“If I win, I’m upsetting the applecart, Matt and Mark” – Jason

8:59am Cody’s morning pot of coffee

9:41am EXTREME

9:49am Raven – I’m trying to get motivated to do something right now

9:50am Christmas Morning

9:50am Alex, Josh, Paul and Jason
Josh says Cody was talking in his sleep “he’s saying crazy shit…. F*ing people”
Josh – Conversations..
Josh says Cody was snoring saying “F*ing people” then snoring again
Paul says he should have whispered in Cody’s ear had a conversation with him
Paul say the coffee they drink here is “Bull Sh1t” (from what i’ve seen I agree)

*** Feeds go down for awhile ***

12:44pm Kevin and Jason
Their complaining about Matt and Raven.
jason – that’s why if I win, I’m upsetting the apple cart
Kevin – who you putting up her and Matt (Raven/Matt)
Jason – Matt and Mark
Kevin says everyone is going to tell him “Don’t do that”
Kevin – what the f* man
Kevin says Matt and raven are too comfortable in this game.

12:52pm Elena has a headache Mark’s stuck in the bed

1:05pm Mark ‘fixes’ Cody’s hair.

Mark – Cody can I tell yo something.. I never cut hair before.. It can’t be that hard can it
Cody – just please don’t f* it up.. I don’t care..
Mark – I’ve never cut hair..
Cody jumps up
Mark – I thought it would be simple.. I don’t know where to start..
Cody – how unblended is it.. pretty f*ing bad
mark – not that Bad
Cody grabs the shaver and tries to fix it “does it look better”

Mark – no …
Cody – Am I f*ing it up more
Mark – sit down..
Christmas who is in the shower give Mark some pointers…

1:25pm Paul and Kevin
Paul tells him they have to make sure Mark and Elena don’t win HOH. Matt and Raven won’t do sh1t they don’t need to worry about it.
Kevin says there’s something wrong with Cody he can’t stay still.
JOsh comes to get Paul as they leave Paul tells Josh that sooner or later they’ll have to drop it (Kevin winning the 25k to everyone. They already told jason and Alex)

1:32pm Bathroom Josh, Paul and Xmas
Josh – I don’t want to drop that because I promised.. (he doesn’t want to blow Kevin up)
Paul – What
Josh – cause I promised
Paul – So did I
(Paul’s poison in this game)

1:38pm Feeds still up everyone getting ready.
Cody eating all the Cereal

Elena cuts up a chocolate bar to put in her cereal.
Elena called to the Diary room. She says “they’ve lost some of her things… reallocated.. they’ve relocated some of my things”

Ravens outfit for tonights show..

Feeds Down until after tomorrow’s show

Really depends on how the double goes down. Maybe I’m glad they’re down.

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135 thoughts on ““If I win, I’m upsetting the applecart, Matt and Mark” – Jason

  1. Ew! Elena is NASTY with her cereal. What the what? She cut up chocolate bars to put on it?! Then Cody had 2 bowls of it with chocolate milk? Gross!! What is wrong with these people?

    1. I would like to make sure that person calling Elena fat understands that I never implied that. That comment was unnecessary. I just thought her chocolate in cereal was gross.

    1. I guarantee you Raven is playing the house and will win. She has so many targets in front of her they will just keep picking each other off and leaving her alone.

      A true all Star when you can play that stealth.

      1. Truthfully, the only possible happy ending to this season is it turning out that Raven DOES have an unnamed disease, that it IS fatal, and that it turns out to be air-bourne and highly contageous

  2. To Jason,
    Nominating the House Target is now upsetting the apple cart? #Mark? I’m glad your going to actually nominate 1 of the people you want too…but Mark is Paul’s nomination, now yours! Well atleast your playing 1/2 your own game, more than others can say!

    Sincerely, from a concerned viewer

    1. It’s useless as the minions will vote out Mark and not Matt, exactly what Paul wanted. Would end up being a wasted HOH:(

      1. Why does it matter who goes Matt or Mark? Anybody with common sense would vote out the stronger player which is Mark. Matt is the Cereal Man completely harmless unless a bowl of cereal is the goal.. I mean Cody smashing all the cereal should be pissing Matt off, he gone be extra aggressive when he makes his vote. Who cares of it’s what somebody wants at this point, they’re all targets in the next couple weeks.

    2. Hey!! Hey!! Did you get permission from Paul before you posted this?? We may all have bully and ostracize you now! No thinking!

  3. Ok explain all the bitching about Matt not doing anything coming from Paul and his minions . I agree that all he’s done has been a puppet, but first he through the competition and kept Cody from competing in the POV (damn him) then he leaves himself on the block and takes Jason off after he won the POV , what exactly are they wanting him to do ?!! Trust me I can’t stand Mavin but wtf ??

    1. Matt is playing dumb until he needs to step it up. He will turn on Paul’s crew before they try to target him. he is clever. Just laying low for now ;)

      1. Frankie was the houseguest I despised most until Paul this year.
        I don’t remember who Austin is.
        The Nolan twins should be invited back every year.

      2. Only things that bothered me about Austin was his begging to be on the soaps and him showmancing the twins. Ariana’s brother was there just to plug her and audition for some future show. I think the first half of the season they rarely used his name without referring to Ariana.

      3. More watchable than this year’s crew!

        Imagine if they all would have been cast together for a season? #BB No-Stars

      1. Derrick bb16 . Did it without the bullying not a fight. Had no enemies at the end . Paul obviously missed season 16

  4. I think Paul will maneuver it so that he, Raven, xmas and Josh will be final four. Cause he thinks he can beat them in competitions, and they all know that Josh won’t have the votes if final 2. Can’t stand xmas and alex now. Can’t believe i’m rooting for mark and elena, and Jason (keep your mouth shut dude!) Too bad kevin’s probably gone tonight or next week

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh win if he and Paul were in the Final 2. Why? Because Josh did so much of Paul’s dirty work. Paul was the brains, but Josh was real worker. Without
      Josh, Paul would never have made it this far, and vice-versa. It all depends on whether the house guests would be voting on the brains or the actions.

            1. Thunder Dome was the third movie in the Mad Max series with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. Masterblaster was the duo of a little person (about 3 1/2 ft. tall) who rode on the shoulders of a giant moron and ran the subsurface of Thunder Dome. I think their commerce was pig shit for energy.

              1. Thanks, ODO, for the information about Masterblaster. I’m not sure Paul is that tall, but I get the idea. Don’t forget that Josh is not a moron…he has a college degree. How many times has he said, “I am not dumb. I have a college degree.”?

          1. Paul would never risk taking Alex Jason or Kevin to F2. He won’t make the same mistake as last year. He would take Josh Matt or Elana. No risk there imo

    2. Paul as much as I think he is a tool bag not entertaining not as popular as he thinks it even as good of a player as he thinks put him in the house with all vets he might go number 1. He got rid if ppl who wouldn’t vote for him in jury except cody he will have ppl turn on each other so they vote for him to to win over any one else, tried with Mark and Elena he having ppl turn on Kevin next will be putting jason and Alex against each other

  5. Let 1 person run the entire game? I dislike Paul but if any 1 person was doing what Paul was doing I would also be unhappy. How come Production does not step in and try to get the other HGs to play the game? What is airing on the feeds and on TV is not BB.

    1. Productions not supposed to step in and interfere and regardless of all you people who say you’ll quit watching. The ratings are good and Paul’s one of the more popular houseguests from the past. And people are eating up the drama so production loves this. I love how everyone complain when production interferes with powers but them also complains when they don’t. Make up your mind. It’s just a game people.

      1. Once again, people like to vent on here just as you did, deal with it. Of course the ratings are good we all want to see if what is actually happening in the house is being portrayed on prime time. Watching on the live feeds is like when you slow down to rubber neck at an accident you do not wish anyone gets hurt but you cannot help but look. After what we have seen on the show this forum gives us an opportunity to express how we feel about what we have seen or read. Just as you did after reading what you have seen posted.

  6. You deserve a break from the crazies. Not a mark and Elena fan but hopefully they can pull out the first HOH and get the rats to scramble a bit. They have nothing to lose playing safe, throw up Alex and Paul and if one wins veto I think you have to go Xmas or Jason. Need to break out hat group up, Matt , Raven and even Josh would be expendable to Paul

    1. I blame Jessica and Cody for this season going to Sh&t!!! After Cody came back into the house and Jessica won HOH , They did nothing with that HOH!!!! Putting Josh n Ramses on the block was a waste and ruined the season up to this point….. LIKE WHO WERE THEY TRYING TO GET On THEIR SIDE WITH THAT MOVE??? They have nobody to blame but themselves period! One of the worst BB moves ever…..

        1. I also think that Jessica not using her POV on Ramses, at Cody’s suggestion, was the determining factor in them both being evicted, assuming Cody gets evicted. However, CBS is to be blamed for this season being such a colossal failure.

      1. STFU you wouldn’t survive one day in the big brother house you would shit your pants the first time someone attacked you personally.

        1. remember battle back who voted for him yto i ythink rules should on that that to!whoever loses must no matter who it is!

  7. Upsetting the apple cart – seriously? If you want to “upset the apple cart” then keep Cody and vote out Matt. Then team up with Cody, Mark, Elena and Kevin and go after Paul and his minions Alex, Xmas & Josh. That would be upsetting the apple cart, just nominating the people Paul wants up there is definitely not upsetting the apple cart.

    1. What’s needed to flip the house. Cody evicted happening. 10 left………

      10) Paul has the number no matter HOH Paul and the 5 sheeple Jason, Alex, Josh, Xmas and for now Kevin
      2 noms and an HOH of the other 4 leaves a 4-3 vote to save Paul up against anyone. Best you can hop for is Paul’s group loses a number F10
      9) HOH and 2 noms. If they get 1 out tonight Paul and a minion up. 3 votes versus 3 votes HOH breaks tie. Nice in theory but who says Maven flip to begin with.
      I really do not see Paul in danger even if he is on the block. It really comes down to who is in the house with 5 or less people left. Paul is around for a very long time. I just don’t see him losing the 500K. This is frightening but we need…..wait for it…… an Andy the rat clone! Oh lord I’ve said it. There isn’t a rat in this group of mindless followers unfortunately. I also think Paul’s targeting will be strategic to keep the flip possibility from happening. He may be a vile troll but he definitely understands BB strategy 101.

  8. What’s missing this year is light-hearted humor. Last year around this time I was getting a laugh from Victor hosting his safari show exploring the nature of the primates. Although I disliked him then, I still enjoyed Paul doing the secret service punishment. Same with James, Paul and Victor’s puppet show. If BB is going to be the launching ground for fame, how about getting a houseful of wannabe comedians.

    1. You are right! I was just thinking the same thing. what was great about Paul last year was that he was funny. Also, they need to have something fun or funny for them to do – give someone a task or something more than just wearing costumes. Something needs to break up this constant group bullying over and over again it’s boring. Trevor Boris a producer from BBCAN said that one of the things they try to do differently is include humor in the show which I think they do well. I personally like BBCanada a lot better, the sets are amazing, and the casts are allows more diverse.

    2. I completely agree. Last year people got into fights but were able to move on and get along. These people seem to take pleasure in maliciously attacking over and over.

    1. Good. Got a feeling when Cody is gone and Paul is left with no opposition, interest will really decline. Seasons with power shifts are more interesting than those where one person controls the house every week no matter who wins HOH and POV.

      I hope ratings fall enough to convince CBS that bringing back vets and giving them huge advantages isn’t a good idea, or else they might keep doing it.

    1. I work next to a guy who only watches the network show. When I tell him what’s really going on he says ” are you freaking kidding me.” CBS really has its viewers snowed.

      1. Likewise, out of about 6 friends, I am the only one that watches live feeds and when I get together and talk about Big Brother with friends, its like we live in two different Universes. This is exactly why I’m done with this show after this season, the representation of truth doesn’t exist in CBS’ reality and they just continue to create a falsehood of what is actually happening.

  9. This Season is so lame we are reduced to Mark winning HOH for any type of hope. I cant believe i am actually saying that but its true

      1. Simon,
        Is tonight the pivotal episode where you decide if it’s a Kraken season or not?? I know you’ve been holding out hope….

        1. I have been.. I bitch about this season more than anyone but I’m still having fun watching it.

          This double eviction should be the deciding night. If not Friday night once the feeds come back.

          1. Why do you think the feeds will be down that long, isn’t tomorrow just when they show all the B’s that happened during tonight’s show?

          1. Wow! I was picturing you living in Toronto…I lived in Vancouver,westend, for 17 years but landed back in the States after a car accident. Peace,eh!

    1. Sadly I have doubts he’d make a move without Paul’s approval too…could be all talk for now until he actually gets the HOH, he’s been a sheep before so who knows.

  10. “Elena cuts up a chocolate bar to put in her cereal” WTH…why not just eat the chocolate bar for breakfast. She complains about her weight…well this won’t help.

  11. I can’t believe you guys can watch the feeds I can barely read them. I use to watch BBAD a few times a week but I can’t do it anymore. This is by far the least enjoyable cast ever. Just mean spirited and spiteful. I wonder if producers had any idea how much Paul would take advantage of all the help they gave him to turn BB into a 3rd world street gang.

        1. Well to be honest, there’s probably an intern who skims some of the fan sites to catch copyrighted stuff and pass off a general, they hate Paul, or they want to see what happens to Matt if we add high fiber cereal to the mix.

  12. Where Hulk get his barbers license? F*cked Cody’s hair up.. I’d snatch them clippers & return the favor… Now we’re twins MF.. LOL

  13. I have a little advice from a layman to CBS ….. I have watched Big Brother from the beginning and I’m starting to lose interest in the show more than ever. Their viewership is surely declining, probably for several reasons. The show has become stale with uninteresting house guests (I long for people like Marcellus and Amy from way back to be in the house). I hear that CBS is planning some changes in the format next season . Maybe it would help for CBS to relocate to another lot with a complete different house with a different layout. I personally have gotten tired of seeing the same old dirty rooms year after year. There’s only so much that they can do to change it after 19 seasons. A new casting director might also help.

    1. I have been here from Season 1 and the thing that is killing this is the lack of age diversity…Kevin brings a depth that is needed this season. But, great comment! A new house would be welcomed, not just decor!

  14. Hey Jason putting up Mark and Matt is not upsetting the apple cart
    Putting up Paul and Alex is upsetting the apple cart.

  15. Why the hell would you encourage anybody to mess with a vet while they are sleeping. I swear I think Paul gets off on putting people in harms way.

  16. What I hate more than anything is Paul forbidding people to speak with people for fear that plotting is occurring against him. He doesn’t understand compassion towards people who are down or isolated regardless of the reason. His “friendship persona” is only allowed as long as he determines who can be friendly to whom.

  17. Did anyone say what the Friday episode is about?
    Just a thought but does anyone think it will show all of the bullying that’s been going on?
    If so they will need to put a disclaimer up..

  18. Zingbot: Rraaavvveennn!
    Congratulations on getting engaged! How do I know? Because Matt’s always asking for your hand!

  19. Good grief. I just watched the Raven clip of her story about having scisscors stuck in her leg. She is so full of crap.

    1. And just watched the video of her accent changing during her talking. It’s so fake. She needs help. She is not America’s Sweetheart like she thinks. She is a giant joke. She’ll be sad to see how unpopular she is after BB.

  20. If I could take over as Production, I’d have a Temptation next week that would have as a consequence releasing Cody back into the house. Then I’d give Cody enough safety bracelets to protect half the house, and I’d give him 3 weeks of secret safety that Paul would only find out about when he tried to have him evicted again.

    I’d do this just to see if Paul had the balls to bitch about someone else getting the EXACT SAME advantages he got.

  21. Anybody notice Elena covering her mouth up while in bed this morning and when she was eating cereal at table. Wonder if her Botox lips were going done.

  22. Would love for prod to do a twist and have the live audience vote for eviction as they enter studio. Julie could then announce that by a vote of 193 to…. so and so has been evicted.

  23. Elena, really?
    Does she even eat?
    I swear the only thing I’ve seen her eat so far is a full bowl of Chocolate Mint Ice Cream a day!

    1. I’ve seen her eat full plates of regular food before.. Not sure how often though. For sure she has a food/eating issue. I haven’t been covering it very much.

  24. What happened to the apple cart Jason? Did Paul remind you that you don’t have 2 apples of your own? What a dufus?

  25. None of you have it in you to go against Paul. So stop talking about things you will never do……… And just hand all that money to PAUL JUST LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!!!! Then watch him spend it!!!!!! I bet he doesn’t give any of you NOTHING!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!

  26. Hey Simon am from Canada as well but I haven’t been able to find a way around the US only CBS App to get the feeds? What am I missing all you canucks that have them??? Great blog btw!
    A few years back I used a VPN to get around but I can’t get all access on devices. Any advice?

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