“Whoever gets her eviction is a god” – Jmac

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-43-10-240_jpg

4:39pm HOH Vanessa, Austin and Steve
Talking about Jmac transforming into a ‘Death Metal guy” (This seems to be Vanessa’s new angle)
They are talking about keeping Jmac this week and get rid of Becky. Vanessa and Steve are really supporting this lien of thinking.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-48-32-456_jpg

4:44pm bathroom Austin and power house Meg
Meg says that Jmac caught Vanessa in a big lie.
Meg – He’s worried that you are very connected to her (Vanessa)
Austin says Jmac should pick james to play POV
Austin – Steve won’t use it (POV).. He’s got too much blood on his hands

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 17-08-10-690_jpg

4:51pm HOH Austin and Liz
Austin – Did Meg talk to you
Liz – ya
Austin – that’s good that’s really good
liz – I like her
Austin – it’s beautiful what’s happening, you looked so pretty during the speech today
Liz complains that her speech sucked
Austin – that’s all that matters you looked pretty
Julia joins them warns them that Steve and Jamc are playing chess

Austin tells them that Steve and Vanessa are trying to smooth things over with Johnnyamc
Liz – No

Austin – we need to talk to Steve and tell him about what Vanessa is doing
Austin – we need to talk to steve about what we found out about Vanessa
Austin says there is a risk with Steve he can’t tell if he’s closer to Vanessa or them
The twins think Steve is closer to them
Austin – if we told Steve our worries about Vanessa will he tell Vanessa
The twins “hmm” and “ummm” they say they don’t know

Austin warns them they have to watch out about their Vanessa suspicions because if they tell enough people it will get out and if Vanessa wins HOH they’ll be targets.

Austin – you guys want to keep Johnnymac really
Austin – If I was HOH i would consider backdooring Vanessa this week I am so pissed at her

the twins tell her theres too many people in the house to get rid of Vanessa right now
Julia says she would prefer Becky out this week
Austin – how did you switch, We all said we wanted Johnny Mac out
Julia says they should wait until after the POV to decide what to do
Austin instructs them to keep “secure” with both Becky and Jmac until after the POV.
Austin says there is some twist with Johnnymac because he’s called into the Diary room so much.

The twins don’t want to get Vanessa out next week. Austin now agreeing they talk about getting rid of Becky or Johnnymac whoever is left.
Austin says Vanessa has no social game she just really good at manipulating people. He adds throughout the week Vanessa is going to get more sketched out because they are hanging out with the goblins.
Julia leaves Austin and liz start to snuggle

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-50-38-462_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 16-56-26-675_jpg

5:15pm HOH Liz and Austin

Liz – between you and me I’m done with Vanessa
Liz brings up how Shocked julia is that Vanessa has been lying to her so much
Austin – Becky was right about her last week.. she had the whole layout..
Austin and Liz are both very sketched out by Vanessa.
They start talking about Vanessa’s game and how she has nobody in the house she can really trust. Liz thinks this is her own doing. explains Vanessa could have easily teamed up with Becky but instead she teamed up with Shelli who was always with Clay.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 17-32-04-384_jpg

5:26pm Jmac joins them says Steve beat him
Austin – he’s very sneaky
Liz – down to the brass tacks.. I hope you are not mad at me for the have nots obviously i’m not puttin guys my sister.. we’re working through the rotating
Austin – Meg and James already did it and Becky can’t do it./
Austin – there’s been a lot of weird sh1t with Vanessa .. I know a lot people think we’re close but we’re not
Austin – We’ve been in too deep for too long and we don’t know how to get out of it
Austin – Dude I trust you
Jmac – Vanessa has been sinking a lot of ships
Jmac talks about Vanessa being the one that outed the 8 person alliance. He goes on to explain the fight with Clay two week ago. It all started after he told Clay about not trusting Vanessa and Shelli.
Jmac – everyone loves Vanessa
Austin – no they don’t
Liz – they don’t
Austin – we’re learning a lot about Vanessa
Jmac- she keeps coming to me about a deal
Jmac brings up Vanessa swearing on her mother on things she lied about.
Austin – We don’t want you to go home
Jmac- I’ve been after Vanessa for awhile
Jmac says if he had won the HOH during double eviction he would have taken Vanessa out “I would have had to put up one from each side”
Austin – To target her now it will be really hard for us
Austin – I’ve wanted to work with you since you, me and Jace did the guitar solos
Austin says Jmac has been really down all week
Jmac – Clay is gone, Shelli is gone.
Adds that the week were hard because the house flipped 1/2 way through.
Jmac says he’s willing to make a deal if he wins HOH next week he’ll nominate goblins as pawns and Backdoor vanessa.
Austin and Liz tell him they are not willing to take out Vanessa but they think next week it might be a house plan.

Jmac about Vanessa – Whoever gets her eviction is a god
Jmac about Vanessa in the house – it’s a cleaner version of Audrey
Liz – Audrey two point O

Jmac – if I get houseguests choice tomorrow should I pick Steve
Austin ya maybe
Steve he’s nervous
Austin – he might throw it
Liz – who should I pick
Austin – Choose me..
He tells Jmac she shouldn’t choose him as it will look sketchy for Becky.

Austin says Leaving Vanessa in the house for next week is best for them.

They talk about the house imploded if Vanessa is nominated this week. Jokes about all the bibles vanessa would read.
Jmac asks if Audrey even read a bible
Audrey doesn’t read bibles Audrey is into other types of magic.. which i’m OK with

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 18-12-36-174_jpg

6:09pm HOH Austin and Liz
Austin tells her there’s a lot of new information about Vanessa he needs to process it all. He knows it’s not a good idea to take Vanessa out this week because next week the whole other side of the house will be targeting her and not them.
Liz- I don’t know why I like him so much but I doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.(Jmac)
Austin tells her if Vanessa stays she’s not going after them she’s going after the other side. “Becky has got to bite the dust”
Liz – Austin who the f*** do I put up (If POV is used)
Liz – I’m so scared
Austin – I don’t want to put up Meg or James
Austin – We can’t put up Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 18-23-51-821_jpg

6:15pm Jmac saying he ate a cookie
Jmac – I forgot.. This could not get any worst
Austin and Liz come in
Jmac – I ate a cookie, I’m in trouble
Austin – you forget
Jmac – ya
Austin – what’s going to happen
Jmac – I don’t know
Feeds cut
Steve says in the past people have been given penalty votes when they did it on purpose
Austin doesn’t think that’s fair it was a mistake
Jmac – I asked if I could throw it up
Austin – damn
Feeds cut

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 19-13-59-083_jpg

7:13pm steve reads his HOH letter before taking a nap

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 18-43-17-879_jpg

7:30pm Vanessa, Jmac and Austin have been working out. everyone else off feeds or sleeping

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  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Watching her behavior today, I just have to say that Jun Song had Vanessa pegged weeks ago. She is an addict, or at least has an addictive personality.

Google “5 common behavior traits addict” and go visit the Narconon site. It is Vanessa to a T.

FYI people...

For all the people that keep referring to Vanessa as a millionaire you are so misguided. She hasn’t won big money in years. With that being said out of her 4.5 million winnings do you think she hasn’t spent any of that if not all? Her mansion is going on the market as per her own Twitter feed. Before you put up a thumbs down…do your research and try to think logically. She is playing like a panicked maniac because she probably needs the money.


Don’t worry…the thumbs down are just LocNessa Monster’s gf trolling and giving thumbs down to any and all negative comments. She needs to get a life (aka a job) and stop spending money that her Sugar Momma doesn’t have.


You’re calling someone else a troll? Pot, meet kettle.


I said “trolling” not she’s a troll. I called you a golddigger.


Enough with the Pot meet kettle….you’ve used that 20 too many times. You need a new come back line…how about Sugar meet Momma. Drop the Mic…..


Hmm I’m betting you’re the same poster responding to your original post under a different name.

And I’m not a Vanessa fan or hater, but I must say you sound a tad bit jealous of her. Which is weird. She’s on a TV game show, who cares whether she’s selling her house or blah blah blah. I just sold my house in May. What does that mean? I sold it bc I’m broke? Lol OR maybe I just moved and downsized bc I no longer needed a 4 bedroom now that my kids are grown and gone? Oh the horror! I sold my house and moved!!!!

You are the very definition of a troll!!

AKA Anonymous

A troll is someone that lurches around blogs to slam opinions they don’t like but won’t put their “stamp” on it instead the use Anonymous. I supported the writer of the comment. You are the idiot that wants to go throgh them and battle with people that don’t agree with you. This is because in real life they have zero ball’s. They are well……you. I’ve got a name for you instead of Anonymous we will call you BB17 Donald Trump. Go away ass clown. Hey Mel


LMAO! Oh yes, your screen name that you’ve already changed three times in one post means so much more than someone not bothering to put one in. What a stupid comment.

In fact, I am breaking my rule of feeding the trolls online but your stupidity is astounding.

Trying to remember correctly....

Wasn’t there a conversation earlier in the season where the house guests were talking about their cars and Vanessa said she drove an old Jeep(???) but actually she has a Bentley?? If she needs the money maybe she could get a more fuel efficient car??


FYI, all her money isn’t from poker.


The $250,000(after taxes) is nothing to her. Jun guaranteed has never heard of her before this season.


Maybe you should stop posting false information. She is selling her house for a Hugh profit since the market is soaring in Vegas…it was an investment. She is building another home. She has invested her money wisely and is not in financial trouble by any means.


I used to know this stuff a lot better……lol
Vanessa was a Full Tilt pro. They have individual contracts with different clauses ect. You wear the FT gear and in return Tilt did so many buy ins a year(tournaments). This also meant in many cases they received a percentage of the winnings. So yeh 4.5 mil minus cap gains tax and only a percentage of those big wins most likely..
Doesn’t mean she is broke but 4.5 mil isn’t 4.5 mil.
Other known factors some players are also ambling degenerates. There is a big difference. Cash games you can drop 100’s of thousands a night at the big game. And then there is drugs which can pee a lot of money away quickly. That’s just he tip of the iceberg potentially.
I’m not saying she has had these hardships just saying she may not have the money folks think she has.
As for the game she looks in trouble. The Goblins are dangerous for her game as Austwins appear to be buying it.

GeekSquad McGee

I think I read in Doyle Brunson’s book, that he’s won millions playing poker, but has blown it all several times over, and most pro’s are the same. They’re all compulsive gamblers that bet each other huge amounts over the stupidest things, and spend their money on extravagant things. It’s part of their lifestyle which Vanessa is very much a part of. She’s not too smart for that; they’re all geniuses at those final tables.

Shore thing

Not sure if she was ever with full tilt but she was with poker stars and was a go daddy girl


I see you jelly. Smh.


Jun Song is a grade A cunt though, you see her on twitter that she doesn’t bash just Vanessa and her girlfriend she bashes everyone. Last week she kept calling Clay a pussy multiple times, like really? I didn’t like him either, but people don’t deserve that shit when they leave the house. There’s a reason her and Allison from BB4 were the most hated duo in Big Brother. She is also bitter she was never invited back on the show, she is simply a miserable and disgusting person.


That may all be true; doesn’t mean she’s wrong though.

is it just me

it only seems that way because you are trying hard to find anything that will validate your belief
same reason you don’t google disease symptoms because by the end of the night you will have convinced yourself you are terminally ill

Pretty In Pink

Does anyone know why BBAD is not on tonight?

Aubrey "Drake" Graham

Glad to see that everyone is gradually realizing they’re being played by Vanessa


They knew that last week and they kept her… so, that’s why she is good. They are mad at her because they get manipulated by her. It’s not her fault they drink the poison koolaid she serves up.

Johnny's Nair

Hopefully production will give Becky the Coup d’état this week. She is the only one who would put Vanessa up. Would she put James up with Vanessa?


No way. Becky is too boring to waste something like that on. They don’t even bother calling her to the DR unless she’s hoh.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Jmac said that whoever evicts Vanessa is a god.

No Jmac, it’ll take Wonder Woman for that, if Becky survives this week, it’s a possibility because Becky would make a good Wonder Woman (except for the snowplow imprint on her face).


i read this post i was laughing so hard jmac about who gets out vanessa is a god .. saying vanessa is audrey two point 0 lol spot on

Bros before hoes

Very ironic that the HOH has two HOES this week.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I have two questions:
Does Austin even own a shirt?
Have the BB cameras ever caught meg in something other than the prone position?

Golden power of cheeto

Liz realizing that making fun of Jmac isn’t good for her image…..


Exactly! Austin is worried Liz will hop on the Mac Truck.


Liz makes fun of everyone! She’s a conceited snob!


Did you write that Liz likes Johnny Mac? I thought she hated him…

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Jmac asked production if he could throw op the cookie that he accidentally ate. I think that he should throw it up on Austin and blame it on Liz cause she drank all the “Blue Nun” wine.


Hahahaha lol

Captain Crunch

I honestly don’t care for Liz as HOH i find her annoying. I think im just gonna read the headlines this week and wait till next Thursday to start reading the full articles again when theres a new HOH.


The problem is this will end up biting jmac. The twins will turn back to Vanessa eventually. They will tell her everything he just said. And it’s not even doing him any good to tell them this stuff!! Just try to make a deal with them they can’t refuse.

Lemon balls

Throw up that cookie all over austin please . I for one would love to see the house implode. Can I put up Vanessa and get it done …


The target’s gonna change about a billion times before the final target is decided, isn’t it.


Austin is a fool to think he can just declare that next week is a good week to take out Vanessa. What if she is HOH? Take her out when you get the chance.


Not a Van fan. But if Van is still in the house and she wins hoh next week. Finds this sh*t out, I will laugh my ass off if she puts up Austin.


Does anyone know why BBAD is not on tonight? The onscreen guide shows the movie Outbreak & no repeats of this past weeks shows.


bb afterdark is on tonight, the guide is wrong, as per twitter


Thank you!!


OUTBREAK is on POP now till 2:00 am on the west coast, so no AFTER DARK tonight.


Austin is worthless. How is he protecting the twins? He won a pov maybe early in the competition? Liz is a better player. He thinks it’s not a good week to get out Vanessa. Do they not realize their side might keep winning and nobody will put her up? I have a hard time listening to him. Their all idiots if they think someone else is going to do it. Ponytail beard. Douchebag


This you Cody? your name says it all lol


Cody can’t talk he’s too busy making a killing modeling and being my BFF. Stay tuned to see the Hit Men on the next BB ALL STARS wiping the floor with everyone

Amanda queefs slop

Meg’s about as interesting as a wet fart.

Toronto Gay

I’ve watched numerous wet farts on youtube and they are way more interesting than Meg or any other HG.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Someone once told me that I make a lot of posts on OBB. But to be honest, the person that goes by the moniker of “Anonymous” has me beat by a mile!

Bunny Slipper

All of the most disgusting BB shomances always had a bit of an unstable cra-cra factor. Brenchel, McRanda, CodStink, and now Liztin. Too much tongue, too much hair, too few showers, too many unnamable fluids. I just wish the got a penalty every time someone lay down and cuddled all day long.
Maybe if Liztin would back of from the touching I wouldn’t care. I mean I didn’t have any opinion of clellie and her cub clellie. And I even find Austin attractive. Not Liz. She’s a mouth breather for sure. Please BB make a rule outlawing the creepy coupling of these barely coherent bumpkins.


Damn it. Induce vomiting with the cookie! Damn it!


Uuuuuummmm……..that didnt last long!!


“Austin & powerhouse Meg” now that was funny Simon ! As for JohnnyMac eating a cookie, is it possible he done it for Becky’s sake, I think he really likes her, and is willing to take a chance on getting back in the house 🙂


JM is about the money … He could careless about the train wreck Becky
JM should get a penalty for eating while being a have-not, just like everyone else


Can not stand these people. Liz actually thinks she’s a great player, this is rediculous. James, John, Becky could so get the target on Steve or Vanessa if played together. They don’t realize those are final two. Thanks to Steve for causing this season to head back down hill.


Vanessa just won’t go! How she managed to turn an almost unanimous vote against Shelli to a unanimous vote against Clay, and then unanimous vote against her to a unanimous vote against Shelli is some of the most bizarre things I’ve seen. It’s almost like she cast a spell on the house.

I feel very bad for Meg, she’s a really bad player yet at the same time such a nice person, the hurt of her face losing her allies (really friends for her rather than allies), especially during the Double Eviction made a very unexciting double eviction episode very tense and dramatic. (Good for television but bad for Meg)


flipping the house in both those scenarios really wasn’t that hard. she has steve, austin, liz, and julia wrapped up then she just needed to play the “it’s what clay wants” card followed by the “shelli will come after james next” card, neither of which were outright lies, and she was fine. only way she goes at this point is if next week she’s on the block next to an austwin and either meg or james cannot vote by virtue of being hoh. austwins will obviously vote to save their own. steve votes for vanessa. meg/james are easily flipped. only one of jmac/becky will be left and that person will want vanessa out. so 3-2 vote but the other two austwins and jmac/becky need to be voting.


So now they are going back to getting Becky out but it doesn’t matter because they will change their minds like 103 more times. Imagine Vanessa wins HOH next week lol


On a side note, Johnny Mac accidentally eating a cookie was quite a LOL moment.


Well hopefully the HOH room chat with Jmac, Liz and Austin ends up being a good thing, because honestly, if they turn around and start yapping to Van and everyone else, my head may explode. They’ve been complaining about Jmac being distant and not talking game or hanging out, and hey, that could be the reason. He wasn’t sure who he could trust and kept as low a profile as possible, rather than making deals with different people every 10min and separately giving his word to all the HG’s, fish, chess pieces, furniture and all of Van’s personalities he wouldn’t put them up, backdoor them, be mean to them and say hurtful and venomous things. Ask and you shall receive, kids. He answered your questions and hopefully put you a little more at ease so stop wondering why he’s so distant. I’d avoid as much drama as possible too, considering everyone in that damn house talks big when it comes to Van and how she can’t stay much longer, she manipulates everyone, and can’t be trusted and yet, y’all keep her, out of fear or stupidity or a mix of both. So rally with Jmac and get some sh*t done already!

And next time, seriously, ask Jmac wtf he’s in the DR for all the time! If you’re not going to ask him, please don’t mention it anymore. Sour is not a good look.


Um Liz why is Austin running your HOH?

Liz's Hicky

Liz will end up out of the house before Austin thanks to his crappy advice! He keeps trying to manipulate and create drama among others to keep the target off him and Liz BUT he does not have the skills Vanessa does. The twins will not keep their mouths shut and they flip flop their opinions depending on who last talked to them!


Austin is obsessed with how many times JMac gets called into the diary room!!


Austin is getting even more obsessed with Vanessa trying to manipulate twins. Only Austin is aloud to do that.


Please Julia knock some sense into you sister and actually play the game for yourselves!


Someone rat out Austin for the love of god I want his cocky exposed so he becomes a target!


He may overplay this week and fingers crossed becomes a big target


This group cannot stay loyal to anyone…the minute anyone talks to someone they spill everything and throw someone else under the bus!


I would wonder too about Jmac’s many visits to the DR. Please Austin ask the man. People get paranoid and start to wonder. I understand.

Uh huh...

Oops… We shoulda taken Shelli out the week she was up with Clay… so that mistake rolls into next week with her up against Vanessa… They then take her out (Shelli) and it becomes, Oops, we shoulda taken out Vanessa… Now that mistake cost you the chance to get her the hell out and it’s, “Oh well, we’ll just take care of her the following week cause right now we’re in too deep with her”

Dumb asses… By next week Vanessa will have learned the Austwins spoke about her being a target of theirs… and she’s already setting herself up to be “good” with the other houseguests of she needs to be with them.

So next week will come and regardless of who wins HOH, they’ll have themselves convinced again that they don’t want to take Vanessa out just yet cause we can use her vote for the time being and then…. (wait for it)… take her out next week!

You’re all so brilliant *rolling eyes*

I hope Becky wins. I hope she sticks around because everyone wants to rely on her to take Vanessa out. But guess what, Vanessa will go to Becky and attempt to make a deal with her. Becky though, being the only one to cut through Vanessa’s bullshit without circling around will tell her, “Vanessa, you and I, final 2 deal. That’s the only deal I’ll make with you. And here’s why – because it’s the most unexpected move that could happen and the rest of these dumb fuckers will never figure it out.”

“You and I, final two. The rest of the houseguests will kill themselves all off waiting for one of us to take each other out. I’ll (Becky) suck the desperate JohnnyMac into working with me and you (Vanessa) keep pulling your strings with Steve.”

That gets a final four of Steve, JohnnyMac, Becky, and Vanessa. From that point on it will largely depend on how the HOH and Veto comps go for how it ultimately unfolds.

If production really does factor into how the show progresses like some believe it does, then I say make the above scenario happen!

is it just me

you give becky fat too much credit she cannot get in with the cool kids if she isn’t hating on vanessa and all she really wants to do is be eating at the popular table
the deal you mentioned would never happen
only one rational enough to get past emotional stuff is james. he would do whats best for his game regardless of feelings. i can see a james vanessa final two as a possibility.


I hope Becky goes instead on JohnnyMac this week. Then I hope he actually wins HOH and nominates Austin and Vanessa like he said before, pulls in James and Meg with Steve and they take out Austin which leaves the twins vulnerable and then they can work on Vanesa leaving. Johnny taking Vanessa out (which is everyone’s target) leaves everyone gunning for him once she’s gone!


So if you were in the Big Brother house you would be more concerned with taking out one player, whose alliance is shaky at best over the 3 headed monster? Austin and the twins are 3 votes in one, with the numbers dwindling that means they have way too much power. Those 3 have to be broken up before anyone even considers worrying about a single player. Next week, if someone doesnt put 2 of the 3 headed monster on the block, I fear they will make it to the end. And that would be a crying shame.


The last update was pretty bad for Jmac, but this one, I see some light.
Keep work on your magic with Liz, Jmac. Then hopefully it will pass on to Julia and Austin.
Vanessa is so scared of Becky, she actually wants to keep Jmac? But Jmac seems not be able to talk game to Vanessa no more. Suck it up and talk, please.
Breaking havenot rule? You’re more careful than that. Last thing you want is a penalty vote.

While Vanessa remains a great threat, I still think downsize Austwins is more urgent than just 1 scary person.
Cannot leave them all intact for another week longer.


Because she’s a. Idiot

Just Curious BB Fan :-P

Hey Simon or Dawg, it is totally not a big deal but was curious on why Jackie and Shelli’s name is still in the Alliance List above even though they’re voted out? Is it because of the battle of jury coming back in?

Thanks for all the hard work you do with the live feed blogs. Very much appreciated and making me not sleep. lol
<3 <3


Don’t worry Jmac everyone makes mistakes as long as you don’t
do it again they won’t do anything to you.


Why can’t Becky be a have not?


Boo and eewwww. Sucky couple of days on the way. Someone put a cover on the HOH cam.


Get rid of Becky, JM and Vanessa and the house is a better place. Vanessa b/c she has buried herself and the other two b/c they are whiney little rats, scurrying to power (JM justs lets Steve do it for him, while he sleeps).


I presume Austin thinks that all this sh*t talking against Vanessa will keep her the target next week and not the twins and him. So if JMAC and Becky and Meg and James are stupid enough to fall for that, they deserve to lose. Yeah, Vanessa is manic and a liar but who cares? She is one, the Austwins are three. One of the Austwins has to go or game over for everyone else.


Could not agree more
Austwins holds the ultimate voting power. ppl need to target them next week or you bet they’re gonna end up in final 2 unless the other side win 2 HOHs in a row and attack them like crazy.


Is it just me or do Julia look MUCH better than Liz even tho they are twins?

GeekSquad McGee

She has a more attractive countenance and demeanor. She looks fierce and sharp while Liz looks dopey and immature.


Not being permanently attached to Judas has helped as well.

Kind of sad the Julia/Vanessa duo will never be since I think Julia is the one person Vanessa never considered betraying. That’s saying something.


Austin, when do you think people will start voting for you, when you are final 3?

Next week Vanessa will be safe and Liz should be the tartget to break that alliance. If no one does it next week, its very likely that the Austwins will win.


Vanessa is such a dumbass. Seriously you pick a fight with John and almost get evicted last week. And the first thing she does is picks another fight. With John again.


Is anyone else just tired of looking at Austin? He grosses me out!


Austin says Leaving Vanessa in the house for next week is best for them.
WTF????? when do they want to do it? during the finale?


Can Van just get evicted already. So these other losers can start going at each other.


Austin does not like the twins listen to Vanessa. He stomped that out today. He wants control of his women.