on it..

Cody says his daughter only lives a 1/2 mile down the road from his families place in Iowa.
Cody says Paisley’s mom “is such a cool lady.. we kinda got together before dating”
Cody adds they tried to make a go with it after but it didn’t work out. The relationship with them is good.
Cody describing Paisley’s mom – she’s beautiful.. I wish she would find someone because she deserves happiness like that.. the last one.. Feeds cut

Cody says his daughter is blonde haired blue eyes. The mom is brown hair brown eyes. he’s the same. They had a DNA test she’s their kid.

Mark comes back asks Elena for a hug

4:21pm Paul Trashing Mark for Kevin, Alex and Jason
Josh comes in and Paul tickles him.. (LOL)

Paul says Mark is useless..
Josh – he’s been slobering on melons for protections
Josh says it’ll be awesome to get Cody and Mark out back to back
Kevin leaves and they start talking about how sketchy Kevin is. (Everyone but Jason)
Alex says he f*ed with her today.. “he wants to f* around with me I’m going to f* around with him”
Paul – lets f* with him
JOsh – oh f* guys
Paul and Alex starts snickering.. (here we go again)
Kevin comes back having brought up the gold pillows from Alex’s HOH bed.
Chit chat with some trashing of Jessica, Cody, mark

5:00pm HOH Paul, Josh and Alex
Alex says Kevin is Sketchy.. “Don’t promise him anything”
Josh – me and Kevin never spoke game (he means in the beginning) .. I never thought I wanted Kevin out at any point of this game until now..
Josh – the way he’s been acting
Alex – shady .. close with Mark
Josh – super close with Mark.. I had your back you don’t have none of our backs you’ve been hanging with the enemies..
Alex – you see how nervous he gets..
Josh – I feel good with us 5 but .. are we going to get rid of Kevin or top 6
Alex – we’ll do it week by week
They go on and on how suspicious, shady and Sketchy Kevin is acting.
Paul – I’m just going to drive him nuts
Alex – I’m going to take back everyone single one of your headbands
Josh – wait guys…. wait

Josh – why are you doing this now
Paul – it’s a slow build, for him to blow up (the cycle continues..)
Alex – because he wants to act like a old man I’m going to make him think he’s losing his mind
Paul – lets go storm in ..
Josh – no
Paul – he can’t stand it he wants Alone time with Jason so he can secure it..
Alex laughs
Josh – I just had a good DR… I just had a good dream.. Home boy is pissing me the f* off..
Alex – who?
Josh – Matt
Paul – time and a place Josh
Paul leaves..
Alex – Josh, you have to play the game. Right now we’re doing what I do best.. Mental warfare.. he keeps pretending to be a fragile old man he’s younger than my parents by like 10 years..

(the die is cast)

5:14pm Raven and Matt
They want to try and get Mark out next.

6:04pm Alex, Xmas, Matt
Trashing Mark and Cody.. (it’s pretty much all these people are doing now)
Xmas says she wishes she was more clear headed earlier in the game because she would have called “all this sh1t” out
Alex says Cody accused him of ruining his game.
Alex – I was like you ruined your own game
Alex – we’re sending you to Jury
Alex – argh like that’s a BIG THING (Alex is pretending Cody was acting aggressive and pissed.. and he was the key difference is Alex framed it to him more like this – Don’t be such a grump At least you’re going to Jury were you can lay around all summer and get paid the stipend. That was the comment that elicited Cody’s response)
Alex says no one would vote for COdy in the final 2
Xmas and MAtt agree..

Xmas says thank god theirs no jury coming back
Alex says if it’s Cody they’ll just choke him

Matt shits on Mark for not backing Elena up during the fight yesterday when it was “everybody on Elena”
Matt said mark used everyone going after Elena as a way to get back in with them
Matt – you can’t on national television let your girl take that heat..
Matt – it all y’all came at Raven like that I would be like Eat it (WOW they would be f*ed)
B2MEN- that man is b1tch made.. top to bottom (ZOMG)
Xmas – b1tch made

7:11pm Alex and Christmas
Alex – he’s f*ing talking to mark he’s f*ing talking to Elena .. if he’s going home why are you talking game to him
Alex goes on about Cody wanting to make a deal with Kevin, Jason and Alex that he wouldn’t go after them if they didn’t go after him. Kevin wanted to make it but Jason didn’t unless Alex/Paul were there.
Alex – it was me, Paul, Kevin and Jason

Alex – they f*ing cornered JAson out there.. F*ing Kevin and F*ing Cody
Alex – then he goes and tells you and Josh that you’re protected.. F* him
Alex – I want to go upstairs but tweedle dee and tweedle dumb are up there (Matt Raven)
Xmas – I’m getting really pissed off at their inability to take a stand .. they instigate so much sh1t and then they f*ing disappear
Alex – he said eventually someone will put them up together and he would just go home and let her play (Matt)

Xmas – why the f* it you come here.. You’ve done nothing
Alex – he’s such a dud in the game.. Even mark played a bigger part.. Even Elena
Alex – he wants all of us to carry him
Alex tells Christmas she deserve to be here more than most of the people left.
Xmas – thanks

Alex says Mark and Elena have been too happy something is up.. (well they haven’t had 4 people scream at them for a hour)

8:00pm Cody reading the bible the rest doing the hot dog thing talking about movies.

8:11pm Cody and Mark reading bibles
Alex come sin to give them a hot dog.
Mark – no thanks..
Alex – I would like you to know I’ve done lots of good things for you in the game I’ve made you dinner multiple times, I’ve never once lied to your face i’ve told you everything upfront, I’ve always talked to you even when people have been being mean to you
Alex – I’ve always been nice to you, I’ve always given you food, i’ve always helped you out..
Alex – What have you done for me? You made me a target, you put me on the block and blindsided me, you tried to get me evicted with Jessica.
Alex – I’ve never done anything mean to you for you to be so hurtful and to read the bible like that’s f*ed up (ZOMG, he’s not allowed to read the bible)
Cody – i’m not doing this for you I’m doing this because I’m bored
Alex – I know..
Cody – I’m not doing this for you
Alex – What have I done for you in this game I’ve done a lot of things so you don’t have to be a a$$hole to me.
Alex – there’s lots of people you could’ve been an a$$hole to not me and JAson we’ve always been nice top you, Agree or Disagree
Cody – I’m sorry
Alex leaves..

8:31pm Skybridge Christmas, Alex, Paul, Jason, Kevin, MAtt.
Sh!tting on Cody and Mark..
Alex – he says he’s reading the bible because he’s board
Paul – Going to win HOH and make a statement
They all laugh that if Mark wins HOH and is going to make a statement they’ll all make farting sounds.. (LOL these guys are going to drive the fans into blind rage)
Paul says that Josh is going to drop a bomb on Mark.
Paul – we need to f* with them..

Kevin changes the subject to the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor fight

8:49pm all feeds on Cody reading the bible

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Can anyone form an idea of post- Cody/Mark? Is anyone aware such a time exists? These people are just awful. And as players…yeah. Not much to offer in that department either.


What a miserable hateful group! All are like vultures. Do any of them have true friends outside the house or do they limit themselves to their families? With all the back stabbing, I am surprise any of them are still breathing,

Lou Skunt

Still not worst than the OTT cast last year.


I do the same attempting to read your butchery of the English language.

Mel B

Matt – it all y’all came at Raven like that I would be like Eat it (WOW they would be f*ed)
B2MEN- that man is b1tch made.. top to bottom (ZOMG)

Simon …don’t take comments like that seriously….I cannot imagine having to listen to and transcribe the craziness currently taking place in the BB house. Your personal observations such as the ones above (in brackets) are especially appreciated ! Haha…


Aww, don’t take that comment personally, Simon. The commenter is still here reading your summaries. Take it on board, but don’t let it make you feel badly.

You’re from a generation that can keep up with casual typing easily, but some of us who grew up in a different generation were raised to adhere to strictly to the rules of grammar, and it can be hard to adapt (and we make mistakes too!).

Thank you for giving us all these summaries. I, for one, wouldn’t have a clue what was going on if it wasn’t for your writing.
A great (actually entertaining) book on writing is Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style”. You probably read it in school, but it’s a great book to have. Thanks again for all you do. πŸ™‚


Oh, good question. I never actually thought about it. But, I’m thinking you and Dawg must be close to the same age and since he just had a baby, I’d say mid thirties.

Not nice!!

Way to be a b*tch…good gosh. If you don’t like it stay off the site, have some respect!!


There was zero reason to be rude. Are you referring to the typos in their posts?






be patient


(ZOMG, he’s not allowed to read the bible)
Oh c’mon, she wasn’t saying that he can’t read the Bible FFS! Way to push a narrative!


“and to read the bible like that’s f*ed up”

She’s making a point that Cody can go from telling her “F** U, i dont give a F** about you” to then reading the bible like hes some sort of saint!


You don’t have to be a saint to read the bible and reading the Bible doesn’t make you a saint. Perhaps Cody is reflecting and the Bible is the outlet he’s using.


But Alex can cross herself and say the rosary and then use “God damn” and the F bomb in every other sentence that comes out of her mouth? Not to mention how she talks about people and fights over pillows and cereal? Yeah, she’s “some sort of saint”.

Anonymous #100

Yeah-you’re right. That OTT group were just mean and nasty. Paul is annoying but at least he is playing. I don’t like his methods but he doesn’t push my buttons nearly the way Vanessa did. I was way too emotionally invested in wanting her NOT to win. Nicole really didn’t deserve it last year, in my opinion.
I think this will get more interesting as the numbers decrease. The Paul vs Alex should be good – neither one would take the other to final 2. So I guess it’s just sit back and watch.


At least OTT cast play game. BB19 cast play game for Paul.


At least OTT had some genuinely nice people to root for …. i.e., the Ball Smashers with exception of Shelby. Whitney was a sweetheart and Alex was head and shoulders above this Alex. That cast also had a lone vet (Jason) who ended up losing a ton of fans. Surprised BB didn’t learn anything from that horrible experiment. Single vets stir up s**tstorms.


Why are these HG doing everything Paul say. Now Paul is telling them to bomb Raven to see what she will say or do. If Paul tell the HG to jump off the bridge they would be climbing over the BB backyard fence to carry out Paul mission. What is wrong with this picture Wow! Question…did the HG only come on the BB show to win the little bit of jury money. What is going on with them. You get your hands dirty for Paul. Why not let Paul do his on dirty work and stop being a puppet on a string for Paul. I have come to a conclusion this carry on in real life too stupidity a follower and not a leader. HG are easily imitdated and just all over the place with game plays. They have no backbone to play this game. Wrong show for most of these HG. The HG are awful!


It’s Big Brother you all…. All you posting hate about Paul and the house are doing the exact thing you claim to hate. Just sit back and enjoy the entertainment. Because it’s about to get a good…


Okay… I am going to sit back and wait tell the H


I love how the show sanitized Paul’s image even more tonight by showing how he volunteered Christmas for the dinner making him look like a compassionate person but showed none of the other awful things he’s said behind people’s backs. Also, they showed Kevin agreeing to keep Cody’s kid a secret but didn’t show him running to tell everyone and then Paul using that info to rile up the group. I don’t get how this show does its editing?? They refuse to show anything negative about that group.

Tonight's Show

I watch the feeds and when Cody went up to the HOH and spoke to Alex and Jason about getting rid of Elena and working with him ( Cody ) – Alex NEVER left the HOH. Not 5 minutes later Paul came in and Cody left and Alex told Paul what Cody was trying to do! Production had Alex go to the DR and act like she knew how to play the game because tonight’s show had Alex in a DR session talking about how she might go along with Cody’s plan! Again, not 5 minutes after Cody proposed the plan, Alex was babbling to Paul about the plan!

Wishing for a better season

I think I am wearing out the fast forward button on my DVR. I get my info here and enjoy the comments, I find the editing not in line with reality.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping Big Brother interesting.. Maybe CBS could hire you two to do the editing??!!


Welcome to the fantasy world of “reality” TV. It has nothing to do with reality.


This is a great comment.

Can't get worse...oh wait

The edit Paul and them get is sickening.

The Zipperless F*ck

Seriously? I can’t believe how squeaky clean tonight’s edition of BB was. Paul’s scary, It’s my thoughts that once he is back in society he will read the negativity about him, but somehow twist it so he believes and tries to convince people that the viewers loved him.

I can not stand any of these people, not one, to be honest but, like a train crash, I’m going to continue watching until the end……my last opinion, CBS should give the money to an anti-bullying organization


He wasn’t doing it to be nice, he was doing that for strategy. I think he did it to further ensure Xmas doesn’t go against him, and also so that no one has a chance to talk to Cody while he was gone. I don’t like Paul, but he is definitely thinking one step ahead at all times.


herd mentality at its worst.


I actually think the show is equally at fault for the garbage that has happened this year because they don’t show stuff straight. I don’t think they should step into the game, but actually show clean edits. With that fat fight with jody and Josh, they should all the mean things that Jody said but not when josh called cody’s face ugly or that his personality sucks. IMO censorship isnt the answer, let these ppl continue with this garbage and then the houseguests can reap the consequences of their actions when they leave the house. Instead the show covers for them by quietly telling them to cut it out in DR to help save them.


They never showed the vile remarks about Codys Military career from Alex Christmas Paul Jason or Raven they all have done it . Nothing from CBS. It’s unfortunate how they spin it.

Grodner Hearts Paul

That’s why I never watch the fake CBS show anymore. It’s designed to give the audience a false perception about Paul and his minions.

Why CBS is so invested in Paul, I can’t understand. Surely they’ve seen he is hated by most fans and BB legends don’t respect him. And nobody seems to like the minions. He is only useful now as a villain. If I were them, I’d be playing up, not covering up, his nastiness.


The truth is that Paul and Christmas are the only ones who will sleep with AG.

Reality check

More fake news.

what a mess of a season

I think CBS knows Paul is not liked by the viewers. If you recall they put him in the house as a punishment for the temptation. He was negativity brought into the house and the HGs for some reason saw it as a blessing (minus the fact he had to replace someone not join the cast).


Good point. Production may be totally shocked that the minions are worshipping L. Paul Hubbard. And they’re spinning it that he’s a saint, fearing that viewers wouldn’t believe that people are this gullible. Biting my tongue (finger) to not make a political analogy right now…


They didn’t show the film clip TMZ showed of Jessica either, they didn’t pull back from that clip, Jessica was shown in a very bad image . To the point people wanted her to be arrested for sexual,harassment . But nothing on CBS.


I’m sorry I don’t know why Kevin gets a pass, he’s scum just like all of them, the way he trash talks alot of these ppl behind their backs with personal insults.

From Flyover Country

All of the HGs talk behind each other’s backs, I think what makes Kevin a little more palatable is he doesn’t try to hurt people with his words. What I find so disturbing is the mob mentality of Alex, Raven, Christmas, Josh, and Paul. Josh does seem to have some internal struggles/anguish about how he has treated other HGs, but he is a follower and will do what Paul demands. Alex, Raven, Christmas and Paul seem to thrive on vicious personal attacks of others. UGH, what a group!

mrs w

I completely agree. I feel like Kevin has a decent heart. Living in a house with a group of strangers everyone is going to say some not so nice things about the other HGs, that’s expected. But Paul and his minions are going so far beyond that. I feel like Kevin is getting worse because he feels like he needs to say nasty things about Cody to prove to them that he’s still on Paul’s team. Not saying that’s okay, but I think he’s being pushed to say nastier things than he would otherwise.
I truthfully don’t think Alex, Paul or Christmas have any decent bone in their body. They are so delusional and I cannot wait until the get out of the house and realize how hated they are. They’re going so beyond what is good or clever game play in the BB house. They are complete a**holes.


Hey Matt! You’ve been laying around with that disgusting orange rag all summer. And that Tee shirt’s seen better days too! ZING!!!!

There's hope

Eventually I’ll be able to stop laughing at this.


It took me a few moments to get it πŸ™‚

Smitten Kitten

If there truly is a God, CBS will use that for Matt’s zing… that shit was savage.


HOOOLLLYYYY SSHHHH*****TTT…. I can’t stand watching the Live Feeds because other than Christmas, they ALL eat with their mouth open and it’s soooo loud!!! Everyone of the, is NASTY, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!!!! Matt is the WORST!!! I didn’t even know it was possible to be eating Ice Cream but chew t and make it sound like you’re eating potato chips!!! ITS LIKE NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD FOR ME!!!


I like how Paul was trashing Kevin by saying he gets down when he’s not the centre of attention, how he thrives on it. What a POS…..pot meet kettle…and Paul is just jealous because he’s taking the attention from him.


they should have kepy ramses around


They owe him an apology and Kevin should split the 25ks with him.

cameron-ramses get last laugh

nut thewy should voted out josh anyways!cameron-ramses curse lives on anyways


Do what now? I have no idea what you are trying to say with this statement.

come on man!

they all voted against them

paul ego

if you talk cody you get out by paul


What I want for final night:

Paul, Matt and Raven are the top 3
Raven wins the final HOH
Raven and Matt in the top 2
Raven Wins.
Alex, Christmas and Josh are the top 3 for AFP.

Raven Wins

nacho mama

hope not


Worry not, that will NEVER happen.


Other than Cody…the HG can win HOH or the VETO etc…it is just like they did not win because the HG will do what ever Paul say. I stop watching BB about 3 weeks ago. I am waiting to start back watching BB when it gets down to about 6 HG. Where they will have to start playing to win or Paul will take the win. Right now the game is childish HG is making terrible moves and not thinking of there game. HG have gotten themselves caught up in a bunch of on going mess/bullying and have made the game all personal mess. This sad?. Shame on BB for not stepping in and doing more.


Are you from this planet…are you watching the show or feeds with beer googles..


I was watching the Paul show and it was boring. I am waiting for the HG to come out of Paul bullying comma. I do believe BB is a game you lie, play dirty and backstabbing etc. But i do believe some of the house guess have crossed the line with bullying and making it personal this takes the fun out of the game for me. I am not a Paul fan and I do not have a favorite HG. I do feel Paul is playing the game well and playing dirty. The Other HG are following Paul all the way to the bank “I guess to see Paul deposit 500k right into his account”. Food for thought…play your own game and don’t get caught up in crazy mess that you can’t think for yourself, don’t believe everything HG come and tell you and stay focus so won’t miss the big picture. Paul is working on Kevin eviction right now and the next HG etc. Paul will work himself through all of HG right to bank.

Troll fo sho

Get outta here with that trash


No trash throwing here… but a lot of trashy stuff going on in the BB house. Okay I get it you were talking about BB HG trashy bullying and plays they are making.


I didn’t realize that Cody told Kevin not to tell anyone about his daughter because he didn’t want them to use it against him and then he goes and tells others……WTF!! and then they use it against him in that stupid fight about the stupid cereal…..what a JERK!! I like Kevin but his stock just went down a little in my book…..

I really want Cody to stay…..not just because he’s my favorite at this point, but because I can’t stand anyone else and I want to see what Cody would do if he were to get HOH.


You know, I thought about this and what would you guys think if someone told you they only saw their kid in the summer and gave that up to be on BB? That seems super strange to me and I don’t know if I would believe it. What father would give up his only time with his daughter to go on a tv show? I dunno. I kind of understand why Kevin didn’t believe it.


Jess didn’t even believe it at first…


“What kind of a father does that”? A father who wants to win the money and do right by his kid – give her a great life.


Well he certainly doesn’t strike me as someone who wants to win the show. He was going to give up on this dream of a “better life” you speak of for a girl he just met so I just don’t buy that side of the argument.


I agree and was thinking the same thing. He only sees his daughter during the summer….and gave that up for this show. Then he gives all that up for a cheap girl he just met…… ( and yes she is cheap if she’s having sex with him on national tv after they had known each other for five minutes.)


I wonder…can he spell Priorities?


Just FYI Cody has his daughter FULL time in the summer. He does see her during the year except when he was serving our country. His parents also are close to Paisley. He didn’t go into detail with Kevin. He just wanted to make Kevin feel better. Believe it or not Cody has a heart and is a kind person.


Hi codys mom you must be so proud….


How exactly does that work? She is cheap for sleeping with him. But he’s a ok because he’s a guy?


That’s not what was said. He’s clearly just as cheap as her. Nice trying to start up an argument that wasn’t there in the first place

Give Me F**king Break

Cody could make millions on his sex tape…. hopefully daughter didn’t see it:(

sunny dee




any number of custodial and non custodial dads that have shown up on BB even tho their kids are young


Here’s the difference with those guys, though…they talked about their kids all the time, so people knew that it was likely to be true. Codys timing and the fact that he “only sees them in the summer and gave it up to go on a show” might seem strange to most people, especially if they don’t know the whole story. Also, the fact that Cody told Kevin about his kid while he was on the block might look like he is just trying to gain sympathy (which I am not saying it was his intention, I am saying that’s how it might look). Cody’s timing and actions are super bad. His biggest problem in this game is the fact that his words and his actions haven’t really lined up the whole time. That is his demise in this game. First he was saying he didn’t trust Kevin(the DR session after the outdoor walk with Kevin and Jason) and then last night on the show the edit made it look like he did trust Kevin by telling him about his daughter. I don’t know Cody(obviously) I only know what I see. Same as the house guests. So basically what I am saying is I understand why Kevin didn’t automatically believe that he had a kid. Kevin has 7 or 8 kids and talks about them all the time and the rest of the house guests still didn’t believe that he was missing them! It’s hard to believe things when the name of the game is lies and deceit.


Money doesn’t give kids a great life. Spending time and teaching them morals and respect and how to work hard to give themselves a better life. But some would give up spending time they can’t get back with their child for a very long shot you might be handed $500,000 for laying aroubd all summe Doing nothing?


Cody was very sincere and emotional when he spoke about his daughter, and I think he went in the show to better provide for his daughter. Clearly, he didn’t go on the show for fame.

Kevin disappointed me for sharing Cody’s secret with the vultures. There was no reason to do so as Cody never used his daughter to gain any sympathy or advantage on the show. People like Kevin are the reason why some people, including Cody, find it difficult to call others true friends.

Judgmental Judy

James did it.


God Alex is annoying.

agt vs bb

i wonder who going win rating on wed night know


“Alex says no one would vote for COdy in the final 2
Xmas and MAtt agree..”

Real BB players would look at that and want to keep Cody around for that reason. But these sheep just follow the herd because they don’t want to be the next one singled out. Think for yourself. Play your own game. Not Paul’s. ughhhhhhhh

Also WOW with tonight’s episode. Paul, Kevin, and Alex with the good edits. Doesn’t depict at all what’s actually going on in the house. What is wrong with the BB production team!? Show the people the truth for once!


My thought exactly about Alex’s comment about Cody….smh


Why would you make that stupid statement. Cody has played a horrible game and so did Jess. He makes an alliance with strong players, and then without their knowledge throws 2 of them on the block. There were at least 7-8 other players in the house he could have thrown up there. He tried to make a big move the first HOH he got. Dumb ass move. Then he proceeds to be nasty to everyone all the while locked up in the HOH having sex for days, long enough to have his whole alliance turn against him. I can’t imagine what kind of an asshole he would have been if he had kept winning and not been evicted. He hasn’t done anything to make anyone want to keep him in the house. Winning this game isn’t just being a “Macho Dick”. There is also a social aspect to it, and unfortunately he doesn’t have much of that. He showed that when he put Meghan on the block, and told her that he “just didn’t like her”. What a dick-assed thing to say at the beginning of the game.


FACTS…. Cody not only made a big move weeks too soon, he was very nasty in the aftermath of the vote not going his way. That’s why his alliance walked away & voted him out, whether or not Paul was in the game or not, Cody’s attitude lost his game for him. Cody could never win this game even if he came back, he has very little social skills that’s required to get far.

The Truth

His alliance had already walked on him. Thus the vote.

Worst part is that he did what he did to protect Alex and Jason. He should have been reminding them every chance he got that Paul, Christmas, Matt and Raven wanted Alex or Jason out that week — and those two could still be on the bottom. Sow the seeds of distrust — but he’d already given up.


I had to stop watching. Only way I’ll watch next week is if Mark or Elena wins HOH.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I hope lots of people stop watching. Unless ratings go down, CBS will assume this is how we want to see BB played. If half the audience dropped out, they’d understand changes need to be made.

Like no more vets front-loaded with advantages and protection vs. novices.

The only good thing is that after seeing how the sheep are perceived, surely next year’s cast won’t be so eager to follow Production’s beloved returning player (probably Frankie Grande).


I stopped watching the feeds too and I cancelled them after seeing the confrontation that occurred in the kitchen yesterday. I know it’s a game and blah blah blah. I don’t want to spend money supporting a show that allows people to act like animals. From what I’ve seen on other forums, reddit and twitter other people are cancelling their feeds subscriptions too.

I’ve watched since 2001 and there was a time where this game was a social experiment about strategy, alliances, and not about breaking others down. This is the worst I think it’s ever been.

I’m not planning on watching next year or buying the feeds again. CBS doesn’t deserve to continue to profit from this mob mentality.




The show has been going downhill since grodner took over. They cast like they are matchmakers trying desperately for showmances. They manipulate the game more and more each year. They now taint the jury by having them see the audience reactions to final 2 questions. Why even sequester them if you expose them to the audience before they vote? (This is the only reason Ian beat Dan, remember before that year the jury stayed in the back yard during questioning)


Remember Cody telling Jess that all the women he had been with were DOGS? Now his Baby Mama is beautiful.

Anti Paul puppet

You’re right no one ever had talked shit o their ex.


He was not talking about the mother of his daughter! He wasn’t serious about the comment. He was trying to make Jessica feel good. It wasn’t a big deal. Get over it.


He was joking with Jessica! He always spoke highly of Paisleys mom!


Paul sees Kevin as a threat. He’s liked (or was b4 Paul started his mind-games) by most of the house. Even Josh was questioning Paul’s move. Kevin is too independent for Paul. Not your average house-sheep. You can always tell when Paul feels threatened….he starts attributing HIS character flaws & dirty moves to someone else.

Am praying that Mark or Elena or Kevin win HOH. I just want to see how Paul tries to spin this! Would absolutely love to see Paul & that psycho Alex on the block together. That might save the season for me.


I think it has something to do with the fact that Paul old them he only found out about Kevin winning the cash a day ago! Now if they ask Kevin or Josh, they will say no he knew bout it from the start! Paul knows he can control Josh, not so much Kevin so he wants him out like yesterday, before he talks!


Want Paul out so badly


If Kevin won, he’d do what Paul says anyway to appease the minions.

Paul Moonves Chen...gag

“YIKES” – I couldn’t agree more. Paul and Alex seem to derive enjoyment from figuratively beating Cody et al up and instigating fights.

As I said yesterday, Cody’s exit is pretty much a done deal. Why they continue the bash-fest is just mind boggling.

Insecure, morally bankrupt degenerates. You can add production to those included as they are perpetuating the good image of those people with their selective edits. Shame on CBS! Then again, that’s how they run their news outlet too, so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Don't quote me but

I’m pretty sure I also heard that.




They did show Elania putting her fingers in the icecream. lol


It was funny to see that, but Elena only did it after everyone had left the table. Halloween made it seem like Elena took it while Halloween was still eating it.

sunny dee

no she didn’t. xmas made it very clear that everyone had basically left the table, walking away, and elena lagged behind and when she looked back, she saw her with her hands in the icecream.

you are just confirming it happened exactly as she described it


Def a 1, edit made Paul and Alex look like saints, they never did a single negative or bad thing to anybody !! Smh


Thing is a lot of the trash came after POV. The edit should be 1st 1/2 of tomorrow. Doubt it will be close to accurate but on timeline tomorrow. Production Sucks!!!


About a minus 10 lol they made Paul look like a saint giving up his reward! Just unbelievable how they are coddling him!


2. The edits were positive to Paul


My mom only watches the CBS show and doesn’t want to know what happens on the feeds and she mentioned something seemed not right about it tonight. I had to tell her they had to edit a lot. It’s like going to eat at this guys house the first time and the parents cut up all the spaghetti for him. I’m like Paul you’re 23! It’s weird.

Maybe they’ll show the harassment tomorrow night.



mind numbing really

Gator girl



They should let America be the Jury next year. I’ll be voting for Cody for AFP I think he deserves it for what they put him through, for being the only one to go after Paul and for not completely losing it and punching someone in the face. I wouldn’t have been able to take that crap and not jump on someone. He has showed alot of restraint. If he can make through all that he’ll be just fine in the real world.

Big Baby

I’m voting for Cody for AFP too!! While he did make some mistakes, he and Jess didn’t suck up to Paul like everyone else did! Plus, I’d love to see their jaws drop when Cody’s name is announced! Especially as their speculation it’ll be one of Paul’s crew!

Judgmental Judy

Character assassination behind peoples’ backs is not “game” or “strategy”. It should never get a pass after the fact. All that crap Paul has stirred up about people’s mental stability, their patriotism, whether or not they are a father, his deflection of “little man syndrome” – those are all PERSONAL attacks and would not, later, get a pass by me or by anyone who loves me. On AD last night Paul was performing again about how he lost against Nicole because he wouldn’t sacrifice his character or morals for money. Seriously! Dude is delusional.


Seriously, there is no way this group (as a whole) can truly be this daft! Pay attention to the way Paul talks to them, when he does not agree with their noms, he says no we cant nom them cause hey are coming after ME! I have caught it five times today alone! And that entire group has not caught it hmmmmmm! And he is telling them to go after Kevin, notice he is not involved) cause he knows that will screw them for4 Kevs jury vote, he will do that with them all before they go to jury! I just have a very hard time believing that none catch on to his wording! And it would take only two people comparing notes to blow his game up, yet not a peep from one of them! Just very very strange, I mean I know they are slow but come on! lol (rant over)

This cast... Smh lol

Ramses for AFP…. I mean everyone else is just UGH. I mean especially since they made it seem as though he got money that he really didnt!


I’d like to see Cameron get AFP – that would send a message to The Powers That Be!


I prefer voting for Cody to send a message to the other houseguests.


What message would that be, you can isolate yourself having sex all day and not be a willing to participate in a show you signed a contract to be on, and then give him $25,000 for all his pain and suffering. Give me a break. He’s a production nightmare, no personality what so ever on TV. Their the ones that probably want him out, ever try to look at the show from the angle that CBS are the puppet masters and Paul’s their puppet, after all they are trying to produce an Entertaining show.


ya but look all voted against cameron!know klook who voted against curse lives


Zingbot: “Hey, Paul, you’ve played a hell of a game inside the Big Brother house. But be careful once you step outside of it…because there will be hell to pay.”

Zingbot: “Hey, Raven, Ivory Soap is calling…Calling for you to wash your face.”

Judgmental Judy

“Xmas – I’m getting really pissed off at their inability to take a stand” Translation – be an asshole to their face.


I don’t usually say thing like this, but after Paul wins the $500,000, I hope somebody beats the shit out of him.


Its the correct thing to say and you should say it more. Hopefully a bunch of people go after him physically right after the show ends.

what a mess of a season

Then we are just as bad as the HGs. He needs to read and watch how he actually came across because right now hes ignorant and actually thinks we love his game play. He is playing the game and it will get him far if not to the end, but its not a respectful game.

Give Me F**king Break

Typical, hypocritical Jody Sheeple response……outraged that they bullied Jody in the house……..yet hope that Cody ” beats the shit out of Paul” after the show! You people are NUTS too !


There is no way I’d vote cody for AFP.
He played a stupid , stubborn game.

Raven's Skid Marks

Kevin gets my vote for AFP as he had made me lol many times.


Zingbot: “Hey, CBS, with your machinations and interference, Paul made fools out of all his little minions and will be the winner of BB19…but you, CBS, will be the loser.”

Mimi 2

Cody. Americans favorite player? Ahh, no.


I am lost… ok, anyone know what that promo code is for? the one at the top of the post??? thanks.
big thanks to Simon n Dawg too, this site rocks.


which signup process? for the live feeds, or cbs store, or something else?


thanks- oh I had it for 2 years now, wish it was for cbs store instead… lol

Grossed out

Alex for America’s Ugliest Player! Oh my god, she is so ugly!!!


Her personality is really ugly.


Her behavior is really ugly.

Outta here

This season is trash. Nothing but tiny brained idiots. It’s hard to watch. BB editing sucks. Hope to God next seasons better than this one. Seems like nothing but a pack of wild moronic dogs and I’m really even a fan of Jess/Cody so thats saying something.

attention to detail

Nice gif with the cereal bowl


Paul is playing a pretty decent game. He’s not that slick though, I saw this move coming a couple weeks back with him putting a target on kevin to sway his people away from Matt and Raven. He clearly sees them as the two best bets to take to final two. They do nothing and they aren’t liked. If It works and he and his people happen to win three HOHs and POVs in a row to get out Mark, Elena than kevin then props to him. But, that is unlikely. So, I look forward to see where this leads… I’d like to see Kevin get wise to whats going on (I think he will) and team up with Mark and Elena and possibly get Jason’s head outta Alex’s ass which is attached to Paul’s. Jason, I think sees through Paul. We shall see. Kevin or Mark winning the next HOH would be gold.


too bad cody didn’t play the way he is now when jessica was in the house instead of getting into verbal battles, i think they may have gained a few allies and lasted longer in the game.


Done watching this.. can they just fast forward to the end, so that Julie can interview their ugly behavior and when they get voted out can the crown boo them like crazy so that they know that people who are watching are not ok with them..UGH! Such ugly behaviors


Done watching this.. can they just fast forward to the end, so that Julie can interview their ugly behavior and when they get voted out can the crown boo them like crazy so that they know that people who are watching are not ok with them..UGH! Such ugly behaviors

Raven's Skid Marks

Now, who will get AFST? ” America’s Favorite Sex Tape?”
1) Jody
2) Maven
3) Marlena

Walton's Mountain

Blasphemy heathen! Young Raven Walton is still a virgin and waiting for marriage!

John boy

You do know grandpa Walton was gay

Not Raven's Mom

And she’s back. Raven is no more a virgin than an feral alley cat. Missed you momma.

Not a bible thumper

Sorry that girl is way past the sell by date and no one is gonna take her off the shelf after her actions on this show. Sex on national tv, nasty foul mouth, tells lies as easily as speaking, fake as fuck. Please Walton’s mountain go back to the mountain and keep your sainthood worship of that POS off of this site. No one but you and Raven’s mom believe this crap. Just watch feeds for once and see what this girl is really like .


Now Paul and Alex and the minions are making fun of Cody and Mark for reading their Bibles!!! Cody can’t catch a break with these people! Christmas talking about why don’t they go down there and read some Bible verses and Paul says he’s the devil, that’s why they’re reading the Bible. That’s low when you’re going after a person reading the Bible. They did that to Dom as well.

I think these minions will have a rude awakening when they get out and see how unpopular they really are.


Huge HUGE FAN!!! But I’m so disappointed in how big brother has manipulated this season. Allowing Josh to destroy big brother property (pans) to litterally drive someone nuts (I mean common big brother this is litterally torture) and say nothing until violence breaks out. Then… It’s being stated around the net how BB Production is telling house mates to trust Paul yada yada. You’ve lost not only a huge fan but I’m cancelling my CBS account. I just can’t take a rigged game… Now on top of everything giving Paul THREE WEEKS OF SAFETY!!! SERIOUSLY? Unheard of. You win… I’m out and I’m not the only one… Many friends at work just stated totally burned out on the scripting of who will win. You should have made Paul’s three weeks just an automatic win! At least we wouldn’t have had to suffer through all this BS. I’m out!!


Cody is starting to grow on me. he’s very tolerable compared to the others.

Caren in Canada

Poor Cody, ironing and I am sure there has to be an offense their to Alex somewhere! This thing with Alex and Jason saying Cody has PTSD, pretty sure he didn’t when he went in, but very good chance he will have it when he gets out! This guy just cannot do anything right! There should be an added prize this year for the player that puts up with the most chit from these morons, and comes out sane!


It was sad to watch how they have to get Cody out this week. Started with getting someone to throw the temp comp to be put on the block so Cody couldn’t play in veto. Then Elena complaining being on the block doesn’t take the veto and leaves it with Matt, if Matt used it on him Elena would have gone home, so then Matt uses it on Jason and stays on the block so Cody can be back doored….is it really a back door if the person knows. Everything they had to do to get just 1 person out. Geez!!!


You gotta be impressed how this went off without a hitch. Paul obviously got out all the ones that will turn on him that only ONE player would have thrown a wrench in all this.

I stopped watching the show and just follow the updates. Unless Elena and Mark can win a couple of HOH’s in the next couple of weeks, this season is going to be predictable.


Umm, did you not watch last season?
How many times did they try to get Paul out?
Everything that we as fans complain about
Happened in some shape or form every year.


Josh’s favorite player of all time is Evel Dick. He’s going to cry when he gets out and hears Evel Dick doesn’t like him. When the other BB season players don’t like the way you play, you probably won’t be one of the ones remembered in years to come.


The game would be different if During jess Hoh she didnt put up josh and rames. She shoulda put up paul and one his disciples. Would have changed the game.

Guy From Canada

Um, Paul had immunity still didn’t he? She should have done Xmas and Josh instead of wasting it on Josh and Ramses.


OMFG!!!! I do not which season was worse: BB 15 or BB19 ?


Week 2 I said Alex is all talk but got absolutely beyond nothing. That girl pisses me off so much.
Cody was an ass too but only gamewise but the rest of the house guests except Mark and Kevin are just so pathetic. Since Cody gonna leave this week, atleast he should win AFP for atleast trying to play the game against the rest who are playing for Paul.

F'ing hate BB19

Never have I ever been tempted to troll someone on social media…until now. I really want Paul and his minions to know how despised they are by all BB fans. Cody for AFP!! I hope it’s a close tie between him and Mark so the rest of freaks clue in.

Clever Pseudonym

It is sickening to watch these people commit professional suicide daily. Sure, maybe 4 out of five would be star-struck to employee an animal-person because they watched the broadcast, but that 5th employer? And on top of that the possib-inevitable blowback from people upset over their behavior?

And to the Jody-haters: yeah. Neither Cody or Jessica did a good job playing, and have displayed shitty behavior. That’s not in question. The issue is that their shittiness is so less problematic, that the overwhelming reactions toward them MADE THEM SYMPATHETIC IN COMPARISON.
“You’re stupid”
“Oh yeah?! Well I doubt you have children and we’ll go out of our way to provoke you into physical assault! And make fucking cereal a central and irrationally stupid focal point to harass you, you liar! I bet you’ve never lived near a military base, let alone seen a movie that takes place on one! I’ve seen Full Metal Jacket, and you haven’t, so I’m a better person! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da da da daaaaaa…” *pots and pans crashing*

Paul is trash, Christmas is trash, Alex is trash, the two other ones are trash, and you might be trash do liking any of them, IMHO (yes, aware that this diatribe is no better than the animal-persons in this game). Be a decent human being for once in your life, and wake up. It’s not ok to act like this in the house.


What’s so sad is if Cody wins hoh how does he get rid of Paul he doesn’t have the numbers. They are certainly horrible people in this house. They will take the smallest thing and go after a person without any feelings at all. Cold hearted slugs! I would like to see Cody in the final 2 because of the way they have treated him. For someone like Alex who crosses herself give someone reading a bible crap is low really low, stop crossing yourself it means nothing. Classless bunch.