Big Brother 17 HOH Results “We get the Brenchal room tonight”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Liz Wins HOH

10:16pm Liz wins HOH

Liz – Oh my god I get Win and i’m not giving it to anyone
Julia- I played a good game I threw it too you
Julia – You smart a$$ b1tch
Austin – We get the Brenchal room tonight

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10:25pm Vanessa and Julia
They both want Becky out this week

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10:28pm Have nots Meg and Becky
Sounds like Johnnymac was really close. Becky knows she’s screwed this week.
Becky – Vanessa isn’t a person she moves masses Vanessa is way more dangerous than Shelli
Becky – I knew if Vanessa stayed in the game I go home.. I will be her number one target without a doubt.. I made a big move

Becky says she has a chance to win the veto and a chance to come back into the game those are here “Shots”
Becky – I fought tooth and nail to get that girl out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 22-28-18-339_jpg

10:28pm Scheming to get Becky out

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 22-54-42-284_jpg

10:48pm Meg and Becky
Meg says Last night Steve told him what he was going to go.
Becky thought she was going to be in the game with Jackie for a long time.

Becky – ever since tuesday it’s been spiraling for me.. Ohh f*** you just shot yourself in the foot.. F*** Steve just got rid of Jackie, F**** Liz just won
They laugh
Meg says she doesn’t have the competitive edge like other people, “If it was a test I would have nailed it”
Meg – Ugh I don’t want to even do this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 22-55-27-289_jpg

10:54pm Bedroom Jmac and Steve
Jmac sasy Vanessa told him he’s safe.
Jmac – the goblins will throw me under the bus to save themselves
Steve – they will throw me under the bus to save themselves
Jmac says vanessa is proposing to him that the three of them work together

Steve – Are you f****G kidding me
Steve – I’m sorry for the HOH i knew you’re mad at me
Jmac – I was they’re with the goblins earlier and they said to get Vanessa out
Jmac – the goblins are on my side and they were saying we need to get Vanessa out

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11:05pm Freaks and Geeks meeting
Steve tells them how he’s playing up with the other side that he was manipulated by them.
Vanessa – any ideas who we should target
Steve – what are you guys thinking
Vanessa – we just sat down
Steve asn Lzi what do you want
Liz I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Vanessa says John will keep his word but he does win competitions. Meg won’t win shit.
Austin suggests John and Becky, “And if one of them come down you have a backdoor”
Liz – she’ll come after me
Vanessa- no she’s coming after me
Vanessa says she likes the idea of Becky and Jmac because she won’t piss off James.

They talk about Becky telling everyone in the house she’s in an alliance of 4.
Steve leaves.
Austin asks who goes up if Becky comes down.
They agree it’s James.

Vanessa coaches Liz telling her to make a deal with James and Meg, Tell them the most dangerous players in the game are jmac and Becky.
Liz moans says she’s already stressed
Austin says Meg and James know Becky is up to shady sh1t
Vanessa- worst case scenario we have to put up James another deal falls through

Austin’s angels is the four of them (See image)

Vanessa leaves.. Austin and the twins talk about nominating Becky and Johnnymac.
Austin – We ran out of people”

Liz is going to try and get some information from Becky She wants to know who leaked the information about the 8 person alliance.

They all agree they like james more than Johnny Mac. Austin says they need to get johnnymac out he’s a threat. POints out Jmac has come in second for every competitions and he gets called into the Diary room 100 times a day.
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-14 00-12-27-443_jpg

12:10am Have nots can eat.. Everyone chit chatting waiting for Liz to get her HOH room.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins

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179 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 HOH Results “We get the Brenchal room tonight”

  1. LIZ!!!! yes! guessing the original noms will be jmac and becky. becky goes unless veto is used on her. jmac or james (not sure who is bigger threat, they gotta be thinking who can win comps and i think james has won 2 hohs and jmac 3 povs, right?) goes otherwise.

        1. second that
          but reality is: Meg = Victoria from BB16
          so she’s most likely not going anywhere (but one can always hope)

          1. Victoria was in a much better position than Meg is because Derrick was keeping her safe. Maybe if Vanessa had a relationship with Meg then the comparison would be better. Other than the fact that they are both useless, they aren’t the same. Freaks and Geeks will take Meg out before they start turning on each other.

      1. considering that becky was a rat for shelli, i think it was better for james, meg, and jackie to boot her (though it didn’t work out for jackie). mostly becky made a huge mistake targeting vanessa. she didn’t have the votes and would have been better served using her hoh to split up the austwins.

        1. In Becky`s defense, her alliance gave her the impression that she DID in fact have the votes to evict Vanessa. JJM should have spoken up sooner if they thought putting up Vanessa was a bad idea.

          1. The main problem w Becky s move is that she was really working with the Goblins for a very short time, she basically started working w James&Meg when James got power & ratted them out. You cannot assume after few loyal days that you have a solid alliance.

            1. I think the main problem is the outsiders have aboslutely no idea how to play together.
              When James was HoH, he said get shelli out.
              Everyone voted clay out.
              When becky is HoH she said get Vanessa out.
              So they get shelli out.

              Getting shelli out ONLY benefited James. But Meg, the lawyer can’t think for herself.

              Now, Again, Vanessa is running the entire show. And guess who’s vulnerable?
              The dumbasses who can’t stick to a plan.

              The Goblins kept saying – oh they’re doing to us what we did to them – forgetting that the Goblins did it in reaction to what the other side had been doing to them for 4 weeks!

              At this point, James and Meg deserve what happens to them.

              I’m disappointed, i wanted to see them over come Vanessa, who’s a paranoid control freak, and Austin, who’s a disgusting demented love sick idiot.

              But you reap what you sow.

              1. Canadian Kevin—You are spot on!! Could not have said it better myself. James/Meg are going to get exactly what they deserve (and I was rooting for them!!).

              2. Disgusting! Austin Is going if full creep mode all week in HOH room. Poor Liz, there’s no where to run. I feel sorry for her. Winning HOH is not as enjoyable when a perv is attached to the hip.

          2. i knowwwwwwwwwwww. but there was no way james and shelli were ever going to work together, so shelli was just too risky as a pawn. im curious how liz/vanessa noms would have gone but i think she still only gets three votes for vanessa (jmac, julia, and austin) and vanessa flips the rest.

        2. “Becky didn’t have the votes to evict Vanessa”?
          Between Becky’s HOH win and the POV ceremony, the goblins (Meg, James and Jackie) were ECSTATIC about the plan to get Vanessa out.
          Only after Becky actually put Vanessa up, and thereafter had no more power, did they say “well… you know what? F*** you, Becky! We’re keeping Vanessa now! Bam!”
          Then she didn’t have the votes anymore.
          Sad that Jackie went over Meg and James since she was at least a little bit worried about betraying Becky, but that’s Karma right there.
          I’d have loved for Steve to explain his noms to Meg and James like this:
          “you goblins agreed to the plan, and when she implemented the plan, you screwed your ally over by switching your votes. I saw that and thought “I wouldn’t want to work with people like that”.”
          Anyway, I think at this point, they’re ALL being so hypocritical in their accusations since they all are being shady and untrustworthy, they should all just stop talking.

          1. The only problem with that plan was that she did not even have a single extra vote. It would have only taken a single one of the goblins to flip which is what happened.. James realized that Shelli was still gunning for him and noone listened to him last week so this week he could vote how he wanted. IT was not a good idea for her to put on the block a person she perceived to be a big manipulator with the votes hanging by a thread

    1. good for you, Liz, and all those haters who keep saying the austwins can’t do anything.

      i don’t like becky or james’s chances, Liz and Julia don’t like James, but I think he and Austin are cool, plus they should cultivate the remaining gobs and not burn any bridges there, to encourage them to be OK with leaving becky on the block or using a veto to ensure she goes up.

      1. that’s why i say you put jmac next to becky. try to make it look like you’d still work with james and meg. they’re pretty dumb and will believe anything you say anyway.

        1. The goblins are not smart and very gullible and would believe almost anything so tell them whatever you want.
          Tell Meg that even if someone drug her to the f2 she will get zero votes because she has done zero in this game. Gotta build that resume and you’re never winning anything so get used to being the pawn. Grab a seat; that’s your new bed.

          I hope that when Austin pounces on Liz in the hoh bed he smells disgusting. Between the rotten stench, his ineffective, small package and his non-stop groping/ pouncing maybe Liz will finally wake up, remember how grrroooooos he is and send him packing.

        2. it does not matter what they believe they do not have votes to do anything they have to simply smile and agree with anything proposed to them

          i dont think james is stupid quite the opposite he is smart enough to know how to save his own ass. its an individual game he gets this while the rest of the goblins don’t. he uses the goblins just like vanessa uses her group but he is better at hiding it.

    2. Another week of dirty Austin strutting his bubble butt around the house thinking he’s the man in charge when in reality he’s the biggest loser/floater there. How can Liz not see what a loser he is. I hope jmac is OK this week.

      1. He is being extra touchy-feely since she won HOH. She may need to sleep with her twin in the HOH room, except now it looks like she likes him. Ugh!

      1. I am not understanding why people hate on Van for being manipulative and getting away with it……this means she is really GOOD people!!! she was gifted by the bb gods a bunch of players that are looking…..begging for leadership and she is just giving them what they want Bwah ha ha…..

    1. JJM made such poor decisions. They are so gullible. Steve wasn`t persuaded to put up Jackie and Meg. He`s clearly aligned with the other side. He watched Vanessa talk her way out of being evicted, and realized that she is the kind of person who can get you very far in the game. It would be foolish of them to trust him.

      I am not a fan of Shelli, so I am hoping that she doesn`t re-enter the house. There is a good chance that the four people competing their way back into the house will be Shelli, Jackie, James and Becky. There is a good chance that Shelli will win the comp.

    1. It’s so funny how Becky is all this is ALL Vanessa, Vanessa this and that etc. What about hey Becky you went too hard on this HOH. She went power crazy and through it in Vanessa face. Karma Beck. Now she’s blah blah blah Jackie and Shellie are gone. She needs to take some responsibility for how she played this out. That’ being said, I think Becky and Johnny Mac go up. I most of the group get their wish Becky goes home, But I think the twins are thinking JM.

    1. hey austin have you ever had your oil checked? now you have get in the eviction chair.
      wont happen but we can hope

  2. Nooo not another week of the now fourth sense (aka vanessa) running this house =l I guess either johnnymac or becky is utterly screwed this week

    1. I think you mean this is going to be a predictable week.

      Becky, James, or Jmac is more likely than not to get evicted this week.

  3. Now we’re going to have to listen to Becky swear about Vanessa all week :p

    Becky makes it sound like her BB experience has been worse than getting hit in the face by that train – you’d think it’d be the opposite and after coming so close to death, like nothing would phase her or get her down? Have heard about that happening to people – guess not with everybody … her blood pressure must be through the roof …

    1. Well this is suppose to be the season they bring all kinds of twist back, but I’m not sure we’ll see a Coup d’Etat this week.

      All we can hope is that somehow Meg gets evicted this week. That would make this a bearable week.

  4. This basically puts the nail in the coffin for the goblins. Liz is guaranteed the votes (julia + austin + vanessa) to knock out her target this week: Becky and if Becky saves herself then james goes home.

  5. Liz is going to do Vanessa dirty work for her this week…..looks like Austin going another week with out being on the block; crazy.

    Beckie,John,James,Meg better watch out this week…..

  6. Meg is pissing me off. Stop whining and play harder! You’re the only person in the house who hasn’t won Veto. The best thing Meg could go for James/Becky/Jmac is blow up on the Twins/Austin/Vanessa and make herself a bigger target than JJB. Meg leaving would be a blessing for JJB.

    But more likely than not Liz will put up Meg/Jmac, Jmac/Becky, Becky/Meg, and James will be a replacement nominee should Veto be used.

    I’m starting to wonder of the twins are genuinely getting closer to Vanessa. Julia seems to be, but Liz seems more flexible and likely to turn on Vanessa (like Austin). Austwins have to realize they would have to sacrifice Vanessa at some point to stand any chance of winning at the end.

    1. the twins plan is final five with vanessa, steve, and austin. get vanessa out in either fifth or fourth. then turn on steve with austin as the plan b and leave austin in third. considering how austin is, it’s a totally solid plan, but also a rather obvious one so it’ll be interesting to see what vanessa and steve intend to do to counter as steve’s hoh last episode definitely shows signs he’s thinking that far ahead cuz why the hell do you put up meg over james otherwise?

      1. I just saw Austwins talking behind Vanessa’s back on BBAD. I have to give Austin credit, because he’s starting to show a cunning that he has kept pretty low key most of the summer. Austwins were talking about how much they still like James/Meg and would like to take those 2 farther in the game. Austwins seem to realize that it is not in their best interest to go to the end with Vanessa or Steve.

        1. That’s what I saw! But you know these dimwits can’t stick to a plan..None of them. Not even Vanewssa, but she has sooo many “plans” that she uses the one that works best for her end-game. Maybe Asstin can steer them this week?? Oh wait, he’s just as dumb as ANY of them…. Befuddled again

          1. I guess we’ll have to see how the week plays out.

            I do think Vanessa’s plan of forming two different final 6 deals has a big potential to blow up in her face. I mean at this point in the game, it would be useless to for James/Meg and Jmac/Steve to pick each other off and be outnumbered in the final 6 by 4 to 2. They would need to target Vanessa and Austwins.

            I still think James should have used the veto on Clay (who probably still wouldn’t have won anything), and BD Vanessa. Becky won HOH the following week and could have targeted Vanessa or Shelli (whichever survived James HOH), and both would have been out of the game. Clay would have likely turned on Austwins and aligned with Jmac and maybe Steve. Heck he may have even realigned with James/Meg/Jackie.

            I know James planned on sticking to his word, but if I caught onto to one of my nominees asking to be voted out so that my target could stay, and I had the POV you could bet I’d use it and put up a pawn I knew wouldn’t go like Liz.

  7. WTF? One of the twins actually won a comp? Darn it! I wanted Austin and the twins to feel what it’s like to be on the block on eviction night. So much for that…Are they gonna backdoor Becky? Or do it front-door style? Who are the noms? I want answers now-like!

  8. Eeeeeewwwwuhh! Liz the hater won HOH so now Becky James backdoor JMAC the ghost?? Even with POV is gonna be a bloodbath. What’s worse? Watching Austin get it into Liz under the covers can’t take it. James deserves it. Stupid Meg & James, Shelli could’ve been playing for their side, and if James talked to Becky Steve JMAC instead of starting side alliance with Austin and threatening Vanessa the one he decided to keep.

    Biggest decision this week, Becky going up first or through the backdoor so she can’t play POV? Hmmmmuuhh… Nothing personaaluuhh, just game mooovessuuhh!

  9. Becky had it all set up nicely to get Vanessa out of the house…but nooooooooooooooo! James, Jackie, and Meg had to fuck it up and vote out Shelli!! Now Becky is targeted!!! Thanks, Goblins…#stupidasses!!

  10. Ok Liz let’s see what you got girl….Julia is the brighter of the 2….Austin is an idiot but at this point I only care if Becky and her sourpuss face leave. She is so annoying because of her hate for Vanessa that I can’t stand to hear or watch her antics. This game could go in so many directions I get dizzy trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Love it

  11. That’s what happens when you let a solid group of 4 skate by (twins, austin, vanessa). The other side screwed up by decimating a showmance and instead letting such a strong group slide by.

  12. Listening to Becky wine at Meg on BBAD is painful….she has serious problems and cannot stop talking about Vanessa like little kid who got their ball taken away! No one is going to want her around if she keeps this up!

    1. I can’t help it but every time I look at Becky that Johnny Cash song plays over and over in my head….not being mean but…..
      ” I hear a train a comin…

  13. Well I will reiterate what everyone said JAMES MEG and JACKIE made a really really stupid move with not evicting VANESSA.

    If they had voted her out and STEVE still did the craziness he did with evicting JACKIE. LIZ winning wouldn’t have had the implications it does now.

    I mean SHELLIE would have been a replacement for JACKIE in their group because the other side voted to evict her vs VANESSA, So it would have been their 3 vs AUSTIN LIZ and JULIA and with LIZ winning JAMES MEG and SHELLIE would still have BECKY and possibly JMAC but nooooooo they wanted to make a big move for their game and not play someone else’s game.

    This is one of the best seasons of BB. to be honest unlike last season where you knew Derrick was going to win from almost jump this year we have no clue.

    1. I disagree. They were screwed either way. Keeping Vanessa was a tad bit better for James, Jackie, and Meg. Keeping Shelli she would of slid right back in with the three blind sheep. Even though they started doubting each other this week they would of still stayed together. Then Shelli has John and Steve. John has Becky and she probably would of flipped back over. Getting out Shelli freed up John and Becky. One of the four had to win tonight or hope Steve didn’t go against them. Unfortantly that didn’t happen. Each way was a gamble.

  14. At first I was like damn it then I realized this will get blood on the twins and sasquatch and out the door they go cause they can’t win jack.

    1. This is Liz’s second HOH. Austin is capable of winning comps, he has won an HOH before. Tonight he and Johnny Mac tied for runner up when Steve won HOH. Julia did well in the slip n slide comp. Never underestimate someone’s ability to win a comp. Out of all the remaining houseguests, Meg is the only one who is “weak,” but she came in second place on the comic POV, so at this point “you can’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Just when you think someone won’t win, that’s when they do. It all depends on what kind of comp it is. Everyone has strengths, and everyone has weaknesses. Having the numbers you need to protect yourself from eviction is a different matter. At the moment, the twins have an advantage, but drama could happen at anytime to change that. If Liz ticks off Austin, he will jump ship. If the twins tick off Vanessa, she will jump ship. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. James to win the physical comps, Van/Steve to win the mental ones. They could run the house between the 3 of them for sure.

  15. i think johnny mac and becky. i think it is pretty clear if either is off the block and wins veto they will use it on the other one, and then who goes home. this way, johnnymac is always motivated to win vetos, you know he’s going to be playing to take himself off, you put up meg which ensures becky goes home,. same thing if becky wins, jm goes home. those two are a couple, of outsiders, and no one really working with them makes them the safe bet choices for austwins.

    if you did meg and becky, we only know that meg is unlikely to win. so using that as a reason for her as a pawn is risky, due to the jm winning it and using it and both jm & becky end up being safe, which is less than ideal.

  16. Steve “I wasn’t prepared to win HOH I didn’t have Noms decided”.. err right.. jackie needed to go but not tonight.. steve and jmac missed a great opportunity to take out one the van austwins.

    1. Her game is like a ghost poop. She knows she played for a few days after floating for a 6 weeks, but when she stands up and looks her organic game she just pooped out, she doesn’t see anything in the toilet.

  17. If Austin has any say (though with those 3 women in his ear I’m not so sure)…JMac is in trouble. I would LOVE to see Vanessa’s arse on the block…she did throw Ausin under the bus…but unless something serious happens there’s no way. Would make a great show though!!

  18. The shifts in power this season are fantastic and regardless of BB fan’s preferred choices in teams/ alliances, it has been nice to see the many of the women in the house be strong competitors (something recent seasons have been lacking). This season is entertaining and head scratching all in one. Way bigger improvement from last year’s shenanigans.

  19. This is what the house gets for being so dumb allowing twins in the game. Liz should have been gone by week 5. But nooooooooooo. Some people thought that it would be better for their game. Dummies, but I love this unpredictable season

  20. Happy for Liz. I knew she would shine in this game sooner or later.

    At the same time, I feel really bad for Becky. She was upfront about everything during her HoH with everyone but her target, and they screwed her. Now she’s headed for the jury house. If Vanessa wins this game, she deserves it.

    1. Becky floated like a turd for 6 weeks. You don’t just suddenly pop your head out of the toilet and latch onto a sinking ship called the goblins and automatically have loyal allies that will do whatever you tell them to.

  21. I’m probably in the minority here but YAY Liz! Glad she won. I actually really like the twins…and Vanessa…so I’m glad they stay another week. Not too keen about seeing her lay in bed with Austin for a whole week. GAG. Hopefully Becky goes.

  22. Best case scenario this week is that Liz nominates Jmac and Meg with Becky as the BD plan. Becky or James wins POV and doesn’t use it. That prevents Becky and James from being evicted, and those two are the best physical competitors in the hose.

    Vanessa just gave her “word” to Jmac he wouldn’t be leaving this week. Not sure how good that would be if he was up with Meg however.

    If Vanessa actually did, and Meg was voted out. Becky/Jmac/James still being in the game would be stronger moving forward. Especially if Steve jumped ship to their side (but he’s still so far up Vanessa’s backside). Austin actually still has time to jump ship, but won’t unless he has to.

    The Goblins were damned regardless if they evicted Shelli or Vanessa. There’s no way to know that Shelli would turn on Beauty and the Freaks alliance.


  24. Hey Meg stop crying, you could go on the block every week and no one is voting you out! Chill out and tell Becky to buzz off cause hanging with her Vanessa ranting is a buzz kill!

  25. Question: Earlier, when Steve was in the Have Not room telling Meg and Becky that Vanessa told him that Jackie was targeting him (thereby justifying him putting her on the block) ….was that true? DID Vanessa tell him that?

    1. She may have told him 3 weeks ago when Jackie and Vanessa were HOH and they were going over who to nominate. If it wasn’t then I have no idea if it ever even happened. Vanessa is kinda the scapegoat at this point. There are even people leaving comments on this site saying Vanessa tricked the goblins into saving her. That’s not even close to true, but they write it because it’s easy to blame everything on the scapegoat.

    2. I don’t think she did anytime recently. I don’t think she even had the info that it was the goblins plan. I seem to recall steve saying last night something to the effect that he “sold” the goblins on acting like he’s against Vanessa. I think it’s some sort of a ploy but I’m not 100%.

  26. I hope Liz tries to get James out so him or Jackie can come back in and target her and her hater-aide sister, who will never be prettier then Jackie. Liz please please listen to Vanessa and get your plain jane ass bounced out next week with your weirdo boyfriend!

  27. As much as I sometimes find Vanessa’s crazy paranoia annoying I still find myself rooting for her, it’s not easy to juggle so many people and her brain is always working several steps ahead while everyone else thinks they are at a hotel on vacay. I don’t think she’ll necessarily win it due to her inability to win the physical comps but she is making this season interesting!

    1. Agreed, Vanessa might be hard to handle sometimes, but she’s completely aware of what goes on in the game.

      Better have some one that wants to win, other than cry all day because you’re friends are getting kicked out.

    2. I like her too when she is not is one of her panic modes.
      Tonight after Liz won she was at her best, talking slowly, calmly, rationally and pointing out options in a way that made it seem like she was only offering suggestions when in in fact she was steering them.

  28. The problem with the goblins is they haven’t firgured out that van, Austin, twins, shelli & clay were together from beginning. They truly believe the house was 3 groups. Remember before audrey left she tried to talk to Jackie and Jackie sluffered off. I believe if Jackie listened she would have got this info. Yes, goblins lay in a room toghter all day and miss what’s going on!! Stupid Jackie realized this after she got evicted.

  29. I want to root for Meg and James, I really do………….. but they keep making moves that make no sense, at all….. seriously…..

    Becky, up until last week I didn’t even knew she was in the house, don’t care really =/

    Jhonny mac makes me laugh, good

    Austin and the twins, just get rid of the dude, than you guys might have a chance

    Vanessa, completely crazy, but the girl is good. she knows how to play. as of right know i think the onle person that has a chance of beating her in the final is Steve. I thought he had no chance, the guy is sleek. Nobody sees him as a threat, he’s positioned in the best place right now.

    this season is really good!!! (but let’s face it, there’s no way it could be worse than last year hhahahahahah)

  30. First of all let me say before – that I called Vanessa would flip the house and end up staying and I still got the thumbs down! – Now We have dumb dumb Steve put up Meg and Jackie for no reason other than to hide the fact who he is working with! Really?! this late in the game when people are going to jury and one side of the house isn’t suffering any losses?? – Dude time to get your hands dirty to earn your money!! If it isn’t clear by now JMac doesn’t have your back, and Vanessa is a sinking ship time to bring in James with Becky! Let them know the truth. – That you screwed up not that you’re just simply sorry doofus! – Now you have Liz that won HoH and you just know Austin will be gunning for JMac to be going up sorry Steve but another one bites the dust all from your own doing! Maybe you should spend less time talking to the cameras and more time talking to your fellow house mates!! Oh and can I say when Liz when on her little RANT about Meg and meg crying after Jackie leaving I would just like to say in this world we like to call people like that A B**CH!!!!

    1. Steve was just too blinded by his hatred for Becky. Once he won HOH I knew he was going to do something sketchy. By nominating Jackie and Meg, he showed his cards. I thought he was upset with Austin and Vanessa? Oh well. JMac is a smart guy, and when those 2 went up, he knew Steve wasn’t backdooring Nessa or a twin. Becky would have gone up. His reaction after the veto wasn’t used is proof positive of this. Oh well. Only 2 things happened from this

      1. The Goblins look stupid, as they think Vanessa and Austin pulled Steve’s strings. See, Vanessa did not put them on the block, Steve did. She did not lie. Hehe. Lawyer speak!

      2. I like this new Johnny Mac. The one that is no bs and actually wants to play the game. Not the dr idiot who is pandering for America’s player.

    2. I haven’t been a fan of Liz since her goodbye message to Jason. I just thought it was very rude and unnecessary for gameplay. Also, Clay was so willing to step down for Shelli because she’s such a super fan and DESERVED to be there, however in Jason’s case it was just a game and not a reason to keep someone. LOL. I’m sure horny Austin is gonna pounce all over Liz this week. UGH….she better make sure they aren’t alone. I’m still rooting for Jmac though I think the pressure of being in that house is getting to him. JMO!!

  31. Is nobody going to mention the fact that Austin said in one of his pre-game interviews that he’s not going to get into a showmance because HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!

    1. It’s been brought up ever since He started stal…umm…talking to Liz. It went from Austin saying he and his girlfriend agreed he could do whatever in the house to they weren’t really solid anymore to we’re using this time to see if we want to stay together.

  32. Season is done with. Vanessa won. Might as well hand her the check now. It’s gonna be predictable from here on out. Last two weeks had promise but we all knew good things only last so long till the same shit comes in to win it like every single year.

    1. Vanessa isn’t winning jack. No path for her to get to the end with 5 jury votes.

      Either the Austwins take her out, or she takes them out, and they vote against her to win.

    2. This is the only the 1st time since 3 weeks ago that Vanessa’s side was in power, stop being pessimistic and chill out that should b part of the game to see different sides in power once and awhile.

  33. Love how Vanessa runs to John and tells him he is safe. I thought that was Lizs HOH. Vanessa got bent out of shape when Austin did the same for Jackie earlier. what a witch. not her place to say anything. I can see the fur fly between her pushing her addenda on Liz this week with Austin. could get interesting.

    1. She did that because she is trying to rebuild her relationship with jmac. She actually wants to team up with him and Steve. She knows that liz and julia will always take each other, and Austin will always take liz.

    1. For Steve being such a superfan, it baffles me how he thinks he’s in a legit alliance. I just don’t remember Austin and Vanessa really keeping him in the know of whats going on. Vanessa actually withholds information from him and he knows this.

  34. Welp, this sucks. I think regardless if Shelli stayed the Goblins would have been the targets period, they aren’t apart of the large alliance. James, Jackie, Meg were screwed regardless if they didn’t win; its odd that at times they can be so oblivious to their surroundings. I feel bad for Becky, because all her HOH did was make her a target and she didn’t even get out who she wanted.

    1. Becky does not deserve sympathy because she:
      1. failed to realize who is actually working with who
      2. could not maturely lead and convince enough people in the house to go along with her plan for the whole week (didn’t get Shelli campaining til too late when everyone wasn’t automatically giving her what she wanted for “her” game)
      3. did not even think about coming clean to her new friends before Vanessa exposed her as a rat
      4. spent the week complaining and ranting about Vanessa instead of paying attention to what was happening in the house

      Bad game play all around and she still thinks it’s all Vanessa’s fault = idiot!

      1. Becky discussed her noms and wishes with the Goblins and they agreed. Im sure Becky acted so confident because she wasn’t told about their change of heart until days after the POV ceremony. And Becky didn’t need to know who was working with who to get Vanessa out, she had 4 confirmed votes with her being a tie breaker. It was her mistake not completely revealing what she was doing, but Becky obviously wanted to work with Shelli still so it would have been detrimental to her and Shelli’s game if she revealed all. I’m not even a Becky fan, well not a fan of anyone in the house at the moment but Becky was really shafted this week.

    2. I am not so sure last week didn’t affect things.

      If shelli stayed and Vanessa left, jmac would still be with the goblins – and that means possibly bringing in Steve.

      And there was also the jmac, Steve and shelli trio.

      The other side would just be Austin and the twins.

      Basically James and Meg pretty much screwed their game and jmac too.

      They deserve to be voted out. I wanted them to win, but they’re too stupid to.

      Even if shelli went to the other side. The goblins still had jmac as long as beck was there.


  35. yawnnnn, vanessa is back to running the show, just when things started to pick up again too. its so boring to watch these people play the game for vanessa’s safety. gonna skip this week, james or becky are going to jury.

    1. I agree mama Joyce. She is center of either 2 groups of 6, 1 of 3 or Austin’s Angels (that made me feel nauseous) so very predictable. Fun might be over

  36. whooooooooooooooooaaaa. I don’t remember which twin won their original hoh. I know liz won the botb single handedly. now liz has another hoh. and she describes herself as not the sharpest tool in the crayon box. what was the hoh comp? big brother mixed metaphors?
    Cue meg “now another one of my peeps is going to go why is it always my peeps why does this keep happening to me?” we all know it’s going to happen.
    cue becky with her vanessa is the demon sermon. every time she opens her mouth. all week.
    If i had to guess i’d think jmac becky and james combination as nominees. probably james as replacement to placate austin. although both twins have had plenty of things to say about each of them.
    tug of war between julia and austin for liz’s attention during the week for sure.
    chance of steve or vanessa actually seeing the block is really really low. chance of meg seeing the block is just slightly higher than steve or vanessa. she’s considered a waste of an hoh. it’s her only saving grace.
    i’m thinking each of the three (john becky and james) have a 30 percent chance of leaving. meg has maybe 5% and steve or vanessa 2 or 3%. austin or julia are 100% safe unless austin pushes too hard to save james or continues his vanessa anger from earlier today. and that would be stupid.

  37. MJJ =Dumb
    They only focus on themselves
    I hope Becky will win POV or John win POV and use it on Becky
    Only Becky and John have sense and guts to make Vanessa out

  38. I will take JJM over Van, Austin and the Twins any day. The twins have gotten so b*tchy, it’s annoying. Watching Austin fawn over Liz – yuck and hearing Vanessa say “make a deal”

  39. Ugh…Liz and Austin make me barf in my mouth. I wish she would get sick of him and put up Vanessa and Austin. No one would ever see it coming and I might like the show again.

  40. Steve is starting to piss me off. He even admitted to playing the other side, telling them he was manipulated. Steve , buddy don’t you know you’re just a token right now.. He wants so much to be praised. He reminds me of their lap dog. Vanessa really got a hold of him. Good job Steve, Good job boy…lmao

    1. Steve is probably playing the best game. He is acting like he does not belong. He is the one playing everyone in that house.

      The guy knows who spelled the word with the most points, in which season too. He has been acting weird and acting like he is lost.

      He is in an alliance with Vanessa, which extends to the Sixth Sense members. The guy can probably pull in JMAC and Vanessa to take out the twins. Now he has lots of shields in front of him. Becky, JMAC, Vanessa, Twins, Austin, plus a returning Juror. Who wants to waste an HOH on Steve?

      Steve is playing the game that benefits him and not the rest of the cast.

      1. Absolutely. Steve is playing great. He has been with Vanessa, and the others since the beginning. Knowing he was low man he built other alliances. He is playing his game. Just so happens his game mirrors Vanessa’s to an extent. Not too surprising for an alligned group.

  41. Ohhh jeez!!! Wait till meg, and james hear another deal with van but this time its 6 ppl… lol… this should be good to see their faces… lol… oh and wait for it another 6 person deal with van with steve n jmac…lol i thought i was hearing oprah n u get a car and u get a car, everybody gets a car!!! Good lord easy on the deals vanessa its lost its lack luster 5 deals ago…

  42. Guys some of u are being dumb. SHELLY staying wont make ANY difference Jacky woulda still went home.. Liz woulda still won HOH.. or even if Shelly won it she would still stay with Austwins. It DIDNT MATTER!!!!

    1. So wrong. With Vanessa gone, Steve targets Shelli because she has no strong alliances. That keeps him good with all sides which is good for the game he’s playing.

      Keeping Vanessa absolutely backfired on the goblins. Awful, awful game move.

  43. Serves the Goblins right. They were so hellbent on avenging Jason that they got Clelli out instead of their real threats. Goes to show playing emotionally can backfire on you.

  44. Vanessa deserves to win this season! She is playing the best game then anyone this season. Hate on me all you want because you don’t like her but in the end it comes down to who played the better game not who you like! This is the game of Big Brother after all!

    1. No hate here, I just disagree with your opinion.

      Yes, Vanessa is a very smart woman and she hustles like a crazy person….. but she is overplaying and unnecessarily putting herself in the middle of too many situations. Her “deal-making” has become comic relief for the rest of the house and every single person left in the game is now wary of her to some degree. Sooner or later everyone compares notes, and when you scheme and deal 24/7 like she does, you eventually lose all credibility.

      I do actually think she’s in a really good spot at the moment, but I also think she’s one of the least likely of the nine remaining to win the whole thing. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time.

  45. I just want this week to be over with like yesterday. Can’t take too much more of Vanessa running the house again even though it’s not her HOH

    1. Surprise! This time it’s not vanessa high jacking an hoh, it’s austin. He hasn’t stopped barking orders all day. Super annoying.

  46. This week’s result is soooooo bad.
    with Vanessa staying, and Austwins winning the HOH, Jmac is in danger big time. he’s going to be the major target for at least two consecutive weeks.
    and now the Goblins are down to 2, the 4th senses are coming back to life (both on numbers and power)
    Austwins are going to make to final 5 unless miracle (twists, come back please!) happens.

  47. Despite not being the sharpest tacks in the bunch, I really appreciated the camaraderie of the Goblins. They were a bit clueless but always made time to laugh. Not going to lie, I was disappointed with their loss (again!). I wanted one of those three (James, Jackie or Meg) along with John to make it to the end. I’m not sure that is going to happen now. I agree with the general commentary of this being a very interesting and unpredictable season. I’m losing sleep here!

  48. Steve is low key (for you old folks that means down low) is playing a solid game he is pretty much safe until final 5 unless he fucks the freaks and geeks have his back. The meg James Becky have bigger targets and jmac also has bigger targets. So shout out to steve and his awkwardness I’m kinda rooting for him

  49. James and Meg deserve whatever happens to them now. They should never have flipped on Becky’s plan. Meg is so gullible and James so hot for her that they made ridiculously stupid decision. Poor Steve is not playing very smart either. He wasted hoh by not splitting a power couple. Austin and Liz on block would have been good plan. Now he gets to be bottom of the group again.

    1. Exactly, he is at the bottom of a group that will protect him and has a strong alliance with another person at the bottom (Vanessa) who he can pull in with JMAC to take out the twins.

      Steve is in pretty good shape and could seriously have one of his final two come to fruition with his game play. Only thing Steve did was make 3 people in the house upset and left another scrambling for cover.

      Steve is a master manipulator without using his strong words.

  50. Everyone’s mad Liz won because they were rooting for the goblins, or Jmac and Becky. Let’s face it those who go further in the game, are obviously PLAYING the better, stronger game.

  51. Here we go again..why they let the twins in the house together(when they knew liz was a twin) is beyond me….Vanessa isn’t even likeable…Jmac is the only real underdog..Ugh I think I’ll check out for a while..Maybe Meg will win something, LMAO./..

  52. I know that Vanessa is annoying but everyone keeps focusing on her and will still allow Austin and the Twins another week of safety. This late in the game the three of them together should be broken up. But we shall see.

  53. I want to like Steve, but he’s making it SOOO HARD!

    Ugh. This week is going to be slow as fuk.

    Just boot Meg or Becky already so we can get to the next HOH and get Austwins on that block!!

  54. by tomorrow i expect vanessa to have brokered a final three deal with the llama, and the voodoo doll. their plan is to make sure liz nominates becky and the poolshark, with clay’s sweat shirt as a back door target.

  55. What a turn of events… this just one big F-Up week and I love it.

    James should have used the veto to save Clay and put Liz up to insure a Shelli eviction… Shell would be gone.

    Becky should have have put up the twins and back doored Vanessa that way,,,, Vanessa would be gone.

    Steve should have realized that the Goblins are a waste of an HoH… he should have put up JMac and Austin then when JMac one the PoV he could put up James. Much Safer move for James. If either left he could just say I could not pick sides and I freaked to the Goblins…. to V and the twins…. Austin was dead weight you knew it and so did I.

    BTW HoH is the worst punishment for Liz… Austin will be all over her… poor thing….locked in the the Brenchel Suite (Ewww) with a Big Gorilla… she might just backdoor Austin after a few days of non stop pawing.

    1. Totally agree!!
      I guess James just didn’t want Shelli out bad enough and so did Becky to Vanessa.
      Because putting up a member of the Austwins will at least solidify 2 votes to one side, with a big target sitting on another side, the result is just no brainer. (big target will go) But EVERYONE seems to be TERRIFIED of pissing off the Austwins, no one even dares to touch them.
      Tired of them sitting pretty every single week JUST because they are a number threat…
      James’s nomination is excusable cause at least he’s breaking up a power couple while Becky puts up her potential ally and worst enemy. Now ally’s gone, enemy’s in power, and Becky’s done. (well, there’s still veto)

      1. Liz is HoH and they are just going to pick the low hanging fruit?????
        My secret hope…. Austin and Vanessa acting like it is their HoH pisses her off.
        I would love her to put up JMac and Becky and then get totally over Austin and V
        Backdoor Vanessa or Austin. Will it happen, I don’t know, because there is 4 sets
        of twins in my family and all I can say is they are unpredictable when they are together
        and hate people controlling them…. all 4 sets work for themselves… soo00000
        who knows what will happen other than I will probably dislike Liz a little more each day.

  56. For someone reason, i have a bad feeling that Austin will try to get Jmac evicted this week so less good looking guys are in the house so he can have all the girls. JMAC please win Veto!!

  57. So much for getting rid of the twits. This week, one will be getting it on while the other rolls her eyes. Ugh.

  58. With Austin leading Liz around for her hoh, i can just see the moron getting Liz to nominate Vanessa as a backdoor. then James, Meg, Becky, Steve and John unite to go after Austin and the twins.
    Laugh all you want, but honestly, Austin isn’t the best judge of reality. He will believe that Meg and James have his back. He believed Jason wouldn’t rat him out when he spilled his twinfo and go ahead and take julia out i just want liz talk.
    Honestly, if Austin has more sway than Julia, i expect Austin to attempt a Vanessa stab. and a week later he and the twins will be in hot water.
    Austin is as clued in to the people in the game as Meg. So this week will come down to who has more control over Liz: her showmance or her sister.

  59. way to go morons! by failing to evict vanessa, you just handed her over the check for half a mil; bunch of retards in that house;

  60. The plan is JMac to go this week, keep Becky in to eliminate Vanessa… though, they (Austin) may wanna get Vanessa out this week also. Thing is, you keep Vanessa in for the same reason…

    God, like I said, these people cannot see steps ahead. You keep Vanessa in as a shield, you keep Becky in to go after your shield.

    And now I realized why… Austin is a big manly dude who doesn’t like the fact that a woman is in charge of the group. Now that Liz is HoH, is making all these plans which really make are silly that won’t help them at all. I can totally see Vanessa getting another backdoor this week.

    1. Wow – if you think Vanessa’s meltdown was major when Becky was “mean” and came after her, just think of the emotional cataclysm we’d be in for if Austin and the twins were to take a shot this week. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict we’d hear the phrase “after all I’ve done for you” more than once.

      Even Vanessa’s closest allies have had their fill – and she’s completely oblivious to it all because she’s incapable of registering the idea that anyone could distrust her……. you know, with her spotless record and all.

  61. Well Jackie going home had nothing to do with Vanessa leaving. Steve is an idiot and he failed to see how much of a threat the threesome of the AusTwins is. It’s unbelievable. They CAN win HOHs, and no one seems to realise that these 3 will have each other’s backs until the end. Jackie leaving was a huge mistake, and I hope she comes back into the game…

    1. Could not agree more! I have been saying for the last two weeks, why ignore the 3 headed monster?! It really will bite everyone of them right in the butt.

    2. I cannot believe that they didn’t vote out Vanessa! Are they all blind to her double dealings, manipulations and total control. She has more alliances than a country. Remember, she is a multi-millionaire, top rated female poker player in the world! She reads people for a living. And the twins…Liz is so nasty when she evicts someone. She said about Jason, “Have fun watching from your mother’s basement.” Wow. Now we have to be forced to watch creepy Austin mall Liz who may be playing him. And Steve…you bought into the cool aid . Please get Austin and at least one of the twins OUT! The only people I am rooting for now are James and JMAC. I want someone who needs the $ to win. Vanessa certainly doesn’t, And her fast, double talk is driving everyone nuts. But they listen to her. So disappointing.

  62. This is going to be the WORST WEEK EVER! The past five hours have reminded me, why I can’t stand Vanessa, her gloating and mouth running, double talking and narcissism! Top it off with Having to listen to the twins whhhiiinnneee all week!!! I’m checking out until next Thursday.

  63. All I can do is laugh at the village idiots crying and looking shocked at what happened . This is what happens when you listen to Meg the useless for game play ! hows keeping vanasty working out for you now ? I don’t really care what happens from now on . hey lets get a twin couple in the house and keep the most vile person during double eviction .

  64. Here’s my take on the last couple weeks: James wanted Shelli out bad and took the opportunity. Vanessa, Becky, the twins and Austin said sure. Shelli stayed, Becky became HoH, went after Vanessa with Shelli as the pawn. It made more sense for James to target Shelli because she was definitely going after James. She was not going to work with them.
    Vanessa’s game was exposed and she was vulnerable. Shelli went. Steve won HoH. He’s tight with Vanessa, Austin, the twins and JMac. He can’t target Becky without alienating John so the only people left are James, Meg, and Jackie.
    We may have loved for Steve to shake things up but he’s actually sitting pretty right now. There are so many people in front of him from both sides of the house, it’ll be awhile before he’s targeted. His HoH really worked out for him.
    He can move to whichever side is holding power as a number and continue to be “manipulated”.

  65. still not over my girl Jackie leaving, and the WRONG twin won HOH.

    hate this season all of a sudden :( lol

    gag Austin and Liz air time.

  66. Is everyone forgetting that Steve is aligned with them???? Why would he put up his allies? He has no alliegance to Jason, Meg, Jackie, or Becky

  67. there’s just no hope for this group, besides JMac they’re all Vanessa’s puppets, I cannot stand looking or hearing her voice but, you’ve got to give it to her, she’s one hell of a manipulator. JMac couldn’t use the veto he knew Becky would be the replacement, unfortunately he’s a sitting duck now. Austin and his twins haven’t got a clue and will nom Becky & JMac, whichever doesn’t win the veto will leave. We need a special Veto this week, come on production if you want to interfere this is one week I won’t bitch & complain about it…….how I dream of the old days when the HG knew what they were doing and deserved to be there, the twins are hard to listen to, their loose morals and attitude about being actual tramps is amazing, they don’t see the problem with it…..what an upbringing they must have had

  68. There comes a point in a Big Brother season where you don’t care which of the losers win. I think we are at that point. Liz winning the HOH was the final straw.

    Floaters, losers, whiners, backstabbers, word breakers, fake romancers, closet cases, mental cases – all fighting for the end so that they don’t have to go and get a real job.

  69. Steve is a dumb a$$!!!!! Why the hell did he get Jackie out.. Hello, Austwins???????? Ugh!! His game is f*cked!!!!

  70. I think the Austwins should think for themselves and probably go for Johnny Mac or James. They need to keep Becky because she will likely go for Vanessa.

  71. Did Vanessa ever tell Liz or Julia about him outing them to Jason and basically brokered a deal that if the other side of the house wanted to evict one of the twins, it should be Julia? He was willing to put one of his alliance mates at risk that he had invested exactly zero seconds trying to keep in the house, just so he could get some ass in the jury house. Actually, I think Liz knows, because when she found out he was on thin ice she and Shelli campaigned hard for him to stay and that’s when Vanessa removed Jason and everyone tried to pin it 100% on her. I think I’ll go back and check the feeds to see how much Liz was told.

    1. Yes liz knows. BUT Austin said the part about wanting julia out was a lie and she seemed to buy it. If I remember correctly!

  72. Somebody said “Austin and his bubblebutt” LOL! and he also sticks out his ass when he walks. Then you have Meg and her totally funny walk. I know she had knee surgery but never saw anyone who had knee surgery walk so fucked up as she does. Then you have Becky who walks with her feet pointing outward and kind of bounces and sticks her ass out in very non sexy way.

    Johnny Mac and hos hairy back disgusts me.

    It’s hard to look at any of these people.

    Maybe the weird walkers should form alliance.

  73. There’s always one person per season who becomes obsessed with another houseguest and can’t see anything else. This year it’s Becky. Her talking about Vanessa has become a broken record. I agree, Vanessa is a strong player and it would be great for Becky if Vanessa gets evicted. But her biggest mistake is that she floated for too long. She committed to JJM too late. Had she aligned with them earlier she would have realized how often they change their minds. And even if you are positive someone is being evicted then you still treat them well their last week. I feel like Vanessa is a gamer and would respect someone getting her out but being an ass to her is a great way to lose a jury vote. Also it’s a game. So if Vanessa really did plant the seed to get Jackie out then good for her. YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST. Becky seems mad at Vanessa for actually playing the game,unlike Becky who just woke up a week ago. They do realize that when Vanessa gets evicted that doesn’t mean the evictions stop…..someone is going home every week.

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