Alex “I think Kevin still has him by the balls and still feels bad about sh*t.”

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9pm Alex and Paul.
Paul – he (Jason) is just throwing a fit …because I don’t know what it is.. he is just upset about something. Alex told me we could do Matt, Kevin, Raven.. so why is she more about getting Kevin out. I said things change and of course if he (Kevin) is throwing Alex’s name out there, then of course she is going to get weird about it. I said what do you care more about, getting Alex upset or keeping someone around that told me to get you out at 6?! I was like he (Kevin) doesn’t have your (Jason) back. He said I know. Alex – I think Kevin still has him by the balls and still feels bad about sh*t. Paul – what do you think AMF should, what do you think we should do? Alex – if Jason does this… that puts AMF in a weird position. When we make the clear like that we’re not apart of that .. Christmas joins them. Alex – but if he screws them (Matt and Raven) then he saves himself. Paul – Kevin should not win any HOH. I still don’t understand why Raven took Matt’s (veto)? Alex – she was tired of always coming in last in everything. She just wanted to have one. Paul – that’s the dumbest idea. Alex – but then she actually found one. Paul – that is the dumbest thing… so you’re both on the block .. just eliminate one of your veto chances. Alex – because they feel that safe. If we f**k them and Jason leaves the noms the same. I will support Jason but I would rather get Kevin out because he is annoying. Paul – at least if we get Kevin out the picture he is not walking around doing stupid sh*t. He does not leave Jason alone.

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9:15pm Bedroom – Christmas, Matt and Raven.
Christmas – it would be one of the .. you know what it would be another Jess HOH. It would be like WHAT THE F**k!? WHAT THE F**K! Like there would be no rhyme or reason to it. THAT WAS YOUR F**KING PLAY!! THAT WAS YOUR F**KING PLAY!! And luckily Alex will see that. I honestly think that Kevin is freaking out be because he does not feel safe. IF he felt safe he wouldn’t come open the door and then shut the door. In my opinion, I don’t think Jason is going to pull a stupid move and pull a Jess. I think that is why Kevin is freaking out. He is f**king paranoid as sh*t. And Jason had the veto.

Matt – for his (Jason) game it would be better to keep noms the same because next week if we win HOH we would be tossing them pi

In the kitchen. Alex – HEY JESS IF YOU’RE WATCHING THIS .. YA PLAYED YA-SELF! We’re still here and you’re not.

10:50pm HOH room – Josh and Matt.

Kevin – this game does make I hope there are not havenots. If we do have then and you have to pick, then pick me. I don’t mind doing it. You know what I’m say, Matt will go in there. It is not even that bad. Jason – I like my havenot head. Kevin – I would never come back here. Enough is enough. I can’t go home being tricked by Jess and Cody.

11:10pm Josh fighting against each other in the pool.

11:30pm – 11:55pm HOH room. Jason, Alex and Christmas.
Jason – this is what I don’t get.. he (Kevin) said Matt and Raven haven’t done sh*t! They don’t deserve to be here. I just about damn near said – what the f**K have you done Kevin!? Christmas – I have to give Raven credit, that b***h is trying every time. She is just not good. She is trying to plat the game. Jason to Christmas – why does Kevin aggravate you? Christmas – I know for a fact that he is saying the same thing to multiple people and two I know that he told Jillian that he had her vote. He also told me that I had his vote. When she left he turned around and said to me see girl, you’re my girl, I have your back. Jason – I feel like for a while now he has been trying to me to say sh*t about Jason. Christmas – so Jason let me ask you this.. you guys are boys and have been boys since the beginning. Sitting there by the hot tub I wanted to blow my brains out listening to him suck up to you. Jason – he was telling a story but it wasn’t a normal story .. he was trying to deep throat, ball at the same time.

1:16am kHOH Alex and Matt (SImon here for the late night)
Doesn’t sound like Jason wants to use the Veto.
Jason – i’m not going to take a shot of one of my dungeon mates with you two around

1:24am Paul tells them don’t let Kevin get into their head.
Jason – everything he says is a bait
Alex – his stories all full of sh1t
Paul – I can’t humour fake sh1t anymore

1:40am HOH Jason, Alex and Paul

Alex – we have a lot of gumpy people in our cast..

Paul joins them.. Alex says it’s funny that her, Paul, Josh and xmas were early targets of Cody and they’re still in the house.
paul – that d1ck bag I was soo tired of his sh1t
Paul – literally my objective for like half the game was just to get that kid outta here
Jason – he put out such a terrible vibe

Paul says in the beginning he wasn’t linked to anyone “I was just feeling everybody out”
Paul explains why what Cody was saying week was bullshit, “I did not talk game for at least the first 2 weeks”
Paul – when I started talking game is when I won HOH..
Alex says first first 3-4 weeks people need to chill out in the game.
Paul makes fun of the “d1ckbags” that make big alliances early on “ohh we’re going to make it to the end of the game.. we’re going to jury” (zomg)

Paul – all of them are gone

Alex says two crucial weeks was when they got Dom out and when Jessica botched her HOH when she tried to get JOsh out and Ramses went.
Paul – that was all us
Alex – it was..
Jason – when Jessica put up Ramses and JOsh…
Paul – I thought she was the stupidest person
Alex – I thought one of us is going to get backdoored
Paul – I thought so too
They laugh that Jessica got Ramses out during her HOH. During the veto Ceremony Alex brings up holding in laughter. Pal says he was thinking Oh my god she’s the stupidest player ever (That was one of if not the most stupid move of the season)

Jason – Alex was like if that dumb b1tch doesn’t use her thing… (veto) it’ll be smooth sailing..
Jason – i’m like she’ll surely use is Alex she’s not retar….. err .. ohh.. umm inferior intelligence
Jason – was last years cast a bunch of smarties compared to this year
Paul – yes, liars that were really good.. you would have never thought

Alex says Nicole wasn’t anything special in season 16. Alex says she really liked Cody because he was hot not because of his game play.
Paul – I didn’t watch my season.. I’ve really only seen bits and pieces of a few seasons.. I don’t give a f*
Paul says he’s figured out a formulas and it works..

Paul says Jessica was a go getter female this season but she had no idea how to play the game. Christmas with 2 legs would have been a powerful force but Paul thinks she would have “Power tripped” Alex agrees.
Paul adds that he told xmas that breaking her leg is the reason why she is this far in the game, “I don’t mean to be a A$$hole”
Alex – she would have been a HUGE target
Jason – it humbled her to the ground.
Paul – you helped her game by breaking her leg in a backwards way..

Alex goes on comparing the worst season ever 16 with the second worst season ever 19. She talks about Derrick be uninteresting.
Alex about Derrick – “He coasted through the whole time like Kevin” (this may be the biggest ZOMG of the season)
Paul – Derrick played it very safe and quiet

Alex talks about the strategies that were employed on season 16 in regards to the hold them competition
Alex – it’s kinda like what we’ve been doing.. we bully against one person and get them out
Jason – yeah, worked like a charm..
Paul – the only wild card sh1t I see happening is Raven or Matt winning, they would take a f*ing shot this way unless they’re stupid
Jason says Kevin won’t win the HOH, he wants more than the money to not win and be in the final 2.
Alex – I’m telling you, he knows Derrick and Derrick didn’t go on the block once, he wants to take it to an extreme
Paul – he hasn’t been on the block because he’s not a threat and nobody gives a f*

Alex goes on that Kevin’s game is not no win a single thing in the game make it to the end then win tha game.
Paul – so you floated through the whole game and did nothing
Alex – he thinks he’s had in hands in everything.. (

2:18am Paul telling Xmas that Jason and Alex are not onto her and JOsh at all.
Paul – if we do this I will literally die..
Paul – just keep doing what you are doing.. Josh is doing an excellent job
(Paul wants to make sure JOsh and Xmas don’t go up so he can use them to take Jason out next week)

Late night chit chat..

9:17am ZZZZZZZ

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Can’t believe these people think Kevin’s a real threat and Paul isn’t..


These house pets are so stupid it amazes me. Paul is throwing out all types of lies about Kevin and know one ever questions what he says.


What’s going on with the house guess no alliance name. They are so confused.. They are going to be so ashamed of themselves when they get the gust to watch the show back and see how they followed Paul all the way to the bank. How they were mean to HG for no reason. I want the HG to see themselves bullying other HG on national TV just because they thought it was cool or because they were bored. Figure of speech: Every dog has a day and a good one has two…What goes around comes around. Believe me they all will get a day for this foolishness. What the HG is doing is NOT all game playing but a personal attack for Paul. I want them to see themselves not using their own God given brain. Where is the HG brain, heart and why don’t they have any courage…this is 500k question. PS: The bullying HG needs to leave Kevin alone.


Ashamed for playing big brother? I doubt it.


I agree I can’t wait til they have to make a public apology to Jess & Cody about how they were right.


Never happen Jess and Cody do not deserve an apology they were butt heads big time if you don’t know that then you haven’t found it from the start Jessica and Cody were nastier and done nastier stuff and treated people ugly like a said you have not been watching linefeed from the start you would have no empathy


Well Cody set the mean and bullying tone- remember week 1-2- Megan? Jillian? Paul? Christmas? Some like Jess (mean girls) and Josh (clueless) seemed to follow his lead. Now Cody, Jess and her mean gal pal Elena are out and Josh got half a clue.

Bullying is nothing new in BB- remember Evil Dick, Paulie, etc? It is not pretty and I hope I would not do it, but it has been a frequent strategy. Floating is another strategy and it is equally annoying.

But what do Derrick and Dan and Paul have in common? A great social game! And they can win a comp or 2. That is what wins the respect of other HGs, jury votes and the big prize!


Release the suction ….you can breathe better. BTW Megan herself said it was Josh and his attacks that made her leave. Cody just said (stop the presses) that he didnt like her..


Can you give an example of one of these lies?


lol i didnt think so, FACEPALM


I think for Kevin it would be best for him to go to jury now. He got $25000 and his stipend and isn’t going to make it to the end anyway. He likes Mark well enough and I think he agrees with Cody that he wouldn’t want to see any of these houseguests ever again. He is miserable being around these people. Can’t blame him. We all hate them and we don’t have to live with them 24/7. If there is any hope left for our season he needs to stay and I would lmao if he actually won HOH next week and put Christmas and Paul up. Won’t happen but one can dream.


They don’t think Kevin is a real big threat…Paul set Kevin up several days ago. One by one he starts early on lying on the HG, bullying and torturing HG leading them to the slaughter. The other HG always with out thinking clearly ready to destroy the next HG for Paul. Think about Josh for a moment…by not thinking clearly Josh already have 3 HG in the jury house that can not stand him so 3 no votes for Josh. How can you win without votes Josh. Most of the HG guess put too much trust in one person (Paul). Think about Alex now…Alex said everyone likes Paul in the Jury house and she doesn’t mind a F2 or F3 with Paul or losing to Paul. WHAT! Okay lets talk about Christmas what makes Christmas thinks she can win going to a F3 with Paul and Josh. Paul will take the win. Christmas have done nothing much in the game as far as comps and they do count in the end. Josh has to many enemies already. Food For Thought: The house guess came on the show to win 500k. They left family and long time friends to come onto BB and they just met these HG and they rather give the money to someone they just met. How about winning the money for your family, friends or a good causes like charity if you don’t want the money donate to St. Jude, breast cancer research, feed the children, someone homeless or someone about to lose their home etc. Why give 500k to a stranger you just met. Why would you even think your family wouldn’t want the 500k if you don’t want it.


Sorry guys for the missed spelled word.

nana J

No name
Could not agree with you more . THis bullying is so out of control how were these people raised their parents must be so embarrassed . I am in awe that not one of these idiots have not realized what Paul is doing ! Cody and Jess made some mistakes but they were on to Paul. And not one of those “FOOLS” would listen they deserve what happens to them. Now there going after Kevin how foolish when you have Xmas who is a total loser, Josh who is the biggest lump of coal I have ever seen ,Alex who is a big mouth sarcastic smart ass, Raven & Matt well ther are not words for these two .
I really hope Jason sticks to his gut but I leaning to them convincing him to do it their way as usual .


I’m more embarrassed by the number of pussies on
this site that think everything is bullying. Suck it up
girls !! Life is hard….

Your Common Sense

Balls are so much more *ahem* delicate. Pussies can take quite the pounding. Other than that, totally agree with your gist.

Suck that up. – The “Girls”

Judgmental Judy

The irony is that Josh and Xmas THINK they’ve done a the in this game. Alex downplaying Derrick’s ability to study season 16 cast and adjust accordingly, reveals her lack of people and strategy. Kevin is NOTHING like Derrick.


I got up this morning, had coffee, and pulled up this page. Read the headline above and realized it’s time to abandon all hope of this season being saved. Jason will not backdoor Paul, and if he did, Alex would save him. It seems like AG is trying to let Derrick and Cody off the hook. This crew are definitely challenging BB16 for the title of “Worst Season Ever”. It depends on the ending now. It has been hard to imagine anything worse than Cody passing up the chance to take Victoria to F2. But I can see any one of these people telling the Jury,” I don’t deserve the money. Give it to Paul. I’m just honored to be sitting here beside this great man, The Smartest Man in the World!” Idiocracy is real. We have arrived.


I stopped watching the show weeks ago, I only review this great site to find out what is going on because I cannot stand Paul, Josh, Xmas, Matt, Raven, Jason, or Alex. I can only mildly stand Kevin also. If BB Production wanted to hand Paul $500k, then why didn’t they just write him a check and get someone more interesting on this year? Paul is a sociopath with a gaggle of idiots surrounding him. It is also disheartening that the main focus of most of the HGs is to increase their following on Instagram instead of actually winning the game. As for Paul’s incessant bullying of other players, I understand that this is a game, and a mental game first and foremost, but there are lines in the sand that he has crossed that hopefully he will regret. If I knew the name of his clothing line, I would personally start a movement against it so that he does not financially benefit from the game other than what BB Production hands to him. There’s nothing like a man living with his parents that evidences seriously poor social skills and the inability to interact with the public on a daily basis.


I cant believe this idiots are still talking about Jessica and Cody, who is in whose head? fools. Now they are attacking yet another of Americas fav……cant they just play a normal game without going so personal and low?

train wreck

As much as I dislike him the only person who is playing the game is Paul and for that he should win. Him or Kevin if hes able to convince the jury that not winning and not putting a target on his back was his plan from the start and to coast by without burning bridges. He actually holds so much vital information but is loyal and isn’t throwing anyone under the bus. (then again you could argue that is part of the game to use knowledge to your advantage). so frustrated I dont even care who wins but i cant stop watching the train wreck


Alex still being obsessed with Jessica is pretty pathetic.


Alex is jealous and petty.


I can’t remember a bigger disappointment than Alex. First couple of weeks I thought she’s the real deal and will make F3 at least. For her to make comments like “Paul can’t lie because he would lose all of his fans” or “everybody likes Paul, I don’t mind taking him to F3 and losing to him” is incredibly stupid. It’s not game play it’s just being a dumb a$$. The Derek comment about him floating like Kevin it the icing on the cake. I do not think these people will realize how terrible of a game they played when it’s over because they are literally stupid as f$ck!!


She keeps reminding us Jess?


Maybe she has a crush on jess.


She had a crush on Cody and hated Jessica for getting him.


She was jealous because Jessica’s boobs were real. How low can she go though?


I think Jessica and Cody are getting more coverage now than when they were in the game.

Judgmental Judy

I can’t stand Winter Solstice. She has crawled all over Kevin, and now she’s drudging up random conspiracy theories from week 1? Does it REALLY matter whether it’s Raven, Matt or Kevin? I think Paul can NOT stand letting one of them have their week, and it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of anyone’s game (Matt & Raven have no game). His ego can’t stay out of misting every single decision. Leave Jason alone and let him have a say for once. They work themselves up over NOTHing. It’s just so petty. I don’t like it when someone screws with people for sport, and just because they can. Paul is slaying the game, no doubt. But he’s just an awful person.


Halloween is overly angry at Kevin. Did I miss something that may have happened between the former snuggle buddies? I wonder if she feels rejected by Kevin or if she distanced herself from Kevin to please Little Paul.


Isn’t she all over Paul every chance she gets now? And he isn’t interested. Once Paul started targeting Kevin, Xmas stopped cuddling with Kevin and moved on to Paul. She is sooo nasty.

Jessica's Birth Control

Since paul is obviously gay, why would he be interested in xmas?

Min O'Pause

Maybe Festivus is just a fickle bitch.

Bolt Uprite.

She’s still fuming over stuff that happened before she broke her foot, and if she hadn’t broken her foot she would be long gone.


I don’t think Paul is slaying the game. He is just the only one playing the game. The rest just sit around waiting for his next command.

bb fan

Easy to slay the game with a bunch of minions. I cant stand this game this year. I cant even give Paul any credit because these idiots just follow him like a cult, and have from day one. Didnt they watch bb in the past? B/c if they did they would 1 know Paul’s a big lier, not good at comps, just trouble. Oh yeah and for the idiot houseguest who question the others existing wealth, Paul’s family , Paul doesn’t need this money. He’s in it for his ego, and pure evilness.


“Does it REALLY matter whether it’s Raven, Matt or Kevin?”

it does REALLY matter. if Kevin leaves this week, then next week it will be Raven/Matt vs Alex/Jason!
and Jason can’t play HoH


Paul tells them to do anything and they go do it. I would tell him go do it yourself. Everyone is listing to him like they have no brain, especially Josh also others.


Hope Jason stays strong they all are coming down on hard trying everything to get Kevin up. And stupid Alex is right there doing it too all the while the others are planning to get her out soon. If anything Jason and Alex should be asking why is everyone so keen on keeping a showmance couple together over a single old man.

Oh please production have the veto meeting before they can change Jason’s mind. I think it will be the first time Paul has not gotten his way and I am loving it.


Alex says Kevin is f@@@ing annoying but really Mavern are the most annoying not only to us but to the whole house

Smitten Kitten

Paul wants Kevin gone in THE worst way.

As I type this, Christmas, Alex & Paul are ganging up on Jason to use the VETO on Raven & put Kevin up.

They’re not even pretending that Kevin is just a pawn to calm Maven down anymore, they are blatantly saying we want him GONE.

They keep relentlessly reiterating, berating (threatening) that Alex is on the top of Kevin’s hit list should he win HOH & by not nominating Kevin, Jason is essentially stabbing Alex in the back & she’s going to remember this when it comes time to cast her jury vote.
What a manipulative little hyena she is.

They are totally pressuring the kid into putting up his walking buddy & Jason is 100% against it, but 3 strong, controlling & domineering personalities against just 1 is hard. He won’t be able to go against the likes of Paul, Alex & Christmas for long… especially for someone who gets frazzled & paranoid under the slightest bit of pressure, like Jason.

Stand strong Jason, stick with your gut!


This is interesting. Those 3 went from bullying the entire house and now they are bullying Jason. When Alex or Jason are voted out next week, she will be the lamest ‘gamer’ ever. PlayStation and BB are two different animals! If I was Jason’s wife I’d be thinking, “Wow, I thought Alex was good for his game, but now she’s his downfall.” How can they not see Paul has won so many challenges and has thrown many to other people- yet Kevin is this BAD ASS winner that will take out Alex NEXT! I literally HATE Paul now. I hope there is a bitter jury. And someone needs to clip Xmas’s other leg. That bitch needs to Shut her mouth!

Judgmental Judy

Agree! We knew this would happen in same order they ganged up on their “enemies” (aka friends a week ago). Paul targeted Kevin right before Mark was heading out. Now he’s throwing Jason under the bus because he’s a strong competitor, likeable, and he’s afraid he can’t beat him. Fine. But these other fools like Alex, Josh and Christmas are his wind up toys and haven’t had an original “bad a#! B—h” thought.


Get ready to watch Jason fold like a house of cards.


Get ready for Jason to pack his bags Paul already told Alex to throw next hoh to Josh.

Whistling sissy

Good, that means goodbye Alex. If Jason is on the block, he’ll win veto. If he’s not on the block, he’ll win veto. They left Jason in too long. The only way he’ll get beat is back to back luck challenges. I had high hopes for Alex and Christmas in the beginning. They had the chance to play like strong women. But they are both victims being manipulated by the same man – with every intention of laying down on the sword for him. At this point I don’t even want them to stop playing like they have Stockholm syndrome, I just want them gone. Jessica, practice your speech. You will get to address these 2 losers on finale night. Let these ‘bad bitches’ have it.


Sorry but crotchmas &Alex aren’t victims…they are pure vile mouth& bitter angry woman who follow the sheep. They mouth on those 2 is Disgusting…id be ashamed to know them… Victim isn’t accurate for them…plus they constantly throw around that Jess didn’t know the difference between game& personal etc…it’s these 2 dumbasses that can’t seperate the 2 and hold nasty grudges…


Kevin thinks he was tricked by Jess and Cody? What is he talking about?


I have that same question about how Jess and Cody tricked Kevin.


I heard Alex and Xmas talking about how they think they have not been that bad in the house. Very amusing!
I see BB gave Paul another bird to wear…………….too late BB, we know that Paul is not some innocent kid having a good time. In fact, I find it very entertaining how hard they are working at making us think they are so nice. They almost make it, then they start talking crap about people.
I was a Kevin fan, I am not anymore, but I don’t know why they are talking crap about him………Xmas was all over him. If Jason puts him up he is going out. Paul has spoken. Pathetic cast!


Agree and then Alex admits that the group bullied people they want out

Smitten Kitten

Jason: “Alex, it felt like you guys were going to sneak Kevin on the block and then vote him out without me knowing about it.”

Wake up Jason, your instinct never lies!

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck & quacks like a duck, its a damn DUCK!


Or in this case, a toucan.


Jason please do not let them talk you into putting up Kevin. He’s your one true friend in the house. He is the one person you can trust. Keep him. Stand your ground. Don’t let Paul control your HOH. Gotta get him off course. You are in this for your family. Win it!


I think its amazing that Paul had so much sympathy and love from live feeder fans for actually playing well last year and getting robbed by the jury. Zakiyah voted how Paulie told her. Paulie voted for his pre show alliance mate (thanks derrick). Dayvonne hadnt been in the house for 2 solid months. And natalie said she was voting for a girl no matter what. Paul was screwed and most of us had sympathy for him. Then he comes in the very next year and loses all the goodwill he had from us. He is a smug jerk wih tiny man syndrome and has misted these morons. Its been painful to watch not entertaining. The dumbness of this cast makes season 16s cast look like mensa members. Theyve ruined this season with having him on. I understand why the producers wanted him back but couldnt they just have sent him a 500K check in the winter and not subject us to another bad season. Im sad that old school big brother when it was actually a social game is dead and not coming back. Back then the entire game was trying to convince people to vote for you. Now its VERY rare to just have someone up on the block that actually campaigns for themselves. Pathetic.


paul wasn’t robbed, he just had crap jury management (and it might be his downfall this year too). he alienated himself from paulie after paulie blew up his own game, also costing him zakiyah. he underestimated how much ass da’vonne wanted to kiss to vote for production’s choice, and he badmouthed james during the jury questions costing him nat’s vote. paul has himself to blame for last year’s loss.

Alex is Vulgar

Paul is extremely insecure and relies on gimmicks (his beard, tattoos, socks, and rubber toys) to try to keep everyone’s attention upon himself and to distract from his shortcomings. He is jealous of Kevin’s storytelling abilities and Kevin’s ability to charm others.

Alex is pathetic.


Shortcomings! Hahaha


Kevin needs to stay in the HOH room.


Needs to live there til the POV ceremony. It’s a defining moment whether he renoms Jason. Not about the result, Jason goes if he does not have POV or HOH. It’s about production folks. Do you believe like some it’s all about Paul winning 500K no matter what. Or does production care about keeping the few likeable HG’s in the house. Kevin goes up it’s all about Paul and 500K. Noms the same they want a season….maybe. I hate AG and prod!!!


Why do these fools keep saying that Kevin’s the only person who has not been on the block ?

If Jason uses the Veto, I really hope that when he finds himself and Alex on the block, well he will be just as played as Jessica was.

I wish these idiots would talk with each other, discover how Paul has never been on the block, they allow Paul to rule their HOH.. I’m so sick of hearing, did you ask Paul, or let’s go and run this by Paul.

Jason needs to realize that Alex is close to Paul, I really don’t think Alex will take Jason to the Final 2. I am no Paul fan, can’t stand his immature game play, forbids people to talking with anyone on the block.

I am not going to feeel sorry to Alex and Jason, Alex is so infatuated with Paul. Can’t wait until next week, Alex is going to see how Paul has been playing them. Please let them go home and see just how stupid they were for always seeking Paul’ approval.

I’m hoping and praying that these fools wake up, go agains Paul, play the damn game !! This is why America should ne able to have a hand in who’s nominated, I also can’t wait until next week when they have to show their hand, when they have to turn on each other, maybe when these fools see just how petty and immature they really are,.

They better make sure they get Paul’s permission to watch Big brother on the feeds, right now, paul deserves to win.

Please tell Josh, he is not our boy !!!!! He is such a wimp, and in my opinion, he has not done anything in this game, other than make sure they keep

Yes he has...

To be fair, Josh HAS annoyed the heck out of most of the HGs and all of the live feeders.




Paul said to them he’s never been on the block. They actually know that.


Good time to take matt off and put Paul up. Matt would never vote out rraven… Cripple josh and xmas. Think he’s too brainwashed to actually think of it or execute it.


Jason needs to go and ask Kevin if what they are saying is true. I think Jason would know if Kevin is lying and I think this would finally open up their eyes to Paul and how stupid Alex actually is. Kevin will tell him what Paul has been saying to him and finally someone will have compared notes!! Please, my God they can’t all really be this stupid.


I don’t know how Dawg/Simon are listening to these people. Just the pictures of Christmas and reading what she is saying makes me want to slap her bad ass bitch face. Who is she to tell anyone she knows better then they do what is good for their game. She doesn’t even know what is good for her game.


Why do these people keep saying Kevin is the only person who has never been on the block ? Why does Matt think it is so important to keep Raven safe ? I hope Jason has the balls to keep the nominations the same, but I really don’t think he does, he will cave in, he will let Alex tell him what to do, based on what Paul tells her to do !

I really do love Big Brother, can’t wait every summer to see the show, but the people this season, they take the cake. They are so infatuated with Paul, have to tell him everything, have to keep him safe, they feel they are not allowed to discuss game play or big moves, unless they receive Paul’s blessing.

If Jason uses the POV, puts Kevin on the block, and Kevin is voted out, I will not feel sorry for Jason when he finds himself on the block next week next to Alex. If Jason is not able to win the POV, then he will be sent to Jury, because little itty bitty Paul, he is threatened by Jason, Jason is too good at Comps. Paul can’t have anyone in the house WIN more Comps then he has won.

Please, Please CBS, stop showing Josh in the DR every week talking to us, and telling us that “Your Boy” this, “Your Boy” that, this fool is using the same lingo as his leader Paul. Paul nor Josh are my Boy ! I cannot stand either one of them, hell I am still on the fence trying to find someone to actually root for.

And CBS, Shame on you for the outstanding good Edit you are giving Paul, and his loyal followers. Those who are not getting the great updates from Simon and Dawg on this site, if you are just watching the shows during the week, you can see just how bad or unfair CBS is being when it comes to showing what an A-Hole Paul is.

Please CBS, next Summer do no bring back any vets, do not have these stupid twists that really don’t do anything to help make the show more interesting. Let’s go back to Ole School Big Brother, let happen what will happen, get some people who don’t feel they always have to go with what the house wants.

Have a better mix of other nationalities and not the usual token races, and the usual Gay person, get with the program, it has gotten old and boring. Bring some people in the house that want to win, want to plot, what to kick butts and take names, wants to actually do something and go above and beyond to obtain the POV or HOH each week.

Have a good alliance that will stand by and work with you until you get down to final 5 or 6, get some people who are here to play Big Brother the way it was played Years back, the way it was not so obvious who’s going home each week.

Have some people who are willing to do whatever, out play, out scheme, out last the others in the house, not just come on this show to be seen and say you were on TV. Say that you are voting with the house, go rogue, play a hell of a game, make Big Brother what it use to be, a Summer Treat, the show we all waited to watch.

Please no more idiots like these people who seem to think it is their responsibility to save and worship the VET. Bring in a whole new cream bring in some people who have watched the show, no more dummies that will not take the time to talk with each other, and know that they are being played like fool by the Vet “Paul”.

Please make Big Brother next year the best it can be, remember, diversity, be a true reelection of what is being done by America, stop with the token Gay, Token Ethnic person, bring back the option where America was able to cast a vote. Bring back Big Brother that got us all hooked, and could no wait for the weekly shows, cannot wait until the next Summer when Big Brother starts.

CBS, do your job !! Make some changes, in regards to the people you put on the show, bring back a group of total strangers, make Big Brother Summer of 2018 a blast, make it the show were we stood around at break at work, talking about did you see Big Brother ? Can’t wait until the next one airs, bring back Big Brother, bring back a well diverse group of people, NO MORE VETS !!!! NO MORE SILLY TWISTS !!! Just good ole Fashioned Big Brother.

Bolt Uprite.

It wouldn’t be so bad if all Josh was doing in the DR was talking to us, but he is always YELLING at us, as if that will convince us he actually knows what is going on.


Long rambling manifesto with no worthwhile content.
Do yourself a favor and get out of your trailer and enjoy
the outdoors a bit.


I think a good twist on the tree of life would be that you can keep what’s in the apple or give it to someone else. It would be a race to the tree. As it stands now the tree is going to be full of apples on finale might.


Jason, Jason, Jason,

Do not give in, don’t use the POV and put Kevin up. Kevin has not done anything on the show, other than cuddle up with broke foot, back stabbing, mean girl, wanna be tough fool.

Dont’ waste your HOH on Kevin, please get rid of Matt, or use the POV, put Paul’s butt on the block. Have one hello of a speech about getting rid of the Vet. All of you band together, get rid of Paul, talk with each other and discuss Paul having a final 3 with everyone in the house.

This season Paul has played a low life, bully, someone who goes around and harasses anyone on the block, anyone who will challenge him,

Jason, stick with your plan, or use the POV, put up Paul. Then tell everyone about the deal Paul has with you and Alex, and the deal with Matt & Raven, the Deal with Xmas, Josh. People, it is time to wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, think for yourself, stop needing an approval from Paul.


I think Jason will keep his noms the same. Please let that be the case! It would be awesome if Kevin won the next HOH!! Paul would shit a brick. I was rooting for Paul for a while because I couldn’t stand Cody and Jessica. Now I’m loving Jason.


Why would Paul “shit a brick”? Even if he was on the block, these fools would either veto it or vote out whoever was up there with him. They are pathetic Paul-worshippers. I wish Jason would take off Matt and put Paul up. But even if someone told these idiots exactly what is going on, Paul would stay. Kevin might vote Paul out. Matt MIGHT vote Paul out over Raven. But none of the morons would be the third vote needed to get him out.


Kevin is now a saint. O M G

Smitten Kitten

Paul: “Josh is such a nice kid. He doesnt have a mean bone in his body.”

What in the wide world of sports is he talking about??
Who remembers “Bizzaro World” from Seinfeld?

Either Paul is describing Bizzaro Josh, or he’s totally deluded himself into thinking that Josh wasn’t mean all summer (most likely because he knows that all of Josh’s bad behavior was done so on Paul’s orders).

Someone like me please

Remember the meltdown Josh had Week 1 with the golden apple? That’s when I started disliking him, and it has never changed. He annoys me more than Paul. I don’t think he has every really had friends and just wants some acceptance. He is ridiculous. Mama’s boy.


Crap…please put Christmas back on her meds!

Suitcase sally

According to Alex, Paul can’t lie because his brand is “friendship”. Now according to raven, Jason can’t lie because he is a cowboy and people from the south are known for keeping their word. Last time I checked, this is a game, not real life AND Iowa is NOT a southern state. Just proves that is u “think” someone is a fool, just wait til they open their mouth and they will remove all doubt. Love the way maven just lays in bed laughing about how they can’t win anything, but still yet, they plot on who to get out next.

These People

Just let Jason go with his instincts. These jerks suck.


If he does that cult leader Paul will direct his flock to ostracize Jason. He’ll command Josh and Christmas to attack him relentlessly.

These People

Yes but what would you have him do? We can’t all hate Paul and yet hope that Jason does what he wants him to do. He’s screwed either way unless he winds every other HOH and every Veto, that won’t happen.


When Josh the raving lunatic walks into the jury house I hope he’s met by everyone banging pots and pans screaming meatball!

Don’t let up until he collapses into a fetal position and has to be taken away by the guys in white coats.

Smitten Kitten

Omg, just the mental image I have of this was completely satisfying.

Now I pray that it happens.


Alex will do whatever Paul says and Jason will do whatever Alex says.


I think Jason will keep noms the same. He’s on to Paul and the other’s plans for Kevin. He wont do it. Had they not pulled that stunt with Jessica and Josh, the plan may have had a chance. Matt is going home this week.

big al

simply put take off matt replace with paul then convince matt and alex that paul needs to go now if any other chance for any of them to win. paul is a disease and the control he used on josh the grown man with a childs brain was appalling

Matts crusty orange shirt

Alliances are one thing.. hero worship is another. It seems as if the house guests seek Paul’s approval for every damn thing. The look on Christmass face when she does Paul’s bidding and reports back is like a kid being told they are loved by a parent.. it’s so pathetic. I hope that when they get out of the house they see the show and clips of the bbad to see how pathetic they look and why the viewers are so disgusted by them. If only one of them could wake up from the spell Paul has cast and try to shake some sense into the others we could have an interesting game going. This villianization of the chosen target is so immature


“This villianization of the chosen target is so immature”

Agreed. It has happened over and over this season. It appears to be the only play in Paul’s playbook. One would think, with all the time these morons have on their hands, one person would see what’s going on. It really demonstrates the low quality of ‘player’ this season.

Here at home

I want a season with all newbies or a season with all veterans. Please do NOT mix the two groups up. The vets tend to dominate, get all the attention, and then it becomes a show about them.


Same. Also, how about new competitions? How about that? It’d be great if the house guests had no idea what the comps would be and how to win them.


That would require work, and not fit into the lame formula AG has created for the actors to follow.


This won’t happen, but I hope Jason says, ” I wasn’t going to use the veto, but I’ve had six people harrassing me to use it. So, I’ve decided to do what the house wants and use it. . . on Matt. Josh. . . take a seat.” Then, Kevin needs to start winning comps and Jason can throw Alex and Paul to the curb and Jason and Kevin will be final 2. It won’t happen, but it’s nice to dream.

Coco Coco Puffs

I didn’t watch any of the CBS shows last week, is there really an early Sunday eviction tonight or a double coming up Thursday?


Worst season ever! Paul manipulates his minions. They are all disgusting human beings. Body shaming and bullying being glamorized. No longer a fan of the show.


What idiots…I would be questioning why Paul is pushing to get Kevin on the block so bad. If I was Jason, then if Kevin isn’t going home and Matt is…Paul please take a seat since Matt is going home. Yes they said they would take raven down and put Kevin up, but Matt was the plan in Jason’s eye. I just can’t believe no one is looking at Paul when he says he can the other groups to vote his way. That would be a red flag to me and hes got a deal with these people.


There have been so many red flags. Paul slept in hoh room when Josh won it..he is always spending a lot of alone time with the last 3 hoh’s (Alex Xmas and Jason) but if one person said hello to Cody or Jessica the whole house would flip out


I’m too the point where I wish they would get Kevin out he doesn’t do crap either. He has people make him breakfast, lunch and dinner he is a grown ass man do the shit yourself. I would have put his ass in the block by now. Talks down to women like they can’t do anything. Chauvinistic pig.


He’s the one that does all the towels, and I’ve heard him multiply times for people to give him their Laundry and he’ll do it.


Once upon a time, in the Big Brother playbook, even if it were all made up, someone would have started to spread lies about Paul. Given everything that has happened, at Paul’s command, he is arguably THE ONLY houseguest who has been spared that right of passage. Think of it. Every HG this season has had rumors and lies spread about them, mostly by way of seeds planted by Paul. But Paul himself has maintained a squeaky clean reputation for only telling THE TRUTH. And everyone who has tried to expose the underbelly of Paul’s pristine façade has been systematically eliminated from the game.


Can’t even comment anymore much less read the dissection of houseguest. It’s just a complete loss at this point. Can we agree that this cast is the worst cast, and this is the worst season ever? Terrible, just terrible!


Catastrophic failure.


I don’t know if I’d go with the worst cast as there were a couple folks who might have been alright. This cast is terrible but there are reasons some of the other seasons could claim the title of the worst. 15 was bad, 16 was so dull, 17 seemed like they wanted manic behavior all the time, 18 was weak with the teams led by third tier vets and 2 siblings, and 19…Paul’s apology season.


That whole convo in HOH bed between Jason and Kevin, Dawg totally misrepresented it.

Kevin NEVER said “I can’t go home being tricked by Jess and Cody” Kevin was talking about if he was asked to come back on the show a diff season he would never do it. Jason said he might come back if asked. Jess and Cody never came up. Dawg obviously has some agenda or is just too tired. Alex and Paul the only ones who still obsessed with Jess and Cody. So sad and pathetic. Those two I really feel sorry for how miserable their real lives must be.

The whole convo(Kevin and Jason) not much about game. Kevin did say it’s good we had eachother to keep us sane.

Jason knows Kevin is loyal to him alone. Jason sees that Alex and Paul are so tight. Alex thinks they are tight not Paul. Jason knows Paul controlling all sides and so does Kevin. He will not put Kevin up this week. Matt will go home. Sad thing is that is what Paul wants for his plan.

Jason goes along with talking sht about Kevin but again he knows Kevin at the very least is jury vote for him. And he actually likes the guy.

Jason is starting to see Alex for what she really is. I for one can’t wait for Jason to be a part of getting her out. Omg. Alex walking out the door will and would be even better than Paul going out.

Xmas the witch will be f2 with Paul. Raven F3 with Paul and Xmas. Paul wins the end comps and chooses Xmas over Raven. No one voting for either one but he likes Xmas more than Raven. No chance he fks up again and chooses wrong person. The only ppl in that house that won’t vote for Paul in the end are Kevin and Josh. Josh only becuz Xmas will be nxt to Paul F2.


I’d say yours is the “sad & pathetic life” as you’re actually commenting
about people commenting about people….


When these people come out and see/read how badly were they played by Paul… you think they will admit to themselves that they were played like circus monkeys or will they still be totally clueless?!?!?


They will never blame themselves. They’ll blame Cody, Jessica, CBS … whoever, whatever.


One thing for sure, they won’t give 2 fucks about
what the shut ins on this site said about them.


I’m pretty sure Josh will and he will go cry in the corner! Wait until he sees how Evel Dick hates him…he likes Evel Dick…or did once he reads twitter.


Love him or hate him….Paul is strategically playing this game 24/7. The haters criticize his every move,….for playing the game!! If your favorite player or a different HG played as hard as Paul, the criticizing comments would be on them. Get over yourselves, sore losers.


It’s not that Paul is playing his game.. that’s given. It’s that CBS cast a bunch of loosers and followers that are just interested in “getting to jury” . This group is boring, have no imagination to the game and are complete followers. Oh, let’s not forget a bunch of bullies who bark at Paul’s command. Hats not entertaining .


“Alex about Derrick – “He coasted through the whole time like Kevin” (this may be the biggest ZOMG of the season)”

Kevin???? Kevin???? And Paul is right there next to her!!!!! Thought she might be smart at the beginning of the season but WOW, was I ever wrong! She’s gonna win MGP (Most Gullible Player) award.

Dawg: the comments by you & Simon are the best part of this season! The coffee I was drinking went up my nose & I almost choked to death…LOL.


The show is scripted. No other way to describe how these people are playing. Some days I have my doubts and then I’m convinced when I hear the dialogue and actions of the HG’s.
NOBODY is this stupid.


Jason needs to do what HE wants, not what Paul and Alex want. Raven needs to go on Thursday, not Kevin.

Suitcase sally

I would love to see Paul get 3rd place this yr…..all that work for jury duty . One spot shy of last year.

Butters Mom

Im in Texas watching the water rise … our power will probably go out so I was checking in to see whats been going on. Please keep Texas in yalls thoughts and prayers. CBS Houston had to go off air due to water flooding the station.


As much as it pains me to say (er, type) this… When Paul ends up in the final two, they need to just freaking vote to give him the $500k. Cody said it best when he said that he’d vote for Paul because the guy played almost every HG the entire season. Nobody was the wiser, he made it to the final two, so congratulations, dude! Here’s the $500k, now go back home and maybe not live with your parents anymore.


Comps are fine just play them not same rotation like most years , that way house guests dont know whats coming up make them work for it . Make them play in teams for food.


Alex is annoying as h@##. Every good idea or clue Jason has, she knocks down. He said America hates Raven. Something is underhanded and fake about her. Alex knocked that down. Jason said, Kevin is not as big of threat right now then Raven and Matt. She knocked that down. He said, Matt and Raven are throwing Comps, she knocked that down. Jason said, we shouldn’t trust Paul 100%, she said that’s crazy, he’s trust worthy. Alex might be pretty decent at Comps but she has absolutely, no freaking common sense. Alex will not take Jason to a f2. She can not and will not beat Jason and she knows it. Hoping Jason will stop being so loyal and clip her and truly hope some how, he finds out about her f2 with Paul. Little miss “I hate disloyalty”.


I agree, but no way will Jason ever vote to evict or put her up. Jason is the only one left to root for. Hopefully he stands his ground and doesn’t put up Kevin.


How come No mention in this blog that production asked Josh if he thought Paul really had Christmas and Josh’s back???


Maybe cuz it it shoots down the “production is rigging the game for Paul to win” theory all the Paul haters cry about?


It makes Zero sense for Jason to use the veto and put up Kevin! Let me say it again ZERO Sense!!! Kevin will never target Jason. Kevin even said he would target Raven if she was in the house. He’s not even after Alex or Paul (Jason’s closest allies in the house). Jason use your head and break up a duo!


Pleaseeeee keep noms the same. I am rooting for you Jason.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Every time I see Raven come on the screen I want to yell, ‘Shut up Raven……shut up…….all 20 of your voices SHUT UP and go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing no one can debate, this is her last time ever on reality TV. She won’t be wanted by any network.


I hate Alex more and more each day. she i sooooo dumb.