“we feel great, I don’t care if I go on the block as long as Raven’s safe “

2:02pm Raven and Matt
Matt – hey girl you’re kinda cute
Raven – I don’t respond to that
Matt – what do you respond to
Raven – pull my hair..

(Matt also took that brown shirt off and swapped in his blue shirt. After 90 minutes the excited of Matt in his new shirt has died down. )

2:50pm Friendship Chat
Paul – what’s up pals and gals
Paul – i’m board, everyone is boring nobody is doing crazy shit
Paul – now that all the bozos are out . Mark, Cody, Elena, Dom, all the people that were MEH MEH MEH. maybe I can be a little crazy now because..
Paul – Alex and Jason are CLEAR targets there just winning and winning and talking talking about the end and f*ing jury votes and sh1t
Paul – what are you crazy, you’re saying that sh1t now, you blew it BIG TIME
Paul plans to be the clown from now on and let Alex and Jason assume they have won .
Paul goes on into a philosophical discussion about Friendship.
Paul says “boys’ is private friendship.. Boys is a separate “sect’ “it’s boys, stupid but it’s boys”
Paul – boys.. you got to be selective of boys
Paul explains if they give boys out than boys is obsolete and all they have is friendship, “Boys is friendship to the next level”
Paul – Gumpy is not friendship

Paul gets into the meaning of Gumpy
Paul – never slept.. PIssed in the bumper cars.. people boned never slept.. don’t now how they accomplished that feat
Paul – boning in the big brother house Gumpy, very gumpy

3:00pm Paul is telling Jason the plan for the week

Paul – I was down here talking to Matt and Raven, Alex came in and it was f*ing perfect.
Paul says after talking to MAtt and Raven, Matt was saying “we feel great, I don’t care if I go on the block as long as Raven’s safe at the end of the day”
Paul has been telling Matt and Raven he thinks Kevin is “Legit” the target.
Paul adds that Alex started shitting on Kevin. After she left MAtt and Raven said they were cool they knew Kevin was the target.
Paul – I was like, YA guys there’s no need to worry

Paul – Josh told them the same thing…
Paul instructs Jason to talk to Matt after nominations tell him they are going to Backdoor Kevin. (Matt should talk to Jason before noms and Jason should talk to Matt before noms. Paul doesn’t want this)
Paul – WE’ll pull Raven off because that is what MAtt wants, Matt wants raven to be Safe..
Paul explains the Veto gets played on Raven they put Kevin up. They play nice with Matt they play nice with Kevin when Thursday rolls around they send Matt home.

Paul – you see it’s better this way… when it’s smooth…

3:36pm HOH Jason and Paul
They go over the plan.. Jason does a shit ton of rambling he’s nervous. They thnk Even if Matt wins the Veto he’ll use it on Raven.
Jason – I understand my part in this.. I stay quiet when I need to be quiet I win when I need to win..
Paul – look how far it’s gotten you

3:54pm Waiting to go on the block
Paul, Raven and Matt complaining about Kevin..
Paul – I just leave when he enters the room..

4:05pm everyone most of the house is in the money room waiting around for the Noms. Paul is worried that Jason is going to die because he ate all that raw shrimp. Alex tells him they are cooked. paul is unsure…

4:11pm Raven says her “momma” can’t cook
Matt – so Michael cooks for her
Raven – Every morning..
Raven – food smells make her sick
Matt – this has been a gumpy day..

4:16pm MAtt and Raven in the ASPR
talking about how easy of a ride they’ve had in terms of Drama. Most of the drama in the house hasn’t involved them and they just sat back and watched.
Matt – we’ve been kicking it dude ..
Raven says the only people that haven’t changed since the beginning have been her, Matt and dear leader Paul.
Matt agrees.
Matt – I love Alex to Death but the first 2 weeks she was different.

4:34pm Waiting for the Nominations..

Production tells them the storage room is open after being closed for some time. This means their food stocks have been replenished. Everyone rushes to prepare a meal. Looks like it’s team effot for some

Raven makes sure the food is salted

Josh helps out by preparing the potatoes (that’s a shitty job, good for him for taking it on)

B2M curt chicken

Alex beats the meat

Xmas rubs Paul down.. (she must have found out he has a girlfriend)

Jason cuts the carrots

(It’s nice to see a bunch of them make a meal together, Even the HOH)

5pm – 5:35pm They continue to make the shepards pie.
Kevin apologizes to his family for not saying he wanted to get a letter and photos of them…

5:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

(Matt and Raven are going to be nominated.. No idea why production is dragging this on)

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Big brother has become a big why bother cause it’s a huge disappointment. Paul was brought back to boost ratings so it’s inevitable he’ll be one of the last two remaining house guests. So far this season has been a snore feast, boring and dry to watch. Even BB19 after dark has become overwhelming dull. As a fan I think we deserve better than what we’re getting in this game.


Paul is GUMPY AS F#€k.

Unsanitary conditions

I’d rather starve than eat what they’re cooking. No one washes their hands after they use the bathroom and you KNOW what Raven and Mattress do with their hands…


Omg! Curse thy imagination!! Lol


As long as it is cooked there’s no problem, the heat kills the germs. It’s when you go from bathroom to raw food like salad you get sick. Looks to me like those carrots are going in the oven with the other ingredients so it’s fine.

Praying Back

You guys have voted and the Final 3 are Kevin, Cody and Mark for OBB’s favorite houseguest

Let’s Vote for the Winner

Thumbs Up for Cody and Thumbs Down for Mark for AFH!!!


The only thing Cody & Mark will get from this season is a STD. Their only win will be if that STD can be treated!!

Praying Back

Let’s Vote for the Winner

Thumbs up for Mark or Thumbs Down for Kevin

Praying Back

Let’s vote for a winner

Thumbs up for Kevin or Thumbs down for Cody for AFP!!!!

Frsnks Fumes

Why Cody are you Masochist……


i dont get the live feeds but i love ready what you guys print.. thank you very much .. for the last couple of days i was so hoping to see the head lines read .. so and so ie; jason or alex finally got a brain .. they are up to pauls game play .. but at last still nothing .. if something doesnt change soon this season will have to go down as the paul and puppy show .. that is how i see it ending … mind you he is playing a great game .. one has to give the guy credit for that .. plus take any credit from the others and give to him .. do any of the other house guest really think they are gonna win against paul at this point .. mmmm … just might depend on his speach at the end .. if he pats himself on the back too much they give him a second kick in the butt and give him second .. one last plea here .. come jason alex .. wake up …lol


paul’s potentially really screwing up his jury management as once his sheep are out, his lies are exposed and he’s not doing the “it’s just a game” thing well. it’s hard to think cody and elena will vote for him and after this week he could lose matt and raven too. xmas and kevin also are unlikely to vote for him if he screws them, which he’s looking likely to do. that’s six people who could vote anyone but paul. i think it’s very possible the only two he can beat are alex and josh.


Cody already said he’s voting Paul if Paul makes it to final 2. And Elena will 100% vote Paul over anyone other than Mark.


i have a hard time reading cody, but i think elena and mark potentially turn on paul in jury (though mark was super i screwed up rather than i got screwed in his exit interview so i initially dismissed him). also people may want to vote anti-cody or simply they don’t think paul did anything (he’s invisible when discussing noms so that could translate to being invisible final 2, furthermore how does he answer “what was your biggest move?” without people thinking they did it themselves or pissing off people into feeling they were unjustly manipulated?).

i’ve seen nothing to convince me paul has jury management game and that he got out enemies instead of advocates first just cements he may have problems.


Once the jury questions the final 2, they’ll be misted again.


nah, paul totally blew his jury questions last year. he could have gotten nat’s vote if he answered better.


i think that will happen if these people turn out to be sour ones…lol .. if they dont see how he pulled the wool over their eyes or miffed them then they are also dumber then i would of ever imagined .. it will be interesting to see how this jury feel or thinks.. . holding out that they might have a brain between them ..

King Paul.......all rise!

Paul should of won a million……..500 k this season and the 500k he was fu#ked out of last season…….best player in many many moons on big brother…….he is on top of everything except the ho’s in the house…….see I told you he was a genius!


A baby looking for their feet could win against this cast.
Of course it helps when you have AG putting together this loser cast, and production steering Paul.

Franks Fumes

Wah wah wah wah……Pauls bad hes a bully hes Grossners favorite he gets safety……..get over it he’s also gonna win 500k and he’s got a smokin hot girlfriend…….add that to your list of whines! At least those ladt two sre fresh….

Judgmental Judy

Yeah, there’s NO way Paul could actually play Dan, Evil Dick, Rachel or even Janelle (even though she didn’t win, she’s a smart girl and wouldn’t buy his BS). When Matt cackles at such a high decible point whenever Paul says something just mildly amusing, I can’t take it. And he complimented Paul on his “cute shorts”???? LMBO Heck, even Raven has him completely fooled. He’ll probably give her his steipend.


Lol what a sick Christmas burn!

Over it

Eww I’m physically disgusted by Raven and can’t even watch anymore. She is a pyscho. I just googled her ‘disease’ and the extent of her lies is honestly disturbing. It’s not even referred to as a disease but as a
condition. Her lying and saying she has a PACE MAKER in her stomach… wtf. Only a psycho would say they have a pace maker when they don’t. What she has is a gut motility stimulator which helps speed the movement of food through the stomach and intestine.. That’s a way to treat her ‘condition’. Another treatment is simply modifying your diet. This is not life threatening at all and I’ve never seen a more psychotic person in the BB house.
Sidenote: I can stop watching this season and not have a second thought about it. Everyone is beyond unlikeable. It’s like yes, I want Raven and Matt out but do I really want Christmas, Josh, Jason, Alex, Kevin, and Paul to stay? No. Yes Paul deserves to win but its only because everyone else is as dumb as a bag of rocks. They honestly need to revoke the 2nd place prize of 50k because none of the players who will be runner up will actually deserve it


Right on the money


You can’t compare someone’s condition or illness to google or other humans. Everyone is different and some are healthier than others and some diseases are more advanced. It really depends on the person but overall you can’t compare ones ex: cancer to someone else’s stage 3 cancer, or someone who is 20 to someone who is 50.


Do you really think she is terminal

Min O'Pause

No. And i am a medical person.


If you are a medical person you would know not to diagnose someone’s health without seeing them in real life, and getting test done!


Umm we are all terminal.

Cindy Withanesse

If only….

Judgmental Judy

True, but we’ve all seen her act like a human garbage disposal in the house all season. She complains to Matt that her Mom’s boyfriend does all the cooking for them and the food smells make her sick? The smells don’t seem to bother her as she’s shovelled food in her mouth all season. The think that got me is all the You Fund Me accounts, her saying she’s $200,000 in debt in medical bills – if you are poor, you don’t pay for medical bills. If you own 2 dance studios, a new car, and take nice vacations, maybe you should purchase insurance or pay your dang bills.


She does too have a pace maker. You can clearly see it in her stomach.

Min O'Pause

Couldnt see her stomach in the last HOH what with her falling on it so much. Didnt seem to faze her any.

Franks Fumes

That’s acually Matts semen storage device.


You people are heartless! On two occasions I saw the pace maker up against her skin on her stomach. You can see a block like thing on her stomach. Maybe she did fabricate her story a little bit but I wouldn’t want to have any kind of pace maker.

Franks Fumes

Poor Raven is unable to lie………….you see she has 2 hearts$$$$$$$$$


Thank you so much for explaining this to us…I knew she was hopping and jumping around too much to have a TERMINAL CONDITION…After showing us her scar from her transplant I wasn’t so sure.

Raven Lunatic

For the love of all that’s holy, people. Raven has 2 incurable terminal diseases. She played on a softball team and doesn’t know what position she played. Her mother holds the Tennessee state record for either/or the 200m or 1 mile. She trained for the Olympics. It goes on and on and on. In a screechy voice. In an accent that changes every 15 minutes. She says she can’t eat… but I sure see a lot of Munch-Housin’.

pink towel

Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) utilizes an electrical device, Enterra™ Therapy, called a gastric pacemaker, to provide mild electrical stimulation to the lower stomach nerves


Since week 1 there hasn’t been one move made in the house that wasn’t Pauls plan. Oh well maybe when Mark didn’t use the veto on himself a couple weeks ago and all the house guests called him an asshole but other than that not one move

Franks grumpy Fumes

Again it’s because Paul is very smart and removed the players with a brain……..he left the ones that are stupid…… that’s good gameplay right…..no matter how much whining you do about Paul Cody the Magnificent and his Escort service girlfriend are not coming back……please focus!

Screw Friendship

Paul is playing a masterful game. He’s just an arrogant little asshole (like you).


Cody made some moves that were not part of Paul’s plans. Jessica did so as well. As the first HOH, who knew that Cody would have to nominate a third of the house. Who knew that one of his targets would get THREE weeks of safety from evictions. But Cody did try to put Paul on the block, something no one else has done. Upon being evicted the first time, Cody made up the stuff about Dominique and Mark, and the second time, the lies about Alex, Jason, and Matt. They (Cody and Jessica) both made a mistake in the non-use of Jessica’s POV. Something else both Cody and Jessica did was make Paul’s two HOHs useless. Cody came back into the house negating Paul’s first HOH, and Jessica used the Hex negating his second HOH. Jessica did not make it to jury, and Cody is now in the jury house, but both of them are the ONLY two who have taken on Paul despite having the entire house against them. My vote for America’s Favorite Player has got to be Cody for his play vs. Paul–plays that NO ONE else would take.

Like the "Z''in Bannanas!

I see that Jessica is still out there trying to promote Cody for AFP. Jessica,you are about as subtle as a brick falling on your head.Give it up,you lost! Kevin or Mark at this point!

pink towel

She is panhandling for votes on Youtube for Cody and for herself on Twitter splitting the votes. same bad game play


Jessica and I are on the same page.


Raven: We haven’t talked nearly enough about me. Let’s talk about me! Me! ME!


Now that she’s going on the block I suspect she be using the “sick” card quite a bit this week


Didn’t Raven say something about how she throws up several times a day when the game first started? Haven’t heard of her getting sick once.

Min O'Pause

Are these idiots,ever going to talk and compare notes? Have they never watched BB?

Min O'Pause

Next season they need to get a dog like Pugita from the first season. Then at least we could watch the dog.


I would like to see a few cats in the house – the HOH can change the litter box instead of the fish…..

These People

Someone please clue Jason in before POV so he doesn’t put Kevin up, if he does that I know they’ll send Kevin home. Is it to much to hope for some paranormal or divine intervention right now. Paul has just stunk this whole season up.


The POV not noms might be a crossroads, god willing. Maven go up, think that’s likely. POV is key. Noms stay the same we know who’s going(Matt). If POV is used is Jason going to throw away his season putting Kevin up. By Thursday Paul will have the votes to get Kevin out and will. The Matt eviction is a giant lie IMO. 5 versus 1 next HOH. Unless Alex wins Jason goes next.
I’m so disgusted by these spineless idiots. Not one of them knows the game, except Paul. Jason is about to end his season if he renoms Kevin after POV if used. I knew the Paul/Jason convo would be sickening to read. It turns my stomach how weak these HG’s are.
The impossible dream…… Jason looks at Paul and says Kev isn’t going up. I know if you go up Matt goes home. Enjoy the block, paranoia til Thursday. Paul stays but it would be fun. Or we could dream big Alex, Kevin, Raven vote to evict Paul.
I gotta get off opioids or I’ll never get back to reality.

Franks grumpy Fumes

That’s Matt and Ravens bed you smell.


Paul cannot say a sentence without using the F word at least 2x. The majority of the houseguests use foul language. So over Paul


Using foul language is lazy and it is very revealing of an angry person. He is using this ” friendship” gimmick as a joke, he is actually a tiny man with a huge anger issue at the world. I wonder at the people casting this show, who wants to watch power trippers, hypochondriacs, testosteroned women, and pedophile perverts?


This cast makes me gumpy!


Dont know why but when i see maven together i creeped out and dont want to see them……with cody and jessica you could feel how much they cared about each other and although elena was cold to mark….you could feel marks feelings to her but raven and matt dont give off that feeling….they are just ick and uncomfortable to watch


I think CBS should switch the show to the jury house. I’d like to see the walking dead come back to life.


I can not stand Paul. Didnt like him last season, and dont like him this one. After watching thos season realized that while I get why vets have safety it is also completely unfair to the other players. BUT that all being said if he is one of the last ones standing he would have my vote (if it counted). He has manipulated the majority of this cast all season long. I wasnt a huge fan of Cody and Jess but atleast they were trying. Everyone else drank Paul’s koolaid. Once again I am over this season. I tune in for evictions and read updates on here. Mostly just hoping someone will open thier eyes to the madman.

Looking forward to BBCAN and BB20 as long as they have all returning vets or no returning vets. Would love to see Paul go up against Derek or Evil Dick. He would be botted in the first couple weeks or just keep his fucking mouth shut.


What will Julie ask Matt and Raven about the game when evicted? Not much to say, they are so insignificant.


Jesus. Matt’s gameplay makes Victoria’s look like Dr.Will

Bye bye Matt & Raven



OMG watching live feeds I don’t know how the houseguest live with Raven and Matt constantly yelling and screeching. I believe I would have smoothered her with a pillow by now.


The only thing Cody & Mark will get from this season is a STD. Their only win will be if that STD can be treated!!



Go team Jason

Please somehow just send Raven out! She is beyond annoying. Matt constantly licking his lips and fingering his hair is nutty. And neither chew with a closed mouth.