“The poor girl. Terminal illness and then I kept watching her – this dirty little b***h. She is full of sh*t!”

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8:55pm Bedroom – Christmas, Josh and Matt.
They talk about how Kevin has being the rogue vote the whole season. Josh – I am just tired of confronting people. I am just going to start calling people out. I think I know who the second vote was but I’m not going to say because.. Christmas – obviously not us. Not Paul. It has to be out of the three. It has to have been someone who would have been with chaos. Christmas – I think it was an attempt for a split vote. But I’m the deciding vote and people know I wanted Mark out. I’m pretty certain they want Kevin out though. Matt – we just have to get Kevin on the block. Even if its just because its what the house wants with no intentions of getting him out. We just have to get him up there. He’s the only one that hasn’t been on the block. Josh – I feel like I’m going to be on the block. Matt – you’re fine as long as its with Kevin. He could very well put me up. Matt leaves. Josh talks about how when he was in the bathroom, Jason wouldn’t look at him. Christmas – I think they want to backdoor Kevin. Josh – I am just going to lay low and chill.

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9:35pm Kitchen – Josh, Alex, Jason, Christmas, Paul. Josh – so we can talk about how we played them to keep me. Paul – yeah! Paul talks about how he overheard Jess saying they (Cody & Jess) deserved to be in the house and the others didn’t.

11:05pm Bedroom – Jason – I am such a ball bag. Josh – I am such a cry baby. My whole family was in the living room balling when they saw that.

11:13pm Bedroooom Paul – she said it might be you… I mean you as in me. Alex said that to me. Kevin is freaking out. He said it wasn’t me. I talked to Alex and she said Kevin is going up but we can’t just put him up because he is going to freak out and be annoying. She said It might be me. It will either be me and you or and I don’t think Jason would put Alex up there. Or maybe Josh. If he (Kevin) doesn’t have to win he doesn’t want to compete in anything.

11:30pm Christmas – I don’t think Raven was the rogue vote. Paul you think it was Kevin. Christmas – I don’t think Raven would have chanced it. It wasn’t Josh either. He wouldn’t have chanced it being a split vote. Paul – I wouldn’t have either. I really don’t give a sh*t to be honest. Christmas – I don’t think you and I have anything major to worry about. They already know that Raven is a pathological liar. I didn’t think I would get this suspicious. Christmas – take someone with deep seeded trust issues and put them in big brother. Kevin joins them. Kevin -That foolish tree thing… How dose that work before nominations? You have to think and then be nominated. Pretty much nothing is good. You have to think and then be nominated? Paul and Christmas – yup. Kevin – its sort of ridiculous. Its literally nothing that is good. One you put a bounty so you’re going to get nominated if you get it. Christmas – I feel like I am in a good position with them. Christmas – whenever I feel like I am in a good position I get put on the block. Paul to Kevin – when Raven walks by I’ll ask her a question, notice how she doesn’t have an accent.

12:35pm – 1am Jason – who wants to see my HOH room?! Paul – lets go see your fat wife! Jason – Lets go see my fat wife!!!

Jason reads his HOH letter from Frank:

Jason I’ve been getting down to the house often. The other day I came down and put hay out for everyone. I took Ike to give Ollie the rest. We had a hell of a good talk. He told me how to drive the tractor and where to put the hay so if we messed anything up, its on him. When Ollie saw us he came running through the fence. He let us scratch on him for a while. I think he is missing the scene so I am taking him to the next rodeo I have. I got the studs moved shortly after you left and that went about like you can imagine. My last resort was to ride my mare out there and I was fairly certain one of us was going to be bread before it was said and done. See ya buddy, Frank

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1:18am HOH room. Jason, Paul, Kevin, Alex, Christmas and Josh.
Jason – this is it! Those two (Matt & Raven) motherf**kers can go pound sand. I am so done listening to those dumb motherf**kers. Paul – you don’t want to create enemies of them. Jason – yeah I don’t want it to be weird, lets just get along and have a good week. Paul – tell them I have a bigger plan. Paul talks about how Raven was talking about a reality TV show. She actually knew about a topic for once. She was explaining it and she had perfect English… no accent. I want to call her out. Paul – and then when you walk in there (bedroom) she pretends she’s sleeping. Jason – she riding him like Zoro. Christmas – she’s catching feels for him. Jason starts talking about bulls. Paul – can you eat bull meat? Jason – Uhhh.. yeah what do you think hamburger meat is?!

1:45am Jason – no one wants to be the first one to say it because you don’t want to be seen as insensitive. Because trust me, I was like oh man that Raven … the first few days I was like that sucks. The poor girl. Terminal illness, can’t eat what she wants. Trying really hard. She is so positive. And then I kept watching her – this dirty little b***h. She is full of sh*t!

But I was like, I wasn’t going to say it. They were like what do you think about .. and I was like na ..change of plans. I ain’t packing her around on my back no more. Instead down there eating beef tacos, beef jerky. Josh – does she eat beef tacos? Christmas – yes! Paul – she can’t have red meat. Christmas – she can’t process it. Kevin – she takes cookies and puts it in the ice cream. Jason – cookie dough, blocks of f**king cheese, eggs.. Christmas – she said she’s lost weight here? Jason – she’s gained 20 f**king pounds. Paul – she calls me fat. Jason – have you looked at her a$$ lately. Its twice the size now.

2am HOH room. Paul and Jason.
Paul – Just tell them what they want to f**king hear and be like I’m backdooring Kevin. Because they ain’t going to say it. Jason – yeah. Paul – Just put them (Matt & Raven) up there and then whoever we want gone. Alex plays in the veto, I play .. we pull one of them off. Jason – Matt or Raven, I don’t really f**ing care. WHich ever is the better competitor. We vote the other one out and you you say that’s not what you wanted. That way you don’t have bad blood with either of them. Or you could sh*t on them. Jason – I’m not going to shit on them. The reason why I would rather send Matt home is because she would lose it without him. They talk about how they think Raven was the swing vote. Paul – I just don’t get it. Am I being f**ked. I don’t even feel that comfortable. They’re either that gullible or we’re not seeing something here. Jason – I guarantee there is no way all of us are not seeing it. They’re f**ked. And they’re ignorant a$$ clowns for not knowing they’re f**ked. I has been a systematic shooting of the showmances.

Jason – if you, me and Alex consistently win HOH we got this. Paul – the only thing that could f**k us is a luck comp. We just have to take it week by week. If we can make it till five, we’ve got this. Jason is worried if Christmas won HOH. Paul – I could convince her (not to put him up). I can unf**k a situation. The only people I couldn’t do that with is Matt and Raven. Just convince them that we’re backdooring Kevin, make them feel comfortable. Send one of them packing and you don’t have to care about what that one thinks. The other one you can win an HOH and mend that relationship if you want.

2:44am Josh and Christmas
they’re excited because Paul told them they are not going up it’s Matt and Raven.
Xmas- we need to win HOH and take a shot at them..
Xmas – we need to beat Alex and kevin
Xmas says Alex and Jason don’t think they are in the game, “they think we’re just hanging out”

3:00am Alex and Jason HOH
Alex – did you tell Paul it was you and me with the rogue votes
Jason – did I tell Paul
Alex – no, did you tell Kevin it was me and you or just you
Jason – I told him it was just me

Alex – he went to paul and said it was Alex and JASon they are trying to stir trouble..
Jason – just f*ing listen to me I’m not lying to you, right after the thing (HOH) in the storage room he was like it wasn’t f*ing me..
Jason makes it sound like Kevin was panicking “I’m telling you i’m telling you it wasn’t me.. I’m telling you, it wasn’t me, it’s wasn’t me I promise you, I swear to you “

Jason – I told him it was just me, I said Kevin I know one of them was me and I’m pretty sure the other one was Alex.
Alex – Ok fine.. Paul was like he’s throwing out both our names
Jason says he later went to Kevin and said the other vote wasn’t Alex it was Raven “You better shut your f*ing mouth”

Jason – it was an act of god you got Paul reeled in (ZOMG)
Jason – I mean you f*ing crushed that thing
Alex – what happened was, we had Cody, Jessica and Meghan to thank what happened, they were the clear targets.
Alex – I was going to coast by like Jillian, Cody for some weird reason had a hardon for me and You
Alex says once Cody tried to nominate Paul week 1 he never trusted any of them but he say her compete in the POV.
Alex – he said seriously I need to congratulate you because that was me last summer, that’s what happened to me..
Alex says after the Candy Crush HOH, “I was the one that let him (Paul) step in front of me to win the game)
Alex – that’s when he knew he could trust us
Alex – the more we work together in the game and the more he see us as friends he’s not going to vote against us
Jason – he’s not he’s not going to vote against us (The Dear leader only loves us)
Jason – I 100% believe it

Jason – I told him dude you, me and Alex are unstoppable
Alex – I’m not going to be an Elena, Cody or Mark i’m never going to flip on you

Alex – there’s no two people I would rather loses to in this game other than you and Paul
Alex says if Paul or Jason win HOh it’s the same as her winning HOH.
Alex – we have to put plans in place so we’re all protected.
Alex – so this week IF MATT GOES HOME we’re going to throw another rogue vote to kevin so that they can’t tell it’s not me or Paul so if one of us makes it we’re safe.

Alex – we’re going to run outta people soon. That’s why we need to keep the people that will be less dangerous at the end, they’ll roll over and let us take over
Jason – that’ll be Josh and Christmas
Alex – do you see
Jason – I’ve always saw..
Alex says the worst case scenario is if Kevin, raven or Matt wins the POV
Alex – I think Josh knows what’s right he’ll put up Christmas or raven (HAHAH)
Alex – Or RAven will put up Josh.. or whatever vice versa
Jason – yeah..
Alex – I’m getting excited because we’re getting close to the end, we just need to hold it together

Alex says pre season interviews she said her plan was to team up with the tallest guy in the house he can win the tall competitions she’ll win the short ones.
Alex – Mark, no offense to him, looked like a tool bag
Jason – yeah
Alex – Kevin, looked too old. You win
Alex – but, I got f*ing lucky. Everyone says I’m carrying you but you’re the most genuine person that’s never doubted me you’ve always come to bat for me.
Alex – you’ve been the most loyal in this game, literally all i’ve had was my family, my partner, and my ride or die
Alex – I Couldn’t be happier with the person I picked
Alex – I’m completely happy with Paul.. I have no problem taking you guys to the end. Whoever wins it wins it..

Alex- even if I came in third.. Still winning
Alex – outta everyone in this game we’ve done all the dirty work, we got Cody out twice
Alex says getting rid of Dom was critical to them getting the showmances out

3:19pm HOH Alex and Jason
Alex – if we keep this up, we can walk to the end..
Alex thinks they can guilt Josh to not put them up, “do you really want to do this JOsh.. we worked really hard for this and now you’re going to send us home ”
Alex says once Raven started begging them to drop so she could get a letter from her mom Alex sucked her butt to the back of the hot dog so raven couldn’t see her. Still in the comp.

Jason – there was no way in f* I wasn’t going to win that Comp.. I don’t give a sh1t if blood was pouring outta my body
Alex says they can control Josh not Christmas.
Alex – this is epic like I told you we’ve played this game so well, That those two dumb dumbs are going to sacrifice themselves without knowing it and they’re going to think it was their idea

Alex – when we need that Veto to win it we’re going to convince one of them to let us win it, we’re going to take one of them off. We’re going to look like the hero and when the rogue vote happens….
Jason – what the f*
Alex – exactly
They high five..
(you chumps are gonna take Raven down, put Kevi up and Kevin is going home not Matt..KRAKEN!)

Alex – if we hadn’t linked up with paul,.. I think we could have managed it only if Paul wasn’t in this game
Alex explains if Paul wasn’t in the game they would have been able to make it this far but since he is in the game they had to team up with him to make it.
Alex – since he is (in the game) we need him to get to the end
Jason – yes

Jaosj – JOsh was a sh1t bag in the beginning.. Mark turned into a sh1t bag..
Alex about Kevin “he’s been a sh1t bag since day 1 dude”
Alex brings up Xmas saying that Kevin told her he’s been sleeping next to them day 1 and they’ve been telling him all the plans and he says sure but thinks their plans are stupid.

They start questioning that Kevin doesn’t work has 7 kids and he’s loaded. Alex says Kevin isn’t a gangster he’s probably FBI or CIA. She adds that Kevin’s wife makes 200 grand

Jason – pisses me off that he lies so good to me..
Alex – he knows that he needs to lie now.. What would you do if 500K is at stake

Alex says they are going to catch Kevin in a lie about the Jillian vote in front of the entire house. (Week 2 sh1t for the win)
Alex – isn’t this great.. we’re literally writing the story.. we’re going to catch him in a lie and we’ll know his tell..
Alex says Kevin swore to god to her and Christmas he did 2 different votes that week.
Jason – he’s going to say he voted out Jillian..
Alex – doesn’t matter we’re going to prove him in a lie.. we don’t care about the vote..
Alex says it’ll make Kevin feel bad for lying and they’ll get his Jury vote.
Alex – now he won’t be running his mouth in Jury because he’s a scum bag..

Alex says she’s got stuff to do after Big Brother “I got to start by bikini company.. travel the world, I don’t win it sucks i’m sad.. I got a stipend I’m going to go do something ”

Alex says that He’s not letting Raven win because she’s sick and she’s not letting Matt get to the end to be with her “then he’ll bone out as soon as reality sets in”
Alex – “Same with Kevin I’m not going to let this man win and thinks he’s Derrick, and is orchestrating this whole thing, when in truth we’ve been controlling him this entire time” (and Paul’s been controlling you)

Jason – he hasn’t orchestrated sh1t and when he tried it pua giant X on his back
Alex says day 1 when kevin was sick it wa a ploy for him to see who is empathetic
Alex – now I see that but I didn’t see it until week 2..
Jasop – everyone cooks his f*ing food

Alex – you know how you say matt and Raven are down there laughing their d1ck holes closed..
Alex says Kevin is in the Diary room laughing at them. “I guarantee it”

Alex says Mark in real life “is aggressive and Mean”
Alex – I do like mark..

5:00am Everyone sleeping..

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I got it from a good source (Paul) that the auditioning for this season took place in a hay field about an hour after dark.
They had the house guest stand at the road by the street light and threw the keys into the field and blew the whistle to go get them. About three minutes later all but Cody and Jessica came back to the road and started looking around, they were told the keys were in the field not where they now looking and these people said “yeah we know but it’s dark over there”.
Sums up this season

Joe Kerr



Unexpected the expected. This season is dead

Anti Paul Puppet

I keep trying to stay positive, but it’s so hard. The only way the season could be saved is when someone finally targets Alex, but it needs to happen soon. I think once someone targets Alex a lot of Paul’s game play could be exposed. IF the lies come out, that could be fun.


Jason tells Kevin that he & Alex voted for Matt to go. Kevin runs to tell Paul. This is not Kevin playing the game. This is just Kevin being the RAT that he actually is. He can’t help himself.


Paul must be from Boston!


He’s not close to a Boston Rob


100% right


Alex’s thinking process is mind boggling.

Julie Chen Needs To Go

I hate this season. But…

That joke made no sense and I want the 30 seconds of my life I wasted reading it returned to me.

Leave the humor to the professionals.


Must have been a cryptic joke! Lol


Made perfect sense. Squabble is saying they are stupid and lazy. At least that’s my take on it. Too stupid and lazy to look where the keys are supposed to be because it’s dark therefore hard so they look in the light.


BB Production finally got one thing right…..bunch of wieners!


I hope Jason tells Maven there going up ,but Kevin is target in reality Jason real target is Paul (Jason ur smart u can do it) Jason is good with Kevin and sees Alex close with Paul if he does backdoor Paul his chance of winning went up 50%


Nope, none of these people left have a clue as to how Paul is working (manipulating) everyone and all of them have expressed their desire to bring Paul to the end with them. I may not like him, but Paul really is doing a good job at keeping his options open regardless of who wins HOH. At some point, the fog may clear, but by then it will be too late.


Sadly, even if Jason backdoored Paul I think the remaining minions would vote to save him and then Jason would move straight to the top of their shit list.


You are right, the only sure votes to send Paul packing would be Alex’s and Matt/Raven. Two sure votes against Paul. Josh and Christmas would probably vote to save Paul. Same with the Rat – Kevin.


THat had to be the 2nd most cryptic HOH letter, next to Paul’s. Either that or I am completely farm illiterate.


He’s saying, “You and Mark had a good talk, and he told you what you needed to know. But when Paul figured out you were scheming, he came running through the fence (lost his shit), so next time you get the chance to go to the rodeo (HOH), take him with you (put him up). Your ride or die is Alex (the mare), but beware, because I’m fairly certain one of you is going to be ‘fu#$ed’ before it’s done.”


Wow, great translation! I wonder if Jason will be able to figure it out?? I doubt if the others will. I’m crossing my fingers that Jason knows that translation:-)


I hope Jason is smart enough to put up Maven and tell them target is Kevin in all reality Jason’s target is Paul .

Anti Paul Puppet

You are giving him way too much credit.


he isnt…paul wont be target…sadly kevin will be going…idiots!!(not you guys)


They’re all still kissing Paul’s a$$.

Plus, they simply can’t believe someone voted against their wishes. It’s like this is Big Brother or something. How dare they?????

These people are clinically stupid.

Judge Janie

LOL…clinically stupid! Best description I’ve heard this season, Darwin. Respect!


Alex betraying Jason like Christine with Nichole? That worked out GREAT for Christine….good luck with THAT Alex!


This is by far the worst season! If Jason was smart he would start thinking about his own game and not what Alex or Paul think. He should put one Josh/Christmas with Matt and if either one wins Veto than backdoor Paul. Taking him to final 3 is the stupidest idea and even Paul himself said to take Alex to the end is not happening


Dead season, boring af
I haven’t watched an actual show since the double flopped


Alex what would you do if 500K was at stake? According to her, give it away to Paul.


Matt-“He’s (Kevin) the only one that hasn’t been on the block.” No words. . .

The only hope I have left is that Paul will realize he didn’t actually win BB this season because no one was playing. Maybe he’ll donate the money to charity. Yeah, right.

Spending everyone else's money but your own

Hopefully you will donate your next 8 paychecks to charity….
Yeah right!


Raven said the same thing…that Kevin hasn’t been on the block…in front of Paul.
Paul- “Well I haven’t been on the block”.
Raven- “Oh”.

WTH people…..

Jake K.

There is a lot of hope for this week still. Regardless, the Paul show was going to continue until at least noms. Right now all groups feel a little bit of safety essentially
but after noms and lines are finally drawn more in this group, they will all start throwing each other under the bus. My prediction is Maven makes it through this week…


I keep reading about how Paul is playing such a great game…I can’t argue with that. But he is the ONLY one actually playing, the others are either too stupid or too lazy to engage. That makes Paul the “best” player only by default. When you play a game by yourself you’re always gonna win. As a human being Paul is an egotistical, narcissistic, passive aggressive bully. Always getting someone else to do his dirty work (like banging pots and pans and harassing outgoing houseguests). But these idiots let him do all of this, so ultimately their demise is their own fault. PLEASE let one of these minions wise up and see Paul’s lies and manipulation and get him the hell out. Come on Jason, actually use your HOH instead of wasting it. Then maybe the game will finally get interesting.


Ahhh – we can see that Paul is the only one really playing the game – but, of course, they all think they are playing because they all think they are the only ones in an alliance with Paul and “using” Paul to get to the end. They won’t know what hit them until they get to the jury house and start comparing notes – and then it will dawn on them they were the ones being used by Paul.


I so agree. I am hoping that one them will wake up and see that Paul is playing all sides. Nobody is playing the game for themselves except Paul. They feel that they need him. Their chances for winning will improve without him. This is the worst BB season, for me it would have been better without Paul.

Hey Alex's Ex~BF -- RUN!!!

Alex is a mean stupid witch.

Alex Insulted a Marine

I cannot stand Alex stupid smug expression. She’s a know-it-all who knows nothing.


This is my last hope that Jason will stop following the mob boss’s plan. Get rid of Paul before he and Alex are sunk.

Alex ruined the season

Jason isn’t going to do sht. Matt will go home because that’s what Paul wants. Raven then even more in Paul’s pocket than she already is. I’m telling you he wants Raven and Xmas with him in F3. Takes Xmas to F2. Wins the game.

Josh, Xmas,Kevin, Jason should after Matt leaves take out Paul. That won’t happen because Alex has Jason and even Kevin in her web. And Paul has Raven, Alex, Josh and Xmas tucked deep in his ass.


I can’t believe I am about to say this but last night I was actually hoping that either Matt or Raven would win HOH….I wanted the top people to feel a little pressure from the bottom people and right now it seems like Maven are on the bottom right next to Kevin. Don’t get me wrong…..I do NOT like either Raven OR Matt BUT at this point I wanted to try to spice things up. But I guess Jason winning isn’t that bad but ONLY if he goes after anyone other than Kevin because that’s what the house wants….


I don’t like Raven and yeah, she’s lying, but why make fun of her weight? Also, if Paul called my wife fat, joking or not, I’d knock his teeth out…. This has been a very ugly season.


Calm down killer. Jason was calling his wife that before, joking around about her being pregnant. She clearly is not remotely fat. That’s why Paul said ok let’s see this fat wife (he knows she’s not fat). Paul def wasn’t calling her fat or bullying her. If you consider that bullying I have no idea how you make it through day to day life.


I consider it stupid of him especially since he berated Mark for not sticking up for Josh when Jess and Cody called him fat. He went on a whole tirade about it. Basically…..if Paul does anything it is ok but if anyone else does they are despicable, evil, horrible excuses for a human being.


Apparently you don’t get it. Paul is repeating what Jason said, not calling her fat. You are taking the comment way too seriously.


I believe Paul would agree that these people are either stupid, or plants to ensure he wins. He probably can’t quite believe how dumb and gullible these people are.

Wait until these idiots watch the show back and see how he easily manipulated all of them. In fact, he didn’t even have to try.

Paul: “Do this. Nominate her. Vote for him. Get me a drink. Make me food, Attack Cody, Attack Jessica, Attack Mark”.

HG’s: “OK”

That’s why he had to get rid of Cody and Jessica. They were the only two that weren’t CBS plants or just plain stupid.


Nah Cody & Jessica wasn’t stupid, but they weren’t smart either, they just wasn’t following Paul, but they kinda did end up falling for his plots every time.

Cody that 1st week had the right idea about Paul but the move was mostly personal as he didn’t like Paul from last season. Cody didn’t think out that decision I think he got nervous, after Meghan leaving & Alex winning POV that week.

Jessica wasted her HOH going after Josh for the dumbest reason imaginable, when she should’ve went after Paul & Alex, she could’ve gotten one of them out guaranteed.

2 Decisions Jody made, that could’ve went differently had they done the opposite. Could’ve changed the game.


I had so high hopes for Jason’s HOH until I saw that 2AM talk between him and Paul. Paul telling him that Kevin will be just a pawn and Jason is buying it. Hoping by some miracle that Kevin wins the veto so he can’t go up as the backdoor option.


Alex, Alex, Alex…you are so WRONG about everything. How can she not have a shadow of a doubt about Paul?? It’s Big Brother!!! Astonishing.


Isn’t she the one who keeps saying Paul wouldn’t backstab them because of his fan base? I was never sure what that meant anyway. Why would anyone think you wouldn’t go back on your word because you had a “reputation” to uphold with your fan base? It’s BB and lying is acceptable to get you further in the game.


Jason put up Matt and Christmas and BACKDOOR PAUL.

If you can’t backdoor Paul, vote out Christmas. One couple then broken up. Matt and Raven are too weak at this point to worry about. They don’t have anyone but Christmas and Paul.




I blame the 5 nasty jurors who voted to reward Nicole for laying in bed all summer. That made the return of Paul an easy choice for Grodner. It also made her think that Showmances were popular. So she recruited more trashy people for this season. Nex seasont will be worse. Especially if we get another bitter jury.


I think it would be hilarious if Paul makes it all the way to the end only to lose due to a bitter jury again. He could have had it last season if he had shown the least bit of remorse for the way he emotionally manipulated everyone. He refused and it cost him the game.


Matt will be out this week, it’s going exactly how Paul wants it! Even if Matt wins veto by some miracle he’s pulling raven off. I doubt they will send Kevin home right now if they put him up there. The power is basically in Paul’s(he has Christmas and Josh’s votes) hands once again and he would rather get Matt off than Kevin! Then next week unless Alex wins Jason or Alex are going home! I for one can’t wait for the look on Alex’s face when she realizes that Paul does not have her back at all!


The Alex/Kevin feud is undermining both of their games.

It Maven is cut to one, you have left:
the remaining maven

3 votes with 7 left would be pretty powerful. But Alex seems determined to rely on the one person who cannot be relied up: Paul.


I wonder if the 2nd place prize was equal to what the jury members get, would people be more willing to complete for first place instead of settling for second or settling for jury? Maybe this would shake things up more.


“Alex says she’s got stuff to do after Big Brother”……Um, yea Alex….you’re going to find a hidey-hole to crawl into. Can’t wait for her to find out what the public thinks of her.
Great game play Alex. You’re just another one of Paul’s minions, blindly following him just like the rest of the house. The only difference between you & the other lemmings is that you’re way more cruel. Big move….get Kevin out….yea, right…/s
Can’t wait for your eviction. And it’s coming!


Lose The Gut First Boo Boo

Just what the world needs, more bikinis…


So, I didn’t watch last night show instead I watched Air Disaster’s on Smithsonian channel. I have tried to watch but all I do is fast forward and I get the end without watching any of the show. It pains me to watch! Kudos to Simon and Dawg for all they do with this site and having to watch Paul and his Disciples. Absolutely, the worse cast ever. Paul has been HOH every week except for Cody and Jessica’s week. I don’t know why it would change now….


Kevin is a vote for Alex and Jason in the BB house…..why are they throwing that away or even thinking about using him as a pawn. So dumb at this stage of the game.

It's What Paul Wants

Because he’s a SKEtchy undercover cop working for the CIA and the FBI. He lies about his father, wife, and kids. He’s secretly extremely wealthy – possibly famous, AND he’s a misogynist who doesn’t even cook his own meals! Did I mention he’s SKEtchy.

Let's just end this show. It was a good run 'till this dumpster fire of a season

Xmas’s laugh is annoying as fk.

Josh squinting a lot when he looks at people is creepy.

Raven’s ass was nice the first 30 days now after stuffing her face all summer it’s lumpy. Sorry it’s true. Don’t whine I’m being mean. This is a message board. I’m not saying it to her face. Relax.

Paul delusionally still thinks he’s cool and dresses like a six yr old. Also shaping your beard every 40 secs isn’t helpin’ ya brah. Good luck with that yearly lame Halloween party that only your parents attend.

If Alex’s “bikini’s” she claims she is producing after the show look anything like the the ones she wears in the house…good luck on that you witch. The cheap dye job blonde is embarrassing.

Jason’s wife is hot. How the fk did that happen?

Bye Matt

Kevin just thank god you never have to see these fools again. You have a great family to go back to and no backlash from the social media world.

Matt's crusty orange shirt

Assuming Kevin’s family welcomes him back after all those leg rubs and cuddle sessions with nasty ass Christmas. Ravens laugh is a hundred times worse than Christmas and her melted face makeup makes me want to scrub my face. How did Josh go from utterly unlikeable to tolerable…dare I say likeable? Not a good player and still annoying at times but likeable.


Jason seriously has a filthy mouth. Yes, swearing is a normal thing and all the HGs do it, but he’s always so over the top.

I love how he and Alex are so scared of Kevin based on absolutely nothing. Paul must be proud of his stupid minions.


Yes, plus he always bad mouths everyone behind their backs.


Where do you go to vote for Favorite House guest?


our ranking is here https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-19-houseguest-ranking-quick-vote/

go to CBS for AFP a week before finale.

jessica's birth control

As a human being Paul is an egotistical, narcissistic, passive aggressive bully. BUT HE IS THE ONLY ONE PLAYING THE GAME!!!! I am sorry people, but get the F— off his back and stop rooting for this other dorks because they are “nice”! They are also lousy people. But at least paul is scheming, strategizing, manipulating, competing, dumping, floating, socializing, throwing comps. THESE ARE GAMEPLAY SKILLS!!! HES PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!! This is why I am actually rooting for him at this point. He actually is making an effort. The rest are relying on a fantasy prmise of a final 3 deal from paul and then hoping everything falls in their laps. sorry but I can not admire that. Paul is like Dr Will minus the sense of humor and charisma. But hey, you cant have everything. At least hes covering the other bases

Enough already

So…the way I see it is that Paul has 3 alliances. Xmas and Josh, Alex and Jason, Matt and Raven. Kevin just floats around and tells him everything. Paul will end up going to the final 3 with one of the groups. Depending on who the hoh is each week. This week is Jason, they want Mavon gone so the next 3 evictions will be those 2 and Kevin. Might as well just do a triple eviction this week, a double eviction next week and the finale the following week to just stop the pain.


Why would Jason’s Wife Marry a bald idiot like Jason, she’s very pretty and smart. 🙁
I don’t understand the world anymore


He must have something you can’t see…


THAT’s why you don’t understand the world anymore?

Matt's crusty orange shirt

Spoken like a lonely unattractive person who is hating on Jason. If he shaved his head all together he’d look better but looks aren’t everything


Christmas is way too old to be wearing those cat ears


Who is this Andrew person? I’ve seen his name mentioned time to time in the comment section.