Big Brother 18 Countdown to the LIVE FEEDS and Rumor Roundup

Big Brother 18 is almost here and like every year twitter accounts emerge claiming twists and casting rumors galore. This year the main ones seem to be focused on returning house guests and coaches. There’s also a healthy dose of villains and heroes type rumors, but this is usually the most common one. The returning houseguests one is being repeated by many sources. However I suspect it’s people just having fun. As for scheduling we find out tomorrow about the cast and probably withing the next couple days Julie Chen will go on a tour with ET showing us the house. At which point buckle up, I hope you are ready. Here’s how the start will go down.

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Big Brother 17 Finale Night

It’s finally here the finale for Big Brother 17. Personally I really enjoyed the season much better than the last 4. Tonight we’ll see Vanessa and Steve face off in the final Head of household competition. The final HOH competition looks to be a crossword called B.B Gazette. Both Vanessa and Steve have told each other they are taking the other one to the end.

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“she always talks about how she hates liars, she’s lying to our face”

8:13 HOH The twins
Liz saying she doesn’t trust Vanessa and doesn’t like her
Liz – I believe Johnnymac
liz is worried that Becky will be coming after them with a vengeance
Julia – so now you’re saying you want to send Becky out
Liz says they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Liz – she always talks about how she hates liars, she’s lying to our face
Julia gets called out for not wearing a microphone

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Becky “I need to cope with having an enemy in the game. If I get evicted, I could come back”

9:45am HOH room – Johnny tells Becky I will vote what ever way because I think I’m protected either way as long as I vote with you guys. Becky says its not looking like Vanessa will go. It not like its James, its Meg. Becky says they circled back and forth but there are very good reason to evict Vanessa. Johnny says let me know if anything changes. Either way I am covered. Becky says if Vanessa stays and wins that is terrifying. I am dead in the water, dead in the water if she wins. Shelli and I will be drunk in jury tonight if she wins.

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Big Brother 17 – WEEK 7 OBB Power Rankings

Biggest gains this week are Austin and Meg followed by the Twins. Austin and Meg can attribute their increase to their social game. Very few people if any are targeting them.
The Twins banter is entertaining while other players are scheming their riding the shark.

Everyone close to Becky took a hit this week. She was outmaneuvered by Vanessa add to this the goblins scampering, paranoid ways all meant Becky’s HOH plans were going to get derailed. Johnnymac and Steve had hitched their ride to the Becky train hoping to form a Becky/Shelli/Jmac/Steve alliance.

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Steve “You’re promising me that you, Jackie & Meg are voting to evict Shelli tomorrow?” James “Yes!”

12am Comic room – Steve, Julia, Vanessa and Steve. Julia and Liz are quizzing Steve on the video clips. James joins them. Vanessa asks James would you tell me if I’m staying or going? Big Brother switches camera and then switches back after a minute. Vanessa says I went and told Becky that if I stay we could have a conversation if she wanted. Just to clear the air. I’m 32 years old this is a game. James says you’re fine. I’ll make sure on brass tacks. Vanessa says if I’m getting evicted just let me know. Please don’t let me get blind sided on national television. James says yeah, you’re not. The information that I have. If they blind side me that’s different but I doubt it. Julia tells Vanessa you have our votes.

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