If Vanessa leaves “Than it’s war, it’s war I’m telling you and they know that”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
Watch the next week for FREE with the 7 day Trial!

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-05-01-991_jpg

7:03pm Goblins forming up their circle to study
The last hour they got to see video clips which will be for a competition tomorrow. Tomorrow is double eviction. They are going to play a HOH, POV during the show then another HOH later that night.
Becky joins them starts in on getting Vanessa out. The goblins decide to Study all night but first they’re going to get something to eat.
Becky suggests they have some drinks (Don’t think they mean alcohol the goblins run a tight ship)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-08-45-364_jpg

7:03pm Comic room Julia, Austin and Vanessa
Johnnymac gets called into the Diary room. Again they say, Austin flips out (See gif below)
Vanessa goes over the videos .
Austin suggests he starts studying with the other side to gather video clip information they don’t know. He won’t really tell them anything they all think he’s dumb at this.
Liz joins them. They continue to drill.
Jmac joins them puts the bandana over his eyes lays in bed.
The twins and Vanessa stop studying just chit chating. Its not until they leave jmac alone.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-31-23-195_jpg

7:29pm Vanessa and Shelli studying

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-30-08-199_jpg

7:25pm Twins and Austin
Studying the video clips.
Liz – Austin I feel like you’re going to suck at this again
Austin – it doesn’t matter nobody will beat steve.. He’s a computer, he has the pictures in his head he can see them whenever
Liz – I think I can
Austin – you want to
Liz – ya
Austin – I don’t know if that’s best
Liz – I’m going to give it my all
Austin – I am too, the only person i’m worried about is JOhnny mac but you know what this isn’t his comp.. it’s not his comp
(Might be the POV)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-41-27-147_jpg

7:41pm Outfits for tomorrow
Julia- that’s super CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUte

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 19-58-40-776_jpg

7:56pm Jackie and vanessa
Vanessa says her word is good. Tries to claim she won’t be good at this competition.
jackie says if the vote is a tie Becky will vote her out.
Jackie – we’re looking at the longer aspect of the game right
Vanessa says she respect their decision 100% either way
Jackie – there’s always a chance to come back into the game.. I know I’m sorry it sucks

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-12 20-26-08-987_jpg

8:23pm Bedroom Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa says the 8 person alliance she was the last person pulled into the room. She adds the deal was for them to get through double eviction, Shelli, John and Steve were going to be the nominations, “That was the deal”
Vanessa says she couldn’t have won that HOH the slip slide one but if she could she would have thrown it because she was not capable of honouring the 8 person deal.

Vanesa – in no shape or form was I personally targeting you
Vanessa tells him he’s the last person in the world for her to be worried about. She says that one argument they had was clay’s fault he pulled them into that.

Vanessa tells him she’s not a bullshitter she’s going to tell him straight up Becky is her target.
Vanessa adds she’s not coming after Johnnymac
Vanessa – I’m in the worst spot ever, If I stay i’m most likely going on the block with Steve if Shelli Stays you’re the most likely to go up with Steve.
Vanessa- you understand that
Jmac- yes
Vanessa – you know how you are going to vote or are you going to think about it
Jmac – I’ll think about it
Vanessa warns him about Becky tell him she’s flip flopped twice now. “Two weeks ago she told me and Shelli she trusts us most in the game”
Vanessa – having her in the game is not good for anyone, she was trying to play all side it’s hard for me to respect

Vanessa asks him who he is worried about going home against
Jmac – Steve
Vanessa says people are really sketched out with Steve, “You’re actually in the best spot man”
Vanessa- you look so down you down
Jmac – I feel down
Vanessa – you are a happy go lucky guy
Jmac – it’s been a rough week

(Jmac just umm hmmm through this conversation it’s quite funny)

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So liz now knows the Dr took notice on her comment on Austin stinking. She know saying she’s starting to like him so she doesn’t look like a b***t. Do you believe her?


B***t? What word are you trying to hide there?


Bigot maybe? I don’t know haha

Hype Squad

Why does Meg think she’s running shit? She can’t even run!


You never know, she did very well with the comics and she isn’t physical. Without all the running around she could win tomorrow. I think it could be between her and Steve again. John plays too.

Vanessa is smart but I don’t think she’s that great in comps. Against 96% of BB viewers I still really like her. I mean that sport coat with that beanie??? It’s like her version of the Masters jacket.

Forreal Tho

I really hope vanessa is next to go? she holds her word to a standard but gives her word to god that the DE deal was a one week deal and she was the last to be pulled in when she started it


Was JMac in her original alliance? No? Well then, he’s fair game. You don’t have to keep your word with people you aren’t aligned with just like James didn’t when he made a deal not to nominate Shelli and Clay and then nominated Shelli and Clay. In fact, you don’t even have to keep your word with your alliance members after they turn their back on you like Shelli and Clay did to Vanessa and Austin. Of course this is the Big Brother house, so you don’t have to keep your word with anyone. None of the Big Brother legends ever kept their word which is why they’re considered legends. They had to lie to people they weren’t originally aligned with to become legends.

I guess most people in here have forgotten the names Dr. Will and Dan. Those two are the most deceptive people to ever play the game, yet they’re considered the two best to ever play the game.

Dr. Will

You’ve obviously watched the show…accept every deal and honor none. I must say though people need to stop comparing Dan and Derrick to my Legend. I’m the only true Puppet Master to have played this game. You’re saying to yourself that’s BS, well let’s look at the stats:

Dr. Will: HOH (0-20) / POV (0-10) / Nominated 6 times (1st & 4th)
Plus I have the only alliance (Chilltown) where both members have won BB

Dan: HOH (4-19) / POV (3-11) / Nominated 5 times (1st & 2nd)

Derrick: HOH (4-16) / POV (0-8) / Nominated 0 times (1st)
However he was blessed with the worst cast in history of the show, a production creation called team America to save Frankie which benefited his game tremendously and the horrible twist of BOTB, he didn’t play the same game.

Dan is the closest to my legend but he had to win comps, I however never won any comps (actually threw all of them) other than luxury, lied to the faces of every house guest with them knowing (I called it stabbing them in the front), targeted them openly and still dominated. When regarding the best to play this game, there’s no need to look any further than your favorite member of Chilltown.


It is debatable who is the all-time best. The criteria for evaluation is going to be the measure, however, Dan was fun to watch.

Mike Boogie

Dan was a pleasure to watch but Dr. Will was much more charismatic than him. Dan had this gritty and diabolical gameplay while Will was much more entertaining and arrogant to watch. In both of their second seasons, I thought both players made their seasons worthwhile. Based on gameplay, Boogie was just as essential to Chilltown as Will was since Boogie’s HOH reigns were a BIG help to why they were able to advance so many weeks. In Dan’s second season, he was clearly the player who made the big plays and I thought he deserved to win over Ian but since building relationships is really a big part of the game, a bitter jury took Ian, which I don’t blame them. I think a big knock on Dan’s second season (for me, at least) is that he was protected as a coach in the beginning of the season so he had this HUGE pass for the beginning of the game. If coaches could get evicted in BB14, I have no doubt in my mind that Dan would’ve been one of the first few players to go home.

Dr. Will

Ring…Ring, Boogie it’s Will, you’re totally right. When one member of Chilltown wins all members of Chilltown win. My only problem with what you said was you forgot to mention you didn’t win your first HOH in BB7 till week 7 and S6 won the first 4, the alliance I openly targeted starting day 1. So without my work on having Janelle fall in love with me, Howie’s complete obsession with me, Kaysar being scared of me and James trying to form alliances with us we’d both wouldn’t have made it far. Plus your second HOH week 9 was the week I was evicted, which is why I told you to never win. Nonetheless you complete me Mike Boogie, we created a ninja faction called Chilltown which has netted us 500k a piece but even you know the truth. I am the one true Puppet Master of this game.


Dr. Will is correct, plus he played brilliantly against the best of previous seasons players who were experienced in strategy. Boogie did amazing working in tandem.
As for Derrick, and i don’t want to take away his game play deserved his win, but look at the tools he had to play with – not gamers – just ass hats who wanted stepping stones to the B & B! lol.. It was an easy win.


Totally agree Derrick does not even belong in the conversation. He didn’t play BB he played a wussy version called BOB. I don’t consider Derrick a BB winner, he’s a BOB winner.


You’re the best Dr. Will. I know you look human on the outside, but we all know it’s just skin over circuitry and wires.

Dr. Will

Thanks, you’re exactly right, flesh over circuitry and wires or you could say half man, half amazing. You’ll receive your Chilltown application in the mail soon.


Oh God, shut up Will! Your BB time is done!


Your BB time never began. No application for you.


I do a Big Brother After Show online, and I’ve said there several times my top 3 players are 1. Dr. Will 2. Danielle Reyes 3. Dan. Danielle is a better strategist than Dan IMO.


Goblins Freaking out Vanessa will win the comp…? Then vote her out. Ugh these people

Less is More

I am watching BBAD and JMac is eating mac and cheese! maybe he can get an endorsement deal?

I survived last seasons BB

Simon/Dawg So who are the Goblins backing now ???

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

I would really love for Vanessa to go… I think it’s the smarter move in the long run for everyone… she’s a master manipulator and has been able to cloud everyone’s judgment over the last few days…. but if she stays, I’d be curious to see what happens next. Regardless, I’m excited for tomorrow. This season has really started to get awesome since the power shifted.


Meg easily the most delisional in that house almost every week she think she has a chance at winning but she finishes close to last every comp, like wtf was that last hoh comp about man she didn’t even try. And Austin the same he ain’t shit n Liz knows it that’s why she offer ing to kiss him n shit she know Austin ain’t winning shit.


Thought Meg came in scorn last comp?


Was supposed to read I thought Meg came in second last Veto comp. Her bad knee(s) prevented her from competing well in the HOH.


No Meg fan here, but she placed 2nd in the comics pov, and that was physical AND mental (climbing stairs, the bouncy floor). She was at 15+ minutes and Steve won it at almost 14. No one else was close. I have absolutely NO idea how she did it.




Peg leg Meg did okay in the comic comp. Austin is so clumsy I have no idea how he could be a wrestler.


once shelli and van are gone twins are clearly targets specifically liz.. austin will be angry but he’s smart and will have no choice but to jump ship and roll with james.. becky jmac and steve are just annoying now easy targets.. jackies a legit threat she will have to go.. meg will float right through to the end.. final 3 james austin and meg


I don’t remember a BB in which 3 different alliances of equal size, more or less, were banging against each other so distinctly. This is pretty cool. The 3 groups are all going to be moving back and forth and shifting and merging as one or more lose members. Becky appears to be the first casualty of this dynamic.

Better Than Last Year

Man….I love this season! These people switch on a dime! Lots going on!

James wants Shelli out cause he’s afraid she’ll put him up. Jackie & Meg follow along. Becky has no choice but to do the same even knowing Van is going to put her up if she wins HOH. (really hope she doesn’t)

Can’t wait for Thursday nite show! BTW…if you’re in the NY area, Jets games will pre-empt show on CBS channel 2 till very late. Tune to WLNY 10/55 at 9pm to watch.


Can’t wait for tomorrow. Nothing is solid in this house.

Ms Chiff

Maybe it’s too soon to be doing this, but starting to think we’ve seen about all we’re going to see out of Johnny Mac game-wise – had such high hopes for him too, but it’s so late in the season now.

Guess this week’ll be his time to do something – it might be now or never! We shall see (?)

James bb house

James says he’s gonna throw the next competition??? I know he probably won’t be that good at the next comp, but don’t throw the competition at this point…You are the leader of your group and the 1st 1 to go from them ..

brotalk to human dictionary

With how the week is working out right now, I refuse to give Vanessa any credit for saving her game. She didn’t. James saved her game. Given the information that James had, he turned his back on a member of his alliance (Becky) and left her high and dry in order to make sure his own ass was safe. Not a bad move for his game, but it makes me reiterate to myself that Jackie and Megasaurus wrecked are pretty clueless. they don’t realize that if he’s willing to stab one ally in the back, he’s willing to stab any ally in the back (this is the guy that has lied to his targets both times he was hoh when he didn’t have to).
There is the potential for a huge upset to the grem/goblins: evict Shelli and Vanessa can attempt to rebuild the freaks/geeks; evict Vanessa and the potential for Shelli Becky John and Steve to band together means attacks from two fronts. If the Austwins were so able to jump ship to grab a floater lifeboat to the brass tacks, what’s to keep them from portaging over to the clay memorial alliance if one of those players gets power? Shelli will continue to want James out. He’s won two hoh and a veto. he’s a viable threat. As long as it saves their own necks, Austwins will make a deal to make that happen.
So, either way the blade falls on the chopping block, i’m expecting the next week to have a huge power pendulum swing again.

GeekSquad McGee

Everyone says that evicting Shelli only benefits James, and not Meg or Jackie. This is completely untrue. If Shelli fired a shot at James and missed, it would still be one of the goblins getting evicted. She even said as much, and it’s common sense. She’s an immediate threat to all 3 of them.

brotalk to human dictionary

i’m not arguing that Shelli is not a threat to Jackie and Meg. I’m saying James started mentioning the Shelli possibility before nominations. James didn’t push to switch the target to Shelli to help Meg and Jackie.
I don’t think either nominee is a good case scenario to keep moving forward with the way things have been going this week. Both nominees know this week has been shady. Either way the alliance that took glee in blind siding Vanessa is the same alliance that has considered blind siding Shelli out the door. Either way, neither Vanessa nor Shelli would truly trust them again.


Becky is not one of their allies, she’s an opportunistic ambulance chaser that tried to attach herself to a group of people who were beaten down and vulnerable after having been picked apart for most of the game. She swooped in and tried to convince them she was their savior after having done nothing but float for the entire game. No one, not even her new best friends, had the least inkling where she stood on any aspect of the game until last week. She has done nothing but float the entire game like a buzzard, on the lookout for some prey that’s on it’s last leg. She’s more like the scumbag that takes advantage of a drunk woman that’s alone at a bar than an ally.


And where did James get the info that Becky was the rat they’ve been hunting?
Oh … Vanessa?
This is why Van went to James with the info on Becky
Van knows James kinda likes Van … plus Vanessa has a deal with James
James finding out that Becky is the trader
James wanted Shellie out last week
Shellie is after James
Are you seeing the puzzle pieces falling in place? Vanessa does
Although I don’t agree with Vans methods/approach (too much drama)
You can’t argue with the results

brotalk to human dictionary

The plan was concocted in the gremlin/goblin cave 18 hours before James received the information on Becky. the information just made it easier to do it without recrimination.
James presented the idea in order to get Shelli out because she is good at physical comps, which are the comps he’s good at.
In week one he went after Jace because Jace was good in the first physical comp, long before the antics began he was concerned. Even without the d/r commentary in the first episode it was clear James would target Jace. He’s continued the trend of going after physical threats such as Clay and Shelli. the lies those two told were justification. After Shelli won two hoh comps and Clay won the pov comp decisively, there was no doubt that James would target the two. He wanted Shelli out first because he believed he could more likely beat Clay in other comps. There would be no surprise if he were to target Becky next. She’s good at the same comps as he is. He’s eliminating his personal competition for physical comps.


And that one alliance member isn’t trusted because she wants to work with Shelli and admits even liking her. She doesn’t even get the level of stealth lying Shellie does that is sometimes seamless in conversations and much better than Vanessa.Becky had her own agenda but underestimated them seeing through her girl crush. And she should have came completely clean about her week of being an information runner to help Shellie and Clay. And to make sure Vanessa had nothing to hold over her head.Whatever is said about James can be said about Becky. She offered no assurance that Shelli wasn’t going to put James and likely Jackie up . Shelli attempted to sway and give them assurance at the last minute but she should have thought of that a couple of days ago.James had already made an attempt to get Shelli out and it wasn’t backed up.So he should think about himself over Becky who they don’t fully trust anyway.

This Means War?

These two haven’t won crap and don’t have any influence, except maybe Austin, who ain’t budging on his assessment of Vanessa. Austin’s created monsters, these two have been so worshipped and protected they live in a bubble and screech nonsense as if they know how to play the game. Are they talking tough in their mean gurl routine or are they bluffing to keep Vanessa from erupting? They certainly can’t be serious. How would they start this war? Poisoning the kale? Popping the blow up shark? Hiding the nail polish? Stealing someone else’s shirt? Study up girlfriends…

The Straight Shooter

I believe Vanessa’s word is her bond and her loyalty is beyond question.


Hahahahaha! I mean, pfffffftttttttt, okay.

The Straight Shooter

Vanessa, like the Father of our Country George Washington, cannot tell a lie. And brevity is the soul of wit.

I Have Your Word Right? Right?

Vanessa demands from suicidal JMac after cornered into a face off, after she’s told everyone she wants him put up for working with Becky and Shelly “so I have your word right? I have your word YOU WONT TELL ANYONE WE TALKED? YOU WONT TELL ANYONE WHAT I SAID? Then she runs out and tells Twin everyone what she and JMac talked about. Her deals only work one-way. I put your name out there for the block, I act like your friend telling you someone else put your name out there, now you have permission to hook up some deals for yourself because you’re screwed, now protect me the one that stabbed you in the back. Hmmmm. And they’re leaving her in the game, because they’ll get her back up again soon??


That sounds like Dan or Dr. Will, aka, the two best, most deceptive players in Big Brother history. If either of those two had said that, people would be praising them to high heaven.

Smart Guy

If only she could be as truthful as James who didn’t blindside Jace and would never think of going back on his deal to not nominate or backdoor Shelli or Clay. If she were that trustworthy she would be 2nd in the onlinebigbrother popularity poll.


Too funny! Love the sarcasm. . .


Where is the good convo? You know the ne between Steve and Vanessa…..
Vanessa- I need you to throw the HOH comp
Steve- is our F2 deal back on. You know the one you lied to me about.
Vanessa- my word is always good and I Mac he’s safe see I don’t lie.
Vanessa- Oh if I need you as a pawn

BBAD critic

Whenever they start bowling you can turn off BBAD because it will be a hr. or more of the most boring viewing ever. These people think they are so funny when they are just annoying as hell. I really think they are thinking “America loves when we play games”

Jackies forced fake laugh could cause you to hang yourself so if you are feeling the slightest bit depressed please turn your sound down.

Meg gimply walking around laughing at everything is a given.

Johnny looking as if he wished he never met Becky..his new look.

Liz looks good in fake glasses.

Shelli needs a new hairdo.

James seems likable now compared to Meg Jackie Johnny and Becky.

Austin doesn’t realize the twins are working against him and know Vanesa owns the house and are the reason they are even both in house.

Vanessa is winning the show

Steve is entertaining himself by making things more difficult for himself than they need to be.

The fans of the show will someday soon call this the best season ever.

604 Macho

Agree! Best BBUS Season ever, up to this point anyway.

is it just me

next year vanessa will be a legend just like derick
last year everyone here hated derick and kept going on and on about it just like they do about vanessa, yet this year derick is some sort of bb legend

this happens every year, people love to hate the good players mainly because those players are the ones who just won’t do what the viewers want them to do viewers seem to forget these people are not there to entertain you they are there for a payday the entertainment part is just a byproduct


I don’t think there are large numbers of fans saying Derrick is a great BB player. I still don’t see his game as being that strong. The problem he has with competing with other great players is that the cast he was with were not really players. Most of season 16 was people looking to make a name for themselves and get some TV time.
The only people who wanted to play the game were Christine, Nicole, Derrick and Donny.

Dr. Will

Did you read my previous post? Derrick was no legend, having a production built in twist to help your personal game, the awful BOTB as well as the worst cast ever equates to a completely different game that he got to play. Vanessa is good but since the removal of the BOTB her game has been in shambles and if not for Shelli stealing back a hoodie (brilliant gameplay move) of the guy she fell in love with in 50 days of being on a show, Vanessa would be leaving.

Uh huh...

More of Vanessa showing she’s in an alternate reality when it comes to how she assesses herself:

Vanessa: “…having her (Becky) in the game is not good for anyone. She was trying to play all sides. It’s hard for me to respect (that).”

I get the impression Vanessa truly believes this. She truly believes she hasn’t been playing to all sides of the house. Fact is though, she’s been doing it more than anyone. Hell, she doesn’t even leave it at just playing to alliances as a group, she plays to each and every individual.

And in her own words, “having someone like that in the game isn’t good for anyone.”

She’s managed to flip the script and paint Becky in that fashion when the truth is she’s the one going about her game play in such a manner. We all know Becky was gathering info during James’ HOH and delivering to Vanessa and Co. But guess what JJM? She then went and put VANESSA on the block to blow up that side of the house’s game. If she were really against you guys, she would’ve nominated either James or Jackie with Meg as the pawn because she’s the weakest of the trio.

How does JJM not understand this?


More than anything, Vanessa is referring to Becky being the rat of the house. Becky has no true allegiance except to maybe shelli. I think she would throw jmac utb in a second but for some reason seems to value shelli. But even that is shaky.

You can say what you want about Vanessa BUT she is loyal to her true alliance. Almost to a default. In fact her trying to keep them is what got her in this position. I happen to agree with her on Becky, what little game she has is terrible. And she plays too personal.

Vanessa Playing All Sides? Say It Ain't So!

How can she say she’s not playing all sides when she started the 8 person alliance, added Shelli to Freaks and Geeks and has a Final 2 with everyone in the house? She has really gotta come up with another rant because she looks crazier to everyone with this clearly ridiculous position. She also backs out of every deal for her fabricated reasons and technicalities. She talks so fast hoping no one really hears how ludicrous her schemes are, but everyone knows her word is not her word. Oh yeah it was a 5 minute time elapsed deal, right! I’m loyal, to who Vanessa, Shelli No, Steve No, Austin No, Julia No, Jason No, Clay No, JMac No, Freaks Geeks No, 6th Sense No, Becky No any other pawn she put up No. She is the biggest rat on her teams because the first words out of her mouth are I have information for you but if I tell you we have to create another lie to cover it up and you know who I’m talking about…blah, blah, blah. Therefore Vanessa, you must self-evict.


Dr. Will and Dan approve. That’s all that counts.

brotalk to human dictionary

If Becky is studying for tomorrow’s hoh comp, I’m left to wonder whether Mega-syndrome is an airborne contagion.
I will give Meg credit for not coming in last in the pov comp. Maybe they gave Meg Vanessa’s meds instead of her own for the day.


The twins are pretty girls but sometimes they are very ugly. Vanessa talks way too much. It’s annoying. Calm the heck down girl.


Ugh! I still wish Vanessa was going tomorrow! She’s way too dangerous. I can’t listen to her manipulate everyone in the house any more! Please let one of the goblins win the next HOH and get her out tomorrow along with Shelli. Can’t wait to see what happens!


You can’t watch someone “manipulate” in the big brother house? Huh?


The twins are acting pretty entitled. Win something’s for yourself and quit depending on someone else to get it for you. For goodness sakes!


… the twins won an hoh and a veto.
don’t those count?


With a vote of 7 to 1 Shelli you’ve been evicted from the Big Brother house

Hope everything's ok

Between his frequent DR sessions and his despondent attitude, I fear Jmac might be keeping informed about something bad going on back home .


I was thinking the same thing. I mean obviously he’s upset about the game this week, but I can’t really believe he’d be this defeated over it. He has the demeanor of a person zoning out and dreading terrible news from the outside world.

Uh huh...

I just made a post of my own stating the same thing (didn’t catch these two comments til afterwards). But yeah, it’s happened in other seasons – Derrick and Frankie losing their grandfathers last year for example.

And it does seem odd that he’d be so down over the simple thought that he could be a target during DE. That just seems like too much of a defeatist’s attitude about it. It’s far from being a lock.

freud's cigar

He’s upset because he wanted a plan to go through and he realizes it probably won’t. He came out from being under the radar in support of a goal (getting Vanessa evicted and forming an alliance with Shelli) that probably isn’t going to work and now he thinks he’s in jeopardy of losing the money.
He screwed up. He realizes it. He knows he’s now potentially in trouble unless he can win every comp.


A few things:
1) If DR is calling JMac in to the point where it’s seriously adding to his targetness (and it is), I don’t see this as fair. This is not going to be fixable, and I’m pissed about that.
2) I don’t know which HG said it, but it was about Shelli being “isolated and alone” while Vanessa has a solid group with her. This fact alone makes Vanessa the better out this week for everyone’s game.
3) If the Aus-TWINS and the Goblins actually form the Brass Tacks and take it to the finish, I will be very, very BB-sad. Then, I’ll get over it and hope James take the win…even though he is sexist. (I love how he seems genuinely offended by this.)
4) I haven’t read all the most recent posts yet? Has JMac talked with Shelli yet? I’m pissed with Shelli too. She should not be confident that she has James’/Goblins’ vote, or has she just given up? JMac definitely picked wrong in working with either Clay or Shelli.


JMac has been called into the diary room consistently more than many of the h/gs since week two. Otherwise nobody would have a clue what he’s doing in the game. It’s what has made him a fan favorite. It was bound to be noticed that a guy in no visible alliance that isn’t an hoh or a nominee and is napping while everyone is gametalking is called to the diary room at all. This was first remarked on by Becky while she was a nominee and only called to d/r 3 times that week and JMac was called in consistently. That was weeks ago.
Shelli and Becky are the ones that started saying Shelli is isolated and alone while Vanessa has a group. Around the time Vanessa was pulling an Audrey for the day while Shelli was hanging out with Becky, JMac, Steve, Austin and the twins.
Shelli has campaigned to the goblins. She threw Vanessa, Austin, the twins, JMac and Steve out as her targets to Meg, Becky and Jackie emphasizing Austin as her target moving forward. Becky believed her. Jackie felt sorry for her, but said she’s got to go some time after Shelli left, and Meg went straight to James. After that the news was given to Vanessa that Shelli had thrown her under the bus (possibly via Meg or James going to Austin or the twins). Becky hardcore campaigned on Shelli’s behalf. It all came back to Shelli stealing the sweater so she’s got to go (over simplification but weighed into the process).

Uh huh...

I wish Jackie and Meg would just vote Vanessa out and let James place his vote to evict for Shelli. JohnnyMac would then be a third vote against Vanessa while the Austwins are three votes against Shelli. That would leave Steve as the swing vote.. and quite frankly, I have no idea what he would do with it if knew it wasn’t going to be an all-in house vote against one or the other this week.

I know Steve is supposed to be aligned with JohnnyMac and all, but he’s shown that he can be manipulated by Vanessa, so like I said, I really don’t know he’d vote out this week if his was the swing vote (Becky would obviously break the tie that would occur under the above scenario).


What is JohnnyMac so salty about??


Jesus, the camera keeps zoooooming in on Jmac and it’s kind of killing me. He looks mostly despondent with a bit of angry jaw clenching and nostril flaring (I’m doing the same thing watching these feeds because the twins shrieking is worse than nails on a chalkboard) and I’m wondering if he’s lamenting drop in his game this week or if he’s fantasizing about locking some of his housemates in the trunk of a car. It’s like his puppy got hit by a car or something and I’m not a fan.
Jmac, buddy, pull yourself together and get back in the ring, man! It isn’t over yet. If you can muster up some fight and make sh*t happen for yourself I’ll take you puppy shopping once you’ve been released from Guantanamo Bay/Big Brother house.


Perhaps He’s getting coached for the next comp? Or he’s pissed that he might not be getting his way on the upcoming vote out? He really should have put more effort into his game.

Never ever

So Austin and James both are going to throw the comps tomorrow because they dont want to put people up = double douche. The twins even think its ridiculous. Hey how about we put james and austin up on the block together and see if that sparks a lil fire under there a** to make them earn there spot to stay. Get rid of austin and the twins are dunzo!!! They have no idea how to play the game and think there on vacation!


Really hope the Goblins secretly take in Johnny Mac.

Uh huh...

With JohnnyMac looking so down and him having been getting called into DR so much recently maybe there’s something troublesome going on related to him outside the house.

I hope that isn’t the case, but things like that have happened in other seasons – like last year with the passing of Derrick and Frankie’s grandfathers.

On the other hand, maybe he’s just really down about Vanessa possibly staying and feeling like he’s a target during DE night where he may not have an opportunity to campaign for votes. It’s surprising that he’d be so down about that though as if it’s certain to happen. Nothing in this game this season is very certain – especially in recent weeks.


Johnny Mac is realizing his days are numbered unless he wins HOH in double eviction. I love Johnny Mac! Stakes are high lots of pressure! I hope he can pull it off!


Julia is planning on taking out who is she wins James?


I was really proud of Meg’s performance in the veto comp. way to go little goblin. And I totally agree that the entire time they were studying with Becky, they really did seem like goblins. Cracked up when I read that. Anyone know what is wrong with jmac ? Is he just upset now that his name is being thrown out there as a target. He’s been on the block how many times ?? And why try to save shelli? He was expendable to shelli and clay or they wouldn’t have him up there at all. I’m not getting his allegiance to her at all.


Austin just referred to the most likely batsh*t day of drama tomorrow as ‘the witching hour,” and he said it with such a serious face I thought he and James were still role playing. …or whatever the hell it is that total bros do.

Witching hour. And that was after he started using long words like quintessential.

That is all.

Jmac Attack

I’m like shellie:
I don’t even care anymore


Looks like Vanessa is building a new team or in her words “restructuring the game”
She tells Austin Liz doesn’t like “needy” guys … Liz now pissed because Austin
“ignored” her for an hour while bowling = wedge … check!
Van is trying to work JM after hearing he is looking for an alliance
JM n Steve are together and Steve n Van are sorta still together.
Then Van is working Julia … saying that it looks like Austin is carrying the twin threw the game. Then Van tells Julia that she can help her break away from Austin
So Vans new team would be Van, Steve, JM, Julia + Liz
Only 4 votes are needed to control who goes
on a side note … the twins are getting pissed at Austin because he really sucks at comps
and is infatuated with James plus Julia hates Austin
Also the twins main targets are James and Jackie
Those are Austins new besties … Austin game moves stink


have these people not learned anything? james flat out saying he is throwing HOH implies he knows he’s safe. if MJJ dont win HOH james might be joining shelli/vanessa on the jury. james is #1 target.

The Hammer

Agree 100%. Throwing an HOH is always a mistake, the only way to be totally safe is to control the noms. James is going to be a target now every week because he has shown he can win comps and isn’t afraid to use the HOH to make game changing moves. Those two things make people nervous (with good reason).

joey k

Joan Rivers “You’re a Poker Player” https://youtu.be/OhK03o0P814 via @YouTube wish Joan was in the house right now LMFAO


Vanessa is so good that most of the people writing comments on this site think she believes what she says. They forget she’s playing a game. I just wish the DR’s weren’t coached and would go back to the interview style they had in the earlier years. Then we could hear what the players are really thinking like we did when Dr. Will would smile and tell us all about his evil plans.


Random observations:
1. Meg did very well in the Comics POV….only Steve beat her time. I see her potentially winning the video competition.
2. Vanessa is trying to break up the Twins.
3. The Goblins need to pull in JohnnyMac.
4. Don’t think BrassTacks is a good idea for James. He would be carrying 5 people instead of 3 with occasional help from Julia.

another name

Sometimes houseguests say things that make me wonder. So much so that i find it difficult to even make fun of them. This is one of those times.
about twenty minutes ago on feeds Jackie said, “I don’t think we’re going home unless we don’t win.”
So all they have to do is beat the eidetic memory boy, the guy that won the kathie griffin memory comp pov almost uncontested, and the woman that’s been given her perscription bottle in advance for campaigning and the hoh comp (yes, Vanessa has a perscription bottle in her purple hoodie pocket she took it out of her pocket to take her pill in the early evening). Considering James as well as perpetual thrower Austin are thinking of throwing the comp…


When you say that Vanessa was taking her prescription in the early evening, could it have been around 5pm?
I only ask because I have noticed recently that Van is called to the dr everyday at that time to receive her medication. Other hg’s have commented “it’s 5 o’clock” when she is called to dr.

another name

i don’t remember the actual time beyond evening. she was in the bathroom. she pulled the perscription bottle out of her pocket and took a pill. I only mention it because of the ‘production messed with my pill times’ pov comments from vanessa added to jackie’s she has severe adhd comments. Vanessa has been pretty good in comps that require memory when she’s been medicated.
i’ve just checked and there is a screencap of Vanessa holding the pill bottle from someone retweeted on the hamsterwatch twitter. it was posted around 20 hours ago.

Losers on this board.

Stfu about what medications the houseguests are on or when and how many or what they take.

You don’t know any of the above as fact. So again shut your yapper.

Perhaps you should ask your doctor for a meds adjustment because judging by your obsession with talking about meds I think it’s time.


What meds are you on?